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May 20, 2017|

In a conversation initiated by a caller, Arcand debates if LeBron has passed Michael Jordan for the title of best player of all time. He goes through both of their teams and careers to compare the two.

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Wish to Geico. Do you need homeowners renters motorcycle or RV insurance Geico could help you find great coverage at a great price to protect all your belongings for more information and to get every ball go to guy go dot com today. The home for Boston Red Sox baseball Sports Radio nine. 93 point seven WEEI advance man he HD one Murray's box. Now that's WEEI trending now. 8 o'clock on the nose here's what's trending now on WEEI and WEEI dot com brought to you by Dover Honda visit them at Dover Honda dot com Celtics in the cavaliers game to the Eastern Conference finals tips off tonight at TD garden. 830 start time cavs lead the series one game to none in breaking news in the last hour Brad Stevens announcing. The Gerald Green will be in the starting lineup tonight in place of Amir Johnson again Gerald Green starting tonight. For Boston in game two against Cleveland. That tips off again tonight at 8:30 PM meanwhile out in Oakland California the Boston Red Sox look to bounce back after their loss last night. And they got Chris Sale on them around 935 start time kennel gray admin. Will be going opposite sale for Oakland catch all the action right here beginning at 850 with cattle layered. And the Herb Chambers pregame show right here on the WEEI Red Sox radio network. Whether tonight is brought to you by arch pain it is presently 74 degrees out still. I'll I'll suns just about down and when it goes all the way down we're gonna see temperatures drop as well down into the six months at night on sports. I final I'd just under an hour here Monday night our candy and for my. I February this year tonight phone number 61777979237. Text messages to 37937. In your tweets verified actress generic in. Red Sox lineup tonight looks like this move you bet leads off. Dustin Pedroia batting second gender Bogart's third injure Bennett candy back in the lineup hopefully can snap out of his old for fifteen million slump that he's in. Hanley Ramirez batting fifth DH Ing Mitch Moreland at first Jackie Bradley and senator singularly don't do any catching and DeVon Marrero at third base fine Chris Sale. And he'll be going again against Kendall grave mint. Who is pitching tonight for Oakland tonight and give you Oakland's lineup because who cares. Although did you see that home run tendered at last night to see that jet tendered at a home run off Hector collect his last night that was one of just those. I there's certain ballparks we're seeing my home runs really kind of carried but the last is just throwing these meat balls up there one after another was brutal. In Pinter was just. He almost like a coral popularly Billy Madison when it's a golf ball like that's how bad they were teeing off on Alaska's that was brutal. And pin there just crushed 11 way way up into the in the upper deck in the it was is tough electoral Hector the same team that the Red Sox put. Forty runs on in the three games last year GAAP. Lastly here as the over the course of a series with Oakland I think there was one point where there Red Sox were averaging like a running inning. That's how badly they're beating Oakland their in this series that think they averaged a running inning. May even more than that might elect one point four runs per inning against the Oakland. Are they crush them. But just listen I just gave new line of the bottom half of that line of not very good. Moral and Bradley Leona Moreira. You know I mean you can say this team this is they've hurt either miss more than that. And Ben attendee at their bat cleanup and and over twenty whatever slump I mean that's that's a rough. How you feel about the people who were. Crowing about how great their manager's job apparently is now archery. The sites Vinci Chris young and for a pitcher yet I don't know who was doing a lot of people I wasn't Red Sox putter down real. As in red cent well as a work straight. There's a scene you know uses apartment or eat and that's why though that. The whole folly is you know criticizing the manager. It's so hard to do it and not look like tested. Some with an agenda either pro or anti Ferrell agenda when you when you talk about the manager it's so easy to cherry pick that's all the good that's all the job really is if you think about it. In largest cherry picking Gooden bad decisions and then bringing them forward and you know hoping that there is a guy who signs your check seizing your way that's that's really put in an injury is in now. You point every single good thing that ever happening you take credit for everybody else points every single bad thing that are grabs and blames you for it. And any and you just hope it shakes out your favor but it's really all just BS if you think about it. Really it's all bogus. John Ferrell I don't think he's been much of a factor this year and I think he's really. Factored in positively or negatively I think he's made some good decisions and he's managing the bullpen pretty well. You know I don't think that the real big problems with this team have anything to do with M. You know it's his fault that Kyle Kendrick had to keep going on pitching it's his fault that that's the bottom of his lineup. You know so then okay than it has to be his good date Chris sales so great and Craig Kimbrel and smokey bats and holiday you have to give credit for Ferrell there and I feel stupid doing either one. In out there obvious blatant decisions that he makes that end up screwing the team over. You talk about those and we makes the right decisions even if it's obvious yet talk about those so otherwise you can't talk about it. Without looking just like that total hypocrite or someone with a very obvious agenda one way or another. And I just think that's boring in sort of annoying to. It drags the conversation makes the conversation now matter you know. That is just one of those well it's either this or that you can't. You can't convince people otherwise. I just think that's you know it's sort of ruins of foreign. Ferrell does some that you know. I don't like I'll say it but I can't just you know you can't just look through everything through the prism of drunk girls an idiot nation have done this you're. John girls okay and it doesn't matter that he did this if that's it then we can't you can't go forward to your secret. Cool somebody do you think it's more fairly critical. Of of dump brow ASCII and front office for that. When this. He was tons of market yet say yes that's earnings I would say so I would say I think that this. Team being hit 500 when they should be batters more the fault of the front office and as the manager I'd have to lose and I'm absolutely says. 6177797937. Is the phone number let's get to your phone calls here. Celtics and cavaliers about twenty minutes away from tip off if you're heading into TD garden and feel like I get some of those. You know some of those jitters he gets in takes on the game feel free give me about 6177797937. Andrews and payroll -- injure. Anchors and you know in my diet quality at what you know me it just one hour and do what I get three. Random different bought mostly have a bigger ones on the block I get critical portrait you become a morning show couple you know. Our party and Aaron I like in the morning Joseph my technique in the morning just as you too much of a liberal agenda is funny but as I this 1 question of the morning children's to the court. Must lay your dad must love Roemer in trainee and Tomas yeah. If I'm through liberal than they must love those again it's. Correction every time we got in the morning and whenever years redirect to box here turning Eagles G source. And operate. Like what you want Angela what they patronize you. If you like hockey I feel like that's what they do they think if you like you know Europe you know Europe and garbage like hockey and I think how they do that. I don't know of any out of matter any slots that are lots. I can't answer questions for them I don't know I don't know why they thing I think that maybe they would treat it like other stories they don't particularly find all that interesting themselves they just don't think it's interesting and they don't wanna. You know that make it part of their show because they don't think it's it'll keep the audience's attention and I think it might be just the simple as that. After. As well that one of the red sludge and abroad it's on the Red Sox you know I think I would not promises to lead the other data sent. They're the Red Sox skeletal looking at Chicago players and they're going to Chicago gains and obviously that is cool product and Frazier Andre right now if they trade talk prospect the taught preacher. Who strikes now every other plan to get up and can't get on Reagan base. It's a fighter rusty tomorrow. Well I think it it's listen I mean. You don't really have you need to do something at third base would you say. But we've got what it ought to try that I would or we don't know trade why we don't know what they're trading we don't know it is what the optics of this are we have no idea what the White Sox we've asked for all we know is that it's gal went and watched them play at that. But regardless to give up anything of anything of value front war five or our own worst version of atoms on I think that's. Not. And yeah McConnell liked Adam Dunn hit a weird sort of way he just that his arms in. Adam Dunn but based operator that you get on base it's true it's true. About LeBron not the greatest basketball player typically the game I just think he's proven that. Have a problem again in the last years I started thinking that at an X in section into Salt Lake in the point what we thought. That's one of the best we can play Afghans have ever seen in close. You think when he Ottawa blocked or that your big of a catalyst needed to get an assassin like she like Colby was attacking me who that he has that ability. I get to that Golden State series. There's nothing that I can think right I would like five or six when Jordan was in his prime I don't think there's anything LeBron does that Jordan couldn't and I did that everything. He does in the fact that. He'd like reading where every year you know he's got a ticket to the conference finals. He's dominant most dominant athlete I've ever seen united and they need not the greatest of all I'm just. Split hairs and ideas that Britain being on he is absolutely out of this world. Yet now he is Andrew and I agree with you I think that when all said and done he'll probably have that title but I don't as I didn't hesitate to do have a guys still playing you know and mainly he's still as. Many years ago here I'd say 456 years. You know what if he would've he has a massive drop off in his play what if you know. One of something else happens I don't know I don't know what could be even happened in the NBA smelly he's got us thinking like stare you know what if it came at the heated steroids reviewed steroids in the NBA like I think one guy ever got busted for steroids in the NBA was Rashard Lewis remember. He gave usually HGH or something which is weird because he didn't seem letter in the end all they yelled Yang you're not trying to hit home runs. You know late if it came out LeBron James is on steroids I wouldn't be like yeah. All I know all of the how could that possibly be he looks like a guy and they're huge looks like an NFL player I assume most NFL players' parents they are joining that these eighteen years old right yes and you know Dwight Howard looks like he's on there like a lot of guys look like they could be odds are not saying they are. But you know that I was trying to think of like. A scandal they can ruin his standing of of play and I don't think that there is when there's no. There's no competitive advantage type thing in the NBA the you can look at lucky you look at. PE the abuse in football or or in baseball or even I don't know even an hockey I'd Celine don't hear much about. Lewis shot quarter threes reliving the great. Things that are helping him yeah you know but I think what LeBron in terms of being considered the greatest of all time. Maybe skill wise yes but he's got hit that six title mark. They Jordan. Yeah added I was there on the air I think yesterday yet to do that. I mean. You know do we include Bill Russell in the in the conversation here he played it was too early when he dominated and won eleven rings I mean you can't. You can't just overlook that you certainly can't overlook Jordan you have to keep in context. You know what Jordan was able to do with. Our prominent big man on that team ever. You know who was the best big man on that Purdue will Perdue Horace grant park right heart rate Luc Longley. You know that was a guy who in my what Michael Jordan big year in and year out when the MBA was and had pretty good place you know I mean we're talking about. You know the desolate years of this of the mid soon well I guess it was sort of a late ninety's but you know. That's when it heads for Jordan had to go play baseball he had to take all time out from for basketball for just a little bit there but you know what I mean. The bulls in in Jordan they were they were rude or wrecking machine they were phenom you know you'd. They're like a comet that only comes by once every every so often. And you haven't seen anything like that since then because now you know free agencies treated much differently. And there wasn't really that kind of big time dynasty like the spurs were around and they won their titles in the lakers won their titles and guys sort of went back and forth. But you didn't see anything I don't know I don't think southern Jordan bulls right now he did Jordan bulls were their own sort of special thing there for about a ten year span. And the leak was it was very talented yeah it's I mean it go through some tough teams need to go through an incredibly good. Jazz team twice. A really count it's sonics team. Spurs team that gave her obvious and a great team Olajuwon team that won two titles. And into work or through scrub teams. Wants six championships in eight years. Six and eight years in the through they lost they lost in the well I fill us in the semi 9495. The to know Jordan your. So. In the two years before they won their first championship they lost in the Eastern Conference final. So they were there sort of knocked it right on the door. And then went on to win six and eight years in the through their losses when Herndon play. You know Michael runs been beaten a finals. I don't know does that matter. Does it matter that LeBron is in deep in the finals and Jordan wasn't when he got to. And messages of of like reception a legacy to say that you're six and oh in the finals and certainly is something that. And it goes in Jordan can't I mean you can't discount. I don't Jordan's years where he was playing baseball as he is the only Barry twos like when Ted Williams is fighting in the Korean War as late as big gap. Of time where the team just the hour his stats weren't there and team wasn't as didn't think Eric Korea more resentment that they had you remember IRA Jordan you get. Kicked out of the league for gambling allegedly. You know according rumor has it that he was. He was told to take get briefed through year's sabbatical. Whatever for whatever reason it may be a study. It was great he's certainly top fifty all time player tonight. I mean he never ever Robin was really good but he was he was a limited player offensively. Yet it usually bats in the wee what he did does it ever played with like 12 combo like with a we have posture. A lot of anarchy that. Q a rising horrors note George tour and yeah other elite scorers to be paired. Now he never did hear about that. That was a great player it was a really great player who never quite got the did recognition you deserve is. He was ever Jordan Manolo was never curtain. And did in those two years is a good player in even when he left he left Chicago and play from Portland for a couple years at the end pretty good then that but. He weighs. I'm trying to think of like a comparable player he'd be like mortgage remind green tie in now. I guess he was in the league today adding Skype tip would be a better version Adrian mongering. 'cause the defense was there. The ability to guard different you know types flyers was there yeah tackle Leonard exits at the movie might require Eleanor. Maybe not quite as good as Kohl eyeliner but better than dram mongering. That's where I would put Pippen in between those two guys. But would you say that between the players Jordan play with the players will brought us played with would you say wade is better than anybody. Jordan ever played with in. He had. Yes. Better offensive players share. He was a superstar in his own rate you know before he played with them Pippen was never Pippen was always sort of there were Jordan. I think that matters maybe it shouldn't but it. I think that's that's other thing you'd take in consideration when you compare that to him I mean. Where it was looking like it was can be Jordan buyer right away certainly LeBron closed the gap especially with coming back 31 last year but he still to say that. He's now definitively. Than Jordan I think is that silly I don't thinks. Yeah. I wouldn't I wouldn't go there either. Pierre reliving you're talking about starting fives that were action Jordan Pippen grant our great. You know if two is. Paxson. Hit in grant cart great LeBron. Those teams looks very similar to the first team LeBron brought the finals and it does Fannie gas I mean there's there's no Pittman on the esteemed. Eight it was a different on the team's booby Gibson. If you caskets Antawn Jamison is seriously I mean there's nothing he had he had garbage on his team for a long time. Jordan until and so did Jordan's at a Schuerholz will play. For a while George Bush team it was Orlando will urge I mean like cookies and it was great if you look at the rest the less rest of the roster on those bulls teams. I still say drilling Israel as those say Jordan for now and I'm I'm leaning that way by it in out LeBron still as. At least five more great years in the league so we'll see I think he's gonna break a lot of those records and he may never shake the idea that he needed it great team around him in order to win. You know which Jordan always have over my thank. By you know break a lot of those records and is gonna be tough to look at history and stats and everything else and still say it's anybody but him. Let's go to Mike around with a thought on magic pursuit of magic about Michael Jordan vs LeBron James. I have a gaga was my. They're not all that and you guys steal all my younger than that had no problem I just wish you would not on the got on the phone but the previous caller. They were five endured primal as a problem. I'm 41 this year so you're at around you know I laid. Out. Everything you guys I mean. Well now you have around them checks for Jordan didn't have much I didn't close the without that LeBron had a round I didn't they were good luck. They've had to build the Angel round today yet to go about Miami to win that and add to build that people aren't we. You know it may be your and Chaman. And made the team around and that was not great mated to an empire basically. And you know. That the talent around the team league lies at that time in my opinion with a lot stronger than what it is now. How about that I think that it was I think the league right now is a pretty good spot Mike I think there's a lot of talent in the NBA right now I don't know if it's an all time in this situation but I think it's pretty good I mean it. The early nineties as sort of the magic in. Bird air was ending in the bad boy pistons were starting to fade away I mean Jordan kind of took that ran with it. And there wasn't that I mean there are other good teams you know you had your trail blazers with Clyde Drexler an edge here you know rockets with the team and in other spurs who David Robinson a lot of these other tenant they're good teams. And there's a lot of town there's a much more talent in terms of our big man. I'll god that was a great time to be center in the NBA Ewing Shaq in Robinson and you know all these other guys I was it was that was interest thing you you certainly enjoyed that. But man in I. I don't know that that is that the league right now is really hurt effort for talent I think the league right now is bursting at the seams with our. You know early ninety's I'd say it's close. I'd say is pretty close a good time for the league chairman I think this is a good time for the league now. I think you mentioned a little bit earlier to we're talking that the current units and the differences. Is that. There are a lot of Lee centers in the ninety's yeah NBA they are the games change says it's really not the visionary is night and all star position but as a match up against the elites and they still beat those team true. And in. They were essentially their going against ear Robinson younger Shaq Hakeem Olajuwon. Ewing EU they and they didn't have anybody and Alonzo Mourning they still. Beat those. In Mutombo and used first or not and then later on. Those Mutombo Shaq. In the the finals the lakers the sixers. The mid Tom bush Jack battles those are pretty good I enjoyed those. That's sixers team also out talking terrible files in no kidding in and that team is Iverson ends yeah makes. I'd much tumble was gators job I mean the drama did what you're supposed to do Eric Snow. Aaron McKie. This Celtics team is arguably that in that sixth title game I would say there I would say they're substantially better. I don't think it I don't know ominous as a better than Iverson but I would say the rest of the team absolutely. Ers the team is much better. That team that Iverson took to the finals was more like the early LeBron cavaliers themes. You know I mean I was really just and it only team that measure team for the lakers and how the Couric. It was remarkable when Iverson was able to do that season 61777979837. Let's go to Matt Southampton payment. And I would not do that it's. Oil giant beginning. When Jordan Hooper started or edit and Iran in its own outscored. Fifty to sixty point you write in a close. One or browns started euphoria a team around them when pressures on. You want to put up numbers you know he he Joseph Joseph Barton began when you can have a big support after round them. Yeah whole jar and all we did it. Okay. He did that I mean an ever won anything until until 91 you know it's not like Jordan made in winner's instantly mean that cripple our. I I understand that I just always thought the numbers are all single handedly he always let Mark Bryant. It even dude. You are your credit you don't want them one but at least Jordan the numbers are and that they choke artist in the beginning. In like the playoffs. Does that mean his numbers are pretty good trade in fact LeBron in and Jordan's numbers in their first couple years are too far off Jordan. Jordan had 2822 and in 37 in his first three years LeBron 20/20 731. You know I mean he wasn't he wasn't out there choking man Heath they might not done anything in the class the Celtics and other teams might have. Might have beaten them but it's not like. It's not like LeBron got off to a poor start in his career he got off to a great start and then you add in is you know rebound and assist numbers here and in a year you can have a conversation about him and Jordan I really think he can. I learned I had not at Al at. It seemed like there was a couple of games there where you really can't let that stand out there you know in my in my mind doesn't. Yeah listen in and we Jordan it's harder to find those you know it's really hard to find games were look like Jordan was was tanking. In I'd be hard pressed to do that buy it again you know I mean this is this is taking in sort of everything here. And LeBron has been in the league for fourteen seasons. Jordan played fifteen seasons or bronze gonna play at least 45 more years and burden that. And he'll break all of Jordan's you know numbers and records I am. I mean he's gonna breed probably all well and as the titles that's in and that being the determining factor yeah giving the bribes abroad pasts. Kareem and magic and Larry for you at this point. Let's see is he so is he is only one left for in the past European tour. Yet they're probably at this point. You know I don't know met magic and Larry that's tough what he had won last year he's got five candidates more than the magic corollary when. Mary's beat them both so if he had won last year I'd still probably save and the next thing you title in the next five years. And and. In the next five years how many more things no one. Gotta give them a shot every one of those five years that's what I mean that's why it's it's hard to say it. It's hard to date put him anywhere else I mean it's just it's hard to. Do and it doesn't win a title in next five years. You'd have said I'd be massive disappointment. I would agree with that he's got three right now three finals MVPs. He's been the MVP of the league four times. And probably should have more than that yep probably in I mean I think you can probably given them five or six maybe even seven or eight. And it wouldn't a look at weird but they like to you know elected switch it up which by the way I think is very silly. That these. NBA writers have so much weight they actually control how much money these players make you know if this thing last night with that. With the first in the second and the third all NBA team. All those players get bonuses. And it's all determined by the writers. So the writers are basically dictating how much extra money these player on top of their salaries that they're gonna make. Lot of power for those guys they have when she sent. That's that's a pretty big deal and you know we know how these local writers and the vote though they vote for their guys. And need to be talking about tens of thousands of that not that I'm crying for anybody who didn't make cannot tens of thousands and and millions isn't millions I thought it was like a hundred million dollars tens of millions. That's the bonuses or if you get up to I think 210 million dollars or 180. Dollar contracts. To the difference. Okay great yea your right. If that's on there that you can and it yet apparent acts that's super Max extension it's only you acted the eligible. By years of service yes we're right and I don't know I thought it was different but I thought it was something other than your right. I'm and that's all in the hands of these. Of these basketball writers think that's such a weird way to do it. And a how is that legal either but I mean. I have is it legal to how does the union let them do that seems very strange to me we have the debris six cozy up to those writers here NBA play no kidding answer all their question and answer other questions take him out for drinks you know Sharma good time. You kidding me. And let him sleep in my house. Excellent 777979837. Quick break we'll be back after this.

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