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Two Outs with Buck and Reimer Ep 4: Billy Bean talks Kevin Pillar slur

May 19, 2017|

Alex Reimer and Steve Buckley chat with MLB Ambassador of Inclusion Billy Bean about the Kevin Pillar incident and casual homophobia in sports. Bean explains how difficult it is to stamp out anti-gay language, given how prevalent it is in our vernacular.

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And Roemer it's got two outs podcasts would. Curry the rambunctious way China mostly coming to phenom Alex a rare. And the old time baseball do the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know would be forum gave precision definitely wanna. Koppel they see is definitely two outs with Buddy Roemer. In his deficit numbers work teacher guides podcasts out your receiver bug. Really welcoming everybody but we have one more. Episodes ago until we ran things to talk about so I would rather save this little inside joke let's savor this so. I we have eight music showed today yes I can pull our blue jays outfielder I suspended two games by the Toronto Blue Jays are. Singing gay slur back get a braves reliever Jason mocked. On the other day after much struck him on and a quick pitcher going to talk to. Major League Baseball is ambassador of inclusion Billy Beane about the punishment they laid out media culture of homophobia in general and Major League Baseball and professional sports and I think kind of that slippery slope where yes we want to eliminate. Homophobic language selector want to eliminate you know racial slurs from that from the from the from the ballpark but also recognize that. This stuff is just so embedded in our society its own bed and in our vernacular specially in sports locker rooms that. We may not want to demonize everybody who may say a gay sort of anger might have imply appeared to do. The other night so we'll talk what that would Billy momentarily but beforehand Bok I know you always have stuff you wanna pick on before. What is it this week what would what would I it it's it's going to be new category in the pot it's going to be called things about Alex at this beyond. And line and end this one is. You were little over the top. Above the Jeter the Derek Jeter retirement ceremony in I I can't I want it enough I'm OK with that I hate Derek Jeter and I don't try it I don't hate Derek Jeter right and have great admiration pounds professional. But. What really seemed to it knocked you out of your chair. Was a couple of Yankee fans a boy and a girl. They proposed the blow the guy are opposed to his fiancee. Outside Yankee Stadium like they're retiring Jeanne on this item or two on the night they were in and you talk to social media to pooh pooh it I dead and and I'm like an in we will acquittal or retro review with FaceBook I forget which. It was wetter and like these two kids grow up yankees fans they they fell in love. It there the Yankees the pinstripes amended their relationship and they wanna have that mall now listen the going to be divorce is three years in the kid you know is going to be okay and to get that. But for now. It's a great moment why do you have to dance on that it's it's it's so tacky in playing him I mean Egan and mean on his Derek Jeter and guys would be okay no or not they are thought no I'm not I'm not I'm not making different Haiti's readers is that your audience just awful lot. Captain jeetz is number is getting retire it's American it's either not here honey it's lame come up with something you're not in our players number retirement defines your marriage that is awful messy week if it was it was deep -- be it be okay ready to be terrible to I hate here on abortion and I understand I don't go down that road because you're trying to change the subject it. Listen the GA a thing as a ceremony even if you don't hate Jeter and I don't. The ceremony the way they had to describe the gifts. And the thing about that that the jackets you know but the jackets a sports Jack yes all the root players whose numbers it it's it's like the the masters they with a green jacket. That is in the have detailing where it was made known that because obviously that was a sponsorship. That was over the top I get that and it was tacky and it it to rule out the ceremony. And I'm not a big standard retirement ceremonies at the one for three days let the moment let the unveiling of a number stand. As a special moment all by itself. Without them the big one rate but but a guy and a girl outside and and in the Bronx he gets down on vendee proposes it was do or friend. We always have those of you very thoughtful why do you so cold I just hate hold Jeter phenomenon understand why we can't just leave it out it's unwinnable race every once you go general you just felt great baseball player what likely that it and that why is that deterrent why this why do we have to you like immortalized him what why don't we have to hold them up as this in addition this beacon of all that this patron saint of baseball why do we need to do that. With Derek Jeter and it is over the top in people. Are proposing to their beyoncé is on the united is number retirement Timmy just feeds into that narrative that. That's that's this week's things about out the (%expletive) me off I that we get a sponsor minutes people would be lining up so I can tell you that on so it did but again or haggard of Billy Beane on momentarily. I talked about the ten wire incident a putt at I think there's a lot of ways. To go here first of all do you have a problem with the blue jays suspending him for two speeding that's do not I don't know light I'd have a problem with that and I've done enough. I've talked to enough people about casual homophobia in the locker room and there was a kidney James not her University of Southern Maine. Four or five years ago that he was gay any quit the team just because of the usage of that worried in the locker room. Unglued while. And he actually and and that these are his words as he wrote a piece announce sports. That he contemplated suicide at one point because of casual homophobia Steelers are preposterous because he was dealing with a zone sexual orientation issues. And these were his peers the people he admired people he worked out with and train with who played baseball it. And US Sam is is a very good division three program up and going remain. It's been nationally recognized it up Larry's and longtime coach up their way of new Beckham right Portland is. And in England and so we so when I saw this. With Kevin employ it reminded me of incidents such as that. That the debt that hustle the word with says such a casual nature just to fit the emotional situation room right now is wrong Keating can employers homophobic no I don't say no I don't neither do I know I don't not ER I mean he might be but I don't think he is because not NASA because of that that SharePoint. What I will say when you when you ask me about the two in an Alaska bill being about this but. Rajon Rondo got two games he got one game. Was it when you went on concepts and I met the sick he only got he only got one game is what I meant to say he only got one game. For chasing port Bill Kennedy open on the important calling him every gay slur on the book and we were stating that but he went pretty nuts on them. And essentially Audi a Bill Kennedy to the degree that he felt compelled to come out publicly. While I write and so and he got one game and end and people are. Standing here at home plate yelling it to its in this pitcher gets through it now you can say obviously. They overdid that. If you compare with what happened Rajon Rondo round should got a thirty games like that it's equivalent I mean why are you Rondo guy. One game in an 81 game NBA's schedule as the equivalent to two games in a 162 Jim point Israel's schedule. Now Yunel Escobar blue jays shortstop if you yourself got thirty games well. And I agree with you BI is writing a anti gay seller on your eye black is a premeditated acts he took time he wrote it down. Really thought about it I think from watching the pull our tape million times now. It was clearly an act of emotion he did not go into the at bat saying I'm going to yell back it. A decent. I agree but doesn't mean you shouldn't and got a suspension I agree because what we need to make. If peeled the and didn't go the other way on this on the radio well on the airwaves radio I think they're cute dimensions to this the first dimension is the suspension we agree with that because if you're going to make. I've got word taboo like the N word is taboo. On you have to come down hard on these players like if warheads at the N word out of pitcher. His career might you'll know anybody and he's a good player but regardless the blowback would be. A million times yes as we all agree with that because you don't say the N word. And a public setting it is taboo and you only were gonna get there but stepping out homophobic language banning the word faggot in particular which is our equivalent to the N word. On you have to come down hard on these guys. I think where I differ a little bit maybe from you and some other people in the gay community is I also understand how systemic. This casual homophobic language is and how casually it's thrown around and I casual homophobia is it's not yet it's and I recognize though that we want to stamp it out and they also recognize that it's going to take. Perhaps decades to really stamp it out a guy Davenport grew up. During those words around casually amongst its friends in just because he said at a moment of anger. I'm not going to demonize him and get out at sports on beckon to you hung out temblor was growing up you know they just want everything it doesn't when I was growing up I used homophobic slurs amongst among my friends I go on stuff. And an average got it at an am. Am glad you made that point because it takes suspected deems not her up in Maine. Who. Is a young athletes playing baseball place in high school at the keys and Kenny monk. And then he gets suited to College Baseball for really good program. And it is having this turmoil about a sexual orientation in as he's dealing with that. In his own body with his own cell. He surrounded by people he admires me who wouldn't you know that's the coolest thing about basically get no he's cool guys and you. He go drink and again the dollar dinner together you hang out together. And now your own grope. Is using words that that bring it back in the Euro sell like two and enact an angle again it totally camp which is why. And I must say that you're that you just sort of casting an aside oh is this heat of the moment I know Ian and going there but. It is it is while not as serious in my view was what Rondo did which was like just thuggery what Jason not regained its speedy Grayson would be different. You know the fact that he straight to our knowledge also to write it today. Right but but when when when Rondo to chase is the guy you know seeks a mud on the court. That really that that continues to bother us and has every Amy at we heard that around the NBA everyone knew the oh and he was. Right and everyone but me I I was not on out there and I are on the NBA and is far as what Kevin Clark did. I've I and one point that. I think will ask Billy about Billy Beane. Is it right I think he was contrite I think he he did answered the bell before twice yet two assault so so like I give him that. And I don't think it as you pointed out. I don't know that he's homophobic but I don't have any reason to believe he is homophobic based solely on us I mean I I I is this I I think I said this on the radio today on yeah like I use the word bench. With some regularity used describe men agents describe women on. I don't think that makes me exec makes me is sexist pictures and people would say I do I would say it does lack. I I think to some words I think it's a good thing got to use that word either but just some words are. Just a part of our vernacular and it's going to take a long time. Board this casual homophobia to dissipate and I don't necessarily hold that against. Haven't pull liar for using that word out of anger because he grew up hearing. His friends use it maybe his coaches use it it's a it's a greater issue than just him it's it's a societal question. All right so it's on a Billy being in Mexico have more things about jokes that pissed me off we go from there sounds good to make. Welcome in Billy being here is the Major League Baseball and basket for inclusion he is now on the two cuts podcasts Billy banks are coming on. They keep haven't seen guys did he get to see you could talk peace deal is that a lot of little wild but we've been friends for a long time and it's great as he the partnership. Before I get the heavy lifting I should tell those listening we have a great core audience Billy's part of my coming out process really after the 07 World Series yes. John cheer my good friend to me SP and we flew down in Miami and we had dinner with Billy and discuss the whole coming out and post to me four years after that to. Two lay the ground work but the bill and having dinner we knew Miami that nine and I think they're told Yugoslav some aren't seeing you at the all star game. Was really the beginning of my process so for that I thank you. Well I I appreciate you first of all remembering me as a player that was when nobody was looking at. Your credit. We got lucky you Billy compliance. At that. Has changed that but that no I mean I IBC was very visible LG BT community about it away from baseball but that. I don't have to we went to played college allows those right here in Miami Beach right by my comment and I was lucky. To have many experiences like that while I was out of baseball and local department data speed maybe you'll agree with me that. You know what if I was a player and then to have those opportunities to sit down with someone that I could look across the table. And and relate to it know that they knew exactly. What my life was like. It would have been a life changing experience and a lot of people don't quite. Understand that at times when they wonder why it's so important person someone to come forward when they are ready but. Those aware of the you know empowering moment in the end make you feel good tribute to. Have shared that debt that was you know a moment that matter to you anyway. Which is why people like you coming out Jason Collins and the multitude high school and college athletes that since the glory to go to out supports that that's all part of the process is very important. I agree I agree I think that they're it's it's. It's a layered conversation it's not across the board that. And you know a lot of people are very very adamant that everyone should come out my I always did a proponent that. Equally difficult and challenging experience. For every single person whether Europe Major League athlete Europe big time you know media. Professional or radio or journalist or. And actor or a police officer or elementary school teacher is just. And I think the the example that you know I think you know a lot of people could say adjacent you know he should've done it sooner I should definitely not a player but. Jason is great examples companies said that he learned from experiences of those came in front of him. And it made him better prepared to make that to. And I'm very protective of people that. Are still in that scenes where there exploring an understanding but I do think that one of the great things we've been able to do. Aside from changing the culture in now baseball is. If indeed there are athletes who are contemplating that decision. That they understand that coming out doesn't mean they have to do it in front of a microphone on national television are they could do they could come up to. You know someone that mattered but that they trapped by their family and their parents at their best friend and then they have. I'd much healthier. Foundation for how they go about their lives in preparing them to make. Got bigger decision which can be as one of the most dinners things this is a professional athlete. Whatever happened entertained because you can imagine how that would change the attention in and around what they do. And they we'll get to can pour in a moment but following up on this conversation Billy if you were playing baseball today. Would you would you come out as an active player with the climate now being what it is. It cut question I I think you know the person that I am now in knowing if I was a player. Debt felt comfortable. At the big league level. I think it would be nearly impossible for me not to do it as. From my life experience that I have now but I'm also not 23 years old and that the front end emotionally it I. Injured yet individual I think. The expectation. A lot of people forget it deep you know that the bulk idea to L young the players are and ask them. It is something that is said very did the ethical decision as Steve you know you're you're well past your twentieth I imagine when you make that decision right. So. I think that I eight. I would I would I would say that. It would be it would be very hard for me not to to do it but. I can't say it a 100% I think that there is a way. It like it said that that that different levels of blood coming out means. One thing I know I would do Alex would it would be to have shared with some of my teammates debt that I. Trusted and then you know and not made it about. A coming out you know carnival where you know I'm beating media attention. I think a lot of you know athlete. For me it just aren't they are bait living in its base to allow them to play as healthy. Mentally emotionally. Physically as they can't to realize this wonderful moment in their life to be a Major League Baseball player. Indulgent I think that kind of constitute the decision. I think we've seen examples of people that are doing it for attention. Outside of what they do whatever their sport is that has not always work out in the in the best interest. Are you surprised that there isn't an openly active gay player in Major League Baseball. I'm not surprised I think that if you sat down there are you guys interviewed a player. The being inclusive. Open mindedness. You know 95%. Of our players would tell you that it it they had a teammate that was ready to do it. That they would be completely supportive. Is gonna bit about baseball you know I thought it it's not you know something. On that then I think that you know that some people start to wonder you know what is the I back to Jason Collins. You know he could come out that at the end of this season is lab is second to last season with Brooklyn. But he said he did not want to be a distraction to his team and he ended up coming out in the off season. And we weren't even sure he was going to play again ironically. But that's an example of a great team player. And I think a lot of people forget that you know it's a team sport. And coming out is an individual decision. And there's many you know factors that go into that. And so there's there's a lot that goes to it does not you know simple. Black white issue that yes I do that are no I don't there's. And I think any you know world class athlete. Have a lot to consider. When they want to bring in something that is so soul personal. In public and. A million the topic of the day in the main reason we're having you on is that Kevin Paul are incidents we do suspended them yesterday Thursday. Two games for saying homophobic slur to braves pitcher Jason mock not my question is. How did dot op process go to the blue jays communicate with you guys in Major League Baseball. And there will there be a day art and will there be additional punishment coming down from the week. OK so obviously it you know any time we tacked. This is the first time that's happened since I've been back in baseball myself. You know I was extremely disappointed. That the onset when I first heard it because I know. How hard the blue jays for example have worked to incorporate. The message that I have brought to our club store front office. I'm and it ended what it is is an example in this day and age. How quickly. You know one light moment on television or media this stadium however you quantify the media. Can change. Or over right you know that dated any effort to change a culture. So you know Kevin Millar is very popular young player he's he has a tremendous future in front of himself. I felt bad for him I could tell by watching it. That it it did not seem premeditated. In my mind it was a moment debt. Is an example of how. Homophobia is embedded in our you know. In our culture for young men when they are upset. Are upset that another man. You know Jason Marquis. Of the direction that his comment. Who was you know big league pitcher who's struck him out and you know I my mind goes into you know many different places so. But one of the things that I was encouraged by. Was that quick response. Which I think is an example that the tremendous amount of work that I've done. With the blue jays with a rock Atkins. And that that organization it is incredibly conscious. There impact. In this example that they set for the entire country of Canada as well as regionally based on the chances that there's the united. State. I'm comfortable with the blue jays. Disciplined. On. Kevin. I think that his apology immediately even prior to understanding what it what the disciplinary decision was going to beat. Showed that he realized that. He had made a mistake debt. Maybe it was probably I don't think anyone has learned more about. What it means to date sentencing disparity in the last 24 to 36 hours in yeah. And done. We have is. That his decision and to agree to some sensitivity training with the people out organization that MLB support the national organization that is. Great educators. About inclusion. And be bringing people together. A lot of things went right in and I'm certain it and I know for a fact that the commissioners opposite comfortable with the blue jays decision. And that we're ready to put it behind it and hope that. Kevin will become a great ambassador for you know our fans and understanding that you know. Nobody's perfect fit in this slide in at once people sometimes make mistakes. That may be. It was seminal moment in his life and that they'll come around if he starts to see just how powerful. The platform of being a major league baseball players and I know that the other players are on the league. You know stop for a moment and there was a learning experience for all of themselves you know I I was trying to open optimistic waited something good comes out of a bad. Situation and I ice I mean now there for this. Billy for a gets my question first editorial comment reading about the two game suspension and Kevin. Org got took me back to Rajon Rondo. Where he got to believe one game for chasing Bill Kennedy up and down the court and and being quite vehement toward. To a Bill Kennedy put the time was closeted and apparently everybody knew the was gay I didn't. And really as a result of that. Kennedy came out may be at a time where he wasn't prepared I don't know I haven't talked to him but. And I don't last comment on this I just want to point this out that Rondo got one game for that. Which I thought was ridiculous and and Clark got two games which is. Just gives you an idea of a months in the NBA is not being proactive on this I'm simply saying that Major League Baseball is I guess more proactive analytical at that. My my question is. I'm gonna put aside right person wrong for a second and and talk about Smart vs dump and in that respect on the it was so home. Back when I was a beat writer mark the land your from the places association eat you weren't spring training you always do those two wars of all the camps and talk about the players' association and what was being done and so forth. I'm assuming that you do a similar to or of some kind either either in spring training of the regular season. Do you in your talks with players. Regardless of right purses weren't do you discuss the Smart vs dump just be careful what you say microphones alive social media and so forth. Well I I I don't want to fight a Smart person I I think that. To your first question. Yes I by invitation I do. That the club. We have worked at the beginning Steve and actors came back to base but that's for inclusion my job change sit twice. That's significantly that I will always be. I believe you know they liaison to that first. Expansion in our workplace code of conduct but. I meets tremendous effort to create relationships with all thirty of our clubs and if I am invited to speak to their players. I I did it is 174 or five different times in different capacities. Talking to exclusively to their big league club. To their big league coaching staff to their minor league camp to their front office staff this. You know drafting outing coaching what they're structurally during batting practice. Having conversations you know a day or two behind that introduction to the team where the players didn't even know why I was there just a former player you know help out. I try to be a messenger communicated away. That is relatable and respectful to our players didn't and I I am grateful for the opportunity. I think all the clubs. Once they had been re equated with me. Know that for a former big league player to pocket big league players there's just a different level. Engagement. And a moment I respect I don't have a lot of time to. Keep air. Attention or offer for them to respect me but I have I do you have a moment and I I try to make the most of that. I MLB network has really been supportive in helping me create. Video images me as a former player. And moment where I shall aptly been in moments have been discretionary disparaging comment in how their lives have changed. Dramatically. And part of my video presentation is Rajon Rondo. You know blasting Billy Kennedy who is a friend of mine. And you know every situation is different I'm not out to. Isolate. Or make anybody feel like they're smarter or dumber than anyone else but I do this sounds. These are grown men making a lot of money or some of the front of that opportunity like Kevin is at the beginning of his career. You have a choice in if you wanna be a part of this amazing fraternity and live beyond you know in your wildest imagination. And be compensated for it. Be intellectual. Here's what our clubs. Stand for and the differences Steve is that we did not have that collective understanding as a as a sports. And I give great credit to commissioner Manfred. For giving me that opportunity putting resources behind it and I want the only take what I want is I wanna know. I wanna know in my in my own heart that it uplink moving sport that a player an employee. Of course someone connected to our club if they'd make that as. That they wanted to go out on a limb and expressed there you know picture caller I hate towards someone else. At least they know the ramifications. That go with that and I think that. I I was I've been surprised. At that. Amount of support and people encouragement that our players. For me to continue. Because they see me now as a mentors someone who is on their side I'm not there to point fingers. I've always tried I think you would increase the you know long after this interview with your listeners that. I have never tried to play the victim. Or somebody that was wrong by baseball I left because I did not trust. The people that I loved it loved me. On in baseball was the greatest time in my life and I. Each and every day this is being a player and I try to in you know inspire the players to embrace that opportunity. And know that they are privileged you know waved it. Is he needed it for granted that we hear sometimes when you're 2122. Years old. And something has come EDT you. It's hard to see. You know the force is to treat it know that that's gonna end and it feels like it's gonna last forever. But at one of the favorite part that I have. I return to baseball. Is to run across coaches now that played that I played against. We're coaching at all levels are managing. My two great friends that I played with. That are big league managers Torre look Belo ended Brad opposite might remain in Detroit I mean in San Diego. He's the manager each right now. But did see them. And remote they remind me how important the work that we're doing because they care about their players and we all want. The players to succeed and so. Let you know back to Kevin you know I felt. Disappointment like a part of my family fell down. Two days ago and that and I feel a part of me is responsible to help pick that person up. And make them understand. Just how important what they've seen what they do you like to millions and indicated that let our sport. Now Billy I think you brought up an interesting point a few moments ago talking about just how. Systemic homophobic language is in professional sports male locker rooms and I agree you I don't think Kevin a liar it seemed like a spur of the moment thing. I don't think it was it would necessarily a malicious. Homophobic intense but on the other hand we do you want to stamp out. Go to those kind of Sawyer is so how do you balance that knowing that we want. You know gay slurs to be as taboo is racial series we don't want them said but. Also recognizing that a lot of the stuff is just so systemic in just such a part of our vernacular that you know it's also unwise to demonize everybody. Who you know may say those words so how do you how do you how do you played at bouncing. Like they hear your analogy to racial comments is important because that. Bottom obviously we've seen that Adam Jones incident that that is not gone away but there had been. A cultural. The people that respect each other that those kind of comments are absolutely unacceptable. And until recently. These young men did not hear. Consistent. Comment that homophobic comments are unacceptable. That it that was allowable. In the vernacular because. It was just assume that there was never anybody like me who has been part of the LG BT community proudly was a major league baseball players so in and around sport. In the big league level gates and Paul would tell you this pain it's just assume. That and because we don't see anybody that. Has is has come forth with that kind of conversation. That that dockers and not in the room. Now one of the things that make LG BT community. Unique is that we are every race here every color where every age for every culture we speak every language. So we have learned to be invisible because there was so much hatred. And and and prejudice towards. What most people. Probably had never been around in her life and just assumed that it was. Somebody negative things attached to I would like to about the matter are hesitant and that's why it took me 33 years to. Come to terms you know two years almost after it left my baseball career. To even sit down and talk to my own family. Mean that's pretty deep seeded hatred in shame. And I think that you're here for example it is his right on point where. People like Kevin Young male athletes who have been involved in sports he's a multi sport athlete he can tell you probably. It's very possible just like Daniel Markey says she took me two years ago he eat it and he's never had a gay friend before. So in Egypt but never round. Something that changed the dynamic of that conversation in his life around the people that he spends time let. And now for the first time Kevin understand that he is an environment that is inclusive and accepting. And LG BT and it's our job for in game messaging. Conversations in the clubhouse what are managers. Whatever you know. Our our front office staff looked from the top down the way we talk. That will take some time. For a date consistent images to be embedded into our understanding. Is no different then. You know in schools now a lot of people's feet made a comment about. Yeah high school kid in young college kids may not be world class athletes are going to the Major League in their. Prospectus sport but. Eat the absolute indifferent that some and it is scared strainer bisexual transgendered. Because they're around it more. We're talking about an exclusive fraternities still. That. In the world you know Major League Baseball and be here and that dollar NHL he's kind of environments. Until we have players who are ready and comfortable to bring this type of information about the effort tonight. We have to change the culture and that's the data they process so hopefully that first comment that comes to mind. When their. Very very frustrated or thirteenth in the three game losing streak carrier over 25. And you just check out the bases loaded and you're mad at the person who quit pitched you that your first comment. Doesn't go to disparity LG BT community it's you know how we better anger. Is a challenge for every single person that walked the planet not just a major league baseball players. I sort of wrap this up first off listeners if you want agree agree go to Amazon.com it's still out there Billie Jean's book going the other way. In intimate. Memoir of life in out of Major League Baseball I read it it's written with Chris boy I've met Chris as you know bill. And to wrap it up. I know that the senior legal Padres had and it's in a couple of years ago with a gay men's chorus and it was really just human error but. I greatly admire the way Mike Dee and I I guess I have to amplified this point because he's now the president of this company's so wanna get brownie points but if oh LeBron knows who I like you know that in in the way Mike dean handled at the way the boundaries it was admirable. You've a great relationship here in Boston with Tim Kennedy. So let that's three right there and you said you've had great support from all the Major League clubs. Simple question simple answer worry you are you surprised. By that level cooperation when you came into the job or. Did you have fears that this might be just window dressing they were gonna put you in an opposite than say have a blast. Well first of all IA might be and I run speed dial last summer after during knack for. You know like you said in an unfortunate technical. State that was. You know it's human error with no negligence or you know premeditated. And I I thought she was incredibly. Engaged and you know I was very sorry to see in the San Diego. And I am thrilled that he's with Hewitt back in opted. He's a wonderful person and he worked so hard and was so committed. And we did turn that situation around in the end the game and courses and it and are the number one fan. I just went out of any ego sang in the choir with them on the field what the front cost the Padres. And it was an amazing moment but. Not gonna let nick all are now holed a slowdown he was listening to you hours of baseball player. That is definitely not the case not that I went as far from the microphone as possible. I was encouraged to be out there. And I was in much in admiring out. Everyone who wanted to. Eight to a situation that was unfortunate. But the Padres an amazing example of an inclusive organization and down. But when I was hired to over three years ago. There really was no definition Steve that the job and I did not want to. To be window dressing and I I did app at that time commissioner Selig. And my spot and Salem who's still achieve legal counsel. And writing here an amazing guy. I just wanted. If I was going to visit club that wanted it to be by invitation and not mandatory. And I felt like that was. Defining character to a club and making me feel at least. If I'm gonna walk into that lion you know dead and you know ate up all night you know personal baggage inside of these world class athlete. Debt at least wanted to be invited. It was going to be you know a challenge for me but the way our our club have embraced and understood the importance. Ending being included in LG BT community which is that just a part of our hold diversity outreach. For racial equality. Creating job opportunities in making people feel welcome for people collar women. You know very comprehensive but. You know. To I get the long winded answer to your question is that I am thrilled that. We are. You know my job is busy I'm gone I'm on the move all the time and that is because quote do you see value is in. A great compliment to the effort that I made. Which I appreciate it makes me wanna be better better better. And I know from yesterday or day before yesterday's experience of Kevin. That we are just beginning we have a lot of work to do take to completely change that culture. And one day that you know our players will be every bit in Baptist I am for bird diversity in LG BT can. Larry doing great where a million we thank you for it again that's Billy Beane Major League Baseball as a pastor for inclusion Billy thanks so much for joining us on the show today in our show do at some time against him. I appreciate dapper Canadian night be thrilled to be on your show many times that never has it reached out. I don't think we're gonna keep your speed dials the security itself. So again big things got to Billy Beane Major League Baseball ambassador of inclusion for joining us. Understood today buck and we would be remiss if we did not remind the people to subscribe to the two rats podcast the nineteen stork. That is the best way to keep up with us of course you know when news breaks we like to hit it so few weeks ago we did a special Aaron Hernandez edition of the show to talk about. His sexuality in the rumors around not and today of course we decided to talked to Billy Beane and shot about. And people are incidents so subscribe to us nineteen that's the best way. And also of course he need to leave a rating architect. Our are our podcast on iTunes don't have a rating. So we want the people to get out there and start reading test yes that's it we want to call the neighbors way to kids tell your friends that's funny story you know. Everyone that were Nobel rolls down the hill and gets bigger and bigger and finally Billy Beane. Talked about how he misses playing. If only there were like a summertime baseball game where he could come back. Send him going this is where we cut you off hours and baseball I like we're not gonna do I guess that August OJ everyone thank you for joining us we'll be back.

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