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May 13, 2008|

The Patriots Quarterback joins the Big Show to discuss spygate, the Pats loss in Superbowl 42, the off-season and one of his favorite charitable endeavours. ATTENTION MEDIA OUTLETS : PLEASE CREDIT 'THE BIG SHOW - SPORTS RADIO 850 WEEI' IF YOU PLAN ON USING THIS AUDIO FOR ANY REASON.

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Tom Brady has -- an event it's near and dear to his heart and one that I have great respect for. An organization called best buddies -- gonna get into that what's going on this weekend. A down there and Kapler in a few minutes but joining us saliva before one right now is the quarterback of the New England Patriots. Tom Brady missed -- welcome to the big show. I'd glad -- maybe the first summit of the numbers show up a much. -- -- -- Through usually a little bit of practice it was a little table and send it to us and get the realistic you'll want to get pregnant and Steve that you -- got me dress up with a swollen or go shoot well NC Tom have to Super Bowl wins missed almost two. -- -- -- A -- before we get that this club in the American I can field. Before we get it to the -- misplaced because it was a terrific terrific Jerry -- heavily involved. Did you watch did you watch any of this today on television. I honestly I didn't CA I didn't -- second straight pitcher and I haven't heard much about it so I knew they with the big day I'm sure that private knew that. Nothing -- -- -- -- proud of us I think you you just capitalized at all enough in a couple words nothing new that's it is nothing the company that it. Obviously that. Didn't surprise. And apparently a lot of but I think the the fourth Super Bowl that was unfortunate that it might that have come up. That's what the biggest game of the year whether. We dealt with an off season we were there with the output so early throughout offseason in at -- -- We've put it behind -- I think we put it behind that anyway compensate you know the following week after the victory so. I think it's still. You know it would it would in the group that. We accepted it and we paid the price for and a -- anyplace that and we move forward I really hope everybody you have those two because it's. It takes away from. -- won't accomplish in. And I wish that people would try to like that you didn't even focused -- and it's -- try to analyze the game that it rather then. But that's not important like Nabisco Aramis so. A -- that would get away don't really. Newspapers and an alternate. -- PM station they got a big head of Soviet do it you know hopefully we can move after. Toms -- fought in the locker room during the week of the Super Bowl as to the timing of of some of the stuff. They like and I remember the night before retained. Good -- I came out -- In Phoenix if I don't know I don't know why they choose that I had to do and make the box and know what the people that that kind of started it. A guy what's his name of victory but -- think about a US medical instrument used to love to bowl bound to -- Guys a machine and there with -- this guy walked around filming we practiced with the Cameron or most of you couldn't get in that building you could've got in that building I noticed it's. Right at his best and practices now that that could have been a lot of things have been that it could very accurate. Because because -- you know coach Belichick he. He's not appropriate but at the person I want to -- talk about it didn't land and talk about injuries and talk about -- to -- -- you know I think people. And because he doesn't -- much. You know you're left with with -- to assume a lot of different things which. For concern about winning -- that's what the best thing for -- Obviously for the four against the media not the best and then they -- all the information right away. Coach Belichick wouldn't want -- the team that -- It these things that which we feel we loved. We look at players that are coached and don't want to clout to -- or. Talk about how great coaching if you just want to win it and I think the best thing. You know he does for a -- if he would talk about anything other than. Kind of the world that we want to approach each week without getting in the -- -- game and stuff like so. We've you know we've come a long way in eight years and and I I think we did a lot of credibility around the leak in thickness. Particular that people want to chop. -- catch up without a little bit which I understand that too and that's part of the competition but it didn't -- and we won eighteen games last year. Which I didn't turn out the way and that way we would have -- -- we group effort then it would look past that now. They did use it -- to attack in the credibility of not only you know last season but the three Super Bowls that you guys one. Amazed me a bottle lawlessness the fact that there were a lot of people were reporting it talking about it EX football players on. There were surprised that so much video. Was involved is that not your life every week with video and where you were not shocked. When you actually heard people that were claiming they could take those signals from the sideline. Edit them and match him up with specific game tapes and then by halftime you've got a -- eight in Atlanta all I got like eight or nine minutes. There there there's there's 70000 people that feel the same thing we if it's you know that. Like that then I think it's just that. -- it I guess in a lot of -- it wasn't the right thing to do. We paid the price. And we will -- and -- -- likes about. You know and life are your decision -- accountable for all your actions and and what you take responsibility accept the punishment you will walk from that they discontinued could go back you know we get the week after week. That's no way to move forward and and I'm really happy that but hopefully our fans can move forward and -- we move forward move for a long time ago. And it's -- wake up in the year. Ten weeks and we're still talking about what happened economic the year so. It'll it'll look and a it will move forward. And you know all the way to go out there hopefully they'll compete as we can next year. So when there are who came out the night before the Super Bowl although it and -- -- saying this for its fans call all the times that well maybe that was distraction but I have to assume that in no way shape or form. Was our -- and anyway distraction for that game. It was going to check not it was a distraction when did you really and -- I look at that game and I -- older you know. I'm in my head it's -- and now well I don't know I think a lot and I -- I -- and I think you know part of part of the process to understand why you lose the game got to watch it yet evaluated got to try to make. Let -- -- what that situation we we played better that we it and there was a lot of things that came up the next game that they may have been made the play the right time. In -- it was really it was a great game it was. I wish we look I'd better certain -- but -- the play in the desert and and I have a lot of respect that came because they work hard and yet. A lot of great leaders of nineteen. No kind of a book looking and and when you do lose the game he you don't want to lose to -- your perspective it's certainly respect I respect everybody but I do respect to Jack. Don't your kudos you respect you've established -- Dotel as we don't get. Yeah yet for those four letters in the media. -- -- Green agreed that the green -- those those. I cut -- or something I don't want to let rest because who the hell let that. The let it out of the bag the night before the game and put all the emphasis on it when they knew they had not -- some pushes for the new laws he had nothing and it was still Portland wow. That's a prisoner -- can you -- -- rule we talked about it Pickett that -- we all sit and have a date. Secretly tape for the game Edward where it. And it they know you can't match up to be realistic given five signals for one play really good match -- -- the ball in your -- you'll. Bridge hold game plan on that we all know it and they still push at the moronic. The massive media guys. Put it out there right I don't deserve I was pissed off because we know it was nothing to it but yet they kept go to Angola the -- that now don't. -- it's not why that felt that a little about why wouldn't have wanted it okay I think that the thought of Richard but the feeling outlook real. Duquette don't but we can -- me. That was 600 recruited out -- -- was your question metal -- you know we'll find out. That's right. I told you obviously you have friends around The League what what was the attitude of this whole thing to to some of the which a lot of the active players and -- Nobody really that much actually funny I gotta I gotta you know from lawyer look at is there any you guys cheated when you played you know. Well we'd be cute guys and that's okay you're I think you're right we give you what touchdown back a caution that we don't have. And it yeah. -- And you act if you I don't. Yeah I think everyone believe the other but he. I think the players and another player is there anything that believe me I'd at least not at. Not one person express anything to me and and going to -- for that reason because that there's a dead issue in -- It's a complete the issue so it's been awake for a long time. The ability that you Selig said you watching across the field. Watching -- give signals. All games not -- -- a secret pool whispering into the quarterbacks the Earl linebackers is it's in front of every -- -- we're going to be not to see it right under our guys. So there's several thousand people that are free -- for that same thing. Every week. When guys are still signals it's a national pet me but sounded as surprised -- some of the former players who were in the media now who just seemed to be clueless about the whole thing and I'm stunned by it. You have certain. Well I think that's that's it's it's kind of that than the environment right now -- and I. I think that awaited guys you know making it just fit the craziest thing. I think that's what that's what that's what ESPN has become in -- -- to me it's like -- Buick -- the experience without the gloves. -- that I was don't want that but you can -- -- I -- -- was on us how much pressure was there during the course of last season in that every single week people were talking about that perfect record. Well and the team really insulate ourselves from enacting the greatest strength of our coaches to keep. Focused on. -- Rooney each each week each state correct and if we get out of the -- were -- about. So we never got caught up in the country quote we ever got caught up in China or if we win this game recruit who know how great they. And I think that's the -- approach commitments you have to approach because if you don't. You'll lose in and then all of those Greg gold which there. That's when restart at like he -- to go undefeated you know -- and that won't change this year and it was an incredibly -- you commit such that the greatest height than we ever got anywhere they achieved in sports and but I think that one of the most disappoint -- very -- all my teammate. And after the game. Is that -- expect as we never we did we just didn't -- -- -- every time you take the field you know you can lose obviously. You have quick -- that you can't buy you know the competition -- you may lose game. And I think after the game which -- definitely reflect on. And and I think that's they -- quite weird that position so. We just gotta we've we've we've I think a lot of guys have moved on a lot of guys. You know between weeks we made significant change between and it. We're still going to go out there that we got a great team and hopefully we start practice on Monday. And all the guys are excited be back and so we go out there. -- -- -- started it's it's been stolen -- -- we get this question a lot certainly didn't weeks after the super bull in UN the other players have been very complimentary. About how good the giants played in that game and you do you described him as a blue collar team and effort that described by a lot of the players on the on the patriots. Is there anyway that you guys -- down lightly during the course of that of that week leading up to that game. Now there is that and that's the thing about it planet I think there's there's no checked with there was no -- that we did. I think that's why you can get over that because I reflect back on those in a week of preparation. You know we'll work we will practice harder and we went -- every single day we will work that we were. We look at pager you know it wasn't like we let anything on the table I think you know there was it was it was a game of field position and you know our offense we didn't execute I thought the way we're capable of it -- I think that great defense we played and won the best defensive line. In football and and an offense that could control the ball and it up put baker to convert put down -- you know they had a great on the possession I think in the first half. At twenty minutes of the possession like ten minutes you know we finally scored -- the and then. You know eight biggest had a molecular strive for her to go to America scored BI RD and played incredible. And -- -- that special teams played great. And I did it take the -- -- the -- won't tie obviously. Let down. But I just hope we can you know -- -- we have more opportunities I'm very confident that that we will. As long as we go -- -- craft and think good coach that I like where I'm like a plate over. How much of the game was -- make your team make mistakes all of them. Dominate the game army could look like the first play the screen to Mulroney how close is that the goal for touchdown. It is just hit the ball the three block as -- problem aspire to -- to how much was of them. Causing you to make mistakes -- you guys just making you know missed reasonable slide block so all the mistakes and again. Well I think they'd they'd. They had a great -- And very complimentary secondary -- on back up I just thought as a defense they they -- -- pick -- pick that spot. Right spots the -- on the blitz. You know what happened -- won one match it's like straight and I can win any of those things. There needed -- putted great -- -- -- lineup and they played incredible that game and you know I offered like on and that pretty good against. Against that against that -- -- so you know the receivers when he was behind indeed -- the -- go to play before halftime strips fact that. We had an opportunity to to score a touchdown on came up. Nobody can we just want to it would. -- -- times so. There was a lot of points that I reflect back -- -- it's okay world we would make that we will. But you know the -- -- -- -- expected -- -- -- -- -- the rams still on the on their. I don't even itself out I think it is. There was no way we should've won that game -- I don't want to beat you pick on the little -- because we execute the way we needed to but I think the giants. Excuse the -- Tom when you -- the I'm sure we watched film what we watched film -- game -- its appear that that defensive front was almost selling -- worry about the run. Non -- -- we were we were. We trek -- pretty balanced attack it differently which scored -- first the second we were you know -- -- -- you know we're second one and in the third one. The third drive we got back open and there was a factor in the third down play for coach should have been touchdown to Randy -- on the strip -- you know like. We started the second half moved the ball sixty yards and then got up on the fourth down play that the petty -- in the game or something like that lack that we scored -- A penalty Curtis on one or the other drugs so just there was a lot of we didn't have a lot of possession and we needed a well if more -- and error free game. And we just made irritable and try to capitalize. And the low scoring games 1714. So and it -- cut big -- you got when is ball possession game you've got to keep them back up. And take it into twenty in the scoring -- and we didn't do that we were cable and at least that's what the outcome mostly -- Addressing that game that you that you read about her that you want to clarify you know so many people -- analyze the game. And you know -- things about the game but you watch the films go watch a film we don't know what went -- blitzes call what coverage is called the very difficult to completely analyze the game correctly. There -- -- want to say about the game of people haven't seen -- haven't heard. Now on that I'd tell -- I think it was just it was a it was a a great team game for the giants and tactic dictated very complimentary game which we always try to do. You know correct it was it was back and forth we that we weren't control that one in control and I -- There were plays that at. I think that we may want to that you played the outcome -- and I think they -- they had a great scheme on defense. Dictate -- -- wait to get pressure on I think they very good job and -- the situation. You know it's just it's just. Just wasn't our day as -- -- our day. It now for every for me to say yes -- believe me as you know I don't too often but that there is let's say not second guess I'll just ask her out that's three months after that the event that took place in February. When you didn't go for the 39 yard field goal what were -- -- on the silent when you shocked forty balls -- and a half whatever was. Well we got. That was more infrequent that backboard like 48 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While I was kind of pissed at myself -- -- -- -- in the truth afford well had a chance but well welcome was open and they kind of pulled me up pressure the ball wouldn't second guess and all but said that -- self. We have. -- said it and made a better player out or out and -- Have you done that a lot game if you don't have a lot this game go back how many times have you watched this game by the way. Are quite well once you know that they after the game late in the -- -- watched. And they and current network you know they -- those who would replace and I. And when you've seen it. Again do you do that you sit down and it's not a drinker if a guy I don't. -- not a lot of so it has not -- just seem like you're under far more pressure than weaken remember you being under in Award won't. And how frustrating was that in how did you try to. Work around. Well I I don't -- ever frustrate it would pressure -- the truth I am I get pressure it would get first down. So I was frustrated that we weren't it would put together drive after drive and you know what would you play that -- They're going to if you pressure. That is the strength of thirteen I mean that's the best thing about the New York -- -- would be a lot and they put pressure and we could bat and that was his. I was a -- beginning and you know an -- lined. They I mean they they popped up off and I don't come back this year with remembered -- and I'm sure a lot of them wished they could going to. You know played a better game just like I wish I could play better but. I'm not a big politics commitment and Eric -- optic line that the reason why we were you know eighteen you know that would restrict the -- so. The giants made a couple plays -- we went up there we went down and scored when we need to the the end of the trip had. If you cheat at it and then makes a miraculous plays I mean. I discussion -- then. I'm Christiane I'm when he scrambled out of that pocket and threw the ball up and Eric the tightly -- apricot elements are actually here we go. I mean did he could feel the just the momentum at that point and you know we had our opportunities and that's all you can ask where he escorted game it's a that's like just opportunity -- We didn't take advantage. You've got to stick and hopefully that line that operate through that long wanted to Randy how close was you know -- him the ball early in the game. When I let it go out I would -- and. That was right on some of the import and -- on the bricks or -- a lot of people it would it would they sign Randy -- questioning. In about it you'll of course of course we -- -- -- -- people were you course lot of people. I'm not only are enforceable political but I doubt until it was until I think -- no objection you -- imagine legitimate chance but I was surprised that he was such a team point of -- and -- -- him previously but was surprised -- got along so well -- -- -- -- -- lot. I wasn't all that well. I wouldn't surprise. It's -- these I don't know adjustable so you you're here. I don't watch a Monday night in with -- -- -- you know short about sidelined. With a greater that you know what problems and problem -- I -- to I don't want to sit there and I'm the one in. -- your -- about that a lot of crazy things we will have you -- they're they're hard blue. I mean that that takes a toll so I haven't Burnett situation fortunately I hope I never let. I know the what an elbow rang the if you want to and he's going to work as hard and every week that go up there and perform well and he is equally player practice he's a great he studies that -- that he's the game. He studies beef and if he does whatever you -- -- the -- so I wouldn't surprise at all I was. He's the best receiver quality -- in the history of the game I wish we could -- get a -- You know -- -- -- -- -- of a career for you know weren't so I hope -- put -- about a career. So lovely to hear you really -- if we don't get at it dilemma you know I don't it has to happen. And I got -- -- I talk a trial balloons and all eleven -- BC to a -- the year both for years it was your fault well I I -- -- I would try to up one of them that total of a team nobody -- into the NFL -- we call the perfect season nobody ever you know -- are we lost to temple season's seven guys made it to the you know we lost all around the world that your -- It's okay they were taken games over the years while the and let me -- the tell you about. A charity event that that Tom is involved and he's actually involved heavily with the charities -- best bodies. And that -- on line and read more about this best buddies Don -- And their mission is to enhance the lives of people with the intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities. For 121 friendship and integrated in -- And what kind of doing is. Where you can probably tell the whole story here. Tom what date they take people recognized for their abilities and they they find them valuable. Vehicles for them in the year in the workplace. Sure sure. Yet and and to develop you know like it's like -- -- actually at an internship -- a lot of children that don't it is regular and I actually look at their children. And -- college there were meant -- programs without the part of that was very beneficial to my life. When I came to the patriots and it it and -- restarted this and started that but he I think in 1989 dorm room at Georgetown. And it's grown to I think on sixteen chapters if -- almost 400000 people a year it's. It's execute in Massachusetts I think -- involvement could people not cute it's been really supportive and what talent is. Is the race and I don't I don't if you read that forty miles -- want to see it. A yeah I read Charlotte -- all the home he'd be a drag my loss all the all the every time -- -- the villa Helio got to pick up the newspaper I don't see you -- an -- sees you -- -- realize that you would Europe shopping. Carrying bags are you with -- I wouldn't. Caring adult now you don't know worked out here in the us at every dog. Probably believe it well I'm sorry you tell me the media tell the truth about there's no losses to take -- and as we can now that would have been -- we let -- and place us. So that it would mean and they give him now they do did you ask him a lot and gravity nice you like -- -- few when I'm the one that you need to create. You're going to holly Davis yeah. I've got to birdie that we won't lie to her remarks by my. -- ring a bell to an escort will do security escorts and I'll ride my bike a hundred miles up not a right it's well it's coming -- all want to -- don't think it's coming up on Saturday it's a hundred miles figure four days actually that you know they do an alternate when he -- if not huge Moriarty you do like you're the last -- -- was something would -- the Rosie Ruiz group would you do not just open. For you to go to my excessive but I did the twenty mile -- I didn't -- I'd like -- After that I would do and that's what -- what could have -- celebrity ride you know bit below the one but all right with that. Much more conducive to my bikes took a no leapt -- -- out there believe me a and you know look you know go to this. Is that if you block the wind all the right legs spread. And yeah -- -- definitely and we'll give us a stupid and instead -- does these -- like Carswell. Because originally -- -- I couldn't -- -- medical I I this. Great here's a great thing because a 100% of the Ryder donations go directly to support this best buddies. A French shipman job programs you can go on to their website right now best -- dot -- and get all of that information you can make a donation plate make -- -- This is a wonderful wonderful charity you talking about you know -- driver in its starting all of this. In it at Georgetown because he wanted to reduced the social isolation often experienced by people who do have intellectual disabilities I have that. This situation like Finley and there's absolutely no question. That that exist and by having his best but he program it as somebody who starts and admit to that person. Bring them -- give them. You know all of a bigger and broader life out there which they clearly clearly deserves notes that go work on my -- good work by the people from Audi who put this thing on every single year you a couple of years now right. -- that would have been a -- but what do you it's it's it's a Great Neck and it's a lot of fun and as a clam -- third and it's. Hopefully the weather time -- well at that point in my right it was like 4040 degrees right. Although I'm not like you're Tyson American and it all went to last -- sort of -- -- let let loose on those little -- -- -- -- to -- -- -- -- it before Korea before we let you go because the only time we do well here and you were right now we basically seat for you right now is. You know at the pictures of view out in your own private -- private life you know like New York Post herald -- -- like that. -- does that bother you especially from a guy that just a few years ago. Was not forget about this the fourth string quarterback on this football team but he knew who the hell you were you walking up and down the street. Go to New York City and you can't go to think without the paparazzi all of how how much does that bug you. And limit you -- your life. Well I think in in in every inning each year you know we will grow and in. And now going into the -- night here in the NFL -- lot of things could change from from early on and and it's only part of my life that I really enjoy and I have. -- all the opportunities in the world in in what I do and and because they're winning because of that success. You know become a lot of there. The -- a lot of other stuff. And I continue to get used to that. And if you look at the best -- I don't I had like -- much more focused on what's important on -- life in a lot of ways it's it's clear things up and you know I think estimate I would people love and my family and my friend that's what's most important. And a and obviously we're -- -- McDonald could there's no greater to a demand out there you know from 50000 people that the pro football so. Not much gets in the -- of any of that. What does it does get to the point where you can just shut it out when they're screaming and yelling. For you you can just shut -- a little bit much. Well you know -- the actions I think it's it's a subject changer for their body and on every -- entertainment you know you can't. Before eighty dollar ticket to read can you sleep at three dollar magazine you know take you -- different place for a couple of hours of your day. I think are we would -- yet and at the Internet not all of all the places for information. People make quite a Livan do and dominant on the pitchers and they're trying to they're trying to you know they're trying to make a living as well I understand about it. I think there's ways that I need to find to protect myself and it's obvious I'm not control at all so you accept it like. Would you accept an an architectural move off and the things that I can't control like. You know my private time in and -- inside -- that's but it didn't. You know I think for a lot of people these days you that is have to approach you know when you go outside. You better watch which you don't want unfortunately it in 2000 big physical back on Monday night I don't have a lot of good. The search of a -- that you know. With a sore and I'll look him in the future -- it's only -- would you attacking the paparazzi -- Number I didn't expect you have to drive it got a little cut and run and either pants suit does that they've threatened threaten people daycare but you'll have -- History of the -- -- it was great that's -- going to -- In problem almost monthly budget rules we knew he was dead while the thirteenth reporters and all ones so I wonder how much retreat with them that went with the role. -- -- -- -- -- -- a better record Capra played more charity bat and you know NCAA game. -- -- -- -- and it's you tell me kids who were a lick since them in the business and can't can't pick. -- didn't adequately can jump up and it's been all right. Yeah these slides -- runs and six give them a lot over these past. Believed -- I don't get a recap every week you dominate they LP who shoot good. But it scope and completely did not play the Big Easy blood runs and -- I don't know what what about it before. All out now and -- it was great socket deal wind again great success with his best buddies it's a terrific organization. And you entered -- on Saturday -- Craig vero beach at the end of the right that's where you're going to be Johnson -- Yeah idiot yet you yet you won't be at the start of the 100 -- at the end of who wanted to know would make -- -- panic and again people you can go on line and you can you can donate money to this great organization best buddies. Or best bodies war. It's not great talk -- -- wrote like John says Tom numbering in The League patriots

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