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How the Celtics can avoid a sweep, 5-19-2017

May 20, 2017|

Arcand talks about why he expects the Celtics to win game two of the Eastern Conference finals tonight. He also touches on the adjustments the C's can make in order to be more competitive.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio we. We EI. Evening welcome hard candy from right here on Monday night has had never my. Nice to have you this year tonight. Got a lot going on here. About ninety minutes away from tip off over TD garden Celtics and cavaliers. Want your thoughts on then also in about while little more than that about two hours away now from the Red Sox. And the Oakland Athletics out of Oakland Chris Sale with a chance to make a little bit of history and Red Sox needed do something about it we'll talk we'll talk with about the Red Sox a little bit later on maybe after after the Celtics took off. As I've some thoughts. And Samoa. Strong thoughts here on the red side. In this you know insanity we keep seeing and I say insanity is the definition is doing the same thing and expecting it to be different. And that's what's been going on here. We've only been playing for about seven weeks now. And every single freaking week the reason why this team can never wanna winning streak. Is because at the end of the rotation is Kyle Kendrick or Hector Velasquez you're drew Palmer answer who the hell else ever. And they can't get out of the fourth fifth inning ever. You know I this team I mean there's a reason why did that right now they're on pace to win wiley 84 games 85. That would be awful and I don't David Price is coming back and I know it's gonna change things slightly but in this is this is a real problem. We are we're in the middle here of of a season that she's not going anywhere. They're treading water that's it. I was thinking at this point I'd may twentieth third nineteen whatever days I was thinking at this point we would have seen this team play some really good stretches of baseball and we haven't. As they are incapable of doing so. When every fourth to fifth day you have a guy's gonna go out there and he's given up over and over and over gonna drive me nuts with his team. But don't have to worry about that tonight Chris Sale on the mound he'll be the stopper he always is. I am a little dubious on the hall. Double digit strikeout then. And it's not because I think resales gonna get lit up tonight or anything like that just that's so hard to do. It's so hard to get that many double digit strikeouts in a row. Eddie's daughter and he's unbelievable as isn't a knock on Chris Sale is just more commentary of how impressive it is that he's done that up until now and even spill. I mean look at the other names of the guys who Don Pedro and Nolan Ryan and some of the like gods you know gods of baseball gods of pitching. I don't know I don't know if we're ready to call Chris L a Dodgers yet he's right there he's right on the edge. But we'll see we'll see oh it does tonight his last two starts showed some humanity. Yet that one bad inning against Minnesota gave up a couple of home runs the lefties against him the last time it was out there as possible possibly get knocked around a little bit of expecting it. But yeah Woolsey we'll see Roy does tonight's 61777979370. Your phone number we got open phone lines here a great time to talk Celtics. And I think that we. Really need to start looking at this year he's in the future of this team and sort of more of a analysts say big picture type scope because that's sort of boring and you know there's those Eastern Conference playoff series going on right here. By. I look at this game tonight which I think the Celtics are going to win by the way I honestly truly deep down believe that and trying to beat the hot taking your be a homer anything else. I truly believe they have a chance to win this game. As I know LeBron was you know publish chest out published chest out and be an all you know LeBron you like you likes to be. We didn't play our best game even you know we were a decade you were plenty beauty at 38 points or was that a triple bubble. Kevin Love had 32 points and twelve rebounds what he's gonna keep doing that LeBron. Kevin Love wasn't quite good enough. Tristan Thompson was seven for seven from the field twenty points he wasn't that good you guys were fine. Ball carrier ring this from shot oh Kyle Korver missed a couple of threes we were decorated shut the bleep up you were great you were very good. Are you capable of playing better than that yet scary thing is they probably are. By they're also capable playing substantially worse than that and I mean like you know there's a reason why they're not the number one seed. They have some injuries this year yeah sure they did so did everybody. They had some stretches the the cavs did especially towards the end of the year. Where they were lazy on defense they turn the ball over a lot they weren't shooting well. They're not in it times can be a very poor shooting team. When they're out of their rhythm and usually their rhythm is dictated by how well the Big Three are doing. You know I mean if LeBron hitting threes for daddy you're done you know I can win. If Kevin Love dropped in 32 points on you die you're not gonna what you have to you have to sort of pick your battles here with the steam. Am I pick your battles I mean you have to decide who you want. Let it be open. Who you want to let beat you if you can't you can let LeBron do what he dies you can't let Kevin Love do that you can't let Kevin Love go off like that. You have no chance. And on top of that we got problems at the free throw line we got problems from three I mean there's just there's a lot wrong with their game. There was a lot that you just sort of looked at and thought man. They wouldn't be the wizards playing like this there wouldn't be the bulls. You know they beat the Brooklyn that's probably the vets is this going on eleven for fourteen you missed eleven out of your first fourteen shots. In a conference final game at home against LeBron. And I don't think we're gonna see that again. Now why do I think that round good question. There are a lot of stretches like that against every team they've played so far in the playoffs. They had stretches like that against Chicago did you counties to name the ones against Washington was almost the nightly occurrence with the wizards. It was mostly questionable can they come backer can they in I was gonna happen through late in the game. In this particular instance they got in a deep hole and LeBron never let up really. You know they never let up Kyle that Kyle Korver Kevin Love. Never let up. And that you're that your assuring there. I think DA in order for the Celtics to win this game they're gonna need some help from Cleveland. Cleveland's gonna have to play sloppy basketball they're gonna have to disturb field themselves a little too much they're gonna have to start turning the ball over. Making mental errors which they're capable of doing they're not the most disciplined team in the world. Despite the ever stellar coaching warned around lower mean. In and you go out there and you hope O'Brien's focus and I'm sure he will be but there's other guys on the floor still got wild card JR Smith at least I got a month sharper and you know other players who are gonna have to share the floor these guys and we'll have to touch the ball once in awhile. Interest in Thompson's a liability on that team whenever he gets the ball because he can at free throws. Then again you went six for ten as a better percentage in the Celtics shot as a team in game one. Which again. There's no way if you're shooting worse than Tristan Thompson from the free throw line the you're going to be the Cleveland Cavaliers at home away in the desert. In the Arctic it doesn't matter that's not gonna happen. And they have to know that and that's why they have to come out and be focused to be series and they've risen to that occasion before they've done it in every other series. Where it seemed like they were completely. Wiped like they had no chance. That to 48 nothing run against the wizards after that game who thought they were really gonna win that series. You know I mean really who was confident after that game. This team bounces back it bounced back all year and it bounced back all post season and I believe they'll bounce back tonight. You know and I don't think it's even got about a clear when that much of the drop the game I'm sure they wanna sweep their way right the Golden State that. You know if they lose one game I don't think it's gonna freak him out they're gonna go all got we're gonna change everything for game three others keep playing their game and I'll probably end up you know doing just fine. And and winning in five. But I'd be very disappointed to see this team get swept I don't think they're teenagers sweep aside I think they're better than that they think they need to show it. Not saying it would ruin this season forming an article the season a disappointment if they get swept they made it they have the first taken a month that's all great. You know it's more than great that's like outstanding. But. I hate to see him get swept is these are the guys were going to be there every year. You know showing you would say show me your short your son that they have to deal with not a sudden sweep aside the raptors the pacers or wherever else. You know make a statement tonight that's what I like to see 6177797937. As your phone number we have one open phone line to go ahead and grab her right now. This is the place to talk Celtics as we get closer to pregame. Here at that TD garden at 830 also Red Sox baseball tonight at 850 are at a start because I fear with Ian in Providence here's a thought on the Celtics. And the draft pick me what's up. I know that much red all over they'll want it to you to grow so what the Red Sox when the game's start just couldn't help and on the well the drive me nuts you. Today the home so there weren't there so we were to pick that I want them to. I want them could it I think it confirmed that the lakers they want the ball is right there really want so. No magic we switch pick this year you've won two we worst critics at their next year. If the Celtics have a better picture than the lakers will switch back to it well by. You're saying and actually it's Randall and Wilson to a mere. That's about what appear. Our mayor Johnson's a free agent at the end of the year in otherwise I'd say yeah sure why not but I don't know I do think you could maybe work magical little bit here. You know our network magic about tweak magical little bit here don't work on magic you know wanna do that but I digging maybe three from a little bit you know that he's up for making the dumb trade here and there remember with the Dodgers like he'll he'll do it if you tell me magic. Listen we really love Alonso ball below given to you will give you the number one overall pick if you give us XY and Z. I think he definitely consider it even if they even of age has no interest whatsoever in Alonso ball in his clown show father. Then you still tell magic your adjusted. You tell magic you know you can't imagine the Celtics in the future without Alonso ball in the big Boller brands here in Boston annually you drive magic crazy outdoor match dumb although it. If I wanna hear our spirit yeah night thanks for the call I appreciate it let's go to Nikki Cranston meaning. And reality aren't what's on the. I know it's out Paul but the Celtics starting lineup what is going on DeWitt Ian with family and well. I love I do love watching basketball watching the Celtics team is amazing politically the game it's unreal. Are you like current day lakers manner where you were a lakers fan growing up what Judea how'd that happen up everything that parent that and you grew up glanced around. I did and hagee and how that happened what happened you. So what would that bottom up with a late in what in what air Howell the many on point but it's when he filed case you're not lately where they made Kareem and all that stuff you miss like on outlook and around them okay see this like it's on the right or even still I mean you had a seven Alito and I'm 22 analysts think you know and he just. Celtics word for you hunt. Not now and plug that hole betrayed in the pick. I'm not I don't I'm not I'm not a fan of that that'll be Ellis helped either team out. I'm doing to help out the lakers on doing it is on our Magic Johnson over that's a message. At that. Not nothing difficult for the lakers in the open and confident self metric then maybe you swapped and whatever send over to reprint or whatever he was and but our depth on call about the starting lineup tonight you really think Gerald Green. In that spot. Gerald green is and that's ground out and do ready should have been theirs that a green. I honestly don't care who starts making it matters who gets them it measure gets the majority of the minutes I don't really care who the starters Amir Johnson's third place five minutes impairs your enemy that doesn't really make a difference. Yeah get a quick five minute in the news off the court an indictment. I'm saying you need you all the way Jalen brown played a LeBron know the vet did better on any of the Celtic that we credit when I'm abroad. So you do you get home after watching him play the play also has a rookie. You've given that starting role in the Seattle the more competent. I thought maybe they would do that I cited some you might scenic in that thanks for the call appreciate it. And they become a leak has been an increase in that happened. As the the Celtics for a little importantly. Again yes and I mean because he was a partner evidence Rhode Island Italy excellent all his friends must've been not I'm all the time. In our balance my you can't just beat you can't just be some loud and proud Laker fan out around the neck which crap for every day. And you are mean at this scene that seems crazy or what crap catching early two thousand's and they are winning anything you don't Laker fan and Kristen had stepped catching any added you know lake. It doesn't matter if you're in the work in the Yankees are good be wearing a Red Sox had people are gonna give you craft. You know I mean that's the way it is it is it is odd. But as surprised as users start earlier is nobody is a lifelong Laker and the big AM okay turn. Whatever exactly Ian was saying. The lakers are gonna. Swap picks that year effort to move up one spot well doesn't magic Johnson and add them he's not Smart that is pretty done it took Carl Crawford. Josh Beckett. And then wondered whether Dodgers didn't you know and take off after that the guy you traded back to was in the end up being less energy am lose no that's true he was involved in input into. You know I think medics dominant narrative style I think that is always bad apple event in baseball against them was you know he wants he's played he's he's Vegas showman through you know like he's either b.'s think it. Think I could big ball or brand that his guy wants to be in LA Lavar balls like this you know. Lightning rod for all the talk to be talking about the lakers in the hardball and Alonso ball and all this stuff this would be great. And he lights LA's so you know mobile be a good fit here. But I just gotta pry him away from the Celtics even if the Celtics don't wanna be an act like you want as you know magic want to let's go to Jack in can't and major. Don't question did you. Let's and I he would act. Which Ella or to Orkut. Each pitcher really really great picture but that if you look at it stack. And that he'll win out. It again right yeah any I am aware that addicts at Tampa. And it thing I'm trying to say it out. Cops I was watching a baseball network at all I'm kind of at H Wellfleet amount 63 at all we I. You look at the cops can't sack. Pressed a lot wouldn't it in our area there and act Kendrick and let a little bit teary. Yeah and your. You know anything at all thirty I go oh I coached baseball a long time and I it's something. The most expect it to you in the hole exactly what you'd do well why do you. Extend a lot it's called HE. And I are I don't mind it you know that's like climate stick to get used to eat eat well yeah sure. I don't I don't mean that the act you know accusatory. It I love that guy. Later accusing the degree accused the who did. Oh okay. When they can we know Clemens did PD everybody knows that and that's okay you get accused Clemens I wanted to finances that on the record that. Hugest part earlier while people are able steaks or. And missed our flight deck people like act the same way to beat you will air act and small but he lives. Yet the hatred in pitch until it was forty tool like Clemens that I mean that's a that's a big difference there Jack Jimmy Page or start to break down and you know he's told he was still able asserted you know savvy. Get guys out as a as a veteran by. He wasn't you know he wasn't out there are still blowing guys away at age forty lately Clemens when I'm close 61777979370. Your phone number we have to open phone lines to go ahead and grab them were gone up until 850 year 850 on the program sort of awkward start time and Oakland 9:35 not 10 o'clock. So I'd keep the phone calls coming in here as we talk Celtics get ready for that game get ready for the Red Sox Chris Sale on the mound. Against the Oakland a's all that on the table here on Monday night. That's a more much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. We'll read your Sports Radio WEEI might ignite much not here. I know. Tra I hope you're sitting down that. Pretty startling news to a lot of if are kin and for might go until 815 here. Phone calls 6177797937. You can text in a 37937. And you can tweet me is always at Christian are can't we have one I repeat one open phone line. And that has not been the case much today so our guy and grab it and we'll get to his many phone calls here as we can in the next hour and a half and then we'll go over to workers Lawny in the Red Sox. As Chris Sale takes the mound here against the Oakland Athletics are let's go to Robin New Hampshire with a thought on the Celtics Arab. I don't know what's up right phones pretty bad let's see if we get through this year. It's not gonna work for your absurd looks poppy on hold here on how to put people on holds I would that's better now let's better guide. Up okay. Great thank you I've been here and I never heard a lot here. To get Bjorkman took a puppet are exhausted. What was gonna prevent that's helping Kate tonight I'm just curious yeah I don't know I don't know. That's necessarily the case I don't think that they looked tired I think that it looked like a typical bad Celtics game of their missing open shots early on in. You know let the other team get off to a stretch they were so tired then. There when outscored might you know nine points in the second half they they scored 36 and I think 32 points in the third and fourth quarters so I mean. If they were exhausted today had a funny way shouted at the end of that game. And get the cavalier management was was quoted on on some of the new somewhere saying it but back came out from there and little things at the pulpit of exhausted. Maybe they did you know maybe it's possible I don't know I didn't think that there looked at and think they would to gas that outages what they get typical you know Celtics off night which they've had they've had several. You know it's not like this is this the first time we've seen it that's why I feel good about it. We've seen a bounce back before. And Cleveland might be to get I mean I think we all know that they're too good to beat in the series and it might be too good to win a game against. It's entirely possible they're really good. By. First of all the Celtics beat Cleveland once this year they've beaten them in the past. And there's no reason for me to think it you know this this match appears so much. More one sided than it's than in the last two years that you know the Celtics just have node no prayer of winning a single game. It was different two years ago in other caller from when I was don't keep the same an angry guy gets swept again. Bye bye Cleveland and that's the same thing that avenue two years ago we have a two years ago you were the eighteenth. McCain any of the ones she and I don't think they're gonna it's what they really don't I think they're gonna win this game tonight. I don't know if it's going to be I don't think it's going to be an easy win. Which is pictured this you know just consider this. If you hold Kevin love the 21 points instead of 32 and you may 80% year free throws instead of 50%. That's a game it's close down the stretch. That's a game that down the stretch and I know that they were off to a big lead that maybe they were coasting a little bit Cleveland was and I'll even allow for that. But they would've got out that Gigli I don't think that the same way if Kevin Love had a normal night. You know he's not a 32 point per game player we know that you can't let him do that to you you can't fall for every time he goes are perhaps taking. They fell for every single pump fake he threw. They were like Brandon meriwether out there Brandon meriwether I swear to god. What fell for every single play action fake any opposing quarterback ever did when he was on the patriots. And that's with Al Horford looked like he looked like Brandon meriwether falling for every single faith. And not just falling forward fighting hard. Flying through the area now in the Jordan logo posed as loved as watched them go by he announced that. You see these feet go by Kevin love's dad and stay out there goes out that it's look out below it and it's. See if maybe we can maybe illness anyway now be mated IEA made a mall that's what that's what's going on. Let's go to Matt in Connecticut with a thought on Jalen brown payment. And Christian ally now it's. I think Jalen brown should start. Calculate that the Celtics. You know it's tearing it is if they get they represent themselves well. Good for them they they have a lot of things all over them in the future what they have diluted there could start in about. What they have to lose by starting Jalen brown I don't think all that much I think the Jalen brown is you know if it was gonna be somebody instead of Amir Johnson I thought I would be. Either him or maybe Gerald Green I think they're going with green because he had a little more experience. He's a little bit more word you know adept at creating his own shot off the dribble may be taken got to the basket adding browns and still do those things. But between them green is just a little more polished if that makes any sense. Yeah I think he is part barely more polished I think he didn't get the chance EER I feel that he's going to be a special. I think he will do in Matt let me also say this I think degree it'll play more minutes than our Braun play more menacing green tonight. Sure you'll see more ground lingering. Yeah at all that it matters so much to start and it doesn't falling. From the kids that are twenty year old kid who. Played that that defense on LeBron jeans is that they're the first game. Give on the start you know Mac confident even though you know you're gonna lose you get on the star killed that cop mystery goes it it it is in. The world about confidential Russert his career. You know actress it's one series true that's what you're I think you can get special player I think he's going to be he's going to be there are a lot of panic comment I think. They'll be the steal of the draft when people are like number three pick Jalen brown will not expecting. I think you can be that guy technician out you know while the Celtics had really gotten back draft. Yeah I think you're gonna be saying that absolutely thanks for the call I Jalen brown. If there's say if there's. Light at the end of this tunnel I think he's a big part of it. Early stats with the intentions are. I don't know if he's ever going to be you know like I sort of think about players in the league in Willis Willis rookie ever be that good like I was thinking the other day like you mark L faults. Ever be as good as a guy like say Kemba Walker. Who's a good player he's very good he's very quick are great handles he can shoot the ball. He's on the team that's kind of going nowhere and you know they're not if but he's not one of those elite point Gary's not Isiah Thomas or courier. Irving her you know Kyle Lowry Europe on that level but he's he's closer enemies got the think Marco faults will be. As good or better than Kemba Walker. You know I try and set realistic. Player comparisons for some of these guys is it's easy to get carried away. I hear mark L fault it compared to Russell Westbrook and James Harden in the slate guys. You know James Harden and Russell Westbrook both had epic season this year. The fact the you don't know between the two of them and what they accomplished who to give the MVP two says a lot about. How good those guys are in in in what sort of seasons they turned it. To say the thing mark L faults is gonna start doing that based on nine games in the pac twelve and then not playing in the parliament or anything else and is just a lot so I'll knock it down a peg. Inning mark Al faults can ever become a walker okay than they are pretty good player or anything you know avid franchise changer. Jalen brown I think has more chance to be a franchise changing type of talent I just think yeah I think it's there I don't know Phil if you'll achieve it but I think it's there the ceiling is there. Yes our jedi one assays. I was at your peaking at one though and mean you have to mix them on the assumption that. You're hoping they turn into franchise player not Campbell walker which in the eye right there if the line you're saying this is it that you really think. Could be one hop and the key players in the NBA next five years ago sure. And I think that's what you hope for but you also have to be realistic about these things that. United not every number one pick he ends at the end that some ties that couriers pick and Monday thirteenth overall from more than. 77. Quite a few accusing the double digit. Yeah maybe you're right Newsom he's great Orton right. And Europe and Jonny Flynn was the guy on Evelyn and Ricky dad that's straight in the past anchor on to guards. If you like Terry didn't want stuff let's go to Mike in north. Robinson Q8. I don't my what do you drive. RA and in the middle of that tells. It's okay. Just probably. I was wondering what do you think about. What they can get hurt you're injured. You regret and are. Terry rosier and Avery Bradley and that's it now pick none nothing else. Lot of ammunition bloody bank where. They might look like but it ended up at all yet you. Won't get him. MI remember trouble hearing you saw mentally ego but I'll say I'll take the question. What can they get for Avery Bradley and care heroes here. I don't know there's a team out there that won both of those players at same time their little repetitive right. You know one's a little younger obviously but they're both kind of the same. They play the same position. They're not offensive dynamos. They're both pretty good a while Avery Bradley's and only defender icy terror as yours pretty good on defense Natalie parties these goodies better than he's better than average. Com. Both pretty good instincts on the court. Pretty good passers they can handle the ball. You'd wanna packaged those two together and sure I mean even a team that's really thirsty for guards I don't think we wanna take on both of those guys it's just went in now. You'd be trading to get a position of need not necessarily a great player right if you packaging is now the packages in Tanzania this again. Better players here include two decent players and plus you take into consideration. In Bradley is that the duo big payday right after next offseason trail. Is values lesson that it would normally be. No he is right now only make him when he million dollars writes that I'll turn Russia target for one season. You're either gonna rent every animal money so you know who would it would really probably love to have a guy like Avery Bradley San Antonio. He fits them doesn't that count player a lockdown at a lockdown defender guy who's like just the great. You know great role player who can occasionally go off and give you points is eye to smaller you know. Smaller version of the of some of the great spurs we've seen Alley Trojan always Leonard's or whatever is obviously nodded superstar like those guys are by. You know Bradley I feel like you fitting greater than in a system like that most guys would your that's a good point. But you know and Brad out there. You know maybe on the clippers or something like that I think a lot of teams of the interest in in a guy like Avery Bradley how did you not be. Especially after what you've seen him do his playoff you know to get the return that you would hole. It equal now and you're not gonna get it if you throw in Terry wrote jury that's not helping. Well I think you have to include a draft pick maybe next year's 2018 it depends what you want back. You know if you want back. Just as some guy who can sit on the bench. Yeah maybe can get that no one on one the over for Avery Bradley maybe. And maybe that cost maybe that's what they need don't maybe they just need to get a warm body to balance the roster you know that sort of my big thing here's that this rosters been unbalanced for. Basically the entire season when they had a chance to may be upgraded a little bit and put someone in uniform that you feel better about that Amir Johnson at the four of the five. An angry here. George get upset. You know would have been it would just made a big difference. A huge different. And I aide I don't know you know a huge difference to watch so they would've won 1 game in the Eastern Conference right yes. The team would have been better on the roster would have been more balanced and you could have been you know Corsica of those deals army there were guys getting treated for second round draft picks guys who were rentals just for this year's shirt. You know a bark is a free agent the end of this year Ilyasova is another when they're both free agents at the end of this year they both got treated for an Internet bureau there was no I'll tell exactly you have to give a much forum now. Couple a second round picks and voila there you go I mean and there's some guys who are higher brownies in the other ones but it. You know really these there were deals to be made out there and maybe it in that with the other thing he kills me is EG excuse about it now he's an excuse. The rule in the way we play if we bring in a rebounder really. What did you hit so many shots were either Golden State Warriors there you never miss shots you don't need rebounder you guys make shots all the time. You know he missed a lot of sharks and you play teams that also in the shots he's played good defense on. You know what you need when there's a game with a lot of guys missing shots some under rebound shots. Teach all about basketball here tonight a month at night I. I think between. Smart rosier. Crowder Bradley keep to move to. You don't need all four. L yeah I don't think any health or similar things. Yeah your right and a credit front court player by. That we've seen what we've seen a crash I think sit there and improving next season not particularly NF and I hate to say this is the amount of the money Jones of the world and a lot of if you get Gordon Hayward then. If Heyward he got brown you can find a third guy to sort of be that. You know that swing forward in another white guy you don't incur area hopefully I mean you know fingers brushed. But it really I mean that's that's Canon you know when you hate to say the they were better than Crowder first of all I mean I think that's one thing we can all knowledge of superior players better talent. Fight you know I like Crowder I like what he brings to the team like he sort of a glue guy. And I liked it they got him for nothing in that run their trade union the European the big hit their trade. I think that's cool. Great story. Good player provided this fan base was some great moments but if you got to move on from and get better than you move government to get better it's not that not that difficult 617. 7797937. As your phone number 37937. Asian number on text quick break we'll break back after this year on Monday night.

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