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Interview with Jim Lampley of HBO Boxing – Preview of Crawford vs. Diaz:

May 19, 2017|

Join us for our one on one conversation with the great Jim Lampley of HBO Sports. Jim Lampley offers his insights into this Saturday’s title fight for the World Jr. Welterweight Championship, with Undefeated Champion Terrence Crawford defending against Southpaw Gold Medalist, Felix Diaz. The conversation details Saturday Nights HBO Championship fight but also chronicles the recent highlights of the sport and the bright future of great potential matchups to come.

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It feels world championship boxing returns Saturday may twentieth live from the Mecca of boxing Madison Square Garden. Undefeated champion Terrance Crawford takes on south spot gold medalist Felix Diaz in the showdown for the world junior welterweight championship. Plus ray Beltran battles Jonathan my solo in a high stakes lightweight clash Saturday may twentieth at 10:15 PM eastern and Pacific only. On HBO. And we are very very fortunate to be joined by Jim what a plea of HBO sports the venerable gym at the Jim thanks for making time. I'm not privilege and and I get the could be the venerable. In an eight we generated is. Mark Cuban. Well you know what you've been wrong time in in in a good way Jim ever watching. My entire sports watching life you've been there aren't really appreciate your work and someone that can connect to the fight game I love boxing. It's been a tough Ron you know for awhile but we've got some good fights the most recent heavyweight fight. Was the best one I've seen since Foreman knocked out more. You know many many many years ago. I think it's an exciting time for the game. I think that it had been a big boost to the sport. At the last couple weeks. Good period in terms of people talking about it getting attention because there's nothing that galvanizes. Attention globally. Quite like. Light heavyweight division. And a 26 year old heavyweight champion who fights in hybrid style. All on here who is as entertaining boat in and out of the rain. Anthony Joshua is a tremendous blessing of the sport he brought out the best. In Wladimir Klitschko. Made people appreciate flat here in a way that they never have before Andy now. Those spectacular performance 90000 people at Wembley Stadium. Now at Ricoh outward toward the big fight in boxing September 16 between Canelo and triple C there is that we. The stability that that could wind up any stadium that you wish you have a crowd. As large or maybe even larger than the Robert I would think that would make best. The biggest year for boxing in quite some. It's great it's great to hear it it reminds me of my own childhood and when boxing really really meant something in American popular culture it's coming back. And I'm looking forward to Saturday night I got a chance to do some little homework on Terrence Crawford and I was very impressed with the right side there at thirty you know in 21 knocked out. I watch a lot of video highlight of Jim and always no stranger to you but one observation I saw as wanted to see if you could either. Shoot me down or tell me I'm right either way or somewhere in between but it looks to me like he's a guy who no matter what the opponent's defensive scheme is you can get his punts through a lot of head shots. Is when I saw lots and lots of tension. Yet that date ebitda is tremendously adaptable opt in might mean that. The single most impressive thing about Terrence Crawford is his ability to fight for Haider's. Conventional force outlaw. And it okay that is coming Saturday night fighting. High quality. Out all right here. We eight a record that they puncher and good defender Olympic gold medal in his background. And what what and will probably get it. Is it now Robert at some point sometimes it looked like some time early in the fight. We'll switch from it condensed stands now bought stamps. And out now are now well you it's something that yet done they're already in his rear and he seems to be. Even more horrible. From the now bought stance and from the conventional stand. I almost never see 90% of the guys which cater EE which is to wait the the let Matt. Like to do it. Corporate witnessed from conventional outlaw and he's right. Is a devastating lead. It. Out and that he'd been doing fairly regular basis. Yet seems like when you watch him. There's not a multiplicity it's it's it's just hundreds and hundreds of tens and tens and tens of punches it just wears you down but there's solidarity can finish them off per share. Anyone knock out. And you know it can it depend. I go back up fighter that you. You kind of ate pork and Tibet that we're spectacle is. They use them very give it to pander he limit the numbers of which is that opponents throw at him he dramatically limit. They're great. He frustrate them and that makes it you know at big east Europeans use sort of go in for the kill. Once he's he's got in the right mind they recognize. It very difficult to get anything done against him and oh by the way. These comic. All of that mean he's had some very notable book of victories over notable opponents are under any that stand out particularly gym where. He made a jump in your eyes. Right in it will not ereader camp bow out in his first fight. Pop you in 2014. Bet I would pay. A theory. Hi action right. Chosen by several media outlet. Including my my game as the fight the year 2014. Because Kampala. Another former Olympic gold medalist. See the advantage in the year ago. Seen it is in the first few rounds against Crawford and even momentarily dropped a couple of times and banned. The site where the mark the switching. And this really emerged beat is what the fourth round. That rocker switch from these conventional stance the outlook at the moment that he'd been at our expert commentator. Oh. It is going to be trouble now he's going to get act straight right hand sure. Gamble act in times. We've straight right hands right away Roy predicted that that happened and your bad things were going down they'll retire and get it certainly at bat. He's started landing is hard right and Rick right. And straight let and against him all adult league gamble on wartime. Were putting him away. With it. It was a seesaw battle with. And they are. And that we see you know to get the right he's he's a very solid favorite in that site. There are dom. Eight showdown on the road potentially in the welterweight division for corporate. Everybody assumes that some went up from 14147. It think voters many pack yeah it does seem real inviting parents Robert is pretty easy to see why. But awkward develop the well we. Deal that might be a big money or want to turn it now yeah and on the other side of the political. Now. Equally. Well wake up it means it'll. We headed to England next week to fight very regarded kill. I personally believe. That beat Patrick Allen went up at Brooke. On his future in great Britain and somewhere down the road it politics while you might see a confrontation in between. Holbrooke you need between Errol and and Aaron corporate. That would be. The mayor welterweight. In the in the quality level. Associated with Mayweather Pacquiao. And on the quality in our culture so I am hopeful. Look forward to the possibility that keeps winning and they'll bands that I think he can do to kell brook in England next week. That could be super bike lock down the road between spent. And grew up. Now that's exciting and as the that you mention of about a Pacquiao opportunity there is is fascinating as well it seems like there's not a really strong road for the sport. Following Terrance Crawford. Well pack a great fighter. I. Yet you know the lost all the skill be it. Badly worn down yet. He'd be you know he lost a little bit of jet game win. Predictably. He could not find Floyd Mayweather. But he he's won four fights since then beating him at Bradley very easily and looking very good. In doing those that it would be. A lot of prestige involved in the pot. Ability fighting back out in Crawford can't lure him into direct. Excellent excellent looks a lot to look forward to with Terrence Crawford and despite particularly. I'm curious in your opinion on Felix Diaz a filthy as nineteen and 19 knocked out. An Olympic lightweight light welterweight gold medalist as you mentioned from the Dominican republic first it was kind. To come out of that country anything specific with him to look forward to in this fight up coming up on Saturday. Not be that he had been penetration by and and by that I mean you see each right is between getting your body early. And landing hard shots that will Wear you down. Eight he's not a fighter and can produce knockdown late in the fight. Wayne you know wind judges' scorecards might be somewhat even up to that moment and banned the ad will get a knock out that knock out. Are not down that are not done yet. And ultimately wind up today merging to win on the scorecards he doesn't have won once knocked out power he adds we are you. Down power but. Ordered that the work. It is like you'll have to get inside cropper longer arms. And and get the Crawford's body. Others have tried it. People had not yet accomplished it. At the end obviously it's gonna come and meet with morrow and only did that what he's going to be able to do we get that really is is that we were winning the site. Ed Bartlett Crawford. You know somehow all would be. Or. Lose focus. During the fight Saturday night I don't I don't personally believe it yet in debt that I'm against him that much better. Then by the people feel XP had that been fighting the debt. Do you know it's if it sells a big level jumpers and what you're telling us now. Not a big level but a level to you know it it's not. It's not. The decade. If prince in their backgrounds. That in the first round you're gonna say oh I don't belong rendering with that Eric Robert quite. I'm Terry I think it could be a little bit like gamble he knew he adds some moments you know put cropper and defensive in the first few rounds the property is. One of those extremely intelligent. Re rope fighters their adjustment to be made he will make. And and things like back Izturis. That's good to know on his resonate the only blemish. Is a loss to LaMont Peterson back in 2015 a little controversial I just would like to get some insight if you can just. Tickets are right now a look back at that fight. And what you gleaned from it in what came of Felix Diaz after that specifically from that fight. Well there are a lot of boxing that. Could go either way. And 88 typical response. Ringside experts indeed Diaz. Peterson decision is it the bike. Were to take place in Santo Domingo instead of Washington DC. It looked like we Diaz would have been chosen as the winner and I at the end of the day. Peterson landed hard shots and pulled out. A very close decision victory against Diaz. But it takes place somewhere other than on Peterson's older. Is very good chance that decision could have gone. The other way and and I don't think LaMont Peterson is as good as aaron's corporate. Good very good bye. Yet a lot a lot of credentials he's background I just don't think he's quite as good as their corporate and that's. That's what I think BS's most likely find out Saturday night. That's great Jim any last thoughts in terms of what we can X they beat. Expectations that we haven't discussed. A things about Terrence Crawford Felix Diaz for the the undercard in general what's gonna happen on Saturday night that you like to share. One of the things that's happened in the last twelve years back is that the average span. We didn't used to bail out and for countless did you know you're number one number five number ten in the world down and eat that apple incorporated now to the point where. Almost every media out the cup spots being carried day. Oh lead listed on the ground and it. And they you know the real boat ramp. And probably will see you'd. At the very top of the list that respect seen it yet in that on some of the other. More heavily wrapped. Outlet in sports or awkward it is one and all the fighters and real goal. To reach number one on the pound for pound it. I can't remember. On the PF CDs in the green. Five or six on almost all of the other quality. That bites that are making late coming up. Such as regret not reward surgical let light heavyweight. Month both those guys in the outback. Canelo vs triple OT in the fall. Certainty is in everybody's top three in LO is in some. That are that are. Whoever loses those fights will be weeded out so Robert keeps winning he's going decree. Closer and closer to that number one for count. And and so much so that guy. In the back. My crap that the a potential Sunday meeting between Crawford and then exploit you say that four years from now or three years from now. That could be for the number one out of the probably they're both back. While while and his big company there and people talk about triple G. In that class is as the number one pop upon. Right at 830 years old habit tripled you tripled even comparable to Allah. The triple you're 35 years so you know he took a long time to get professional rear building. Greatly be amateur career. It a meaning that analogy wiggle wiggle can LO. Now he's already number one espn.com. And number two at the fight game etc. that are up. In. On the ground that it would win over bella. Not gonna be beer for 81012 years. IZ gonna beat her for a couple of years and and then they'll be an up where there. Because he's straightforward. Come forward physical fighter those guys that work readers. Drupal level. It's not true ward black. I'm not sure how much longer war wants to pursue all that edit your bottom line is they're gonna be seeing better. Countless in India. The next couple of years and corporate is very well positioned to become number one guy. That's great insight Jim finally for me I just wanted to get a clear sense that the you've given it but. Your your basic enthusiasm level about the sport now from say a year ago. Two years ago five years ago. I didn't think things even now. That I would have had to war by ear. Which is that. Boxee is that a blow. In the United States. Well. School and in terms of the amount of what engine that age do it. At its highest level ever elsewhere around the globe there are more. And that talented fighters in every weight class right now and I've ever indicate an Arctic. Not enough but there are Americans. Or American bands to be as interest it as bait used to be what the sport most need. June stipulate up there and banditry. Is a dominant. Or an extremely competitive American heavyweight and we have bet that person. India in wilder but so far he has not been against like against the other top at a rate. The odds they wilder if you actually upright with black would go. Might be in the position right now that. It didn't take a bite which got which. And got whipped to the fighting you know. A great long time champion. On the downside now 840. Minute he got it only twenty which is very very young for any quick and vendor. And I got ahead and directly east. You can bet that being the dominant heavyweight and you know people take that away from him wilder is probably gonna go beat him. You enter in Great Britain it could have been the other way around. And wilder chosen to be more grip in the seat of his career and again a dominant. In human error. Which it agreed to yield is sport and would bring all the whole lot of attention. Back what at this moment. It is Great Britain which by the way. Well well well it would do yet but right now yeah fourteen acre it occurred britney's fighters old world idol. Lately there's as much enthusiasm for by being in Great Britain Europe and Asia. It and you know a lot of different places now and I ever vindicate the plate where we're struggling. In the united. That's great insight Jim I really appreciate the time and all the insides are gonna big fight coming up a fun one. On Saturday united sounds like it based on what you told us Terrance Crawford. Saturday may twentieth live at 10:15 PM eastern time only on HBO against Felix Diaz you've been listening to WEEI. Podcast. In boxing interview with the great Jim went we Jim I really appreciate the time thanks for joining us. Thank you very much. HBO's world championship boxing returns Saturday may twentieth live from the Mecca of boxing Madison Square Garden. Undefeated champion Terrance Crawford takes on south spot gold medalist Felix Diaz in a showdown of the world junior welterweight championship. Plus ray Beltran battles John than my sell low and high stakes lightweight clash Saturday may twentieth at 10:15 PM eastern. And Pacific only on HBO.

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