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K&C - Colin Cowherd claims to be empowering women; Mut gets you ready for The Preakness 5-19-17

May 19, 2017|

Hour 2: Cowherd claims to be a trailblazer and Mut gets you ready for The Preakness.

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And I thought you know I have finally real power in this business and the power is going to be. To change ready to restock this frees up is right here you know this is such bull crap. Hired my friend to beat his female co host at ES yeah. That's such rapid he has worked how her that he does at fox sports. I have friends who spoke good job to be on the show without Howard AE mail and less now he finds that a ramp up. Talk about how fox is giving you this. College is can use free guns at lift women up from just the bottom dredges of media school year you pretentious a hole. Wow. Wow and here is ready tell us they really feel. List. I obviously it says right in my bio I'm a feminists I like. Now I don't like it overboard here and I'm. That's a nicer and it's again it's not treated as Sosa justice warrior here now I'm total SAW a look at target ads JW I sure for aligned time known. I just it bothers me that that first of all you you're you're. How are your argument by saying height that this job so that I can make a difference and lift people off. In you're not doing again bites someone treated at the instead. And at least put her name in the show are on your Twitter bile like you don't hurt doesn't even stayed. Rick Christine Leahy on. His Twitter page doesn't even now that congress she's not a co host she's on reading updates thank you answer and that's no disrespect to that he and that's her job after job and hire her to be an opinion maker on a child not a secret reporters he said familiar what's your board on appeal when it at the I had no idea at large for Pratt and again this is not. This is not negative against Christine she does the job that she's asked to do and she does it to the best she does that well. I know she has a well and that amount is now watch Atlantis is in she's she doesn't she seems she thinks she doesn't coherently yeah. It's not like. He said hey you know what I am really tired of like I have an opportunity is a big name in sports I'm gonna play I'm to get a few not columnist. Either fox eight EST and wouldn't allow me to do that howling gen show so I'm gonna go instead of fox an element to the talent and Christine show. And it's gonna be awesome and we're gonna sit next to each other and we're gonna have equal time oh it's him going on his solo rants on his solo show. And when he deems eight. Necessary when he finds inappropriate time to allow her to speak her mind she's allowed to pipe being. That's giving a one that's that's giving a voice to women. It's just it's so it's just. He you've talked about her trying to be a martyr even I think she's to policy not she's right he is I mean and he was trying to be announced it has out of that now. And blindly even if she does some stuff politely stand a fork as she is a worker that I just felt so bad luck or easier to read to your point it'll get to immediate call Boggan apologized your second. The row is about giving her voice. So Cowherd yesterday they do like this for us and a four minute clip out of them discussing the incident. He lets her talk for like thirty as I spent that he does three and a half minutes on why. I he didn't step in on why it's important average par we just heard there what do aspect and then at the end of she's a wildly thirty seconds and he surges nodding and I really paying attention but when. When there's an apology do you make an apology Christine Leahy said. She received death threats since Lavar ball flight. Turns out she did. Looking at Twitter from ritzy Eads asks. I handle. Di eight. Can I say that you did say hello because he spells like a guard in hell OK so EU I he says ritzy eats asks. Says di ho on taller. So she did receive a death threat and also cars and leveraging your sentinel beat. So who these are should to Wear it if we're going by this ever going by the did Twitter death threats which I think we all agreed at some point especially. The first one here from ritzy. Doesn't appear to be. Our I pride gets I'm sorry I'll eat this and how can I go yeah I present I wasn't thinking three teeth astronaut course you think that aren't sorry. We're Killen can this morning. The got to wait and politically your money here and the so no I know everybody's thinking your I I hey I'm sorry can and did little halo credit on that last rant there really a cop myself there was no one time he edited it down by none grants you were so fired up you forgotten on its that is he says think I have a friend. At one point Gregory and I have you heard that I am friend and I have a friend I have friends I love lamp. Yet to move all the way to Bristol. But from Chicago Bristol paid enough I friend. Every line is singular and so and again you want I'm I'm five Topanga about lower than it is sold out girls story it's a catch you by no big deal she's she's trying to you know and again. I'm finally bank and a coward for this team make good point but going back to beginning of this. This is Christine Leahy. Taking this one incident. And trying way too hard to make herself the victim I will say this I don't think she's a victim I'm sorry that sounds crass this is I don't think that interaction interaction with Lavar ball. Makes her victim I don't think she was threatened adding this is what they want and it's what the executives wanted and they got. It air show in Boston. The Celtics game two tonight and budgeting to talk about we spent. Three segments on the surrender so they got what they want it here don't play the victim card if you were Christine this is the best thing that's ever happened to her career. The best thanks now Christine Leahy is a household name she was not a household name before us now I'm sure many people just. New is the colleague Howard show I knew her as that block NBC fox board and one who was not that's mother Erica she does. I think she's known not forward she dies at fox sports she's known for she hosts. American ninja warrior or a cat. What it matters there's a catalyst status now is higher than after. No doubt I mean she's now viewed as this is the this is I kinda of feminism in sports media of the gorgeous blonde and I'd paying TV job and those. I'll Astrid he did this help women in sports media I don't think he does that hurt the cause you get back and forth and then it. You throw the I'm receiving death threats of one to back off altogether house. Help. I listen I don't think it I don't think it hurts there are definitely things that happen in our industry and that hurt our cause more than X I I again I'm with. I think Alex I going back to the beginning if you if you go back to the state in your lane. The I'm not eating at a look at Sheila Mac and a TARP duke. I was out census con attention that had a sexist connotation to it and I think she had every right to argue with him right. Your yourself really well I just think he has a subsequent to its aftermath have an issue and again I agree I put out on because I have a hard time believing and again I do not know Christine personally I've only met her a couple of times and she worked cheer for like Fox25 is reporter anchor fox went five for awhile. She seemed very nice I have a hard time believing that she walked into Jamie Horwitz is office and said you know what. I wanna be on every show we have today all three of them to talk about those. I'm sure they came into her and said hey we're gonna have you go on and talk about it here were and you do it there. And when you're thirty years old and you're trying to make you don't you don't have. Thank you have the clout to say now you guys I wanna I wanna push the story anymore and just a part of you that probably feels like illnesses away eateries you re right. Exactly and are they making her I don't disagree that there probably making her do this the college app as Clark I want either I'm making her ID making her stated she's received death threats are now making their post all these videos on Twitter. I don't think she's she likes that they it's helping our profile exactly that's the that's the point of it if you really receiving death threats. There'll be none of this and so I look at it and say how is this helpful that you have this interaction is back and forth you if you stood your ground like it wasn't that clip. That's cutting it what you does a good job doesn't growl out. Cuts the legs out under her the next day by saying I don't wanna step in that spot we have coward the next day. Very very calls if I would have stopped the interview he would not have unveiled. Laura themselves with Christine. Which I thought empower Christine and show you the truth to get to the true setup sometimes you gotta go down that road that is really uncomfortable. We can biggest part where he's so happy because he would have stopped him he would have revealed the news. The new windows automotive and ask a three billion like he's such a he says it. Unbelievable interviewer his skills are so far and above anyone else that he got a missing more dumb crap like that's not news he's asking for three billion dollar is Jonas the real of arm off to wait you might only work I'll see all mightily work out the lakers open house out yesterday. Does she. He'd never before that of our ball wants is some sort of par for the lakers just not now when a real Smart guy Howland Howard Katz and in that net. Warm it's just comforting environment that he failed to bare his soul on how it's to talent is. Evil lead his weird broad Joker eyebrows as his hair isn't going to bother me like a look at this parity SP Amber's is now Colin it's it's new hair was lousy get like five Millon ago but now lag. To change radio. Sheen's radio on the I I didn't stop eatery because we made news none out you can stop you because it was good and you knew was pretty new with buzz worthy and you knew. You'd get this sort of response and that's how I almost stepped in a couple of times almost almost saved by lady pal over there might. I damsel in this right I there. When this first broke out or is it wends Wednesday when I enter I like that he didn't step and I thought to meet all I was violent. Write to me at some point because it is he show he can say that he you know where I've been it was a great segment now it is a great segment but I do feel that there's a play I would I mean at times I think organs out the how did Stepan. Because like what do it was a guy debating with the bar about what he stepped and probably not what people have been calling formed Stepan absolutely. I deserve to reacts differently to you like I've I feel like when you know somebody calls in and says something an appropriate tune it and per gallon and don't don't agree with man is in anyway shape perform like IC someone really attacking a colleague on Twitter. Or somebody in this room really attacks on my colleagues I do feel a need to stand up for -- what's he saying anything and hope to meet again its being a date accused being condescending down but it was a BO ID sixty ones now I mean he was he was mean to her on the radio there was no need to stop that segment and Christine late he was not a woman. Nobody would be calling for calorie to have stepped it signal a 777979837. Of one or mats in New York waiting patiently on Christie Leahy Collin cower iMac. Oh. Tunnel. Self service. Boy that is a bad phone for Matt in New York whose weight for why we're Matty. Just crushed all of themselves and I would say this now and I've said this before in terms of like. Elevating women which is what Colin Cowherd is so committed to doing he has part of doing that Alex is at times even now it may seem like you're diminishing the one and this is my personal opinion I did doesn't need to be taken across the board. I feel like when someone dies stand up for me as it was in the way you're you're sure right now I feel like the way that you're talking there's not a way that you beat speaks to my male counterparts. Let's speak you have a debate with their have a debate with their but let's not talk down her. I do think sometimes it is helpful when. Someone of prominence who is male steps. This person when Christine when you're not. Criticize his parenting skills and better for better or worse and I'm not sure how I'd react but if I. If on the marbles age race these three kids and their successful and our families on the verge of your being a powerful. A basketball fan priority arc. And I had this a person on the radio who I don't know how old she is by late twenties or do they sent an article I read about so she's thirty years old. I'm married no kids and she's being critical of me as a parent. I react the same way whether you senate Ken senate Curtis said it Alex and it whether it's a male or female that I like to keep you get and. Real because you RPI. Is honored as it over on the bad but if you but in in fairness both. Alex and I side very differently we cited the stain your plane as it does not yarder it was over the top ally. Yeah. Dick Pole shares. It's condescending it's a little sexist but I think it was over the top now need to study any wasn't threatening her. You don't have. These condescending to Stephen A Smith when he goes on the remark Stephen enables guys and in use those same sort of voice is collection segments they're and that when he bride did preface by saying I don't I don't. Watch a lot of news interviews and act ports with other people's I'm not sure how he treats other people mics in Framingham Mike you're a WEEI. I attribute that I call to the step did. And he had been beat. Up Kelly admitted that it implement that are put dumpster. They've walked a confrontation that it's great radio. It is great me you want I I thought it was ago a great back in that segment Howard's ever done I think. And going to fox is only one of people noticed so now we're elegy finish mikes are you a net. I guess I ask you to the secrecy Leahy issues for second you would have liked in that spot. If Colin coward if you were her you have this back and forth with this national. It's a national network in your on this back and forth and it's heated. You would've been okay with Colin Powell war Colin cal order Alec streamer or month or somebody else and a host ones. To step in and say that's inappropriate. That might. Now I'm up and asking for. Oh yes outside grass and I am. I think a little bit of support a little bit of support would have been nice maybe maybe add to step in and stop it but he did need an acknowledged that is happening. He's just sort of like cap the conversation. I don't know I don't know exactly how he could've done it I felt like. I felt like he left his his co hosts or whatever she uses up to 8% I Eleanor you mirror is reporter. Nine never great report her partner great group I felt like pro I felt like he sort of letter hang out. Dared to dry and around what you thought of power Christine. And how Michael hence. That's where I guess judging you and hang way Anderson guest on there Europe and a great back and forth you're holding your own and she was. And tank with got to step in and say you give you more respectful guy I. I would look integrity shut up I'd she's doing a great job intra and yet ready with outrage she was she did she held her on I guess maybe she may have more to do it like. The way that he was not so much that he had to step in to sort of quote unquote rescue work. But he he didn't even acknowledge that is sort of like back and forth was going on to the next day and said there was whose news work. That's our Michael is art guys are keeps. All the brick that stimulate comment execute drill targets one of my actual fitness a bigger more liquid. Comic book probably great and kids if it's not to debating what we're that it should still debating. Like not about what ought to smudge Mark Richt shut the blank up. It in my draw business. That's like to look at Alex and and Freddie bull thought that there was that a sexist little angle to that little bit I thought I'd and I enjoy I it was a little equivalent T you know stay indicating young lady at. Yes you know but then again and woman's right after years hammers. Sex act that was the most sexist thing ever to Boston radio in years was Felger Villa boas was the content and always tiznow it was about Gisele iPhone and now why why Gisele talked about intelligent women they just keep yapping and that's what. Tony loves it. We'll get that it's. You bring that up tonight trying to make a guess about our life and I did last middle segment called did founders and it was an Archie Bunker who. Would elders. Not griping he was a little more are you suspect has gone and he still thinks that I can't tell them apart which is ridiculous of course internal part I can't. I again. He he I would say he conceded on a gap in comments but I was like we're really gonna talk about women saying things been going too far was like. Everything in and a always happens in our office that is like gossiping going too far right slowly turn to Gary I was like comes from this guy. And then I brought up the fact I was like your daughter's founder cleanup like empower them. Like on the lips of the bombs start going up and down. Can't really control do the responsible for what comes out just what happens when you're constantly. Woman. Let him hear it from Des Moines, Iowa and you put on the show for the first time and he is this really serious. Like this yeah. Elder women collected to catch that I got I got out and now I wonder if that home. Sarah and the girls his wife are just so in charge of everything met that they this is his way to begin feel like yes like teen tiniest bit of power somewhere. The women. That's what happened and that's women just can't stop talking to LA just couldn't Atlanta data might look like they talk too much for me are you ready are you. I'm ready to go I'm prepared alliger mentally preparing all segment not ans stories here. More than yesterday Campbell urging of the great for yesterday's headlines Welker gave it to the plots alliant. Artists. C minus you could have totally quit after the first five seconds of meat. Storm or try to sell agility deep pleasant but that's that's that's higher than I thought okay monster we're gonna see if Alex is better headlines today and I think deep down I think Trent he wants a shot and headlines two point. I know we tried that once now where it might headlines rank with Chinese headlines and so is Christmas your parents yesterday it was a set yes it was horrible. Betray the points once at that doesn't with you is that you and Andy are what I have done headlines sent an even better man I miss that show for India. And I think is it like five words or shout yeah. And there's been announced going to be and that's bad too we like I've been known stepped in to help Peter and know and don't know now is immunity in unit Alex is here and he's ready to bounce they are now lights definitely are you could death we beat me enormously inning that's that's an Santander wants a terrace. Do do at 930 I get twenty bucks. On train. That's that's the Smart money we will hear argued it puts a contest them at a teacher had how many sustaining a gimme the number. This big thing with the show right now we that would let's do that it's a mildly an idea headlines I think Alex can bounce back there were so. Headlines are so bad yesterday. I could be worse today I really do think that Alex headlines next. Crab cakes and gambling that's what greatness does. We'll try to bounce back off a Kentucky Derby where yes we didn't have the winner we liked always dreaming third go back to listen to podcasts but was talked off. I'll always streaming by. A couple of different things we got it wrong pick Irish war cry he ran up the track yet to do and worst race. You handicap your pick when you lose you flip the page to the next race short memory is good whether you're a quarterback and defensive back or a handicap or. All part of the award winning across the board horse racing podcast available now at WEEI dot com and to be fair you don't listen that's fine please download. I just down interview listen to an op unit helping me out help and not your friend lot. I just. Down how many downloads does the preakness podcast yet I've asked the couple times Alex and I think they are so rolled by the respondents. That they don't wanna tell us Peter came to via the podcast is needed no no no I don't sneak you know the problem is not a gay host my podcasts my iPod iPod best is needed to if I brought you on the podcast. Cool you needed and now. You know Kirk as it was originally a proponent of the two outs podcast he between iTunes link last week but I think he filled as he failed Alan Keyes and maybe. One opts I think ever since Peter King tweeted that it's needed he's decided now I'm against the act to that spot well he's the ultimate. Pandering that he Peter pander guys will be called right here and yet does that you hurt your credibility in that building with some people and now when Peter King comes to defense and so the horse racing podcast how many episodes of this do you do for we do for you obviously the forty year there's been talks about getting sponsor. People are requiring about that vote could they may be at a can be expansion of the Al more trees and a brand your W. Rock mad as an app salute toss for me peace somewhere in the top three looking Li ion and have dead tickets across the board through I can understand a word to use you wouldn't know I I and I knew that's gonna happen today because these idiots we don't like it's 4:45 in the morning low -- months and Barry that no one got to bed yet. Now but podcast radio gold my hot little hands right here. Let you play and a if I was in a tennis podcast I wouldn't know they would know what they are saying right you're not bred to be desperate three spread of the router about two weeks him podcast for idiots like Curtis undone for guys like Ken who's mocking us now but can. Likes horse racing can always had a little time will put elicit a podcast guys are gonna want to awaken Solder at home this weekend for those guys losing a hardened Irina forgot who won a Kentucky Derby Alley streaming. I've been like for you actually got to write its depth who won the conduct leader. Do you think you know when the point I'm not picking a terrible price we've taking. Cloud computing a cloud computing okay right down there at the horses that can win. Omitted them in order of their best odds yet cloud computing yet classic empire. Always streaming. And it's always getting in about an hour a little over hour of that the WEE guide com. Full breakdown of the preakness and our very good ball well that's titles like ten minutes now I think now were you in your view about eyes three. Three handicapping the join me the captain asked the guy got through national map burning a daily racing of course Simon brave TVP Dick Girardi or personal talk Celtics doodles I Utley at little Celtics. The Celtics is can have to let the Celtics gonna use the number one pick or they gonna trade in a more it's time. This experience I wanna raise a local guy I applied answers he's yesterday and you asked him about Minnesota in it out okay what they'll do with the right up again yeah. Now you wanna talk to my house approach them because we have the evergreen podcast I don't actually that he be allowed you wanna talk a little. Celtics can heal a step on holly and Nikki spike right. They don't talk so I'm not trying to listen if you guys listen to it is different. Is the ever read podcasts. Different then than talking Celtics on the show a little bit because in kitchens. Oh ice an immediate end bends as Celtics now of course he has ideas and I'm listening to dale Keefe and dale and Holley break down and Ian Tyler Zeller is minutes. Marcus Smart I might need and kitchens and Celtics Nazi. Bent like she's good at soccer ever month's soccer and about the NBA. So it's at the three of them and ever agreed they protege is colleague Keefe Ben kitchen also part of the legal analyst and I just announced in the same. Celtic to Democrat attorneys Edward do when he patriots podcast mean Gary writes it will. Is it different than when you Gary talk patriots on your shell. He'd say no it's a signal coming to watch the show listen to deal with Keefe. I want ten I'd like horse racing podcast you admit is niche market talk about is very niche very very very very. Very nice to get in the pod casting around got to find your niche on. Like that a Red Sox podcasts that dad art mourn any of those out or trailblazing. Or wrestling wrestling like wrestling would be that that Anthony it would dished me out when we some could think of that idea to a wrestling podcast here. I'd like it hot. Spots that it was what sports. Take one shot I missed. It I'd dot com this week. Much sports on how what is this from nineteen like 87 last week. Last week I used to host the crossing podcaster and you know holds barred podcast without extreme. Like. That it. You still. I know Kirk love the phenom larger one of them of the phenom clip when you're on an ultimate. They called the phenom yes it's the blogging Fina to be the right name the wrestling is your wrestling name no I don't my blogging team train and Arnold and phenom Alex career. I wasn't a straight to dvd Red Sox documentary in 2007 blasts that we believed to have old silly and we believe to the sequel to 2004 believe they want to ask you got comes at a time when you were like ten holds a seven like thirteen or fourteen I think yeah in that range. As a freshman basically yes no doubt that 2003 was buried a profile does and WBI collars. In that documentary. The 031 with Jerry you're close I don't think support is one of those are way way way back in the day when the caller stay where you iMac not 2003 no angry bill or something who is that guy used to call. Bill Lotta like big show's celebrity callers are featured on the big chill made celebrity callers like that way but then they have a sequel. In 90007. And I was one of the fans profiles. But you're whining because we will actually air on every team right I tried to call here. And what they would do as acts he's called the big show once they put me on hold for an hour and a half and then hung up on me just as a joke. That that's not gonna say you're Boaz has always directors yes and I was bullied by anti. Oh. If there was this big one for one time don't we still abide by this but you. You're supposed to have kids on the air is still I heard I heard hit land on your opinion on the yes we had like a twelve year old cheerleader call. Nicole we don't know that we whites are taught to Nazi hate solid cheerleaders we had that discussed these to have that discussion of them tomorrow I'll we're gonna have the discussion innings that's something besides I mean are hardly ever allow his daughter's cheerleading he said. All of my life is that he massage my wife went to England to be virtually any company doesn't like he does like what its -- ash is part of the UCLA right yes she was out of the jacket and all she or she as the Jack and amp I war we are cheerleader I was the compound area every guy sister is that you Letterman sisters aged it's. You what's not high island race not his program and how they think there's ever disagreements begin to get its creditable disagreements not nanny not known on now I don't appear able and it's still sticks to me you were ready to dig in and you were so. You guys are polar opposites on Pete Abraham. And then it just. You're too nice to you could guys I want you yell at them alleged the eight. These two you're too nice not nice anymore is nag at the can't Howard monster tomorrow. But you could have married him competing have been so wrong about that defending Pete for making a racist comments on Twitter and you're right. He was wrong. And should prop up the heat I'm sorry to disappoint Jolie brings it brings even calling out. Holdings Howard dessert that he deserves he did people are gonna and it's an honor that its mass is gonna get it's sexy he said he doesn't like what it says about. He's looking out for attorney. What that they're athletic and making fled and they are Tehran and they're cheering for many he doesn't like that precedent to at least a share for what seems to go and we had real ride squads that. Ran again. I had rallied wrestling cheerleaders beads soccer cheerleaders had girls astronauts are poised to sign a player like you signed football player. I want a summit like as the sun Friday night classes toward either rally girls right I stayed attacked and Flutie country in girls' chorus football player and so we were not assigning them yes that's a pep rally is that voice. They'll need it would do. Do things we would like to curry blockers for homecoming week arm you know which eBay cupcakes states I was gonna say bake cookies are cupped my girls are supposed to do bake cookies in agony as it here I don't know I don't think I wouldn't I don't think that's how it is anymore I think now it's like I mean that you like pocketed donors like. Be real right to the issue later I was there and do your thing I'm gonna stand here and cheer for you well always believed that. I'll say put that in the training intimacy for to get ready to mossy and what common for you know what time is that on. Eleven and 311 locked fool for action packed appointment listening it's I'll be involved will come back we will talk about man of the people Tom Brady. It he is speaking with Tony Robbins he sells a fifty dollar bags of nuts. Else is Tom do his man of the people he eats up McConnell ice cream. Now sign now with a car that is up on billion of our fans drive up and down 93. I needed to be Tom Brady on car endorsement that he is now locked himself in the man of the people Tom Brady next.

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