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Apr 23, 2008|

Join Celtics Rewind host John Ryder as he breaks down the 96-77 Celtics blowout of the Atlanta Hawks. The C's now lead the Round One Series of the 2008 Playoffs 2-0.

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Thinks he's Celtics realized how much Sports Radio weeks fifteen W -- yeah Ray -- outlasted comport yourself for the -- out here slept at all but Brady's five. Your big night spot to talk about the Boston Celtics -- Bump today. Something so we won't. Fox Sports Radio weeks fifteen W we he. Game until the very similar to game one another dominant performance for the Celtics they blow away the box once again. 9677 the finally went by ninety they won game one by. 23 and a little better defense this what is they really turned up defensive intensity. With a cold shooting in the second half but really. Pretty -- nitpicking if you find a lot of problems with the Celtics this game to wind is agers cruised past the box -- John -- this is Celtics rewind take your calls. Up until 1 AM six what 7779850 toll free 888. 525850 PM what goes rise and cellphones bunch of around WE guide you'll be George slowed these lines up we. Some open one's here to talk about the Celtics win I want to hear from all you fair weather Boston fans Mike Bibby column about the fans before the this game -- how'd that work out for. Not too well Mike Bibby is getting completely smoked my Rajon Rondo in this series let's just a little comparison of the stats in in -- comedy Wilkins who now works for the Sox actually played for both teams was superstar with a hot in the eighties said well that's where Atlanta. As the best matchup that's -- of the you know they have the possibility of it's upsetting the Celtics in this series is that matchup that the point guard position. Really just the opposite -- Rondo has completely -- Bibby in this series. In the two games now Rondo has this combined 27 point seventeen assists one turnover. Baby seventeen points two assists in three turnovers so Rondo is fifteen more assists -- Bibby the veteran point guard who's been to the Western Conference finals before the Sacramento Kings. Where is Rondo playing at his first ever post season ever. And Kevin Garnett -- shine once again a double double for him nineteen points and ten rebounds. The Celtics out rebounded the highest 32 to thirty but how about the second chance opportunities for the Celtics thirteen to five as -- as the offensive rebounds ago. Another doubted win for the Celtics let's get the phones in new year's J and Corey -- Could start to get my friends are always equate that always a great night when the wind is that -- It's so disgusted it really is no idea I ask -- before this. Series started would just say. Are you know I may be Rondo maybe that's that's going to be the one week it's like on T you know go for a bit about it -- we might go to dominate like. August and that upbeat taste and I really shouldn't be surprised wherever he's been. Called -- policy we don't against Detroit Stevie does at this point guard at that point guard is always always -- step. He rises to the occasion a -- -- and he shows absolutely no fear out there. -- you know a second year guy so it's totally 22 years old just turned 22. You know anything even play better. One of those games against Chris -- he completely outplayed Steve Nash when he was here at the -- so anything this guy gives you I don't think we should be as surprised anymore. No I don't think so we've gotten -- and -- like watching this kid -- pretend to know it all locked in at all ever especially popular Sports Radio outlet. One -- watching him last year you could see -- your abilities and it all. It was -- -- -- it was it whether it could go to wet soft or Roddick is at. And actually reform and this -- actually I mean he's brought or if you look at -- shooting from last -- -- Lou yet even I mean yeah 4. Have we yet but next year even double it just got to get. The guy's going to be for me are talking about that I don't think as jock -- it wasn't going to make -- drew. My knee and -- -- -- that I panicked and went out so I was shocked. -- -- that it -- a great player eat jet it it got -- Garrett. -- the one thing I'd like to see Rondo provide a little bit is getting to the line and hitting his free throws at a more consistent basis but other than that. I mean now that he's hit that fifteen foot jump shot even had an eighteenth order tonight and you know they're they're allowing him to take that jump shot the hawks are paying for big that. Bad as a lot of night that during the year meaning you want to party at Google that night when he -- get a lot of open -- -- circuit like. Well I -- to what is it you're not going to lead. Ray Allen open I had that read while the -- with three days to shoot it. But -- -- -- -- every you know going to -- cut -- -- underneath the basket opened up that particular I don't out of 868 but shot at last -- couldn't shoot it this year out more al Wada and I wouldn't say more times than not. But a lot of times more that I DRG why do we do to be honest it is the beginning of the year. Eight teams that you really -- shooting it improved dramatically I think I know what detector and Kevin Garnett I can't guy is nothing nothing but class. All the way I watched opposed -- being caught our corporate heat. I don't think he hates talking -- media I think Pedro -- talked in the media. I think he's just -- Kevin Garnett seems like the most opposite of self aggrandizing that you -- -- It is true professionally and he brings complete intensity if you noticed throughout the that the season with KG is even tonight I -- the Celtics are up one they had to play like best individual out the -- defensively and even on the offensive and I mean he was missing some shots and even the Celtics -- missing some shots near the end. I think it was because there are. You know wasting or putting so much energy on the defensive side of the ball that's when they were missing like seventh straight -- what was got a audience Celtics missed eight straight -- who comes back and makes the next group orbits KG with a three reporters verse three pointer of the year. And and with three for you to go on the very next possession for the Sox after every six that three pointer. He blocks -- and then he gets an offensive -- -- -- he's still playing with that major intensity with the with the game already out of -- and he did that I mean you know which -- a playoff game here he -- that the regular season at points in the in the fourth quarter when they were up twenty or more points. Diagram idealist I don't watch the replay like that was around to look like 350 left in the game and corporate while Garnett. And that on the replay it shorted out -- -- the game but he -- it looked all right. The guy's guy that gets kinda quick you know upwards backing up just can't look like that I don't know but -- don't know yet mileage yet you know you like upgrade. That guy like desperate to get into not try to right. Well he definitely has certain there's the college tastes -- of intensity and you know the -- came out very feisty -- it was chip B a little bit out there. And I don't think he wanted to do that debt to the Celtics have -- that just raise the intensity to the Celtics even Mora made that hard file on Paul Pierce. Just lifted the Celtics even more if they could get any more intense they came out with -- even more fire after out. Pierce left the game I mean they completely controlled pretty much the first quarter they had -- there when Garnett was out of the game fox made a little bit of a run at points it anymore Rondo was out at a different stretches but. Besides that the Celtics pretty much controlled this game. For about start to finish. John Ryder Celtics rewind 61777 I'd steroids 52 created 8525850 Mario as a -- around -- -- -- and Merrill. Doggone good how are you. Good bet a dollar remember a couple of ops points and of course and I get to I work second shift but I really -- watching it but I -- predominantly is -- -- and -- Disorders -- like how all of the our resolve all the numbers -- right. Rondo tonight it had twelve points. Eight assists and six rebounds four steals. I mean the guy he's just common along web I don't know what it over the like what we throw but. Even -- -- he didn't get to the free throw line tonight. But in 34 minutes six of eleven shooting I mentioned the twelve points. -- steals eight assists and six rebounds and how about this this is the one that really jumps out for me. For ever a guy that's in his second year as a point guard playing in his first playoff series just one turn over he has only one -- over through two games. Also there's that you have an opposite the watching on Sunday on the Sunday night game I mean to guys stopped believable beleaguered there overdose of all of that -- I mean I give a lot of credit to Kevin Garnett you know but the. A minute -- cast as the supporting cast around -- but he still rested go out there and produce and and he's been. Really so far through the two games the story of this series the most. I don't like the fact that I mean he's still comes on and he's still looking at the epic Kevin Garnett starts the minute it's even -- -- chipping has hit -- Because in effect he would -- got a lot of rest well there's children need yet he -- it doesn't all it -- great -- and and they try to get those the fourth and it outside downside is if every single art. Yeah yeah he's playing with so much confidence that they're ready now has operatives and I'd jump shot. Whereas last season understandably so usual tentative at times taken that jump shot that was the knock -- -- mentioned earlier. You know coming out of college was that you know this -- much we scored baby can drive to the -- once -- while he's not that big a guy had only around six foot one BT's you know. -- it has plenty of speed there's no doubt about that can play -- and -- -- handled the ball the -- -- him was used his it was his jump shot for the most part and and even at times when originally you know Inge made this pick a lot of people. Now were too high on and it -- Rabbit I just think back in game which -- you -- bit better every single game it plays just pick or the level. And are reaping I mean I look at -- big -- today and -- -- and stockpiled in -- -- talking maybe -- player I can see it happening I -- suspect in the second year in the -- if you already know. In a -- -- -- better in -- -- I don't see any reason why as the years go by it and you know that at a level of vital. A premier point guard in the league I just don't you it was but he -- an athletic ability. Right I mean I see without question I mean the next year being one of the top five point guards certainly over the next a couple years in the league and I take that. It was really the Celtics who brought Avalon perfectly this season I think he has the perfect head coach Doc Rivers who was a point guard himself in pretty good and at that. They didn't pull the trigger on the can sell trade early I mean they didn't bring an end before the season I think. If they brought his cell in earlier this season that -- -- Rondo and married and he let go a little bit because I think you would have been looking over his shoulder a little bit more they brought Samkon salad. Earlier in the season I thought they brought a -- at the perfect point of the season. So Rondo already had his job they said look you don't have to worry about this is just a guy to backe up give you some bandits and in the you know -- accepted that position probably -- -- Rondo a little bit here you know heading into the playoffs do you remember his -- -- -- NBA championship with a rockets when he was a rookie point. Ironically enough. Not a Soriano and appoint an article order yeah I -- I think it's but it does say that. I mean Atlanta might get in -- close -- -- -- but I I think it would fit to say that the sub -- is going to get over this one. But both -- -- think they can give -- those sort of the -- of trouble. But I mean on the next or the next series here. Well as far as you know the next series goes Cleveland Cavaliers have that combination of brown in and Delonte West ironically enough if they advance I know that the Washington situation I mean Arenas place -- point but he's he doesn't play any -- whatsoever. So that doesn't scary I mean really looking ahead of Detroit ends up playing him in the Eastern Conference finals were back to that Billups Rondo matchup again. Right right that you create matchup I think that it brought so it always what you -- him. Really -- as athletic ability -- build got tocchet hasn't been able to you for the last you know public instantly the pistons. Distract Stevenson is more the point guard for Washington but really as -- is those two go you know -- Cleveland orderly scares me as for some matchup for Rondo right. All right all right minutes nobody that I disorders say things stick -- call -- children. I had no problem but here's judge John and -- right John. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like it would KG he's clearly. He's clearly -- the heart there's eight -- the -- it now he's got the so where you've got a guy like Garnett. Who had competency knew that that can give you a lot of -- out. Garnett is documentary in Britain it's -- in -- But it also you treat the -- Rondo had gained a lot of topic. It's just so power -- I say my point guard I trust you. And these young kid I got well we idolize if if you look at all our EP on the would -- -- -- -- It is huge and and and don't forget about some of the other people your surrounding and I mean are we -- Garnett is the critical force here in the driving force -- team -- you know he has Ray Allen to Paul -- a lot of guys that have been there and I add the element of -- -- David Doc Rivers as -- coach habit it's a perfect situation for Rondo. You know there's been perfect situations brother point guards are other players in this league before and they haven't you know done well -- those expectations or or answered the bell. When it comes to that I mean he's flourishing in this situation. Well obviously you have to have the skill to. Follow up on they're pretty operations so I you know -- just. I think a lot of us saw that last year Bjorn there was some debate as to whether or not. I should be the starter used but he can't -- -- -- a lot days as a little young. It's funny I haven't cartel appearances a combo now does that the point guard but anyway. They're really by you know if you if he brought a lot air if you know one of the great white picket line a lot. -- -- it's spy people exploit -- like you. Give yourself an opportunity yet I'll when he hit the -- -- because he's too that at a somebody. It is very topic that -- -- -- I think I think he'll war. To do some of those better figure out the next couple is progressing once you blow by somebody. The better go to school -- a little bit because -- I gotcha aren't going to hit it play out. To sort out -- -- jump a little bit if you initiate public trot. Dang typical industry or play -- the next -- he also really felt that. That thing is is I don't think it's outlandish to say. I mean I don't think keys at the level of you know top three point guard in the league yet but I would say I think he has the quickest first step out of any point guard even right now. -- -- -- -- I don't know how many guys we are after that until I care about anybody it quicker. And out on top looked at all. -- hit gigantic -- but you got -- hand of an eight foot tall guy he's. No pain that he would keep all the basketball victim attitude banished in so -- So quick he's got such great vision got such great ability to can formal ball. Plate where he wants he actually go by Edgar it just that the compensation -- physical skill in Naples guilt. Make want dull the -- you're you're -- local typical point guard is it next generation. It is really the perfect point guard for this team do I mean you know when you think about it -- Garnett pierce and calendars so many options as far as scoring goes. And you know he thinks pass before -- think shoot Hillary's -- take these jump shots because they're given up two in the series. Every one last thing about Rondo. Just what -- -- future. In case anybody is wondering I wonder what you situation you get beat. Wet you know we're all talking about making him an all star hall of Famer and I work. We're getting a little -- you're a little -- there ever -- but we're having -- what that I you know we can project out. If you want to get at least superstar top -- are you going to walk back I don't bloody battle road when his contract is up or extension. That's not they'll eat -- bout in a weapon to while he's in the going to -- at that point. All the Peoria stellar on the books right now but that he -- Garnett so the Celtics -- acts. They have they have a work out perfectly even when I mean it's like. You know Alan his contract is up first and it's -- followed by pierce and Garnett but that's still a little while away and it's in it's right at the perfect time for the -- add another piece or free Japan after when it gets to that point. Yeah so I mean I'm I'm pretty excited about the future not just with Rondell put the -- its ability to keep want they'll allow. And build around him you know or five years from now he's still going to be always did twenty that's. Executing your strike that's why -- yet so that's going to be -- on the road. It is our job or shed five Celtics been issued double figures to that we've mentioned Rondo pretty bunched throughout this entire show so far but he was. Terrific as he was in game 112 points eight assists and six rebounds Kevin Garnett with a nineteen Paul Pierce scored fourteen Ray Allen with fifteen -- can sell. Backing up Rondo at point guard position. Ten points in twelve minutes and I Celtics crush Sox 906077 I'm John -- this is Celtics rewind. Take your calls at 61777 -- -- fifty Mike Derek gave pat we'll get -- after the break after this. Kicked out here squeezed a reality now Rondo open quarter long do -- Great pass this that the Paul Pierce and shoot cats though the great -- -- Who passed through Rondo who we could substitute Rondo is just showed up the hawks here the first two games ten of fifteen from the floor. I want to give it to everyone just how great this Williams did you need they mother of pearl give our grass already. All right fine how but if we do CDs he is it WEEI Sports Radio network. -- you've looked into the slowdown attachment to -- -- stuff like Garnett won't take -- corner Chevrolet Corey got. Great hands about Kevin Garnett. That's what happens you have a fiscal quarter looking over the crowded in the facilitate. Celtics crush stocks 9677 -- two games to none. I don't think there's any question that the Celtics -- -- around to that question I have missed in the -- keep it close can they win one game. In these Celtics. Lose any of these -- this I just don't see it after game three on Saturday night in Atlanta and hawks keep it close let me. Celtics have won game one by 23 points in one game to denied at the Gordon by nineteen and John -- this Celtics relied take your calls have -- no 1 in the morning. After another dominant victory for the Celtics they get five players in double figures shoot 42% from the -- thirteen offensive rebounds for the Celtics. They had fourteen turnovers while -- said 22 turnovers in the Celtics were 24 points off those 22 Atlantic turnovers. -- -- for five from three point distance. It was -- stories this one is for as the Paul Pierce will be hazards and interesting to see how he feels tomorrow after he suffered a lower back strain on art file in the first quarter he did return to the game ended up playing -- and his 28 minutes finished with fourteen points four rebounds two assists also had two steals -- said. Fifteen steals in this game compared to -- were -- -- dominated the game overall here's let's get back to the phones hitters Mike in Attleboro I'd like. I had -- go -- the real good thanks Tom I don't want to talk about KG in his defense because I think that's been eight. One of the most important parts and isn't piracy in their mighty in the playoffs. I I get the most important part of the Celtics is deep fences as a whole and certainly Garnett as the leader right -- deepens and his change the defensive attitude. Of this entire Celtics team but I think that's the reason why they ended up with a 66 wins in the best record. In the NBA and and why they've just been so dominant. Of course I -- and even goes back to the guys playing all four quarters no matter how old are there are Ernie and I mean I didn't see much of the game. But -- sake keep -- a guy -- the quarter with eight minutes left -- -- up by twenty points I mean. It is play and he buried under the whistle I mean that's going to count on the road would you possibly -- and pistons. Oregon -- -- like the Lakers come the finals cross our fingers. And and the thing that's nice to see is that. I think ever was worried about the Celtics starting so fast out of the gate while they're going to lose some speed you know at the end they're gonna hit a -- at some point his team has been a law. And I think docks and a great job at managing minutes I mean even tonight. Garnett played his 35 minutes Rondo with 34 -- Perkins get 23 and now around 36 but he got a lot of rest for these guys. Down the stretch in the you know final ten to fifteen games of these guys will play -- but -- the same time. You know he can he still has so many weapons up the bench because cell plays an effective twelve that is Posey with a -- 29 minutes tonight. Well yeah I mean it's. I think it's great so we have the leaders like if Dallas -- I -- out -- -- all the young guys like Rondell on the bench. Can see he's got an -- experience and it just makes them want to play better going back to say that -- year's went. You let these other guys look at people like Larry Bird and say all they want to make several rocks and make everyone else play better and it just makes a whole team played better as a whole. It really does have in that was there was so many question marks heading into the season ever -- thought this is going to be a playoff team. I don't think anyone that did that -- 66 wins I mean some people may be but. For the most part ever was Warner and whether you know how would Garnett Ray Allen Paul Pierce co -- together and we know the answer to that you know would Rondo be able to -- -- the point guard -- what about his bench who are these guys James Posey and Eddie House Sammy know unexpected believes in bounds that -- -- made Glen Davis a second round pick everything's really just come together to perfect storm for this team. Yeah I mean everything just looks like it's. Lighting gray had at the beginning dispute over yet gravy got KGB LA out and will be his ball -- -- got it back up by. I mean I didn't hear any of these guys for coming out of the it is dependant. Now they're all making huge contribution I mean then I would rather scored just as much to the big guys and I mean did you -- it all worked out perfectly for right now. It really is -- Mike have a go when he -- out pat NASCAR -- pat. I got to -- -- you know that you're well I wanted to touch an a couple of extra we -- a personal trivia. Call -- -- or actually -- Had a lot of class and archer they gave they televise -- by -- but for the game where you're giving -- that the player of the year award he took the award it better than it -- -- right yeah he called the entire -- over their it is incredible to see and it just. It really I think if anybody beat the -- -- Everett it just be about a support wouldn't -- retired here I think you're also thought about six or so and acquired him at the heart -- didn't really -- it really kept allowed brought Derek. To just me you know up what ought to that that you you had the entire skit that what you could see it. Actors you know a lot jumper toward a couple of the but it played their third order call that timeout right after that the first person running across the court. You're gonna get my side is it just felt that it is it because of the biggest key to pleasure to watch it if it. Regarding a lecture that there's just thought to watch it. Yet it is a total team effort with -- -- I mean you know they have so many different pieces -- so many different weapons they can go to and you know you don't see that I many other teams -- -- You know maybe Detroit a little bit they have certainly plenty of weapons on that team for the most part I don't see any team in the league is -- as the Celtics -- -- try to be a homer -- just try to you know be realistic as far as this team to a seven it's unbelievable. Other second unit of this team is better than a lot of -- first units not so much playoff teams but you know look around the league -- their second unit was beating a lot of -- first units latency. Out for sure and the other thing your digit they'd never get complacent everyone here because -- -- -- -- they've they've but dark heart for. 48 record. What are your overall Hungary I mean when you look at it. Kevin Garnett last playoff appearance committee miserable team in Minnesota last year so this is his first playoff since you know 34 season where they lost in the first round. This is Pierce's first playoff series since 45 when when the Celtics last and in round one by the way the Celtics have won a first round playoff series in five years. Ray Allen. Hasn't played you know for a few years three years Seattle losing in the first round I mean you know so these guys are actually hungry Doc Rivers is never advanced past the first round and play answers as -- coach. So I mean you know these guys are extremely hungry and also they're all veterans I mean they want a championship. So they know that you know hey baby and I could get -- 25 points a game like it did in the past but it doesn't really matter these guys because they have one goal and that goal was to win a championship. Are -- -- -- the Dutch are -- -- there should be looking ahead. Cheers here but circuit -- we're not really sure but I implant a chat in the next -- had. -- -- The best part about this subject beat Becker there how -- that that Derek Fisher that he. Look blog as being one of the only players in the league first step it's worked out that the -- rotations that are going to get any idea how you'd think they're going to try to get HM. Yeah that is the one. Problem that teams I mean LeBron James is going to scored a matter who he's pretty much against him and he is that entire Cleveland team for the most part. I still think that Ben Wallace trade. Didn't help them that to mean Wallace's and near the player he used to be an even those other ports Delonte West and Wally Szczerbiak Szczerbiak camp when he deepens. I mean he's that -- team -- and I wouldn't count Washington out geez yet that planned series. I said here Sunday night I thought Washington win that series doesn't look good for now they're down -- are in -- as you seem to see how they come on game three -- -- in DC. I wouldn't be surprised -- that series does end up going seven games which is interesting because John -- brought that up on the broadcast tonight. If the Celtics end of sweeping the Sox in that in that cavs wizards series goes seven games so that's my -- nine days -- -- our next series but -- -- is out. You know I'd I don't think he really. Can completely stop LeBron James who -- certainly they'll double amended they'll be a little Lotta different matchups against him his for his job. You know defensive sets and Kevin Garnett will be part of quite a bit of that. But you know I I think dead the Celtics actually for the Celtics -- -- not I think Cleveland's a better matchup -- Washington. It even though I agree or -- or -- they lost it up I -- that was the only team where they lost the season series two was -- and I think they create more matchup problems now granted. I'd be stunned to see the Celtics lose in the second round either of those. -- -- -- What are no -- Pak colony ten years Derek Inco has a direct. I don't think it well let's finish up this. Recent I only got one quick point on. All the tickets and the pregnancies in mainly it is victory. Like like the ball inside KG elected -- -- ran. My visa much quicker on the take and he I don't -- kind of click -- package just it. I think that's not too bad of an analogy Derek -- young guy I'm sure have been you know -- you sound young anyway but yeah -- I don't think that's too bad of of an analogy you know the thing with -- it was maybe at the start of the season a little -- you might -- just been a little bit overwhelmed at the pieces around him in the -- looks around this kids during the season that's 21 years old. He sees Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce and Ray Allen and established superstars in this league. But I didn't I don't think it took Rondo too long to really get acclimated with this team whatsoever pretty much from the -- Aggies he was -- pennant apologetic air but I think he's like. -- well at the game and I think he can politic and -- and now. And I -- Appreciate you listening things I mean maybe a bit tentative but that jump shots just improved I mean I'm sure you know -- has been practicing on the job -- Throughout the entire season and it's just gotten better in the practices start make perfect as for -- you know these said. First two games of the east playoffs anyway I mean Rondo tonight from the 46 of eleven shooting. Finished with a twelve points -- -- -- -- jump shots -- it was -- -- -- -- -- have been as well. Album might they be of what's out all about becomes the fair weather fan comment which was somewhat absurd now I don't know whether. He was doing that to sort of take the pressure of so of these young teammates that have never been there before and Buick I'll I'll take the brunt of this from these Celtics -- answer or whatever but. Certainly it's not working I don't think anything would work for the -- the matter of -- was silent or made these outlandish comments -- or whatever. Guys don't think it makes a difference in -- news this hot steam is so inexperienced. The only thing they can do was really learn from this series -- the average age on an ox teams 24 years -- only two guys on the entire label roster have been in the playoffs for that would be Mike Bibby US labor experts in the past with Sacramento and Joe Johnson. Who last was in the playoffs with Phoenix in 45 before getting traded to Atlanta besides that -- talking about guys Josh Childress 24 result Al Horford used to rookie who's. Who's playing pretty good out of all the hot here. And you know Josh Schmidt who's young guy -- only 22 years old so that they're completely out matched. In the experience factor without question goes to the Celtics here's Dave on a cellphone hi Dave. Johnny go to great job my friend I have actually had to gain -- Iowa sit inspection 317 actually almost -- court and really got a lot. Oh really got to see why that's -- that good Rondell is. He is surprisingly. He actually sounded thing I mean you trouble really really in past years. Celtics got very tough times. Denying entry passes you know allowing teams to get -- opposite now that doesn't happen. We get in my but the initial thing like other -- took equality KG he's he's got so little vacation in the back. Now Rondell can now be a little more aggressive midnight that seem to get into their offense. I I think that the mean any dark so when a great job. That -- taken into their offense. I mean that they with the Celtics that body and to defense and they did that from the very start of the Seattle rallied pretty much. Every defensive category you know Olympic teams field goal percentage a scoring differential everything. They've body into that in you know they just clamped down on defense no matter what the what the situation. I agree and I I just think that KG was that I mean again not to be redundant by he would back. You know that backbone and then that. -- is the glue that -- without question -- I think you know I wanted to bring up with what I was is an underrated defender and a lot of people were knocking -- -- for the season doesn't get much stock. A defense is Ray Allen Ray Allen has played very good deepens it stretches during the season including tonight and including the series on Joe Johnson. And they are about Joe Johnson averaged 22 points a game this season which was around fourteenth in the -- He he scored eleven tonight on four of ten shooting getting the -- game one Johnson 41 minutes seven of 22 shooting I mean. I think ray Allen's been a very good defender and Joe Johnson and different stretches also against some of the better players in the. I agreed on that thing is again and that lead over the great -- glad that the eighteen now last but that's a little vacation out. He even. Nonetheless I mean one no I mean. He he he mixes up he does not allow that that initial entry -- he does not the team allow the team to get into that and there's a -- and possibly getting a reality get into great defensive position for that type of shot that that you get a -- night. Right well -- -- -- is right up there and most of the faces his first point guards go. Here's judge John in Boston -- John. I had done are you glad I got a quick questions that right up the if we if we can -- -- Cleveland and -- And get out and and and end up playing west coast team I do you think we matchup against the lake is. I went there and -- acres I mean you know they've -- they swept the two games this series granted they played him for the Gasol trade. But I yeah I -- that would be great first ball I -- talk about you know history revisited as far as you know the Celtic to -- for their first title since. Since 1986 and and the Lakers back that rivalry renewed would be. Terrific I I I think could be very interesting matchup. I think the Lakers have a much tougher road to get to the finals in the Celtics I mean when you did -- look at the west which is unbelievable I mean. Right now by the way in their game tonight they're at the half Lakers up on the nuggets 5949 -- -- ticket to a series lead but. -- you know. They're going to have a tough road here I mean New Orleans is stacked San Antonio's terrific committed to defending champs and Owens he relate hockey too much about -- It what's funny is you know the Celtics are playing an -- -- Celtics with 66 wins in the -- with 37 which is you know. Quite a differential in in the win category it's really the biggest discrepancy between first round opponent since 1996 back on the bulls winning titles but. A Lakers are playing the nuggets Lakers only -- have seven more wins than them I mean it's so. Tight in that west if the Lakers do there might be -- gassed by the time they they they reach the finals. But but then that does help teams is this scheduling I mean there's so much time off in between games. Right and the second I thought that type of the season -- golden week that about fifteen or maybe twelve brought at the expense and yeah you'll be out at the intensity out there -- During timeout. That before the game unbelievable. How did you read those season tickets last year. Hungry so you're always good because of and I know there's so many people and I I feel bad and raised up but. You know gave up your season tickets after last season and I'm sure they're kicking themselves and I'm -- you guys are ecstatic. Excellent -- that -- joy and thank you got your. E 88 Celtics at the eighties and did that -- -- game. Court Dick would you give it their. Well I think you have to give it to the Celtics of the eighty's right now just because they won one a championship I know that's -- probably the easy way out his -- that question goes. And I think this I think this team's extremely exciting and you know if they win a championship week certainly could start making the comparisons to that 86 team. Afterwards so I think it's you know we have to wait and see and it's so -- at 8060 would Larry Bird and having this team is getting here I mean I think I mean people. -- have really followed with a steam understandable because they are a team that's what they are much like this 8060 and I think there's a lot of parallels here because. You know that that Celtics team of the eighties was too selfish and neither is this one thanks -- for the cause John -- we get some open lines -- jump on board here at 617779. Zurich fifty toll free 88852 fives are at fifty Verizon cellphone put ship around WI and you'll be charged that we're going to take a quick break I'll give you sports question will be back more calls up -- no 1 AM after this. What's that you -- you want to change that channel. What we need to see as we prefer you leave it right here with us on the WEEI Sports Radio network. -- -- Thinks he's Celtics we'd line -- -- Sports Radio weeks fifteen WEEI. Ray Allen how much did go to war itself for the white out here let's battle but Brady's five. Your big night spot to talk about the Boston Celtics -- -- -- Celtics we want. It's yeah. Fox Sports Radio weeks fifteen WEE. Celtics another convincing victory much like game one similar result in game two holiday thing what Sox breathe a little bit this when they only won by nineteen could have been. A lot uglier than that 96 to 77 as the Celtics paste oxen -- but. -- two games to none series lead they take. After that tip easy win tonight at the garden where they played with plenty of intensity and Mike Bibby those words pretty budget of another poor performance for a Bibby. As the crowd getting we -- Indian Rondo is federal Rondo was better in this one yet. Twelve point eight assists six rebounds while Bibby was his for seventeen from the field and finished with two accidents on John brighter this is Celtics relied take your calls at. 617779 -- 5888. 525850 at Verizon cellphone it's pound W the guys -- up there and let's get right to the phones here's Paul in timber it all. You know I would -- game tonight. It many shares mistake in not trading for Mike Bibby is experienced veteran reverend Austin and -- that nobody here -- out there. While Mike Bibby it's it seems like he's already played for the Celtics with the stats he's putting up through these first two games he certainly. You read it and we're going to -- -- about. While I take that you know it's probably better off -- the -- seven out there Acie Law better option tonight for the Celtics then then Mike Bibby. Acie Law the rookie gave in and ended up playing a little bit better than Bibby in this one but. And Mike -- a tough series so foreign I don't know through gettin' easier for me you'll be seeing the Celtics fans probably because it looks like a sweep. Want to get to four ahead of themselves park he had not been the Celtics with two convincing victories here. Against Atlanta team that was pretty much lucky just squeaked into the playoffs here's Mike in a car I'd like. Very good job you know -- Area of -- -- avoid sellout -- that the guys who those guys and Bibby. I was given at least in the rats and they're very mad -- -- don't -- thought -- be sure what that was rendered. I don't know if this goes back that the best -- in the NBA where you get wrapped Peter rabbit but they -- let Eric -- it would it would. What calls didn't feel like. Are particularly if you could take a one it to. I can -- like you're out there that want to call our -- Later I want -- -- what about just -- that was no harder than what their ears back knock on. Oakland -- -- you guys heard the first order so bad note and called it. One guy that jumped out to be lately game was the one on closed because I thought he had all all and was its victory that just fell hard to the fourth. -- yeah and in between them that there are quite good. Go to boarding one would -- there in the third quarter there was some questionable but they did correct that. Yeah -- probably not that they they give layup followed that felt cold charges and all of lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So sorry as a meatball sub concluded by bit even get a lot like -- -- -- It was so that's art I grew at a club how badly this year as it is it's always been -- -- bought -- Then I bought a referee's shirt and black and goggles. Put their -- unpredictable and. No understood keeper Tim -- yeah I -- I said no and I mistook you for him -- you know. Have you ever ever I got a kick out of it because there -- knew that was right about the departure blond guys. Laid out they didn't that you know refs regardless the Celtics team looks pretty much unstoppable especially against the inexperienced and undermanned -- teams so I'm that it you know there's there's some questionable calls. It's certainly not questionable as a result goes. What are they are getting innocent act I don't try to -- by the refs too much. -- you know it certainly we if the -- on some of the stuff that I that they did later in the series -- because that that there was a few calls that -- -- absolutely elated you look at again any other series in general Syria authority over me. This is one of the times when you wish they could -- kept -- their best out of five format. So the first round because -- doesn't know playing playing you know a game four it was actually really no point play and being read because Atlanta that's we -- outlook. -- -- in it and you know the thing is is that -- looked to the west it's kind of nice that there's seven games because. You know these series such as you know that the for five -- -- -- -- and even though I think Utah's going to take dancers have -- against him but you know San Antonio Phoenix some of those series and even even Cleveland Washington although the cavaliers -- You know two games to none of that series with the -- and headed back to Washington I think to Toronto and Orlando is intriguing even Orlando's up to that could go. Go six games. But you know the Celtics Atlanta series is such a discrepancy and is the biggest as -- mentioned since 1996 in almost be like. Right now if you take it to you like the Lakers or the Hornets playing the clippers or the timberwolves in the first round that's how much of a discrepancy in win total there is. With the Celtics in the hikes with the Celtics finishing with 66 -- with 37 I mean Lakers had 57 wins as the top seed in the west. -- be playing a team like you know if if say the west was. You know as weak at the bottom as the east is the be playing a team like maybe the clippers or or even the timberwolves believer in not here's dale would Boston ideal. I just how -- you great ratio. Glad that I followed that Coast Guard advertisement respecting the -- for the season would be the perfect storm. It was just it was an angry nor'easter with wave after wave often. Defense catcher. Just you know -- I just don't see Atlanta out of when you know it just down down there even you know it's in Atlanta. I wonder -- become within ten at any point. Just a catalyst I even at the Celtic should and don't -- on just can't see it just if I can't think even -- not even as good as the Bruins you know in in their rest. And now they're -- -- but anyway the you know they had. I was thinking -- Richard when the season and again in eligible perfect storm -- was beginning at in the off season with the acquisitions. You know just just we just knew they were better change -- Domino effect and a lot of people were questioning the move at first you know they trade. Their first round pick where they select Jeff Green over to Seattle and in real quiet why are they getting Ray Allen well no one knew at that time I mean people were there was some rumblings these Kevin Garnett taxpayer. I'll take a lot of people really -- to order believed it which is understandable considering. You know the torture that Celtics fans just the franchises really gone through over the past decade that you know it could work out this way and and after after last season I mean you know. His biggest turnaround now an NBA history but you know those chips just fell in the right place the Ray Allen neck was acquisition pave the way for Kevin Garnett to come here. And you know reinvigorated Paul Pierce and you we will we all know how it's working out so for. For sure and you know I mean everyone is trying to come up with a name put into big -- and I was but I thought of was. Trilateral commission. Below on a little longer -- But could be like the idea being that they kind of the agenda -- you've got people actually executing the policy you know that that are here. All right well appreciated dale colony time John -- we get some open lines now it's excellent 7779. Missouri fifty good tempted to jump on board will be with you until 1 AM here on Celtics rewind. The spurs the rest of the NBA goes the pistons bounced back. Which is no real surprise to be they even up that series at a game apiece after just crushing Philadelphia 15 to 88. And that wasn't too much -- prize that that game one loss actually might have motivated Detroit a little bit I think because I think they take. The seventy sixers for granted 76ers pretty feisty team. What are the bigger surprises I think in the NBA this season. Of course at that the Celtics been the biggest in the -- the most talent and the biggest turnaround ever that this Philly team what's expected to be a playoff team whatsoever. And they still have home court advantage is it histories in the next few in Philly with the series tied at one but I still be shocked if Detroit ended up. Losing that series I think. You know Orlando beat -- I don't I think Orlando could give Detroit run for its money in the second round maybe that's just me but -- Dwight Howard the year the way he's been able to put up numbers 2020s in each of the first two games against Toronto team in and Chris -- that's that's fairly decent I think Orlando give Detroit some. Some problems in the second or else he what happens as far as that goes let's go back to depositors job market a car market. Any job I don't got that they had not on the game and quick question to understand what AS. Rondell and done that was doing and the fourth quarter -- about 67 minutes well. But the game sales and then it got a lot of cheap and led a team that -- gone now all of that whatever they had to do. Any -- injured and it ducks that it. Pretty much love the idea is made -- question why are they guys back in the MI NS and the enthusiasm. This is -- but it just didn't make sense to me at that time and place but. And then in the -- He get here let up on that. Right I mean I guess you recovered from -- that market in I have a question too many attack rivers moves his worries you know that the minutes ago and haven't guys out here. I think Garnett just wanted to be out here maybe he was going to -- saying that he wanted to go back into the game yeah it was nice it appears was an out there too late considering you know his injury status. For the most part I I you know. I don't have a great answer for you as far as that goes -- and what it when it when it's when it's a little chip -- like that I can understand why you might want to save those guys especially when Europe neglect that. Yeah it just it does concern me -- -- champion that got. And you know I certainly don't want to -- doc was that at that buddy looked out -- -- But I can also -- it and maybe get our own beat as well Agassi these guys. If that is -- when I got him another two week -- you haven't Detroit Philly game has gone that Detroit. The only series the concept. Now I don't I think that -- treated him when negative six and I could go seven but you know as far as the other thing too he got to understand the spurs haven't guys out there. That they still have a few days off after it is I know you can worry about an injury especially how was getting a little bit chippy as you -- out there which who was I agree with you as far as that goes but. You know these guys now like the plane the next day agreement on Friday they have all the way until Saturday which is good news especially his first Pierce's concern. And hopefully that lower back strain is fine come tomorrow because you know more tomorrow as it is no with the injuries you know the adrenaline is flawed when he's played in the game and and he's not concentrating on -- as much and he'll probably feeling it'll Mort tomorrow but you know for the most part what they had did Garnett Posey big baby and what Rondo out there late. Real -- have this was no way of that nature -- but. Again it was says it was an unbelievable all night tonight in the gotten -- however we have but it it fifth. Yeah I don't know I still called the guy I called the guard. And I play block and and and and seeing the smoke on the eat whatever they do both forehand. It just gives you the images of the all gotten and we got the -- back in the that I thought out and we're going to do IL. I hope -- right Mark appreciative column. John -- Celtics relied 617779 Zurich fifty toll free 888525. 850 pound WEEI free copy -- rises cellphone nuggets comin' back against the Lakers a little bit LA now would you state. Three point lead on Denver's 7471 LA -- about four minutes to go. In the third quarter there as the nuggets -- to try to even up that series. Going to take day out quick timeout a quick break me back -- -- cause more Celtics rewind after this. We developed a radio station that can inform entertain and -- read your innermost wishes you could do well two out of three. -- that WEEI Sports Radio hit. Network. Slovaks little sore I was that's a good. Hard hit in the first quarter but we'll get some treatment rest of them that's coworkers and I think it should be. That's a resilient Paul Pierce after the Celtics blow away the box. Tonight Battie six to 77 at -- -- should take an art Foulke suffered a lower back strain. With a bad 547 ago in the first quarter but he did perjury and in the second quarter peers. With a another solid performance is 28 minutes. Fourteen points and four rebounds played pretty Europe and even when he came back the first played made we've we've said diving for a loose ball on the board -- couple threes in the game as well he was -- to a four from three point range. And he was on the Celtics solid pretty much all around they went a little bit cold shooting. 42% from the floor but. Naia eliminated landed it just 38 percentage shooting pretty much dominated on the defensive and I'm Jenrette this is Celtics relied still have some time you'd jump on board here as we take your calls and no 1 AM at six point 777 back. The story fifty toll free 888525850. I'd love to know if anyone thinks Atlanta has -- chance of not winning the series does that sounds crazy but even winning one game I mean I guess it could be possible in Atlanta but. I highly doubt it I think this is going to be a sweep. -- it's pretty athletic team but. They don't have any defense they're very young in -- -- parades the that this could be alerting lesson forum in future years because they think they do have some pieces on this team. For pretty solid. Basketball team but the Dodgers oh yuck to be Josh Smith and Marvin Williams seemed completely lost stat here Mike Bibby is playing -- basketball Joe Johnson. Not a great night Ray Allen playing pretty good deepens on him throughout the first two games Al Horford the rookies really been their best player. Through these first couple games he had nine points and nine rebounds in game two had twenty points and ten rebounds in game one but. The other thing too it's not exactly like the Celtics are heading down to a place -- at home the good there's going to be a great home court advantage Atlanta fans hardly show up to these hot schemes I think they'll probably had to be more Celtics fans. These next two games in Atlanta. Than actual high experience and you'll find out but I think that might be. The case I -- your best chance against Celtics plavsic's might be heading down to Atlanta and in and -- -- one of those games back to -- as we go here's Mike and Cora Mike. RA might connect our on our way back home to -- -- Nice well. I'm back where they -- gets the you know nice win. Always -- there's Europe all and end where somebody's complacent fair weather. After I -- I -- love the fact that you know who's only about 11000 fans up in his assessment of of the last year and in how these says Celtics fans are showing up. When they did it even though the subway's only 24 wins last year they were still drawing decent crowds even the you know selling out some games here there. All you hit the nail right on that we we go to three or four games every year all the last year we -- in there. It was so exciting and and -- rooting for that young team what what's on we beat big building. But -- tonight. -- total different story now. And a lot of people haven't seen that before -- I mean you know a lot of people don't remember the it's been so long since the Celtics relevant that you know a lot of these young people. I mean last year pretty much thirty you're over -- -- you know in your early thirties -- of Regis don't remember what true Celtics basketball wise. Well I remember in this crowd tonight it was all that chance work -- we didn't need the the music to offer up the the chance against -- were wonderful eighties especially -- Dole's better off it was just great the placement electric. Agee getting that he sent to award it just before that game and all the team out in the court to celebrate let them. All -- it was just wonderful and the follow up on order question US that your listeners the ought have a chance to win a game. Only have themselves become very complacent in the next game which is not likely to. The Celtics really have to play their worst basketball I mean they they just have to fail miserably in the -- -- I think would have to play perfect basketball adored for him to win one of these games. That's right that you can never say never but not with blood with this team with the intensity they bring I don't you know -- -- even well in this series. But I do worry about Washington I do worry about Orlando ironically I don't worry that much about Detroit. You know I have Mike what's funny is I still think and most people think it's pretty much of foregone conclusion and the -- a foregone conclusion it ever -- -- all your blog world to Detroit against Boston in the Eastern Conference finals. I think Orlando could give Detroit a run for its money there if that ends up being the second round matchup. I agree and Detroit I do not think has the interior besides the stand up to dispel that the get that point. Whereas Orlando has some interior -- Well I think Detroit's a little better defensive team in Orlando with the exception of I mean I think Dwight Howard some man child I mean he's out of those two teams a man I think could be the best player on the floor. Why did they do have some nice other pacers have made Turkoglu is an excellent player and a Jameer Nelson's solid point guard els whoever -- Lewis and have a lot of scorers on that team not known so much visit as a defensive team but that that be a very intriguing series I think. And I -- Washington because Washington. That the difference is is that you know the hawks heard extremely athletic team but they're an extremely poor defensive team. Where -- wizards are athletic but they also played decent defense that's a much Gilbert Arenas but they get some other guys here. Antawn Jamison played very well against Kevin Garnett this season. That's true and in house -- -- you know if they won the season series against. Right now -- -- actually place Pratt yeah he would we saw that you know that with a follow LeBron in game one. Out yet so that that's that's -- pick up bad job but after tonight if -- -- can hold their home court advantage I think they will look out the way it is it's going to be thought that the anybody take out the belt eastern -- That's right in and Mike you know I think you're one of those solid fans appreciated you know it's nice to see the fans out there it in full forested in appreciate this. Effort from the Celtics you know the hearts that they don't draw some of these teams even other playoff teams. There's don't get the fans I mean in in I think it's huge the Celtics home court advantage throughout the playoffs -- two big deal here's Kim in Boston I Kim. And that well I'd actually home from the game instead of violate home the advantages to living in town and get that decided my big mystery -- experiences -- the informant team need to be kept going to indulgent he had beating -- around. I'm Leon the first game he had. Wrapping his arms around her chest and lifted he lifted him up the floor. In this one so I think it's gonna go all the way down. Teammates and -- use this as a threat to the other team but he hasn't seen it. Right lobbied if you -- yes the same exact pregame ritual before every game no matter what it is him. Yet yet and the like that he's not quite as the test of Israel but it's getting there. I don't think the hawks have much chance by the end of this game. They were really will to they had that defeated looked and that's one of the things to the team that we build that well from here is how much they plan emotions I mean. The Celtics one committed all these -- it's -- almost never played down the level of the competition I don't even giving the hot and opening. -- this was more of a statement that even gave one because of in game one they were nervous the high exit and other young first playoff game this one it's like you know. Boy we really have no chance now. Right because I -- I. I mean during practice became -- -- actually played better in the Celtics who I mean they didn't play badly. They they had some -- have they had a couple runs granted it was one Garnett was in out you're or. At points when Rondo wasn't there they made a few runs but for the most part they seem -- at any time the substance get a second chance opportunities are created some sort of -- over a lot of the players were looking at one another like what we do. They wear and you know by the end they weren't even waiting for that to look at each other and when -- it's no wonder what they can do and now. On those certainly didn't minister out of take it upon himself he's in. It -- against Eddie. He's one of the big he's one of the most. Estimated stories that -- -- -- -- -- last year he had it and I just never he developed that that. I didn't either I mean I actually think the two guys that have exceeded expectations more than. Than anyone on this team and we we we all know about Garnett -- I don't think Davis realized how good actually Garnett was his. We're we're used to seeing him and pierce is at an unbelievable season and Alan I think. And have a great first Japanese is played very well here in the second half and also in the first game but really to me the two players that I I. I never expected this that the season from where are Rondo one in part to. -- well and -- three -- prepared changed person hasn't proved yet a lot and you know. Rain to let degree I'll -- it simply because he's gotten more rounded in that realizing that it raised just issues you're there that's it yeah. He's a lot more and. Well look at look at these first two games the defense displayed on Joe Johnson and and a lot of people are are talking about that we all know about Garnett Stevens but. I never realized I decent defender Ray Allen actually is we're that the season. Well wonder if he realized I mean I think it may have and he was never encourage. To do this -- because they wanted to say that energy problems Cathy was via incentives teams. Before I can concentrate more -- fences deep sense now this season. Yeah and and that's part of the whole cultural change in deep sense to hit -- in between kinda to bet that was nice gesture at halftime where kinda brought his teammates that share the -- decent player -- year award with him which I think. Deserted and erect Pope any -- great story just being in the league in mean his back story is just amazing and he's like Rondo where yes I mean it's not the fact that he's improved that the -- it's how much easier than. He's not the same players Antonio but I think this year one thing in common is their best game is when they say the least. About what it is and that's that's one of the big differences between and you could practically -- the mental gears -- quick quick quick I should be doing this. Yeah especially early on when he pursuers got that actually won in. But now he doesn't think. He just you know he gets about immediately move and be issued what they're. Any join a lot more on the defensive at 200 taking charges in in step that you know. You see for a much more experienced player. Well and you can you can position or is very rarely -- -- player was getting exposed a lot of -- -- -- For lack of athleticism -- it's it's part of just. We have -- o'clock on the court a lot you know I mean I I heard the stories that of the Celtics -- that that the reason he wasn't getting minutes before it was because. Couldn't properly learn the rotations in the play it in any wonder how true that is that now the difference that probably did have its degree true. I think I think this what is I. -- know what scares me I mean we can lose I think we've reached the point where we're going to have to contribute to. Beating I don't think anyone's going to be able to beavis and. I think could be interesting if they do and of playing Detroit but I just think with the additions they've made an and I appreciate the called him the additions they've made here for this run especially at the bench with the -- with his cell who's been solid through the first two games it in pole his advancement. And even haven't some other weapons certainly James Posey who's been here before won a championship is huge. Let's -- a little about two from Kevin Garnett Ray Allen what they had to say after tonight's game. -- we did you know whether it was good that we put it on them because we've put ourselves first two days and days and we've practiced it is imperative that our shootaround and you know practices. Morneau -- plays knowing exactly what they're gonna call when they're going to call it and who's in it. And there violent team as a partner bundles what their assignments so. Now we just if we're guilty of it thing it's private. Being two over enthusiastic when one of them -- you know we just talk on the fan then. Help each of now you make mistake just plain aren't you know before Mark of the fourth -- we've been known. Sequestered for Kevin before the game you've got the award. Does that. Upset year. Routine -- you ritual that they know when you've got the MVP award it said it did him -- play as well you're polite when it this. If in the anyways it is distraction you don't normally get. This this irritates you zone. It's a distraction. Did out with about -- I was two assists a good distraction officers for the fans of people who so -- appreciation as gratifying. Great to tell you when you have a routine like to stick to a bonus the school because there was an that big of a distraction. I think drug deal with the some of it is the the jays news semifinals. I was playing second Khatami and they want studio VP award and do. Policies to -- don't get to see before us common and Julio we need to commission taken thousand pictures. Then going Tony to prepare for games I mean tonight was easy nose for the fans. -- got a very much teammates so you know and it does not just one person but the song was to make of this award. It was gratifying. Bill Doyle was to the default on ball early in the game your juices flowing. But it sort of went through the follow on all players are -- well here's -- guys juices flow. But I think so. From from their end of the spectrum there it. They're coming out of little bit nothing for all of us. Regis you do that you know what time was you know what they're a commodity and found a contact with and we had a tech quarterback so. I think he's you set to play like dead and you get aggressive over aggressive no progress that you get more aggressive on the on offensively and defensively -- and -- Their common enough pain you know. Put them down make sure that they don't communities in mesa this thing twice welcome in about you know best playoff basketball I think when you play a team over and over here thereby get -- You know you know what the players the teams -- run and you gotta make sure that you make -- go to second third option is not going to be the other. Veteran -- -- easy baskets this team is athletic. No we -- -- -- problem every every practice they'd be -- -- And we have to cookies easier baskets down and we have a no -- policies thoughts on or somebody about. Honolulu defendant came here in the playoffs you know tell what race. So like colonel supposed to do affect -- we have to do that. -- misery guys motivated though but it is comments then what do you think about it. React to religion notes hill come into the game I didn't know he says someone told me but that's what he had to deal with all -- we know that building that you just loud enough -- he's just took it to another. Another level up there with the on him. I'm with has built into this building always says this building even last year when I came player has always been. You know packed around in you know some media deal with wasn't -- -- worry about. That it. Do one of those systems and you've been taught so -- -- he's remembered. -- you have a concern -- time. Known I don't senate thing because they're -- got news that their new cordless or really do -- -- government it is it just -- it is hard enough and on the road courses you know cause of Tutsis things. Doctors all known you -- -- -- because. You guys have yet to have some degree twelve points in the series and he just talk about how much easier deep and makes it in the and. -- salukis. This game as Iraq and grow we never in my every moment ago in new we negative Mickey's advice I mean we all have a solvents and remote plus Thomas and if you -- -- Our own -- there's no special. You know we're very reluctant to what we have to do like -- as most was Thomas. And you have to carry it out you have to be -- -- you're supposed to be. And you know so awesome group of like race -- their own review of practice -- reduces note. Competitive so much that. You've got to know when supposed to be and you know some just who. Reduces it to me it would the American obstacle points -- we see ourselves just so was -- for -- team who want to continue to be this is -- suit. Is almost -- -- -- to think when you it was with the with the Sox system. What he. That was going on the defensive men there by the count whether every point you know it's disconnection from. Down the ball Guiel went corner on defense and offense and same thing -- you mr. cut. You drag your man out in this -- Kevin some free world promote the game ball something he's you give me some me so. You can deduct it worked humble man does not like he's taking it off we'll work -- you know I've ever read we talk about execution we talked about -- four return. It does they do play off each other. -- -- Comcast sports that great Kevin just talked about inviting the rest the teammates out on the floor when he got the award -- -- -- to the rest of the team what we we just. -- -- we said earlier we weaving grind and everything on years you know Kevin has been anchor. -- defense and just we know what we've had to do what we law had to sacrifice them. Start back and it is September going and going into Roman in being able to put a great problem flow we're defensive minded. You know a starter Kevin and you know he -- -- by the right position you know -- -- by the right position. You know -- dot maegashira by the right this is so. You know he's in. I say enough on my guy right to him you know let him come let them get in the clean everything up. I think big -- play better because cameras down there Leon is that a great year because of Kevin and definitely Perkins agree you because Kevin so. All of us have got better and I think Kansas. He just wants to share and in his glory because you know even with the building you know the -- -- the clouds building gets. You know that's intimidating I think my big missiles free zone with a crowd -- allow so. That's just intimidated so I think Kevin and he's he's had promised to balanced team mate but the people and build. -- people that Boston Herald Kevin. -- we talked with this before this year but. How comforting is it you'd be able to not have the best numerical shooting night. But no it's still good enough cause of the guys you get around you and because of the pitcher going to play teams. -- Com concern you have hero -- it's always a plus because my -- spent some -- -- grateful for the opportunity that I have now. You know delusional sort of pointed -- -- -- nervous told me no it's just one -- -- about. -- they don't make people about it just like he makes people wrote to say Paulus made people rather in over -- Posey all of us understand. Sounds kind of cliche but it is what it is no we've we've all come together like he -- also made the sacrifices and disgraceful grateful for this opportunity. There evidence Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen after the Celtics. Dominant win over the Sox in game two of this. Best of seven does need to go that far so it's going to be -- 9677 Celtics went over the -- gave duke are up two games to none. And game three Saturday night at Atlanta as the Celtics have to take a commanding three games to none lead. Thanks a million to the excellent work by Jason -- you're producing as always -- the best in the business and along with Mike Rocco answering phones doing your job -- up producing as well. I'm John -- -- listing the Celtics 31 will be back with the after game three on Saturday night until then have a great week. You have spent the better team almost seems initiate play better when I don't generally terrible on the -- did you have -- so. We got a very Marcus only we played our business again so that we got to be ready for -- test them alone on the road. Buildings entry deflected -- out of school first turnover -- -- -- Ray Allen lifted -- for yourself for the way to up here less saddled with the -- these guys. Sit down Bruce Willis that are now what 456. -- -- -- -- It's connected -- -- points release yourselves dust on them. So what does this -- want to continue to view this -- protest too. First parties before entering the rooms pressuring the ball. This will visit them all year here and that's been very important there's been times -- amount of time -- And then there in the -- stuff because one person pressure on the ball. -- -- -- -- -- When things didn't went to the world Acie Law has ballpark with the Toronto picked up before Marbury out. Lead Toronto Horford JC bulls get their layup -- Zambrano avoid dominating again. Not now by what city is that they'll answer barrage John brought go to the first two games of their series and I have been. We -- just felt great this Williams did you need. Sorry -- mother of pearl get -- and already. -- -- habit of reducing this is CWD -- Sports Radio network

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