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Theo Epstein and Terry Francona Press Conference

Aug 1, 2008|

The first post-Manny press conference featuring Theo and Tito's reaction to the trade of Manny Ramirez and the acquisition of LF Jason Bay.

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They're very young you. Okay. -- we feel good about the trend. -- -- -- And enjoyable circumstance. And we made something good out of it I think. -- you may not be as familiar with Jason Bay. -- -- -- -- nationally -- really good player. He had help our club guys under control. For next year. Had a reasonable salary and given the totality of the circumstances. -- it was absolutely the right thing to do. You your book -- reasons. United -- I think. And I think the best way for us analysts as to talk more about the team and then. Specifically about Manny because. That was then this is now arm from moving forward and his young no need to point fingers at that anyone individual. I think there were some things going on with the team now or real not just imagined and you know then TO can talk about that as well that we were. We're having a difficult time there wasn't any one person's fault but. There is a dynamic. That have been created that do that created difficult. That made it more difficult for us to go play our best friend and for the players to perform. And there is no there -- out. There was. Even exhaustion. On the -- part of some players and and had a pretty major distraction so. That that led us to want to address the situation one way or the other didn't mean we had to trade Manny. You can't go into. Trade deadline thinking you absolutely have to move on fire at all costs but I think it made -- take -- -- good hard look at what could be made a situation. For the rest of this year to two. Chris in the best possible position to make the post season and then hopefully do some damage October. And -- -- best possible position going forward for 2009 and possibly beyond so. -- I'm proud of what the organization did I think it it puts us in good position. Going forward. From a baseball standpoint and from the standpoint of you know standing for something as an organization I think we. No I think the team comes first and -- we're just had a meeting and another 25 guys down there right now I feel like a team. And that we talked about this doesn't feel like natural law. And I think you have to feel like that in professional sports to perform their best. Q what is it. Speculative. Just run out how fitness fanatic who was -- it is you know isn't. Typical headline day and others that deadline trade deadline there's a crazy it was very reminiscent of 2004. -- You know. Three teams involved their fortunes involved in 2004 right up against a deadline -- threw 59. 59 seconds a certain extent is this -- is just crazy day there's a lot of doubt. And we weren't. They're for different. Versions of the deal that had died. And this particular very and in truly get resuscitated itself you know couple minutes of for the deadline and didn't apply to finish it off. So is complicated in this crazy. Now I think we had. Firm foundation in place. To deal with a different possibilities that are obvious several baseball operations staff doing whether we ownership downstairs so. They would they can be there and participate and Tito is obviously on board and I think we came together as an organization and decided to do what we felt was the right there on number of different levels. It's it's. Paperwork. Paperwork and the commissioner's office. Their computers crash. -- overnight. And you know there are some there's normally. When you make a trade. Not every laughs. I's dotted and T is crossed. In this case because of the the number of parties involved in the complications for the contract and everything is just such a lot of sort that out but. The trade was complete the trade goes complete everything was executed by the deadline but it -- to -- -- Finish up the the paperwork. -- There was no. There's so much stuff was there. -- -- I don't think is that important. How we feel no -- if there is. Critiques of us. That's that's not as important what what matters ultimately is win it and and winning right away. So. I felt good you know it was important to gauge. What was real and always imagined and -- thoughts on the Tito alien and in the clubhouse and but this is fun in Kabul. That. We were we were. There is an environment though not conducive to life surroundings thought. And you know we wanted to change that if we could. We also want to making good baseball -- and for now and for the future. I -- we're able took off. News -- things aren't. But I think. There are some similarities. Yes -- -- circumstances leading up to the deal but. I got -- put any expectations like -- on this deal we're just we do we it's always right and we'll see what happens going forward so really good about the club. But. Yeah you know it. Yeah you just a question do beverage if you didn't catch lightning in a bottle Alegre trying to catch lightning in a bottle not only we have to try to catch lightning and I'm -- -- Wallace wasn't some trade you're looking for. The flu for lookin' for some guy coming carried a close. We -- the best run differential in the American League. We think we have a chance to be the best club in the American League and you know we three. We've lost. No one of the best hitters. Prior history of baseball yesterday that we gained a really good baseball player is going to help us win. Sonic we have to catch lightning in the -- we have to get back to being a team and go out and perform up to our expectations I think we've been underperforming. A lot of different reasons we have the talent here to go out and win a lot of games dress the way get we're gonna go. A game. We're wanted to hit. I'm not sure I understand the question -- And your life. No I mean we we had we had other things are trying to accomplish that. In this trade market we're unable to accomplish. We've beat felt like this was the single most important issue that we had to deal. -- -- Yeah you didn't. It. Here we weren't handling things in my we're handling. That challenge. Up to what we needed to. We discussed some of that today. But how we're going to go forward of what's important to us what's been important to us. You know handling frustration handling distractions. What's made the Red Sox so special. And and how we go about I actually thought it was an exciting. Exciting time. To stand in front of your players and our players and feel like that I think we all felt that way and it was a good feeling. -- into the second that are important to us trading away and I. Ramirez you still three games. Well I don't think. You know we put a lot of thought into it at a time and we weren't just canoe. Make a trade. For the sake of making a -- we have to make a trade that made sense for this club for the rest of the year and for the organization going forward. Scioscia if you're asking did we have second thoughts after the fact nobody we've put a lot of -- second third and fourth us into it. At a time ended we try to cover our bases. Yes we dead I think you know from objective analysis standpoint of scouting standpoint. From from the San Carlo -- what we're trying to stand for as an organization and what this club and that club house needed going forward I think we cover all those bases. Thoughtful the thought long and hard about it and decide -- right thing to do. Do you. Are they -- so for awhile now and at some point I'm hoping -- more -- very. We know. And in the lineup. Could change I don't think I feel any necessity to make it out of we've never done that -- you make all the sense what. Tonight Florio's. Overcrowded -- who's. Pretty much done this exact same thing last year. Things got a little Rocky he jumped him. And was maybe our most productive hitter and then also since early may you -- Been playing his -- very productive hitter he's a veteran guys finished. Understood the responsibility you shouldered the load her before and I think that's good. Like the idea of Jason and in between he and JD. Now again they're they're something you don't get -- -- wanna hear the world -- got himself. But in the meantime I'm sure we could certainly. Do some things differently than if we think it helps us win games but I don't -- -- necessity to do next week tonight. Barely met this guy today in the local. Employment. We want like for Jason we won't won't want for the Russell borders to have a that was your work. Good players want to do the right thing that's -- continue to do. Hurt you when you bonuses. -- I don't know there's probably different feels of one. Don't we we do -- during a game and he's got his stuff going nonstop. How should know -- I'm sure there's a lot of there's exhaust -- being very really did you -- emotional and you and you're going Norman goes up and down. Was I was pleased I was very pleased all we care about. All of us together. Use our team. And I think we sit here today. Gone pretty good about our team. Yeah. What did you know. Over water. Marcy. Was a kid cannot talk to balls don't last night. Hard losses already playing. There's a great opportunity for Brandon. I think it is very. Everybody knows how it's hard not to be crazy but young players. When you get to see them in their first spring training or no animosity when he wasn't real good when he got a lot of learning to do the museum -- learning. This will be a really good opportunity for him. And I think we're pleased for left and we've been around him enough for we've -- we've done it goes and does good there's an old. Reason that anybody would ever -- I want him to. -- camps has been around her little bit longer. No big arm. It's not always gone perfect. But again he'll get and probably knows a little bit. Yeah and Carl golden different opportunity right now and he had a year. And hopefully Francis that he takes a two runs wasn't. But I don't think anybody. Want to run these kids out of town -- the idea. You here. Well. It's. -- I -- I don't think it's -- media center today and look back and comment on. I'm you know why Manny was unhappy is that's a question for. For many. The second part of your question they review everything that we could've done to address is another way is. I don't know anyone knows the answers I quest I feel like we did and we we met when Manny on number of occasions -- that was his. Representatives is different representatives over the years we don't. Our approach to deal with players my approach is. Communicate and be honest. Always you have it's not what they want to hear. And we did that in this instance it did you know there wasn't enough at times. And noses it became a difficult situation became a situation that effective organization and and most importantly affected. I think the other players not clubhouse so we. Did what we can do to move on. You know it's. Going. Yeah no I don't think we made this trade. Specifically because of what happened last week I think that's. As far as story can. We've always been open to listening and I have our players for us if we feel we can make a good baseball told. -- yeah you know we we looked into. Into the and to Bears make up we do have all players you try to fire I think when you meet them soon but the and the nice thing about -- make up is that he knows who years. And he doesn't try to be more than that he he's very comfortable doing is as a person he's not going to put on hairs or tried to. Change. The way he plays the game the way he acts. I just because he's a different environment he's you know he knows it's a good thing for all people aren't as baseball players who knows himself he's comfortable that. And you know he can be productive. In large part because of that regardless of the environment so. We think that's a good thing is not designed immature kid he's still searching for. You know his place. Our roster are his place in the world end and my feet you know overwhelmed by a challenging new environment there are no guarantees -- no guarantees any time a player. Changes environments that no guarantees America over small sample size of a couple months. Confident which is what's left for mating season for any player no matter how that evolved player is but we feel like you know if anyone can. Come in step -- contribute to winning club in this environment. Jason -- has has that opportunity that and there's the guy has been playing in Pittsburgh where they've been. Trying to reach a really competitive environment for several years now I think he's. He's been eager to play. Upon Indian meaningful games late in the season year to play in a pennant race here planned post season. And up from all the research we didn't talk so now. Thank you can really be energized by this opportunity. What is it about this game. -- Brad why he's he's he's going to their left fielder and in his right handed he's going to hit down the middle of our order but. Yeah he doesn't have to be nannies -- placement. Quote unquote I don't think that's fair and on any player we're not asking him to fill. Those shoes specifically were asking him to be the contributing member. Of the winning baseball team. You know emphasis on -- work. And what we like about Jason. We like that he gets on base we like that he has for power. How we like that he can play solid defense and last -- is not that fast he's an excellent base runner. Has been very consistent. Outside it is his injury -- us we think injury plagued season last year billion won. He's that are remarkably consistent career us out last season rethink. There injuries and other factors explain away his performance last year. And -- -- he's a great set. You know. We try to all of we have to look ahead all the time not to still have. The current version of the club what's going to look like down the line and -- there was going to be a time when we had someone other than Manny Ramirez. In left field and does it and you know realistically that's Imus brought you NB 2009. That the latest so. Looking forward no we want to have a very productive hitter in left field we want and I'm right handed bat. To help bounce our lineup to help compliment David and others. You're gonna someone who could who could. Play the position in the -- and since this ball club and as you look out there still are too many guys are going to be available this winner. Who can fit that description so. Jason was you know very much of the top of the list when it comes to who who could possibly -- left fielder in 2009. -- conceivably go forward from there so. But to make this transaction. From a difficult starting point and up but Jason. Has -- left fielder and come under on a good contract through next year we think is a very good outcome. Feel this -- your thoughts. But. He had a remarkable it. Run here you know his whole career has been remarkable he's one of the you know I think yes they're there was best friend hitters in history has numbers speak for themselves. He was there's a key part of two World Series teams. Known to ever take that away from them we're not going to try to. No we don't want to end his -- a -- gone forward and realized. That as we sit here today on his first you know. That's now -- our -- and removing Florida's team it's my. You -- this has brought some pieces. The mental peace and had a -- are you courting Manny. So when we win games that's when we feel better. Looks and that's probably never going to change that's how we we -- today every -- to win a game. And when when when we felt better. And there's a way to go while winning we talked about -- today. -- we we understand our our long term goals for the season they'll I think we understand how we need to try to obtain those goals. And we just kind of reminded all of ourselves about that today being the biggest part is staying in the present. And concern yourself you know what what you can control. And when we do that and we've done out here -- better than any place I've ever seen. Yeah and then move we just need little reminder of all that today. -- and. My hiding might giddiness that. Fason hasn't disease and end. Donald that you guys are very good okay I don't know I thank -- That's a hard question and I don't I don't let outing today asking if you're happy -- that. I I I'm full I can't tell you I didn't never woke up this morning I had roaring even darker man just. Over. I think they're playing Randy Johnson. Didn't care if we're going to Duchscherer I don't know I don't. This you get to this time here and even beyond grim news. What energy I have is going right towards Red Sox not the Dodgers and Diamondbacks. They Wal-Mart question daisy running and he didn't and here you'll notice I addressed that there. Well that's what we were. But again it's not just leave short term energy is. For the long term but. I think didn't. What time was right to talk to our team. We don't try to do it. Overall we -- we have -- sounded understand but there are times when it was appropriate but today was a pro remote thought it feels down there. Furcal our complete team was down I thought it was an important time to talk goals or when the ducks. Dad yeah.

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