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Arlen Specter

Feb 8, 2008|

Senator Specter joins John and Gerry to discuss his involvment in the Spygate investigation

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We're going to -- on the phone lines up by men who have running for office here in Massachusetts might not fare that well but I'll probably of no concern. To the Republican senator from Pennsylvania senator Arlen specter joined us on the -- good morning senator how are you good morning John not talk right here. Let me cut to the chase I don't want to get through the time line and and and all -- -- to cut to the chase and asked you that that the the coach in question here. Will you call members of the patriots organization including head coach Bill Belichick. Tom Brady video coordinators past and present testified under -- before you're Judiciary Committee. It'll depend on all the -- I actually what do you. Are trying to find out so what happens you have to us actors start but it's -- And I don't pretend to elevate matter. More about actual -- or that's why I'm starting here obviously west the commissioner are -- Arum. I ask you very fundamental question -- pitchers were scheduled lady eagles in November whether. What I found out about the -- protecting a -- shekels whether -- -- -- an inquiry or whether eagles signals were straight took a two out watching global. And Eric got there weren't sure -- Director -- that a picture of that destroy our fault that stretched -- -- and other Urlacher. And Barakaat torture that which ago fireworks are -- computer or Charlotte where in New York Marshall for a cover shirt sentiment -- Michael and chip global. Are certainly some torture in America world potential whether this deal was -- well I'm actually route that. Letters prior written and there are certain that more -- than bill the Thursday before the Super Bowl when not. Sportswriter -- -- Calder -- won't ever go back apart so my. I didn't dropped the -- -- superbowl if -- respond to the Marlins are certain. November which -- shuttle that there. So its embryonic stage this really did have its seeds in your concerns -- the patriots might have stolen the Super Bowl from from you or eagles. But another guy if you -- if if you weren't an eagle fan you might not have been interested in this. Well I wouldn't have it was a -- triggered my thinking -- -- cherry air -- my expecting speakers that I. I -- the eagles were about to play gave mortuary. As scheduled at November and it would shut as a player that -- longer what was although. When you're eagles almost won that game I think you might have instill in the patriots signals. -- -- I don't post below art but I do restaurant that the integrity of the game it is very important. And I do two that the NFL matchup unique -- urged Travis were there ever -- Accenture their their business. But they don't have to comply would they ever trust law shall I think I think -- hard duty of civility and honest baker the American people. While all wac commissioner Goodell said is nothin' to it. They didn't steal -- there's no evidence that the lead in the conclusion that they stole signals. Before the Super Bowl against the eagles why isn't that good enough for you senator. Well because they commissioner has -- to conduct a rupture an investigation you got this guy named those follow up Matt Walsh. Throughout video of our -- achieve it publicly -- Ensuring that there are things that -- coach I have an accountant or. And they hear NFL that -- -- and talked to a guy who are apparently knows something about that -- that the commissioner which has they've destroyed betray sure that nobody else -- A competitive retire well less so although I expect that suspect in shares I blocked it except the NFL shape what it would destroy ever mention -- -- suspicion above minimum. What more do you think he can tell you knew what why do you think Goodell would be I don't like is lying to the media when he says is nothing there. Is he going to go before you know senator I'd say the same thing is nothing there we looked into. Well I don't I'm not saying you're lying on not making any accusations I'm just asking questions crashed -- Water time and -- or Larry but odds are I would want to know it's a passed a great church did you steal other Shaquille other rumor -- about -- established leadership global were they your lawyer. And bears they are rumor that but I watched the lamb walked over all there retro Australia should shortly plane in that game that the patriots should I were able to defend that are in the remarkable life number eight it was all large but Atlanta finally scored a touchdown or -- used to play there and practice. Quarterback draw Ottawa though or the commissioner asked about the rams game. The commissioner British based conference shall we go to pay check they couldn't go back Terry partner that we -- actually actually. All that -- issue. And then they story broke about that you -- should treat shoot global. Probably strokes -- -- well we do about that we check that out. I there was nothing too well -- very significant inconsistency. Atletico I've achieved national picture and there Lester somebody somebody else ought to be asking these questions -- well so Arlen specter. Senator specter would you agree that. The veracity of what people tell you might change based on whether they have their hand on the Bible and their right hand in the air in front of the judiciary. Verses over phone conversation or in person in your office not under. Writes I scratched by a tremendous effort -- charter also up federal statute would sure lecture. I can't -- also official statement huge tell the FBI -- -- -- turned out to be arbitrary it is prosecutor. The wreck your culture official statement even appear on our -- Scheduled. Any meetings yet with Roger Goodell or Matt Walsh and so when do you plan on talking to those two -- Are you oh we're working on the scheduling worked commercial right now Howard the expectation is -- will may look down our social time. And Matt Walsh actually and -- at all sure. Where we're all -- -- is turning and are trying to trying to get that worked there. Senator specter if your investigation. Peaks your interest enough to want to go forward can you. Call these people before the Judiciary Committee or must you get the approval of your colleagues on said committee. Or after beer -- -- committee. Reaction after based on things that -- pick it up with the chairman I was chairman little pressure shouldn't percent of relating ears match. And it would have to be -- the committee were cracked the odd -- as Chad I'm not I'm not start taking yet -- but -- -- shape whether it took war but the British tension that we got a lot of are every bit reform committee and we'd have to have something very substantial effect of that far. But I don't -- Well you wouldn't be you would've gone this far if you weren't an eagles fan now Leahy and Kennedy we assume patriot fan. Is that an obstacle. Are well I don't like show I think that there. Our world and -- a straight shot putter well all Americans we're all have a duty our our our our own although actual shot prepare sugar there's more to it than just bank. Eric and just bring fire and I they're concerned about our. -- NFL or back to nineteen early 83 when there -- a lot of French Aardsma. I -- legislation that they. Democrats rejection ought to be Fisher won't stabilized the franchise -- -- you don't have. -- holding up pressure or the stadium Japan later went. There are a lot of stadium being built every legislation that the NFL. I truly baseball I reporters for the straight year out of Oklahoma. -- -- -- -- They the issue of all fairness should private Belmont Mark as a pure artistry charter won't if additions. I admire their feelings and eagle there. His and we know we understand the Matt Walsh as a company to reality agreement with the patriots in non disclosure. That he signed -- New York informal meeting with them supersede that is there some kind of protection provided by you for him. Well I'm actually this year which where are looking at here right now IR I kept giving -- giving protection but that's something we're -- where look here right now. Senator specter let me apologize that the Yeltsin here if you perceive this question to be important but ask I must any connection between the fact. The your second largest contributor Comcast 153. Thousand dollars your campaign and the few -- the contest is having with the NFL Comcast in a nutshell doesn't want to pay the NFL network for its programming would you rattling the NFL's cage but the anti trust comments be beneficial to Comcast. I do not thanks so I've been concerned about our early NFL long for contrast -- showing -- my interest goes back there are more than two objectives. Other other issues. That would be higher on your priority list I mean obviously. That's the question you get Italy especially from patriots fans don't you have more important things to do senator. Our job on you know little -- all the working -- -- her and grabbed. I took the leader victory US Supreme Court -- should concurrent. We're going to be back country bill we got a clash action bell got a lot of work all the former English -- Russia civil large. Respiration deeply involved and not. I remember all the for an intelligent show -- contract are arbitrary client privilege Shura. -- got legislation for the dramatic next week on -- -- mortgages people evolved and they era. Our issue long the stimulus practice sure what the current federal judges I have little active in my abilities. And I assume you work in the get -- elected to correct. I assure -- -- right now right now marmalade -- spurt to -- Republicans are ready to wear actually Vice President -- finished -- -- interpreted here as they -- -- especially Republican shaver. Can you give him my best -- in my best we I got one more one more question -- senator I know it's hypothetical it's probably don't like dealing and hypotheticals. But the eagles patriots game Super Bowl game very close game eagles almost pulled it out. What if they had would've they've won that game patriots it lost would you give a damn about blocked who's being -- -- before. And yes sure I work I I was trapped in villa might do -- -- at -- starting over knocked out factory AMR's little -- game prep the curtain trip to treat for the eagles say they want a lot labeled it lost so our part listen John if the eagles were doing something that's been violated two rules. I we're gay marriage -- just as tips on lap as are airport anybody else so I used your district turning. Ever believed -- airplay and almost order and I believe in the integrity of the game under those short irons and I was getting what you -- Aaron's. And the integrity is being changed every. A world could you make us a quick promised before we let you go if president Obama. Sends John Edwards is this for confirmation as the Supreme Court justice you'll you will block that with every ounce of energy in your body. Protestants. -- -- -- Not April I -- I don't remember ever let him Obama as evidently do or don't like division I -- check out. All triple where we're at what are. And not that you need any advice from me senator specter but it Senator McCain asked you to campaign for him in Massachusetts might want to politely decline. Where -- R I I wouldn't say that I'd say very our critics and thirty. Pressure situations like game the Australian it 1988 that George Bush the elder actually I'm not where governor Dukakis was right in front sort of order furlough program. And I came up and grab at least burn out of the cap but. And -- Perry was -- late April not. And there at about forty uniform palatial sure tradition it would lock forward about oh trying to. Something about having been -- to turn -- -- not -- all -- -- -- -- job. Well forty police officers is one thing patriot nation based on what's happened the last couple of weeks is completely different animals under specter we thank you for your time today in -- on the road. Broke Eric are -- senator specter that

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