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May 14, 2008|

Our guy from the NFL Network Adam Schefter joins D and C to wrap up the Spygate coverage from yesterday

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Our three Indians the friends for the out of L network -- -- show after -- on the phone lines good morning out of how are you. Good morning John and Jerry are you guys -- Why are you still down in New York City waiting outside the commissioner's office. No they got me up the street filing and not felt like a bomb on the street yesterday just basically waiting for handouts and news nugget of long day one that. And the commission says spy gate is over the patriots have been -- by -- it's over for about a 105 days are we officially done with this three and a half month. Unnecessary story Adam. Leahy outburst -- Jerry paper -- part right. Yeah yeah don't I don't the last major you don't get any stronger more emphatic a Mea culpa than that front page and back page. Wow wow yeah I I wonder if there was an I don't know would you be able to -- -- better than I was under the threat of any tackle. Libel lawsuit. I think there was yes I think that threat has argument gone away I think this would probably be part of the settlement if I had to guess I don't know that for a fact but it looks like this would be there way of making amends the New England Patriots. That's -- stay I'm glad that I can in his could reduce that and I would say that. It and the artificial I did I don't know that it ever going to go away you're you have people that remember that talk about it that refer to it. I think that there was this obviously evidence that -- -- on the field for the rams walk through practice observed certain tendencies in it echelon. -- Brian babel was that the patriots beat the respectively of their wide receivers coach now -- the New York Jets. And I think that there are people who always talk about their member of but I mean I don't know where else he coached from here all the inspect our. Could try to make a fuss about all he wants to me he's got a big time conflict of interest but that's just me that's from my bad points. A out of might take this morning was yesterday for all the sound and fury it really changed nothing those who beat the patriots and what their accomplishments to be perceived as. Tainted for lack of a better word still fill the same way. And those who love the patriots and believe in double check still fill the same way those who don't care still don't care but I'm wondering and and and I'm glad you're here. What about the national football league's perception of one of their own how is -- playing in the halls of the 31 other teams. I think there's probably there's what did you LSU the patriots there -- a lot of suspicion of the patriots and I feel like other teens my guess would be bad. Status are as they can be. What the resolution of this I think that people like to enjoy other people's misery in any walk of life. And I'm sure there are some people in the NFL who like to see the patriots and specifically Bill Belichick to break through this. To -- I'm sure they're people that can boom he had that. Now aspect at a guy I -- but there are people out there that you'll enjoy that everything. I think that the fact that it's over now around The League people who also okay they're moving on I think they suspected the patriots of -- game in the past but you know what. Part of the game I mean everybody has engaged in various shenanigans through the years it just happened to be that the patriots want that in a little bit more they got caught. Eight do you know I believe Goodell said that he's going to talk to Brian and able the jets assistant former -- assists and he's not prude talked -- him and Walsh revealed that he reported to be -- I believe. Is do you think anything more could come of that good bills further conversations with -- able. What he's talking about essentially is -- -- being on the field for the walker practiced and -- -- Walsh sank -- stable I don't know whether Washington had to -- -- report if that -- He reported the rams had positioned Marshall Faulk returned -- now I don't know why that information. Would mean anything any but I mean really ago -- that matter whether or not Marshall -- neglect your returning extra. Does that change the -- Cabrera kick I don't know and then he also reported that Ryan -- about. Tight end tendencies now -- get. How much could something like that impact the game I don't know early exits that my guess is. Not a whole lot right well maybe you're doing certain things you are in certain beat exhibitions. The -- figure dramatically also but I don't you know adding on and the thing about it -- Is that if Tom Brady there's only eight come from behind. To ride in the final minute of force -- -- -- breaking drive. And -- like it nobody even talking about the. 22 points here animates it it seems to me there's probably not a rule in the NFL manual that says. You must divert your rise if you find yourself. Setting up your equipment for a Super Bowl. And the other team is practicing I don't think that -- probably exist the second thing is if you are good and loyal employee to your particular team. Would you not feel that would be you're obligated duty whether you were told to were not to keep I was going out and and and maybe tell some assistant coach by the -- -- Marshall -- lining -- had to -- -- kick -- I have been a portfolio of pro rams still finished an 814 watched all the information about. Everything particularly at seven front treacherous how do you not have that field won't -- Tightly guarded would great security the day before Super Bowl for your walk through practice. And by the way he was wearing patriots guard with a patriot prudential -- ignored double not. Will somebody from the opposing organization on the field during your world who practiced he didn't -- to see what Edward is at least and. Maybe in -- is the -- just news on -- that member from the station. -- could've been it but you mention Zydrunas duty if he's taken notes. But is he doing his duty to turn the camera on the field camera -- look at the same thing and that's illegal. It's not like once they need to -- -- for about -- and I think Matt -- at least in Hawaii yesterday but he told Goodell. I needed at a cabinet -- yeah. And Johnson's is that your duty as a member of the patriots that it. Techno to watch to observe yeah I don't know ness or need to write it down but -- if -- parent club to be an -- Mark Mike -- the issue there and they're doing stuff. Wouldn't it was a good points and -- encourage some favored over the big brass it's -- and camera and videotape and but that's illegal washing them does not. It's just showed the you know there's -- -- you interpret the rule. -- magic question what -- ordered him more basic terms if if you saw the -- -- to a -- Before he took that -- would you not make mental note. Definitely definitely -- -- everyday in and you know. We talked about this Tony Dungy because he had some comments last week against yes but this is we did it right the colts and where does it say there is any moral line are all moral ethical component in. Coaching in the National Football League you do what you get every edge you can get you get away with which can get away right. You know I'd give him -- -- table in everyday life. Every single day you know it happened to have let it Jim I'm on the treadmill. The guy next to me who by the it very annoying was talking and so on so loud. -- -- -- I accept it but don't question his conversation so in that sense I have unintentionally eavesdropping. Why would rather not so I heard an entire conversation. Okay we -- -- Haitian -- -- this essentially they'd rather warm up -- -- eavesdropping -- other hand if yep and to see you don't bring -- -- along without them. If if the guy the treadmill today says -- -- -- he's talking to a stock broker doesn't listen some inside information but this particular stock is going to explode today. You have got blocked some. -- so what happens expect you know on hadn't lost in Atlanta this hadn't DC. Are you are. Jerry baker Washington out a little bit disappointed in me they'll be a bit overkill but. Again I'm not going there -- I'm very curious to see. Our senator specter. Could -- -- Caleb and when the patriots in the National Football League is going to spend yes. I don't know. How and where. He's been from your other than the fact that Matt Walsh's on the field and watch and saw things in -- -- that information I mean what else. Can he -- I think he latches on to that. In most copy of ticket scalping always -- yeah practicing with injured reserve yeah are horrible things I mean he's going to go to the laundry list and is he can't come out wanting can't do one thing he won't too. Is -- well there's nothing here. No he can't do that won't do that is no -- -- don't do that right now I mean it's not like we've got other important issues in this country though comedy. Real estate. He's going to the person who worked. And Adam do you think it was significant that the commissioner said that Matt Walsh told him yesterday that. In every single instance when he videotape opposing coaches signals. He kept those -- with him until the end of the game label them and then turn them over indicating that at least as far as Matt Walsh knows none of those tapes that he ever shot. Word used during the course of the game such as halftime to make some changes and just in the second half significant. Yes some people might find that -- be significant I did not I did I never thought that they were taking misinformation. And making in game adjustments to meet the way that I understand that was they were building. Red amazed at profile of ever every coach in The League okay so that when you play against somebody like take control. You know what take control signals are ever coached is not wide enough to -- signals and tendencies then. The patriots would have a history of bad guy and know what he's calling. Now again to me pretty smart and now your videotaping on the field that's illegal. If you're watching from the press box and taking notes and this is where the discrepancy comes in because I think our teams and scouts. Opposing gain we get -- bench and I think thirteen absolutely every everything sake I it would be unfair but I would say -- fair number of teams. Are doing their due diligence to try to pick up that many signaled they can't. -- doesn't go to great lengths to discuss it or mix it up. And shame on him. And I think that. When -- -- usually those tapes in my mind that I don't have evidence this but it's just might -- to compile a resume any profile -- On each particular coach -- -- get a tech coach was stupid enough not changeup and doing what do what -- -- My guess Adam is that they wanted to make in game adjustments they wouldn't do that with the videotape they'd have an a staff member. With binoculars assigned to focus on the defensive coordinator and and write down take notes if you will. In the press box and say. This situation this defensive signal. This defensive alignment and then at halftime say here's what I noticed three or 45 to -- and gain an edge that way you wouldn't have the delayed. Portion of it by let's go back and check the videotape and and and take notes off of that would travel live body -- that for you and go to the happens every game. I created that -- does not have a debate over teens -- all runners on second they tried to the side to protect served as a lot. And you -- and he'll start in the third base and I mean it's bodies of baseball because. The third base coach. It's right up their standing by himself. They keep writing it. My question to assume that most NFL teams do that as a regular course of business. During a game where a live body watches the other team's defensive coordinator and tries to swipe a -- -- I don't think at that occurred during game I may be completely naive I don't think it irritates train the body. On the opposing defensive coach tried to decipher the code that he -- -- and I don't think that. It was coordinator holding up four fingers for the four deep coverage. You guys had at last and work the issue of the coordinators and shall obviously didn't think you can actually think that support we've covered at a Las Vegas they afford deep cover ups and boy that lets break -- he's all that signal. I thought that code. Yeah I don't know how rugged guy that that certainly out of the genius of Ernie Adams -- -- right there you know. -- -- And also probably a little bit out of your realm but journalistically and much of the discussion today is what should happen to the reporter who took one unattributed source didn't talk to anybody who saw. The alleged tape didn't see the tape obviously himself without corroborating that went on. Print the story the night before the Super Bowl win the reasonable people believers he thought other people might have it and beat him to what should happen him Adam journalistically. Well our basic a couple of things you personally I for the September. September the week after that there was a smoking gun at this yeah -- or Earl. And end it was it was. I don't know whether it was talked about I don't know whether the reporter the Boston Herald -- heard about it that game whether he'd been working -- bunch of being something like that is strong that when you go to print with that. You know you'd better be damn sure now what I want to graduate school for journalism. The person that person very first -- -- if your mother told you she apology check it out okay I could tell you that I am not able in front of our motto what. I have been able to confirm a number of stories over the years yeah I -- when you up printing a story like that. That it is damaging it is you'd better be really really sure and shame on. The reporter for not having eight. Back up source but to me it goes beyond him because that's the job of the -- else. Yeah there are lawyers argued there are times when I had two other where are relative to -- post actually god I'm telling yet. -- this is back but we could have been I'm telling you importers -- champ -- I know you know I don't want guys that it's -- -- I kind of get the -- and in my gut I feel it I I know I've had on the slaughtered -- to know that this is happening. Well it's not good enough okay you need somebody on the record he the second got a -- least trust me. We don't trust you and I could back at the story in the paper and I want the party column. About the -- in the bako should be trading Clinton Portis for Champ Bailey because that could not get somebody to corroborated on the record. And then I remembered about starting backcourt spot interpreted the paper this week will be great yeah it -- -- little whatever the court it is there are looters broke the -- for a that should prevent that story from running in the paper the editors should know okay when you hopeful putting the story of that stature and that staged at that time with those implications. You better know that there is somebody that can actually prove that period of back at somebody that can -- -- And again you better confirm that your mother -- you before you heard a story like that Jerry your agreement let me would you of people economy -- blush deeply regret that idea that you were just talking journalism basic journalism are you an agreement with the. Of course bust the apology unprecedented apology on paper on. And on the back page yeah you'd take a look at -- -- if you ever seen anything like. I've never seen nor heard I don't Britt wrote that story -- Cabrera tracked it particularly of that magnitude and -- a sitting there watching. The press talks yesterday I didn't I was thinking about the Boston held I really look at -- and Matt. Man they wish you oh. And you today how do you explain. Today the patriots get their pound of flesh today I mean -- all the threats that came made came to fruition they got to apology they got Demeco. Herald it fell on its. Well I know it wherever I had to get your -- well at our. What happens to the reporter now. I don't know he's he was there what are you. He was there would do in New York yesterday was up on the sidewalk when Matt Walsh came out of the bills I can't imagine he would be effective all the patriots beat any longer. And by the way not just because the patriots would look at him as you know some sort of pariah in their midst but also because anything he now writes about the million page it would be looked at with. Kind of in the stands view by the readers would you not agree. Yeah yeah I I I helping the readers care too much bad that is think that. For professional standpoint it the obligation the paper test taken mall because. So people selling trying to beat you nice for the patriots to make up a fabulously you can apply to the big tonight and there's no way you can witness so right. -- -- Probably you know do the Red Sox or Celtics as -- yeah he'll be fine that day it was one big mistake. All right mr. Shepperd good to talk -- you as always. My pleasure to have a -- Adams after from the NFL network -- Dennis and Callahan right back to your phone calls. After me to pro sports slash

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