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Stephen A. Smith breaks down Celts/Cavs with Dale, Holley and Keefe

May 18, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe speak with the great Stephen A. Smith about the Celtics and also Tom Brady.

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We can read back to the calls we view and just couple minutes is 6177797937. Always fun to talk with Stephen A Smith from ESPN we've got cell scabs Brady Bundchen lots of other things to talk about. Stephen it's dale Michael and rich thanks for being with us. What's going on solid Michael Hollywood going on big boy. Today and let's sub every. Thought there was going on you need to do you need help me out tonight I got ID and I need Tylenol. I need pepto busy all summer then. Of that but the Celtics could give the cavaliers. More of a game than they did last night and is there any chance any chance at all. That they can play better in the series. Monica played better because they give you artwork that it is that. I. And I don't know make it different. I have never seen a project on that level. I'm just the opposite it is real with you and I can Bibi met the audit each year as well. Like he is in a different strata. To everybody else it's it's not not at how. It is the abilities to the local boat that come and that you. It seems that bill what everybody's. Trying to do what everybody wants to do. It just seems to be about optics that is that at a lot. There's been six consecutive NBA final we all know going to be at seven barring catastrophe in the age. Up and Easter and the police. None of these individual chemicals one awful. And as a result. He just now and I remember when outlook the outlook and Boston. TD bank. They're likely to break laps we see it quickly. On par. The and a lot talking Avery Bradley after it he explained it to me point hated consecutive trips. Down the court and won. Look project is called the same exact. Nothing about it the puck off the. Could it be easier because no matter what we pay. He knew. We couldn't stop and most of the time no matter what team you're you're you're O Leo polled tickets. That god is relying. On a coach. Coaches who wanna get other people involved they wanted to get other people go what they call different plays except. Putting Cleveland. LeBron was don't want calling the play any kept Coleman the same play. Ten consecutive top. And navy was talking about how would one of the most hopeless feelings. He had ever had on a basketball court and it took the lesson to them that they would benefit because it would be better wore it against other opponents but against him. He would be walking living nightmare. And evidence mean nothing is changed. Stephen I just from a physical perspective who could Brad Stevens put on this guy that could even match up within just from a physical perspective. The closest thing to a physical perspective and opposition will be Jalen. If I mean he's got ought he's young. He barely got a lot of talent. I like him and I'm out its future. He's athletic he can shoot the basketball. Tees appeal equally to try to do bad. There are a lot of things that Kabul long wit and that I think that you control about the accord active body LeBron james' direction. Develop probable on the way to abuse in two. Give him without trouble shoot jump shot over and put in the pick and roll situations where you know you've taken a pop and Kevin Love somebody. I just did different things that he doesn't like I think it not just that he knows what to do. She seems to know what every one else can and cannot do. And it's not just did it it's again it's one of his teammates are he added that there bandage he seems in no way it. Kevin Love at an advantage he needs to know when it drifted out there at that and he seems to know and it does it matter and it's just it's it's just too much. Port city like Boston or calm because they don't have due to have been vehicle and that's problematic. How close or how far away as the gap between LeBron and Jordan right now. What for me at an all got because a lot of people would say it's closer than I would give him credit. But I'll buy it this. Jordan took me six finals Dick Arnold NDP. Unblemished. Never allowed these. Two car. That is really really huge it is great as LeBron James it is. He's matured into that wanted it to that level. Jordan from the pop or rock don't and I had a had been the ride you can excuse of pollutants that and it told. Four years later when he lost out. When he disappeared in four consecutive fourth quarter. When he actually at a game real or suvs in which she only scored eight. When he couldn't score in the fourth quarter which JJ radio and Jason Perry. Brought out out though that kind of thing I. Have to hold against that strictly at the end to the jordin congress should. Against anybody else like you know the bad cop who matured and developed picture to the start that you off but what you compared him to the great. I actually give him an age. Over individual never had those small. Any animal what Jordan was when it I don't comment Michael Ali note this got that covered NBA almost longest I've been at. The bottom line is that. Jordin never had that his team remain at a bank that got me out of and it ought it migraine headaches haven't dealt. It's just the talk and talk about it. Well it. Slit my gourd. Always show up just remember when he dropped it sixty degree. And off. Where Larry Bird call them god in basketball shorts a whatever. Terminology you. Michael Jordan would have acted illegally. It's not like this. You know in at least 789 year. So you dropped sixty. Did broker. And agent Devin got that over the ball. When he oh barely get lucky because he had met. About sixty games they're year because the bit injury and decided to come back injury cry out. Did everything he coat the late Democrat did everything he could to prevent it from coming back to definitely young Michael to. Quite an accomplishment. Go look at headed up poppy and a lot of dot and basketball all that dropped 63. On the great. Boston Celtics squad led Bob married Burt abroad gates has matured into that. Michael Jordan never struck in the small edit any. Yeah you know Stephen A I agree with you I think. You know Jordan. Jordan at all the accomplishments. As you enumerated are are right here. LeBron he's better now than he was. When he had that finals against the mavericks and he's better better now than he was even the last time. Then they played the spurs in the spurs when he was with the heat the spurs ran him out of there and in five games. Let the thing that stands out to me. I'd say let let's say LeBron I guess the finals this year and play the warriors. It's a toss up who knows. The cavaliers to win the warriors win. The thing about Jordan which is jumps out at me. Wind you went to the finals against Michael Jordan your team was going to lose no question that fit. He had no chance. And a bronze out of that level. Well. You can say that. Dallas' the ultimate indictment against because of that final they should've walked. But when they saw it and went the next Shia against Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City at Kevin Durant. Russell Westbrook. A young. 23 and under. You're still thought there that you admired. The following year when it beat and it's only. Out against Tim Duncan on originally Tony pocket while limited core. Okay and they won that series and navigate. Then came back next here amble to the same crew and got taken out of Bobbie. What I say to you would bet. Shortly you knew Jordan let it go to Lou that you had a good good point. But let and a lot maybe it would magic app that social compact hot air or he have a lot of deep pocket that he got like. Are you got port Clyde Drexler. And every port an old boys would cool. It I think what Ole Conte would Jerome Kersey a note to the net and while. After that. You don't block with the league MVP. Am quality Kevin to occidental got a little better then. Jordan pippin. And packs in an ad in the three spot the our price and it went in at stake he Kindle or. That you did appear to seize it. Awfully yen at comeback in the right spot you lose this Jack and you know what an outlet only got that bottle but it you've got to get rock. And I don't use the final three years you go up against a guarantee and it shall want a book or. What or negative short clock but it. They haven't done that. Remember remember it one at bat but what did it juggernaut Chicago had a bet that he didn't let you talk Big Apple lone cockpit. But they are considered. Better. So it's not like jordin you know real goal Luke just because at Jordan. Yeah that'll be good Chicago actually deserve to be eight. Do you think the and it back to substitute for a second so listening use some like you think this is is this going to be a sweeper coming back here for a game five. Not unless you win tomorrow night the only shot if you don't win one night he gets swept. It's what jacket not coming back the ball in that you elect you know this result you know what and again and it only shot. To win a game and it. Talking with Stephen Ames excuse me I'm sorry. I didn't mean in Iraq talking to Stephen A Smith of ESPN and first take. Real quickly before we let you go I saw you this morning on Good Morning America with Michael Strahan. You guys were talking about Gisele Bundchen is a remarks yesterday had that her husband Tom Brady had a concussion last year has had. Concussions last year first of albeit think she was telling the truth and second of all do you think anything comes of it. I think you're pro troop she would know. Or she she you know she's the wife and not only you know white Jesus who actually cute kind of wipe you don't you you don't you'll call I'd. So I'll. Have no doubt that she's telling the true. But I don't think much content it because. The only way this is an issue. It is view prove. That the patriots. Knew. An excerpt. You know dereliction negligence of duty editor. That could happen because congress and certainly not gonna help and they'll do that. He had no and help and a spell obvious great that so as a result I don't think big and not only not called quite a lot. Property that. So we're all happy it's I don't think much comp up. I think that NFL. You know it what it's supposed to do in terms of coming out and make actual. That they've made it very very clear in public. Nothing of this thing had been no reports what they'll ever indicating any kind of trauma or hit did you read in Britain I Corey. So we look at a map perspective they covered themselves the players association. Couldn't wait to put out a press release talking about how we are here on behalf of a player of them blah blah blah blah blah. Vietnam War that the executive director. Itself and Rick ought. I don't know what it. Take it personally. All you can do. It is monitored situation all the poet you can preach the top rated important. Of a Buick Open at. With any particular trauma that you may be feeling because you have. You too well the well being nitpick about but in terms of what you know up until that point because Gisele it's urgent sell everything out of the bag. It app opted not that I can imagine that they can do at lest they find out the patriots somehow you bought it. It's not about their legal big debt going to be. Steer the last thing for me and you've got the opportunity to speak would Lavar ball also if we so have just about anybody who's asked I believe. Did you see anything like this before and at what point do you think you could negatively impact Alonso and his other sons. Haven't seen anything quite like it I think he can have a negative impact on acute because I think people are really really act. Due to depression at Auburn has placed on them the billion dollars you know co branding deal. He's pressed to weigh up thing and has done it better that the upcoming -- could you imagine what that curry it's laughable on the court know what this August a odd that he had the potential to be better than magic job than it. If the public are partly to eat engaged in. He's a nice cute quiet kid the audit actually at night got believe it and not actually a lot of funny that I got don't like what he did yesterday. Judge you don't you don't you don't act. That lewd act inducted so that action but I also understand we've come a bit Yemeni. People who disagree with him. Have taken to a question him at all. And has amazed. And what you race to reach it and they love you immediately and you've been in the robotic protect them. And take care of them. You don't deserve economists doubt that he has heard that he deserves to be criticized the terms of look it's not about you it's about them. Stop trying to live vicariously. Got kind of a break he put an added pressure on him that he deserves that kind of criticism Shull. But does he deserve somebody and he's a bad law clerk and all this other up. Eight debt beyond the field is no course that they test well. Well the Celtics can determine. If Alonso ball plays here or somewhere else the lakers Lotta people speculate the lakers but. Based on what you seen Stephen what you've heard they got the number one pick what do you think the Celtics do. I think they can't knock out faults I mean they're talking about a particular trait in the number one pick up person Tibet smokescreen. Because as long as LeBron in the east conflict. If you're at any age actually I guess they'll pop. If you make an extremely mobile which is saying is we're going to have to abroad and then the agenda. Become about beating LeBron at the polls that you building a franchise. That can have a sustained level that. The many many years calm when you're Smart executives you choose to let it is that all because the former PG AQ five. The latter that you're here reported yet to comp. And that's how much Jack I think any aid is Krugman nothing else. He would prove that he is not a done. He's going to sustain it only took that and I don't tanyon bought the football he can pull at all epic got me to hold on to the number one pick. Trap and got like pot kill all put him in the back all about Vietnam giving Gordon hate what who used to play for Brett even that spot to calm the balked at. And have a guy like that. In mat system with those players keep in the nucleus so gotten attacked all this say top. I think adage you're the level that we you're in this position meaning the top spot be used. You catch money ESPN on first take we always appreciate talking to you Stephen A Smith of ESPN thank you very much. Thank you got Michael. Stephen will connect soon now. Okay Stephen A Smith from ESP and joining us here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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