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Dustin Pedrioa, Red Sox Second Baseman

Feb 25, 2008|

Dustin spoke to Dale and Michael from Spring Training about being rookie of the year and his Spring Training thus far.

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Dustin Pedroia joins us right now I right now is he has batter -- he's gone now right -- you can say whatever you want at it's he has better privilege players we think he has. He's not very good pretty now but. You know got to tell me as good -- real want to play so. You know he makes -- lineup out. So what would you say -- when you found out that he got a new contract what was your I'm sure you had a one liner to form you know I just say congratulations you know he's he's definitely one. You -- the most deserving guy and baseball for that extension you know what he's done went since he showed appeared 2004 so you know I didn't have any jokes or anything just congratulations and you know let's move let's get some this year. It's gotta be a different feel for you at spring training this year last year you're trying to kind of make -- a name for yourself make a spot for yourself keep commit now is that. Defending rookie of the year you know where you're going to place. Has it changed your mental aspect -- that spring training at all. On not really you know I'm still going out there every day trying to get better I know I can't get better and I'm young so of the veteran guys don't don't give me a chance to kind of take a deep breath and and and kind of enjoy the whole thing you know it's definitely going out there and and put the time and work into to try to get myself better and and prepare for the season. You know -- we read the stories about your offseason workout program mountain Arizona tell us about it I what was it like and and how did you how did you guys. You're not not hear about it because everybody knows about it but what what inspired you to go there in the first place. Avoided the year before and and you know I lost a lot of lot of ways then and got a lot stronger so you know I had that injured my hand had surgery in the off season so once I got got down with that I went straight there -- You know I knew I get a lot stronger after that that injury healed up and you know -- with their eleven weeks and and you know I could definitely -- a huge change in. In how much stronger I've gone from this year to last year so I'm definitely excited about the year in you know I can't wait to get out -- are playing games. Is there a fine line I mean you played him a -- you play every game every inning practically I mean you're you're not a huge guy. You want to add some weight in the off season to kind of tide -- over through the through the year but at the same time you don't want to lose any of the quickness her or agility -- -- we work on that there too so I go twice today I go 9 in the morning and we do our speed agility work and then come back later in the day and lift weights so you know there's a balance between in and I tell the guys let you know what I liked duke in the offseason to. To prepare myself for 462 games -- and that definitely doesn't mean on the -- back in the offseason and take two months off bird do stuff like that you know I gotta get myself prepared you know the right way and that's that the to make sure my volume as break -- and to me. Armstrong you know you know dust and we had former second baseman Harold Reynolds and our show. Earlier this year or maybe late last year and he said he was talking review and you literally took names. Of all the critics who who doubted you now you won rookie of the year did you get rid of the Lister do you still have -- and I got the list. You know you guys aren't honest on -- yeah I no you know I I remember early in the year in April I was going to assigning in. I was driving there and and is that and even notice those called it's on the I don't in the morning man these guys work Russian. And in my car and I remember those guys' names you know so now I know they can just sit back and watch watch what's going on and I mean -- zone. If you if you always had little a little chip on that shoulder when you play is that what gets you where you are now. Absolutely now I have to you know I'm not I'm not the biggest guy in the world and not the strongest and the world. You know I got a lot of lot of things not go my way but there's one thing I'm going to do and that's play as far as I can for my teammates. And I'm definitely going to make up for this the tools that I don't have with effort. And now worthless work ethic so you know and I am I am in and that's some going to be for for my whole career. And people who are familiar with you they see you in the last year I'll bet a lot of guys weren't they were surprised. At the big sway in their -- they get back to sneak a fastball by this guy that big swing he won't be able to catch up to what you did a few times. Throughout your career even gone back to little league how many people tried to change your swing because the yourself. Not nobody really you know I remember when I got to college you know I've hit every level high school in the in the league and everything so when I got the college you know right. I made some adjustments you know that coach pat Murphy there is this as a roving hitting coach and he held me now with. You know hit the ball the other way stand sort of the balk as if you're short compact the ball doesn't matter what what type a swing you have been. And -- once I got called up last year I was still feel and Ford and and then the first month and and Dave maggot in our hitting coach said. You know thome decent journals and and that that we still do today and and -- continue to do my whole career so just makes you little bit -- to the ball but you know my swing hasn't changed you know my whole life and and it's really not going to. Well and one thing that that I know you've talked about the pass to you also had a manager who stuck with it through the times when you -- -- good yeah absolutely you know Tito was great he. In April when he talked to me outs in about a buck fifty -- You know he'd be talked me it's in the palace in 315 we never saw any doubt in his mind that I was in the pull through this and and contribute to our club and help us on a World Series and you know that says a lot about that Tito as a manager as a person indefinitely our front office for a sticking with me in knowing that you know I've hit at every level it's going to happen here. We got we got some some housecleaning issues we've got to take care before that you go -- what's the deal with you your record 11 versus Mike Lowell in this. I think I'm headed this that this is embarrassing -- Forget the Tito that the tables too tall for stuff I'd say some guys Michaels in the wrong profession and to our plant in part. And he's quit baseball I know he's he he's one of the greatest third base since you know this plan right now but it. He his game -- ping pong game as dominant and man it's it's I beat him once you know mom happy to say that but he's got me a few more times -- we're at that table up before springs over again. We'll what you have to figure out as what you did in that one game. And then try to work that would happen in that game was -- a big game for him mopped it won't happen. You know houses grinding it out you know he was hammering balls -- is trying to put him back and play in and you know like a couple breaks here and -- In that's -- -- at Keeneland and I came out on top. I -- granted our plan America's -- You know he's Pete Sampras Andrei Agassi at all all those guys combined and that's hard to believe but it is. At somebody's ragged in the paper today about your fantasy football ownership skills yet you know it's lonely up -- on top -- -- -- It is because my fantasy football club other than you know Tom Brady took a half off because they're up by forty in the Damian Thompson took a half off other than that and -- be sitting on top so -- it's -- -- want. Eight dusting congratulations on the season last year best of luck to you this year we'll look forward to watching you play our guys thanks a lot take care okay our taxes and as the Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia and

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