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Jun 17, 2008|

Charles Barkley and Bill Walton join Dennis and Callahan to preview Celtics Game 6

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan about let me see. Per game six between the Lakers and Celtics to -- you know I have a bad feeling about this Jerry is much more optimistic thinking the Lakers won't show up. Let's getting divergent opinions if you will two of the best experts and all of the NBA. Are different bill Walton Charles Barkley Jonas on the ball -- Charles let me start with you first of all welcomed a show you've been very critical of the style of play in the way the Lakers and Celtics have -- themselves in the first five games. Not pleased with what you've seen in the NBA finals so far Charles. You know does do is I'm not news in abundance of them also the -- candidate who is in the land against the -- in -- -- they have nothing better. Have to do what I -- rather be of the both say than the -- in the game but they want the Lakers chatted with classic and -- not good not to -- lasted. There's probably a flash -- when the only Kobe Bryant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So so you agree that part do you think the -- going to wrap this baby up tonight in six games -- -- so I think it things the Big Three uprooted talk to beat Kevin gone may have some call him -- Is that is that there's gals that group -- it get a saddle little bit mall. Stops who've from a house as crazy a seven foot tall stand under the basket just do. Don't go men like a darn -- don't know what's cooperative -- Giles we don't get a little trouble at the casinos what -- -- him donning IU the I put a little wager on tonight's game on the series out of trouble blogs novels -- as I got it was a if this on don't have it and I got a couple bucks vomit. I've got a couple books on Libyan air tomorrow yeah -- you have learned your lesson as -- Milan does that. Let's move I don't go into -- -- on as events would bill Walton dogma and Lewis is good -- Ireland's does go I look at some trees. Which he lost ten million dollars that the salon -- -- -- big money well you know what the national. It's more than that and I'm a big -- that a. And and would also like to welcome antidote to Kelly and program model friend of this program is certainly -- favorite sons in Boston Celtics basketball history that would be bill Walt himself. And bill I guess more than anything else you have divided loyalties here your heart has always been with the Boston Celtics but obviously your son is playing for the LA Lakers. How do you deal with that dichotomy bill. -- and I've read one with the Boston Celtics to win -- if they were and right now -- on. Playing for the Lakers giving them six huge points a game it's incredible it's one of parole. -- him me even in the dream so do you like the two future son's team's chances to absolutely not I'm all for going with the Celtics the Lakers to win. Purely for the blood flow the the having -- on understanding -- or the other day of the -- should chip -- think how much laid low this -- but unfortunately. I'd love twice on even more the team ever played for. Do you do you. Take responsibility for that ridiculous that too when you're -- domino to Grateful Dead thing and guess and he learned that from you. Absolutely I did it myself -- did you put that on himself. Absolutely and did it with a regular ink pen and that's how powerful the force of the green pulled cities I remember talking to John wouldn't -- forty. Think and Jerry Garcia is scary was that two of them in my mind it once and suddenly I knew I could smell the Coke or ballroom. That Charles you're sort of free dating the days of tattoos league wide in the NBA I mean now. I think there -- pressed to find a player in the NB -- that doesn't have a tattoo and Charles but a lot of years and we've seen you naked or half naked. Did you sporting tattoos -- -- will see on. On on camera yeah a lot of people don't know book you don't sack at this Superman tattoo yeah. I got a bizarre old hat to two of them there's a backwards as an -- love to tell you where I put up but I can't find it an animal. It's kind of venables or bits of the earth I can have a go through this one I'm scared. What if you did they ask you chose him when he did that that commercial half Larry Bird have Magic Johnson it's kind of creep because those guys have put on a few pounds. Did you get a chance to tape one of those commercials and whose face maybe you do. -- let me do it Walton and Barkley that would be quick guys can imagine that. Mean in Church hurdles to greet one standing side by side -- have a look cotton have up problems still bill whole person. I gotta believe that's the way it would be rather have bill are you a -- Ridiculous 32 -- we both voting thing right now owned believable that we're the most. Meehan bill Walton at crichton the bills. You know we talk to Charles but getting in trouble I know in your day the you like to him by -- a little of the camp now that -- I think. -- the I think he turned fifty -- believe. Yeah easily right Purdue risking doing doing anymore he had to do it anymore bill absolutely not huge on the here -- and -- and like -- -- -- -- I think -- good -- Heroin I'm June it's good anything that -- think that takes you to another level and make you understand that the changing of seasons he's trusting your mind. Well you haven't figured out by now joining us on the ball Linus are different comedian frank Caliendo who is that going to make an appearance she three appearances in New England coming up. First and foremost chronologically he will be at the Hampton beach casino ballroom on Thursday July 17. Then the next night Friday July 18. He'll be at the -- sure music Ferguson caught -- where I will be pleased to sit there and watch him do his thing in an awful following night after that three nights a row Cape Cod -- 10 July 19 that is the Saturday night frank everybody is that what you forward. Your appearance here in New England. Mr. -- blast it's it's been awhile since performed others. -- looking forward to I gotta -- I met Walton I was doing the show with the US open in San Diego and Walt was down there and before the show. Bill Walton came up because for a alien dude do you want to you -- because -- sitting there have fun enjoy your show so. I get out there and I get a I'm about to do the will Walton bit and I looked down and there's bill. Eagerly awaiting it. In the you know the whole thing is and remember being beaten much abuse of connecting on me priest accused Balco rumors I could -- -- -- side I I'm I'm just saying that and I think in Walton is going to be you know -- -- -- that he's pumping his fist in the front row. And a easily giving me this -- going to hit this is incredible. -- waited my entire life for -- if it's unlike Charles who didn't. Didn't or John Madden had to do what I think is okay I was dont like him airman. And those don't do do is somewhere else don't move around man frank you're an idea why some people respond negatively and others don't mean if if if you're a big a star. To have somebody as talented as you include them incorporate them into your act I mean it's a medium look at his bass backwards but isn't that on her. Well. I would look at it that way high you know I don't know -- here's the thing Mattingly you know go coming up his entire career has been pretty celebrated in -- as a football coach. People are that the football coaches tend to be fairly Syria unless they're the ones do in the joking there was like a lot of joking and then there on a pedestal. So you take them off the pedestal in the -- goof around them a little bit it nobody ever done that -- mad before Jimmy Kimmel brought me under the fox pregame show. You know they did they took a -- hedge Clippers to the eyebrows that was with him and the next Dave fox lore has it that the man's eyebrows were -- so it's it's one of those kind of things where nobody ever really made fun of the guy -- that way people were seen boom and all likens them but I came in with the makeup and you know do in the. Kevin movement. I was we're barbecuing it Jimmy Kimmel snouts in the he comes over to the -- -- like hey mister -- what do you make an open up to relive a manual Lewis pops out. And then they chased him with us bachelor you know to the Benny Hill music until he tackles me. So you know and I heard that men called at that point of Wellemeyer can you like -- and get the joke that. It's obvious John Madden would not be grilling a manual Lewis and after real spot. I guess he looks at as being made fun have a supposed to be honoring summit -- as sort of from strange peccadillos and mannerisms and things yeah and that Almonte to. That's what makes people famous yeah they have these -- they have love hate things I mean I've I've found myself the more people. You know the more you get out there at the more than just the people who like -- CU you know there's like. The of those Major League Baseball you know that the TBS Promos during -- baseball last year. There were people who like them in their people like gosh who is this guy you know and you know it just happens if you get trust in front of that many people. You gonna have fancy going to have people that don't like Q and you see it in this business. It is kind of have to get used to that if can you counting the days and waiting to going to morning when George W is no longer an office is that Bobby of I mean does it bother me at -- it it it's actually timed it to change you know stuff that'll mean but in my milking it for every chance I -- in over the weekend there. Absolutely right now effort for a few more months. How I don't think anybody's going to forget President Bush. So but I just want to anywhere near what I'm doing now and we have a guy and frank TV that doesn't amazing Barack Obama. And I've been due in John McCain so you know and if it. One question people always ask me -- have I started really working on either of them to the point where I think it's great no I'm I'm pretty please welcome -- at what what are you. Think some -- became what would. But a bomb have been like if we were held captive and tortured for five and a half years and it in Viet Cong prison he would actually have no chance whatsoever in Munich president -- I don't think this is ready for the radio and I think McCain would like -- -- just take the office by storm you know Alex he he would if he'd lose the selection. I think he's good to go and like attacking him. -- -- yes it's just show up baskets like Rambo and I don't care I'm here I'm not yards. Attention that when you worked on somebody -- identify -- that you want to incorporated Iraq but so it's a little political candidates have some lead time he is there such thing as a desperate stupid question -- worked in in in progress or you're just like. Look at certain guys in just hit it right off the bat. Not always takes time yeah it always takes a little bit of studying in figuring out what to do with them I mean that's I mean it is if you know I -- if Barack Obama does win. I mean to me I would have to do something with Barack Obama eventually. It's just finding -- What is I mean his his ability to you know. These amazing speeches and stuff he -- I mean basically the joke could be that he can make anything. Sound you know incredible even ordering at mcdonalds or something like that I mean that would be. We're we're the joke with him for me but it it does take economy. Barkley was one of the quicker ones and an if you listen -- -- six months ago versus now. You know to totally different sounding thing so we'd better the I mean I've found that sometimes early in the morning bill Walton for some reason is a lot harder to yeah yeah it's harder to write notes to become a -- all the urine the phone call -- clearer that Brady you know. It sometimes and it takes a little bit more for some of them. You know in the Walton and you'd be bill Walton we're -- here -- -- -- -- -- young man right here. I mean they're very close and they can go in anatomy to that I think that's what happened to -- little -- He you know the in your youth. You only have so much strength in your you know throat muscles in your voice vocal chords. I almost -- voice -- their guys. He he is the amazingly talented frank Kelly and you can -- in three different locations in New England coming up. Again Thursday July 17 7 o'clock at Hampton beach casino ballroom. The next night Friday night July 18 2008 so sure music circuits -- collapse at and the night after that Saturday July 19 at the Cape Cod melody tent. A regular -- to -- UN -- facet that next month by the way his website is frank. Caliendo dot com it we have a traffic to that the last time we said the ring tones of all on board. Yeah -- discuss noses up to what it was not a horrible move fantastic and it. I sort of meeting next about the island down at the cut social music circus ago -- -- an actress you get -- our friends frank Caliendo it doesn't count. Frank Diana looked George W. Bush out -- Williams John Madden and that it didn't in the yet. That was here to -- preview listen to the number one hour show it is doing and Dennis and Callahan and his. Sports Radio to -- yeah

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