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May 15, 2008|

The President of the New England Patriots joins John and Gerry to discuss Matt Walsh, Spygate, Sen Specter and the Boston Herald

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By now Jerry -- pretty good idea. What our callers what our listeners think about the events of the last two or three days or help that medal last two or three months what we like to find out is what taking is in the patriots organization. Helping -- puts him. Perspective on that the president of the -- -- patriots Jonathan Kraft good morning John how are you. -- don't find very. June as caller after caller screamed for the head of John to mossy in the herald the radio station. Jerry asks each and every one of them is the apology enough for you I think that question should really be put to the aggrieved party that would be the -- yeah patriots -- the apology. Enough for the patriots John. Well we we very much appreciated what Darryl did yesterday was it would be. In our view it was probably little delayed in coming they rams stories and right before superbowl. -- did for the Super Bowl where show we were very adamant we weren't called about the story and so about 9 o'clock east coast are Friday night about an hour before the herald was going to press and we attitude. In the strongest terms possible both in terms of comments from market coached. And from our legal team that it was not appropriate to run that story I -- chose to do it at that time it him the timing was obviously not great and it was it was very disappointing to us the what the herald it yesterday was something that we appreciated deal was well deserved. Wish you hadn't taken so long because during the ensuing three. Plus I'm so that pretty much became. Understood across the country but the patriots could tape to walk through and it was just completely inaccurate. And it should never been published now that being said it takes a lot -- major US daily newspaper and run an apology and attraction in the way they did. And we appreciate that ever. You know we do little -- -- with the herald that important to discount beer. True newspaper town I think it keeps everybody honest for the most ardent. We're glad we just wanted to move -- forward now than it's been -- long I'm going to have to -- months in the last three and a half months. We probably shouldn't have had to deal. -- -- tossed around the speculative term with a speculative phrase damage to the patriots and and in a specific manner can you quantify or qualify. The damage to the patriots in this episode since the night before the Super Bowl. It's hard to do that they did did damages is significant I think what our players and coaches and organization have accomplished over the last 89 years -- pretty spectacular. I would argue -- that sounds a little immodest but I think it's true and a week it is highly highly competitive. And what are continued success on the field is very tough to achieve we've been able to do that and this past season -- -- people want to criticize the earlier years. Go and do it but this past season in the first quarter the first game of the year this camera doesn't cover -- on the field then the camera was confiscated and certainly no tapes or anything else which is the only thing that we've ever bitten. Proud to have been doing outside the rules of The League -- harsh bright sport but outside of that there's nothing else and all we did this year. Under more scrutiny I would argue that any professional sports teams ever been under. In this age of just media spotlight was go -- and Allenby thirty seconds -- way or so from nineteen ago and and I would argue that -- the team and the organization I'd say that I mean the players and the coaches. And I am really achieved something. Very special -- highly competitive level yet -- you -- -- around the country today. And took a poll I think of people outside of new England and maybe even inside doing what. They would they would probably not -- art teams -- with an undefeated season or. Some of the other successes they -- say they're indicate the rams' Super Bowl where their team. That broke the rules or whatever and and the only other way I can -- quantify it it is as our PR department as monitor the media around the country. They're literally over 300000 stories bit of Robin major. US newspapers and publications that reference what the herald wrote. I don't know how you ever reached back and take that back and -- we can do is go back to work here in the fall and and try to earn it on the field. You know they were saying that you guys cheated long before the herald story ever appeared to Jonathan you know that right. It and are right I Jerry -- all right sir it was Beckham's fault we needed to be debated bill can quaint old took all responsibility. -- recruit the action that we have been engaged -- explain good he would misinterpreted the rule books something that we weren't very happy about. And apologized and moved on and and and nothing to literally nothing to do is come to -- Since September and I would argue from that time aside from. -- bell who actually did it very detailed investigation at that time which architect during the season and we were also have pretty much been under serious scrutiny from major media outlet like. New York Times in years yet read investigative reporters all over this and literally there's been nothing to it's come out other than we were taping. Opposing coaches defensive signals which is something they've built thought we were able to do nothing else has come out. And I think we -- -- price for that back in September and I think for the most part the public had moved on from -- after this is and we had a met all -- blew up the table for the Super Bowl when -- article about. And mr. Walsh just spoke. And I don't know I I. There's not going to host could come out and I'd been in that regard it's unfair we paid our prize I can tell you at our level we had no idea this was going on and a whole bunch of new policies and procedures have been put in place they were important place -- arm. After the incident beat the NFL rule book. -- operations manual -- so detailed so complicated you don't want to leave about our coaching staff and burst -- a stat that to be responsible or so now. There -- borders and administrators and read interpret the rules require -- -- -- -- sit down without coach bat. Explain that our personnel that may explain. Back we have rules to war if there any questions to go to him first. And I think -- -- regard this as they shouldn't from Paulus made or suspicion stronger. The obviously the commissioner didn't believe Belichick explanation that he misinterpreted the rules it sounds like you did though. I think it. Bill explain to us what you thought. We may have our own interpretation of the rule I've never read the rule Benito all the time about I didn't know. Such rule existed but I never read the rule book I know -- -- the rules says I know what but we rule that I know -- dole took all responsibility first action. I know we were fired 750000 dollars and a first round draft choice. And I know we've done nothing else -- then that would violate any of the rules of the National Football League and that's what you do you pay your title you move on bill apologized. Organization chart spam. And I expect for this -- have all come back polite I I don't know what you're saying. Jerry others and you know. Missile and roll editor we get penalized very severely yet and then we went out and won eighteen games overall. The commissioner literally laughed at the explanation that he misinterpreting a rule I don't know why you'd have to be so secretive taping if you thought it was okay and legal. But he said he didn't buy it never did but he's still -- by and it. But it sounds like you are by in his it is explanation that it was a misinterpret he was misinterpreting the rule rather than break in the rule. What are whether but I build explanation all right don't -- -- explanation I'd spent. Side of the matter is when you were -- -- view warlock and take responsibility or -- took responsibility or what happened in the fall and then he went right back to coach and our football -- I would argue. Most people who -- based what you space sturdy -- of time would not have been able to operate. At eye level of professional excellent -- he's been able to do -- that. No it we will -- -- was brought our organization was a part of something there was -- and we paid the price so I don't. I don't know where you're tired there's a critic but. -- 24 hours after the commissioner says nothing new for Matt Walsh. And Harold -- the apology on the front and the back page Arlen specter decides it's not time for his fifteen minutes and your thoughts on the senators request for an Independent investigation into I don't know whatever he's talking about. I -- not going to comment does not much I matter these -- Serbs who don't constituents do you obviously have a very distinguished career and -- beside -- what his priorities are and if if you think these are important match just. That's stretchers prerogative -- it'd be interesting night. Eighty is -- I haven't seen any others editor. Comment not -- which I -- might speak out -- -- US public views what. Senator respect distorted but maybe you guys should try to text editor cavity group on the Judiciary Committee here. Senator Kerry ought to be a bit and it ranks up there with their priorities preserving the country. Today you know -- what a 125 dollars a barrel Award -- you know -- -- credit crisis -- you don't respect -- John your ability to tell whether there's an appetite in congress for this is probably on par with our ability to elements were not very much at all. But as far as you can tell. Is there and that's what he's requesting that the National Football League hire an Independent investigator right supposed to investigate itself what is the appetite for that in the National Football League. -- you have to ask the commissioner that I I can't speak for him but. Actually earlier in this conversation about that you -- and I would agree -- -- When you're at rabid reporters from the New York Times the Boston Herald the Boston Globe he -- yet. I'd dot com CNN outside literally going after just per nine months. And you can't come up with anything else I mean the New York Times wrote an article last Sunday. An effective Swedish center met their base at a couple -- paycheck that we have been. This subject of numerous complaints to competition committee over competition committee doesn't he'll complain. It took the operations department at the week run by -- Anderson accepted for many years. We've -- what's the word I guess accused of other teams are messed around with the way clocked at our stadium and coach to quarterback communication all these allegations. Distressed returned in the times an ironic we all those big the game clock the coach to quarterback communication the play clock they're all run by -- employees they're not rod by the you know I guess Matt Walsh -- the one valujet. Which I agree -- your Spirit you know football is crazy allegation about microphone at shoulder that's another pictures you know weren't true I'm glad he said that buddy was truthful because it is true. I don't know I would have thought at there was truly something intangible that it got on. All of these people -- have the margin to enjoy it what -- out something -- I would argue that no specials sports did. Has been under this much scrutiny it in the history of professional sports. Just do what I do Jonathan don't read the New York Times simple solution here a shock collars almost to a man have said. It's not enough when they looked at the herald yesterday front page back page not enough. I don't know what more general can do. Is -- enough for you or would you like to see -- do something more than apologized the way they did yesterday. Well I don't. Apology at first that was something we appreciated I think it should come sooner. I think within our organization if Matt Walsh wasn't the source. Why did it take until a bit after easy spoke to get the apology. That would be something that you work understanding and and and Norton YE. Why -- that triggered it if you -- source but we appreciate very much what it. I you know considering lawsuit. We we appreciate what -- -- yesterday I picked from our perspective we want we want. Just move on and try to reestablish. Yeah relationship that we have paper. And so you've been credentialed Jerry a lot of them didn't you batted game I want to know that you'll be. I want -- seats that's like -- between you and dad. And. No it hasn't sat there and I don't know two or three years and that's not have a number. But my agenda. You got -- coach -- football -- and this year my games -- going to be running right out took a conflict patriots might I might have a good excuse or culture to good -- I've I found out why your team so good is the recruiting you get to where patriot -- right patriot uniforms and practice in Foxboro and Gillette Stadium. -- on the pitchers uniforms are required -- where the patriots or I'd gotten involved. But that's true -- where pitchers uniforms but they regret before it got there. And we hope -- on the practice probably age groups down there but other water games. I doubt it used to practice fields to reduce Morgan are. In my -- income. Finally I'm the only guy in the station isn't guts and from the paid -- let's also look at this -- -- -- they apply apply to away games on the craft yet. I heard that. -- we are no reason we run the old school bus but average -- very comfortable a lot of a lot of trot. A job organizationally in sports the us against the world mentality of -- teams very very well. A -- there was some of that that's a good question I think that there there was some of that and play last year to be sure my guess is that has not diminished or Wayne for the upcoming campaign fair to say. I fortunately I don't go over there and that distress upon shoulder pad -- toward those guys have to do that. I would argue very. Nobody who has tried in what they do professionally on the players started coaching side. Can be happy with the way people tried to besmirch our team's accomplishments last year and if we can use that for motivation I'm sure we will -- and and right which stop. I would agree that the New York Times and certain people ESPN have kinda then -- your nose and it out to get -- Do you know why do you have -- do you understand why. Adult I don't teach there did you guys didn't get any -- yeah I would argue that there are certain people it espn.com move. -- had shown journalistic standards -- really are. You don't not not a it's not but. Penn and at times you know albeit the times credit for one aggregate -- -- -- chance to comment. Before it may actually -- promote our comments and I didn't realize that certain parts of what they were about to right or wrong but him or respect that. -- based dole decided to try to I don't know. It out alone workers or editors are bigger is their personal agenda there. Yeah I know I know you guys to hold tomatoes see and Harold not to do this not to run this do you know why. And they did you know understand what who who the source is. And why he was lying to them. I don't but I'll play if I was going to federal decided I'd. Be upset about it that we were told that -- in the strongest terms possible adapt and we were only given. An hour before the story went to practice and believe me that Friday night for the Super Bowl isn't very busy night by that point the commissioner has a big party the coaching staff best. Is is spread out trying to put the finishing touches -- paying. Com our PR staff is separate from us and and Stacy got the call from the paper little. Before 9 o'clock I guess -- And told us we -- an hour to respond that it -- time we were able to -- bill who adamantly refuted you know Dole's been territory -- we were able to get so mortars on on some players are required which which we gave to barrel about why they should not on the story. What the consequences would be but Barrett herald I guess -- the time but that that. There's source which -- doubt that it wasn't an accurate. Source based bell took the time that source -- more -- and I can tell you the tables or the Super Bowl that's Saturday. A significant number of people in our organization from Robert myself bill Scott. Did you meet -- of Fernando meadow our system video director Stacey James and his best and our lawyers had to spend significant amount of time. With people a week there's dealing and addressing this issue other days that I think. Maybe not serve my other myself but for certainly most of the rest of the people. We would've preferred they spent preparing for the Super Bowl and the opportunity that we had to finish undefeated season. -- delegate wrap up well this ought to revisit that national perception of the doing of patriots outside of New England. And and you know one school -- is the tired of the patriots winning theory is at play here. Is indeed that part of the price of success when you win all the time see the New York Yankees see Lance Armstrong see -- the dynasty -- sure happens debate. I guess I'd guess I'd it widow -- And about that that much but it it extra outside you know you grew up an opportunity here. -- and I tested a kick out borders and the raiders are column that was caused they want all the time I guess but I watched its today. And kids today across the country and I would have never thought about rooting for another town teams ever. And I can't coach a lot of to a different -- sports that I watch and they love. Players and teams for the most part Reggie such excuse sort of a different equipment we're -- it's shed -- there's clear -- but beyond that that you root for players and teams that are successful even. Maybe at the expense of their hometown team so I don't know I don't know that true or not I guess we're adults may -- your people in the media. Maybe he'll put it duty to bring down successful people were successful teams source successful institution. Maybe they feel that part of their job description I don't know if people in general certainly to steal that. Overall it was a good week -- the it is that -- -- joke than a large measure of vindication and satisfaction from Foxboro. It was a good week in -- something that we felt. Very strongly about for a long time and has been very tiring and wearing and the organization was made clear. We wish it never happens and meeting this whole second round of inquisition you know September. We were wrong we took our medicine and and we went out and put it behind us without performance. And what happened that Saturday kicked out three and half months very difficult we're in time and were glad it so. For him when -- that. We in -- vindicated or whatever it is and I think the good news is passing camps start and we hear. It'll be trade can't afford it -- -- -- start playing well again as well I think everybody here -- will release much better. John stand by for the next wave jury wants to launch an investigation the two pop Warner team has heated benches and cold weather when -- -- to polaroids of the deepens as well so when. Wish I wish we did it even -- you attribute Jerry wants mr. contribution to our. Required to keep pop water -- -- committed draft. I'm sure you need my money yeah yeah yeah of the president of the patriots shopping graft John thanks for the time this morning. -- -- -- -- --

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