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Keefer Madness 05-19-17

May 19, 2017|

Another self-deprecating edition of Keefer Madness.

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Yes you ready to keep her madness. Remove the cutting edge and talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff gonna be like reefer madness who's going to be in a very normal momentum. Now when I hate hate. Rich he can and I. Got sick you just like god why. That is one strong segments. I've never had a five scream act. This is a special little bird flu was spent the last thousand years ago from my great great grandfather who virus. Something I played I want myself why. Not. Send me naked pictures and I can I yet. They're real keeper Matt it's a wrap up the week and last Friday to format as we had some of the best or worst moment that I and I looked pretty much worst of the week and they were gonna do that here again and or as long as last it's good idea sounds like the idea how logos and we start early in the week it was it was Monday. Remember there is there was still the wizards series is still Celtics and wizards. For the Celtics war. Black Arianna out of the funeral because your. And and I said there's something some considered him motivated the wizards because John Wall was quick to mention it but might kind of put food that Michael said. What does it really matter we had a collar. Who did believe that maybe it was compatible or material. Back Wilmington you're next on Sports Radio stale Hollywood heat. The debt and that they I disagree argued that black. You know close you know things that cocky. Players animosity. That you need Andy here. Just a quick anecdote I thought he years ago I don't amateur special for what it's human. Told my. Is that soccer. Thought that at that might of them relate where all of that Michael how global mobile all well you're development got a lot of how to go about it nobody that any big reflective of the other stuff. There told is it soccer or not there at doctor David. A where I'm at home pulled my lawyers that he got that FaceBook page instead they're gonna deliver first on walk out there wasn't a big reactionary like that when I edit. Don't handle that and a game and that the game want it over. You guys don't see what sort FaceBook page and it just all this came up don't want it during the. As an unspoken thing great stuff. Who speak that benefited what are your FaceBook may add on their FaceBook page. This among one of those are the values the play and it's not currently playing I currently women's soccer it is that I told my guys. I. So Smart guy like LeBron yes they're about the carried by a point guard point guard petty point all of them in the or down. There is an unspoken thing right. But I write this it's Louisiana I don't know if we that's why does the future team for madness of retail I. I. Am office. They had in the wizards may be felt the same way we all know soccer the trash talking in soccer is always thought he does literally pulled board material soccer. And I see these stories on FaceBook or your FaceBook. Like you they'll kind of felt that when their plane has kind of a little animosity wouldn't we all the date they are one on one. Yes. Thought well thought I David I you know yeah we rarely blow that the second round of the blown up now the last couple weeks but that's aren't we probably should do more I suppose I should clarified you know we were blowing the same guy twice and that's generally used for the idea yet just this I know I thought it was keep. Can a guy it was on me but yes so he. Believable Forbes here now on Tuesday. This is fresh off of the Kelly Olympic Games seven performance. And Michael still angry about it my all feel and while he he could not have been in a better mood. On Tuesday Celtics are on Eastern Conference finals. Kelly Olympic was tremendous and we ID Collor was the first caller of the day at around 230 on Tuesday. Who. Well. You know if I let's get to the call 6177797937. Marks in Liverpool mark Europe first on Sports Radio stale in Hollywood keep. There RO Yasser hockey. Popular carrier. So right away can you kinda where you kind of news yes and I think you know maybe he had a liquid lunch may have. That's weird hockey lakers guard began Delgado out we'll keep the minus column from Liverpool zones well that's dinnertime at Australia is that it was that Liverpool then. Is there would know he said it once I asked him whatever you didn't want Liverpool England obviously greener. I thought it was pretty self explain how it's all. Here of course is better yeah where where are literally New York. The New York either drive the whole partly why are very developed and you've got all of the I was in only one thing about there now though there now and there are road Yasser hockey. Popular carrier I'm fine thank you grace star mark what's up. Obama I was an article Carol aren't mark Mary. Certainly I'm the guy that call Kelly Nolan last why not on the guy who predicted he would score point six points but he he says he's the guy. Who called a lick like I was even a thing anybody ever heard. A there was a the next day they only got a phone call because he was claiming that he would Olympic was claiming he would got a call from an old friend. That's when you finally know that though and we didn't bench that don't we never mentioned and by the way and we still don't believe it so now. It's I didn't know what that was was wrong and I we didn't bring that up on the show he brought them on the. A law I was going to call turtle neck and I'm classmate and I called a massive blizzard. If you scored twenty point yeah yes the Celtics with a game because that's. I was doing good today. You know I actually as pundits and yes very good all right. So he called on the telephone so that's Lucy Caldwell I mean now I've I've had better moments in my life but hard to believe I was making money from the one far. So your friends with the totally. Our you apparently now you know Venus payments unit from Boston mass. Always. You've got to be more music wise and I'll get totally on me I hate. He gets hold full blown album version full disclosure so. Where I think is to call them that I was better at Barack I think as I and I was better than now on one's still very good today okay. I'm very that's all my thoughts all on me. I totally bummed you wild. That's one of the worst calls. We've taken now I get it out because it yard sale I don't want one of the words but not be wealthy horse was back yet that there when you feel it's on you I tend to think it's more bad lie and you know when I when I saw what it said on the screen there are on the calls me I thought it was gonna be amusing. And boy what you were road again I don't handle that Edward Leigh were a huge difference all right we'll save as and where I'll play new Ben yeah you should put Liverpool England. Yeah IE you're Hewitt and you still have gone through all Liverpool anyone knows about that isn't from upstate New York shares of upstate going to be an idiot but there ever before England you would have been intrigued right now this guys go through. It was going for me though I mean he made the entire. Paul I know we that you actually from out for me that that's fair that maybe he wasn't drunk may be thought he was doing an English accent on don't know he was drunk and that's is very clear he was an English Jack could I say hi Kelly who's moving. Help a that is Johnny go two weeks ago. It was not it was not about black guys that is good that is in this thing right there oh yeah in the same ballpark. Are we also had. So again draft was a busy week. This draft lottery we knew it was others rap I think we did know how high the it was going to be and we were saying would you trade it for Paul George dated if you get Paul George. He would agreed to sign a long term deal would be worth through batteries keep the player or what else could detainees possibly do with this Brooklyn pick. And we had another idea which had never heard of before Tuesday Paulson Concord, New Hampshire hey Paul where we'll call Cyrus Sacramento but I believe we try to trail rider forward this group. Thought this. Tennessee in the law by Michael let me give me Greenpeace hourly volleys item Michael went in and like the islets just clone it's. Guys. I'm highly regarded figure outside device there's the guy really well Sacramento. Sacramento I think we can get a feel like one all we have to do it's still has given the number what I'm very confident. As a player will call aside Sacramento but I believe we tried to trade Al Leiter for goodness gracious. Save up and I'm independent I am an architect is gold and purple Georgia already don't win. I lift up you know what had been a different song they were given to you when you have a. Is a guy did produce deadly the princess interview. Now okay Michael magnet on the it's a elections here. And really all he's got the first overall pick in the draft. That. And I'll I'll I'll defend our caller may maybe he didn't understand that the original premise was by the way back I got hung up on quicker than the toilet. And a guy who made it harder it is we the other guy is going on antibiotic called Kelly analytic ravens. DJ Roddick and even take DJ he said GGA that's where you you know would it ought to off the rails. The ping pong balls fall your way tonight you've got the first overall pick what group. Do you keep it and pick and take your player and you got anybody I can pretty much promise you. If you walk for the first overall pick for Willie Collie Stein he's on his way to Boston really Collie Stein and parents overlook that. Well how bad boss then you've been hacked something's going on this is not true this is not happening. While you are not allowed to make this deal if they got two years ago and everybody loved around here because a lot on an interim protector ultra protective people was there are many. They are legion big they're protected people good site for touch spur of the day he stinks though he thinks you don't want. And protectors first overall pick them I would not do I would not do it. With only colleagues. Expected to load up he's he didn't tell anyone know what kind of a block down out of here like anywhere there are you're not he criticized recently colleagues and I and I hit. All we and there.

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