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OMF - Red Sox are scouting White Sox players, Lou is worried about the farm 5-19-17

May 19, 2017|

Dave Dombrowski has been scouting White Sox players Todd Frazier and Jose Quintana. Lou is not too happy about this. Tom Brady has a new endorsement. And no one in this part of the country seems to be able to pronounce names.

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On you read it. He explored ways harmonious and forty and I hope that yesterday showed who he is and that we stopped putting him on all of these networks just to get controversial statements out of hand and I think there's no place for that no matter what kind of ratings you're going to cash with Glenn Lou in christianity is gonna stick around here between the hours of 6 AM and then again we must have until little Kim a person in the studio is not a nighttime Glenn how does it feel. Let's but I gotta tell ya you have just been. And it's all. Breaking news technical last it stops. On Sports Radio WEEI. Getting gets all the topics quickly become fearful that four he's gonna fade of about 130 we started at 930 today. Mac and I empire you don't have added reward Donna you're not a story out but trust me I got more than four hours of state power you a question. You like a million of them were you questioning my you question of despite article Josh I get it gotta get to mistress David Price is going to start tonight idiot game in buffalo right against the for Pataki. And not a problem problems from start to do you think they had to go of one size in uniform or two since the last time he played it matters and we have a feeling patron now have a and we're concerned about that that's a drop but this David Price start tonight. May be in his hasn't at the most exciting Red Sox season might be the most significant. Development. Of this young Red Sox season with 2520. By 25% into the season. Because they need him they are desperate did you watch Agassi all of a game like. And so the first five I did I so are kept them well ask if it ends the definition. But he full rate pitcher and what you saw and and and I loved it to be detectable leftists like 28 year old free agent of the Mexican League I think it was Comanche. But gave that loved him in spring training pep talking about start pitching depth he dealt that a triple 2155 ERA you know the best advocates say bottom strikes. There's a Red Sox like about Polanski loses he is just right or wrong on some are hurting right deserves a look at 8788. Out of the baton and sometimes right on the middle and then it was. You have no stuff you just throw strikes deadlock Russert pretty blessed and at a guy like that sixty it will backed out of the Duckett and you'll succeed because at that level down there. It's the hitters young hitters first. Look at a one Bill Cotter a little slider 10 changeup but she will change but you'll curve ball this ticket throw pitches for strikes. It because it keeps hitters off balance. He'll dominate AAA. But when he comes at a big leagues is a big difference between a strike thrower and having your stuff play within the zone. The unique approach to many strikes at the big league level in April curveball for strike Albany that goods get launched. You polo slider and changeup for strikes and their goods get along well that's one tough line of these days. That is not that is not a you know you know you talk about David Price the most significant. Story for them I think it is an off. He's got to come back if he doesn't come back it's gonna be Chris say oh. Port sell all your unique he rod to do this all yearlong hormones that might be too much to ask you need everyone in it. At a price comes back but you don't get Smith of Thornburgh or Pablo you know I mean unique published in the school unique price in you need Smith mean you'll be in all of yeah. And all I do when they do comebacks of price comes back. First outing what's what of the expectations that city five innings I don't know. Eventually went to come back like any product but he's come back next Thursday now we'll. I wouldn't through government with a planet I think Texas you know what it would not surprise communal Christian if he comes back because of who years. That he comes back he's wrapped up in that first game he gives you five innings listen to take them out with a pitch count. He looks really good and then the second and third time out here he struggles. The thing is. Is he strong enough now. Is that arm. Physically capable. Of him going out and pitching every fifth day at a high level for this team to win for the rest of the entire season. That's the question because we are do you have doubts of what happens to him when we get into the post season but. They need to get him in there every fifth I don't know. But they need a they are so desperate right now and last night was a prime example you start with Kyle Kendrick he can't do it who's next Brian Johnson. Is that what the importance of a fifth day John and an interview with those guys he really stressed. Yeah visiting Keith asked them you know why did he throw a tunnel. On Sunday what you just weak and the home Monday eighteenth with the tuck it. You know loud and so point oh is very important key fifth day. So what is he doing stone tonight who don't think that Red Sox. For sale. So why was an important key on the fifth day it's on the same days Chris Sale. It's a wanna bump on the day Monday and get him on the same day as I don't know Palmer or you don't demean or. What was that need to keep my 5 April when a tonight posted it but it what are and he served that they play launched I wanted to but to keep my attract a lot the ticker sales. What is rotation that you want and it's aimed right and not a clone. There's you know what they're disingenuous with everything they say. That you know that it's all spin and not necessarily telling you the truth so there's probably another reason you know my guess would be the reason. This is an David Price is it. I got a dog I wrote I meant everything that's getting up every fifth I got to do a pirate but how much pressure does this put Allen Dave Dombrowski. Who made all of these moves unloaded these minor league players. It's a one seed depleted the minor league ranks. But he certainly did hosted a dinner atonement on a year ago and good but and it's Earl Campbell though now I by employers are now you could really. Are clear out the shelves of your minor league system if you get to the point when we get to the trading deadline two months from now music into yet more Frazier who. Urine urine Boston. To run the players you're in Boston now. Count wind. Can't go to the trading deadline suddenly say you know what I wanna protect the minor league system and that's that is nature anyway he's never done that his entire career. But just gonna be pressure on him to protect. The mistakes that have Ortiz even may. So doubled down make it worse sales and attack again biggest fear yeah an out the blue I think you said maybe a couple of weeks ago. Let's just say it doesn't work out this year. You could point to a list of problems list of issues that are realistic and fair Farrell called it acted just like New England on her own words and an injury finally we took a shot whatever you can you can make a case of Burleson did work out this year. We're going to be better next year the what's what's wrong with just kind of riding it out and say it doesn't have to happen right away. Big picture plan in Boston can tell I know but you know as source also hit a strong GM give me a strong personality that can come back that. It back to be the voice of reason I don't guys wanna win the but I've got to kind of sold everything so I don't wanna do it again. So there's a report out of Chicago. That the our scouting. And the nationals as well Jose can turn left the end this year for 380 Aries the pitcher is not pursue a good pitcher. And in his deal with like three years thirty million so again almost ludicrous they'll deal right you're interest and a few years ago last year you know and and so it's a great deals but the asking price is high. And Ben Wallace and it's at their own farms and get. Because I don't want to give up grooming Deborah this guy who right because he's not Chris sales so I say no one Jose can. And then as Todd Frazier who had forty bombs last year if she died forty home runs that little PS of 767. Now. 76740. Bonds and European would you say got lucky we have two point zombies that under 300 itself I don't need to upgrade defensively obvious he's complaint in the bombs but. All star player and what are you gonna give up for these guys. What are you gonna do we've already gone all in with this farm system. You get great young players the big leagues you trade away all the big prospects for the players so it's just again if it doesn't work out. Don't go crazy don't doubled down. They'll make of the make a bigger mistake. By trading away people that we don't know yet that are. You know a year away from being your number one prospect to stoop to do want to try to prove that you've built the winner in that you didn't screw up. So I believe it's it's the the biggest. Most significant development here with price pitching tonight. What is the Pablo returns mean because you're right look at the hole they have a third base right now. If the worst production. And the highest ever total of any team in Major League Baseball third day if market getting nothing out it's not your better bet effect that it was really was there it's it's not that it's not helping you. It's killing you right now entered it. It's killing him. And if he doesn't come back and I don't know what he's gonna come back to because there was never liked the spice Italy the Pablo was was hanging off from. If he doesn't come back. Where they at third base you're right they're gonna have to do some of Frazier. Guerrero glove got me and catch the engine of course on the game defensively you to the point that it is my fears that he trees way territory witnessed this top wave of prospects. Right I don't want to trade away the next wave. Because you've now created in lol you traded away the next 56 years union guys come up. Don't try to hit that next week you might need them more right now now we're given a situation organization is it. And by that I mean so when you look at look at some Red Sox prospect dot com they list the top twenty prospects and organization. And right now obviously think devers and grow right middles of the guys still bent and either. But they do it in April they do it in June to October so it's pre season mid season end of season and it changes does it change boy. June 14 of 2013. Zander was number one prospect he came up that your okay. Top twenty. We'll keep pets was not. In the top twenty in June of 2013. Wasn't. In June 2014. He was the number one prospect in your organization and it was in the big leagues in August of that year and the rest is history and you've always said this and writes the bigger home. Anderson Espinoza another one. OK so intricate innocent Espinoza in April of 2015. Going into 2015. He wasn't in the top twenty. Prospects in April. Of 2015 not the top twenties now more pitcher in April of 2016. He was number three and you know more pitching prospect that nobody want to get rid of they that this what I mean there is tourism and so don't say so right now the top twenty prospects. You look at their list and they've got him up there there's some and it's not even listed. That a year from now will be a talk in the organization that maybe your number one prospect. They'll just it's a bush should give more this July don't. Don't go crazy it if it doesn't work if you priced hasn't come back or this guy blows on Mecca blows up small little moves okay. Don't go crazy the try to prove that you built the winner in the U didn't screw up. So best of our state back to that you need some strength. To you to see the big picture so I would say that's legit war. That is a legitimate. Maury if you're a red thought man a year in your. You're looking at this team and go back and look at all of the don't listen all the tape and how we help how many games are gonna win and you know who's going to be and everything else and when the division and World Series everything went along with it. But I really feel that way right now. But it doesn't mean it's not gonna change either. The dollar state discretion is the better part you know what you should be doing right now not not don't think about. Doubling down and be all and because what that doesn't work so I see I know they're out their scout but definitely they scout everybody here's what we are. Always tell everybody here's what we don't know everyone we we don't know the type of pressure that. Don't browse he's on these people to look at is that while he's in a president of the baseball operations. But it is the ownership. What was their expectations. We talk to Tom Warner on opening day and it pretty high. Page editor of that sort are great people around thought they had a pretty damn good thing OK so you wonder. When John Henry and Tom Warner bump in the Dave Dombrowski on always. What they're thinking right now. Because they're pretty much unlike a 500 team leader since we were going to be and exactly. So how much pressure is there when you get to the trading day. He's already made major moves he's done you know the a's cleaned up a few of the shelves which you're you're prospect. It is he does he have to double them or can he sit there and say page on the town are we need to be package we patient. What you're talking about patient. They're 23 astronauts gonna trust is a fortune percent to close at thirty million dollar right now we've got him under twelve be a. Or sell those appropriations. Bills via free smoky Sander you know it's it's. This guy's old of that guys older you know if you look at it. Yes they have about it the three year window. Not to say that it can't continue because you can keep this guy keep decked I've whatever it is in the Red Sox rate move on from him he moved on from Pablo whatever he signed more people. But you have created initial three year window with a guy sale. And ports sell for that fact. So. It was just three Willie just sit there instituted this is our year. I don't think you can do that can't confusion astound you can't do that with the owners want to get to give them ultimately respect if he does do that if you do what you get more respect. If he does the right thing instead of forcing the issue that that's what we're pocket ready you before the issue in trying to. Shoehorn in a bunch of players and is he in this regard the future which you know are always talking about that principle not. I don't know it it can get it so well and yet as principal you're all way but at the Joey yeah. And says where fire in your grass now on our director utterly different might its effort if if you if you wanna sit there and make everybody happy you're gonna fail. It's not gonna work. He's going to be I would not on guys I knew I would definitely gonna cost has been coming back barber coming back a price coming back and if they hobbled the end if they don't. Pop all public news be serviceable. Exit at this point time who cares that there'd be less and beyond retirement and health but Buckley to let her. It's edged don't get don't don't give them much run that we we hope you hit corporate basically sluggish defensively if that stuff doesn't happen. There's tremendous pressure on the brows ski. He became man and he's the he ripped apart that minor league system. And you get guys to we're gonna help he's got one ball real well now he's got to follow guideline which now federal I don't know what I tell you what even ahead of the the fighter John Farrell client on whatever they only followed drug withdrawals are right now over here this ever albeit with a hat on looming on the moment ideally yeah. Even he would probably have to admit at the end of the season it's warned depressed you that is unfair you Feyerick tells us you better bring in somebody that's the next great. Manager early in the season it said it before many times here award here but I have that do right now nadu which you know and so there you might disagree with moves that he makes. I refused to give credit for use of pinch hitter and that of a pitcher hitting at a some in this town. But ultimately you know of the specifics just isn't overalls and him you don't mean this is this is a roster this is health issues. We'll watch out for John security. Is win price does come back. And Pablo does come back and you get Karstens Smith back. What you get them back. Watch out pose a month after about a month after you get those guys back in we're seeing in July or August. Watch out our excellence and to meet up to separate they're now waiting. Staged a sit there and say I've got all my guys get guys back healthy would be doing right now is easy we're banged up where her camp but it manager. You get some of these guys back in this still hang around 500. Watch out there. Can they come back. There healthy enough to pinch. But they're not anywhere close to a 100% because of a lot of reasons okay timing everything else they've got to get back into the routine of whatever and complained that on the manager I know. If you're there you will yes. Because you're always sort of for the fought guys on him not to point the finger at him he's not gonna do that. I tell you what it if they continue to play a round where they are right now and get a look at a couple of other teams that have been so far. Really under achievers in the defending champs the Chicago Cubs over the Cleveland and he sure did we not think the top two teams in the markedly with Indians one Boston's two and look at would you look at that the two. You know most underachieving teams and Memorial Day is a week from Monday. That's usually a a deadline that you look at and say okay by Memorial Day. You've got an idea of what you've got to you know really got the experts if you don't believe teams Franken run away with thoughts. Baltimore New York. I think you're good what you just don't feel a beacon run away with not always been backed him who's gonna get things right here. You know America. You played Oakland team should take three apple from but it's awful tough when he get mr. command Chico gave one. A group bomb Iran talks I swear to god just mechanical the only game there I don't get and he said the shift and said he said he throw strikes that's the best thing you can say about the effect of Alaska's don't watch and he gets spotted two runs in the first and top of the first is to be great. Could do nothing me. It gives out there in the bottom of the first inning you watch him pitch and I just said there is no way they're gonna win this game and I didn't do nothing leaked. And I would have if I were a betting man I would bet against him at that point you could just. There was there was no chance of an up and gave up three demonstrated I look good in the second inning the American tied it three to three and he gave up three more. Just guys just know it there's no way and what do they do if I did similar sentiment and apparently lost in translation was shut down inning. They send him out your front I think you could Andy I'd be honest but they initially Texas they test and price is hopefully gonna you know CB comes back in India Nepal Marines in most evil things mechanical or not but it. I mean I'd like to see Brian Johnson beat through three starts tomorrow he'll get I just that you should get to with Regis Steve. The economy's been here for a couple years I didn't want starts and down and choose to a rush route last year you've strategists like together readiness like he would leave for awhile he had all sorts of issues but of Brian Johnson doesn't work guess what you get nothing else down. Not think when you gonna have to make it candor. I should start throwing sticks out. I think it's a a prerequisite for a good Major League pitcher. Specimen serenity 86. 6177797937. Celtics are on the table get back to them Red Sox are on the table we talked a little bit about the so Lavar rebels the office while. With Christine like you all part of the. These are women now back to the guys who don't use small small school small ball one big ball I don't care what big balls aren't I want balls off the wall of one balls in the stands out one extra base hits or waive her lonely and boring to listen don't get me wrong I think he steal bases you can you can run the biggest baseball on Sports Radio WB. Posted to the phone calls six point 777979. 37 and we'll get to celebrate. He says supporting a new car went to the sad part about the patriots pro shop hold and build and run dolby won every one little problem piece of turf field it's right there in the that main entrance into the scheme but it is obviously there's the all right here. One piece of turf like Brett smack dab in the middle of the art. It'll be parked right there on my can be asked countless articles Smart move because I think every patriots fan wants at least one of these snag an adult or on special. A market in Springfield next appear in L and that's what's up mark. Hey I've got to ask glue a question because those kind of sound like he's been hung over the last three days practiced and sit there. What do. All right I'll tell you what. I think that levoir ball went it would maybe aren't being sexist. To Christine. Beatty. He'd say disrespectful. He broke into white speech he broke into the white. Yeah he would wait white broke each Tyler. Two he went into. I we'll tell you who saw what the all purpose of this he would like no use. Luckily she talked to feature. Our children and are gonna bring in our conference race and this from are you more golf. No I'm I don't know why I am too glad to because it's I'm not talking about reverse racism what you got to recognize what happened. He was mocking her not only as a woman and as a white person that's exactly what he did in that moment in their interview. What he's what do you look for quote I can't remember Christian you know what it was. Guy like I believe I once thought I had neverland but let's middleware big contract us to valley gusting your lane. And your lane and then it. I would never Wear olive branch for you wore a hits our no black in America. Hate for you didn't know one. No one of our one at a think at quietly when you say you want. Well he's that you are 84 or a feature. In the future and I don't you just slowed down horrendous as what he did use these jerk when you're reaching your line in that book and collected and I'm just. Friday. When you're ready and are so I went. I cannot get out of my mind the picture of Christian lady with. Strapping on here I'm sorry that's that's my old. It is tough shots out of it it's a terminology. It all its terminal you can't finish it out and now you're thinking and our way mark to use your agenda it's directed to its weight. And do that when the black people. To a citizen adult world what's up to him. He thought Lou was comfortable that's yeah policy and. Guys that does the baseball show and seeing seeing mud on that Joseph. It's not they'll do the job. I think they interview blessing to one yesterday with a double bombing mostly. Part was Howland not always. I would have thrown that blown off this. He and you know what. She goes. He she did say I threatened me she did look like she's kind of a little bit worried he would also it was on the wool poncho with three other gentlemen ms. Leahy and that's what the judge ultimately. That is chaminade and then god out of new you are chaminade he needs a god. Is commit is comparing. Long long Waltz and it tale in how mr. Layton. Treated him insane insane this and it's and it's on engagement by a writer routed Iraq. At eight being black you're really Mir and will not look at a white woman because he will never win that battle in Lamar blog was geared on this late. I did I edit from it right from us the whole. The Jim let me let me let me receive the bombers Tuesday night. Peace he's breaking. It's hot outside. Yeah. Column off you threatening it. Hey Tim why why should Colin Cowherd or anybody. Ruled against all off the set because you don't back like what he's saying. You rob because he was controversial. You thought it could ensure ratings because he's going to say something. He's not edges you know speak you know phony talk he's going to say something in the you don't like what he says. She did the right thing she went right back at him she did the right dedicated to ripping through he did. And really how it would like kip and his spot in so let them skip Bayless and irreparable. Because these are ratings may OK my thing is she he should. Add her back walk it gave him bought rap instead of go to old old Christina I know what he's trying to say. Either whatever back at all you know what. Well one why why does he have to have her back she's a woman. There's friends as a fraternity at the back of the brain. Let's but I you know what's gonna happen GO. Glad that threatening OK now I know it's PC America not. Flop or impedes the I've voted but you know who guy that we may read ad and I get looked like go get. Two holes and you'll put in Orange guy and were. Our who don't Trojan to vote in Russia and Russians don't do it again on the puts him in ice ice age with breaking news and you just skip the month. Regularly heard from journal magnate was on that note. Eight Charlotte back inside 98. And I did notice that guy did. Not a citizen route took a lot of heat on the tech slide okay. That he was he was playing this whole game with it but they called all of us idiots when we are talking about the whole Christine glee that but the warm Margaret and its excellent. More of what we're doing the exact same thing they really believed that we need to collect and protect Christine way she if she won't apply. In the same. A marine camp and peach tree every bush embarks if you wanna treat everybody the same and that's the way they should be treated right. Think you can't play the game of Colin Cowherd should've gone in there and protect water why were. We're protecting the woman that's not what this is about the genders are equal. Well I think a lot of that reaction was. Maybe she just changed her mind to me insinuating that some longer accurate which is firmly believe and I think if you're. In the media business. Happens all hurting. But it just get my name out there I mean it's it's that happens you've seen it all that time. Why would she react the way she did you know Tuesday afternoon this happens. She reacts the way she did it comes in Wednesday she makes and other stops about it some more suits you would welcome any time and he you know would love to have them on again they could have been no discussion. And after a day and a half 36 hours on Thursday it was like listen the stories about the go away. Unless you're you really want to opponent and and you turn yourself into a victim and are you offended in no doubt get more legs on Thursday 36 hours lidge comes on change of mind not just of one Monaghan. And that house she was you know he just respected and everything. This year don't they I don't understand how you cannot be suspicious that. That something like that happen because you think this is I think that's a possibility because this is a network that is desperate right now we probably have as many people listening to a straight downwind with. Then they do when a national show across the country flooding and I don't will not work they know they Helen Wright and that's why they brought levoir ball long like twelve times on the free agent network. Because they know what he's going to do when he's so yeah anything is possible maybe she came up the idea. Maybe she did it on the wrong let's give her some credit. Maybe she said you know what I'm gonna milk disputed shoes I'm gonna notice that you achieved Smart. John symmetric. Just. How big golf itself. Not only John I had a funny kind of might find its Goodyear for a yes. I want to run that I did not commit possible pursuit of quality team and yes he. That it immediately. And if you're talking about adding time place and that's seen them back that out. At that third base. And I think that animals that would get us. Too deep in the playoffs and see you back into. What Chris leak you lose it's slipping and handle a pitching staff that and. So you wanna give up groom devers and it's a couple other prospects just. I mean I mean he didn't aftershocks that I have spoke in in Chicago in a walk and his head and I got a big leads. That they're going to be willing to build this kind of I mean you blocks. You rush Saddam seemed right for the seen in more questionable about Apollo and what it would be viewed as yet although they feed our admiral. We don't know when that will pop up again. So I mean if you Cooper Pollack from the bullpen and you are in you that I am content at. That bit out of fuel and certain to ball pretty immoral parlor to the bullpen. I'm it's just to get Donald. Jared from Rhode mayor of a metric you know. Really inefficient turn one wanted to hit and votes from within 31 it's one of the most. Overrated story out of line with the Red Sox have scouts watching players. Everybody's got its routes they have advanced scouts they have a reason that I mean does that fall low. The it team guys are in charge of of 113. Or two loans they just take. The nominee David as an album 500 pigs being the only thing that you worry about it. Violent or they weren't. You work 56 months 777. Guys 7937. Tom Brady. Is now endorsing a new product that you want. Want Christian wants a wants we all want more gonna get next. Smart sports' top current multi lingual singer with a force of nature in the film Brothers she wants the foundation for homeowners another one. I've just puzzles play nice and have. Let's recruit was more Fort Wayne reloading and Fauria talk Sports Radio. Mean is it that you something's wrong I know that when you probably when you mess around with the computer and you gotta put stuff in there. That. As they have a little fingerprint view and in each day for this and you all stuff that interest you were stuff that you were screwing around. Everytime I go to my computer and I do pay a search now. Did you guys get the same window that pops up rebel Wilson lost over a 160 pounds is nearly unrecognizable now and they've got like it do fine. With fat rebel Wilson and until the right. This headless checked it is absolutely stunning body when you when you look at it. And then I found at the other day that rebels and not only did not lose over a 160 pounds and she's gained another sixty. And downhill lie and I I get those but I usually get the you render your I get I get the eighties stars where are they now does it look like now that that in that wind is clicked they need to dancing. History. So used to break because that's what I was totally here to get to Tom Brady Unita rebels and I'm looking for Tom Brady Tom Brady has the new endorsement deal. And I know it's going to appeal to all of the patriots fans out there continent yet he will be representing. Aston Martin. You got a couple of those cars over the got seven about six yep the driving around by an element to drop and Hannity DB eleven it's worth. 200. 11100995. But if you know somebody get a for 2101000. Decade so Brady is gone from odds thousand dollars cash back right now if you Bible before it. Yet visited Memorial Day and a half. The good life you know these guys climates they'd like used car lot guy were inflatable guy I'm the only problem we still only be armed. 0% interest Jessica sell Aston Martin's North American president war Schwab. Told ESPN quote we're looking for partnerships that make the brand arisen. And to make sure people know who we all too common Aston Martin are similarly. All lined in their path to excellence. Now not only. It is he endorsing the product but they're releasing Brady's own exclusive line. Did he actually designed himself. And nobody twelve version literally walled up the Idaho like twelve other works how many and. I don't know what you don't mind that if he's the quarterback and his team for the next 567. Years. Sure paid to 111000 for a car that he does I look at us we got to do. As I got that there was that he design yet is to let that's just how much that normal on this iPad is more free for three or 400000. Yeah they were they say what type of specialty items that the car had an aggressive a cook at me like your place for your protein powder liquid bans the Romans and that's got to be and that's uprooted for Natalie and we deals with this early you know we'll try and go yeah I think it's crazy that it's like you know there's always is. You know obvious difference big gap between like Peyton Manning who's who he was always compared to. Natalie on the field but off the field to look at stuff that Peyton Manning does. It's just can be far from from what Brady is shot and Alex. Odd is how more behind Wimbledon purple carrot vs the the pizza company was four compared. A year because Hillary is owed to the IRS or how much passion OK so Peyton Manning is Buick. You're okay dejected mark your guest and Maarten saint I mean I don't get in any is. Otter box. Nationwide is on your side of I mean and and and he's Brady is beauty rest which is like 56 out 101000 dollar mattress tag you were to attack Huard Movado for a while now. So he's science he's appealing to a slightly up a lot lately legal and a lot that. But cheers and what that what what's the specialty items are. When you get it that'd be Eddie Bauer edition look at it now to Tom Brady additions that Eddie bunker. Elicited a Luke they would just say 300 deford a thousand bucks for these twelve Garcia for adults are the guarantees or an insult settlement. On volume horizontal and Dodgers got one dollar taught it and I'll drive a sports fans on this. Create pace out of daylight time on you know elements. You're making twelve albums you've got one which means is eleven. Now if you know top of the Bible but I replied number Landry and Jimmy and get the tenth want you act werewolf pack. Toledo with that you would you spoke in you today ads in those Putin. Tempers are we meet that what I did well it's a big joke it's a. Zell messes up this deal goes on some TV show next week and pitches and says we should only buy electric car that. I totally I mentioned so he was really supposed off Tesla that would really really want him backing that car company. A little wait for the Alex Rodriguez stores yeah we're waiting. Wicket of squirrel moment. We're dealing with is excited right now I don't doubt that we were I suppose there are well adjusted as extra half I was gonna miss him a break about Pete is not hard to see what he's out of the capacity. Think it's effectively done and oh yeah argument that the UN has really done all right that was a half an hour waiting for the winners of the aloha my music is a good way for the whiner line music an editor. It is a good you can always point CTV if you remember so I can't do that I can do that Lou really can't because of baseball can. Listen I why are you tired uses it forever missed the. Secretary General affection or certain guys that you guys aren't dotted cashed out appointments and a a jungle like the guys that search all of these high end stuff he has and it's obvious why he's doing and because he is to work. Is its work force. Because they're selling. Because there are that you know there are people out there that obviously feel that if Tom Brady endorses something recently decided to donate. No echoes what I mean it's like the Tony Robbins and guys in the morning ripping up the crap out of the Tony Robbins thing he's doing all right. But if you Tony Robbins thing. And I heard the guys this morning that the the kids the kids filling in this morning at the that the kids day moves up to the adult court. Governor. The penalties are trying to you're not exactly it makes sense to be as good as ever to you know you don't think it would have worked in the past wide now. You don't think people pick testimony became enamored or Mercedes or somebody came to him 105 years ago six years ago we topic. Other companies that I don't know about the past I don't know why now maybe maybe they have lots of hugs came to a a long time ago it's an upscale product lineup meant. The better question because I did I think it's working with the war that's what it's like it's like to Tony Robbins thing that. And the reason that we're cynical out of work where they cynical business. This is what we do we rip everything okay that's what talk radio is all about we're cynical about it. The Tony Robbins thing for Tom Brady. Is his life. You know you talked about it before you want them stupid S coals of whatever we richter or whatever but your people get better and that by that and I went. Sure a lot of successful people but they pick the of filling crew this morning's talking about well this is also the story Roberts thing for rich people vote. If you look at market slew of LaMarcus who's part of this. What he does is he puts in markets Lemond is that part of the salt like he doesn't think all the profit checked replica. I don't know what your account you don't know what's happened to him America's homeowners who do you see unsold and almost caught up with me and I'm not touching the market. And manufactured if you. Well motives that's how he that he has panel Paul Clement and opponents. It's all right so he he he runs a thing where he helps. Small businesses often. That he can you show on my problem or got it right. Let's see and usually it's called profit and yet on another one now we're helping young entrepreneur awards from the ABC so these are rich people that appeal to these are people wanted people like Tom Reidy. They wanna be like this more as Shlomo as they wanted people like them. He's there helping boost the little guy that wants to win the life of temporary and guess what. It's working with Tom Brady's brand so it doesn't make any sense for Tom Brady to suddenly indoors pop a geno is like Tedy Bruschi war. You know I ice also announced and Michigan. I'm looking the exact numbers but Michigan it's mostly just stick to the Michigan region just agreed. To build like a fourteen million dollar. Football training facility. OK so now this hasn't happened yet. By. I I will bet that somehow someway TB twelve it's either the name. Or some part of that new football training facility can that it's a football training facility it's not a sports training facility. Dedicate to all the athletes at the football training facility. Now remember when Brady Howell. Break been around machine a lot more problems than Harbaugh has been there he went to decided cup years ago with Derek Jeter he's just been involved with them. If he's gonna push his brand a little bit farther. And it to younger people. He's gonna have to start attacking the universities to college football program not not to sports programs but specifically college it's college football programs. Now tea when they finally put a name on that. I bet anything Brady has been some there some sort TB twelve naming rights associated with that football training facility. A T I think part of what he's setting up is is he's bland. Is that nothing is cheap. You know hit that tended to or didn't it into into economic class. What he has already earmarked a certain group demographic group that he is seeking for his brain. Or he wouldn't accept that you say now marketed to last and Martin I want to do Volkswagen I want to do Buick like Peyton Manning desert some car like that. Shaq did you wicked don't remember right. So he's earmarking this group but I think that's what he wants for his his whole approach business wise when he gets out of football. It's all up here. Yes and I agree it's it's it's the 21 million dollar weight room just for the football program. Not at all ball being pliable ploy and I agree with you can and it's obvious you sit there you look at Manning but he's the Everyman. He's that he's what people can put more about real people. Are about as powerful they can afford pizza. A Buick here today and things go our boss I think the common man yes I'm here I talk about I don't know radio by the way I. Locate I say contact what you do appeals and if you don't group Papa Johns whatever happens today everybody if Noriega gave with a pair. I mean everybody just portrayed so until you can make fun of them all you want if I'm Anthony Robbins he's the exact that I wanna bring him because what he's doing it seized it in that those are do you think you'll when they go to their do you really think they get it. The real tools no. There's no one glorify it has announced its apparently according might talk to admit I don't like. Educational tools OK not just hate speech today I wake of the morning if you. Found herself getting close to achieve a really important gold your business or your body and relationship that you screwed up everything sharing unconsciously children out. It's really truly because inside your own head your blueprint to screen limitations so. Big part of my work today if I understand that. 20% of mechanics. Check to make fun of a dollar mark as we're cynical business and this is remind you that it's a mindset but you don't matter could you tell me and you don't know people I know people successful people. Who would buy into the stuff Oakland sickness of and is unable to buy into it believing the good stuff yeah he's just. He does his own thing but it's in listened to a scene on I believe and that's actually beat Angola since Derek is that's how I'd live or successful people don't doesn't. You know as a negative stuff is out but. When they brought this up. I remember court in the morning there was a hundred people called up there actually are going back for the second third time. You back the first time you like it did you you'd use it works for you wing. You keep going back as you mostly greens still litigating mine that was a lot of people go back for second third time that just don't want. Now let's for some people and and other people like her too cynical I would think you're doing and you sit there place. You'd be said in a mocking what would I do the same I mean but there are a lot of other people and you you know Tom Brady's a prime example how many times have you heard Tom Brady. With Kirk and gallium and they say you know people stop epic. What am I gonna do about it not gonna affect my eleventh. He writes it all up he buys into that hook line and sinker and why wouldn't. It's worked for his life he's gone from being a six round draft pick to right now being the greatest who ever played the game he has the potential down the road. Of maybe being a billionaire. Is probably his wife for probably more than halfway there and with all the business and the house. So you're gonna buy into it if it's working for you. So we can market all we want they won't pack that. Packed. Oh my irons and I don't know if you saw but it is almost like a two for one deal going on right now well that's. Let's users that can be to start going down Beckham's okay it's not the pac and house why you didn't want to get away for free because you double the price of the ticket you get two for one and then psychologically. Dope like you know things are getting better deal when you go to the supermarket misses a three for the price of Tupac and I don't buy it. Now I don't I don't know it's solid it's sort of like. You know at a cheap ticket is really about making money concessions. So you bring somebody looks from the same thing that is more reality. Maybe chart understated maybe they not only gets stuck it only ended there but they also again like I said be political back for a short time was. Light surely no no I survived Tony Rodham. People lead on another unpredictable. And you combatants and another Friday we've got to go another hour here fellas us. Attorneys.

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