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Is the Celtics season a success? 5-19-2017

May 20, 2017|

Keefe and Arcand are in together for the first hour of the program. The guys discuss if they believe this season for the Celtics can be determined a success if they end up being swept by the Cavaliers, or if they have to win a game or two in this series.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you. EI. But not once again Belmont Pat Knight and Mike in the morning. War close to a month now. They're Tellme Mott we'll be back. The very aloof on the day. So loud they TV deal on month so it's risky fear till seven Christian arkan in the house. Closer our thanks. Things are good I spelled it alana and these so I'm feeling great really can't we're remote there manager so it was a lot of fun about that sun dress weather's great it is it's warm out there really is the hot one down there. But there is a little bit different of the sun still up for you do work with a little bit of. It is weird idea you know I'm not used to being here during the day that's always strange Youngstown it's good because this means I can actually leave your reasonable hour in the have a social life for once which is something I don't really get much of period it would stand until 2 AM as we live in Boston and he's closed establishments tend to close around that time they leave one open for you maybe that would be great with the next thing could be our cans pub brake dust somewhere is somewhere like great here and all that after they heard him make a lot of sense really. I'd be in that how do you feel about the Celtics game tonight confidence I actually think they're gonna went and really as you account I thought I got to gonna win I think that you know when invited small amount but I don't think Kevin love's gonna have a great game tonight I don't think. The salvage gonna miss after free throws I think that there is. A game to be won here in this series and I think tonight probably going to be an Internet. Who do you think it's better Kyra Irving or Isiah Thomas. As it comes out I think Thomas definitely had the better season yes it was. Proved out he was voted to the all NBA second team which is a great honor and any deserved that he was. What finished third in the league in scoring and his team finished with the best record and you know he's not playing with a broad and Kevin Love. Book Harry Irving. I think I think that's a really close personal and Irving is a guy who was not very good in game one and very quiet so I'm with you on like I don't think love interest in Thompson gets 52 points in this game the right. Carrier ring go for thirty something. I don't know if he can with with the guards that we have guarding him that's why I feel good about that I think the date. They sort of showed they can do against their ringing game one and I think they can continue to do that I'm more concerned about who's gonna stop Kevin Love your orchards and Thompson for that matter. Because those guys just bigger and savvy here and love I don't know what happened with him made they fell for every single one of his head takes. And I did but that nothing goes flying by just are running right into warmer but they fell for every single time and at the pump fake and in the end I didn't do you get fouled. I had he thinks he's Reggie Miller Dennis our guys if you had taken a lag outer ever they'll give those guys are just an absolute. On tough matchup on the boards would love and Thompson sure I mean that I think it's gonna continue to be an imminent at the points but they'll. Those guys are gonna combined for twenty plus rebounds and arrow how the Celtics to offset that. Because they start Amir Johnson yes he's been a topic throughout this post season. He probably shouldn't but I guess the question is where do you turn from there were cut a line up you wanna start the game would say you're not down thirty to nineteen after the first quarter. It's like they keep starting Amir Johnson to have the appearance of being tall now yeah that's a big threat out there her aides say why watch out guys and he gets to have the whole big show before the game and he's in the starting lineup and that he announced against two announces name and then the three minutes and they pulled out never put a bag and again that I don't really get that honestly am not sure if they're trying to. You know give off the impression that they can protect the Rimmer something by just putting the next tallest guy out there and then immediately taking him out yeah you have to wonder what's the point admit it you know we're we're. Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals have we get someone out there. Who can get into the rhythm of the game immediately instead of five minutes of Amir Johnson you want to game in the wizard series cash people like me out because you're there what does he do when I certainly did against Canada like a pair of anyone he's back he's back to normal. Now I mean you think Jalen brown is up for the challenge of guarding LeBron. An entire game bought. You know the majority of the time that he's out there I think we'll see a lot more and tonight I just I think he's earned it uniting the Stephens has been sort of rewarding him with playing time over the course of these playoffs. And I think year in some more in that last game he was it is good is. Ability to create his own offense get to the basket take guys off the dribble mean there's not a lot of other guys in the suburbs who can do that rather than Isiah so I think we'll see more in him guarding LeBron yes but I guess my run some plays form finish. Or and I wonder I wonder if he ends up starting they haven't said who started it the appellate comes out with another hour we didn't we can look at about it we happening here will let you know but. Obviously there were the number one seed with a near Johnson in the starting line through one about a playoff teams and in the starting lineup but I just wonder if you're willing to make changes in the bulls' series is things are going well. And then again make changes in the wizard series you're certainly gonna do it against Cleveland yeah same thing you think the you can do. To have a better start in the game any you have to do it and I wandered some of best lineups are small. So why on earth can you start the game small now you're gonna there's going to be a mismatch but for example save you start Jalen brown. And Jake Trotter now Jae Crowder probably have to guard either Thompson or log in several what are what are rebounding edge for Cleveland. Okay put Amir Johnson on them. There's there's still for got to five minutes Jeff Barton here right in the you're gonna take amount anyway and he's got to figure out a way that to stop. Of those slow starts I'd be okay with Crowder on love I think that makes a lot of sense actually just four for its door for a god bless him is not up for it. I'd let Horford go down their fight with Thompson like you do with court Todd the last series yes they stay away from Kevin Love even if they do you know fight through picks if they train Fremont that's not a good matchup for you watch these were 32 points and that's been digitally at winning game now Kevin love's doing that he is a chance Horford though they're trying to block his three point attempt yet another and to that does that happens a lot you know you'd like three point oh well as upgrades of you could put him on Thompson now I'm with you and and corporate numbers now rebounding wise have been better in the post season and they work. The regular season just frustrating at times watching in the regular season. Everest complementing his assist members in Margaret passer is which is nice. Peter Nixon a couple boards things I had a Killian a you know he's a guy who averaged over had a game earlier in his career I played around the perimeter a lot Morse who doesn't get as many. But in this series that's you have to do. Also Marcus Martin. Decent enough job I would say at least trying to get under the skin of Thompson right he's willing to body amount even though he gives up half a -- he does but there you that a player that he got a month he barks the right out of bounds I mean that was like bird bump and Michael Cooper then in the front row you know I mean he Griese was right there in your right Thompson much bigger than him yeah I definitely chest to chest. Smarts and bounced back giving you a six you are right there on them yes are they Smart not that fight he's a rock and you know he's that's his kind of game now I don't know if you wanna put him on Thompson all night but it is sound don't you can mix them around and not feel like you getting killed on every pick because. You know Smart allies to guard some guy in the closely here remember him doing getting in against Millsap last year he detonated it using eight I love it it's just not an ideal I would say acknowledge it it's not in there at the knock down shots like they didn't knock down open shots last game this is the team that relies so heavily on the three point shot. When it's not falling especially against the team like Cleveland. You're gonna get one of those blow out type games but they're also capable of knocking down you know fifteen of thirty for three weeks we've seen yet seems kind of similar to apple for. So of Crowder and Bradley and Olympic and whoever else of knocking down threes. That's still probably their best chance. Yet is they're gonna have to shoot much better and really this is sort of the elephant in the room years it. Cleveland's gonna have to album. Clinton's gonna have to play sub par game regardless of how good the defense on Irving is or LeBron or anybody else they're gonna have to miss shots they're gonna have to turn it over they're gonna have to make mental mistakes now and that's the salvage gonna add to capitalize on its gonna have to be a combination of those two things is. If they play anything close to what they play in game one Celtics are going to be reaching up animal might nets. You know what you have to kind of hold doesn't happen you have to hold the day. Help you a little bit run and make it a little easier for you and I think Cleveland after the game LeBron goes I'll that we came a play that well they played great. Did three then three guys the 34 over guys couldn't ninety points they combined for that's a pretty big game yeah Irving did play well invented terror Korver missed the couple fleas and I'll blue who we NLV's the played pretty well. And in a get seventy points just between UN and Kevin Locke that's a good game they have a much word game they can play and then to phase it in hours much worse and I think that's what the Celtics at the hope for really obvious so a lot of south experienced myself included don't think that the Celtics can win this series. And a lot of people are saying eloquent it's been a great season ready 12 rounds. Up and also to the number one overall pick in the draft. Is that what do you think of that here for the fan base to sort of a if they lose the series if they get swept. I don't think anybody is gonna be that upset about it I agree I think getting swept is a disappointment it doesn't ruin the season. Now I'd like if they want I think there'd be a big givers who winning one game against what. If that makes any sense. Like maybe they shouldn't even in my mind it sort of seems like OK this is the team that's in your way. This is the team you're gonna have to keep you know boarding your head into the next couple if they gonna be contenders yet when one game you know show on the year. The U exist and you're around he keeps you brushed aside that these other teams that they swept through right in the playoffs this year that that's what I'd like to see it take a measuring stick the Ares because you sort of knew there was Cleveland and there's everybody else and what they've at least prove it is. There on the top of that everybody else. You know they're they're better than Chicago rather Washington they didn't have to play Toronto and I had to download and a close series to go to the better than them yet but did Toronto was the second best team last year and I mean most every year or somebody else yes whereabouts weren't there but I also. But I love the MBA but one of the knocks on it certainly is. You could predict the finals and and you know two years ago ever recycling local state and it was last year this year is the same way. And I don't know if there's really an end in sight and LeBron playing some of the best bass was ever played in his career you know so let's go to the cavs are gonna make the finals. This year at least the next two. That's not crazy now it's Packers and I don't think I mean how frustrating though is that for the Celtics and then how much of that affect what they do. In the offseason I think you should affected. Pretty significantly you know I mean you have to you have to deal with what's in front you otherwise you sort of look like the jets are one of these teams in the AFC east it. I have kids grown up every year in and complaining on the patriots QB and it's like well you keep count as earned yourself you don't wanna be you don't beat the jets near and that's pretty much you don't mind is like I really don't matter what it is never you never want these players seem a person out there are gonna jets of that whatever the jets have WEEI the -- god is the jets of W media to your question would you say it is aboard. Did you think on the I have a jet. Ha ha covers a Judd producer jet that's unfair project that's kind of gas jet who do you think actually I think I have a pretty good I'd I think generally in the senate what do you think is the jets have WEEI. Poll out you know as I could bring him and a bigot coming. Off the top row because I was you know as identity at all yeah has left it up this several jets at the oh they're several Wilson got. I think about it okay well I'm I'm here till seven so you get yet backed either UT it both your vote in the clear that's very nice. Problem is that we were both mentioned in that LeRoy street trees I think that's I did you say now that they gave me I'm probably like the city chargers at WTI. The company cattle there aren't never really amounts to much study yet to answer will do well lightning bolt yes. The lights out there and yet at you have your own Ricky version of a damn staff and well suited up like an honest it we'll have to adore podcast on the night jet that you know they're out on iTunes right now I think I'm more the since. That he bad angles of WE I really I get in trouble worded letter he had kind of a dirty play him. And it never go anywhere government to play an odd ball out who's in the first round of the blather that we have right now and I thought I'm working my way out of the at a Cincinnati at. You won't fired coach for some reason right zero cents and he guards and plan even though it's clearly not working just as a lot of Cincinnati dangle react it makes sense the the self explain meanwhile is. This there are really great spot he obviously the number one pick the players they have on their team ball the young guys mixed in with the veterans and if they get Gordon Hayward in free agency. What's a player. Last year at this time if you told me hey Gordon your in your free agent at the OK fine which technically he is and I mean he's thus I'll carry you for sure will discuss it ill even if he stays there. He dared to you so much money troop men but he's really improved this year he's improved every year he's been in the league. But this year is an all star he had some great games in the playoffs right legion of food poisoning white. He's a white guys right office fizzled and really a guy out there but if you add him and give up nothing form. That's great but that you're you're still behind the cavs but you're in this weird spot where. Your technically can you know contending her out to more competing. Now. But you're also looking towards the future of the Alec Taylor brown in all likelihood mark health faults. Even Smart usually only you know was he 25 or however old he is so you. You're also play smartly after three very young and outdoor arts theater Bradley's and now only 26 in the league like fourteen yet he's one of the guys who love it because it then they're so young when it apparently outsmart those two went on. They're also playing for the future they don't they don't have to sacrifice that and that's why you know Danny didn't trade any of those exceeding trade a dietary rosier are all still on the ouster so he has the opportunity it. To sort of compete now you know if if something happens to the cavaliers. Mainly a LeBron injury and I got a lady came bus crashes or something audio want to wish on anybody and Fung why then this kind of government is a great deal recipes online what I think was a great deal was that there. But you're you're sort of that next team there but as soon as day. Fall apart in the Miami Heat. A bill that they're going to be unbeatable forever edited they're only together for years and even that fourth year they got to the finals. That wasn't much of a series again but it looked at their fall apart where LeBron goes. Mean we know it's it's going to be that at least for the next four to five years until he turns an arm. Start approaching forty and who knows he'll still be good then advice it at this point you know you have that yet to sort of plan for that and can you put a team together they can beat. This year's Cleveland Cavaliers. Maybe I mean maybe Gordon Hayward Isiah Thomas Al Horford and the combination of Jalen brown and where all this taking there is in the next three to four years can develop into something like that maybe Jalen brown visited generational player may be faults is. Maybe some else happens without those I mean there's a lot of ways that this can go. LeBron is not going to be the man forever Armenia as the at some point start slowing down her you know not be able to beat guys off the dribble or just not be as strong as he is a miners. Let's like and that's probably speaking of the jets that is probably how they feel about Tom Brady's kind the like I agree Max Kellerman cliff but there's so many. Other teams there we'll break eventually will be out of the league and then we can start to compete. And that's the way it is right now the brawn James terrorists but it also depends what's around LeBron. Yeah right that's some very important you know that's makes a big deal yet that that's out just how talented the league is as a whole because. Just a LeBron team. Can't win the title. Like he needs really good players hence why he went to mime in the first place and also by the way. Why he left Miami right let's continue our these guys are good anymore or greats anymore they're good they weren't great. I wanted to team up carrier ring and Kevin Love and by the way that the first overall pick in the draft yes which was a sort of interesting side note here now that's. That was sort of funny because that's how they got Kevin Love it and yeah how was injure Wiggins and that probably wouldn't work junior member in the bronze letter you mentioned Wiggins and everybody was sort of like well that is today had a god GM LeBron came in there yet Selig have fun in Minnesota their buddy but I got the number one pick three out of four years and down. And that's an account in the year they got to but LeBron that's right the dead and two of those picture pretty good one of them was anti Bennett who is terrible god eats he's like get kicked off his team in China or some disease. The worst you know impeccable time. You think so yeah worse than. Has grown brown. Yes growing LeBron at least played a league program that interrupts and when he when he gains in Kwame Brown in your twenties when he and yet. I just remember Michael Jordan on another group homophobic smaller ones and now our daughters our other topic by Jordan of pleasantly for awhile like Greg Oden was okay. Odd that he used all the injuries worth it and those. There's just a horrible play nice to hurt baton back but it worked out for Cleveland Olowokandi was pretty good. He once he was a bad players bad Mary's on the sub recipient I don't candy and this is an ice as they call me if they don't trap some heat from university. Of Pacific now. No probably not. Yet it Bennett at least they were able to flip him and that deal from La right now I mean mainly was awaiting spurred on trade but the but hey there's an upside here he was the number one cash Jack death. Are we'll take a phone call 6177797937. Year coming up it's up mud at night. If you can believe that there's not much obviously it's risky and government curse arcade and Sports Radio that he media it's must act. Which we ski on Sports Radio that we. According to. Their tradition people. You know as well because it will if you know Kyle. Three or four very very good looks that he missed. We had a good stretch book. Not a good energy and effort to myself was relieved to be slowed them. Stone rolls questions coach. They hear that Kyle they're make those open shot thanks on LeBron James they could've played better. It's Arkin says the front court had with ninety points combined the nine that's a that's a pretty good games. Now you could probably play better than you play a lot worse they have some guys who could play better I think it'll bounce solid LeBron you can pencil and those stats again. Every game probably and then the convention and the starting backcourt will be better. Love and console you worse by. It's just I mean it's it's a huge challenge yet errie it's the cows are the heavy favorite for a reason. I'll seal the Celtics didn't even out the series. Here tonight until the phone 6177797937. We got Kelly in Amherst what's going on Kelli. Oh spiritual life are very key IP. Each day that our that a treat or. All I gotta ask you who's the other who's the third year that makes all the difference do you really a we do we start. Aka. That great of negative news Sunday with a three of us beyond their idea would be good news although it was gold silver bronze what we got on the podium with like. I'll gosh let's not go out there and that's and I go out there I couldn't get it. There are covered by the issue which always shortly diet yes and the nation let our. You know I don't know you know I love my. Not our place I'd like animals that you don't like yeah. Although I don't like buttons it. Like I like let you know is doing this track and to be admitting it lately and adult well but I can't knock it. A lot of guys doing that decision these days but I don't know call the dot EE IW excellent thought that. Well I'll just curious you said two of the top yeah they are broader aspect you you wanna talk about the Celtics putting up. I did bring it out yet I don't know watching it slept in here's why. Let's talk about how to lead back up and aren't you liked being the best of the rest fully but at minute that is it to the back of Saturn never gonna do anything but at least with a back I. What do we wanted to accomplish something it's great that he's you know he's couple rounds that is great I like that without it but in another way. What happened a couple of years ago so I start it into the playoffs and we got swept by. The cavaliers and Albert overweight battery that you that it poses a dark and what happened so yet sought by the cavaliers in reality. What that we really if all overdue and it's just still getting swept by the Abu. He wants around in the playoffs Kelly that's a little decide I mean you did you went from the team they got one and done twice to a team that's now on the Eastern Conference finals whether you get swept by the cavs or not that's an accomplishment you have to at least give it like that. Go right I mean. Yeah yeah yeah that is an accomplishment in the senate when your team that isn't what we did anything. You know what's at which we are and I love the south and I'm glad we're getting better and I do think that we picked up I want all the all the whatever acute and the one of these guys. Maybe add another big start or or whoever I think we could it would look into the trap but until we do what a couple into it except. Where pretty much the same as you were the first. Erica thanks for the phone call I guess that's it actually went looking Atticus two years ago when they got smoked by the cavs that's way out and that was definitely a happy to be there isn't a fan base right he's not expected to make the play Elsa what are quick turnaround is just one year tanking one year of you know nonstop watching the bottom of the standing yeah and watching college basketball season they can draft and I thought god gospel but that year it was a what's Wiggins who once that was Parker to woods outsmart to a much Randall though and and the last few years you've been able to focus on your NBA team because they've been in the in the playoffs but yet that that would be. I mean I don't reality check that term has been around a lot after game one rate. But I really would do you think you've improved a lot yeah added Al Horford Isiah Thomas is that much better Brad Stevens is that much more. And yet still you can't even taking game you can be a better team and still olympiad better match up against the cavs you know I mean you can still be a yes though they are better in a lot of ways they obviously have the the once you mean they. This wasn't a mistake this year in May have been sort of analysts say flash in the paint that's not fair either but I mean in an act that in a Beagle once he next year even the two were the three yeah and that. It's billed as a mean and terrible season in this doesn't necessarily mean their season was better than everybody else's but it's just. Kind of a question of well how far. How hard they have to go to they have to beat Cleveland or give them a five games like what's the line of demarcation if you're gonna say it's if you go by the Kelly scale here and you wanna say well you haven't gone anywhere so what if you win one game it's better not getting swept like that's now the seeds and this is a wild success her first season on pretty much they're too I just I think you'll be very disappointing if they got charity. Edit what a tough at the sour taste about the go into the offseason although the draft night will be a lot of fawn with the number one overall pick up more money to spend in free agency maybe it's coordinator murderer or wherever else. But just getting to the conference finals is huge but unfortunately. Again one of the negatives of the NBA. Is. You don't get a lot of big upsets and it's Cleveland and it's gold state those are the two teams that are primed to meet for the third straight year in the finals. Let's go to Vaughn in Rhode Island without bond. They would want it done. Sort of technical core I hypothetical question I spiritual concerns. Were gonna get swept in four. A quote a couple close game or. Losing it aren't where critical topic for all. Quickly. And at worst case scenario look around football which our what would be classic run. What will be what would be your prediction record also I say if you're or earlier that it would say that they're out of their director of series quote Peter prediction it will be a win. I actually putting the feet this series but won't you permit. I'll allied putt there's a lot going on there's a lot and there but I like it because of what he's doing is he's saying are we want to have accommodations of injuries or freak act great would have to occur. For the Celtics beat the pats I really think that on Larry and it is guys like just curious if something where that happens today. Or is that is that need to be two guys but first of all I'd if you took LeBron off the cavs. How good of a team or how about a team what kind of team meeting that I still think there probably is sixth or seventh seed in the east and we may yet if Stephen I think they're pretty good stuff the probably the Milwaukee. Yeah predator I don't know probably better than the pacers are higher than Indiana just because it's it's Paul George. And this really speak higher being and Kevin ma yeah I'd say they're still there probably late. Seminary games over towards artists and the Celtics who beat the cavs without LeBron gesture. Would they beat the cows without just Irving. They're avid well. Now the and now be known that without just third in and I just love maybe. Without just love now. I don't think I think they could I think I don't think beat the series but they could win there when he gets swept the united at least when you game we've seen the broad and playoff LeBron is is really something to be old is yes I Tatum he is just on another level is even if love was out in court over there in the root ball. All entries and play competitive games as the warriors two years ago with outlawed it and that's true so he's so off the charts I think as long as he's there they would win now. If Irving and while we're both on the Celtics have improved enough. Where that might be a series where they can win. But the crazy thing is it's it's really close yet it still would be very close I would agree there it's in town. He's the best player for reason and there's it's it's an easy sort of cliche keep coming back to Vick. You know and you have a guy like him there's really only one other player I can think of that if you put him on any team that team suddenly becomes a contender and that's the rant during decided to go to Golden State's team that already was the content it was 73 win team can see you do you think Durant leaves this offseason they win maybe I mean that aren't and now I'd like to think he waited it would be better for the week. Yes predator around a little bit more but now it's sort of established this whole Golden State Cleveland rivalry thing you don't wanna. Remove yourself for that you don't have to applies yes they'll probably have a better chance to win there. And office I don't wanna get a taste of that and then go out. You know Oklahoma City again or someplace all righty you go there and have to do everything you know I mean I had Hispanic leaders like flying first class he never wanna go back to coach after you can't and I want to first class flight one time because something happened with the tickets. They had a medical warm towel or other forms I don't I don't do that though really is this. Whether that's a conflict for you'd just like wiped down wells like Coca. What had found what exam at all first class news about there but birth baskets whereas with a curtain dividers in class quite exciting out there I've never been that's trust me that I one time that was as glorious 61777. 79372. Ducks Celtics is they get ready. For game one against the cavaliers it's keep an arc and Sports Radio WE yeah.

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