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Jan 14, 2008|

The QB of the Patriots join D and C to breakdown Saturday's game and look ahead to the Chargers

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Welcome back fourth and final hour Dennison Kellogg -- -- and them patriot Monday. -- sevens -- that a nine series fifty toll free 8885258 at our conversation with Tom Brady. Is brought to you by the new AT&T more bars in more places that aids in the you were world delivered good morning Tom how Mario. I'm to a final two -- plan a Monday night game tonight that at Foxboro this will be a -- what that. All of this what I have been trying to get used to for like collapse. Two months put we've been we've been fortunate we are extremely fortunate to eliminate. It's -- par fives and he's never played in snow agreement to this week six it can wait for big snow game and finally got one. And obviously it worked out well for embodies you'd think you can -- all the time when you go to green jackets weather wise temperature wise that had to be about the most comfortable December game you played at home. -- Yes -- -- pretty good to him in the the year but we've been this isn't very -- Portugal if you can't that the paperwork. The weather really played a factor -- any kind of like it was last night it's such a big advantage for the off. Don't get too used to nine degrees and windy next Sunday they're saying. Sorry about -- -- they speaking of other kinds of games 19 Russia's 28 passes. Clearly the most balanced offensive approach of the year was that the most patient offensive approach as well Tom because you don't even. You want in a hurry to force it down the field or even medium. Depth pass routes you were you you took what they did you and and and demonstrated some patient let's say. Well I think any time you know you they hit it bad defense chooses to play either way they did you just. You just have to draw the ball to the guy that's open and if they commit guys. I remember the First Lady came they weren't they were in a cover two decent and I think he's must've been twenty yards keep at the snap of the ball would. They they don't and when when you go to guys -- like that they're they're kind of telling -- what they're going to do that AM and we found a great way of adjusting and in are so we're real methodical in the literally drove the ball down the field. We had some we had some missed opportunities there in the scoring area split the things I'm -- that we we didn't jocular great jump on the game. And the running -- obviously quite -- the most. So well I don't attack we've had so don't be real critical this week it's I think it's different -- it. Relies on you can make mistakes and I just hope we can play. Patriots football and let it be in the here well tough to beat him here. How many times to Jacksonville blitz you yesterday -- Saturday. -- -- -- Few they're there weren't many remembered interpret if you're just out there and there was no pressure that we can move them all but. The thing was there was always Cologne -- green so they were never out of it better -- their offense. You know what really made a bunch of great place vote -- of David girl played great but there are gonna that we want for court Indy. Pollen in on the other side of the fielder think and we got a shot so we're just gonna keep sticking targeting and so you know I don't think they were. Stopped a follow often I think -- me they. It was always within them. Where were we ever attempted to throw one up obviously you have Randy Moss and you have in perhaps the best jump ball receiver in the game. Did you think about it at any point was it just when they just acted to deepen and and too many guys expected to take chance. Yeah I think a lot of times it's it's dictated by the situation and we win one lead decide that then there's mentality of each plays that you called him. And I think possess -- football picture report the other -- routine that. It is ridiculous numbers when they want maternal thing when they wanted to when they were ahead at -- in the first quarter they would like. Currently they have lost like twelve games over the course of -- goes career when they -- minute halftime they were. They've lost in the like fourteen games. So I really feel that in the turnover of the turnover with the same type that coach -- early on the the big. Statistics guy but it. You know when you win 80% of your games when your. We've had in the first quarter net associate what kind of -- -- well I thought it was important that I give them the ball on a short field and make them earn everything they got in. And I thought we we did it could just take care of the football and run on the ball in the -- possession was -- we're we're I think 33 minutes or so so. That's -- we've played definitely the kind of England did the play. Do you do you feel like you couldn't shoot the gun when he April 28 days I'm pretty sure you yell at -- given on the PC in my that Paul and I don't blame. You know you make and break that is that -- in and part of it. Part of on the football is about which makes merit program. And sometimes -- cup cup is that the embark on refuted that dropped balls. But it it's -- so rare to see those guys drop balls perhaps and that's part of you know golfers in this you know afford foot putt every once -- to -- It's where -- -- -- guys are the best in the league but they do so if you have more -- field. I cannot open receivers played extremely well they've blocked well they were selfless. They did whatever they needed to do and that was. I think that was evident in the way -- that we performed that there was no there was no let down by anybody out there. Drummer you even a little bit surprised at the effectiveness of the running game something that you had really dust them off that much this year. Well I thought we know we're going to be able to run the football despite the style of defense that they were playing and they -- went like this but when your -- there. Twenty yards he and the corners are you know trying to -- your receivers and W receivers and you're you're really leader so formidable running game and number -- and they're. You're it's going to give up guards and offered the latter but did a great job block it but it really becomes that from him block and so -- just a couple of Barrett can win. A final no one on one matchup you're going to be able to make their good running game in -- way that marked the going to run the ball the last. It's six weeks a year. It's going to be it's going to be chargers this slow him down just because he's. Very effective when he hit a little bit mistakes and he's won an extremely hard and there is great there's been some great opportunities regular run. The ball in and he's taken advantage in the. It's on in the third quarter what was your better acting job the first drive of the quarter where he's the direct snap to -- to Faulk or when you were -- fell over like a sack of potatoes. Which was a better practical joke. The total fact that they don't want I think I've got that down don't Falwell I'm going to look at the -- flake. Just parity dogs basically you believe it is late and I don't know that they got him there are well well well. It was a route that would develop good though the big clear connection fifteen Garrett. But the big penalty and and we you we we take advantage of it. Whenever they want to do they want to keep doing that that'll keep the. And relishing embellishment. -- the world community don't really you know play don't think too highly of wouldn't that would that would go over. The and then today play not -- -- it if it like a soccer player can soccer players didn't like and play via. I don't like and been good Don and the other -- effective. Pay on the ballot to -- off on the faked direct snapped to -- was Welker the intended receiver on that did you come off your first and second read and find him. No I I looked at least looks. As -- the way it usually goes and and he was just started to break free and then they grab them. And he started a total break to the corner and impact and they -- Adam and depth and I look forward to let them. -- just kind of squirted through to hold some of spoken directly into both that was. Yet many many it was but he was trying to break -- I think that is kind of slow down just reached out and elbow first secretary -- ritual that was called on and so. -- -- on the first touchdown to Watson I read it it appears that you were. Signaling for receiver to come back to the ball. But I read today you were you refuge pointing to the to the shoulder Watson what what he's signaling on the first touchdown pass to Watson. You know any kind that the defensive back turned his back to -- and then what that was brought to the corner and then we'll look at -- Sammy Hernandez back turned to me and I just. You know it's part of an eye contact thing that I looked to Ben and I kinda even though I know he's supposed to run in the corner and that if he could. I happen pull back in the opposite direction. Samuel overrun and I can just torture is the actual adult. I was better -- being in the play it's really tough for the DDB liken the -- on -- -- that I just little overhead and and for the tocchet and if we. If you -- I -- an opponent back and then he stops and make the -- Never think that that requires -- great protection and and when I'm rather sit back there -- you hand signals to try to pick as well you know what -- -- and really control -- game was telling us about all the -- play. The other night. I it makes it easier for me to suspect there aren't take much time I can't defined as literal they they work. I don't think they set the tone hand. When when -- blocking like they are it's it's going to be tough for anybody to have to stop you because you're you're always going to be able to. I tried to make a throw to -- be able to run in particular so that was close so important. Without your best fastball the first -- Watson. I -- that -- pretty -- yeah I had you know. Tell us how you gold boat watching the game yesterday the AFC game we have to have the callers would get here rooting for the colts. Just 'cause it's a better match up and it's like the it's like the marquee matchup in the league these days called patriots. The other half root for San Diego especially his beat up see any team because it looks like. An easier road to the Super Bowl for you guys do you find yourself rooting at all you root for individuals for teams. Do you find yourself watching like a scout trying to plan for next week or how do you do. Well I was I was watching and I had the TV on yesterday and I and I get kind of kept walking back and forth and sit down and and it's. It's it's a different feeling as a kind of go. You know I get really excited and then I'm kind of rooting for somebody and -- aren't there problems political. And the majority is when -- -- -- bell goes both internal problems with charges in the colts would. You know -- -- -- -- I think I go back and forth about six or seven times throughout the game heroics by -- get a look like there are the chargers Bob Bob Sanders could -- well the than us but I you know stroke original little depth charters and then. In other children go -- in the blog yet -- -- -- so. You know I think the thing about it is just. You don't have much control and and -- Hart it was great American into the game and I think that both both. Teams such strikes. That great strength in the -- Balkans and they're very and all countries together -- it's so. And the thing about actually if there was there's great depth as well and what you even though -- -- Michael turner who -- held a lot of back and spoke with the the screen for a touchdown Billy Volek community and we've been down on the field and they are extremely extremely talented football expression on the fence and secondary that Russia after they can do they can do everything. You worry about merry men and Jesus say well Matt lights got him he's -- about. Like it'll take care and. In America and he's he's a dynamic associate I think every game we played them you know big influence on the and he's a playmaker of that team and whenever he makes plays they really did go. So it's going to be one posting you'd have to you -- that's -- really understand what you are reporting you have to understand. Yeah abilities and what he's going to -- he likes to do so. Because slow down on a particular spot a guy like that that hopefully you can minimize impact he has on the game. Which you're allowed an amicable to play cookie. He fuel so it could be. It's -- with rivers hurt LT hurt and gates hurt. Would bill consider starting Matt Cassel -- on the just to keep it in -- -- adjusting for the happened like going to win in this I don't know if need be. I don't know I don't vote that code retarded -- wherever we've we've been there's no guarantee you and I know what fellowship today they lost for the in concert good team. Seattle is up fourteen not the next thing you know Green Bay is. There is no I'm on a -- -- -- the third quarter that there are no guarantees in the game and this is going to be our biggest -- this in an extremely. I think they've -- -- -- -- functioning well you know I don't know -- out. So they're playing great football and the political or when you need to credit the that there. From the supplement drink and no -- real disappointed. In the start to see them but they really come on in. I think they're well we're going to win the turnover battle the world I would make double eleven well. He chuckled at this -- and so they're very good taken aboard a 4248 turnovers are so like promote that and take they got a great run stopping you sense -- -- in the local elections this subject -- -- played. They were so big game yesterday didn't even know I don't know how many guys -- dislocated -- -- -- -- -- obviously. You know really want. So it showed he's made us so I have a lot of respect for the chargers I think they're. It's out that the very well coached and probably got a cup -- testament and as a -- other planet C championship because they're they're very well deserving and and we go to work so well I hope it's nine degrees and are they that another but -- -- the -- -- -- know. They don't respect them at this -- what will attribute that to look at an advantage. Tell what will build do if anything to overcome the human nature of of overconfidence getting ready for really bank of opponent and we need need do any more than point to last year's AFC title game -- say. Remember how that taste of the offseason without pretty much get it done. Yeah I think that's -- -- current there isn't much motivation that you need work. That would actually motivated team -- motivated and we and we are motivated we and will be motivated this week if there's one of our energy what. Excitement or preparation they get you know opened the note for the dramamine and from from the game last time select where will be actually a well prepared. Hope that that leads to our best execution of the season and we're going to need it because were playing were playing. One best came oblique and and I hope we hope we find a way to compete match energy and finally just to get a win. After the Saturday game the -- jags rookie safety Reggie Nelson talked about you said DA all that. Anybody can go 26 of 28 in a dump down game. -- -- They'll that break ain't all that anybody can go to 26 of 28 in the -- down game. Well I'm sure that bit of frustration so. You know we've -- dragged out of and that we've and that they're cute rewrote oh defeat of frustration Ferdinand and I'd be crucial to follow -- -- -- I just part of you know I think that that the little bit of pride talking and then he's a good player I think he's the real good player and he's a young player with a bright future so. Stop that stop that he's -- and all will be. It's true I mean hey you're doing media I don't know it got the last works so. The fact you know what prepare for a game this week it don't matter what anyone says it's obvious which -- what -- -- before a game that the game and never means anything it should. You'll get bruised and and you that your defense mechanism. It's a lot of if you raped your plays like -- that was like one of the better players I've made but if you did. Was the best player that you made Saturday's win the screen got sniffed out by Spicer and you. You know you scale of the entire field from the left sideline all the way the right and founder and -- Stallworth one on the right hand side what was that about as good a place you made that day. Yeah well I I think duplicate act once again I think the thing about it if you. I looked at left making it read it's a double screen but and a block around that place for me to be -- -- back to right and Don king analyze them and it's. That's what this is an all about so you don't know we can't practice that and a booming we don't. It and look at we're going to call this play and just thinking this. They don't cover boost as well over the right sort of sidelined about -- and that's just. That's participants -- fitness in an offensive line played -- what was going accumulate great catcher Matt Borland. I think you're gonna go to -- -- and I had this. Can compiled they claim that he -- -- it seemed so my admiration parker followed Mark the and it would Marshall and Willie Andrews and and dumped it -- the dispute the very cute cute but inducted out and and huge play you know good big game and to begin -- with a with a sketch on the on first down both those great to -- too. Two more things that could cut I was going to -- on the real topic of the day the important topic. Do you think the reason that Romo on the cowboys lost is because he spent three days in Mexico which Jessica Simpson. In our economy that just that the third of -- I -- we don't have. But they -- that you realizes it and everybody lives in. And you know you worked for several months of the year -- but the year and and you don't like to live. So it's a you do what you work every -- but on the week and you know you do whatever you do to relax and rejuvenate him. You know like he couldn't go out the local eatery and -- out. -- it just didn't Jessica called me gets in the way to concentrate on work. I heard I -- -- Shouldn't virtually all of them you know if you if they win the game yesterday you know if they catch the ball on them though and they are and you know we've actually mentioned so. It took the matter of you know he just went in the game and and you can only do a lot of criticism but I went I realize that -- eight years old. A guy from ESPN there -- -- of me is PNC it was killing Romo for this lapse in judgment said Tom Brady would never do that. -- never go away for two days events. With this latest girlfriend -- no way he's in his. He's at home in on them in in his studies goal over film right. Well I'd like that he you do what you needed to rejuvenate so I'm on the homebody and I all of Latin I think that you're trying to. Yeah you've just got to be prepared and at a note when we always prepare -- -- know. Payton goes for President -- are always prepared with a different approach goes -- -- You know. That goes this year something like that -- you do he's gonna do yet. Makes commercials that that stupid -- commercial -- that you can see that and I think he's -- -- he's gone over the line -- this one -- in or use. Who ignored or with a lot of blue note. Probably didn't arm Williamson can't go out and got a lot of money for that. Yeah that sounds like one that Tom Brady would have turned to me. -- talk to you talk about the good that I could've done that doubled off -- doesn't work above the -- If you. You what you -- offered them when you don't have a famous brother it only works with -- -- and plus his mother and father and it too. I don't know I don't know that. I actually left that. What's a much you think he gets that much of thinking any like him for a million. A lot of Apolo rooted for better be they're Michael Dolan now. A a speaking of laughing -- what you -- the back judge on the way to the -- from have to on the got a big laugh you tell the jokers on the this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I ballgame we did not my as you can put differently than it -- -- -- duke right now so he's the last though they'll. In revenue go to duke they told me like -- -- laughable on like. What would you talked about well an appropriate time yeah. Do you really seriously hope it's eight degrees I mean you're you're from California your quarterback. Don't really want it to be that cold do you. I don't I've been in cold blood and Lebanon we practiced and cold weather the didn't cold. But it did you know we're used to it we played it over at school this week we can practice from the and that's part of playing and and Foxboro that's. That's a great advantage if you can if you can use it to an advantage if you can play well and execute and that type -- then that's what you know and and yeah I'm when its fifty degrees and sunny current forty degrees in. And in the mid -- like within ninety journalism degree from cold. Whatever it is will be prepared and and. Philip Rivers rivers looks like I was guys kind of like. Too goofy to even notice it -- -- He's he's he's got a short -- sculpture -- right in the middle of January after the game he doesn't look like things like whether really affect them. I know him he's a little little -- love there. I don't know procurement of effort of her abilities -- -- good -- the betterment Doug Flutie play with someone doesn't like a lot of they underdog like everybody know I don't protection competitive you can tell by the way you played them. In the clutch plays yesterday of -- one now yeah bigger and bigger and adept at that position obviously. They on competitiveness I watch with interest but two minutes left in the first -- to -- before the two minute warning on the Welker and around. You kind of sort of blocked Reggie Hayward do you view that he knew that you blocked of 97. I don't know about the block it and get out of it like a lot of what the flight well a lot of -- way become like net I don't do any they have -- to try not to guess that deep. -- and so I'd like patriotic guys that are there will help me going yeah you know you really don't want to try to good at a cut people and I got -- are doing -- and Bob hope he at oak. And try to make a Montgomery -- You do -- -- -- coast it's exciting what I do that because. That an off season conditioning program and in full view of everybody about their trying to block a tour in ninety pounder. Are we wrap up with the quarterback question of the week comes from James in Winchester to submit your question simply log on the WBI dot com. Visit the guys football radio -- -- the quarterback question of the week is brought you -- Toronto classic Italian deli -- ask for -- that your favorite supermarket -- party Italian with Toronto james' -- just wants to -- Tom does the offense get excited when new or trick plays are added. During the week. Are definitely and time the only time to go play like and -- I think back to the whether appeal reverse the weather would be. -- could double again. Against Pittsburgh that was huge play in banking and and it just it's like the crowd and and it's. You know kind of like. Not really execution political execution played but volume drop back and read -- -- and then. Make the appropriate protection calls and never looked at a sustainable. Go run great routes and catch the ball and make a run after catch it's kind of like I try to -- be conflict. And it could be overly aggressive and then you know when I added up all the really you'd go to -- commute at execution but it college arena defense -- Jabar sarge going to run a great he's got to get behind the defense which didn't. And then you gotta make draw on the church it's great it's all about rich reward would -- -- -- it would I didn't. You know you look about -- practice and get excited to call automatic double kinda. Alphabet from the sideline when we do it like like the double like the -- when they're on the you know and then in the low could they did on. Friday morning just in the quarterback would go okay it was I think we should they -- Can a coach you're commodity at like 8 o'clock on Thursday night in the cafeteria how we're going to -- -- the ball and -- is going over the actions. It was pretty cool on the field since about a practice on Friday. And and watched a couple of practice certain that kind of north and I don't know whether it's about -- but I don't know that are happening that rule like that. And it's it will prove -- -- sport ever coped with it it's a good play by a lot -- it can be a sports that are truck at all will be. Oh yeah definitely go and -- -- all the matters cousin got pulled in and the touchdown was scored so I guess it worked. -- Tom enjoy with the preparation we'll talk to next Monday after the AFC title game. Tom Brady -- Dennis and Callahan to submit your question simply log on WEEI dot com visit WES football radio contest page the quarterback question of the week you've brought to -- -- classic Italian deli meats. Asked were Rhonda which are river supermarket deli part Italians know who's called Toronto. -- who is that like a PR person coaching them. To some tone with saint. The Akron -- agreement about the Reggie and made him -- revolutionized % accuse handle and assistant. This adviser Stacey thicker ones state it was like with we don't like Clemens who's on the -- -- mania like taken notes from someone with that tell what to say noble. Board material out of that. The cowboys became the first tops in the loser of the divisional round is the -- went to the twelve team playoff format eighteen years ago as they -- -- the giants 21 is seventeen they have won a playoff game in twelve years Amani Toomer got two touchdowns from Eli Manning was twelve out of a team for 163 yards. And no interceptions R. W. McQuarters picked up Tony -- on the end zone on fourth and eleven with nine seconds left

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