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Nov 12, 2007|

The Patriots QB Tom Brady joins D and C to discuss his bye week and how he spent the time off

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Are patriot Monday conversation with Tom Brady is brought to you by the new AT&T more bars in more places the new eight in the and he'll tell us you're in the world wasn't delivered as bad as it -- First the ball before it somehow Loria I'm wondering when when bill gives you guys a week off do you Tom. Completely remove yourself from football -- July yourself to watch some games yesterday. No I got to watch -- by your only opportunity to yet so don't watch the game well. I would I watched most of them as many as Beckett -- Collect one last night by the Cleveland Pittsburgh game which would break it get today. And the Ellis sank in with it too so there's some good ones are good or in groups on Election Day. What was more bizarre more incredible to you watch and -- for a six picks who watching. A Vinatieri missed 829 yard field goal to win the game. Well I noted it was kind of one of those one of those nights for the code they have for the chargers -- about it and met them at six Millwood. They were there are bit one point -- in the two point conversion to tie it up so. It's it's. Out of those nights -- Alou at that -- had with with that many interceptions you feel like you're just on the ball and in some other get their hands on it. Make -- interception and a another data metric kick like that so I think the conditions were pretty crappy out there. Now which certainly doesn't help but you know we've all come to expect that both those guys are always going to make better place in the one well actually made it I think to put -- -- been in this situation the Coke have been injured you cannot taught for a long time. You know and and and it's polished challenge -- staying out there because you realize you're always -- -- -- best puncher and you know it was -- after a while though. In Bogut but it's some guys back healthy and I'm sure they'll they'll rally in the Peter yet. Talk -- is an exercise in futility to get -- to comment on this observation but we sit at the beginning of the program. We always set up until this year -- wonder what Brady would do like give of what Brady would do if he had weapons like Manny we sort of saw the reverse -- image of that. Last night where Manning didn't have his weapons -- -- had a bunch of -- -- problem generic wide receivers graduate notwithstanding to try to work with did didn't hurt -- that he was sort of wearing your shoes last night that you had in the past about are going to set -- a good player and united are always had good receivers hear about the river in that situation where I perceive there's so -- well. Being great performers and you have last year that we work we're one of the better teams in league -- on the all of you know as we got them. Familiar with one whip with one -- lately it would which are barred Troy and I shape so. -- they -- but it got out there that like 16 clear exception so. I don't think I've been in this situation like that that. And it got Q you drove -- anticipation allotted. If guys are out there are making great decisions for use at quarterback can utilize I'm good it does reflect on the quarterback. -- -- you know every almost kind of watches the ball and you throw the ball to a particular spot -- the guy and gutsy at some different you that's what happened last night but I noted they can't replay with guys Biggio played with very much those type that they. Come up more than they more than you would like them -- so. -- the more he plays with billion but it may be receiver better. So you you you know what you -- that the I'm really play it. You know it's challenging but on line on the other. If you think you know -- it's really. Paid double it's been more specific about that in your estimation what's more destructive to a quarterbacks ability to succeed on a night like last night up. Patchwork offensive line or a patchwork wide receiver group. You know like a I really think that. Is that they keep great offenses -- office supply and not that that I cannot value but if you -- not I'm back there any any receivers get open. If you it would hold the ball for an outboard second. You do -- so many completion of Europe this you know picture -- -- -- -- the and we knew it would run the ball with the offense -- -- to beat that takes pressure -- the puck in the net you're not -- in that rolled a ball every first down because. You don't want to end up in you know second time -- -- -- So I don't I don't think it -- and -- -- that every one of the game and I think that -- that we we've rilya. You know a lot of great started because of the way those guys that perform so. Above all -- off but the like compete together under in the communication in. It is it makes such a huge difference on any support we've seen like Pittsburgh Steelers -- -- -- There's been a lot of the most from the that that that's -- and so will go in and we have got is an active they have. You know idiot Howard Mudd some of the best like coaches ever coached this game. A when we discussed earlier in the in the wide that you had before this year now you've never disparaged them. Is it it while they're not pro bowl is generally where they could root runners and was that do you think the problem for remaining last night is one of the announcers said he's throwing to spots. And the receiver isn't and that's why you usually you know Marvin Harrison Dallas Clark is in the spot -- picks is going to be yet. Do you throw spots and does it take just a good route runner to be a good a decent wide receiver -- you Tom. You know it's a couple of experts here I think it's. You know guys do you need some type of ability -- the -- year as a receiver -- you know. And we know guys I think mystery away your opening you decided. You know like he shot John and that doesn't have that good speed or quickness always in great position. On the defendant you can use quickness like what. Or you can use speed. Like already put kind of altogether Pierre quick. You know west beaten quickness and nodded but he. Not a big those other guys that really doesn't need to be because all the separation with the other two at bats at. So you need to be extremely disciplined as the receivers well if -- out -- -- 18 ink. You make -- square in. You know what you learned at 15 well -- -- -- on the -- -- you -- I'm expecting -- -- that -- -- And -- 150 -- well I'm I'm I'm not -- I'm. -- -- if he can that might drop that they can view of the people read that now but it like if you you're at your break in field then. Now they're not really -- that -- I was looking for all -- it's discipline by the team with the pitcher pitcher with on the out. And then you know you you need the one -- -- unique you know and I'm always -- that they have the ability. You know and yeah that was so and Troy and he went quick -- wrong. Players that. -- there's a lot of great so because we had this year really -- players well. They're kind of like. Other -- you know a lot this thing in the make you know runner out runner for the next. And don't -- schuettler next for sure oh in the ago. You know I would where he should that you on this particular seat at the back. -- opened -- a lot of that they can make a lot of become a decision making but those as well. It's summit in -- in my estimation injuries seem to be the biggest threat to the pats getting the rail between now and in whenever I'm wondering in your estimation. How much of that is luck good or bad and how much of that is offseason and in season preparation. I think it's both but you know there's no question that -- these existing program and and discipline he's an -- -- -- and -- eliminate a lot of really -- entry that of the net. Come up -- You know like then Watson's injury and Dallas you know a few weeks ago -- don't think you really can't prevent them out like it anymore injury. It's the best is bad luck so you know -- -- always -- in football team and you know we've experienced those -- -- -- -- won championships so are part of brilliantly team that. At each position and great coaching at each position to overcome. Injuries did you you have them because everybody that's and I think we've been fortunate this year and most well positioned to be relatively healthy and that's always critical I think you gotta be overcome a couple of injuries -- You know that should we have in the past so no reaping of the doubt that we couldn't be that you know pitchers well. Always heard the statement again and again over the years give Bill Belichick two weeks to prepare for an opponent and it's pretty hard to beat. Specifically Percival is that true specifically why is that true. Well welcome you can you had to each of weeks six weeks if you -- pitch but you know so. That the preparation -- 14 the preparation important for all of us in the future less. You know kind of the he's an extremely important. They come down the player in the game and the execution of the game so we could be reached agreement which you know coach coach looked at this for on. Off on six on six different order you know on this case in but there we got to go out there. And played that well the ball that the weight. Who Hoosier mid season MVP. On on your either way the league or the team kind of the same thing he can't both be yourself -- and be paid. There's my MVP. You know but they probably. Go to Rick -- I -- in -- I think topic delighted you're and that there's no one guy that that you point out there because. Helped you know all. Admit that I don't want that that the don't and where I could get the ball the west and I'm -- -- can't be and then -- of the and that line in the waited for reform this year not. You know many -- sacks keep that one in the running game you know free -- from the running backs. They've done a tremendous job. They got that big that gave them stretch is the most important whether he would but they've but they've been spectacular. We know you get a discount on a bottle I believe you gonna get them something especially in this christmas season. -- -- opened a delight that. Another look forward but it dip that perspective I'd that the -- if it's like -- could -- -- What do you like it better be more -- more water he's smart -- -- yeah. Well -- what do you do. On year bye week did you like taken him Broadway show did you get away did you escape. Yes yes I got a -- on the left coast -- but sometimes and they in that city Mexico so. If -- great -- only. You know I'm like -- The kind of remind me take that little bit of the pressure off for a week you really don't what -- about. -- are in in the preparation the pressure always thought there are on Wednesday morning at 8 O'Clock on Monday morning. It's a Monday night when you're trying to prepare for she. What -- bill you know nice for one week where you don't really feel that pressure -- grind. It's a really get motivated and ready to go though. Now back it up more folk -- that that I am order you know on that I -- argued that the work. Did you change any guy who -- yeah. I refuse so. Well that's what he's supposed to want to get back to work now change if you don't of those battles work. -- they use that you watched NFL yesterday did you watch Michigan on Saturday. But Clement would -- disappointing. They're advocating they got the rough bark but then you know our state next week -- opened it would be 92 and a stake out these unfortunate in people able to their best part about big loser label would not what we're. Long. But could be worse could get you can be did -- could be sent him to watch PC via this little -- -- dollar and a flames. -- such good you'd want to end blow won't make up for that ticket broker. All right that is quarterback questions who's on top the list you know this is it seemed like somewhat should be undefeated -- organ guys on the team. You get and gays in Ellis you name. Kevin Devin you you get the pipeline now. We we wrap -- up with a stunned that his quarterback question Louis come from Donald and you sort of -- it's a little bit but if you -- expand upon it is this year's offensive line. The best you've ever had since you've been in the league. Glad I think over a nine -- benefit of that's so I'm not perform as well peca I think that the abuse the -- -- that. You know we got last year -- but. You know injury they've been very helped the there's consistency with this group and they they've just been really they're challenged every day and I think it is. What what they base the Mark beuerlein in practice not a traded him at a podium and I any richer and Jarvis. Michael I mean these guys -- It would definitely keep their positions so that's I think really help. Are -- -- line put up with these -- You know -- but such a great job with the communication it's better bat light. You know it is the Pope left tackle and even Logan of course the league and dictators that is that he. And and the that would that would that with that group that well so performance great and we're going to need for them to consider a format away. We expect a comfortable. You know beyond them be right abut today about our and lack of feel like they're like they're doing great. And let me throw the incomparable hypothetical like -- -- -- -- go with 13 days off does that -- shoulder now get upgraded above probable for Sunday's Sunday night's game against the colts -- on August trying to get -- injury report have been covered by three year. Warriors up. -- shot meant. -- job approval right you know played Pebble Beach -- -- right the -- want to have kind of thanks so if we -- -- -- -- so become respect. Listing of -- applicable -- this year will be the first time you swing your titlist iron right. Yeah and drop a fastball monthly begins TV when you when you pull out a seven iron on the par theory. I'd yeah -- we have to catch -- -- the morning but that the -- can handle that with a 102 lead are Tom could talk and it welcome back. Pocketed money to submit your question for the quarterback simply log on to WEEI dot com. And as a W the -- football radio contest paid the quarterback question of the week. Is brought to you like Rondell classic Italian don't let me ask for Rondell that your favorite supermarket deli part Italian style with a Rondo. Oh

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