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K&C - Headlines with Reimer 5-19-17

May 19, 2017|

Headlines with Alex.

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Headlines are brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard. At 1800 get 10 or Good Morning America Alec streamer filling and a record many hands Nate thank you everyone Bogut is darn good start could start better the answer not gonna be a lot of applause for our our fair mayor Marty loss today there is a protest going on at City Hall. Because of comments Marty Walsh made yesterday on not Boston public radio is Jerry says her favorite welfare recipients. A Boston public radio while said pedestrian and bicycle west's. Need to do their part to help reduce and avoid fatal in non fatal crashes with cars in the city. But more closely following the rules of the road once said that pedestrians specifically. Need to keep their heads up locking down the street. Take their headphones off stay with in the cross walks and obeyed traffic lights is what was said about cyclists which is really what's gotten people in a Tizzy. When you're riding a car can't stop on a dime he sad and a bike can't stop on a dime so people need to understand not. All of us need to understand that we need to co exist together on the roads of our city. On the streets of our city we need to stop running across the street. And start following the rules so this cyclists are very upset. Well so is obviously coming on the heels of a terrible accident on the corner route clearance in in common mall writes I think when he cyclist was killed right. But I will say in Miami cyclists and a driver who who tanked. I'm just to drivers sometimes guys just a driver in armies I like shorts off for me. Cyclist who looks for some. Like the headphones in and then out indeed not looking and flying through lights. There is some persons it's to put all the entire onus on car drivers I don't think it's I don't think it's out of and it's in an appropriate for Murray lost to say that. We all need to learn to. Exit Uggla and say the cyclists are to blame here. I'm sorry they are not well not architecture and reckless you don't follow the rules of the road they're arrogant they don't stock view and all you're a bit out how to cross lock in and you have the you have the light you can walk like the locks on his up. And the cyclist is keep going don't stop for anybody they've no awareness whatsoever they're not wearing helmets. I'm sorry it is dangerous and they and they act this way because they know that the onus is always going to be on the driver they're never gonna get blamed if there never always the driver's fault and that's not but I also say next I go for runs sometimes and it only seems to be a Mercedes or BMW I'm not kidding. Always I've got to watch time and and and they try to fly through users there's a specific in a section thinking I'm right by the signs. Where cars to turn last. Right I don't wanna sign and we talked I don't walk sign jet off when in doubt but a cyclist but what you go either I didn't run off the road cyclists as a also on the same as a cyclist sometimes it'll it'll look their texted juvenile he's a different things and elect. We'll all hello I'm Allen rules. And you're like you know stay near LA I would either one I'm thinking of isn't my driving home fresh pond all the time these bikes go right through terrible does not matter. And I'm not a bikers while on blast and I'll Google after the people he mentioned pedestrians there there is now it's 2017. We Oliver had. We all heads down in our phones and I've seen more people almost get hit last year but they have Brad because they are not looking and their their heads are now put him in the bike category. Alex because. People care much more about their phone and what's there and looking up NA and much is texting and driving is terrible you should not do it should be Gio double fence. I do it's that. You should not be texting and walking Jiri crosswalk keep your head on a swivel and honestly a personal responsibility yes they can't always the drivers bought a yet this idea that Marty Walsh is out of line because he's asking for. Oh god personally our ability immigrants across the board diseases I Ayers I hate the cycle is that I now eat that are suddenly said their their protest and protest at City Hall cycling advocacy groups. Cars like epic roads are for cars trying to get traffic right technology. Drawn out there to share the we have to share the road with this class road in Boston the roads are meeting here you know like seventeenth century not enough not enough room for Kyle Riyadh was just can't people who ride bikes I can't ride my bike pass block I have put in spite of Clinton road bike ride somewhere else we hide that's nice where they grow our agreement Marty Walsh. You why I only very strange yet. Roads are -- higher now in their anchor Daryn Mary I'm gonna argue with you would daisy shared space wannabe Lance are drawn out and the cards you're gonna wanna be hard they'll Lance arms absolutely what it is that wrote the cars are on the roads firsts of yours cyclist ED I mean I. Grocers horse and buggies that he wanted to outweighed anonymous fine and once I okay your high horse and buggy and our horse and. Think that will man in his mind set that towards women acting was back towards horse and buggy time is the late great Roger Ailes. Who as we know what passed away cost good guy. Fell in his bathroom may tenth that had a horrible accident and passed away it's very very sad news on another one who I'm very respectful. Towards women are hot chocolate. Yes and hot chocolate that the with him when he made animal noises too as well I love that business. He broke his silence Thursday and the debt that analysts in a USA today op Ed. I O Reilly said this that he says this is what he says killed Roger Alice any world in which technology is breeding bad behavior the downside of that is it is turning us into a nation. Where hatred is almost celebrated in some quarters Roger Ellis experience that hatred. And it killed him. That's the truth. Or if Clinton oh I didn't let me get obscenity statutes and the man is sexually harassed at least a dozen when. The man who is the brains behind Fox News in my opinion the most hateful television network out there. And bill Riley is saying that the price back is what killed Roger Ailes is gonna take it anymore poor Roger he could take the heat's. He could take the backlash and that's what killed him. Since I haven't you don't do things that warrant backlash and it and it acts as a us yeah. That's your of your Fox News guy mutt I am railways still Roger L I brought us boobs up pare back the guy that I got that from Roger Ailes get short skirts from Roger Ailes there he. He brought a lot to net television news the way you watch it now those these were Ailes value a lot of valleys lot of value there like I haven't ever sexually harassed. Yes he would have been a big fan of a female reporter a blond female reporter being on a show that's Kristi you would have been popularized on Nike yes we're definitely not there yet there ever gonna wanna traders TV everyone is going to skirts that half mast yesterday at Fox News to we're all congrats and repeating every single what are joke we saw yesterday now OK I like one. Aside from someone else but the roster of Kona over that we think Roger Ailes is is Matt and Rachel ERB. Apps. Two opinion and they were like why they work yes they were BF Betsy mutually Europe Ford for one of her books that I did not sound. Keep that in your mind off a cause that headlines today Donald Trump is going to Saudi Arabia next week. What can go wrong I don't think he'll say anything outlandish you want no gaps in the Middle Eastern trip. On the American country music star Toby Keith. Known of course after such it's such as made in America in with the girl. It's going to perform eight men formally welcoming American soldier yeses that's that's the big one. Well he's gonna perform that night at an all male welcoming concert for trumpet Saudi in Saudi Arabia this weekend. On the concert is free. But again open to men only because in Saudi Arabia of course men and women. And I socialize in the same place it also featured a re B and flute players now does anything sound more torturous. Thing going so this is not on Saudi Arabia eat. So authorities announced that Jodie stealing all male and I'm I'm get I sausage fest that's my thing. But in all now know liquor Toby Keith concert in Saudi Arabia welcomes Donald Trump. I don't know I would go I would go to that Josie Toby Keith twice and think I mean I it's not either it's. Silly I. It's Don it's me and a bunch of dudes were all hanging out. Were watching Toby Keith got rocked you saw it until we keep for. We rocks summit the old one early call now. Great article great woods now I saw Toby Keith there what do caught out hot air is better than every NC I got arrested there once I'm I'm Yemeni guide to skip. Thanks I don't know I do not like I didn't mean now lot ago beat a budget dudes hanging out ouch and Toby Keith they don't know crank it up Toby penalties get this thing out with girls the fear for minorities this day I love this bargains one of the songs I don't I love it I loved that car. Attorney your world radio. Caddie I mean nasty. You have interest in going there out theory be I would go to Saudi Arabia. I I just think it's it's the cradle of civilization I think it's and it equaled a civic culture it's totally different culture I wouldn't goal it's a I would solo travel. Obviously there I think I think it's safe for a woman to solo travel site I think women in their right be dismayed that change and thank. Don't they can't do they can't be a Sports Radio beacon how do you react absolutely non Howard needs to go to Saudi Arabia yet you can't. Let me strange beings yes you. I think the no go the show me Callahan. Me and Jerry go to the showed again god is Saudi it were a series plays a couple of guys hang it out crank up they'll be keep it get to experience cereal offers hands. Listen I know Toby heat because I'm you know this on these songs are definitely played at the bars. Open up. Near the Lleyton was not moved move these are some Faber and women still cannot drive and cyber. I have got the right driver right around. And trample also I'd be meeting with figures such as Sudanese president on Mir Alba shark is been indicted up for work as but he does look quite so. What do we gotta agree what athletic this week what are we like I meet for a dollar to drop it while god and iPad headlines brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard the airline asked doctor Sebastian Vollmer at 100 yet I did at. Ted. I was better than yesterday now the ball past lower our high value and we Toby Keith which is a good one and Jerry would love -- cute story as for Jerry I'm gonna give that. Better than yesterday's loss -- bossy plus you get the beaten path. A guy can't. I do B also people of that money teller operator heard artist got up be honest people plus. Rates it was not it was funny. You don't like it either turning she's not not not that that's note she machine tough room here headline I bet I think about it I'm. I gave. Exactly its exact tore I think I Arctic Callahan no Carriker cal and at the casting couch all stars Alex training and mutt here on WB yeah.

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