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K&C - Casting Couch All-Stars gossip; Kristine Leahy claims to have received death threats 5-19-17

May 19, 2017|

Hour 1: Trenni, Reimer and Mut got into some casting couch gossip.

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It is indeed a casting couch all star edition Kirk king Callahan Sports Radio WEEI and F around Friday if he's ever been won this will be that show good morning house warning treading howry good morning my morning morning. Roger back your balance after yesterday I'm going to be ups what the headlines performance just in general I thought headline that he took. Extra shots and last hour as well as I was listening as they went back to some headlines state it was so bad they re playing yes bits of headline it was it was not a great moment but I take 95%. Responsibility. For the botched handling the other five person I can Wear efforts stopping all over my Nelson Mandela joked Kia played the audio little early there can that's fair we can admit that right. Okay so 5% and it's OP so he plays the Mandela -- importantly does it correctly don't it's nice game is up 95% dizzy does that salvage headlines he plays at sound correct not salvage it but that really the train was already like. Just about off the tracks and then. Just totally went off when. And intelligent got stuck and don't keynote address or is I call it the Mino dangerous. And tough for him I was saving your share my. I look at Kurt aegis gives me the stare up like complete discussed in a Mike. I mean you rattled and I'm assuming what I could not even here in a story am assuming you're talking about appease trumped coast I guess I chose a cute little one liners that mean note address I don't know. Or maybe even millions on the better in my head. On that and it carried out like Gallagher of the sick as its although I mean might get it keynote address mean noted that with the best was Clinton's USO. This guy's injured right now and I'm sure I'll Wear trendy is of this but. So Alex wants to he wants to push this aside. He wants to become the full time headlines person for the Kirk in Cali picture. In an iron and means centers on the you're not apps you're not you're not taking Kirk. Know that that's fake news and I never so they want to solid outing in order to Ken lay I know he's spreading fake news and never so they wanna do it every day I sent on our greet Mondays ago filling in for you money go to bat for trying to gain in five which at least I listen to a good chunk of that news callers from west field on Monday it was yeah I got a call that cumin and help you with app and I had to work my other what I'd had headlines where I know I'm Caroline and think you can handle and on your kind of polished young men and gabbana. He's happy for everybody everybody to Wear it with me all hands on deck all hands on deck can get a cloud at I can't you know not. For a subpoena to appear on the etc. to get the card can make 645. As a moderate. He Macon and no but I said even when I was unclear I said even when Kirk is here but I meant what I was here with cart and not mean every. Don't get. So like when I'm here with Jerry in Kirk I proposed that idea the headlines any success hunting and so yeah Saturday is your way easier here's my trial I got vision and it until now now that did not go well I can't how do you confuse stack is you're pretty adamant that he said he wanted to come in every day that you has I think it was good for the show that he'd promote that you want to Ian and his you have a news's good old was big news that I told you speak news I was I was unclear about my request rerouted play along that's. I played along and he curmudgeon what's torpedo the show. I'm just realistic the idea of me coming in at 51 of all I don't have a cars it would been at the lift lines are expensed and pray you a niche here that on Monday on Monday they're opening it eight stage or next door. Want to at a street T station and I think a commuter line right onto the commuter rail yeah I might not sound and an outlet near commuter station actually haven't gotten out of hand Dorchester millionaire ability to know ticket at a I live in eleven Brookline to make a live ten minutes is no commuter rail have to go to like docking station which is down near fan I'd be crazy. He couldn't make it into the bus that that's sort of could do that out there and I'm not a bus would I Pennsylvania. Bus freaks me. Pollen and the ash are never taken a busters are out of time in New York now not lots to think about senior captain crosstown. And I do subway subway and yet as if you wanted to got to go across town. And out east title aside through parts caesar's bossy know had no idea that you really don't seed don't wanna be here. Mean is that the I don't know odd I would thoughts about every adult question to see people want did you hear every day's figured out why he's only nine behind. Nine month back trying to back stab us in taker are no I think in time until I want either every definitely you know I guess I am doing now I just don't you know if I'm here every day nice to be to call list everyday knot head wind monkey you I think seek got a guy is gonna suggest with the headlines every day. You don't yet you don't want that idea is strange dynamic by one that's number one number two by Thursday the first week. They would be no they would as you know with these two Jack Nichols they get annoyed over everything and so by third and again Thursday of that week. They would be UB like this and it kept Kurt Kirk Kirk say. He whispering back in the talkback it would do this anymore but for tomorrow's last. I don't know I don't really give me horrible anxiety every day whenever coming here I images that pent up anxiety and angst. It's not today though not that she's nice little nice does something different I was up he'll be last night. I'm not I'm not joking I I look to dialect of The Who was on me email that I signed Alex in my house like. Pretty easy nice relaxed group but you can possibly you can always tell the tricking Jerry Aaron and and courteous gives you mail didn't show run yet edit crown currency that we need a little bit more directs and Rio it's okay ready I was in two almost a class here at all. I'm so grade I gotta every single wake and if you are all eyes I can't do my job and I've got a couple was recovered and the person. Funeral crash fairways Arab women care they only twice this happened twice in I think the last probably. Six months and what were those two time brief Friday rundown says right the email from last three brief and like four stories listed there. Yeah Kelly I wherever we don't know is usually the email on Mike and Mike going until she got it's it's great that's a great job don't need to the regular preparation has done for you know exactly. No but today we got a nice article but the running play by play of your rods color commentary. The royals game aside about the missile moment something is added he's great to do that birthed. And I didn't read I saw I saw Curtis Burnett out for the fifth. Fourth time this week that the Conan O'Brien's story loves the Conan dropped a jokes feeling like doesn't get traffic on the web site this week did a really interesting like he says Tom Brady was mentioned Tom Brady and Conan O'Brien going to trial offer stealing Tom Green that was more for Alex help maybe with his headlights that one blue after yesterday not a not a bad idea in my own headline ideas. I was I was died last night I was going through some stories where you had to go back to the the drawing board after yesterday now we're we're going back to the drawing board because there is this thing. And I'm not sure you and I've talked about outs not sure if trendy experiences it. When you have a bad show here with Kirk and Jerry. It wears on you'll be at least it wears on merit on May be what they are there are times in the show we just know they didn't like your performance in like the show they thought was slow it up. And it bothers me all. Testing day and Gary in also you know you're gonna hear about it for weeks. Yes me that that they did that actually the first thing you hear return the partial podcast when you're these Q. Early cheated next morning at 6 o'clock in and it's fresh and adjusts the just real India. That can happen. But it there's this feeling there and it is a bad shows like it's a good sense yesterday. You're looking for a bounce back today they gave me safety records came in like at 9 o'clock came Greek restaurants Varma and not a right. Another life has been granted to be fair. Our bar requested you don't call the other pros zero I might want to have on the show. You Kurt I was sitting right next to muggles who it is you know what I do I am an African TO thank you. He was not sitting next he text was here start earlier after the show us what you know what occurred is lying to you. Many other eye to eye on this morning and. IA yesterday I was called difficult again I worked in this kind of like a friend or eating would be painful yes. Girls like you are handfuls payment and time tough to control. You know stay in your. This day nearly NC still dispute that that eerie handful in a relationship I am not hands on relationship. He said he just that I have not not a handled it I Kirk's things that I like it first ball. We're Kirkwood now I'm not pianist and this is just some you know goes home. On honor on our figures showed them at the global attention on anything there is really. How that got any sense any you have to talk about so many incessantly and they're showing here at Sydney and passion. I mean think about was that mean with you I mean I don't watch that some as I don't talk about Kirk and I'm now on and on to me about her and don't talk about his you know personal life because. I don't think about Kirk that way by Kirk seems to really liked about me when I'm around owns I was reading his tenure as odd. I mean it was awkward at times he got a little close those close to take off the shirt. Nobody did lift up shirts and like wipe and spun off and I'll do this well yeah that's a good move. So I don't think I mean Kirk like Cuba and in your wife is probably a lovely woman and purity of kids and so now. He can hurt you if you go on the date with Albert. It's that Lucy. We can get to the bottom he gives public breakdown afterwards he in fact you are a handful on a date I don't suspect you Mark Kirk does. But that's it we can do that the sort of forget that our I would love that yet Russia pretty amenable like I think I think every member on the shares on. That's tonight thank. What is your married. That it's for the show like Nortel what was it now I like eyeball Fords out honey. I put a date with always a vet yesterday you called it was all fired up I bet you that mean your medical they have a you know normal. I'm Regina all to fool like Seles and I think I hope she says. And that will be a lot actually I'm not all I had to go do. It's not an editor show barrel on Saturday and I had to use the facilities and I just got installed thinking. Is this the one Tina was as though why well she went way and it was I think in ninth and frightened re done quite much nicer now on the new were at that point. And got to be fair when we. Curtis said we need a third for tomorrow. This is we talked about last summer on together the slim Pickens the rest of the executive 27 yankees I you were at the just default choice act I that's not a sign that patting myself on the back to match. So like mere metre it's it and I don't think meter was a command that I took the field meter is definitely part time he does not. He went adolescent is on last week last night because on with an image area snore I'll listen to that show electric the casting couches once a week meter just skip this whole week completely. Like EB why he wanted to come and it's my Arabic it was zone to Cody get bumped it was not invited this is not a high. Me. That is rare that's a rare meter bump. About Jerry's is is. This guy here so Jerry's not here or Nolan to a fight and forum I can see that the military that doesn't Nicolaus and the yeah. When some some are gonna get meter. Like for Ed I think July 4 that meter Brad foe but stern show where Lincoln Memorial Day Macedonian and home immemorial and over already booked a memorial now clearly. Lose and memorial day's action isn't it out of Mario that Butch Stearns. Three and trimmings. And rob Bradford. Yeah. It's a great I'll be a great show I'll be in a country ought to gave village and weekends at the Y a village in Montreal I didn't know this is a statement to gamers vs I just a regular village yes it's a village with gay people in your own place or on space. Is this the first night is that there is a saint annual memorial they trip no I've never it is like fire there. A Catholic town Provincetown vibe I've never been I've heard great things. Can't wait to hear the stories match those funds and big group group of guys that Abbas renting a bus up there. We've Thursday night's hero riding driving I would not be driving the bus argued you've driver while the driver. Or somebody like a boot on the final drive I don't know I I'm not doing the coronation I was invited a couple days ago last bus driver I am hoping that school strike and opening school was at that time our heavy rough that did a couple times to Yale Bowl leased to play the noble Connecticut that was that was a rough ride all of you to a school bus we get a bunch was get on a bus and treat the entire way -- -- in the game and our. It was not a long hour and a half and I need a bathroom on the bus and it's going to be five point 07. Hour drive the third and leaving Thursday night returning win I'm not short in mind. Asked team and ultimately he's working these people came Tuesday believe booking and she won't be watching on sealing element you'll get a beginning is we talked Sonoma export punished sometimes we do when I don't watch week that's and we talk about sport the national title not only a national title again it's like three hours on who would aghast. Does there have to be done now as the Alex number two break up week now is. That was her off. Ice I had an usher are still I think you use that as an excuse do you wanna watch the game no extra at night and all that's on a called and someone called that's what Alex site that's going to Alex gets it when he had the the break up conversation on the year. Just that was that Feyerick employees communities kind of put on new controlled phones are not and you could you could have added you know I at the end of the day if you really didn't want him on. You could put your foot down be allowed to happen and again that's how we that you don't let us know. I don't you know yeah I'm fairly certain that you'd like no I please Arctic is gonna be like well hey Alex I'm not I don't and I have the power to be none of us have the power of until calls them out I got it all I didn't live you at all since the outcome or why. The deathly lies did you hit on Alex yes. I annualized that's accepted in the gay community that's. Why didn't all swingers he didn't understand yes that was a fundamental disagreement is he okay Kirk we've Rockies gay. Yes OK with it this year is. Trending in that direction like how long read on regaining four months inch. Or months or so did you have a talk we had talked it and it did you tell me you love them. I asked if there were I'd just throw exactly traits it not genuine you know. If it's thrown around this disorder on lightly and don't pathetic every Cantu scored yeah you never said island viewing not meant it levee. SE Jerry sizzled with an Icrc. And they told me asked yesterday after on the trek it's nice now. Kurt ever charge and he loves now. After headlines yesterday I figured your back you've got a preference on who can think of sound I was eight I like I was making gains but now. We've got pushed back yesterday. It's intriguing to me. What is I would say to a boyfriend and I love you you've never in your life and I love you and not. And that made it really meant don't they just outside it's not mean it's something that you sort of save you. What you say when your guys ice I said it won an ornament a set at two girls high school that was one I didn't Ariel Sharon and the predators I give my credit and I primarily twenties Arie have a fear of god don't see the forward because then their out the door threes say they have as anyone ever say TU. And then I don't know bonded yes but how do you handle. Think he just had nothing nothing behind that line that's strange that Iran any island Il. Yeah I think is that you hear so low good looking he's move that's an I like Ito a CK IDC a more honest you'd rather be honest and hurt and if not if and the guy but hurt the guys feelings been lied to him. Until mile from good for you it's a good heart. I just and that's a very nice thing to do Alex I never Saddam a nice person I mean I'm bad and that's never I've never said I've never said that but I. On separate you more discipline and more disciplined and Alex don't say they like at what he went on sale at nine dollar package and target there's definitely times back in the Tony's idea slow fated people in south returning phone calls Utley all you've got to do a little thing that he got which is now called those. But now I don't like somebody and I got and I just simply a problem like this and this is not our non interest in new urged and I pushing to someone of the same thing from. Yeah. Those little. Outward like always disgusting you get the message you know like you're returning text right away and then date doesn't go raise rates and then it gets you know how ways sometimes d.s in between retaining the Texan and generally they get upset I missed some things of say 2007 dating for triple tender seems to make life easier because looking for a hook up or sex that's kind of an easy road to it. I asked Allen to an amateur not on tendered a fumble. And also when we're when I am were on our armor for loan referral on bumble is where they girl custom message first. It's huge hat in hand it's creepy when you when you're in you know when you do media for. For a living right I tried trying to mind is creepy just as we got sort of a celebrity and celebrity in the right people. Think they they see you on TV and so they would record adds I got some inappropriate actions and some inappropriate messages that I just like this isn't worth it. So I don't I've been recognized a few times on grind our area I block grant and very don't do not want to deal with dot your bike it's like my own world like Angel I don't want me I don't win I don't world I don't know it's inviting other people that are in market. I would be on Macs and that was going to operate through. With the most pairs title bout and he's very people now out never married people. Now now but just like other single guys like that are in market act you know it just would be. I into the uncomfortable conversation like as you and nobody and BD it's time. Referral in not I had it's good having you know skies Alison in the who are also in the business have they reached out to you would like asked you about now now. I don't there's I think there's an honesty again. These are all their late thirties now early forties like adding there's an understanding of it or pact that would that's not that's why Kosher right. My hope is that we do go to Montreal you gonna make bad decisions there that's going to happen. Do not make the Hector Velasquez bad decision elegant if we need to enter the picture out. I know what's a Red Sox is on too late last night Red Sox lose their their four games out last well last night run double of the game. But the picture I honestly I looked up and end of the sports on our alert disappointment and loss is now at the root naral now for four Alex what's a first inning unless those games get a feel for you gotta say I'm old. The protector of Alaska is not neck tattoo it is a try I don't I'd there's a is critical limb yeah I what's fun I have no idea there's got to be stored behind it's a huge thing is is obviously thoughts disgusting it looks like the of the reasons that they put on the heads of olympiad a limp. That's it might be went where the Olympics in Mexico City. I've no idea it says acts I accept them now then that's your mini Olympics right. Science to beat him I have no idea but if you wanna celebrate the Olympic being Mexico city's got the better way than having a it's got to be a five inch circle that had to get it right here for every one to seize proud of this country. Cake it's got out of several edited out I don't know what it is I'm dissing it looks like Ike celebrating their 32 Olympia I have an act. I have no idea what it is but it's indeed do Dockett one of these and I I anode and trendy as it had to and of people get had to not knocking counties. I don't get the neck placement at US onto the face tattoo like a Mike Tyson to get open is. The Nikki second worst and it's right there are so. It's an eyesore and and again maybe celebrate his country I'm not knocking the patented the the style of tattoo put putting it there. It's just a big red flag target of I'd off just after Iowa. The rock and act have you ever been tempted to get attacked it never never governor and governor known it was I had friends who went through that stage than the tribal thing on their route arm but he mean tribal. You know like like like the our jobs and friends ice barbed wire on their biceps are you are against kids are with the college with a high school with Aaron at times see your little young for this year you're generation missed this but much in my eyes generation there was a time when everybody was getting. Each day called the tribal tattoo like yeah everybody was getting on Iraq or are on your on buys that or barb wire like that maybe was that the and I barbed wire like the tribal tattoo did go around your arm like it was what it was it was clear. But this thing X one X what a wreath around it on the left side under his ear it's is it's bigger than easier. I just don't don't do that please don't you know I want to that no I don't want any Tatis on May face and big dive might have been thinking about dying like harder to please yet wonders something. Are going silver. A tough summer equity act just like placed on finesse on I have to cut it shorter than it is now but yeah I mean yeah you'll ruin your hair back it's time we can never I never get it back. Now we get it back it was just the odds are like. Just deep disenchantment. On offense might expect got a dog in a waste of my hero or are what fifty dollars to four dollars fifty cents per hour. You know wage again here if you are going to bleacher hair go to it's a line and you need to not get like a box of each now you know I would have upperclassmen on the Chinese don't. At least least toolbox of glee. Don't all don't sign on your sake and just have to wait don't actually do they show pick one show Alex. And make it look like crap that's what we need I'm here on gels don't listen to our goal and you yourself. And and video and you'll before and after 8 o'clock Aston that they a lot of FaceBook live it and looking into office that much money it's going to be what's gonna cost him a slot hundreds. What's gonna cost I don't know and a box and you nobody diet you can't get here to five days a week you don't want to lift every day duel it on your own do it for the show. Don't do perfect about you do have a you do it with me. My allot left there we give up your Abbie you could add I'm. It's who might look like at an old lady like that yeah I'm all right you know like in the CBS show and a show project via. That feels like they've built an arcane thing. Are they gonna market give academics I think it's a meter thing I'll. I we can do it may geriatrics cuts to veto any debt to show activity. We are often running on in absolutes. Who gives an F Friday it's mutt trainee and Alex in four Kirk and Jerry 6177797937. Is the phone number you're Texas well 37. Nine B 37 I can't believe we're still talking about him but. Lavar balls to analyze his son has given number two pick in the draft and it's now led to this thing where. Fox sports one yesterday. I pretended to sort of be upset. But loves loves loves the last 24 hours upon I think that it's like for the holing Ali hurting your printer shows it I don't in this whole other thing now where global get to a because it it's it's a new white in the reaction by Christine Leahy and Colin powered. Is annoying as well WEEI's. Christie former I'm former former video. That you beat reporter that's a well report that was sort of the website is trying to follow in her footsteps. We will talk about that would you guys it is Kirk in Cali and next W Kirk and Callahan no Kirk or Callahan Sports Radio WEEI trying to Alex and not with you at 6177797937. I'm sure will get. Into the celtics' later on wanna talk about Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen and the really lack of follow up at all. Among the concussion comment a couple of days ago and I I didn't think we would be still talking about a horrible. But he still in our lives this time because of the way. I can legally fox sports one went about their interview last a 2448. Hours Christine lady formally WEEI dot com start here big target greens bring back Andy Geiger green screen room jeez the video where where where was the green screen you know you know the video room is now now. There and there's a video or we agree green room at nine a great video guy Peter and and dale. And he's got a green screen room and she's view videos there every day because remember I write I I think was the five of my agent thing what's trending guys that that network which. Do you stop charging them. She's got a bigger better things included Colin Cowherd show she's been very critical all the marbles many people have not audible Lavar all the data. This is Christine Leahy canned. Any previous life for previous show. Going out to the ball well Lavar balls parenting skills as a father. How rare is it that all three kids wanna do the exact same thing they're being forced to get they're being told you'll start basketball age six like one that told us. And every asking a question I think you said what five words and he looks where it whenever it's talking I asked had you ever had a disagreement with your father. And he said now and everyone at the table we note you at one point or another disagree with your parent. Muster a afraid to disagree with your parents let it looks genuinely a freight. When did she say this. This was. Which shows occurs the I was on the heard prior to the interview above we are ago ready critical of his parenting skill and if she's not probably the only one who is done is beginning most people think that Lamar ball is putting lawns noble in a a tougher spot because he's speaking for his son and really every terror right. But I mean she does a good point why have we ever heard from Alonso ball. Is don't keep things once and see you need every muted every interview goes on as with. Is he does not and is getting brilliantly that's not put that. But also that's. Notion that that's sort of what he's doing you wanna mocked him for the exposure re gets that's fine. But he is definitely raise the profile is definitely fees if his goal was to raise the profile this on and his son's name. He has done right certainly the most famous college gospel prospect and a long time so she's been critical to know hardness of a parent of our. So goes after the dad. Well bar went on Lavar ball one on Wednesday with Colin coward Kristine Li an got obviously very heated when he went on because. She in the past have been critical of him as a daddy was. About that staying home. We went yeah I tell you I'm good to. We were about or would it every time he is the kind of answers to says she's scared moms who novels did to me Cisco and got a bottle and looked ugly. So this went on for. A while the most inane arguments here at your life and the big thing it's getting. Push back is that they nearly comment. I like to be honest it's it's it's demeaning and it's. Stay here Elaine. Senior lane is like stick to sports right like when you when anybody sort of fears often talks about from the met someone feels that they are not qualified or may not they should not be able to comment on. A problem with. Lavar ball arguing with her or are. Questioning some of the things that he said about her that's that's part of the risk you take when you opinion and you gonna show like this in and you express what you what your. You know your thoughts on something. Is that back that you you better be. Ready to answer those questions but he come back at her he'd questioning heat try to have a does it I get it it's radio is entered its infotainment right like. It's Nike's gonna have this new ones discussion whether about parenting but. To key completely dismissed she was dismissive of her. And that's what I didn't like I it might be stay near lane this is not your hot I mean you buying agency sweetheart and. Didn't see yet does a sex it make you think like let's get to ferry street ski whizzing Christine ET's spot Keating he would have been any less demeaning. I don't know how many answer absolutely. Not I would if if Jerry strike ski straight masters and so it's kind of the striker. Went on TV and rip Lavar ball being a bad doubt which is what Kristy Lee did she have no kids as far as I know she's not married she's not a parent. If she was if he was critical marbled parrot think he would go on the exact same thing I heard senior lane trendy as you're not a parent. I agree I raised three kids this is what we are doing. I don't need your. Opinion of my parenting that's why I took that day so I'm Elaine lady go back to the kitchen may be some bacon that I went and had. That's Hedrick Max mean c'mon man. I I would have prefer. I wish she would have settled it was she would have at least express you know and all you part of the million times he's not. He's got. Separate ways not deep think with this copy goes funny speaks in sound bites rightly came on this station and set up. He spoke in sound bites about the Celtics and I don't like them and numbers out of the lakers he goes on ESPN Eagles like Howard. And he has have a real thoughtful back and forth up and I I haven't heard enough when he is re Ike writes what other people to know how like I don't know what he says two other hosts. Arm. Hostesses. As a lack of better word. Female or male host. How he responds to criticism I had anything to go on I heard that I was like instant as I read it a little bit sustain it. That's that's why interpreted it. The stain your comment to that is accused. OK ladies stay stain your Elaine go goatee thing over there as you guys out there or that was Alex or at the org Carey Price I he would have said the exact same thing I think he would have font recognize mark I think that he would have been more forceful in arguing with you about your comments below code Guerrero is very condescending. It was very of course I I agree I just I guess I think you'll be condescending whether it was a a male or feet I think it would said the exact same thing was Christine Leahy or. Alex Roemer and. People are sure well that is how I taught communion identity Todd and I II. I don't think he would use that voice if it was you said something I I just. Again I could be wrong I am I projecting and speculating here. We would want to impugn what our boss character now I don't own a man how I narrow right answer so I just I don't know because I have not heard him get into it with email Ho's but to me it did its scenes. Again Mike. Okay sweetheart UC over there and keep your you know you go sit and you sit in at the chair high and what I'm doing now I mean that is where she supposed to sit down like he can't make eye contact with their parents look at. His back is literally to act on our producer and reality. This show is not set out I as we sometimes like the shell is not set out for her accurately show I don't watch. The watch that show ever content and separate little. I'm like reading all the stories that make it's. I don't know the names and eighties shows like speak for yourself what does that mean it was I'm Julia what is speak for yourself I think I -- and that's what college are o'clock o'clock hour and again it's their version which is different than undisputed which is the skip Bayless yes yes I was taxi now we now working through some things sport. That bet but I do I've seen enough clips of batch of the Cowherd Leahy showed the kind powered show to know that she's not really co hosts like. How close is it you know people can't cede the studio but we all three of us sick. In peace inning circle we looked at each other and we had an so we'll converse in his circle of his circle of trust. If we had Lavar ball in and he sat in this circle I could look at the barb on have a conversation with them so I sort of think the setup in and of itself. Dip is demeaning to Christine Leahy because she is seen as he separate part of it. It's a litter and wake up in the sand literally and colleague at the IRY yes it's it's it's not a dig the meter that it's not it's not even that like. Lamar ball not liking her no comes on national attacked her because she says she is in like. A upstate area. Thank the whole thing is. A bad sent a case of let's let's fast forward to I thirty as her I have far less issue with how she's handled herself. Then the way that like. Colin Powell let's let's get let's start with her because yet this is yesterday. We just heard the back and forth Christie Leahy said with college coward she feels threatened. Based on what happened on match. Respect don't threaten me don't make personal jokes don't mock me and don't say you're not gonna look me in the eye. If he wants to come on and look me in the eye and the respectful he can still disagree with me. I'm I'm OK with that but I will not tolerate what he did. What I question what what how did he threaten her. Well my guess you'd say you didn't find his comments mine he. Christie finer can you find the the moment where he said. He did say something and I was like who acts. Maybe UD mean that but that does not Hamas goods he he. She said right after whenever he said right after she's that are used threatening. Because he's at its its coming tee you'll have something trying to view but I mean what you that those threats lake lake what was he implying he's gonna like killer well now we're going to be a drop like what it's like yeah and like why do you and again I get this guy is not Einstein. Yeah exactly agree or dares not Alexander Hamilton but. Yeah I'm Hamilton's status but did you buy it may be used not be used to me I came again they came off is. I get the kind of not musical rent ally and was he physically threatening but like. Careful little lady because. I have more power that you keep is a power is a power thing. This is what he does he gets high school coach is hired he asked for 300 million dollars for is can choose this is how he speaks in no way. I do I believe she really thinks she was threatened and is currently no I haven't seen my outlook hardball I don't it's about threatened physically backed. I mean. I is some came Maine is that they came into the show it whether it's male or female and said you're gonna get coming you're gonna get what's coming to you like. I regular what is that. Why you're threatening what are you gonna do it and what you don't want like that died at three minute monologue the next day and so you know we need to put an end to this you know I read every she needs teams respectful stop threatening meaning to would you prop yourself up as a smarter. Which he has done probably the last 48 hours that's what they argue it's a great point out because this is it is Curtis and off the year Jamie Horwitz who runs FS one he's at ESPN I mean that he is out the irony is desperate to see is what it is graphic that's why this is all this is showed against no ratings explain your eyes Colin Powell urged when he was on ESPN how many times did beat Paul his sounding uses interviews this is the first time in how what is he'd been their for a year and a half now thinks area. Almost two years and have been like two years this fall. This is the first time in its time that I've been on the show we've ever even talked about him or his show all nobody watches it has ever watched follow Richard died on T -- to indict him to either due in court and Heidi I'll call Richard and hates me so and how you're all right and I think I love I love of my favorite Kennedy does. Is and is more undisputed but when skip Bayless says something stupid. He says Agassi at times a lot of skip Bayless this show on Disney Channel got like eight times the ratings like fox sports isn't exactly like. Lighting up the ratings boards and they're not they're not tried in the conversations. Yes PM like it or not in I would CEI to rise of the conversation. On this station have gotten more national attention for what they've said. Think how and how order Christine Leahy. That's right horse they're gonna milk and I would say you know Richard add to it like him to do that with like the sex you know the gym now hill I know I don't know how does this that they say how we -- you see that as a sale daily pick on skip Bayless for his ratings his you know it's okay it's okay to crap on him is this house of sixty when do we need a date night ratings are tumbling ever does not Isiah and I mean I was on that aren't you know what I into a potential off tangent but. Off on a tangent but. Skip Bayless has dumb stuff just to say dumb stuff to Mal hill and Michael Smith dog dare show may be terrible I don't know on on the same time your campaign audit you what you want them to you bad people watching right now and saying that I think the reason he isn't paint on them is because they don't reject this idea that. There. It's not picking up just and to report the now he has a report their numbers and he doesn't eat beef and if you followed Alex is right. He goes out of his way forget picking on fox sports one release reports there are terrible ratings. He avoids any conversation about the rating of sergeant Allen and like I forgot the issue no surprise ma budget calls on this 617779. 7937. Affordable get your calls on it and you grieved he's this good job trying to. The college Howard's side of this who wants to be thoughtful and wants to let his. Females co host had a voice. It's really goes on a three minute monologue explains why he didn't step then. Yesterday during that conversation we are from cowardly hear from you it's Kirk and Callahan WE yeah. This was never supposed to be a war and it's turned into an eye it was never has to be worked we Meehan a bar. Between me and Charlemagne the god and now it's turned into about it's it's not a war on race batteries the original discussion it's not. I feminist discussion it was about respect. You know what that's the issue it was for your bosses for your boss there on your show college Howard it was about. Creating this that's all point to create buzz for fox sports one and she couldn't handle it she has tweet she's now deleted it. And let's say that just say that that's what happened here got a little too hot and each one you Albany more dope and that there was never I thought the anti white real hardball on your show training. China about I am gonna stick up for her a little bit only because I've heard from other women who have worked for fox sports one. Who have been involved in things that have got a lot of media and put in positions that have been uncomfortable for them. There's a lot of pressure there to. Oversell things to participate in discussions. Or bits that even if it makes you uncomfortable. But what was uncomfortable about the Lavar bald guy conference that as early as. I mean at awkward position when British radio though like an argument on the radio. If you're using need her on the raid and staying or the aftermath habit like all the stuff like for her to go back in May be like delete it I'm just. Having having an understated talked to other people who hadn't. Get involved with things that happen there's sometimes the way the way fox sports. Candles stuff doesn't always split there. On air talent in the best I guess I understand but we have on for a third time the third time of our bullet on you sort of know what you're getting Christine Leahy talked about. Lavar bowl I accused or child abuse at what turned. The words to say that I accused him of child abuse I would encourage everyone to please go watch the clips which are out there. In full length of me discussing it and I need to rehash it now are defend myself. I never accuse anyone of child abuse that is a very very serious issue and I would never go there. We hear that I have watched ballclub too because I think when instead last week right about how I outlines a ball is scared of them are by pinkie twisted that has set its stated she said at the abuses that do you say that in a couple of could be done and I there could be on it and show but I mean she's. I again I don't think it's not just to sell Whitney is not that it's blowing into this is massive story I mean he was easily use the dink tour on the radio because he is a dank. And now she's using this as an opportunity to be the smarter well again and out of the sexes bats weren't saying like. When I look at best I don't I don't entirely put the entire I don't put all the onus on her if she told us is go out there and really. This helps with the youth sports from music to a situation like this week your innate your your your in a good back and I mean I've good back and forth because the way that this is set up. We had this confrontation on the year. And a day later you know I think icy death threats which she is saying which I don't believe you are lying and he said your receipt it's. You are you were two leading tweet saying you don't take you believe I don't. I was you believe OK if we put aside for a second which is a cesspool. You think she received actual death threats from people were going to go Christine loudly out not all not pride of Twitter and social Italian Twitter death plus or not real. I'm just gonna say that right I would agree not real tree. What I now ask heard I pummeled Labatt. May bunker occur Ike in law is doing like some serious reporting trump in his finances ways it's a little. But in a more serious topic and arguing about the big ball our brand whatever the hell they were sparring congress saying get to deploy a blanket statements 800 entrance on her Twitter death threats twittered that it's the sports media members how to get on the ball not real. I don't again Matt fox sports host ivory I've had death threats since boulevard ball flight. Will add I don't believe that and that elite event now she's deleted that you deleted it a bunch of tweet and you are creating. A conversation about. On race and caught like chi chi. Or why she if she believed that she should keep them up general what she's running from this I loved did ask her and I'm sure I won't ask today. What and I guess is what desperate to see who wanna kill her over the recess. For someone like all right. Yelling back and forth with an overbearing father of a college basketball player I think you under asked not be ridiculous why he stupidity of people now I think she got caught up in the heat of it and is getting defensive and doesn't know what else I say say and is trying to I'd die a martyr role that Alex talked about but nothing stronger than sang. I received death threats that everyone stops. OK I know well we got to back off. I really about it. Now I will say it is and I've not done is spent time previously when someone has claimed that they've received terrible things said about them simply because they'd you know set something on air or print it on mine a lot of times I will go and insert a person's name on Twitter. Just to see what's sad about them. If it does get exactly yes and people take it and people take it. Too far and they they take something that's small that's like your Don you shouldn't be doing this. I hope you dot I inner light that's. Death threat and I and then I have not looked through hurt I am now let her mention Letterman I don't I haven't I mean it's taken that step. But I have seen in recent months people who are like time so people are so awful and terrible to me and they say the worst things and you go through in your right now that's just an idiot sports. It's only cards and I mean try to ensure after you come on the show every time your mentions are a cesspool. Mine Larry cesspool don't now begin dialing at mentions that people are odd that the bank nuts that think on planes and I'm entirely open you like I began DMZ idioms open GMs are never open minor open slider and an act on but I don't a everybody EB you don't play the martyr card which I respect you would be easiest thing to do is. To play the martyr card like she's doing right now. Convicted in your untouchable yeah I know what to type what you say and the ultimate. To me is the death threat is now now you are ultimate car. And I resent and I told you guys a soft the year earlier in the office on time the only reason I don't. Entirely doubt that maybe she did get something that is a death writer is east that she hears it felt threatened by. Is that this is a long time ago but when I was. The brewers reporter somebody just really really didn't like me and he was messaging he repeatedly on MySpace and I think maybe might even Clinton and FaceBook I'll. Threatening in nature that if I was taken off the broadcast Friday the all star break he would take matters into his own hands he would make sure that I was not a broadcast anymore. There was enough there that land ice you know calling me to see word calling means saying nasty terrible things. Like to the point where I can remember exactly where it wiser to assume and this is always why I don't. Assume people are lying to assume that just because you cover sports people don't get that intuit. You will be surprised at how many people don't feel women should have positions like this by date it is eighteen. Seeded. Screwed up in 2000 says yes he not yes I I don't help. Woman I just don't I don't. The spartans start. I don't are freed I understand it but like if I'm telling you this in this part of the problem is I'm telling you now this was not 2070 what year was this this was 2008. Some nine years bytes bytes. I also have a friend in Chicago and she was used public about it Julie to Cairo who. Is now made a career and now made a career office however she did have and I know people who worked at her she had threats to the point where her office did not allow her come in one day. Like it got so bad so it was so bad Christine Leahy put our all but they were tiny air tonight I thought hey it's funny show she's never been on before they put her on the Susan speak free and that's very very I'd probably say is I'm asked Vicki herself. Specifically right this minute to proceed man's more speaking in generalities when you automatically assume that I'm lying Julian wine and you say that just doesn't happen anymore. My Iran into and that I would be helpful if every time someone says something that you have a hard time wrapping your brain around that you might listen to the person who actually experience. I hear I. Would you and your experience in this case I don't buy that I was I think that if she really was receiving death threats. I and again this is my this is not a burden fox. They had security form meat they'd I think there was a point where maybe I like I had some walker on the ballpark with me they to security measures. If she really was having death threats by would they take off the year. But David they didn't think and an analogy let me jet is he's too they got videos of it I mean yesterday thousands every two weeks ME IDA how scale that you listen aid wet and a nagged dealt with their security had to scale back my social media they had me take. All of these acts are Wisconsin so far enough in your experience in early going by your experience and what you see now from Kristy Lee. I lady Jerry's a prize if she had some serious death threats because I would think that her personal safety would be more importance in her going on sixteen shows and tweeting out a bunch of an issue out here on and off the year she's been on every single broadcaster only have they are putting her on the let's call the fox sports one car wash now. So they were worried about the idea of her receiving actual death threats and not bad Twitter response from shore. The Laker fans and I'm sure all balled they Charlemagne or if I'm running a guide like she's a portion of your brush back UN after his parenting skills lot of back and forth on the air. That's sort of the medium right now when you do something that's noteworthy people respond to you it's actually not a bad thing in this case. If you went to death threats and yet. I don't and I don't I don't wanna settled leave. Every case like this boy when you keep putting her on different shows right and she keeps the tweets up there. That to me tells the you didn't. At that to you you you're just vibrant or the Julie ballpark because that was within the last six months and they took her off the air and they did not allow her to come in today because they were worried about her personal safety cell college Howard was worried about a lot of things I don't think he was real worried about Christine literally about himself he. He tried this sound that we'll see you play if you guys think Colin cowards sounds genuine right here go at it might there is always been honest is that. We should give women opportunities when I when I left my color me Nike Colin six weeks off. And I told you this story amid heated maybe added and I was listening to all the radio out there and little guys. And I thought you know I have finally real power in this business and the power is going to be to change ready. Restock this was up right here this is such bull crap. Hired my friend to beat his female co host at ESP and that's such threat that he has more how her that he does at fox sports. I have friends who spoke to jobs to be on the show without power eight female and let's let you blind stab at ran up. Who are with a higher and higher preference on. Who. I don't know Janet I don't yet she's not she's you know she's the feature reporters just features every as did not you know it's she packed up her whole life. Chicago took the job amp how Howard show is his feet all the voice is doing your bike. Ops sorry I'm going to Al. Later worked for fox sports on talk about how fox is giving you this. College is can these freedoms at. Lift women up from just the bottom dredges of media. It's year you pretentious a hole you don't like I have finally real power in this business. And the power is going to be. To change radio. And I thought one point three male voice and with strong opinions and I told you when you came on I said I wanted to and I are great aren't opinions. Sell all of yesterday. I thought he was newsworthy it may news going out and yesterday I thought you were really strong. I think it may be time we moved to catch the best in the don't not happy not sad happening Christie you guys last edited no snow measured not know I was telling your not her called out you're eight updates and every once in awhile you copying. All I got it so infuriating he and I I saw him rain I might punch him in how to change radio chains running sheen's radio oh really the wise accounting Cristina show. If you're changing radio and you want to give women a voice Colin changing your name on. On it. Chris how to Christine let her sit next to you. Eveready ever their back to her she is a strong woman was strong opinions letter pocket every once in awhile more than Mike hey have armies shoes have you sold. Screw you Colin stating only that current state your lane. Don't we don't need. You on the feminist fight for besides a wreck I think exchange radio. I think he did it he added he put a blonde he put a blonde woman on TV and radio why I've never seen a blonde woman on I haven't yet it's my right up there aren't any women who have salaries. Anywhere at my regulations. Why you let that women get out of the end up to all I'd see her I would literally he talking in my now awful line from count as he gets and I want a tick and I'm sure she's on this ticket is I'm kinda money. 6177797037. The phone a Rican Texan as well 37937. It is Kirk in Callahan via casting couch all stars Mott trainee and out your thoughts on this and a will follow up on Tom Brady Gisele Bundchen yes concussions than boys quiet. Since then very quiet Tom Brady since Wednesday wanna get to that as well here on WB yeah.

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