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Dec 15, 2007|

Jose Canseco calls in with Steve Burton and Bob Lobel to give his take on the Mitchell Report and the performance enhancint drug problem in baseball.

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We have is that it's that -- Jose Canseco on the line in. -- -- on this week how are you are what Bart -- Greta I was you guys probably New York -- second book deal. And I got bombarded by media -- streeters think. Yes I am Larry King last night -- -- like -- getting better and while Larry King guys. So tell us before you get to Larry King tell us about this -- to report is that what you expected do you expect more names on it. And why wasn't A rod on the list. Well let's step back the -- yeah let's try to do hired Mitchell report get Major League Baseball. Way to respect. -- Lotta money. Very well in my Moran now which is somewhat amazed -- yet. There although we made out like -- -- league got a little bit I would think completely they -- complete. My book when David Barrett -- 4 I agree right Juan Gonzales in. What kind of reported that somebody's law -- made whole bunch of money. And America being -- it's amazing what proved nothing. Call me a bit altered what a million and major law or middle wow is that. -- pitchers for what it is there it looked -- control completely controlled. And not that would political nonsense you know what we should be reprimand these players. Are you -- then it says there's -- Aaron Major League Baseball. Are you kidding like that telling -- father to reprimand but. Are you kidding me again the jokes on the public in. So so are you saying Mitchell's to blame here did you -- you fault Mitchell for doing what he did let me try to final all -- because do you think do you think he did not go about it the I don't way. I out ultimate don't want their it loft a one bit. Make thirty equipment out on this deal and basically give us information that we are reading you mean now Roger Clemens in this spot now. There's much and -- about it a larger. Which I was very different luxury you know that -- but -- a lot of time with and right. If Roger work -- these steroids it would have basically -- promptly -- told me he was too. Now I ask you this I asked you this in the past and you said you had not -- Clemens never did steroids and party. Never and never mentioned about doing it Corey that we talked about it he was always talked about more -- -- stand off like okay whatever. But never -- but he use them you what you have any use them he would act all. And we get them from an out either put him in contact with individual or quad and myself and inject. But you have a guy here saying he -- Clement four different times. McNamee for a different occasions I injected Roger Clemens you think he's lying. Or maybe you don't know Roger Clemens all that well. You know. Why I'm actually what part about -- -- AA is under a criminal litigation good time and prison probably plea bargain -- criminal investigators is under a lot of pressure. Except it -- figured out departments in a lot of his that we -- -- jail while I was -- space. -- that this information in big print for very long -- with the exchange. It's it's incredible now. If walker can do you think if I -- here they're weak in get a lawsuit against Italy based on Mitchell notebook. Now we're going to used on Q what are remarkable juiced. Don't assume you know wonder -- Right at work but worked through point that argue until Roger Clemens -- -- that -- does -- turn out to as out of back. But these players up I thought out coordinate a NN actually also again -- based on the because they cannot have the allegations that improve. Especially if -- second -- at a bridge so I think Mitchell and make baseball -- -- You -- and Jose Canseco who by the way started all this to begin with -- it's -- supplements and Lara Mitchell Jose be stupid enough to put rather report worries potentially -- liable for losses. Well -- recent. One -- it's part of our 83040 million under pressure put up on me about that he thought the pressure to do something in the public -- they. All Mitchell did you let the players he's trying to help try to beat up. Which sometimes you know you put yourself. Deeper in the -- -- -- eat better have. Solid solid information about these players I mean people were attacked by I saw it all right did it. In order to make this report it. One guy said yeah I don't mad -- me said -- objected. I mean ticket anymore than I mean the guy let me ask you this if if Clemens does not -- What does that tell you. On ritual on the night if Clement that's not so guilty. I I I happen -- agreement in -- Mitchell or. Where there was a lot of documentation and paper trails for other guys it was no documentation and paper trail for Clemens it was a award verses. My Horry he's. We're not that would not stand in court that -- roster at an incredible -- rocket Clemens to me is you know all American -- He's the best pitcher of our era than. And if there is no clear cut evidence against Roger Clemens meaning. Why you haven't been just says I get that all -- let's say you did not -- give importance -- And as justification why back to -- that -- -- -- -- -- reasons for Randall gay. You -- to -- -- pressure being put up not quite as. What are blockers should should sue why now why effort defamation white not a. You are very good point you have very good friends of Roger Clemens we all know that how do we know that you. And amassed in this just in general how -- we know that you didn't keep Roger Clemens audio book to protect them. Well I want to. Problem wouldn't it Whipple who would you have don't want to -- would you open would you have protected Clemens. It. No I would not that do it it was a true I would assess it and but it went by I only want I think this whole damn issue. Whether -- -- media play -- congress who are involved that country well. It's ironic people's -- real life and in my second -- vindicate. Is going to with a more devastating commission more true about the suppliers -- close was -- it was not. I mean there's this crazy how our our our society so critical and you know you know. What liars and hypocrites. That there -- not I can't believe the way our society structure is absolutely incredible. That's surprised. You know I'm not surprised by the -- it lipped out so many other. Player -- you restless level bullish your initial -- estimate who's there 80%. Yeah at the top at the top steroid. Growth hormone use when I was playing it was at least it -- all it was a sleep it was not. At that point it was an even playing field because the story of the players or some type of enhancement. And what year was that the at the top. The the peak -- peak. I would say Iraq our whole heck. Anywhere from ninety. 3998 or. Not want to 98 -- -- that to me is stunning because all of us have this perception that it's a new thing. And -- an ops at Santa. So you're saying back in the mid ninety's this in 95 might have been 96 whatever the peak -- Up top or where. Every spot should realize it was so obvious and so overwhelming I mean the couple or Wall Street. -- can let me let me go here with this assured him you know Barry Bonds is supposed to board for all this now. And and was getting hammered now Clemens has been. Has been named. -- if Clemens is guilty if he is guilty and you safety doesn't press charges if he doesn't file a lawsuit as he looks guilty. If that's the case will be very bought what will that nation treat Barry Bonds different than they would Roger Clemens. I hope not and maybe this be a test foreign nations to see if we important and so. Double standard racism I hope not because to me they -- the same category but different position players. You ask me product that didn't. Power hitter in nick and and then it was the best pitcher. And you talk about two guy who had an incredible impact on sport I want to picture 18 power hitter the only problem -- one's quite -- Now I've answered it just the way that it Steve asked that same question to be news show us at wide even play the race card. And he totally denied -- -- watering -- before I as they interpret that the same exact way that I did the. Poland before I asked to that question after you said people can't stand Barry Bonds -- like Barry Bonds because he's black people like Barry Bonds because his attitude his ego. Okay that's why people like Barry Bonds. So I -- that. As regards Barry Bonds does represent something in the mirror on the west -- -- like. This is a very interesting test of the white media and -- very distinct very. By the white medium. And historically the media and society in general. Has been testing you know once maybe it would hurt before your certain -- -- -- certainly happen now there's been want what -- to right now at least get. The public behind him. If you -- adverse start to get at least it -- And give the results. Yeah not actually write -- -- he's day it's up to him now you know. -- -- the article on him you take action by the way. In this world of innocent until proven guilty. It's all that perception perception just the opposite perception is now guilty now prove yourself -- us. Well and yet does that base side of the colleges perception is we out. So rumor spread on any athlete ride away after -- out to the the proof that real could be wrong -- Roger -- at least a polygraph. -- that hopefully initiate a conversation with Major League Baseball or rituals to look at I want and international polity. Well whole -- let's let's back up because you bring up a very legitimate point but here's the deal. Mitchell tried to like communicate -- Roger Clemens before this report came out Clemens and know his name was going to be on this report. Mitchell says I'd like to meet with you Roger. That's trying get together and discuss this. -- Yup -- punched you know -- not getting a bite from. Major League Baseball -- attorneys in the attorneys to meet -- attorneys in Major League Baseball argument that -- just like an -- Rafael Palmeiro testify before congress and AB's Derek thought sped up by just -- Mark McGwire saint. I don't want to talk about the past a lot talk what future got spat -- by these individuals are getting extremely bad advice from the counseling. Yes they should speak the Mitchell yes station tried to install the issue before a couple of in the -- side. Even if Roger was guilty he should speak with Mitchell said listen it was like getting. This is what happened a lot of pressure I didn't really know at least give Mitchell. The chance to maybe change your mind about -- they're going to put in leading up we got out what you wipers simply. Because Mitchell I believe on purpose let's stop the obvious players so Roger Clemens could just say you know what I want to be in this -- now. In which you perform completely my name not a Mitchell would have let this thing not to meet all these players what they're doing his -- -- -- -- getting bad advice. From the players' association and the get even worse that much from -- turning point or. You think Mitchell Mitchell -- A rod did he when he left tomorrow purpose. Well to me -- rod is the Last of the Mohicans as they say he's the last the you know that the clean once people believe. -- it once statement right now and everything -- -- come true. He's not he appeared to be only. Six point 777985188525 and her name should have been included on that list goes. Well in my book individuals -- injected what -- -- and Ivan Rodriguez was not in there looked at ours was that in their eight Martinez -- in the -- all the ones who led the league in hitting easier at this that the what was in there which I get to personally. So the report to me -- -- blow away the artifact. You know mentally it locate Mitchell thirty or remind all of those are the could -- -- -- tell them -- -- from making all the. I -- you you've already. You party ball -- the first person not the personal objections. A lot of but there are other the players. Well the players suppliers you've got pictures -- passport and they're all house managers. That original report is so war and so that they only play that go supply -- let go well. But lately. And Rhode Island so I've only the players were victims like because a lot of pressure to do well to perform. The American excuses you -- make an excuse statement it is making excuses not make this you are. The players and victims back -- on the right track the suppliers and. You know it's iron about here this lesson about the truth you've got there about perception right actually -- pump up your repeat. True -- that -- go back. Reporter radio station interviewers and about it -- the public want that back. They're going to company and a going to -- my vote and that's the waiting at the and by the public realizes on the. Would you want to think I'm calm moment want to say -- right -- -- this kind of adults -- descent. It's all about -- suppliers distributors. Those are the ones laboratories those players really are off. One of the violin and not a 100000 high school people in Massachusetts alone there on steroids. Those are victims it's the coaches it's the suppliers -- grown men making decisions are all grown -- making decision Autry was that we're all. Al -- just I mean how how much. Tomorrow I'm not saying it would not responsible we -- but it because where you're at work -- and Baker's job to understand mine are grown men making decisions -- there -- no rules against. People argued that it was basically it was a decision of this. You know hopefully you can go party get -- Not work -- not to respect but he -- do all kind of remember what destroyers are. Steroids are not whatsoever and -- is well. And -- quiet side it's what we want your team and city temporal world champs. You have a choice my -- was the best point and -- -- about what. Victims at the bell attitude I was our culture -- that was the culture in which he operate. That's plenty to say that the -- courts and that last week before Clement was bombed out. You want to say that would that would it was all about Barry Bonds. You -- explaining your your your horse while you carry out a professional aptly. Thanks and I want I'm the best player in the world thing. Not getting. First -- actual information that's sick in the -- they allegedly found -- I think that's how aptly things like the one point 1988. That it -- but. So we have a certain type of mentality is. Costly getting bigger faster stronger better way to win when it. And it decide what you think that way you know what you can be accolades that you could beat these financial backing everybody -- to urban that you are by a what do we do. Was that well because people want to -- Entertain it was baseball players six or 254 class speed and allowed. -- that's why do they want about baseball and I checked. Key key phrases that with the organizations want that's what the now Steve of course and if P existed back then he would not have done this because out of. Well I don't know I don't know high -- and why I would want your better you know what that is so unfair that and so -- -- -- take the reason why set I would not have done it because I would been afraid to do. I would have an -- to do. I'm not a -- All afraid it will. -- you know what what we had more -- towards not succeed. And -- and not been the best -- we had at least the frame the grunt work to do I was more afraid of elite. The -- there a. Okay about the -- different I think that you. I'm just. Anybody that didn't know what every player is -- eighty players -- You must beat a rare among -- 100%. I cannot stand. It out and I mean I know I don't think I have not been out of had to be -- -- with some are extremely you know what it's nowhere opt out Howard I said I would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I heard I definitely heard and it's only on the -- You don't eat eat eat some -- like why not make -- an equal. Are you afraid more regular undermined our contract then what what you are right I mean. These players we just come clean NC up big. Well I -- we albeit it was part of the game as part of our social structure. And let's walk -- cleaned it up. We can't predict a person walk I didn't do it or he's lying or I Cambodia about race between -- this is all not. I think the players association and and players legal counts each -- get equal to get a similar to the right way to do it doesn't mean sport out at small forward and stop. Hiding behind that Little -- keep -- -- -- And you're you're professional -- which you made a decision to do on. First support specific reason -- air over it's time to move forward Austin collectively antique. Right right either -- baseball's pretty. -- I don't know it just trying to help with -- -- it's it's and un orthodox we abide. With the we shut out the media room. What happened yet -- -- out actually out happy actually told that I was not wanted there and we. That surprise -- Would be -- Mitchell could be almost on the list -- Mitchell never contacted me. To report not contact you. There's I don't understand that all older we'll -- yeah. Even in it would pretty Major League Baseball investigation you know it'll never called you one time on this whole thing. Never. Of coffee to meet with a partially never call me to me with a -- nothing. That to me is. That that's stunning them. That is -- because instead you come up with a 407 page report on on steroids and NH -- H and not contact the guy who broke the whole thing opened. That to me is stunning. And an -- one hopping up the players that -- my book. Think about this -- comments that didn't come assess what what happened out but he and I too high school education for yourself. How can you leap up the players that were in my book than what evidence of that -- -- albeit at the obvious -- Big baseball eight Mitchell. I don't I would give it to control investigation. See that's -- I think your conclusion -- fault I think the read this -- for two cents -- -- -- talk about this I think everything you've done. As far greater value then people perhaps are willing to give you credit for. I think and hopefully you'll agree and maybe you -- I think day their perception of view. Is someone who has an axe to grind. Who has a grudge who is willing to say anything to get attention and sell book. It wedeman -- knowing what they're percent. -- it true I want to sit truth about eight I need curricula and you're right. Did not talk about what I must say what's real August saint what their percent I don't know. Argue what real what real -- I don't have a next brought against Major League Baseball what it it's been destroyed my career. It destroyed my like he'd like bombed from the game that I love and people. And I played with or major back surgery bubbles surgery after surgery how much time of the game they took it away from me. I would never ever let Major League Baseball give or you're absolutely right but I'm not a -- not pick up first. I didn't say I heard say you know I didn't say that I'd just said. That there perception of you. Is such that. You -- wild card. You are your maverick and that's not what they were looking for and date their perception is that you were emotional involvement. Use leading to unreliable -- now you'd go. In your heart -- that. -- argued Oswald I do that every fact that's a -- to the difference is between them and myself. I'm willing to polygraph for a national TV about everything -- They're not -- and that's the way to honest there liars and not not to look so I'm very honest what I guy on this planet. Aren't Mike to grip it and say -- -- honest men on the planet with the bat that is to wear it well sorry I can't be any I can't beat being on. How did Bob how do. Decent unreliable fax those and a public announcement unreliable fax and spoke talked about there perception though but what's what's -- airports. -- perception use that he. Nothing's been unreliable fax and he brought an army of not saying it's -- percent -- -- -- It's not my perception is that Steve perception I'm trying to. Outlook pop what are your perception. I think they should have contact did you I think you've done no I don't talk about the fact what is your perception. It said one thing once and so forth I any trick on wanting -- Just want. I had a waited just 1 all I am not on trial on I have to -- I got that. Listen to meet for two seconds. I'm not on trial here and neither are you I happened this. We don't -- Bob I think you're wrong. I've always been on the -- I happen to think that your contribution. To this whole subject has been enormous and for that to fail to recognize that is. Their major failing. So and that's my perception I I think you absolutely believe in what you are doing and what you've done and what you've seen in what you're willing to testify to. Now that's apparently not their perception but. I clearly. Think you have performed a service far beyond what you -- -- Mitchell has done in his report. And that that's all that's right that's right field are what sent. Right now not very accurate because you know you need you to touch with your -- there's only between. You know you say yes and -- -- their liar your troops there. There's there's there's no you know of opinion or -- -- they had been matter little around the question I answered questions. Directly. I'd I don't share you're opinion about. Why the Mitchell report was when it wise I don't. Share the Machiavellian feeling that they paid is law firm. X millions of dollars and therefore it was a white watched job I don't I don't share that. I'd do you don't you might -- felt they are mine -- I do feel they -- worried miss and not contacting you. But all I was trying to offer was any reason why they didn't contact you which I thought was wrong. And what was the reason because my mom of a maverick American. It added that I don't think they should have contact and end of story. -- the -- Mendoza where he conducted and Hudson were without. Where else are you going to get the truth from. While we're on the same page where. We're on the same pay well according according to it to Mitchell the clubhouse guy you know and some of these -- present -- to them. That's about tackle basically for lack of about it or they got a -- and his -- likening it life right now. Pop -- -- is this the public is more than what you get credit for and the public knows you're listeners know what it does come from. It's coming straight from me we're going to take our idea. Jose we got a -- breaking you stay with us. Can you hang -- I don't know -- quite applicable we're going to call you back is this some listeners on the line at 1 o'clock the you understand are kind of firm here. I I understand you know I I think you are the only I understand it oral comin' from that's. -- -- -- -- -- We're going to call you back okay what can take a break at the break maybe a little bit long and we got some callers that want to talk do you he understands. Are you mad now I thought the guys all right I'm on his side what you picked. My aside -- -- have deterred Matt Williams number you know yeah. Yeah. The guys this whole thing is amazing to me. Both he doesn't all the victims of them will talk about how a guy says I'll let you sit there are lots of years. -- one that you know is we're we're both. Glad to be able to share the tie with cubic this year the enlightened. I'm not delight when I'm on the outward on the quality line you know the god and I that it isn't lost in reacting the Wendell that's me I haven't golly I'll be the first and -- I don't know why why not -- -- Ottawa figure stop and apparently -- -- did we there was what. Bet benefit our families and ourselves and our city art team that's what it. And our ownership the people want their -- out so patriotic on the Atlanta call it culture and understand -- event. We will call you back. Everybody take a moment -- odds that's all come together as a gambling noise. We'll be back where Nobel Canseco. It's all in there they --

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