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7-7-08 Dennis and Callahan with Curt Schilling

Jul 7, 2008|

Curt Schilling joined John Rooke & Bob Halloran for his weekly chat

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Rocket powered in for DNC is a work a little vacation time in here on Sports Radio WEEI. -- very few phone calls this couple moments but it's very important that we talked to this person. Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling curt good morning to you how're you today. I believe it and I work really hard believe -- -- not -- I know. It's hard to believe isn't on -- -- doesn't exactly work at the end it's it's not easy for the talk every Friday. Taxing it's very effective so speaking of working how was your working going. Not not active real active you know certainty give some movement in the Armand and move around here is the start of. You do you still feel upbeat about this opportunity to to come back I mean measure your your mental attitude on this obviously. I think bitten most people would kind of look at this like in and try to look at this just from a pure fans respect. That you wouldn't be going through this little issue -- enormously optimistic about your chance to come back. Well the initial part really doesn't involvement in decision making that there's. Even if I wasn't going to come back in its initial probably 63 have would be what I would do anyway just because. Despite -- that would probably have -- of what they called frozen shoulder that would -- my arm anymore so there's a lot of there's a lot of we have just normal every gate the -- in pro baseball for a living real evident than in the doing no matter what and then. Relief from the decision making and when I'm I'm a long ways off. On the activists sit down -- okay you know in my going to put the time and effort in that over the next six months because that period -- apparent -- -- you know. Okay well I mean that's entirely fair. It near -- -- get to a certain stage where you want to Triad and then maybe as the process goes along. Something changes your thought process and I think you know certainly people especially someone your position who's you know earn what habits are you -- you're entitled that. Yeah well I mean everybody has. In in high school here not hurt. There's no shortage of opinions on what it shouldn't shouldn't do my paycheck in my career in my mouth and all that stuff at this point so I guess that I I -- I'm. I'm doing some things that I would do whether it was a pitch or not and in when the time comes from -- have to. Take that next step in rehab that I would only take the byword pitcher than than then I'll probably address that they. -- what was your opinion on two players in particular when the all star voting was announced yesterday. Jason Varitek being on the team and Mike Lowell not being on the team. Well you know what every year. Somebody's somebody's look on -- I have the the look trio of looking as if they're technically even then that you're going to human voters do it and you know we use. Game probably yen and at its its depth -- -- -- to a joke a lot of times you'd you know people outside that how political up you know it's not a miserables that it. It's not. Something that you can put on paper in the that it is potential opening. He's as good as anybody that I've ever been around that aren't as good as anybody in the game had it and it's it's it's it's still. Obviously offensively but I have in the report out right now bit is that these are in the right to be a -- from every bit as much as anybody -- and that could -- it that people would disagree with that. You know my argument is it. If average home runs and RBIs as the only stats to make the all star team for. Then you don't need voted. You know obviously I just think that this guy is is is there -- a level -- boat just about anybody else in the game. From what he does when he that the what -- hitting he's different. I can't say yourself and sent to represent yourself that they this stuff you're talking about is immeasurable which means. I would have trouble comparing Jason to Pierzynski or Rodriguez or anybody else. That's why you know from you know that layman's perspective we do kind of look at the offensive stats that we -- we don't know what to make at the other thing. Bright red now it's a -- definitely have their way to go about it it's that it's the same thing I think we're talking about it's in the alternate. You know some -- it's all about batting average on you know RBIs in home runs and and we're slowly turning into a new era I think slowly -- the into the mainstream they're where were on base percentage in and all these different that's something. The play of people realizing that. Batting average isn't the end all be all and home runs isn't the end all be all and you know we I've been there along time in. When assessing teammates in in the value is mean to its team in case has just one of those guys and that I idea. I'm sorry that the people are you okay I'm not know you want to be doing better immediately we got off to a good start that. You know that you go to guy like Mike Lowell who people kind of forget that you for the first 1520 games this year you know yelled we get for our tackles 60% -- the season. He was hurt early on. And he practiced -- monster run here the last month and after months and it's disappointing but you know it it's that I could have spoke problem the fact that there are a definitive number alt sport slot -- -- There are so many guys they go every year that don't play in that you know with I really think that the roster should be opened up by -- -- a player. To a I also think the only thing that's happened how a player is the city hosting the game. That's it that's what we've actually kicking that around -- more occurred in in in all honesty you were kind of of the opinion now that. Did the way that the voting process is set up with the fans and they don't always get a ride and it seems like sometimes the players when they vote they try to overcompensate for you know the in attic was isn't the fans -- -- the game now means something that somehow this whole process of putting rosters together. Needs to be revamped. Do you have any thoughts. Why you know -- earlier that I I hate you know people say well the fans deserve to their players well prepared -- Kansas City or Tampa bay. Were were into it enough to want to -- players -- -- -- you know it it it's becoming a necessity LT. Very Red Sox I think he's happy in the last couple years because of the book prizes the fan base number one did. But I think that now that the game and I've been someone who's been directly impacted by the winner loser of the all star game in the World Series home field when. And that's -- you know it's a big deal you know I don't know if there's once or faraway I I definitely think defense should be involved. I think the players should be involved and it just won't beat me. And that's sweet spot yet -- because again there is the only way to salt that it does it right now -- the -- is that our people are. Owners don't what effect they -- -- -- -- a student and we've been credit bank park the park in. -- what do you expect from Tampa from this point forward -- in the camp that suggested they're for real and they're going to be their year for the entire season or. A lot of people suggested you know they need to prove that they're young team what's it going to be like for them playing in August and September are you worried about Tampa. Well you know I was I was ability to last year when I said the temple would be it was -- considered going. You don't make. I remember that help you remember that yeah. I I don't think that there are probably helped -- club I think it. I don't see that they need to prove anything at this point that they're an American League east which I would target of it in baseball. Perhaps he's going to have been better than in the division in which -- placed team is missing quite a bit that in and of itself is proving that he. There there -- very deep very good team I I don't. I don't think for a second that they are not going to be part of history they're going to be involved in the trade deadline I think it. They're going to have be aggressive I think they're gonna they're going to admit I think Fijian is that some great thing is that often of power on the way up. A stock foreign arms distance of which allowed them to make them over to pick out who they're in the catbird seat right now obviously with the proper fourteen in the division. It's going to come under the what it was the first at -- -- -- more than that club I think but all are and meant to stated that head of the peace I think that we might. Ultimately if this is his last three months so they've really kind of got the -- -- have never been vocal in the I don't think about the double that they -- it up first. What's up -- What's going on my friends aren't extremely throw. And so they got that went right that that's big of a left handed hitters. Damage reported last night that the rats -- about internal discussions about one Barry Bonds and signing him. Now if you if you were Theo Epstein at this point one you considered to in the clubhouse how would that go down. -- I thought can -- We look all of them in trouble. It's a little -- with that you're not in the clubhouse that. You know what I don't know I I haven't been are not troubled me right now -- I don't know. I have no idea you know I idea you know I've never been -- -- and so you know you're not going to find -- -- -- you don't hear that. Most of my opinion matters much in -- and not on the team very much. IT -- well I would be. I would be an eye opener for sure I know various in the past but he hates the city of Boston. And you know all of into the I don't know I really don't know I have no idea and thought about that polarizing figure out on the radar. -- but does he hate us enough to not want to play again. I don't imagine you you know I saw that my former agent that now represent in the amount that appear open three which. Should -- -- -- somewhere yeah I'm not really sure what that means. If that means that it can't be worth the headache -- and. -- I did not here I can imagine it would be here but the bottom line is looking ulcers you know what's more important. Cute this franchise three months. What would probably beat you know you're -- -- -- -- or put another you know are that the -- -- on the mental. -- doesn't seem like the other conversations about a Barry Bonds or interest in Mark Teixeira and Adam Dunn those conversations suggests to me that maybe they're not that optimistic optimistic about David Ortiz coming back. I think -- there's a lot of I don't know that optimism or pessimism as a player and I think there's just a lot of uncertainty. He had a significant injury that didn't get operated on so there's -- there's at some level there's a little bit of finger crossing going on. You know short of -- Eric dumping -- -- we guarantee that of an outcome even that it kind of up against ears -- but no one knows for sure exactly help things are going to happen. He comes back and you know if that is such as significant piece of the puzzle is is not being able to count on it if you're -- -- I would imagine everybody looked at each other for locate it's going to be -- -- that we all figured out and Mike stepped up to eighty stepped up then. It's he stepped up it to some extent did the the puck up up for maybe 45 months is a very different situation and I think if if there's feeling that it might be longer than the initial. Thought there are prime wind than than they've they've you know -- always that guy even if he didn't have somebody hurt it would be. You know in in the -- with with. Any potential deals that are out there just because he's always stranded. Speaking of potential deals looks like one was one last night between the Cleveland Milwaukee how does. CC sabathia is removal of moving from the American League in the nationally alter you think the pennant race in the American League. I I can I don't know I just noticed one must step that the instead of that it means that if he is such. A solid and personal insult -- is great they hit I think he's going to a great great situation Milwaukee no luck yet. Because of poised to become a very good club for for. You know a significant period of years over the next I think 56 years and I think it's a potentially great situation and you know I'm sure that there is anybody in Detroit or Chicago that are are -- -- -- about the effect of we're not -- -- -- -- before on the year. I -- kind of thanks to see that the the players we can move both directions because. Move -- it at that -- that track record that resonate in that kind of a future going to probably in some pretty significant. -- if you could for just the second just because we're approaching the the trading deadline at the end of the month here please feel for just a second and where I know you loved him. It be that he beat beat the GM for sale where exactly point. Where where would you where would you attack right now what what's the what's the pressing needing your estimation on this team with a team could use little help where help actually. Might be available. Well I don't look at the trade deadline so what -- that differently unless you've got you know missing major -- -- -- almost went in the pitching in. I can broke defensive reliever in here they get significant player that somebody I -- I value highly somebody else doesn't. You know the one thing that that is an abundance as relief pitching. -- you can you know last year even though it didn't work out we we made a move better without going to be great -- with we've been -- over here. I think with the way this season and I think especially playing in our division if not aware and -- on your pitching staff is I think exacerbated nearly mark. Much more than you could visit the baseball I think you need out two or three arms in the wing and be able to rotate players. And reputable that are possibly in any rotation this is to get through work. August and September so I'm always looking for pitching in and that you know that guided that I might be able to get the deal -- athletics. Year two grew with the basic contract in and not have to give up a couple of prospects in terms. We talked a little bit about -- his track record making trades and you know I think you can actually make the argument that the last good trade that he made it was for you. I'm that's a long time ago in between he says you've made minor trades and I don't think you -- I don't thinking given credit for the Josh Beckett deal -- he was or wasn't GM at that time. But you know how much confidence do you have and his ability to improve this team before July 35. You that you -- you're underestimated the impact on the prospect -- they'll to it would I would argue that he was involved in the probably morsels and people think that again I IE I know that it I know the awoke and no there's never just steel making a deal there's a group with guys that. That hold together that that in the command of the consensus in the -- I -- that -- -- dictatorship but don't ever think it's -- no way I think he -- smart baseball people. There's the right move to be made I think it'll be may I mean. I -- report that I think we're set to be a world championship team citizen -- -- we need to get a couple breaks here and -- wise I think pitching that the staff you know I don't think you can that's what's more as patient. You know Jonas on the long did to Bs hadn't or that potentially guided you hope he could be and you know. Wake has been awesome but you know I would argue that the infield defense I think there's some deal that people -- to be made it didn't get -- That are just desirable losses -- that he didn't make. Title or lose Brian about the Internet and there's lot of aches or not movement percent Jennifer muster all of a lot of I think that that's going to prove itself double overtime. But you know I hate if you'd give you talked about it and I'm certainly somebody has been very vocal about. Both -- being sent to honesty and things in the past and I think that this -- There's so much idle time in the day in and so much media around unit in the policies not look like -- sports against arsenal -- really don't know -- their -- that it's somebody else but. Tropical bridge the gap and probably you don't play in this this group is. But by guys who gets them focused on the game and better as well anybody have a that I ever played for and that's what with the you know what needs to be done and this project again I think we're poised to to be to be a world champion which is going to have the going to -- ride it out. And get through the second of the schedule much injury -- What do you make of the recent struggles of Craig Hansen. And how does he rectified. Well it's it's you know there's a pattern emerging here. That biggest disturbing him in in in need to stop people like consistency. You know -- -- the first big hurdle is is that guild of very big hit and -- when you deal with someone that big in the and they don't have. Very simple mechanic. There's a lot of moving pieces and parts that in a lot of things that can go wrong and you know I know it's not from lack of effort that the you know that he's going to make it -- -- -- and make a decision that that. You know he wants to be the best -- possibly being -- -- no matter what. And going that direction and that's it hasn't happened yet I mean you know it's not about trying hard and everybody tries art is that there's going to be -- in. The factor into the equation. And say okay this is just not working. You know very ethnic at -- as the number one pick is not. Going to make it big league and be consistent. What point eight detained what's going to do what I need to -- overall and revamped to become good because it's not you know a question of physical found the arms there -- If there's there's. Been pitching smarts it is very different than education than book smarts and in. I just hope that mentally he can sit back NC you know hey I need to get rid of this this in this and they pitching distance or calmness and he kind of don't want that got to make that that turner turned that corner when he if you trade him. You know that kind of -- what happened to me when I left Houston went to Philadelphia and and you know I I would argue that we have is that pitching coaches I've ever been around this organization I know what -- department have been trying to. The contestants in right now to work that the the -- won't but it just a lot of well. And it felt. -- and assume you watched the game last night. Okay what did you think of -- to bat in the ninth inning. Well I mean yeah it -- program. Is that right up front money was no -- is that. But he doesn't plan I cannot tell you there are times when you -- many hit. And think one thing in -- and he's not they can -- thing like you've been. Fact I would argue many isn't -- like any of us think that was -- win that argument yeah Yevgeny many has the plant and there are times when many -- up. Look for a pitch. And not do anything until we get that. And I would argue -- was one of those guys that he probably does that was just because they -- -- -- so. So he was looking in your estimation perhaps for a certain pitch and he took three strikes basically right up the highway. Well I yeah I mean you know if that you're you're part of one of the greatest hitters and relive. He doesn't give away about he yeah. I'd seen it before I mean that they're not taught them before that's about. Of the that's going to do just that me and and in the thing about Manny is separate paper nobody else's when Manny goes up picking up a certain that he gets a certain things and he doesn't miss. And that's why he's as good as he is but he'll go up and look for a specific it's not location as much as its -- in some cases. And with mole you know. He's a guy you that does to think it goes back the other it -- -- -- to -- -- because of artwork uttered those cutter away you know on I would guess maybe -- a public interest Pacific kitten he -- see it. -- Bob of the -- Pretty obvious he didn't see that -- he stood there -- looked at and I think that's been part of the consternation this morning over the fact of you know you have an opportunity here and you have you know a guy who's coming off the bench she was supposed to have a night off and there's already been some some position added to the equation that will maybe Manny was -- ticked off for not getting his night off and you know. Maybe we read too much into this. Yep that's what that's what makes. I -- not a -- that's also. By the way I have to admit that we've been made of well aware of very very cool thing that's going on today. Many of the other showcase cinemas in the area are going to run a free movie. Beginning at 11 AM this morning for kids and I guess one in particular to showcase cinemas in Randolph where you -- wife Chanda. Will be part of with a long with a shade foundation via free screening of the movie Charlotte's web can you fill -- in on the details. Yeah it's it's some protection program with sit by the incident and that and that's amusement park apartments number two of its league free movies we Monday. Early in the afternoon that the that the -- on our most dangerous and our protecting going to move regardless but it's cool it's it's great it really is great. And they've got record numbers this year the far surpass what we did last year. You know when you see the statistics for cancer and understand that didn't -- even one time before the age of eight. Can be fatal. You start to realize that the battle on the meaning in the so the -- something only has been just the phenomenal supporters of the sit on base and then and that's me. Join together this figure -- -- program but in every Monday hit that showcase cinemas who went in movies for free -- -- the sun and and that'll. That's very cool that's for more information and perhaps against the showcase locations go to shade foundation dot org okay. Beautiful and have you seen Charlotte's web you get a thumbs. Not connect. I would take my daughter at ball Randolph is our theater Exel went to a little scary for me two thirds of the class. That's all big. Cubs -- you can Kurt thanks for spend the time with us this -- -- to -- management that's her -- Boston Red Sox pitcher. With -- here on Sports Radio WEEI

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