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John Henry, principal owner of the Boston Red Sox

Oct 24, 2007|

John Henry spoke with Dale and Michael about the Sox being in the World Series for the second time under his ownership.

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Joining us right right now on the line is the principal owner for the Boston Red Sox John Henry is -- John -- Michael how are -- How are you I couldn't be better not as good guys right now what we're doing great I can't imagine we beat the battery. I have occasionally use that's bit remarkable year our policies. You you obviously had high hopes when your ownership group took over here. But in your wildest dreams did you seek to trips to the World Series in a four year span happening this soon into it. Well guess stansted getting odds are against to -- things Smith. I mean a lot of teams try to get to this stage in your team's been here twice in four years you know only two teams left playing baseball and -- one album. Well it's it's really. The great thing he has -- in 2004 after the 2000 foresees in the there was a lot of I wonder anxious to keep this team together and and we've course weren't able to and it would have been prudent to keep that team together is greatest who was as much as we all still. So low that came who support to move forward and we did and we we really beefed up borrow. -- player development system amendment that money that we put into that program -- and seeing the young guys come true there's been. Just creates it is going to creature Larry and everyone associated with baseball operations -- to. The great China. When you won in 2004 was your third season as the Red Sox owner. Compare 2004 to 2007 I mean how is this different how to how is it how's it feel compared to that. If it's very different 2004 I felt like we suffered until little who released to -- phenomenon and feel it DL we especially feel at all like we were all suffering throughout the playoffs in 2004 until the final. Out I've ever -- it. Two 1 point -- steal -- you know we're we work all year long we worked for years to get to this point in our in the playoffs it is stopping the suffering his response was -- -- just the suffering and we -- so. Now this year it's been. If interest having been the first placing -- years to agree you're the playoffs post season hasn't been as much -- -- -- 2004 it's been more enjoyable. We you know we didn't we don't really have that much in her back so it's. What was called curse that good or bad luck or whatever it was we we can't we felt confident this year. You mentioned suffering John I'm wondering if you. True any parallels between being down 3 to the Yankees -- -- to being down 13 to the Indians -- no seven. Of course you in both instances you you feel like in the -- chances are -- Are there are not a good -- and this year we felt a little bit better because we knew we can win game five and we had Josh going to there was a good chance we can win game five we -- -- two coming home. Two games it's not been that difficult for us to win two in a row at home so the fact that we outscored them in those three games 35 assists incredible. John you've known Josh Beckett longer than we have you were in Florida when Josh Beckett was there as well. How different scene now from the guy who was beating the Yankees in the World Series back down. He may be a little more mature birds in. Mostly he's I think he's the same guy he can I first met him when he was 19. High school and he was called cocky at that point but Dave Cabrera here general manager termed them basically confidence and things confident in this stuff stand please. You know he's he's still LA and that's that's what you want -- number one pitcher. You know one thing that really surprised me over the weekend I saw a quote from Sam Kennedy Vice President involved with sales embarking on though you know ES -- -- for the audience out there he said it's not -- -- contrary to popular vote to popular belief. Getting into the World Series is not really that impressive for the bottom line is that accurate and that's really surprising to me. Well it's helpful there's no doubt about it but it 2004 when you win four games it's not that helped quite a bit I don't think we Serb making any market still game five but to the trust me you we'd love for this to be four games in our favor but he's variety in the in this in the first series could -- angels I was told we've netted 200000 dollars of that series before travel expenses so. The these are really games that are produced for the benefit of Major League Baseball players. And -- is don't play there are are signed through this is about winning and you know woo -- when I was still a lot of money on Daisuke Matsuzaka we knew we were sold out this season's those. Obviously there's a lot of we do that it has financial implications that don't necessarily true to the bottom line. Every team has its own personality that personality develops as the season goes on. I read some comments from from Theo talking about this team in their professionalism the fact that they in -- young never won more than five -- -- lost more than four road during the course of the season. Are you more comfortable with the personality of this team than you were with the team in all four not more comparable as comfortable week. In in 2003 we began to realize this isn't. A special group of guys -- became very close to being in the World Series two year members. 2003 so we've been able to I don't think it's an accident that. He was put together -- group of people Atlanta Larry would wait. -- we our first press conference in 2001. Unions -- that doesn't want talked about the kind of -- players who want to have in this organization. And he who has. Has it -- it's such as you are our baseball operations group. -- have have viewpoint is that and if you can see -- this is really the group. Players who you don't see in fighting you know see people taking shots at each other that you sometimes see when things aren't going that well we have periods where I think for about 50 or 60 games you play 500 ball that you didn't see anybody blaming anyone. -- that. You mentioned earlier you eluded to it that. You have beefed up you're you're scouting department when it comes -- guess amateur scouting I is that in terms of money spent turgeon isn't the budget is it manpower I guess were -- which would come back the money to what are the differences I mean how how have you beefed it up. Well biggest differences that has been that we have we have paid a lot of money to players and build down of the draft because of financial concerns and we dictate who we we're we've taken the -- criticism. That in baseball -- doing. But that's been a big difference split we've we stepped up international scouting and still a lot of money. Offshore so it's it's. Is -- -- key issue for -- we we we have to be able to develop players and and we're doing it to concede. Players come -- through this system I think the assist recently that the 2000 Aquitaine Wheeling and went. Starter Trot Nixon and was home grown and that's quite different this year. We talked to Terry Francona a little while ago his regular weekly visit and he was completely totally uncomfortable talking about the possibility of a contract extension beyond next year. Is the owner of the team as uncomfortable talking about that right now. Yeah yeah we're we're trying to win a World Series he'll have to push I get into contracts on players -- managers general managers were or. Laura Fenway Park that at this point the most important thing is to keep ourselves focused on onto donated and and trying to win a World Series here. Well it's always a good time in my opinion talk about a new Fenway Park but that's a different story for a different day we've talked about that before -- but just just a follow up on this Francona thinks so. Seems to be clear. I'm not going to lose you'll see the manager's contract at this. There's no agreement in place. No but no more questions please an issue let's let's let's get past the World Series and then left tackle that. Are you comfortable with your team's home field advantage -- and and how much does it mean. To a team I mean we just saw a team win while the last two games of the AL CS and I think a lot of it had to do with the folks at Fenway how much does it mean to your club. I think so too I think. Being hit a you know there's there's -- fans -- this seem to be as vocal as normal of the first two games against Cleveland -- at the last two -- especially the last give I've never heard that way is blow it that is hilarious gains seven hit it had to play a factor Boutros between them and the fact that we have a DH. It and -- home then we don't on the road is that is is a big factors so very appreciative of the American league disabled defeat to nationally yet this year in the in the all star game and -- and that we had as a result I have a home field advantage. Can Josh Beckett was the winning pitcher in that game too. Oh I didn't I didn't remember that. Yeah yeah not the first person to say that the crowd was a little different those first two games people mention that a lot of people mention that I'm wondering if you have any theory on why that was in those first two games. Well I think the last two weeks swept the angels and I think a lot of people well we -- just going to buzz right through through Cleveland and it was the Yankees have been I just think total a lot of people media fans everywhere except perhaps our front office. Took billion in a little too lightly and I think that they that's what happens this before at least good for the los Vegas odds make system to its. And and make us such a big favorite in this series it is it's a strange credulity went. When this team we're -- -- 12122 games but. But I don't think our fans we're going to take Iraqis slightly. Is it possible. Four Red Sox fur -- to get greater than it already he has yet and played to an empty Seton god knows how many game semi. Red Sox nation is a worldwide phenomenon can it actually get bigger I don't know you know things like every off season did that there's something new. Bit this seems to take it and -- started the process of taking it to a higher level I've always been what people refer to as a trend followers I think you know whatever -- -- whatever particular momentum is it is involved in. You know things we have been -- they ended persist through that reverse so but just totally there's a persistent who that we can I -- I think we're not going to let up then. And taking this for granted we're kind of going to try to. Increasing interest if -- if it's possible did you -- it is the level of fervor that we see in ballparks are around the country in cities around the country for the Red Sox nation what we see here at home this it's it's extraordinary and it's it's. It's it's just so a lot about the people of this organization from the take dictators the kind of experienced people would get at this. At the ballpark that we all -- so much from from the top down I think two having a group of committed talented passionate people and as. Has really helped this dominated them the other fact it can't come out and support essence sell out every game despite hike ticket prices we couldn't who could feel this kind of team -- -- the stands and knowing and so if this. When they make its data data you're -- institute thank you were competing so passionate. Prior to 2004 and continuing through through this what we couldn't go out the 2004 -- it's our -- has not been so willing to do whatever it took to attain these prices and two. To an -- to invest in the watch these games them no matter what no matter how frustrating it had been over the years which just. Remarkable and so I want. I want to thank everyone today. Red Sox nation -- this this tremendous support this tremendous for her. Final question have your fellow owners in town reached out to you you talk to you at all since clinching the American league pennant. Yeah they have level oh we all have a great relationship oh that is different owners in this in this town in this. We root for each other and it just -- incredible passes and see what the patriots are accomplishing and the Bruins are off to a great -- and we know -- Celtics are going to have agreed here and it's going to be an exciting team to watch it and so low we spend time together we talk and we root for each other and that -- -- -- happens every city. Congratulations on the American league pennant best of luck in the World Series we're certainly looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. So my it's it's it's going to be I think he's going to be a tough series and and an interest. Thanks Charles Johnson if take our -- that is -- John Henry principal owner for the Boston Red Sox joining us as his team prepares to take the field tonight at Fenway Park game one of the World Series. You will clear every pitch every single at bat. Right here on Sports Radio 850 W media

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