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K&C - Tom Brady is now a spokesman for Aston Martin; Lavar Ball vs. Kristine Leahy 5-19-17

May 19, 2017|

Hour 3: Tom Brady is now the spokesman for Aston Martin, why?

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I'll people suggesting that screamer headlines are better today because the pressure was off that he hasn't played well on the bright lights of Kirk in Callahan being in studio is that fair no not out there. Yesterday I will say I would mighty bad mistake I should've known that it cheesy one liner would not work with recommending. It was my mistake or John tomorrow or John to moxie terrible telling jokes that nobody even gave me like. A sympathy nothing. Nothing it threw me off of like another crack your better today aren't I I've your about it today again he would be. Always see for improvement always room for improved you don't wanna ever feel like you've succeeded now you've worked so hard dollars and a solid headlines once solid I got through it. Yes packets of Toby Keith there at the end of the cyclist hit. Reemerged ready mutt in four Kirk and Jerry here on WEE I'll get into us some Celtic thoughts for game two tonight over the guard my son here why I don't know that Celtics in seven prediction likened I don't feel strongly about it and based on yesterday that the calls I heard year. Celtic fans don't care it is an amazing sort of whatever that whatever happens happens right now with the Celtics we'll get to doubt but. We tease this guy coming into the hour I wanna pay off ninety soy do Nike EL that man of the people Tom rate. So big Tony Robbins what does Tony Robbins cost when he go to that thing on a June 8 we know what the number it's like 152 and a box Curtis well. Well all waited you have you not seen the price point some gusts are at the flyer in the mail sell on the price point tonic they elected yesterday tank. Price points and he starts at a 175. You should buy one get one on those take us up at but your way way way we wailing away away away a topic that kept. They out are almost sold out of the 2995. Dollar tickets are going three of those laughed and there's only fifteen. Last of the 1990. Front Arctic of those VIP right if they are here let me let me put up ethnic Tony Robbins to something so do we east he's out filling in on what you get for your money you can spend I guess 175. To 2000 dollars ago superheated air which would stick is Kerr is spying to go I don't know. I'm getting a comp ticket from via the company because of their advertising. You should know is that your breakthrough awaits Curtis your breakthrough. All we do I'm going to be changed man it's a twelve hour bags that I can't get past seven 77 dissent that is all day guy with Brady Tony Robbins who only channel meant Bethany Frankel you don't want this thing in and asks you what's holding you back seat to sixteen limiting beliefs of prevention from achieving your goals on thanks to higher self help you know you agree or you pay for Valerie. She does and I never saw any Eisen degree and stuff that there be taught Iran's people say yes and chant along yes we had chain. Yes. That's all bad Maria I'm Maria Emma new houses a believer. They all shocker old. Where is Bill Clinton called there and called amending the Lewinsky scandal and Brady is hook line sinker and gray line ratings on a billboard it's healthy right now alongside Tony Robbins trying to get down patriot fans that. Hough won 75 pieced together there. Think that's a bridge people you know lots of these rich oh I think there's a Tony Robbins there's a theme here Alex I'm glad you said that other rich people things that radius found himself involved and recently I would say based on. Our our knowledge last couple weeks. TB twelve it's that are rich person's thing now you can get a scholarship to go there. But it's a 2000 bucks a pop goes the Alice Guerrero to get yourself fix insurance coverage. Eat so I would call that sort of a richer price deal and money from best buddies not to pay for the TB twelve sent his. Is a nuts that he sells on his website fifty dollar hundred dollars a bag for those things. You have I'll see bald and it's we've calls him cook book the cult ritual on our cook book yes you know the op economy says they. There's a rich heritage progression SMB the word. To Tom Brady and we get these calls all the time back in the day are you to anti marriage is Ellie stop take in the that a parking spot fraudulent stating some wood and up parking spot. And it even then I I do believe they changed person now and this is the latest example of this I headline from ESPN. Aston Martin's signs sombre between multi year endorsement deal. You can pay to work out like Tom Brady eat like Jimmy planning on driving the same car. I checked out bank account the British car manufacturer Aston Martin officially announced Friday. It's signed Brady to a multi year endorsement deal he's gonna pick something called the DB eleven. I caught it sells for. Over 200. Thousands I had to save his IC DB and this is not a reflection on and Tom Brady is the reflection on Aston Martin. So easy you have to be d.s back to drive us I mean let's say that already against outside and ethnic sorry. Let's say needs a DB deep anxiety that. Okay has been looking. If I tell our. I guess right which he was older members of the casting my car you wouldn't drive an Aston Martin aid if asked aren't causing instant we want you to be a spokesperson you would do what I would do of course it. I don't pretend to be amended that people know and a pretend not to be DB and this is this is Brady appealing to let's call this the Tony Robbins crowd. Like he's gonna go speak to people that are willing to pay 2000 dollars to sit down without Robinson Brady and let me do a lot more items on our dollars what do you do you get diamond level seating an event work but priority check in free copy of Tony's book unshakable with like thousand on the diamond lounge there are honest with land LaMarcus. Ice things that moments yes yes science. I guess it'll lunching Q and it is markets monus you get in photo op with Tony Robbins Tom Brady Angelina has like three black people's now or three Grand Prix to get a picture of free but yeah. Regret what Amazon do that go on and I asked you guys that you all okay. So for at. This is what's the worst part is if you pay 600 acts the only thing you get it's better than the person based 200 box. Is that you get better CD VAP areas seating beyond getting lunch you don't get lunged and you know you go into the platinum now. Christ sad broken people getting this thing like Curtis like sad broken into a partnership in tales contents in which Tommy. Shares what he finds it beautiful in his life. Not restricted to supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen. The goat is expected to shining light on cherished moments in his sporting career. And why he continues to strive for greatness quote from the the statement here. Asked Denmark example buys dedication of the craft of car making the meticulous attention to detail and Olympic Brady wrote that no. No data and as a long time fan and driver I am honored to join the Aston Martin's team at this special moment in the company's history. He's gonna rise these guys that we just to the 2017 Aston Martin DB eleven was hand built in a I gave in small vision village in Warwick England. The car has 600 horsepower V twelve powered engine. Let's Brady goes Euro sixteen fewer than four seconds. And Brady's gonna say what he finds beautiful have you ever met anybody who drives an Aston Martin I know I've ever. People I hang out whether or racetrack people no one has an estimate of credit card downwind at that us. Someone that I know what my father reverend Allen hand in hand and and Curtis drive the greatest of the same cards to help drug the nicest car that I have any any Sarah Curtis I currently drive. Audi six as Terry told me that again yesterday at the week decorated strategist and cars and he is obsessed with cards all the way to. Normally occurs and acts and cock heavily. Two guys who really worked hard right up blue collar guys who worked well that latter that where they are life that's two guys who did that are there that with my dad points. Gary told me to get sick and he enjoys giving you free stopped because usually when around here come from money he appreciated. Why is he grants that he can forget these militants and Lauren until I'd I you know Don I got here Sox Jerry and your money for those can Jerry and mile markers I'd come from crap. Cube I'm so pan off college along hat sorry your woman. Your one entry and as you can underwear from Neil are here where mills Fessler reports awesome feel so good rate order earlier this week at Cameron coming here they must have sent us for women. So this is just. I would say this would birdie the idea of the Everyman thing now and co exist it it's hard to doesn't exist anymore despite pretty aggressive and he's a pretend. Latest and it tends to be like Anna I go to the local corner bar K Brett Favre he's not a nice to go tree stand and how hoses on how have a problem with him Hocking and no one has a problem with moles I know watching you know. Again if if these luxury companies wanted me to be the face of I would do it if Tom Brady is totally blew easy there is no doubt all in on and that's that's. That's that is certainly not the issue ironically this now. Completes a two year loop of penguin being right about something when it comes to Tom Brady Brady believes he shot Brady wants to be Sean Connery I hate scratch at ES John economy. He's been on I mean if you will it take a look at take a look at Brady and it talks right comparison of her show on 885. Urlacher now Sean Connery YouTube like James Bond in 1965. And this morning on instead grabbed Tom Brady to read out a picture of him sitting on the front of his Aston Martin with a quote. I know James Bond but Ingles and it was died. I. It's. Yasser irons and we're gonna have to put that on Shannon thank you grab our show now Friday night got a hat he's. And right again right out again mint. And it's of the transformation from Tara Reid Tom Brady to Gisele Bundchen Tom Brady got people change real change and I thought the same as a tip 34 who were 24 illnesses. Brady changing I'm not knocking it but I do. There's something funny about it that he went from this every man. Six router at hitter into what he heard a little bit clearly. It's it is funny your guys might like a real I don't follow we know he's not we he can go to the derby. He can go but he can't go to trumps augur a via the pictures of the White House he's not one of our guys anymore now he's I was trump fan it's probably isn't your trump I eighties trust soma that make mention Tom Brady and I ninety and I think that's weak you know if if if Gisele as the reason why Brady is backing up child that is so. We just in feckless if you're Tom Brady and let your wife. Boss you around like athletic part of go to the inauguration go to the inaugurate I think part it's things like this you know he's it's he's becoming a liberal or like Peyton Manning the end of his career he's involved in more these are advertisements are the same way but is it the biggest Manning is a much I would much is such a phoney mean Brady at least is being is genuine blue easy sell he made out with Papa John that the octagon. Scott points out on Twitter is Mike that. And it's that you need to go to the hospital and it I don't hear me while I might your tongue touched yeah I screen that's. Right. May need a Philly tonight. This is so gross easier to tetanus shot and cannot and hot as easily as he and emergency program. I know speaks. And that I don't think he knows how eager are they big east that he pizza like yeah that was he jedi mind. Let's not that's the thing tidbits keep telling get a picture get a picture this people know what Helen Thomas is back at school battery. You need attack and he got Laura and I might I'm and a growth penicillin. And Pete sits there and holly sits there all Fauria. All our. Query and here it is a dangerous. On this might get close enough currency can see it off better than. The mikes in the old studios them but those were really wasn't Iraq where the renovated and these yet but it though we the first daily to the show and that renovated of the makeshift studios. Coffee stains DNA. Semen all and all kinds he. Under the worst is and Uga is that your experiences when someone who have a clock on him on I dip and popped up and sorry it's it's at least of making an author Salman like antiseptic. When someone who has really about like who brought and it happened to Mike for awhile like this he consults. And poop. You know people of Oprah I guess most like database public poop you don't worse you've never you've never banned coffee. Yes you've never bank and rap you've never been honest rom or talk to solid in my lot with a smile on the spectrum so happy it drew he's gonna go to the hospital now and that's whose breath smells like a little bit like whoop drop a duke set. Now. Now a better on people smell like I've never held their breath smells like actual feces that have gone. Well something riding my commands Rodham like riding to riding what American networks us has teeth it. Oh. That's course. I work by only worsen smoke rather quirky Eddie on a Mike analogous front as were after someone who smokes but listen folks here Arquette right do we find sunny Saturday nights at smoked three all right I would you be late night show I don't while I'm not an on and off. So I did no one's not that it attorneys point no one is is bang and a Brady for this but it is they were completing the circle of you know whatever it. 221 year old Brady verses 37 year old pre it'll take in some circles you'll take shots for this there's not he is above you now but at least we got tight on at least got Heidi I had a bigger issue with Peyton Manning who pretend to be economy. That was nice. What are you what he set the Super Bowl and to go drink Budweiser drinker but why because he ought Budweiser shameless the machine was salesman out there Jeff in New Jersey on Brady hi Jeff. I read what you want to do to talk bad piece ceased hostages they'll record. To exploit our billion acute Eckerd. Now this is what you drop when you start making the money Brady does and he severed the money the brief family does this I guess what you drive you can afford and asked him Marty do it but it. It's the price tag on it that. And patriot fans are gonna be buying. Aston Martins this is gonna appeal that Tony Robbins crowned the clearly he is he's every began to that group of people. Post playing career now what that's just for TB twelve or not. That's clue debris guardian I mean let's look at the demographics who's gonna buy a 200 dollar cook book with all these you know ingredients that probably cost a fortune as well. I am adding demographic is rich gay men in the south and that's one at a time. I'm forty get rich rich rich rich women in the suburbs to see Lego is. That people would go to these different that what they go to the Tony Robbins type things that they wanna be seen in cars like this in pretty against helps them. Again and I'm a patriot fans so everybody and asked important. A pretty high yeah appear self already so does Brady helped B cell I don't know apple surreal to real silly car. I've I've seen Aston Martin's only once in my life on like a lot of them I was in Spain to us in southern Spain. And a lot of the rich Shia Arab oil canes were there there. Bentley is what it say only 1000. Out of they only make 4000 a year only a thousand Aston Martins are sold in the United States. Well but I don't that's a lot to pay for a car to certain almost 3000 now it's his of the priced out of this was as 2111000. Derek bell says the cars that he is going to be pitching you're gonna sell for over. 300000 box. I get out of school. Do you operating. Can't wait to see what he finds beautiful in his life as part of the now out that kind of stopped eyes Nalen mad to get that's that's a that's what he's gonna get it out on daddy campaign is going to be what Brady finds beautiful his wife and get ready for those commercial is Tom re allowed to drive on the minds on the concussion he suffered an injury want him on the roads. That's the question. Pretty quiet about those concussions last four Ohio USA pat you know water. It helps 6177797937. The phone number we had day one point earlier today the most fired up try any rant of all time won't get back to what got us to. On that spot with Colin Cowherd of our ball Kristy Lee next. How rare is it that all three kids what to do the exact same thing they're being forced to get they're being told you'll start basketball age six like one that told us. And every asked him a question I think you said what five words and he looks. Where it whenever it's talking I asked had he ever had a disagreement with your father and he said now. Everyone at this table we note you at one point or another disagree with your parent Muster a afraid to disagree with your parent looks genuinely a freight. He a lot of time fumes he clap back. But don't see the initial clap that caused the climb back into the chase on the ball ball vs Christine Leahy. That of course our Charlemagne the god the greatly breakfast club nationally syndicated a talk show. Can't. Yeah yeah. I'll be out there was can't can't censor B Milliken. He directed that Adam Jones walked outside replaying it live on the air right now that's. I wanted to know who Charlotte in the godless I thought it was like yes our I was like part of it changed my brother and all these hipster NYU friends who live in Brooklyn off their bodies critic answer and to start meaning god. I know of the show and it was ST I'm ultimately does it it does its national nationally syndicated rampant disease as they have like home here in Boston New York to New York's I'm sure Curtis will fund that I'll force things but that and that's the initial comment that's I guess where that we had disagreement we talked about this earlier because. When it comes a Lavar bowl. Nine zig was going after Christie Leahy. I think this is a father if I heard. Christine Leahy trainee Alex Curtis anyone criticize me is a data of three kids I'm a grown man. I had to listen this so you'll look this is why does it have to be someone who doesn't kids wouldn't it be just as offensive if I had three kids in you have three kids to held on and on how I think you should parent of children exiting not a parent yourself I I think it's tougher to you could certainly have a pic is on it. But to get on your your platform and say things like. Look how scared his son is an insinuate that the sun. And the father had their I don't necessarily sitting I wrote I heard as you bring her back because I have parents so I I know what it's like to be parenting and I know what it's like to be afraid of my parents or how I as a child might re act. I just I I don't bite and I don't buy the one you don't do when it's so you can't comment. I can see being offended that someone is taking issue with how Kosher here on the that's and that's what say Ike I understand Lavar balls reaction to it. I understand why he was upset in that spot I don't think it's because she was a woman a what a snowflake that's camps Lavar I mean really with all the he says he can't take a little push back from Christine lately he's done this every interview is going on whether it's been Stephen A Smith the Christie lay your dale and Holley with Keefe I was even know what Craig Heatley he was saying about he's like the only person in the world who listens to that shell. He's keeping tabs and Ali is LA so may I know how much they promote. It's good question how much they promote what she was saying is that a promo that you'll hear I don't remembers it was sad it was that played earlier in the segment leading into Lamar ball is not a ball came back well and having because he wanted to respond to Christie Leahy. Talk about his pair. Assessment issued respond to Oregon he shattered now like at least if you if you want it yourself and advice on examines that and take its mascot and have a conversation with me about it don't. Turn your back to me in coming to stay in my lane well in fairness I mean he he had to turn his back to Eric is and how I could do you know she had your way like a seal the way. Because there's different amounts how many. Stating only. Spain doling. Senior and you guys there's a sexist a little peeling out of a little bit a little bit like OK okay pretty lady stay in your lane acre cookies. He says that to a guy or girl or. It doesn't matter I think Regis I mean he was mean to her on the radio which happens when your on the air and shielded herself well. And I think they wanted that I don't think they brought him back on. To say to promote big ball or bring Chrysler's brought on because there was conflict there in solar you have the conflict you were you were great that spot. Is the next 24 hours where you were trying to turn this into. You were threatened you had death threats your way you're deleting tweets about it. I'd say. Where where where the back and forth and heat it got hot and honestly. But it was good for her brand it was good for the show. Why should running Weytman guys out that's why don't think I posted a mark had a chance or think about this I think that you know part of being a person who expresses an opinion means people are going to disagree with you and to then say what I didn't like it should read she was like well you know we should have a on the show anymore. But that and like it or not being decisions or change your tune on that too. What's gonna say it like like it or not this isn't PBS news hour I know she didn't mean he's a real people on the radio or. We bring people on the radio because they say outlandish things and it. That that's a mix for donations in what is it she says that out Lavar bought hostile Welker in the eye next time it was Chris Collins worth demanding that Tom Brady look them in the guy. That is the biggest did talk with DB news saying next time you gotta look at me in the I'd turn will mean the guy. Think of our boss afraid to look Christine AT&T I. Merely I was literary talent we flipped but the catch is a she did actually suggest that he shot to Hedo or she suggested that on two different places the can't Howard show and on. As speak for yourself peak for yourself or show she's never been on before. On later Astor beyond as far as I can tell this incident happens she's offended by it threatened by death threats and yet. Later that day she's on speak for yourself. Truthfully I don't really wanna talk about him anymore I don't want to continue to let him be a part of my life them you know I was hospital aren't there right but I think the reason that so many networks choose to have him on is because he says a lot of controversial things he's. You know loud in the big personality which I've been totally fine with. The but I hope that yesterday. Showed who he is and that we stop putting him on. All of these networks just to get controversial statements out of him how I am respect don't threaten me don't make it personal jokes don't mock me and don't say you're not gonna look me in the eye. If he wants to come on and look me in the giant the respectful he can still disagree with me. I'm I'm OK with that but I will not tolerate what he did. I will not tolerate what he did yesterday I mean is she and you hear the agency it's under I don't know I but are those people an idea but I will say hey if so this is very disrespectful cheap they come on T you know even if you are the up beepers and they're that's I think she's not out of line if you wanna -- distributed chief Greg Marshall be respectful to me how or spark a conversation but it's a bar to all of you think he's he's gonna get just a couple convert what he has every right to say it adds in every deceit why did you can't you have a conversation McGraw and adopt and I don't need to have a constitutional. Yes she's milking she knows it she has the sympathy from the Twitter crowd she's tweeting out these videos out a doubt I would be that now the acting she's acting you needlessly pies he tell her own doings of footballers don't you save hi I would use the word defensive. I think she's seen the criticism from people on social media. Off oh what part for a lot of people are plotting I I I understand but when you go to. Charlemagne the god Twitter people that adult that you egg and I that was a that was a big one and that the parenting one as a she's getting this and so that's the defensive part of it if if it would just say a a universal. Way to go Christine did a great job she would not be saying things like I'm getting death threats she wouldn't be an issue would be owning this more instead. She wants simple ways she wants to be seen as the thought full co anchored Colin coward but when it got too hot. She wants now step away and take guys and getting death threat. And I I don't Davis as they want and this is what sometimes drives me nuts is that women want to be included in the conversation. When they want to have a voice they wanna be these people who say a you know say controversial things here look at me look what I had to look at my opinion. The problem is an even opinion I don't care if you're a man or a woman. People are gonna disagree with the Internet saying nasty things about you. You can't and shot down when someone says every time someone says something nasty to you about it. Unless it's really an egregiously. Over the top which happens. That is inappropriate and should be tolerated but you can't just expect it every time you say something ever gonna get like. Congress so pretty I just use ears so Smart he knows everything about sports a problem as he female being a female on this industry is. That is the brunt of everything that you get right but you have people who are like. Oh she's hot and she knows sports when people say that she over and over and over and over again and it finally summon says. Well hold on a second here what you said it. Is not writer I disagree with you then then now they're so not used to being held accountable for what they say because they actually said something. That and then it's too much and they don't want it and they're being. And they're being taken to get a voice your opinion in a public forum you have to expect the blowback recently all the time a few months ago Curtis. Probably member's member Josh being a shocker is that one and he said that Tom bradys and about person. Members got an eye on Twitter on Twitter and Kirk quote weeded her in a High Court Tweeter and of course of the five minutes she tweets on a string of tweets all the correcting Callahan guys are after me eventually to Karl helps our Spain help. Thereafter me all these sexist pigs just yell at the moment to get a little brush back it's that's the easiest part to play I love and yet hard to. And there are going to be women who think I'm not selling out I might not my female brother and but at some point you can't cry foul and sees a female thing every time you get blow back when you say something because. Had you watched 6 o'clock show 97%. And a nasty things that are sad are about Gary tank weight is not about me by. I Teddy bear that we do there and win it do you get. I think oftentimes. Get things said today and that are worse than what men do away. And in a manner in which it's about it's simply about your gender or not you should have the right to say something but that's different than someone saying. You sound really stupid here at the lakers it's called. We are hammers. Does the tax got to account for. I know you want to separate you have to separate the difference between. Being criticized because he said something dumber sending controversial that you barker agree with. And and your to separate that from the attacks for simply being a female and an industry and know there are two different category. People falsely claim sexism might Christine Leahy here I think hurt the cause me they heard the Qaeda it's like the boy who cried wolf right there are women out there who do experience. Real threats he would do experience real sexism in this industry and their lives. And when people a falsely accuse others of sexist comments Ernie scream about that threats and aren't really death threats hands up perhaps everybody hurts everything doesn't he I asked you earlier and I think you'll agree this hurts the cause of women and it's in sports media and I. And I mean. I think it hurts you or does it doesn't help it doesn't help but I don't think this is there they are but they're big farm more egregious things have happened and I might I just that takes us back fifteen years I think this is just new territory where there are women who are having more of boys and again I think. If there's an adjustment period that particularly someone as attractive as Christine Leahy made gases. Most of the comments she gags and most of the comments if you read about a lot of females that are on television in particular. Most of what people say about them as oh here's a smoke and high you're such a smoke show yourself hot and nice or too many of those. That's that's a that's a that's and that's a common comments that you get. And so when you get at first blow back once and finally pays attention of two what you're saying. I think the Indy instinct is they're saying this to be because I'm a woman my argument is. It might be that it's certainly can be it has been in the past but there's also a chance that you just stepped over a line and now people are calling you out about it. And if you wanna you know college you don't if you wanna be opinion maker that you've got to take the good of the pack well the reality is this Colin Cowherd is changing radio and that led training to get very upset now you're one day access to hear from trendy and powered next. Kirk mayor responded with this. No chance that this guys I usually. I'm African. If you don't know. It debuted Thursday September 3 goes to Boston radio host Kurt many clearly patriots fan and I if you forgot Tom Brady have been suspended for four games by. Roger Goodell and NFL and you feel Roger Goodell should be out of the commissioner's office. Said Roger Goodell shouldn't be a commissioning anymore enough could just requested that Roger Goodell stepped down. Are you could've said that Roger Goodell be fired the mill new new new new when she is journals Gary. Ten queen asked how we you and get him out. Current mayor responded with this. I know higher responded and we congratulate Kristy Lee and -- minute hand are now bowl thud donkey of the day award winners from Charlemagne the god the great star meaning guy that's why is Ali remember the chains or did you know. On May be trainees rant early on power will give her don't you today could now. Well. I don't think it was a donkey I think that if I think Charlemagne the god would agree with respect deal. The charm in the god said that she compared Christine Leahy's down and so with the Harbaugh CDE and it until. That's for example the data to stretch Harlem in the that distracts a college power for those who missed it animist what he's done at fox sports one and base in the ratings many many many many many of view. Had this would colleague Howard is doing a fox sports one he's changing radio the oppression and ESPN. And it was just too much and thankfully out fox sports one he can do things differently do things his way and change radio going. My series always been honest is that we should give women opportunities when I when I left my former employer. And I came here right six weeks off and I told you this story and maybe good maybe I didn't and I was listening to all the radio out there and little guys. And I thought you know I have finally real power in this business and the power is going to be to change radio. And I thought why not bring a female voice in what's wrong with him and I told you when you came on I said I want opinions. I'm not interest that a new agreeing I want opinions sell all of that yesterday I thought he was newsworthy it may news going out and yesterday I thought you were really strong. I think it's maybe it's time that we move the couch the best in the. A sneaky good party last set off like nobody not gonna talk about ball applicants are nicer it's like I can feel her just seating you know I can feel her pain like you race. It's a lot here like so all of it if you really want to give me of the race. Sit across the room with big guests constant. Like Corey are neck and turnaround would deport Christine Leahy. To change radio changing radio. Hi you're like. Like. Los by actor Washington and Jefferson. Hamilton and you are a founding father of the next generation of radio Colin Hanks Susan B. Anthony I'd still unaccounted. I don't know what the Christine Leahy and me Schaub Beatles and Sarah Spain to myself what we do without having you in our our talent our. I empower us Italy. The power. To share my boys that the world pay reading updates and giggling at your jokes. Christine lay it on Indiana on an actual show leave that dope and start your own show you pride Yost and that's a good point by you didn't. Didn't he have a show the me Shelby you'll. Wasn't that that was sports nation agency was equaled on that's what's allowed have a page you like she was a last yeah last down he does romanticize. When he's what's he what he's doing it all the amnesty. And as I pointed out earlier. I went to college where my very dear friends. Lot to job in Chicago to dolby colleague Howard's. Co host AE SP and they had it all for. Came to empower a woman and give her voice not a 100 bodies and then and then a week before that she is boast a week before she dot movers caught our house has decided to leave her high and dry gopher LA not even caller himself. Well your success you're still on top of nick Holland you're stuck you're such a martyr probably as women yours to voice for us that you could even use that whacking squeaking obnoxious voice of yours. To caller endeavor heads up that you were dumping or not a job but in fairness injury. They got they got a better job like 56 please and no I am not her job better hair better not about right shows him his opportunity you've made millions of dollars good for you can grant. Relations we don't going to blow V8 about how a year it's using the landscape of Sports Radio. Leap off we should point out that in this race where he's packed himself in the back for achieve radio. He Alaska's Heatley you speak for. 32. The four minute clip. Or is he explained why didn't he didn't jump in to save her during the interview today before as it was news. Very very calls if I would have stopped the interview he would not have unveiled. More of himself with Christine. Which knotted power pristine and show you the truth to get to the true. Sun times as. I vote. That is really uncomfortable feet and Kirk and share it it's without any civil once you're Tom touched that Mike flag that was it a little bit a Corky DNA in. Its. Trainee. And now it's we view it's 6177797937. The phone number I am on the record as saying the following the Celtics will win the series in seven gains. Against the cavaliers around and look at one game one a seven subtle it was a wanted the Germans bombed pearl are no yeah. Hope you're gonna get a buy out all telling you is that the Germans has keep. Here there. Pop culture I won't get to game two aunts and gene thoughts and Celtics in cats and how about the awards beacon of the big week for the Celtics and their pick. George askew pretty tidy and pretty confident with the Celtics are going to do with their pick we'll get to that with your thoughts as well cupid.

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