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OMF - If you weren't aware, Colin Cowherd is CHANGING radio 5-19-17

May 19, 2017|

The Celtics offseason fantasy calls drive the guys crazy. Is Kristine Leahy back tracking on her run in with Lavar Ball?

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On you read each. Fort Wayne alimony and forty and I hope that yesterday showed who he is and that we stop putting him on all of these networks just to get controversial statements out of hand and I think there's no place for that no matter what kind of ratings you're going to catch with Glenn flew in christianity is gonna stick around here between the hours at 6 AM and ten again we must have until loved him a person in the studio about a drive time Glenn how does it feel. And let's that I got to tell ya you have just been kind of. Breaking news Hector Velasquez sucks. Now on Sports Radio WE EM. Actor law and procedures are contractually I'm sure she's a strike thrower and 88 miles an hour. I throw I took the phones we go talking about the the Celtics and this more conversation in the off season really then there is a kick in the in the series reality hit predictable given up the candidate and what you won't watch the games will surely it you know we'll take our little spike. Some people enjoy that cannot and I Connecticut hello Kenny. I'd say don't give. Up the cricket now. A guy Adam again and laid back. Mood we party category seeded expect Peter to open this year. And we we are kind of think in ads over though would the terror they were eager to hopefully Eric where ready. But besides that. Think if we do wind up trapping all of and then somehow the market. What exactly right you'll but I know how the. The markets because I thought that was dead and DeMarcus Cousins like that hold that thread let the species can't do both well we listened. Well and plus went to New Orleans bad tree terrible trade it didn't work out they they grab and hoping that they wouldn't find a way to make to make it into the playoff flee. But you got a new version of the Twin Towers and that didn't work out. They need us any didn't make it all NBA team was the first time and admitted last two years in a room he did that didn't you know Hillary didn't make marketing gimmick now. So not I think that's part. Is overweight. It's all about a guy that can shoot the guy that you get outside it I'm with you on the on the big guy. I do think they need guys you I feel you can find a guy that you could give good money to. They don't have to back up the Brinks truck it says listen you're the foundation of our team now office is gonna go through you know it's not inside out it outside in now. But so much of it is what you would give up to get that planner like I'm not a fan of DeMarcus Cousins I'm not a fan of Carmelo Anthony. But if I can get either one of those colors I'm not giving up much. Course should take those players could maybe I can turn them around in my system and they'll be well behaved then I'll have enough older guys that you pile on after your system is right place oh here's a nation isn't any delay all the way Carmelo Anthony. Okay here's the name username suddenly that's popped out. Anthony Davis I guess Mike warm and mentioned this a couple days ago whatever. And who was it just mention in that court would you trade the number one pick for his body that's who we're doing does anybody really believe. That new warmth. That got in a position to get the number one act. They took Anthony Davis and oh yeah that number one pick turned out to be the best center in the game right so church to be a great player. Are now going to turn around. And trade that guy away to Boston to take a shot. That may be their lucky again with the number one pick in this kid mark helpful turns out to be a great player Y was it already you already get sorted. I think that that's how this is his name is coming up a lot because it's simple it's just got the number one pick everybody thinks its faults the cool would you trade full. Right admitted it needed of course area wells relatively young up and coming player what type of players do you have to trade born that's why is names come up and up and I'll keep the nine at the game's name pop a couple of because that's the question we're all lasting. However when you said the why would you I would agree. But the south until one team that if you knew wall and might intrigue you. If you say I got a great player match I hit it right a guy a draft of the play return interject it every thought. Both the Celtics I get three shots that. You know it's jailed brown faults in next year's number one. You know I mean if you are just saying you have. Three chances and you replaced you know Italy Davis with the markets cousins and other big you know you've got three. Of those picture don't go get what you have viewed your whole don't of the wings score. And you have a lot of you have a lot of credit card an might take it Jim Brown's win score and I and then I've got the mom Brooklyn's pick next year. See I think to get Anthony Davis you'd have to give up far more than that a more formal. You must not give up next year's noble want Brooke you may have the other Jalen brown just don't you all very yeah you have to ask. And maybe more when you start when you just mentioned the BK you gambled a unity gamble you you by its opener crappy positions you've got yet the number one pick. You rarely pick the best player that back that make. We'll see what happens when it's all said and done in years as far as it would draft was battered how if Marco bolts and having a better critic Anthony Davis but you'll want. You want and so why would you even risk starting all over again and gambling with with the hope that maybe even as the next guy's gonna make. It differ their coach dom and they're general manager back for one more year. There are probably on double secret probation to turn the franchise and win some games this year. If you make that deal if you're no one owns you dropped down to an 1820. When he went to that's what you become. It's so I know what you play the game went it who you Europe and it won't pick for. Kate and I think your top three young. Upping come mean that's all it all started and it starts will be at that idea saying hello it was started is that and now I keep on hearing it brought up of the you know possibility of any Anthony Davis strait. There's no conversation about that New Orleans at all. Zero none. I I think that's what started out here who would you trade and war and maybe that's where Gorman was answered and now suddenly a New York people said hey Michael amendment today might be able to get to Anthony Davis now. But it seems it's gonna play and make. It I thought process though is the same reasons why. Committee Indiana would trade Jim bell Paul George LeMieux got a player. You know why Chicago would trade Jimmy Butler the mean you've got a player you got a player that other people want to think that might put them over the top or foundation piece why would they trade. There while they traded the Davis is in GM the manager or coach rather and a funny average deal. Made it look and say OK we we can bring in these new BC free agents. Get ourselves and try to make the post season. Or you're real GM humans it's NC on did you REM gonna Duma finally what's best for this organization. We get 31 round picks three top two with reports. And you Jim Brown muck helpful to the next is number one. It be fired immediately fired at the end of the year because if you do that if you trading Anthony Davis away for that package and suddenly you annoyed DeMarcus Cousins is your big guy. And now we're going with a bunch of parties value your Sacramento isn't exactly your Sacramento all over again that's what you'll it makes zero sense to me and I think it's one of those that I agree the media is taken. A question. Of whom you would trade because I agree. If you get Anthony Davis and you and they're they're they're they're making it sound like you get Anthony Davis for that and number one pick who's. Got it right you're gonna put three other players or two players and two draft picks in for that deal. It didn't work were were taken it to the next level and it's not there there's no Anthony Davis deal. That is on the table or any chance for a it was a 0%. Mixed Natalie can't puts up neck. Not much and it doesn't look good. I I think if he should trade number one pick for Chris that's putting it. Okay think dot I think that I thought that rebound from a little bit and also that second score we need those got two birds one stone. And kind of bilateral debt that outward anyway. Is the same thing as this is the same thing as you can Davis you're you're at the knicks aren't you know but but it is and they. The boos. That that one on when the knicks drafted. Posing as and then you realize holy crap they have a foundational player now and that that now that narrative and to get there held get rid of Carmelo Anthony. This is the problem. They have a player that they can build around. But sold its course of course. They're not giving up on him and active play so you pick. What would. It's almost like. It's it just seems like it's like the Jimmy grapple. There it's like he's not being traded. Browsing is Susan Levy Anthony Davis isn't leaving. It is something that's tangible gives that's realistic no TV or zinc is don't give Anthony Davis. Don't give me degree creek. And in other Allen whom he talking about guys systems that it's who traded immortal oral pick fruit of the Packard for guests vessel absolutely we're saying is so unsettled souls are we say that enough that we would do it. Is that peek at the briefest candidate is economic legs who would do his the only way there vote yeah on us via a do it. And a hearty nudge towards your soul be your tale of course Israel is all right. Loved it but he showed you already because we don't do we don't know those names Kate can pick of Bora. Pick up our people wanted to get the best case scenario is. You're Jalen brown turns into one of those right would you turner Terry rosier turns into one of those you've had a peek of what Jalen brown and luck yet community rapid. You sure you're trading away a twenty year old. Who is already proven that he's an all he medial in the eighteenth and there is no ceiling right now so he's twenty years old. He is already proven that he is a superstar in that late. You're gonna trade him for a package that includes a number one pick. Who might be which you don't know yet could you haven't seen him and oh yeah he's only year younger. Now you're never gonna do this the only way that forcing this is going to be traded. Is it Phil Jackson has a death wish and absolutely wants to be fired if you look at the moves he's made. It's only good move he's made in the 323 years he's been there right. Why would you get rid of the one good move that you may not be stopped taking calls with people who were asking for players start at that are never going anywhere. That's just not happening it's askew a mics in Providence in my. Client sir. Our being a good golfer it quite flawed. Eight put the number 23. In the middle of it and that followed why he is guys within five to seven year next to it it's as retire up. You're not gonna do it so who do we yeah that we compete for a guy. So what you do. Is you try to remain on the on deck circle C try to make he team debtor right now without sacrificing too much for the future. Because it's going to be roll over I hear people say. Well by the time they get here you know I say and and Horford are going to be tool now. They're actually going to be your older players and you win a playoff games with older players Cleveland is an old team right now you're seeing some of that. But you've got to have those young athletic players as well so which do we should we extend this thing out. You stay in the next over the next 23 years and as Lou said you wait for the retirement or more likely are more likely won't likely the drop. There's no and that's that it and that's it and be obvious right even to a guy like LeBron does it mean Danny Lee said. The timetable when is when is it time to goal all Lynn. Right the three accumulate extra you can draft next year's number one number two pick whatever key on this roster. And if that two years in the league trade any one of these guys Jim Brown at the two years the league traded with wind you cash in the chip to collect the LeBron. And it's gonna be obvious. To point LeBron public already Danny. Now eagle on and I eagle knowledge and now you're making these moves is oh you think I'm on a decline OK they you know it's going to be obviously you do when you think. LeBron is and it's not right now it's probably not next year. But in the meantime we talk but this break. But you have to have like. One specialty guys role player. On this roster must think start five somebody. That can. Cover the U Tony Allen guy. Who's 35 now we'll probably whatever we're talking point you guys that cup quietly and it's obviously the vast right gateway dollars and other one he covers LeBron finals when he's against he's freeagent I think it would all change was another one of the guys that have defended him the best in the past. We think Tony Allen's Connecticut duke but to us by Paul George Judy operable on there those jobs should be taken as talking is there. The that execute PJ Tucker was on there yeah I did that work. Well that's good. But it just saying so in the meantime. The utility got to have. I only minute roster is helping a regular season. That's just waiting for LeBron yeah did you 1520 minutes I do something and now in the meantime now. But it doesn't guarantee that he defines us as it can catch up and down but they. These set top how'd that work well you know what I didn't really wants every single men of that game I don't know where they were pills that just that clobbered with her. And and they had no doubt because he couldn't he entity but couldn't come better than a clinic that. The two problems you had that beards and admit I mean the. Al Horford. Yes I I I I credit Toronto four. Adapting their team to try to win this year unfortunately had no chance specimen Lowery injury. And going by the way was injured torn of during the red seas especially down the end he just came back right at the end of the season but think what they get Tucker and they get surge of Serge Ibaka is more interested in taking three pointers that he is doing the dirty work down below he's a free agent right now to think she's a Max contract guy good. Tucker was a guy that they brought in because they needed a guy you're talking about and that's what Danny price needs a chip. You need one of those guys to be able stop your big wing scroll over to stop it which I wanna speed by I just wanna speed bump. His stats but yeah now an analyst stop noticed the speed bump yeah I would I would totally agree with that. But he's so good we start I just Tucker is it good player to do. Couldn't don't against the Broncos will Rogers said in a screw you a Peterson Jamaica Plain. What impact. I think if you are the game that's pretty he's clearance in March but it won't struggling here. It will never accept your opinion and as Big Sur they were in the water. The main event and all. So I think we gotta get bigger stronger and hooligans we're are who had a useful. Indiana they've paid her short honeymoon one point our total of organs are sixteen points he sees things that. Are the bronze gonna overpower anybody. And other than LeBron overpowering anybody that the Celtics put out there the other one the only other guy that kind of or powers people. Would be Tristan Thompson in my opinion. I mean he can push corporate decides he wants to hang out there you know lower than in the box and he's gonna get pushed around Caylee Leonard Amir Johnson. I mean he's bigger he's stronger and those guys but other medal matches up my opinion fine. Those two guys gonna go by media created an important I think that there we approach given their greater effect whenever you basketball. We shift our starting point guard my acting so. You know I don't know what to do there convict and they don't. I was I was on CNN starting with go to sleep I mean I I don't it was a great fix and that's why I do not understand this argument I don't get is it is right. The height. That's all you look at design. Right so. Right now and it got harder James Harden and James Harden is going to be run are for MVP he doesn't play a lick of defense and by the way a big huge key games. It's Rosie O'Donnell beyond just the flow whatever and Peter visibly defense. Who would you rather have kind reader early beta. I mean. A kid that we get it that you. OK let's play it again when I rather did admit I would rather have a dog. Who can average close to thirty points a game they are nearly impossible to find and oh yeah. A guy that does it suddenly skits sweaty in the fourth quarter he suddenly plays it his best and yelled scores every other player in the fourth quarter. That's a guy I want. That's the guy I want. I critical it reported that were sold to lose love love. The room but we have to take to clear out in the fourth quarter you why you. You're trying to fix something that's not broken you got other parts on this team that are broken and what you're doing is you're trying to repair. The best player you have on this team. In a community doesn't beater eat what he doesn't mean he doesn't come out in the fourth quarter he owns the fourth quarter now there might be. Feel free throws defensive replacements. That makes sense in the last seconds of games. But it pulled in the fourth quarter. Not saying that before I I. But he might be part of the you know the package should be routine a little bit bigger and stronger you know. It's a whole horny guy who you gonna give them who you gonna give a month. And who's going to be a point guard. Faults. More skillful. Writer bet your. You know where it somewhat veteran who you listen when such and you sign. She thought she. Was false and you gonna win why. We even when did you was when he sixteen's going to run into my point is gonna fall for your three downs and budgets accordingly. Go ahead please they have the bouquet competitive. Aside I wouldn't mind if they care. But. Amir chatroom and tell Leo limit. India and Al Horford are not physically TARP players. And we need. We can't be given. LeBron James or it didn't have one Paul Pierce and. So what does that have to do with Isiah Thomas GDP you brought up and got it isn't Thomas KP you point guard. Why did you go from that because that's a legitimate point that you make and I think we're just talking about that Lou was talking about actually going and get somebody that would be. That guy that would would all of a little bit solution that Trinidad that might be that you ninth tenth may and regular season. Oh when you play Cleveland he's a big world. All. Want him with a son. More kill faults as I hear this'll that you can trade away guys and talk I'd say Thomas and the split mark helpful some weren't on the job and play all these that. And people crazy if they think they can happen let's look at the Oklahoma City if we care. So we want it that they drafted Kevin Durant. It was the year that Danny traded away the fifth pick overall for Ray Allen that was a long time ago I'm. So you had Kevin Durant is the number two pick in the draft and did you not turn out right out of the gate. To be a phenomenal player. Read it which is unusual that you get a player right out of the gate it turns out to be a phenomenal talent. And is right speed then on top of that they had Russell Westbrook. They added James Harden. They added Serge Ibaka than they had some of those big the centers that they had. And they went ten years with that crew well nine with Harden right ten years without crow an amateur championships that they went. Zero. Uneasy. Zero and people think that more skillful is gonna committee. And a lawless said none of the best case scenario for him would be there just to sit not to not to just say it now played but almost Jalen brown it. I mean you come in spell Isiah be on a quote about the same time six points operation board game average front maybe maybe go up from fifteen an 81 knows him. Kids have that's an average. I don't know what you have ministry. Is what you wanna see. You know the night's USC the moments and if you bring in faults you got to move on from either Avery markets more correct. You know I think rosier eventually takes one of their roles. It will want from one of them. He's gonna get is gonna have more of a role. And a guy like Jim Brown no you know what you just said though if you look at Jalen brown the morning TJ and brown did you what 21 night gave the AT moments right here the moment. And then there are other nights where he scored to a four. I think that's what you get out of market faults in the first year and you try to bring him along slowly bring him off the bench and you may be playing a little bit. War with Isiah and you bring Kimmel launches C Isaiah said that he. Reached out to the two knew each and there were obviously again the work out too so they do know each so they've obviously played together. And I don't think it is a problem when those two playing together. Because what is the point guard role in the NBA anymore I don't know what is. It's not the old you know distributor and that's all I do as I said everybody up you've got to be able to score what does James Harden support card now. We're you know what is Russell Westbrook but they all school and there are all the gonna mourn scores on their team I'd 6177797. We return to more of Fort Wayne Murr moaning and Fauria UK. Forget it shocked you have the value to me happy. Finish up put college Sports Radio WEEI. I'm back here on a hole and that continued for about beyond. Celtics and. Notice nobody wants flexible. But let's talk about the somebody leader factors you were you fact checked not an object you've got to check the math and you war if you have to hit. I mean you have the numbers there if we just Politico we let it aren't we. Does that go what were they do wrong. Bath and not even remotely to railway is working hard together and hope it continues when you think it'll download directly to your it was different all agreed to gallery of them together. No like I did I said Harden going who was not there for all of those are Westbrook wasn't there for almost ten years with that crew chrome nine Hardin right. All ten years without a crew and amateur championships that they were in nine years old I know there are championship that it wanted to get that Parker and I quickly get all of our. That group was together for ten years and only nine McCain's wife. All three okay today when the three to do when an apple and decided that part of I. He'd go to hell are all they would be consumed with accuracy and political that if you look at our. Well you like us out for the worst that trump what. Three years and now under ten I was three I was I was really slow when I think this goes after those guys were together for. Nine years PDAs notes at but he was not doing it Matt how long was erected there was afraid eight and nine and so okay. So the point was that he was a great partner. He came in America where where that TV's trip to this report is Seattle look they were in Seattle when Easter. What you are a lot Somalis don't keep whatever the Clinton years we might prove to the minutia as leadership yeah. I get and today we learned that it did. Imagine all the things we we analytical so I don't know a lot of things that only certain elimination well I thought it was like a Moroccan did as does Carolina economy is real there's some sort of like there's only unlike Arabia it's just a direct him if I can't spend four hours a day doing OK so just let go and then we got. Are we getting into this is we've talked about the last couple days about Christine Leahy and FS one. Boy she's getting a lot of attentions are good for her but she doesn't seem to like the attention a matter of fact. She's kind of pissed off about the attention she's getting. She's claiming that she said some death threats since till four ball flight I hate the teller it's got nothing to do with her gender. That everybody gets death threats most of the most of meant a lot a large majority of them are just people who just set especially on Twitter right now. And wish you surprised that she was going to get some heat on Twitter. Is that a is that what she bitches yes boy it. On the colony idea of if you complain leaning blue please be careful what you gotta get through complacent and union hall mark Garten. I looked at it positively I said that's two more listeners than we have I don't model I have against basically fell about Florida. You don't and benefited and I so late. She really says some stuff to them I'm not sure. Eyes he really understands that she believes right now that if this warm. Should not have looked for a ball on the air aren't. He's you know loud and a big personality which I've been totally fine wet. But I hope that yesterday. Showed who he is and that we stop putting him on. All of these networks is to get controversial statements out of him because that is potentially let it happen I think there's no place for that. In TV no matter what kind of ratings you're going to cat. And at this point you why I think that is I would love for our bonds are about to have whatever he can. What he does that's crap and stuff now first off Wednesday. When stations and I would actually love to have him back on the show and a lot of people saying we should never have moaned again but I would love it if you come back and look meanie I talked means a person. Then yesterday turned into a whole issue. That nobody should put him on I don't care if it's for ratings or not. You're kidding right. Late for the first time in I don't know how long people have been no way Colin Cowherd once they know now he's on fox sports one. They Christine an old Boston you are here but nobody knew who you were going to we cannot miss in talking about them back a melancholy is the greatest thing that's happened to you with the best that after the cowards new show. And end this once and they say that nobody should have a Mon no matter how big ratings are. You look at the attention you are shell is getting beat deep pitching you're getting. Well this is exactly why people want him on a show and a but that's that's a part of it but I looked at it late. Why are you complain. What is so so he clap back that you write that back. Today because back at Q what was the man it doesn't matter if you're on that show. There should be a double standard. So so he can't he can't debate you aggressively distanced rector. OK so if he didn't think in the Collin cower. Or you or anybody else. So I hope so he can disrespect me but she's better but I he can't disrespect he's still the same way here's the thing I had to do with her being a woman. They had to do with him not considering her. Just happens happens to be her on the same level. He thinks she's better than her just like he probably thinks he's better than you at better than you OK. I sure hope you're if you're the boy had mud if you have a girl behind a glass of if your job your brow. Our whoever you're Paul and he's as well Mohammed. May be a failure latest press button there you grow talk right here testing for. The mindset of how many FS one right odious yen it's almost like all like god one of our shows got attention. This is bad but I think deep down these people at the same obviously they understand it's a good thing but she's she doesn't get it. Years ago when you interviewed Bobby Valentine a weekly basis what's the one interview the people remember the most we'd just play at the other day we're threatening. Yeah that was a death reply yeah and I'm just say so suffered casualties after a fellow that was disrespectful. But it's what you remember. I'm sorry when I go back to people not even knowing you're on the air that was the greatest thing that happened to. It shells and shoot out early because that's how she's put her on every single show. Us how Tuesday but on Tuesday. And then eight and then there is a response there's an after show that there was a podcast and Arizona hosting another show that there is the next day shows. And then there was all publicity really out of it for you any horrible show that line so she's complaining about her she said she's getting death threats. The death wrecked in the year but I sleep early and everybody gets on its aggressive so. It sure picked on especially within your picked on what are you get to know all the time. So you're picked on little bit so he didn't respect you now because you're a woman and because respect women in general I don't maybe beast down with. I don't give me Oprah went for maybe he doesn't talk to hurt the customer differently. Hannah Storm maybe he respects her career a little bit more than he does Christie Leahy who's basically a sidekick. She's a woman because she's a psyche of all of. Active liver some things that she said about him and didn't and it like it's actually rob could be like a part. It's an act earth are. OBY and she handled it she hit it find life right here it was finalized it a good job and then afterwards and you know what I'd love them back on the show. It was interesting yesterday its site. I don't somebody Geithner ear nation of Austin if you continue to play the victim this is gonna help you more people talk about it so. Now you should come out talk about how he's just this is why we shouldn't have him on and so it hasn't seen yet I don't get it right now she's fearless on the right she handled it innings fine at the beginning she she aggressively attention to him and by the way by the way she should've expected that was going to happen. Is to guess that was coming on. Was well versed on what she was saying in the previous couple days it turns out that she was ripping the shoe brand like we all war. A couple days before so he was going to be on the defensive she should have been ready for the as she should've attack but here is where she failed. The day after two days after she now wants to be treated differently because of urgent. Yet and and that's of some just like when we had we talk with Alex earlier okay. I want to know attorney's opinion once and I know she she was obstacles in the morning show and she responded to the same issue right. Colin power however speaking on this to get a straight I wanted to know Detroit diesel Lorraine typically at Wimbledon coverage here and attorney's reaction she Johnson. And I thought you know I have finally real power in this business owners and the power is going to be. To change ready. Restock this present is right here you know why this is such bull crap. They hired my friend to beat his feet now cohost at ESP and that's such threat that he has more power weren't that he does at fox sports. I grant show do a good job to be on the show without Howard a female. Less now used by exact a rat. Talk about how fox is giving you this. College is Kenny is free guns at. Lift women up from just the bottom dredges of media ask you you pretentious holes. I got it so infuriating he and I I saw him right now I might punch him in the opposite change radio chains running machines radio oh really the widen the colony pristine show first you're changing radio. And you want to give women a voice talent. Change it put your name on. On Chris how Christine let us sit next to you. Eveready ever they're back to her she has a strong woman was strong opinion letter pocket every once and a while more than Mike hey have armies shoes have you sold. It's you Collins. Is this goodness of their I think because I talked Herbert or are we took over at 930 and she was talking about that the situation you're still post she was but she was bear sister's father Colin power. It allows talk leader she was pissed off I guess at that I Christie Leahy sees you can't have it both ways. You can't say hey you wanna be. You know edgy you can't jump into the male dominated world. And then ask for sympathy. Kick ass or he got tour. That's on thinks somebody got there somebody in fox sports one city you know what this would be better for you to play the victim. More tension. The reason ordering him maybe your region through better for you because at first she is she by active fire but coward and reactive fine first. And even at pacing a look back on a show whatever. And it turned into this is reasons why. You don't have means that somebody somebody got door and said you'd. It's better for you getting more attention if you continue to victim and make a big deal out of its value this respected people talk about you more. That's Jeter and I hate to say two to Colin Cowherd that he's changing the radio. Each and every every you know every change radio every interview. Kelly I didn't feel I did early in the longer there's every night and the papers every. And review that before ball has done has created controversy. And an additional story. He did not think that nobody else has done. We sat here and talked about how many low for ball interviews it is the outrageous things that Lavoy or ball says and does it at the English because they might. That that that's what does it. That's commerce talk what does he talk managing radio or any thought of bringing women now I don't know absolutely took do we have do we have more in talking about the women. Very very calls if I would have stopped the interview where he would not have unveiled more of himself with Christine. Which I thought empower pristine and showed you the truth to get to the truth. Sometimes you gotta go down that road that is really uncomfortable and you market new social sort guy you. None other guy with a bigger Dick than you originally I thought I Hamas and I have good news flash a breaking news out of do you find and I heard this morning he he's talked about how he was off. Radio for a while with a whatever was an everytime Internet radio and heard guys. You heard guys that's attorney structural problem and in so when he came back now that he has more power he wants to hire a woman with a strong opinion. And that's why is that Christine there so that's him. He changed in his mind change radio. By introducing women with opinions now. Unfortunately is inevitable listeners friendly even realize the change. But see that that to me is is there's like the least of the issue and that's not even the most important thing to me I look at it as. We know all of our balls and he he's a jerk he's a clown I mean he doesn't I don't think he respects women. But I don't think this is this idea to see this to approve mix. You just tell by the way he acts and his mannerisms the way he talks to everybody he doesn't respect anyone who he thinks is better than. So if that was anybody else in that chair back and Robin Quivers chew your way in the back. Isolated from everybody else he would have done the exact same thing. Some like some colts who doesn't have a big wraps on TV. You know he's the training now guy. An alternate gets how many. Of our Norwood said. You would still that you are a seaport staking your claim it was the same thing. That you got to do. Have you or evil and so let me turn the parents wanted to play for a fight all the media fell off the right in line with the was immediate right in line with some of this and we'll give you some of that reaction. Coming up next right back to poke holes at 6177797937. Year and decent sports Wii remote Ian Fauria with a collars have a voice. Joseph thought I was your. Here we're asking the question is does he start answering these are excellent well most of them anyway Sports Radio. We see guys. I'm so this media. Guys writing about the soul Christine Leahy thing is great Christine like. Wasn't that long ago she was. The whole host for the in game entertainment at the TD garden for Celtic teams right she was doing some stuff here behind the scenes and whatever. As she set an opportunity to move on what was that. You watch these stupid shows the shows that they they knocked people off the but he the ledges and stuff like that America warrior they burn you can order your listeners don't want those gaps are as you don't want to look after you say new home what you did through it and there's news and ordered an area. And now. She's getting more attention right now we're sitting here talking about they're talking about her in sports talk radio across the country right. Christine this is a good thing. Just accepted this if you want to get into this business you wanna have an opinion you want to you know you one of these shows. This is what happens when you do wanted to show just accept. I at the anti Vietnam. Fiat I think that now I felt like she did it first. I guess first she handled it probably the way you should handle it yet but in this business. Like with her who she is somebody got through. That none of the brush this off they'll make it sound like at a big deal on in this business and Lemond to be one. Human need to make more of a story. Scared everytime you name is mentioned it's helped you this helps you'll bring it. So you need to change that attitude is the day before. She said she'd love to have back on again it's no big deal that it turned into. I'm a victim. Because decades more tension and it helps a brand that's his business and interest that's the reality. Russian looks at me announced they pandered. Old mature look weak well but it helps to bring. To pander. Well it's her name out there are more yeah I know but for the wrong guy he's so but it will ever give that device was battered by no not at all people talking to voters she is yet I don't know what they are talking about all or like any good will now keep laid off like this is no big deal. Like whatever no big deal him in this business woman and I can do it and the story goes away she continues it talks about how she was offended. Won't be surprised I didn't go to an ounce of it eight now she comes out as you know mentally and distraught I don't know it was as well are all this is what happens she's on Dancing With The Stars. That's that is the media of the OK major red writer editor Lou. Man attacked visit here again is a story written by. Alex pardon what does he write for the renewable zealots parliament restricting Mobil announcing awful okay over his own department okay. This whole thing is a mess but let's try to make some sense of that. Leahy is right that sports talk on TV and on the radio shouldn't have that type of over the top personal attacks. That Libor brought on Thursday. Which means it also probably shouldn't featured the type of over the top personal attacks that Leahy had to laugh at look Clark personally a previously. The fact is when provocative opinions are part of your brain strategy. You reached things getting out of hand sometimes that's true in terms of provocative guests. Like Lavar ball and it terms of provocative post because ball certainly is that the only person making controversial statement on FAS one. Airways for the sake of verdict so another words can we all get along a little bit better or can we all. Raise the level gimme Debra drop that down a couple of hopefully announcing wants to be awful radio anytime he continues on Leahy is totally fair. To request that low of four ball not return to the hurt or FAS one anytime soon. He was rude and disrespectful. To where and she deserves better. Could come darn it she's a woman she deserves that that's what that sounds like to me but for the sake of consistency. She and the rest of the sports world opinion leaders should be thoughtful. And respectful. In their comments as well. Oh my god. Oh and you know that's estimate zero point 00. Ratings another freaking critic who thinks he's a programmer. Who would be getting zero point 00. Rate levoir ball. We talk about them all the time why don't we talk about. We talked about it because he's controversial. He says crap I think he's crazy I think he's hurt in the kit. But we keep on talking about him he's good for ratings. He's good for a fast one that they had them on twelve freaking times what they bring about twelve times because they like now when you attacked one its. That's another I don't know. What does she UB recently which you where the bones that Q do you have anything that she said before. But look at some rare is it that all three kids wanted to exact same thing they're being forced to get they're being told you'll start basketball age sex like one that all of us. And every asking a question I think you said what five words and he looks where it whenever it's talking I asked have you ever had a disagreement with your father and he said now. Everyone at the table we note you have one winner either disagree with your parents. Unless you're afraid to disagree with your parent looks genuinely afraid of telling that bonds us that he wants to stay close to home great if you wanna with the lakers understand that but at that close to home yet and I'll leave the spotters on the we have. That next and that's not gonna go over while when you're surrounded by grown men playing an aunt and. Okay sports talk show host and she's got dumped there. She went out there and she attacked the guy she questioned him as a father who's the kid cheat sheet here you're scared of what she went at all. But when you do that. Okay do you not expect that when you sit down with a guy the next day. If the guys doing his homework. And he knows what you have already pre scare you exact. Like bars cutie yeah exactly now that line makes an awful lot more sense to me based on what she said so he's gonna come back at you and I think she reacted the right way. When he was on the show what I problem with is she suddenly wanted to be the girl. Not sports talk show about a reporter not reporter she wanted to be good girl after that and a pandering media here wants you to be the girlish well they don't want her to date. It's minus gender just the sports talk show that they want her to be the female protector but what about. All wrapped around her that I was so obvious to me is. During the whole day he got caught line a couple times the times when he. He he realized. That he was being outwardly disrespectful that millions of people start hundreds of thousands of people you know thousands of people sorry. Occurred here. We're listening to him we're gonna hear this at some point time. I undoubtedly brought down about people had thousands of people ordered a year and it's 42 we know I don't know what we'll do. What does he do he tries to save themselves so says you know what I'm not really a jerk I'm not really I you know I really you know respect where but you just scared me. You scared me I'm nervous of you because you're so opinionated strong in your good look at so I'm sorry I just I was last down you're out of fear I. Somebody that he's that you press the army says you know screw it you are a hate tore. That's like that her just say I don't like you anyway I don't respect you so go pound sand. Yeah base I don't like you thought he would go to anybody. Now like you need. Mean you need help GT AG had a real drama to come savior but you know what she handled it well as Lou said earlier she you know that when she did she hoped to (%expletive) and and she Sheehan why McCain. Mean you'd know why. I don't want to say you know. To get some heat though some of standing up playing this well it's got to get more attention and we have a chance for you to your engine when the stars we don't don't come around see your friend did. If you don't continue this if you don't change that tune. Don't be okay. With what he said. Everybody likes the victim. Go out there saying you offended it'll keep the story going he'll continue to talk about your name which only help your career. And you don't want it it is because I'm reading these pieces that are down there a couple more we have in front of us here. And they're very supportive all they should he shouldn't have done and we should back off we should be more respectful we should be nicer to think oh yeah. Really in this day and age of social media did digital technology good luck with that. So if felt more and you know as for the death threats come. And an suddenly that's a big deal that that's a first of all we don't know what are death. First of all we know that they're they're just a bunch crazy people that just throw it out there. You know we had a case here and that the company actually brought these people in the court nobody has to do it the law enforcement wanted them we wanted nothing to do with it. And found out that the that the guide missed his pants and cried in court. I didn't even. Course I mean come. But it's a female. So we treated differently so we want to treat females and males the same of the business. And then when something like this happens we suddenly want to treat females I guarantee them and he didn't say go fix your Turkey sandwich. He did he didn't say go get my slippers now. It's it's paying your lane. But I guess jerk Jaber says that they pay day in the life as a juror she responded correctly ask you know I love. I was doing Dancing With The Stars she wants via like I guess if you want to guest appearance on keeping up the Kardashians she wants her own reality TV show and that's what it is. It was orchestrated got all these you know Bravo should know what can go on like you're gonna look at you know Joba falling around you go shopping you you know global little cute take all the fellas you know hang out fellas. You know 'cause one appeal to men and women you know want. She has somebody by her side. Who was going to change the so he snuck a media. Across communities Klan or weigh in his column come off compound I journal Christine I'm sure do played Colin Cowherd wanna. I'm not one regular guys that night. The tide got Colin Powell I know 100 I shot back Powell and I don't live unedited and does he could do a better job and Allie is changing the face you know trading radar in the face all right. Yeah it is shaky defense are ready you know by the state of the things. He should have something to write you off the topic real they buy out by. You know I can't tiptoe Santander I don't know what does good now if you're gonna get suspended. You're suspended the soundtrack for four remaining yeah so many stupid he gets suspended like in the wintertime and he got to be Smart about it summer. Sometimes I'm what is gonna burn a ninety degree Arizona and this is what you get suspended unless we back and refused bail and back to bite will I've continued talking about this we'll get to the Celtics you'll local phone lines up as we talk to you next. At 61777979. Threesome.

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