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May 6, 2008|

The Red Sox 3rd baseman joins John and Gerry to talk about the season and his new book

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Our number three Dennis and Callahan there's -- -- Red Sox blocked out in bookstores as of today or at least in the bookstores opened today Mike Lowell has collaborated with a friend rob Bradford from Boston Herald the right deep drive along journey toward finding a champion with again. I'm Mike -- is on the phone lines from -- a good morning my -- -- They will what did you dread more getting up for the Nike town promotion in the morning -- got back from Japan or wake you up to talk to us this morning after three and a half hour game last night. Well I'd I'd -- -- prepared for stuff you know I think my clock was all off so this is -- -- a lot -- Who's -- after us Katie Couric or Larry King are we -- coming up. Well I would I have all I can -- and it is what you do you know. Well which -- -- equipped with a particular Olympic to be story of we have we have local fox Sports Radio when local Miami station in its doubtful lean -- about. I'm not sure what I find more amazing that you actually got Manny to -- the jacket liner quote that that Michael lol. Is such an honest man a man who plays the game hard and plays the game right the whole time or. A Ford by Josh Beckett which took more arm twisting Mike. And Josh some very -- -- -- Wright Phillips is that an old our old men here are pretty good -- -- believe the F bombs in the heritage -- take them out. We had to take about you know it the racial slurs. All the good but the dog it very I told them maybe it was more of you know like if you like a blur but Josh. I think he -- distort better and want yeah you know out with the with the Marlins he was. Would -- during the whole. -- saying there -- no three wood we. You know -- -- -- it made it very an expert who run with the world championship especially with the guys of that team I don't we were. So I think it was it was pretty fitting that he was able to read a Fordham. I think someone you don't we will cable in the trade him somewhat whether the Boston offense realizes he'll want to believe pitchers -- is element. Mike this is clearly inspirational story -- I guess this question is like asking you which is your favorite kid. Which do you think will inspire readers more of the cancer story of the Castro stories. I don't know that's I guess which several people might relate to a little bit more you know I think I think everyone has gone through things and -- -- you know in my case. Personally the cancer thing in my family's case you don't have -- a -- supporters stop them. -- years homeland you know also I think those overall. Things that I went through when people can relate to their own way -- they didn't -- life is. You know Louis -- -- -- always -- -- -- obstacles in I think the story just speaks of you know there's there's obstacles to come your way you can overcome over in the and so be successful at something that you wanted to basically your whole life. We we've talked in the past about the beat cancer when you first learned having you just trying to make in the majors and how difficult that was to make your debut in Florida at the same time you're going or just after going Peru. A radiation and surgery. Do you and then you had the scare when the doctor cotton missed plot it was back to misdiagnosed Q do you still have moments Mike where there's an acre -- your opinions and. Not really about what they want to go for my check ups. Now they're just yearly as to right after the merger was almost every six weeks for about two years but what I overtake about crossing my fingers you know duke built the likelihood of me get the cancer you know of the percent of solo. That I don't really believe the percentages of it not being able to comeback now you know it's been Mobil's. I think it's been over nine years now and it says the chances in the back as the same chance to somewhat get in the in the first place as the white male that chance the first time but. Having hit only human nature you know your little little nervous and was the boxes -- the result -- and everything's -- -- put mixer. And the it would tell us again about the the scare because. I mean that's that's scary than the first time. You know I I think that was. When those diagnosed you don't what I first penetrated the Marlins. I would say that would shock you know because of relief you'll be paying and it'd have a classic symptoms. I think -- re what happened was. I had -- kind of tweaked my hip in my in my hip flex was army a little little raft we also breaks so our team doctors that you know let's -- -- -- -- And now they get to result we have Mark the -- go to -- European doctor which is as it was doctor now. And I go to its opposite this doesn't look -- impressive most victories in -- semi hit doesn't look good. He's like this looks like bone cancer and it just throws mostly I understand you know because. My -- cancer of the radiation right if -- ever comes back commit these belongs in. The bone cancer like something totally new you know -- this battle field. So the I think throughout the sport blows we we've had to get a second opinion and you're really was up in Gainesville chance Medical Center where where. You received orders that's and there are still direct flight. You know that there would be discussed this as soon as possible so all my brother and sister were old schoolers are just decided. So my parents in my life as if we go to mister McCargo. So we went there and I'd tell you that was the longest drive of the longest night of my life without a belt because of the -- comeback can. Now -- had a daughter in the helping shape should know their first -- it -- -- just four months of the social different I think that's part of I think what makes the story pretty good you know that years ended up not -- at diagnosed with cancer than. We have that would of the World Series and now that we typical big hits so. Those -- really -- the roller coaster here -- state facilities. You know it is almost speaks of the fact Mike that it that it can all turn around for any of us so quickly and shoot the ball in and out in both directions I mean and you know you've just got married and -- you get cancer and then you think you're cured and they tell you have cancer and then you turn around anywhere in the World Series committed it the 180s come fast and furiously. Yeah and you know I think that's a little bit life you know sometimes everything's going great you get a big turn in everything -- like between a different direction in wind. Feel like we've we've the World Cup implement some good can happen so I think this just. Kind of look forward to books about you know the you know it talks about where I was raised in you know what I went through and I think my life is pretty normal you know I was fortunate in the sense of I didn't struggle for meals and if not that's story -- -- -- European we get food but no there's things that you had to overcome them and I think that people can relate to that. -- you're not far removed from that struggle in in the most fascinating story you share with us in the spring -- your father in law and how your father in -- met your mother in law. Well let up parts that parts -- -- preferred movie and I think. -- the shape that world we dedicate only a little bit of the -- to that because it's earlier probably local stores were followed law as you guys know it was a political prisoners Cuba for fifteen years in the as a major difference between -- -- a political prisoner -- a criminal prisoners of political prisoners just because your belief in it it's almost unbelievable to -- that. You goal an island and and a government stole fifteen years there's like from it nineteen to 34 because if you -- believe in communism if that's unbelievable. And you know what he was imprisoned they should move the prisoners every couple years or eighteen months and just so there would conspire to it would try to escape -- to some against the guards in you know in the different stops they're -- wood in the which at a -- who have helped the mountain. Sure about -- that a bus stop one time in. He met his future wife that way which is. Which is really weird I -- -- even though I you can establish relationship issues behind bars or to a light work release stuff. But -- we hold people there. Their daughter that appear in my life that's pretty good store. A does that bother you or do you pay any attention to these these Hollywood types of people in the media. Who will say you know Castro's misunderstood and they wonderful health care and schools and and and they really take offense of people who view -- it was a as a tyrant in the dictator in and that whole system as is to school and an inhumane. What does the ball over eight -- -- -- uneducated comment I know a lot of time Escobar but I think we just don't. The press and the TV coverage to show all the things that happens I think that's. -- people see on the news that we see stop about the war of stuff that if it's kind of more telling writing your -- you know it here before your eyes. The kept -- is almost like a little -- very till right now you know it's this island over there in. You know when you receive footage of people get on. The -- like. And aluminum door and trying to calm but I can -- on the embassy will both ability to make it a little old -- -- going to make out of you know scrap pieces that just tells you good. Hope has been taken away from the people that country you know it's not. If not so much the food they might have just enough to sustain themselves -- they have no desire to live there you know him in I have ever heard reports that. There were four people that try to make it over here as a rafter three of them died and you don't just drowned views sometimes it. By sharks the sun you know you know if you opened and you know the dehydration so that that's -- want to risk that there's got to be something wrong with the blue pit exit more -- We're talk with the Red Sox third baseman the World Series MVP Michael's new book is called deep drive a long journey toward finding a champion within a war that with rob Bradford from the herald. Available in bookstores today and -- before even arrived in Boston we talk to people who knew UN we've since learned that what they said was true and that is Michael stands out of the class act in a time and a place where many athletes. For whatever reason choose to embarrassed themselves and their families and their organizations in a lot of sorted in various ways. Are you the way you are just naturally is this the result of your upbringing I mean you've chosen to take attack and approach to. How you play the game and how you live your life that's different from a lot of really high publicity type of people who have done just the opposite. I'd like to think it's one of -- you know I think that was very spoiled and I think the book. So a lot of times of especially my dad and I. -- back from Little League games and just pocket in and I think in being able to spend time with me in my Brothers and my sister. And I think that's very important you know in my parents I think felt that spending time together at -- -- And it is -- what was it like a sit down session work this is how you treat people that there's just been our you know what I think. You see your parents the way they treat people. And the way they go about their business that I you know -- that. Work hard every -- still does but when there was a high school game. He's events as he tried to move patience -- but he could either work later get up earlier city can be able to go to the game and I felt that supported the kids you know and I think that. Is huge and that's something that I I wish and I hope that I can provide my kids so. I think it was definitely a major influence on me my parents are easily the biggest influence in. Like at that I felt like I had pull attention from both my parents in total support what I wanted to do -- now. I think it was a trade off you know -- to -- that I unconditionally. Com north had to you know. Beat -- we do well at school about it I really -- -- row until but. You know far wanted to play based or I didn't want to play baseball wasn't an issue to market to my -- they just want to do something in I felt like I had their support so sport and that's -- Well I guess it's proof positive that your folks are engaged and involved in your life when your mom goes to college and takes notes you can go to instructional league. -- I got a little loose professors Beckett Florida international I told that story but. -- look mom mom she actually -- they have yet to finance degree from the University of Puerto Rico and that's a pretty good chapter in the book it was a huge deal to finish school you know that was in the remember it would buy a pair -- not a contract written it was just -- word. That if I signed up DiMaggio and the school's -- a supportive throughout the the first off season not a major issue because they don't really care about. So I went back to -- to semester -- him and I took a semester that that I had a pretty good here in the Marlys in the one vehicle instruction league. But there's about four weeks between the start of the semester of school and instructional. I don't know what to do like -- forward school what would -- in the -- start when I got back. So while mom says she would put them in the -- it was a solid Tuesday -- -- for rebuild midterm and final that's developing notes. -- I'll I'll go -- up and signaled for four weeks. So I did -- as she did it so did you it was a short actually was over. I hit the library and thread disposable but I tell -- I think if professors knees my mom wrote the -- for. It was the will be filled -- third fit in my life those kind of regretted their first lead. You know all at all would you put it -- left collapse and take -- last test and you know you have a degree it's a huge sense of accomplishment not only from me but I think. You know for the fact that my parents that would do and I did I don't know what it makes a big deal. It's hit a good time at the frat parties afterwards. Yeah diplomacy was. Schmidt a lot of kids there relies -- notre you know. -- and -- -- each chapter begins with a an entry from a journal you kept what was the purpose of the -- what what purpose does that -- for you. You know it would -- funny because that I've never been a guy right stomping and my wife so what she was growing up she kept a journal. You know just like her her -- decision regrets losing her because she wanted to show. Our daughter but I think she was going through brought up possibly that's pretty cool and so -- you know with the Bobby Cox these are. Our sport enhancement coach legacy called Weaver -- our team's psychologist basically. And he really believes in -- things are going good to write it down -- -- some speak right on cue -- articles all the time. Eagles almost daily because of the good things that are happening when. Things are going back -- -- go back every summer approach in that mindset of you know who knows they can that's where at this time and I think. Based also meant -- that's very important so for christmas I get a a journal from my wife as a gift. And so New Years or so to help make your problem outright at least once somewhat just kind of -- for me. Not -- deep dark feelings for me -- kind of a state of the union you know all the kids are doing now the situation with a baseball. And this had nothing to write the book trade because like let me just try to -- Sure of Jerry goes -- and I'll write anything but. So believe they're on when word of the Award for more but it turned out that I think it went really well with the book because it's just let the fans know. Like what one of the players -- thinking that the time. How you feel about the team -- if you by the other guys on the team. And it just it's something that worked out cool because I think you get a little inside of what someone was altered their dispute that turned out great. Speaking of fans and some insight it seems to me this book is the book of three seasons we talk about cancer and Castro. That we also hear about the contract that you just secured and and and your final week of negotiations on my contract and your instructions to your agent says that as it retained a staying in Boston. You know I I'd say you know in this business I think a lot of agents and acting consider. I think if they're to be you know kind of to bring all the options up to the player I think some agents. Tried to itself to the players that the biggest money deal is the best deal because I think that's where everyone. You make the most motivated mixup because you call that an -- what I appreciate about you know my agents Sam and such Levinson is that I think they try to present. All the options fairly and then they try to let me make my decision. So you know we were talked about a week before of these big off season you know what the plans were more like to play and I said well. He says I think direct your four year deal out there as to load off becomes more nuclear deal -- The like are you sure of that yet who would have ever hope for money yeah I -- active figuratively if they're. So but and they were other offers erupt they presented it to me but they didn't try to sell me on them you know and that's where is that things sometimes. Guys do -- sold on the best deal. Money wise and you always think that's the best -- And into my regret it so I can honestly say. And Rivero my decision to come back to Boston it is a great group the guys -- we've played good baseball would play exciting baseball. But you know I think agents can have a negative effect -- that sometimes the most fortunate mind that. I can't think anyone who is so universally liked if not loved respected respected around here do you ever gotten. Any hate mail since you've -- in Boston. And. Not really good no no I know it's funny because -- in the city the last two years in. You know were very recognizable guys go and and it was like well -- they're -- -- go around in people know who you are and I said. Not really because everything is possibly mean this is a town where what I like about Boston is. Every one some bored with the Red Sox their own -- with the Celtics terrible pitchers in the bruins'. And and if you're not doing well like last year you know JD got up salute to a slow start testify because are playing great. You're just wait for JD start -- you know like it's always a positive that things are going to go good and I think. I do single -- is that a lot the mindset I think it seemed like. Oh you guys are doing good -- in the playoffs it'll be over. You know. But there's hope for change fell off for the fans -- for me that the reactions been positive been well people club through their life. Because -- keep playing well because of doing great you know it's on the watching guys and that's that's a nice feel that some nice compliment to have widger player on the -- Some you know in the past people said how hard TDs to play here and maybe some guys it is but we talked about this but two weeks ago Manny Ramirez said. This isn't a hard place is a great place to play god knows he's beloved around here. Has it taken you by surprise how much much support a much. It's moments love you get here and -- funny can be to play here. A little bit you know I I didn't know what to expect that because earlier in the book to explain to whichever used though most of the season at the time line in the beginning of the season. We kind of flashback toward my first spring training with the Red Sox. And I didn't know what to expect them -- -- with an open mind but you know big market you've heard things that you know the -- in. The players you know a lot of there's still like to play here so I didn't really know what to expect but I knew the minute I am to the clubhouse. And you've got guys like they're attacking shill and -- cap or at the time. And Doug you mean they're sitting down next you heard from the first day. They're like okay we gotta top that we -- opinion on this and you felt include right away but my teammates -- what felt like in this business school because of these as the good guys. And then play otherwise I don't know what. I think some people don't like this group you know I think that's a personality I think some people. Like to play whether they are good or bad and they like to go home after the game. And maybe that only could be asked questions or you know kind of be called -- -- goes but. My view has been. I think we'll have debate about it. But it you can admit that I think that makes you a little bit human -- were were professional athletes but. If there's BitTorrent noble goal for four versus part of the deal and if you can talk about that I opened the bad thing I really don't I don't see why. It has to be the end of the world but do you have of that they sometimes it just happens so I think if your arm rests with the way things are people appreciate that in in. I think guys like to play here I think it's kind of change that mentality and I think the start from the guys on the team and the way before perceived here on this club. But as a watch the last night's game knowing that I was going to talk to you this morning and all nice timing you'll three for 52 run home run. That another question came to mind. Do you know -- on camera when Sheffield robs you of your second home run the cameras run on you and you just turn and also having a supposed to youkilis who drops an F bomb and everybody. Are you aware if you're on camera -- careful what you say. No milk because boat I've dropped my well I just try to do -- a total truth I'd rather have a six year old right here it's changed a lot I tell -- what I k's a lot because they used to be. A big helmet thrower and I think goal five humbled me away because when you're hit like 230 in -- that brought home it's almost every at bat and then -- regulated though might even pull the club the Orioles haven't waited years in Florida and every camera store prominent -- -- -- charge. And so usually would break for five in the year he started charge they're broke like ninth with a -- that -- that -- so but I I think once you have kids it changes a little because. I don't know I I look at my kid and he likes playing basically three years only to the -- Gordon on what I know he -- -- -- other kids in. When they're playing you know like I want to be big populist but there have yet which is cute. But of Big Papi is drop -- F -- every time we -- -- -- spurt ability that hopefully you know I just don't see. How that really makes me a better hitter and I've had to learn that it has taken time so but just. Everyone has their own personal I would I would want to change you -- it. A will we leave you with this rob Bradford your co author in the book deep drive -- emails a couple of the talking points in the ask you about -- and we talked about most of them. But number nine says number not good at. Could rob Bradford be any more awesome at the question what a basket purely dance about that I like going to laugh out of that. I go out percent to nine point nine point -- you guys who can come up with a record of. Yeah exactly it's called deep drive a long journey toward finding a champion with -- by Michael all the World Series MVP coauthored rob Bradford from the Boston Herald in bookstores today Mike let's talk and you keep up the good work Alessio when he gets back to Boston. You got it and rob Bradford is off some very. I blow it doesn't gallant

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