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OMF - There are still Celtics fans that want to trade Isaiah Thomas 5-19-17

May 19, 2017|

Despite the NBA All Team honor and leading his team to the Eastern Conference Finals, there are still Celtics fans that want to see IT traded. The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski has some insight on the Celtics and Gordon Hayward. And OMF is your home for all the Breaking News; regardless of relevancy.

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Are you ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty and I hope that yesterday showed who he is and that he stopped putting him on policy networks just to get controversial statements out of ten and I think there's no place for that no matter what kind of ratings you're going to got with the Ku and mu and. Extremist gonna stick around here while because it says right here on the can anchor can kill him chart between the hours of 6 AM and ten. A we must have until a team effort in the stale but I it's right. And I wanted it because you say I'm glad as a fail. On Sports Radio WEEI. It back to some of the story that we were talking about here on our little journey into the Kirk. And that Callahan program we get a bunch of stuff to get to it today. Including more on that hole Christine Leahy I hope she's enjoying the fifteen minutes I hope she can extended to twenty what sky want. Doesn't sound like she wants it we'll get to it a little bit later on. And it we have a dumb ass jock who why now and now an announcer wolf who left his noses who left who left this note sound on the table and then you're in this the digital technology. And error we have cameras focusing in on a and he's a bigger deal than nice beautiful not that you guys who don't skis you guys would not you already heard don't you would not do something that at least the opening just multitasking that magnet DX a look into that A-Rod escapades a little boring was the Celtics because we re wind we started all over yet it is game two coming up a ten. Different at different game today. Different games are different little bit different out different that they don't they don't lose by a others on defense okay so if you are going to make a decision or a similar score may not shoot better they'll play better it I've got to be a better game I don't think they'll win but I figure to be a better game. Okay it's it's my type of basketball. It's desperation basketball and that's what's the that's what the Celtics are pacer right now it would basically elimination. If you if they can't win one of these two games down one really and don't first two games they got to win this game obviously they're not gonna win any games on the road. They'll lose both of them then to have an opportunity for one last shot when we come back home. For game five source desperation yes if it is going to be great this game's going to be better there's going to be more energy dirt. Yeah admitted they were embarrassed. And everything that you could think might. Go wrong went wrong everything Aniston and get swept. You know if it is that they thought I went I I think is why does silverlight as I. I thought to have you Debbie downer they already did they'll play better to I don't I don't say it could get a moral victory if you're lining is that you eat at the number one overall pick did you consider that a benefit or anything get to watch you on the ground. Gonna grow appear a little bit maybe get some experience but I saw it was the last got the court today the other day too and this where I I made the mistake in talking about where I thought this usually go. Picnic could steal a game. Because normally under these circumstances. The big underdog. Is not the home doesn't have home court. Right so you figured let's just say this thing started in Cleveland. We've all seen the same thing beneath smoke game one game to the gained three. When they come back all game four they may be able to steal games for what I just reorganized Ely who knows strike but we might steal but I mean. But I we all talked about game one. We just assume that game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals that the cavs. We're gonna be focused but the planets were lying about it try to win game one and not not only weren't gonna child but the duke the privateers. It was just it was just it was at other abuse some rust and efforts at ten is what happened with but when it was an emotional letdown for the Celtics. That's what happened emotionally. You can you would think that they would you would hope they would be able to kind of continued it would just took a big game seven OK let's go to a game on a given that congress I don't think it's been there was. Lot me up. Because I have turned may have best not to look back on it all mean it would Bob what I disagree with Luke and I'm elected I'll flip flopping always bringing me back. The rights but here along this one's stolen 12. Three I get 62 and that's that's that kissing is simply assault us and that's results driven they got blown out now entered tonight everybody comes oh with a hole. There are mostly spent there and have their legs. When going in game one. Result that you went we thought they were gonna win Lou because. Allies attendee lay off your Cleveland they and rusty and the Celtics were in a groove they were in a rhythm they ran a pattern and here's what I think now but I think garage let me finish and now that's the reason why they lost yet has a much given its spent so they missed some easy shots early on in the game. Cleveland comes out as the aggressive team and suddenly you're going oh my god this guy 23. When we can't stop and now suddenly snowballed and ends it looked like they were intimidated. In that game. So Kelly Olympic who gave you a big lift at a game before 26. Looks like an out of control. Is spinning deer right that's what he looks like he has no idea we don't they lost that game in the first quarter. Game was over in the first quarter. The aid they were defeated appear between the the years in net they were defeated. And that's not spin I think that is exactly its accuracy that's what happened on the floor at tonight. And on I don't know it's imply and believe that they were intimidated they apps you weren't in the gut you know punched in the face and and in the gut and in the back of the head and their ass kicked a mandate that every apology to possibly imagine. But it is you know that was one of the reasons wrote that the gonna win. They've been playing lately and and Cleveland was rusty we get the do you find out find it weird that that's the reason why they lost now is because they've been playing lately Cleveland was while rest. No I don't think it was because Cleveland was Taurus and I think it was because Cleveland is much better than they are they of the tiger player by far. He can take over game because every year you can look at his performance and that. He didn't do it in Needham and truck it needs Smith and so and the other thing too is they seem like they were offended. At the fact that we and others were Sydney going we're just happy that there in the Eastern Conference finals on an am admitting that's what I've said all walked. They were offended Isiah Thomas had moderate who those people I don't know what to say so old they're pissed off now they're gonna come out some fire. Late came out with nothing because you know they got lacked over the had a couple times and they weren't and. No fever experience is Christian or not but you know that. That talk you know being offended and their upset about it and they're mad about it. It almost seemed like and I think they've backed us up by the way they played. That that was just easy immediate talk. It's easy to come and see cardinals who gives Chiat that's fine but deep down. They really believe. Deep down they didn't they just know. They know they really can't beat this team. You know all all but they try to portray like yeah you know what the what's given us a chance but deep down. I think they know already and no ending to that that that is saying and feeling in knowing it and that becomes true way and okay you can you can try to convince yourself as much as you want right and then when the game starts and you're down ten minute and twelve and my dominant never even if we played our best game. We're never gonna come back. They need to keep it close the entire time that a fourth of the hole and how we're actually got a shot to beat these guys and hope please don't do something stoop eagle. It's just like when everyone the AFC east walks and shellac to they think they gonna lose. We diligently and now I'm like gonna lose no no they say all the right things in the media and innate pink on the bravado is there. We're not scared nobody gives chancellor Gordon Gillette gonna beat him. And it went down fourteen out in the first quarter. Yes we did yeah you can't beat it if you're half right yes and and and yes I agree with you. That's why and I hate to just go on an old cliche is starting fast is so important and it normally I would say you're down twenty. A big deal with the NBA I think that it especially in the first half. Point points but that's nothing and you hit a couple three pointers mixing knowledge you're within ten and now the game. So but in this situation you can't go down it but you don't need to lead. To tickle down fifteen point. Listen this should be something tonight if they can go out and win this game tonight because I think it's not the the cavaliers are not going to settle for one out of two when Boston they're on a mission. And remember day break a record tonight for the longest playoff streak. You're talking about LeBron James stuff like that matters to him he talks about history okay. And being as part of history. Sports history you'd think with four minutes left and we're talking about three or four point game they're not huddled up on the bronze that they're going do you wanna be part of history don't think he's gonna use that. And the difference is this what about saying it. Is another thing of just get a jump on my back fails because he's the type of guy they can one man show. Can take you over the top if he's motivated Kobe motivated this this is going to be a tougher game in my opinion to win. Then the other night and Wednesday really help if you don't win this game just you're just playing basketball you didn't play bass and you won't go down that you'll read the lines including flight. Reason why I think it'd be better games because I don't. I expect this team to hit their open shots that I would agree so I think that with that you know all those personal net thirty to. With 311930. In nineteen. Thirty point six. You know sounds like that you know they getting more shots are going to be in the game longer but I don't I don't the other. Yeah you can't wait till like they let me give a nice little six minute third quarter run. It'd take to get get the team within twelve and then okay now okayed that's about as good as you can get gonna say those runs. Bizarre is these can't happen detected twenty you're not gonna recover from a point to nothing Ron point six nothing rhyme it's not going to happen. So okay silver lining. If you see him making their shots early. I think you probably. Should probably sit there okay this'll be at least be an entertaining game. It should be. And they should have a chance to win a Wheatley would you would you please rise of the cavaliers and blew the doors off against them. Yes I would I would I would be surprised if there's a hundred or so yes I don't know I think of them wanted to game decision and it occurred they have to. Win this game you guys remember when in the when the patriots played the Houston Texans and a first round. And we sat here all week and it wasn't gonna vote you know count out of it without illusions like can someone please tell me how the patriots don't cover. The line personal strike against Houston and I still that the one by eighteen. But even that game played out everything we said it has to go wrong actually went wrong for them if you remembered a game and they still covered so I ask you what does the Celtics victory look. It looks at what it casts too. How they have to shoot. 54%. Or better from three point territory if you predicted a 54 or better that he doesn't make Nazis that they weren't dropping a market roundup list of people that it was 53 well I haven't of the three point settled down a roundup. And a second biggest Cleveland has to have. 115 turn over sixteen turnovers in this at pebble and get a local and area coming up a lot of turnovers so that will give Boston will end up taking another 1012. Thirteen shots. More than Cleveland and Ron Dennis I'll. That's how quick they hunted at all any Ortega about that's good but here's the other. I don't know because even if they what do you think what do you think guys shoot. I don't know bus doesn't make it on because. If they shoot 50% I think their indie game that gets them in the game. You don't because obviously and I think David shoot well from threes. Abroad and at the shoot three pointers parry Irving did pain in me carrier ring. And I don't Kevin Love maybe you don't get that from him that wasn't what is the top twenty points. Yes it is obviously from him because you get the rebound Scioscia I had I don't know what it looks like that's a nastier I've no idea is that it before percent from threats. So it's on her son turnovers and it's I don't a little bit of the first series are you looking for a some sort like team record for threes that nineteen. With against the bulls you have one player who just played out of his mind like Isiah Thomas did against Washington when he got 53 points. That's the type of performance you're gonna need. You're gonna need it you're gonna you're gonna need a little bit attitude and an eagle public to lock that's I mean let's not discount lock that does play a role in this. Now we dig get it guess it does now they need block and it's not like you can't count on it. But you're telling Brad Stevens is it when he's talking it was coaches like man we do business in this. Immediately we hit the ball bounce our way a little that we do we need a month for this occasion to happen. So Lou said if the boss doesn't make it as the bus doesn't make it. Do you think the story will be very similar to the Mike Brown story of their local and you think the blame Boston. If that was the blessing is hijacked and doesn't do it has it happened elicited an I know how resourceful beast fans can believe that if the possibility of little detour over air over there you know that your white just white here's why there's no pressure around it really. How the players are feeling they probably feel some pressure because they probably like you guys it's your nature you think you can win a look how big you know. You know the Goliath as usual you still believe you can win to push because the fans aren't sickness screaming. At this team. I've heard a little bit in the last 24 hours of Isaiah is too short we didn't like crap again we get to that later on because that's the bill the lame list. Argument I swear to god these people don't even watch two games when he when they start to when that that stuff out there. But. There's no pressure that effect they got a break yesterday. Wins the all NBA team in the fact that Gordon Hayward. Was not part of that all NBA team so they get a break in that. He no longer becomes a super Max player and sold the difference of what you're talking payment what Boston player is so there's a lot closer. So that's more important that's what people focused on they're more focused on do we keep the number one pick that we trade for Paul George who by the way also did not think the only beat. Is that you don't I don't wow so you do don't forfeit seventy million but their own team could give them. The only got a forfeit thirty yes thirty don't Saturday million. Dollars all you have to do have a think of three numbers 3000000133. And four years which is what another team could offer the player. Five years and 180. Million which is his present team could offer or if you're super Max player. Which because you make the all NBA team. 200 and so at the moment the reason is is you know. Celtics fans dissatisfied dissatisfied and and and not the future is a good future with this team. Should be sets there. You know and and those can be you'll get a blank says I want championship. To. You're satisfied because you look at this team. They've taken it as far as you think they can go well that nobody can thinks they can beat Cleveland you got the number one all raw pin. You won a game seven which was nice junior arena was beautiful. But to get them Arnold rope economic and a team you know you QB. And now as a as a Boston fans. Very rarely if your team and a semi final. Semis whether it's AFC east game morrow or ALCS. Ever Eastern Conference finals the Bruins. When you just sitting back and you'd just enjoying the team you just watching. There is no they have to win. They did they they should I need to get the cup I need to get the World Series is deep down you know they can't now so we just her well and that's. And and you know we talked about you today. When you were asked me Q what do they need to do I said the need to start a fight. Beatty did they not play dirty but they need to start a fight and be physical and but I'd solace from GRX million basic commodities like veteran and says says he says for them to come out swinging playing scrappy like they do with that. When asked how we things possible responded the next contest. He said so we just gotta expect that and understand there might be some dirty plays might be some cheap shots come from the other side just because they are fighting for their lives at this point. I don't know where the line is and how outpost of edge you get when you when you're talking about playing physical and being dirty. But it's close so there's no wind they're JR Smith is playing the ref reason tonight's game called the soccer clothes because they're the desperate team right now so they're gonna do their knowledge always is and that's the next night that he fell ill I think is a dirty player. You do don't ask the dirt. But it did exactly what the average amount of trying to look after learning environment has come out on the list like that used to do this all the time might get a felt dirty his players. Rode out the lowest of lime and it was always in the top five. If they get that in the NBA. Or teach you could see that the players. Kelly Olivia Lou and early in the top of many years ago it wasn't our turnovers hurt he dirt that he was dirty who nanny or. 3030. Jog utilized almost up 20 Kelly you'll shining you know typical try to mix that relief well law definitely is the diligent. It back to the point that that made that they can be limited in what next Tuesday if and yet. People on knock on Wednesday when we do the show people aren't going to be call up all the stuff you don't gonna be doing. They're gonna be talking not only Wednesday but Thursday Friday the next month until we get to to the actual draft. And and even beyond that in July when we get free agency going to be talking about the future of the Celtics yes. They're gonna get great pull you out of this thing vehicles will be mr. Graham for his. Now I don't I think we all understand one and winning anything but here we know they got they got his point and I again. You had illusions you had illusion that they would get this far did you not us don't unfairly thought out and let. So I am candidate to anger and what the hell just happened is that they would lost game seven to Washington was and I would have been pissed off if they pay additional won a game six. They improved their team and main gripe I mean they went out the got a Al Horford. Given to past the first round he won the first round. You improve your team enough to get to this position but everybody knew wasn't going to farm they accomplished what we all thought I mean everybody from the very beginning. What is a successful season. Well there's the number one seed made to see you know it for awhile there fighting for that to CD's and Eastern Conference finals. And if they get there I'm good and oh by the way that lottery that's a big day to what they got the number one pick they got to the Eastern Conference finals. So that's why now you just sit back. And you just enjoy the games we enjoy watching LeBron and I know that's tough to do. Enjoy the effort maybe you can get from this team's low bounce back elect this year a little bit of that. That ticked up there on the NBA unfortunately is he is it too routine week. It's Golden State and it's Cleveland those attentiveness. And you can't play in that. In that realm yet but you know what if you turn anything on last a couple nights. The Celtics are extremely relevant to all people we're talking about or Sharansky is talking about you know they're geared that all of their attention George Gordon Hayward. Everybody's talking about this team and what they're going to do you know you couldn't ask for better six to go to this call and a fairly move on here that are now no no you know what we have our eye and answer we have an Obama call. Race he's. Breaking news or. What you might change and Phillips auto glass Sports Radio WEEI. Now what I want it alone but it is not what I want it but this is this is a ski you're gonna continue this debate for. Who knows what else can and Ryan Fitzpatrick as well has signed with the Tampa Bay book that is breaking news. Yes you know why don't you ask that you know why news it just added to the controversy that is breaking ball being common happening he's Smart you're not. Okay if guys start to a decade. This gives you US head it was packed wall gas to break in the match shall we get an five minutes that adds. Okay because Turkey jell OR UK aid you're already did you know what we're talking about how I thought. That's the wanted to go to waste Celtics caller I felt like I have original right now. We don't know Mazar yellen viewing and I'm. Yeah and scream at everybody I don't think oh by the way it's a great idea that's really don't I don't really agree Enola yeah this you walk at like. Now. We'll suddenly. Available not gonna who's got the space fast breaking news. Or rock you by Julian Phillips auto glass and Sports Radio WEEI. BS sports business daily the British companies announced they'd long term partnership with Tom Brady who'll cure rate his own version of the Aston Martin vanquish ass. How Brady gets an Aston Martin deal now the spokesperson for testimony while yeah. Now. Oh yeah. I have another company in the would you view that gets you much of those cars best buddies via. On the he's gonna have a zone like he's gonna have a zone Brady TV twelve yep ask Martin yeah. Yeah self inflating tires. Wait wait. We will get the more he's breaking news. And Phillips auto glass sports re. Hector Velasquez Sox. That's all that's all it is one that's breaking news solid. Bradley had brought you by team. Since he's already netted us. Every breaking news Wayne Rooney may have played his final appearance at Old Trafford for Manchester union. You know he admitted he is on it lightly to play Sunday's Premier League analogy at all Democrats don't balance all went. But we can't hold smoke. Face he's got no one's. Matt Barkley were called day he signed with the 49ers quote didn't even know that god that I but the consideration. It's feature. I'm Karl yeah taken much negative write about it we'd get an extra five minutes and taken that they understand my issue my you know this is what a nice. Isn't this an issue for me this is an issue it's an issue I just want Colin Capp reviewed science. And what they're doing is they're under him right after that they're proving it right. He is not one of the you know he's just now it's a year Drudge or different things I was not run because you're choosing ride with Patrick who sucks on so different African levels. Sox he's terrible. I want to hear people keep paying you money you need he's a better option in Tampa. And contact. You could yet games with. But it has been can runners and kitchen is not text and equally right reads correcting. My breaking news shut up and stick it to decide what is this this ice that I didn't say Manchester union at united that would listen and of course you can just branded on both dead and soccer dammit. Shut up we get an extra hybrids and that's extra five minutes into the unidentified but it seems like an apple now what is extra five minutes. He's gonna how come accurately simulate what does segment we have ever done I don't like it doesn't volume bug you with everything was all right well and I think that's going out why does Witten with a Mike Brown stop and everybody over reacting to that. Two that can't happen ache you know not been signed YY ninety sign. Christine Leahy and it's just. All encompassing. The drop in the same. No because you're gonna happen and I have continuing. Corporate execs took the differences. If you saw would you pay religious tradition you suck and you also present a distraction. For eighteen. Then they gonna be reluctant to assign you to drive. The electric socks but he's not. Is that a problem with the federal court didn't agree to do you know who wanted to go to Tony that you wanted to ask you reasons a lost control can still only down the gigabytes Philly. Go through it but I gotta tell ya I got more belt Fauria and and that alone. IMO that's true and go through Manchester United I'd screw it up I'm not not I want you play and not know. It's it's you know he he there he thinks Milliken a look at shall we thank you weir is doing where where are all up we heard from Ben kitchen and we heard from Stew we in the tonight ought to call lord victims' bodies soccer nobody I nobody can do the things that he said that you with enough emphasis. Then we're gonna believe them what we don't look anything up Paulus were directed to outlook our listeners should never bitter aren't looking stuff that's somewhat unpleasant thing kitchen working on the David Ortiz and if you at 330 O and making sure that the of the key Ethan and Michael in and dale have all nice questions right why did he do that that's what he's the most of them I guess the question we have to him. I'm gonna go to Lou I don't know who wanted to go to Tony here's Tony you know I can only. After our breaking news. This lets us lone on the yup and Brad mark and and on that ball again LeBron. Oh it looks so Barry. It was such a pat look for Republicans are like franchise. Hurting and Mikey you just get slap happy on them and this franchise hurting them we're it was a franchise. Yeah because if you want people can be your cheat you out of the topics. And it looked so calculated. And turbulent clues as such each yo always the game before that. Don't know. Okay yield which you win the Eastern Conference finals OK I don't care or whatever you are. And it. They were they look so bad secret you something LeBron like just following every single time make it frustrated me in you know to speak at all. Yeah. Outskirts. The thing is hackable Barack and I went out there throw and get through as far as the LeBron thing right like like we just. How do you stop LeBron this is what they do to stop LeBron and the link for how many years fourteen. Yes this is working seems to think people are tried. Double LeBron. You don't really physical with LeBron you don't do the best job of them and still was able to produce the other end of the floor would be glad winner you don't of course and London. You could argue the point if you're talking about. All well rounded player of the greatest players in the game. LeBron a more quiet Leonard because he also plays a hell the defense number two right so you have to have the number two player. Overall in the league. And you still end up losing to LeBron because he's better than he was number one I think you just have to dot finally took the talent and said he's the best player in the point. Because it's gonna make it harder than India and yes the one on one immediately I don't know what to I would say the question here tonight is do you try to go bigger. And try to know if you're gonna if you got to play them one on one do you have somebody back as your so called rim protector. If you do that with the how you gonna use. Know that you and investigate or do you go small. And try to go the other way and double him a topic that's. Breaking news should it launch said I 61777. Now and doing it again and 7937. Load them up we go to the phone calls him that next push for tough talk enough with the excuses already. I. Job and actually we panties back. We're we memorable and foray sportsman. Give me your number one now. Would you Butler they've dealt with the system tray down line last break Boston is really focus on trying to give Gordon Hayward from you taught in free agency. So why trade assets to get Jimmy Butler when you think you might have a chance at Hayward. In the summer where they have the cap space aside amid a you don't have to trade. Anything so Boston could possibly go closer to the draft where they stand with the Gordon Hayward. But I think Danny Ainge. He is not go on all wind with this group yet. And because having the number one pick this year having the number one potentially double overall pick again next year would Brooklyn's picked again he doesn't have to pay that kind of risk. I think Boston preserves its cap space and those really hard after Hayward on life. Adrian awards you know rescue of the vertical. Yahoo! Sports kind of breaking it all down of where he believes. But Danny Ainge and the Celtics are going to go and the Celtics as I said get great news yesterday. And they Gordon Hayward could have been in that position. Where he stayed with the Utah Jazz he could've gotten himself a contract worth 200. And seven million dollars the most the Celtics could offer him. Would be for years and 133 million. The 207 is off the table he did not make the all in the eighteen yesterday. And therefore the best that you can't you talk can do is five years and a 180 I could say well that's still a real separation between a 180. And a 133. But what players are doing right now bronze star Kevin Durant start. They get. Buyouts are open. Options on their contract so that a year two years three years into it even though they have the security of this four year deal they have an opt out. That puts them back in a free agency again and they can. Retooling it and do a new four or five year deal. So the difference now. Avoid Utah can pay Gordon Hayward and would Boston can pay Gordon Hayward is not that much. Thirty minute it is it when you think of the opt out. It really isn't anymore because that's how agents are looking at players and all doing opt outs now look yet so they look at it and say. Five years a hundred knee. Or four years and aren't 33 if we opted out two years from now. We're going to be able to get thirty million dollars a year thirty million plus a year for the next two with three or four years. Yeah I decide just how much difference I wonder how much of this gaining plea and is tied in the Gordon Hayward. You know when we talked about this before you know it if you'd draft which is played out you draft Fultz. You try to get Gordon Hayward because the draft is before freeagent theater through one before the other. You signed Gordon Hayward may be your gut. We talked about before Metz the master plan signed faults the draft faults sign it would you're good you move forward. You get you've beaten both doors bright future president makes up a little better future you build with fault maybe general who knows. If you can't sign Gordon Hayward. Like you then feel a few games that. Well now they don't have Hayward. In order to get that three now I gotta use fault you have straight up you have faults so. You look at it this way and bush nor husky went in it enlighten us. And then what he was saying is. That a decent idea when they get to the draft. If they would lose interest in Boston because we know the numbers. The numbers are you talk inside of five years wanna eighty Boston gets a 41334. Years there the so there's no negotiation there's no. I'm gonna use Boston told leverage against Utah does not of that because the numbers are all slotted. She's gonna know what the numbers are so it doesn't want to come to Boston and lead you to. You could have a better idea. But there are some athletes that Gordon it would make right now and is minds are going to Boston Dominican Sampson. Might also Pacino I just needs more time to think about OK you know to me so I I think I don't he would say yes I cutesy Nolan or my point is that this. Is it really all tie in to him. Or if its signal that the Kiki Heyward who's the next guy the afternoon guys that got remote Alec Redick to stage directors of older player can shoot. That short term grey short term short term role player you bring imminent like what you did with the Amir Johnson to bring and they usually the gap filler. Yeah he's but he's not horse all tied he's a shooter he's I don't get Hayward. I need that three. So now I get a useful to give Butler yet to try to give Georgia we don't throw you want and it down is if that's what you wanna do. I wouldn't do it for Jimmy but I I I really would nag that and I know he made by the way the all NB AT he was on the thirteenth. I would go to Geneva but the reason I would do it for Jimmy Butler. Is I'm not gonna win next you're not and when the Iraq after that. And who knows I mean not when you're three year for I'm still building something for when LeBron can no longer do this or play it at this high level. I'm watching Jalen brown. I think that's why Jimmy Butler I think that I can beat that guy so in a far Chicago. And I'm gonna do you were you what Jimmy Butler I'm seeing the same thing what can we want we want Jalen brown in return all you first round. And that's too much what you winking he beat you went you need be to vote. Immigrants and it will probably legitimate it's all about the timing and what is solicited your timing of how long did it take Geneva to begin Geneva Geneva was taken a backseat to Derrick Rose their leadership. I would say it's gonna take that don't know what to saint you don't wanna trade Jalen brown for Jimmy Butler because you the key is Jimmy Butler. Well it began as well wait four years from the turn to if you want to be given out beginning getting back to the process the guy can't become a habit getting back to the process. In looking at the timetable because I think that's what you're you were kind of focusing on. You're gonna have an idea or I think by the time you get to the draft whether he wants to come to Boston. He may look at and say guys say listen it's great. It and they don't often see you know how this works you guys now. He eats at this as you know what I and Bob Lovett that you guys want me parliament is in Utah love it here Salt Lake City is wonderful. You know for diversity you know gas city it's wonderful off the far right would store he may say and you know what that point right now may be. You think. Gordon what's going to count but you're not totally sure you think you've got to he's thinking about. It's simple you draft the best player wounds mark L fault now you have a you got a future potential player but you also have a great asset don't show so now you can go India you go in July. You can go in August and you can go to Indiana you can go to Chicago when you can deal if you wanna deal. Almost maybe you sit there and say screw we to a fault so much we're gonna hold onto one. And we're gonna give away next years pick the Brooklyn tech along with Crowder and along with Smart or somebody else. And we'll take Jimmy Butler will do it that way. I hope that you hold harmful. But you've got so many options but I think soldier rescued makes sense that Boston is looking at it we don't wanna give up that number one pick. We like to see if we get Haywood because they want to watch might not. Dean what Paul George's or Butler again he's close. Yeah we are nothing new venues that they're an eighty's I just start doing the numbers and I know you've done and certain that you said he would work so you have one Max player. And Al Horford you probably Hayward Bibi and other Max player. May have Isaiah come on up when he needs they get paid himself he's going to be happy and things and I don't think. You know when a look at all that well does he have to be a Max player. What can KBS TV on twenty million dollar player is is that going to be a sign of disrespect they say listen you know for years you know eighty million. TI love him and I think he is a Max contract player but I think I might do this without. He's gonna take it cut in pain Chechnya he's going our planet conference he's going from results slams six point six to six point. I think if I would Danny Ainge or go to Isaiah the summits are we love you you're terrific we. We gotta we gotta get Phyllis roster we had some really good players or you gonna sit here for the next four years and you're going to be the bridesmaid in the east and you have no shot. So to do that we've got to be able to figure a way of doing. And you got a year left we're willing to let you go and play on that year. At six point two million and deal with you at the end of next season. Where you have free agency wrecked yet I or. We didn't money we can do hey Malcolm Butler we can do what do you know if you in this off season. That will give you security it would be maximum contract but it will be really close and B 23 instead up at you know 28. Or something like that we're gonna give you security now so that if you blow out your knee you do you do damage to your body if your little guy. You get bounced all over the floor. And you get hurt next year and you never get the free agency you'd never see a minimum contract never right now and a maximum contract we're gonna solidify that we have. And that's what's gonna happen is a kid that lacks confidence now I think he might fight that. Now he's got it this that the second team all NBA this year is that what a mini super Max categories tonight take him tell him to take far lasts right. Far. Less if you're Didier especially given next year what is your detainees can I agree with you from Isiah Thomas and they sit me down and say that I'm basically say in a few. Okay and what are you talking about I busted my bull look what I did feel OK I went out there and played I had tragedy left him I had this I had. You know that that the teeth knocked that may be worse. You know and look at it what applicable appealed good faith bomb for one year. You can't you can't give in California and you can't you can't check it out now when you let not able you know when you give them the NBA doesn't allow you make six we're gonna give you fourteen. You can't do that. I don't think the collective glory was new collective bargaining which is get some of the different it is and it allows business kicks in. Sorry yeah. Census. Says Allred any age you do what I just. You approach it that way and again sort of hear Isiah doesn't make sense. As is in the same boat that some of these super Max guys on that money you're talking among them call me blow. Imagine if they sit in that picture hungry like I've been in L. It's it's going to be fascinating things that I I don't think he's gonna be happy. But the way they approach and and they need him. They do need him I know im gonna get into it I think people think because he's a little guy you don't really need them we talked about it yesterday. He was really good the other night is three point shot was not good. Put it appeared Danny why wouldn't you. Certainly. Meter pissed the player off. Well what if in goal faults has played forty minutes a game. As much you love Jim Braude let him more and he looks even better in the impact is there and you can't believe that it twenty years old this kid is glued yet. And now it's like OK now what do you do right now what do you do so why don't you sign Isaiah toward do you. We don't move on and bring in a different got it maybe next general the creeps me Kyle Lowry you know freeze this offseason it's still not right now but MC next year you look at the classes everything. So. It makes all the sense in the world to wait on Isiah Thomas is not gonna like it. But it does I agree that's why would approach him this year if you really like him and they should like them because it's hard to find almost impossible to find guys that can put thirty yup. In a game and be as productive as he is in the fourth quarter. He try to offer less money if he doesn't accept you say okay you playing on six point two million in you do exactly what you just said. We're by ourselves a little bit of time here like the patriots are with a back a quarter. Oh and that's part of your daily routine. Whatever your nose clean hands batting practice ground balls which time he goes stretch how you put your stricken socks on wanna call it superstition. I call that group. Team on Sports Radio W. Homeland that we should make it clear what his Isiah Thomas Jack when his when his situation is you know that he's not eligible for Superman back. So here's what he's looking at that's why I think he wasn't drafted. By the Celtics it's his rookie deal yes but I ended up with his craft involved is a lot of revisions to the idea to the super Max. In one of them is you've got to be injury years he's been in theory your second contract so the differential if you Danny Ainge and you try to get him to take less money. If he would sign next year with the Celtics they could offer him a five year deal at a 180 million dollars that would be Isiah is. It's a maximum contract with his current team. If he would go out and free agency it would be four years and a 133. Million. So then he's got some room to play it to sit there and say hey listen. We're gonna give you the 108. But if you go out and go to one of the team you're only gonna get 133 so why don't we do something here in between or some he does have a little bit. Of wiggle room he could give him an option out. After a couple of years of whatever so that they could again resigning him he zero player they could go over the cap number again. To do that there's some angles that Ainge can play using the math right now to try to convince him that we're the next super. The dollar figure matter. Was there. I don't know light in all domains is that like you know you get used to bird rights on him anyways right you know bring into the match place in you can use the bird rights. You're gonna global would you give me eighteen to thirty soldiers to the right appointing a thirty so it's not that much money you wanted to know. Double checked apple because I wanna make sure that he has the bird rights attached to him. Right now because they've changed the they've changed the provisionally Joanna I forget I know it's it's it really is gone let's go to the phone calls it's easier Chad I feel like Chad. Paying out all legitimate. But I wanna run a quick scenario longtime look not the only got you want to accept why are we are talking to Philly weakens what the third pick for the first pick they wanted to guard we don't eat it guard in Isaiah ordered Bradley get wanted to paint that brought this Eric. Like who light who Oprah probably and Simmons to grab him. You chant of let's arch. Yes or Simmons. You Reggie or forward out of starts which is lights out shooter. What do you go for what their page still up with the third pick. In Escude coming as it is on us just as I think Dario sarge is is it pretty good player. Philly has some right now for you ready for this next year 2.4 million. Then 2.5 million and 3.4 million and four point seven million. Why would they give up a really good player. Wins. Basically. A a a really teen friendly contract right now because they want mark hopefuls. Exactly why wouldn't eat on the outside with that rotation anyway like the way all the analysts are talking in the Gaza as analysts by the way they're talking and it. If they draft right he's gonna be on the block maybe and if there are committed this kid at a great contract on we're not gonna Max contract Bradley market and that there. Organ in the mix of we have to get at least a lot of with the third. Judges and I totally disagree with Philadelphia for people talk about Phil. I want a play if you go to training we don't want to pick a veteran player I've won 262720. Year old player. At an all NBA team player of the scoring help you win right now Philly has all young players. Yeah and at the Sudanese remind employees this year I think Chad is is that. Which are modern brake. Because Philly isn't it time for them to go and get with a veteran player angled volley I think they're going to would lottery cop I'm gonna make a pitch in regard yet Tony right you know these young players up. You go sighing Kyle Lowry but you say the Celtics don't needed guard. Is in the game plan with pink and gold get a guy like Gordon Hayward. So what are you gonna do it three in drafts. Jackson Tatum and that type of player co sign anywhere with how would Jalen brown late. Don't you have a lot of that then. I agree would you take your guard then you're getting rid of Bradley anyway the next seat you've got to be you're not gonna have. Isaiah Matt Bradley back for another guard so. Britney's. Erratic. You walk in it and you actually gonna get to be regret what do you think the Celtics number one needed. You're wrong I don't know you're gonna you are absolutely 100% unless you're living in 191990s. -- you do need one of those guys do but not good not a priority number no no newcomer. Yeah. It does not gonna want me. You're number one need is you need a winning score so that when they decide to go with three guys on Isiah Thomas somebody else's opened to score and then they have to take three in two guys also buys you would like to get a rebounder a unique one it's you don't want him number one priority no. Absolutely now I hear that all over and over and dignity and we need to date cannot can't rebound can't read barrel the vick's Gortat and look at look at Lopez is guys Peter Thomson guys. The markets cousins is that play OK as much as I think he's a knucklehead he's a phenomenal rebounder he's a guy that can stretch for you as you can take you puppy on the three. He can't he can defend he's a rim protector. In Sacramento couldn't win games couldn't win NBA games he goes now to know while it's much better personnel would maybe that and not miss that big best center in the game. And they get works at says that the situation a little more cutting and then once it's set up to fail low. They drew holidays who's decent the point point guard by the way he's available free agency. He's he's important orchestrated irritation to get straight to Washington would be uplifting you know here's the problem and I took crappy team now here's the problem over the center position. Vastly overrated everybody talks about Andre Drummond. 100 jump you or brought marquee and mores I don't guys like that yes it can rebound can also stretch Patrick I want those good idea. You go to Baghdad but the senators are vastly overrated we're we're we're talking about Wilt Chamberlain now we're talking about Shaq we're talking about a different era. I want the the the athletic. Wing guy that can score. Okay they can create his own profits that's the guy now do you want a rebound yes but I want an athletic rebound I wish they Kelly you'll want to cattle little bit more of that in him. Because he'd be good dad because he can also stretched the court and score out in the perimeter for. Passing game today can look at Golden State. What do they get a front turn mongering. That's the perfect guy to have ray migrant notice she made the all NBA team. These people understand how good a year as he is a great player in the game right now and he fits the style they're quite. I will take a break and we'll get back to your phone call 6177797937.

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