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Celts get demolished in Game One of ECF vs Cavs - complete reaction and analysis

May 18, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe spend the day discussing the beatdown the Celts absorbed from the Cavs on Thursday Night.

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I got to admit I'm a little surprised Keefe and you know we we had a whole show she here and were ready to start things off and and minutes ago Michael came in tore it up in and put a new show she doubts I guess. We're talking about the Red Sox in the big win in Saint Louis apparently yeah I laugh right off the bat like credible pass to dive deep and therein performance of the bullpen and once you tell them the truth extra help her through the pro America the truth is Jeff Goodman was chirping at you on Twitter last I thought that he was terrific last night celebrating early. As a celebrating a little early. Heavy feel. There's those that not good good not good field of battle on the field. That's bank. There's a problem with the by the way just a quick and rejection and interject we had that because that's actually in interest and yet the all NBA first team was announced few minutes of the second team was just announced the second team was announced stepped curry. Kevin Durant who. Jonas. Optical ball you know Rudy go there. Isaiah Tom hey Al Assad our backyard and how to go home so passionately according for the books you're top ten player in the NBA this year yeah all right. Pretty good. That's a formula for winning a title I got there Curry's second team. Yeah this is written words given his ex dividend current Isiah Thomas Kevin Durant yeah honest and tackle Paul and Rudy go there. Regal bears had does that surprise you over. Now it needs it to senator. They have the Davis Rudy go bear and the hundred orders three senators the end it was that are still there so it all star game is three front court to back or now it's. So these senators and then. John Wall and make in the third team. But maybe him and DeRozan. Out wall DeRozan Butler. Raymond green the Andre Jordan listen all the stuff all at work third also our core for the Celtics is Bob. Well that's all Padilla had very dirty trick on first pick in the draft. Second team all NBA for Isiah Thomas. And not in the last night now you talk but the field I have the field the field is down to the Celtics with the Celtics vs the cavaliers appealed his downed air losses yeah this what I don't like. A lot and how that looked last I wanted to hear it it bit. Is this many things Acosta operatives. I didn't play hard. That's almost. Unforgivable that almost. That's puzzling that is bad for them is our most of the time most it's time when we say these things. You say the team didn't play hard. It's an oversimplification. Work you say. Now the other team wanted it more that's an oversimplification. Such anti doping and race and it is when you're down on the final fourteen a gap until they want I want I want it all except and so most of the people who have played in the league. They will talk about and you don't know what you talking about and in nova get into you all the nuts and bolts of the game and all the nuances and I'll. Last night I heard Avery Bradley's day. And play hard enough. Then I heard. Jae Crowder say they set the tone from the beginning and we got to be better. And then I heard Al Horford stay the same thing they they. All said it in what we all saw. Think that's the first problem now there are multiple issues. When you deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers evil when you do play hard so they can play hard tomorrow night. Is still lose by fifteen points we don't. But come on you're playing the cavaliers and I don't expect you to know what it's like to be so close in the NBA finals because just won your first two series. Under Brad Stevens used when your first two series as a group he just had her first game seven. But you gotta think even if you don't play the game. Dale and got no yup my heart get all. The F think against that team against that guy who by the way. Looks invincible and he's unfair he he he looks eight he looks like men against boys yeah. It it just stated it it's ridiculous how he basically goes where he wants to gulp. Go ahead try to stop me if you want to can't. He pitched about the one call they'll be able catalog call one out of court Nadal won a particular where you got real demonstrative he's and it was a home that but you know what he still the best player on the planet yeah. And and he's got a little distance between him and number two wherever you decide number two to rent. There's just some distance last week I was whoever let me just let me just complete this real quickly this is from Jeff Goodman are at the NBA first team. Pardon Westbrook LeBron co Y Anthony Davis okay yeah we got that I've taken him second good depth at Carl Isiah Thomas Kevin Durant. On typical ball Rudy go bare and you got one of them out thirteen now wait this is where its interest in our team. John Wall DeRozan Butler Graeme on green the Andre Jordan here's what matters. No Paul George or Gordon Hayward on any of the all NBA teams which means. Neither of them are eligible for super Max this year. Intersect. So aspects the lakers and think write a good amount. They bloody assigned trail Glenn was fired mothers afternoon about you know if they if you could make seventy more million dollars like that that's super Max deal. That is significant but they didn't make it. Oh and it its a weird thing too soon connect. A contractual. Up quirk to record a contractual perk to. Because who votes on all MBAs or writers. I don't know it's up coaches I don't know I think it's writers but lower right of Rochester broadcasters yeah Pacific grandy Max vote I think just Avaya. Because on paper that they the voters say that Jimmy Butler is it is better than Paul George. And I don't believe that the U. I don't and there but I can't have it's right there and then what it is at all all they felt that what they're saying is they thought he had a better season and Paul George this doesn't mean he's a better player. It is a better season because guys there's always that ahead of some yeah but neither of those guys now two guys who you know maybe you've got some interest and maybe if you the Celtics. Yeah I I'm I give up that first overall pick for Paul George. Or Gordon Hayward who yeah I'm I'm definitely interested in him. Neither one is eligible for the super Max this year because of those three teams that were announced this afternoon unbelievable. And there is a weird period. Thanks so that back to the Celtics and their problems because those are my problems here today. We we we played Dr. Phil on Monday we need Dr. Phil on Wednesday. In that week I Dr. Phil on Thursday there's there's and so surest said he thought I was at a loss hurt so much a couple of days. Messed up. I think playing hard is correct. Now you guys tell me is that correct double that you had a combined. 52 points. And now you don't elegant box or right now but I don't think you two point the most a fifteen rebounds probably more 52 points eighteen rebounds. From Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love. Just I guess. I note Thompson didn't miss a shot 320 points and no Kevin Love had 32 up. Owner bouncing up a so so so picky two point 21 rebounds yeah. From Kevin Love and interest and arms. Heavy overnight offensive rebounds by the way I set a number five he had six yet. And formerly did mr. shop personal go onto pretty close you get that production. Abroad we're not talking about carry. We're talking about Kevin Love interest in Thomson. If you can if that's not correct able. Then you guys are right I will listen and give. Jeff Goodman my credit card right now. Don't got out of place if that's not correct. And any other play any place you want. You order from the reserve watch and listen if you want. Well doubling the guys are gonna get big rebound I don't think big I built though. Averaged one and one rebound the senate to across borders all of the points no time. Carrier ring at eleven Jerry Smith that to our core Hillary won the -- up winner for cal corpse about a swing back the other way I saw Kevin Love might not hit as many threes but those guys JR Smith might have for what he's good for one crazy game shows Korver and I don't mind that reminds you I I don't really inflated I don't mind. JR Smith if JR Smith is gonna go often he's getting a lot of shots he's making them okay. If Kyle Korver is is gonna have his game that's fine but you have no chance you have no chance if you can't even compete. With Kevin Love interest in Thompson told you guys before I thought that's that's the area. Where the three guys in this is a big ask him asking a lot of masking you may be to be beaten on to go to our smuggling fuel cars a player. But I'm asking a lot from Al Horford. But are you though yeah I am asking a lot of Al however I just keep it close to love and Thompson let that thought of starting with him. Horford at amassed the most from war effort but I need something I need the big guys the dates. I needed to compete and have dates they do they have been all they have they have their freedom and war bird they have Olympic. I Yemeni army and more threes than twos on an addict I immediately fort happenstance I now understand why the only play for an minutes we started they couldn't get a mountain time it would announce soon. I don't know they just could make a moment and I don't think it dead ball at yeah I'm not I and I'm not surprised that there was a blow up thirteen points doesn't tell the story and I got now it's hitting game you look at the box score the box where does not tell the story of the game box court judges that the Celtics. Outrebounded. Author had more office rebounds the cavaliers. That's that's factually that's true but it's a lie. Is not the spirit of the game was not that stood at the box score tells you that the Celtics just fell short. The rebounding battle we lost by three or four now not that's true but that's alive. So. I'm not surprised that they got blown out by the cavaliers and surprised that happening game one. That's the discouraging things seem to have a new game and edited by our best. That. For those of us who live organ they were gonna win a game in the series of those the closest we got their best that was going to be in game one the whole rest vs rust questioned him you know and played nine days last played may seventh. No timing will be a little bit off. She's if they get their timing going look out because it's are things going until I know I had it I'm being a bit facetious like they let's be honest. Op I said five I'm down to four. I don't think the Celtics have a win against that team and on and I'm not saying it's the Celtics fault. They are they are as far as I wanted him to get. They are playing with house money as we said I got no I got no qualms about it I got no beef about it they lose in fort this this team I'm gonna say. That day that much better. Soviet and it felt like last night watching on that the Celtics the players. Felt the way a lot of the fans that hate you had such success 12 rounds yet the number one pick in the draft coming up like this is great you're also add. I expect that from them now. Because they also there were also in the right things in there eight or anywhere near we aren't we Marc argent. About basketball bottled up. It may look like they were they were content of that and then once they got down at 7810 point six thing you know it seemed like. They were forcing everything I've been in office just looked terrible game and answer ready. Moderator wow they come in first place at the time of the up and yeah that was a close look like to do the commencement. And it felt it felt like it did it look or feel like him his match last night it was a mismatch. What's what's the point where you enter in the broadcast Weber Miller just like and the warriors also wants in this they have a gathering all their wants the quarters on Saturday that they're gonna do on this completely dismissing those Celtics in the spurs really only because of the quite Leonard injury but. You can't blame for that but look why why should they talk of the south it's much they think the Celtics have a chance it's cavs warriors for the third straight year. And it is clear it's it's clears its government. Well you know but it's also went. So let's Psycho crazy over one game in and it went our gimme gimme one thing that you grasp hold of that would give you a whole restaurant bar on as the leading crap. Realize objection oh I channels are channel here are answered the question you know hey all don't do act go do they have any of the question that happened and why they Ambac like I was. Are fine all I wanna know it give me one thing and if you could tell me Gerald Green I'm sorry I'm not Eleanor. What one thing for what was that would give hope for tomorrow night scrambled right now is currently at one thing they don't adults audio Mike you don't. Your second team coming points and Isaiah score seventeen. Yeah seventeen points in tennis it's tennis system like we had seventeen points so. A guy who averages thirty points a game averaged seven a scored seventeen. Last night I think he can score more present in is that being unrealistic. No it it's not our millions or La La Guardia of the 53 you know because he's gonna need that on May be doesn't absorb 53 in this post season it every Irving or at eleven I would have I would say that I can't. Florida I don't know Karrie is going what LeBron James and we talked about this before so wherever his production was so you do is you look at his dad and he's got you wanna look at. Pretty much that's that's gonna happen so yes if you think the points are high at that point Ohio he picked the points down but add more rebounds. And Morris says failure illness or just did it is that got okay you have YouTube just got like. Just got a bowl yet again and got two bowls of sand and just keep going back and forth aren't that the sand at the same you may have a little worn this column a little more than the more on this all of where that ball but it's it's still. The same product. And the LeBron James. You just know there's a lot of material there and he will put a lot in the points column one game open a lot rebounds column some games. They'll they'll be a lot and every category so I'm not gonna think about him failure right. Is a better player now that he was four years ago he's better player now than it was two years ago. He makes. A lot of that correct decisions. When he got the ball most of the time he he's got this he's got a Jeanne. We just recognizes. Mismatches wherever he has his eyes can be closed and somehow he knows. The only remaining and. As a mismatch is I'm a finance guy his playoff low this post season is point five points. As a cap the only game that you didn't have thirty plus I think Isaiah Thomas to score more I think they can make more opens make more open shots they were really bad at some great shots last night and M system now in interest income them if you agree with. Jae Crowder said last night is a shade. Or is just confidence or maybe a little bit of vote. We now. We can get any shot we want against me. And the shape of the stupid thing to say it out that it's had totaled chain I that's again something he says we know we can get in the shot we want against this thing so what's your excuse solar wind and why didn't think they did. They had a lot of bulletin I don't and they missed the bank. So good to have these shots. And that's it in the first quarter so dumb I disagrees banked I was screaming. In the first quarter yeah. Yeah. Are those balls there's no excuse but james' best and world herald a talented Greg won a championship but. 5050 balls. It's B 7525. You've answered this yet but let me just tell you what you are this is Hollywood and monitoring what to roll this through and through what you rolled if this. In this inaugural tee and a cap in his current state Joseph -- that you'll get an active one I got it could are what I call 888 Kerr birdied eight aren't. Aren't so their roll. In this story. Is this scrappy little team the scrappy little plucky underdog ethic yeah you know you're not entitled. If you don't have a number one overall pick on your roster nobody. Believes you got to you got it not yet heard these cliches before yet don't play to the cliche. If you Bolivar and get on the floor again it. A rebound is again and again it's you have to keep got to play harder to put more energy. Not getting into it Isiah Thomas going it Tristan Thompson. He's Canadian he's proposing and I yeah. And hey tankan and we got want to do here at a Canadian hockey player of the Canadian basketball player we got a Canadian basketball player too and I am not Murayama. Their policy off. And turned out good. And do Marcus Martha just that. It went into the Isaiah. Do you I think he was OK with as and OK if I'm going to be picket line of I know I as DeVon is probably the one guy flips his shorter than I have -- it to a fight with them may that's what he said to him last night they took him out of but those shots aegis you have to end it once again I'm asking you am I know I'm asking them to be something they're not. Because why would day why would anyone besides Isiah Thomas make open shots. Why would why would this idea because. They I knock down open shots all season other than the fact they're pro basketball players and settlers it's like Emma marksman. Outside of Isaiah. Echoed in Isaiah as you're well I know it I there's a marksman who your second best mark. Either Avery Bradley don't leave you today. All hair out out more than so don't simulation admitted trade deadline that in solves that problem of the roster and an owner I don't know about moments and then saying. I don't have problems roster and you must that it on Gaza and on top achievements and now what I'm saying is. I know with the guys on the roster are like the team very much so they see what I'm on the floor like an open shots. They don't have a guy on the roster like he. It's a step Curry's of I've done it no they don't and he's a that Jamal Crawford. OK it's a good. Cal who worked for that matter Korver perfect example Kyle Korver every time museum opened what do you think OK Yemen on our yeah. Who's like that on the south. They don't have a name that way but Jae Crowder for the season shot a ridiculous present it was over 40% from three. I wouldn't I want us I don't but we'll get him to say but you see a low numbers were you the money no I don't but but but the numbers would tell you that. They probably our money I mean I don't know I'll talk about the numbers room and hear about the box score and another about the box out our other regular season. Yeah I don't but that's not his game when m.s and what I'm saying is it has to come I'm asking for that in the post season that's only shot you have. No pun intended that's only chance you have of beating the cavaliers. Of making those shots. And low turn over basket a very early in the game as it turned it over got himself trapped turn it over. You know and this. May be there and. I anyway or up from doing that art is is there a point guard the NBA just an observation on my part. Who who loses control of the basketball more than Isiah Thomas IS and fair I mean and it has not friends and I'll ask Maggie and Peter knock it can offer a game seven at twelve a twelve gases after eternal night but and and a lot of the times he's not losing it. It's like you know aid. He looses control of the dribble he's got to dive on top of that at all what you're seeing a point guard in the public just. Al basketball too and and at every level is gonna keep going up and now this is the toughest. Should it be the biggest could be one of the biggest upsets top five upsets in NBA history if the Celtics. Can beat the cavaliers. I do a like there electric construction of their team like the way they they've grown throughout the season and throughout the post season. But they're gonna have to do a little bit extra like if you're taken on something being taken on how the biggest task of your life. You'd have to have to close out that you haven't done before now they are. This finally proves that you know trying hard and team chemistry qualities so far. Is that team that bear valley they play so all the other you wanna break early on changed that the trade deadline fine. And and you know what this is an easy team to root for they play well together fine. Bode play get the team this talented and happens only one other team in the Eastern Conference those other reason why you understand why they wanted to. Keep the group together and make a run at a but they just. They're nowhere near the Cleveland Cavaliers struggled there warriors you know what turns out nobody out west is near Golden State so it's gonna be the same two teams they might bolt sweep their way Weldon L when they fake message saying they're they're both a sweep their way to. I don't happen to get swept the Celtics are the subject from its open now. A second I disagree over the gonna went dormant. I don't. Are now talk to me after no Friday night yeah spot nine and I don't edit body wanted to ask you about it and I don't have people don't do that be how I got a lot to me like fried and like Friday he can be officially Saturday but not. During today and that's is disrespectful but I don't tweet me like a standard out a bit left out. A minor at LA out you don't and I paid the goats well five. That would that's fine with yet that both kind of seriously Alia. Goodman was adding you're a little earlier glass plus easy yeah it was interpret early days of Arabs here there I will talk about what happened last night. And whether or not you got any hope for the rest of this series 6177797937. Is telephone number. I text line is 37937. We'll talk to Stephen A Smith about obviously Celtics cavs last night but I also saw Stephen I on Good Morning America this morning. I he was on with Michael Strahan talking about Tom Brady and Giselle bunch and we'll talk with a Stephen A about that is well. We've got tickets to giveaway for tomorrow night's game. Tomorrow night's game two Selz cavs will do that little bit later on in the program. Can't tell you when to say and it's coming up later in the pro. A later program going to. Vertical was it a vertical tease item under vertical apartment at those three RD so 330 today I tell you Stephen Stephen A Smith and a very tomorrow David Ortiz. 330 tomorrow David Ortiz pretty good 330 today Steven. Eddie Smith in your calls coming up next 6177797937. It's dale on Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. And that's my own minds of young guys that can and should be accountable and should care showbiz tonight. You know both for myself. And not have to be an attack mode and just put pressure on the defense and see what happens and how they would do their country set the tone early you know on what we needed to do once you know wants us sort of see the different sort of correctly in game. So common shooters and I don't think we've played. That great tonight we differed insure people. You know it was my cable if you know Kyle had a three or four very very good looks that in this. You know we had a good stretch book. Nothing good energy in an effort to myself was where it needs to be stored and stone wrote this image conscience. I was on AS sports talk show in Toronto this morning morning drive up there and and they were saying how offended raptors fans wore. Went in the aftermath of dismantling the raptors and one of the games LeBron team James said you know we relieving play elect crate and they won by like I don't know it's it's hard and everywhere 125 at you know what. He's right about last night. They probably I mean they were up by 28 they ended up with a I can't stand thirteen or fourteen I mean he's right they broke out of the aussies played court they played great these are economists showed her failed agreed yesterday. It stop on that wasn't their best in yeah. Into yeah we you know we and we kind of iPod he really played our real. Today it felt like it if you data point none of the plate dinner every likes this guy's like a lesser of us from Cleveland and even then how could you. It was have a short memory from a basketball perspective how could learn not. And I'm pretty nice if you dig and on and I'm just saying his game how did you not like he's game. I'm not I've never set a bad thing about it is that is on the court game supper you know him crying about all the calls that he that he misses. But he's not alone he's going to does that I can't stand that but then. All the stuff he says is the best players and seize sixteen and blow it digests. He is awful torrents cavs warriors. Super team vs super team which by the way I think it's fine for the NBA I'm not saying there shouldn't be super teams but. You need a non super team to play them so you can root for and have you here at root I put your route. Four there have you need a non super team to provide some resistance yes irresistible fight is a little resistance. I don't think the Celtics are tumors as they do last night I don't think it'll senators are any cure if you're Brad Stevens. What are you what he what are you hammering today at practice starting over. Or you hammering today that that can turn this thing around for tomorrow and got a I think decision making it. Across the board so number one decision making defensively this has something to do with him and has opened to a this players. And I are about Kenny Smith made a great point last night so you know took some people play LeBron. Some decide to discount a clog the paint government jumper some decide to use. Foursome to go to you know this way or that way or force and become a pastor double team him. The Celtics into anything and then make a paid I didn't make any decision as I did enjoy so. You've got to make a decision Brad Stevens is charged with him. How are you going to play LeBron James in the and the Celtics actually have to do it that that's one but it I'm keepers and as slow him down. But at least. Disrupt the offense a little peek is Kim a clear look at the entire floor. The guy. And how I was watching Massa and I was thinking are he's idols guys of that. You know you just drop some people anywhere you're going tellem. What's going on to drop of anywhere in the does have great sense of direction they know where everything that figure it out quickly if I don't that is one of those guys as a maverick when he gives directions either wanted to map it Wednesday. Hey you know I'm out of market street maker right our market and get a little bit more in right on soldiers who wrote he goes heading east. I had had a. I did it. Go out for awhile and yes this nose where everything gets what you gotta make it a little. I challenging form and that so the offense. Office will Sloan. Does he once he's. Unobstructed in this and the in the offices in a rhythm he had no chance. I think what they showed it to last night is they have so many different ways to be you because as Michael within all season long the bronze gonna get his points but. Did you think Tristan Thompson and Kevin Glover combined for fifty to 7% from the field portraits and threatened to admit really difficult seeing it really difficult rather than trying to Hackett Thompson I guess that's more kind or to a six for ten but. 77 for seven interest in Thompson is more obscene than. Anything his girlfriend has ever done. And no I don't think that's true I doubt I actually don't think that's truly. I don't look at it I. Know you know my point is if you tell me that carry Irving JR Smith. Are gonna combined for 52 in game two and I believe that you have outwardly. I repeated 35 on his own. Now believe that either. He's forty something as the warriors in the finals last year and so he can give against the Celtic now. Because appeal of Walter pictured in the current carrier can't iron carrier or are you don't like carrier. I that guy who hates LeBron James got out. No I I like carrier began Stewart's I want the number one overall pick discussion is it won't declare they are there and let us this image are Blair I don't like him as I'd like them and all over the budget score thirty plus I don't I don't him. I don't think he's done better with this is that Isiah Thomas carrier ring thing and the in the voters spoke today. Devoted its vote locked out and clear. Whose carrier I'm an old. Make that our team and yeah like there's a lot of good guards including the one who was on the second team that I didn't. A great player better and carrier now has. Voters now not only now it says is better and if it's at the 201617. All NBA team not the who's the best player right now that's what they're thinking that they can nine I guess Q&A lie Michael's mother again about don't include all seasons this is what that is now. Don't go down without a fight. The Celtics don't go down without a fight it and that'll nobody it did it and fight from the start now they are fighting in the second half too late. Yeah great debt tomato green knocked out of their plan you know markets market the dark hangs on program for a long time that credit to set up items flat water down yeah when he three as governor of Florida trailer and got to follow all of it is that Thompson there are. Arnold what that law's house apply. It will Smart yeah sounds disgusting elbow he has sent a Smart it's gross yeah. But just keep right. In front last night but. It would happen tomorrow and you know it daylight here though might lose and I don't buy their ass off it doesn't matter when they're ill give you about it let me see that. At least let me see you do that and then weakens and then we'll figure out we know what to do going forward but. I mean it is is mind boggling that you could come out against the cavaliers. And in the even think not to play hard it is crazy. They're like oh edit product that's first. Why did they do that Euro I bring it to them at the the best opponent Olga only only only opponent better. It is a one playing at ORACLE Arena that's only one batter I. I'll play the game the excuse game not gonna believe this but I'll I'll play the excuse game yet it was such an emotional game seven win you couldn't expect they were going to be able to keep that same. You know level of emotion out in only eat eat dude you're gonna have a let down after game seven win on Monday yet to play 48 hours later you were going to be able to sustain. Anybody by a man no no no I tried data to all you got out there and I thought oh my god I because because I'm thinking the same thing you are some watch and especially. How does this Celtics team. And and Michael's right don't have a bunch of great shooters they got one really good shooter. A couple of guys who I think can shoot every down right hot they go one for fifteen from three on their court. We are talking about this during the wizards' series out of they shoot well here they shoot horribly in Washington right how does that happen out of big one for fifteen from three. On their court a couple of an announcement. You know out of election is now a lot of critics. Yeah of the math not a lot of notes answers. 6177797937. I didn't lie to you guys but I didn't tell you the whole story either and I feel bad about that. Because I told to we've got game two tickets that we're gonna get away and we are. Are we were all the giving away a signed copy of popping in my story at 430 today. And David Ortiz will join us tomorrow at 330 on the program. And we're giving away Red Sox tickets at five so that we want and weekend it was Smart we never ask anything in return we just the you know we just offer at all to be an analyst business to so generous we took everything with a genetic keys checked physically I thought there are from the wrong end. 617779793. Sound right to the calls that you coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. There have been thirteen night. And they hit us firms that are more physical. Petition on both ends of the floor and that was the difference in routine that I can't defend champion you can't let them papers. And they didn't. We make sure is different game to. Hope he's right we'll get a chance when I have to wait every other day they play in this series. Friday Sunday just adjust every other day though they go at a unlike the Western Conference which is trying to let the east catch up to them but the serve though I've got three days off in between games but not every other night you see game. In this series well. For at least four nights yeah yeah if there were only game two tickets today it's a good they were particularly game five. Anaerobic game five. We'll be like oh that's nice sure Chris there is an important goal at the sweet now to tell you that he had it in 5 I am gone down a four hour brickyard keep do you have a three pretty you have five while I was I was noncommittal as of four or five and I did say their best chance to be game one so but I one's over you are grossly plateau Cuba who sweeps and wary of I said yesterday say can you danced around this elaborate no I haven't said yesterday that about six or seven so he. Goes for five yeah. You're down before about the sentence of sultan sent up the senate Indians say the word Selz in seven. Practices at the way yeah me to say yes yeah while it is the Celtics in seven I'll say. Boston and I'll say that that's fine at let me I like now that I am costs now realize that he did. By the time daily Stewart three in the series he's going to be soap is the around like it's gonna just be all art is there no word yet. An art on a 6177797937. Eric in Connecticut Erica I don't. Our guys Eric. K in my game plan to try to lock it back in Erie. It's sort of like Jordan rules that you LeBron rules. There is no. Human possible way that they're gonna stop LeBron or I don't think they eat well let them stop LeBron with the way. They call to keep our files on them so basically you let LeBron do whatever he's got to do. What you stop everybody L I mean. You can have got going offered 32 points on top of LeBron going off so if you stop everyone else. And I actually think that mindset to try to do what the other team is trying to stop them from doing. What we're can work against him so he'd be trying to get everyone involved out dressed up like that off on the sport's dominant force. I think. Eric let me ask you question because you obviously like LeBron James as much as Keefe does OK but let them but it. But do you honestly truly believe that the referees call to keep tack fouls. The Celtics commit against LeBron James I mean against LeBron James. Hamas. You're getting a watched every minute of the game last night. Italian Olympic air brushed up against some their college while we agree error how on them you know it's you know it. Eric I have a you know you asked me if I watched that game you might consider volume and may be some you know brightening up that screen little bit. Look he gets filed just like we ought he goes to those who polite he's gonna get fouled. Yeah I I I didn't see a bunch of to keep tack fouls called against the Celtics try to guard LeBron don't know. Not against the Celtics on the bronze gold was just point and then all of it yet right and that's the problem these are all on all superstars this problem yet that's the thing that there's him there's a superstar. Call category. But in general. And playoff games what I'd like to see is a tone a semi consistent tone because I know you know some officials just can't maintain. What they start. They start off calling in one way and they switch but in playoff games on the guy who likes. Our files and unlike limited files so obviously over an arc you know so few times I think it's our guys go to the basket. Get crushed on both sides yup no calls. And not know product that I'm a dad yes don't we call that kind of game or not call back again. What drives me nuts. If I see somebody get hammered at the end there's no call and I'm happy as a fan and keep going on playoff basketball gods and all you're you're never going to be blood if there's a follow up always about the other and come back and all hand check. What did it. That Chambliss that you do it what are you doing what your job now yeah YouTube you'll let it there was a there was a that a mocking at the other. Black guys everything. The call that. Or the new thing and I I've policy were two years away from it won't it won't change next year. The new thing is somebody is within five feet of view. And they're not really making a play on news. But you don't really have a shot so you cannot find a I eventually pump fake him yet you guys there's a lot like everyone of those yesterday latitude audible out durable yeah it's horrible as it. Com and you'll lose your head user had officials that's not a real follow. There are real shot his eyes trying to get a throw it up and Isiah doesn't all the time to get it. He does short term if it's quick he knows he's got somebody in a bet that he'll draw enough maps. He does like the that there's a different kind of foul the other but the Hackett Thompson. They did a few times where you know they're just completely try to slow things down their hope and 50% free throw shooters gonna. You know go wanna go one for two and we see our team's doing Popovich created it was Shaquille O'Neal right right obviously personally do it and they never raced on offense whether to honor Drummond her job or Jordan it. It does worth doing in the series more now. I'd let ads don't seem to be working right the big arguments it was and as it takes you out of your old flow is that your offense isn't the same at all and artists well. Yeah yeah I guess you you focus on Tristan Thompson and that you know logically the low will we'd rather put interest that the line. These are best rebounder too at the line. Treo so open base of javelin and the gonna have a problem every prospect is that it erotic ball back I'd rather have Tristan Thompson taking shots at it as opposed to LeBron and Irene Kara we have when a taxer who says we have to be LeBron and the rest. You guys need to stop with this crap okay. You can't beat LeBron. The refs don't need to help him all right and stop with the as well you know we read it wasn't for the for the rest stop it or not work what was recurrence in the refs are not for. LeBron. And nor are they against the Celtics. For the most part they're just not good exact just go to school in it just it just understand that that they're not against your team and they are not. They're not trying to screw the bronze pocket all yet like video of the NBA wants LeBron and staff they're gonna get it whether they wanted to and class act act there are gonna get it. Also the callers thought about stopping LeBron are up and I'm sorry not stopping LeBron and stopping everybody else. Lot easier said than the care that we don't wet when yet Anthony Parker and booby Gibson as teammates the other great philosophy. Polonia as Kevin Love and carrier because those guys that's cited and it easy. Tasked to do yet those guys that they can beaches I got three guys. On the roster who at various points in their career when LeBron has always been the primary guy yeah Kevin Love is used to being the primary guy get his points carry when LeBron wasn't there. Primary guy get his points so. Yeah if you if you say are we gonna lose focus on we will let LeBron do his thing but I'll stop those guys that's hard. Stephen A Smith joins us at the bottom of the next hour your calls between now and then dale and Holley with Keith Sports Radio WE yeah. Outnumbered two dale and Holley with keep Sports Radio WEEI. Stephen A Smith from ESPN will join us at the bottom of the hour we'll talk about Celtics cats and his thoughts on the series going forward after last night's. Well everybody who watched it knows game wasn't quite as close as the score would indicate. Or near as close as the score would indicate. So he'll join us at the bottom of the hour we'll talk Celtics cavs with him but and I did mention I happen to catch him on Good Morning America this morning as well. He and Michael Strahan talking about Gisele Bundchen so. Report yesterday on CBS this morning that Tom Brady had a concussion last year and has had concussions before and then she can. Cut short her remarks there matter her sentence. It has been everywhere. I sought on The Today Show this morning I sought on. Good Morning America it started on CBS this morning yesterday. All of the the TV sports networks have been leading Gwinnett. NFL live was just on on the monitor or Michael shoulder few minutes ago and then they spent half the show talking about. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady that's why the folks in Toronto called me this morning they wanna talk about Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen is he gonna get suspended is gonna get. Find can't be suspended Alexander and I can do. I think Gisele Bundchen was telling the truth to tell the truth he had he had us as he had a concussion last year and shore. And juries had many concussions in his career. But we OK if you're an NFL what do you say it Tom. You recite the alphabet right now yeah. OK how many championships and you want five. We're go to college or give it to kingdom and think that he. Now can prove it. So well in check emails he can check phone Europe and the united you know I have a full full scale investigation cannot go through there and let his text messages acted you do that. Gisele my head hurts love Tom village just on merit or is he doubted there hurts but it was the main. I don't know I wouldn't rule anything out as a publicity in a phone pretty well here's the problem. If they if they were to punish Tom Brady. They'd be saying that their own system which they put in place partially in defense against this lawsuit it's been filed against them that their entire system is a failure. They already set up before but I don't pay any other in the other situations and I'm not command a name. I'm not gonna give you an an initial and other thank you in another situation. They had a system in place and what they said was. The patriots game the system. Oh yeah I think critical. I don't know my point here is that the league put in play announced the neurosurgeons believe still in place the concussions Bonner neither of those guys reported any I got a Brady. There's system fail. I understand just like they were saying their system failed in the other situation I put an in place they had officials there there's a protocol on how. That certain thing that is thrown from one heard from one quarterback to a receiver amendment had a name of that of the object. I don't wanted to talk to our right Iran and in that situation. They put everything employees and they said the patriots. Gained their system. So do the deal with the CLC I'm not against saying that Pete Carroll this offseason mentions how Richard Sherman was hurt railway who in and so that to me. Is now the coach is fragrance of with a cut but that's but the funny though it they would have Pete Carroll admitted that that he was her body wasn't on the injury report so that's more date back to be. Orbit team punishment in this because this isn't there's a member of the coaching staff they came out at the player's wife so we don't even know if the team you know. Again I would I would think that they would. But there's no direct connection there are so it will be difficult for the NFL to get any kind of punishment but again I don't know I don't think you can rule it out with them. He is in my opinion may be the only player on the team who could call the trainer up and say listen. I'm not going to be at McNamee at the practice this morning. I'm getting treatment ovary TB twelve you know my in my legs bother me a little bit I'm gonna go over to TB twelve on and get treatment and within that organization it's okay. Okay. It's not like that the trainer within the man and an and you come down here let me take a look first and then you can go see. Alex opened up the hill at TB twelve I'm guessing Tom Brady is a guy who can make a phone call and say. I'm getting treatment up here I'll see at 1 o'clock. And there'd be no question that Iraq. Yeah because it. It every day yesterday tuba a couple of those times were areas as normal Wednesday press conference they got pushed to Friday. It was two weeks in a row that benefit released a few times this year. That's another time or cards things are are a little bit different than the normal for an. I backed the call 6177797937. Mics in Providence say Mike. I got to see like it too it's good to partner of first pars tell Leo limit on the I never seen a guy. Who did the difference he's good games bad games is all it is one angle at eight Egypt stopped moving. And he's done it his whole career with us. Eight did it again last night where if you while actually has good offense against any played good defense our. Right he's moving his feet. He's what he's not played well he doesn't take that extra step he doesn't get its feet underneath them you start on the defensive ready to start reaching grab people. And it's a very frustrating thing could that this does not like. He's physically handicapped from doing it he just stops to. Have you noticed that. I guess at times. Yeah. My bread. Oh OK on the flip side of Kelly Atlantic is giving you what the regular season play about what plane minutes a game. So tournament game in a regular season about twenty minutes a game in the post season so. Yet if it is it would be frustrating if you expected him to give you. And 120 points higher eighteen point tonight you know give me a consistent performance like that I think he's coming off the bench. Because most bench guys outside of your super six men are capable of doing what what you wanted to do. On a nightly basis so they're Kelly Atlantic it's frustrating and another will try to say is telling Olympic is is frustrating to watch. But he's probably fourth or fifth or sixth on the list of what you got to do better against Cleveland. Nick is he's not a guy you should be relying on anyway there's a streaky player and on the you know game seven it was like a bone but don't you go oh yeah tremendous but you know luckily by the few of those guys to. You know Kyle Korver can have its point by point game JR Smith could chanting for I forgot six and those guys are capable of it. But you don't get it most nights he can't rely on on Olympic but it is. It is frustrating bit streaky player but when he when you see him at this way to game seven than game one elected you would not have that I don't use there is. He would do anything. Industry players off the bench or on the registry key players in the starting lineup are are even more difficult. Understand Otto Porter. Alone on a more honest Charles was making fun of his name the other night on food injected auto race. Charles likes to pick on something in particular yeah yeah grapple with some doctor octopus is name is on. Auto rotated. Spiderman and no bus driver from citizens and I don't know about. Probably still is that. Mike's on the truck phony name like NATO. The value on beware and let the public schedule traditional. Ordinary guy too much attention to shoot or level. Worldwide LeBron. I think you'll lose their armed. You try to trump can work I'm sure. Yeah cotton. Panel ultimately. Have to try to do Lee's take him out. Oh. It. Sierra I. Thought you know might not not not everybody on the Celtics team we get their ass kicked by LeBron and his. Every single guy would get the you know I don't know I don't know July routers are pretty good size guy and any stands next to LeBron ago. He looks kind of slight I disagree about LeBron has never been fight excellent. And he's never better they shouldn't be for you we knew it was going to be the the golden child or you know when he was sixteen I think well the Google knew before that I that are protected Ivins urban fight like that decided conversation I don't think that. That call sums up well how. Little chance the Celtics have yet what right now we don't think I locate a lot of noise they need to get a flight originated take out the best player you know you're right that is the only way the way. I don't know most fans feel the way feel the same way as might. You know go out there and start hit people. I just take about. Are you gonna get over the Bruins don't rescission way to get that last of the game alive in game one they had no chance of that game two at home but it didn't matter it doesn't matter just got no chance of winning just don't. If somebody. Find out by that same logic by the way. The Buffalo Bills should just figure out a way to just take Tom Brady out they tried take him out to percent number in the pregame last year they were they ran through the civil shoulder bumped. They would try to though Brady then it no camera there might be if you guys know Macintosh operating say that I Harris is in Roxbury hey Harris I don't. No Michael Pete how you got bill and the nurse. I so I'm that they would not begin to do it is down. Next game and go to the film room put it back in on a solo home and watch the San Antonio. Miami Heat period. There and just watch that film because. Would this subject to do they need to play angry like in the America Antonio's series I'm never in nineteenth place but look terrible form my life. I mean it was it wanted to beat this game and you can tell last night. They were intimidated. You know the problem Roger and it can't play that way and the need to happen makes a majestic adjustment not the pay angry. And don't be a serious Jeff Brown's joke rain. Terry root beer they're gonna happen make shot outside in a gonna happen like appeared just. Because in that San Antonio Miami Miami Heat there. They beat the bobbled it and move the ball around while defense. And what did that would definitely off LeBron encourage additional time will give it a shot you make it great to get back to attract. And dust only way I can beat a team maybe way to game two of the other than that. They're playing scared they got no shot. Yes right I can't it can't be scared like that you know playing hard and and playing with some confidence even though. Even though they have. Some some all NBA guys and they got you know in India of a multiple. In BP regular season finals MVP on their team. Yup there's more energy now the flip side at San Antonio Miami series to talk about he's better. He's better now than he was a man and his team. Will is. Is team was falling apart. Got the finals than in did we started to see how limited the Miami Heat where we didn't know. Until that final series where Dwyane Wade just looked old and can defend anybody and Chris Bosh they got they all got eaten alive. The don't think that was when he decided to abandon them we probably did inside guys that's not right either I weighed Lagos may end up the same and you. Remembers. Press conference is post. Maybe his post game press conference after the the elimination. We need to upgrade it every position and quote while. It's a mind. Yet we agree but in my positions okay that we need to upgrade it every position he is right and indicate when you should opt out your contract so I could come back and then you this way that they recited at all judges lose eight million dollars sorry about that should hold on the plane. Texas says how hard follow the rim on one of those lamps. They did it's a couple guys down oh LeBron I was and re doesn't it though there was Taylor and and abroad when there there was a a couple of times date date took him hard at the rim another day guess what he's bigger and stronger than all of them in any exceed that the little Shimmy after went out and did little shoulder. The shoulder flex like I can handle it we know that he tan the big strong guy he's terrorist starter has stopped me. Before the series is over keep are gonna completely screwing. Political identity has not you're gonna out lately you're gonna complain you're gonna be you're gonna come around and say. Am I liked this guy as a great guy about it myself LeBron Jersey the whole thing. Thanks. I'm maybe a builds up a New Hampshire billion acts on Sports Radio stale holly with key. Yes I he had noticing how easily. LeBron got around Kelly I actually got a guy got. Why couldn't the coaches CNET matchup kind of like bella check checks kind of matchups. And then showed you is say LeBron gets around he did notice. So this is it is here is a problem last night with with the problem the Celtics out of the project has been everybody's been there. So you have Kelly Nolan column I Kelly Miller accuses too slow for. And they may have markets Marta on the markets mars' two small form. I think you could Jae Crowder on and Jae Crowder. A decent size but does not quick enough does not not equipped to stop them. So we gonna be a case Soviet Brad Stevens say Kelly Miller Acura Audi put on. Brown brown they did. But it everybody and I am proud and brown got a shot at him and he was up ward at times but you know I think his. Limited experience. And maybe is gonna get experience in this series is limited experience. Hold them back at times NC so I think we're about Jalen brown so yesterday you saw. I came into the game they were great energy made some shots. Then. Early in the game got lost and inexplicably got lost defensively and in and gave up what does. Easy lay up to Justin Thompson. Because it's got confused on defense which most young players yeah when he hears oh yeah. Let you know that the coach says no you're not doing good job on LeBron James and bring this guy and have them stop. Well I got a coach but one thing that you guys the broadcast at fair pros Weber or. They probably can't have two big guys out on the floor at the same time now they'd be noticed that early on Amir Johnson was out there and play a lot but even Olympic in Horford. Is not a great combo because he's the nonstop screens in the switching and everything else going on at one of those guys does end up on on the brawn. You're in trouble so I don't know of a go back to Gerald Green in the starting lineup or what in and or or maybe markets Smart in the starting lineup because. He was the guy who's trying to get under the skin of Tristan Thompson he gives up you know half of voters so at least he's somebody. Who boxes out and tries to rebound so you're lose that rebounding battle one where the other British yet another productive player out there and that defensively. You're able to switch and not just have it'll look brawn of the easiest path to the basket that might be what they have to do. You were talking about the one play where on a switch. Isaiah bell Hawkeyes within our daughter article just just Grail right to the corner they'll just get the hell out of the way here I started posting a mop at the three point line and that is that the spin it a foot later reason he's at the basket and then. That's not fair he's on another level in that regard op Arthurs in New Hampshire hey Arthur. K gotta agree to pay off guard there was an. Everybody is talking about how the other quote I don't we don't talk enough. I think you know we are not shoot 31% at all from the primary are at a that was hard to understand Lesnar up. You know that and we cry we're gonna you'd be getting out but we going to be issue and at home edition and already. Low forty so primarily hit to at least have a shot at that. How much you Arthur. You know I thought that was the two of things is that out to me. In the first quarter and the first time a first or the first 78 minutes of the game. Oh missing a lot of easy shot to open shots and not playing hard enough. And that's before getting to all the other stuff of Kevin Love making 63 pointers in the brawn James. Doing what he's doing interest in Thompson may not missing a shot before you get to all that. You've got to come out got to come some energy and you have to make that opened ones. Because they can't come back against them you can come back against Washington Washington had a down by seventeen. They don't have any great defenders on the roster. They've they've never won a significant they have won a significant playoff series and and in. Thirty years almost four years ago he'd come back is that we come back in Chicago he can't do that against Cleveland. I would expect just guessing here that we won't see Amir Johnson start tomorrow night but we will see Jalen brown star. And I would guess that's what that's one of the things that Brad Stevens would look at. Yea in my it's just they're such a tough match up I don't know who you would serve because Ari. Who's on Tristan Thompson who's on Kevin Love because both at a young Horford will be don't want them to star rated right Amir out right and then tonight got to figure out RJ Crowder maybe starts on the broader maybe if you if you think Jill Brown's up or. Maybe put them on the broadest part in any. Yeah router is a big crowd are against Thompson he had abused yeah. So you probably do giving it a bit eating Amir's murder yeah I think as an employers more about it in the got him get started sort of minutes we're out in a you know more more from Amir more from Olympic defensively. And more from more for. That's a lot everywhere who. It's a lot Kelly's and hammers motorists to get a big civil and we'll find out just a couple of minutes Kelly you're next on sports radio's Daylon Hollywood keep. There looks cool guy he can so so real quick on the market Smart thing for. We actually have worked Smart tries but I don't give up a lot of side and he's not he. Run around with a backside defender like he Bradley. She got war and it got electric Marshall it's very rare extra long that's ultimately college as any position you know that's way bigger than it. You're able to shut them down. Again and again and again so I mean it's like it whatever goes anyway let me try it doesn't. Maybe give market Smart child for what the real real article about what his reaction to a college as a matter though actually it. Let's go on abroad. I simply didn't or are agree that up that's what they. As as as still it's lower about it in a kind of adequately. As a the Selma don't attack it would all that stuff yeah. Raise these national all the time that's not ever a cigar with a would have done if the 1980 whatever that it would. There wasn't there's a lot of Michael's that piece it was the best fastball however. It was that we thought it was you know wrecked because whatever the baton whatever the sports world when you're like. 10111213. That was this best sports of your life as what you what you think about this. Right now these are good old days right now right now your item veto it or ghetto days right now yard here and have. Now that the patriots playing football pay the league sucks but added fifteen years. In good it was back then you know he had top and yes good teams do yet Brock. And I literally Larry Hughes Steelers yet. They're pretty good about the burden quell yeah he had been active quarterback op. Roll call for the benefit of the Celtics had to beat Jimmy Butler and John Wall Eric Y yeah probably had a ahead. Yeah maybe it's the ad that and I'll there Kyra you're. Thank kind of player Kyra Kyra. Abdul had his own drew and commercial. In Portland. Go near enough carrier right now is terrific guy and I saw drew right what got you out Rodriguez a fourteen votes were. All NBA team. Up fourteen. I mean our deals where you got or 35 points yeah are you can get fourteen votes and and it's something okay just I thought I. I asked about the today I had the second team that's pretty good it did to. And my ten player in the NBA got him plainly what 236 points and woodlands. Yet it sort of dirt all the votes I don't know look at your color both Lester wanna know loaded and put LeBron as a as a first play abroad or west and Westbrook neither one marine and hustling hard month. They'd like to know what the thought process was for those you are individual ball I actually went. Don't know I'm dead serious. 6177797937. We'll get Stephen A Smith's take. On last night and Tom Brady engines Allen all laughed and then we'll get right back to your calls and we got a David Ortiz book. Popping in my story that we're gonna give way and autographed book we've got Red Sox tickets giveaway we've got Celtics game to. Playoff tickets to giveaway all before darting around Sports Radio WEEI. Our number three dale and Holley with keep Sports Radio WEEI this are the program sponsored by cars for kids. Here trusted charity for card donations also accept donations of votes Arby's motorcycles and real estate call today 877. Cars for kids. Talk a lot about the Celtics game last night obviously. I'm a pretty one handed thrashing at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers game two tomorrow night. Here at the TD garden. Then of course the two games in Cleveland Stephen A Smith told us our earlier about half an hour or so ago. If the Celtics don't win tomorrow night if they don't win game two here at the garden. He doesn't think he'll be back here for game five. There will be game five. My bills and their ability to make himself. There will be gain for a mom shock the world now on the panel that it was just so bad we've seen blowouts and Sears all time winners and and Celtics and you know get rockets spurs a great example of after the rockets won game one. In over the spurs. Or not the spurs every talking about Santonio like the bad matchup moral together maybe a better team yet Houston Houston's obviously they're there when the series. In the didn't it didn't go seven rate so I mean. But that this feels different and but this isn't one of those blowouts like follows camera back out again they can hand the more of those the same they Kia I distill I don't think that they. Possibly can LeBron is playing on another level and wouldn't say this is his best team he's ever been on but we look at all the different title teams he's been a part of this is as. It's up there maybe that that first championship win when waited Bausch and mourn their prime might have been better but this is probably right there. I don't know I I would go with either the the first or in either the first one or second point with Miami or Miami. The second because not as back to back. It was against Allan San Antonio right that the yeah the three yeah. The reality as ever and I got Ray Allen coming up venues did. Another hall of Famer and there's a guy or did he got LeBron yup yup bosh go into the hall of fame here is that Dwyane Wade hall of Famer in upbeat on Ray Allen. And give back to the calls that you guys 6177797937. Dennis on the cell phone hey Dennis I don't. And aunts and today it's an on and you ever had a good tennis was in the my man. They're a little disappointed this good result but it we've given up in an odd given that the suburbs such I don't know I think they've got a look up the good. I don't think they can be simply let it think it's bitten a couple of games that got the most out last night so what it's one game. Well look at it going into the series I thought they'd only win one game now I think they'll win none but. It's not like I changed dramatically my thought of my opinion of the series based on last night's win. I think I thought the cell in a best case scenario we're gonna get before games to one day you set yourself that as best case they they scrap out a couple of games. And yeah. I don't think it could be completely ripping up quick lookup in the open it and it just glad they got no shot. And I got the book that the best player. And the planet today but I mean it can't be beat. But don't you think are also in the same thing Dennis if you think that you may be best case there would a couple of games still lives there probably unlikely they win any games. As a result you're putting a series what's the different. Yeah I need it or do you guys equivalent sodas and I Dennis he's he's jumping on people for not having faith. Like he has out of exile. All those areas got over. It when. It resumed maybe two maybe that's currently it was it was incidents like I. It's different you know what they did their first year and Brad Stevens make the playoffs they have swept out the next year wanted to win a series they didn't fitting gets swept in the end and so that that point. That meant something are you wanna playoff game that you're an ever winless in the playoffs was that the grizzlies the gets left out every year for awhile like there's something they just couldn't get over that hump just. Actually winning a game for get a series but now in the conference finals. Yet he goes seven games and you win three I understand how maybe get caught up in that but you're still losing the series I don't think. It's if they win 12 or three games to mean that Celtics it doesn't make a huge difference although I would now no ligament. If they if they get swept to vs lose Ross Evans and that's that and yes haven't the times of a thing about us the second act I'm thinking that they can out dumb that they got out that dryness that bang on that yes 77 record and record yesterday alludes that means they've won three games they are sexist kind. Of carrying. They don't simply just right spurs or are the rockets and we really have the spurs like well did you like you're 81 now one game by a tie on and then wanna game but. You also lost apology games by a time like that didn't feel like a series where it was. That they should take it away to feel solid better about themselves. But I think the Celtics are different because. That they're building. They're building something so. It's not like I other rockets building something I don't know what they what they claim what they're selling in Houston they got James Harden so. I'm rookies are right say the rebuilding program and we've got tons of assets which they don't. The Celtics are different story I think everybody what Celtics fans obviously understand that. Where you look at Brad Stevens and what he's done since he's been in town and gaining gains holding on to picks because he likes the assets that he has. And so when you look at them. It's just part of the building process I was six game loss for the Celtics. In the little different than a six game loss. For the rockets but that does that could change that I did the best they can do the rockets who knows. That so I also wonder if this series like for Danny Ainge is I guess does it matter. In a civil what you were I think the series what that means the team off or to forget gain specifically. If there really close if they if they play six or seven games. Did they do that thing that Stephen A Smith was there would be a mistake. And that's in a statement we are we are pretty close at any make that big trade for. Paul George horror or you you know you trade for Jimmy Butler or you whatever else whereas if you get swept out he says it. This is strapped Marco faults is great there were better in the wizards in the bulls but our best team is probably going to be in 2019. Points pointing. But it could he could he be on Broadway slowed down enough by I don't know as Conficker Danny Ainge be swayed by this series. I don't think so I don't think that's I guess my overall point yeah activities took a while at their but I got up at its way back this series that's okay yeah that's our highway of Camden and the fact that I think like there's there's there's another story line. Primarily out of Cleveland I don't know if you guys have been following this or not. A but it basically has to do with how dirty Isiah Thomas's are Isiah I Thomas there's still plays last night dirty little guys who plays they're pointing to last night one. Was when they say he tackled. LeBron James tackle we tried is by an out to be honest it wasn't a great tackle but he did not give into the stands and yet I may be Alley that he be given credit. Good for him for having the courage to try. And there was a screen grab of a couple of shots last night. Where they showed he had been knocked down. I Kevin Love to start that you know head back up court and UC Isiah Thomas reach out and try to grab Kevin Love by the ankle and trip him up. In Cleveland at twittering Cleveland last night was blown up black dirty play of Isiah Thomas. I can understand that they've got some. They got some admit they have long memories when it comes Kevin Love in the Celtics. Probably like Iowa probably felt like Kelli unleaded costs in a championship. As obvious that. While JR Smith today said you know we can expect some dirty plays out of the Celtics Friday their backs are against the wall. You know they're gonna Condo and and income you know be more physical beam dirty air his words dirty now main. It's JR Smith. Jerry Smith Lara walked on two points last night OK you have maybe. Graham and he's a streaky guys that scares me yeah maybe that it the only thing well. He has streaky but the only guy really scares him team is is the obvious like scared. Fear I fear. All the run I got a carrier ring you get ago won a you know that he can absolutely dinner roll on and he can put up thirty Kevin Love came to. Some got a lot to do last time these security feared Kevin Love. When he gets in what like last night he had that look like in he threw one air ball was sort laughing about it all he checked there yeah but but everything else it was like he he knew it was it was one of those where he it was in before it vote. Before the shot was let go he's headed up the court stuff yeah eight when he looks like that yeah well he's also that proved last night why so many people myself included. A couple of years ago really wanted him on the Celtics. The that was the guy does it make you make a trip Minnesota's got trait of which they data is and they can make a running Dick Kevin Love and look what he does as a rebounder. They still haven't solved that issue. He he's added threes and his game you know much like what Horford has. And he could score you either real scorer now he's had to sacrifice fly in Cleveland he's on the third score he's used to being the number one score but you know he's capable nights like last night. Our maps down a Rhode Island hey Matt played on. Good would you guess who that was not a great. I wanna make a point that's questioned the election goes though. I'm. Gerald Green would it be secret second option after you and to guard the brawn. And then the question is are on. Lot of people talk about Shaq or will people dominant player of all time to think Ron is on his way to replacing them. That and just. Follow the world's most dominant player or Dominique unite in you know it's a great question because usually don't think of note we always ask you the best player is and we leave out the big guys. There we thought about dominant player usually about the little guys. You know like Dominic you think of a deciding that the strength in the size and you know we use the time what will soon as he said wilt and Shaq. Russell. Well it now LeBron with the show last night he suggests either tied or broke a record held by Shaq is the most consecutive thirty point games in the playoffs. Com. It's a vote you gotta go back so was that he won't agree I mean he's obviously better player than Shaquille O'Neal and bring users more dominant which I got a lawsuit he will she kill was only dominant because he was. Seven foot god knows why and there's I don't know 800 mile an odd way I very impressed by Jack mayfield atomic diminish Jack I guess he's incredible and I think. Okay fine he's build regular about it okay. He's certainly there's been a lot of talk guys that have been Boston where rub him out there are a lot of big guys got hit during that day in routinely score thirty points get the rebounds that that he had he was just an absolute. Force. They won three straight files is the files and repeal three home. Four finals overall and he was I'm here's tremendous I just don't think he says dominant a player as as LeBron James he's the more dominant physical specimen. Again these were 300007. Hun to were whatever was eating. He much of what he did he did because nobody could do anything within. Well got to witness I don't know I go on LeBron and healthcare segment that's yeah that's ever lived that's part of the gift. I hope of doing this right ferocity in Portland. Al vehicle that velocity crossed you'll thank you. I had no particular much racial or Pollock's arm I think Jerry game I think we're all they just want while acknowledging what what are the few that. The task you know anyway the other team game well now that meg in articles I think about the track and I'm looking forward to a good game tonight my Michael tomorrow night but yeah. Your question would you rather bringing up the ball I watched some of the game and are not quite as how to create a block obligation that. An opposing bigotry and what I like even higher at one of your life and in Portland Oregon where the ball and of course the let him get comfortable while pick apart the ultimate would you rather have written and well. I regret that won't give in and introduce. Tell. What it really matters to be honest yeah I was trying to think of it all can hurt you so anyways and there there that I don't think that matters I think. You get asked you know how to. What would be the best possible way. To at least slow down the brawn not just for his scoring but just for everything he does on the offense then we'll talk about different guys and whatever. And I still think. He's got a great three point shooter and he's really not a tremendous free throw shooter although he made most of them last night Delhi under 7% on the season for LeBron wasn't like 69%. For the season yeah yeah it was weird Eddie Eddie shot under 60% in the pacers series. But he a lot better in the raptor series and then last and he was 9/11. But. On the one hand I think you should sag off of and let him shoot threes but the problem that is of Segway off of now we hear now we could see everybody everything's gonna pick you apart that. Yeah and love that story is Stephen A told. After the last regular season win over the Bradley yet data on the same place same play it straight times. It'll help as you can't do anything to write up a community you know exactly what he's gonna do did all right so let's say Connery brings up the ball below for the bronze gonna call the play yeah. Are you can't you handle that but this with a play I LeBron ends of getting it at some point and I thought it was really interest in last night did you stay. You know even after the game is over its disdain for the you know the camera work you just feel like who's talking whom after the game and honesty. He's a sum that all no not now that seed number 34 loses by our magazine is only thirteen but fellow 200 users the final morneau was not speaking of felt like a hundred Marv Albert hello. It they got no idea come aren't done Bill Maher he's done yes you like that yes. Avery Bradley makes 0%. Favored the bill that the threats of specialists have five years ago. You've got out a lot of it I think any average to a sixteen words amateur 1516 this year that had sixteen points. Martha and I and I did not Maher yes update your scouting report them on your brother I think I don't have that yeah I don't act so about last night after the game AT&T is going around and you see objects like there's the debt Dana White was not by accident medalist did you notice. LeBron. Coaching Tyronn Lue after the game. Try and what to say that surprise and I post game I'm only surprise hand wasn't up a backup ironically still haven't blue words alone with that the coach not coach important round like. And yeah. Why why I Caldwell Idaho and I had a true. He did you sit there now LP at this discussion when we knew that these two teams we're gonna play in this series and we talked about the total value of an inch Democrats the got him to run a little to. Do. Just let yourself be even coached in the damn I asked at that time I was coaching a bit stale. I don't know if you answered it right there he's not the coach Brad and there is and Brad Stevens under 500. In his in his playoff life and has never been to the NBA finals. And has never won championships so and it Brent. Evens was coaching LeBron James. He'd have you know NBA championship rings on his fingers sadness and I've had announced that means anybody who takes that job you have no respect for as a coach well not start until you win and an obscene number I Phil Jackson. If I know logical right here going Phil Jackson needs to eat people in New York probably hate him but as a coach you with that many times. Then and when you've seen other coaches get a crack we are similar or and not win. Then you got to give credit for at some clerics Castro didn't get credit the first of the people are now certain to turn around say actually bolsters. Maybe he wasn't then but he is he's developed that are. Right yeah I think he's always gonna do that a year before. I lose you before LeBron got there he had a Dwyane Wade and not much else in the and they got the playoffs on the right forty something that's our itself but I think he's gonna coach for quite tight blue. You know they fire blatt mid season because LeBron and a lot of all had a great record LaBrandon like yeah yeah a better record than what I alluded to rest the way. So but does but this is where I stand dale the other day so blatt in this first year rookie head coach goes the NBA finals and they lose. Two warriors and they lose when with the carrier Irving out of an injury in Cali in Cali Kelly. Kevin Love got him by Kelly Nolan he's out of the series remain. I get an NBA finals so. I would say that's pretty good job from David Platt but you would say is LeBron James Kim went. Is your ultimate honor that in your back coach when he refused again coach and QB you know coaching a team. Who. Black well. Yup lab all by little blood fat. I. And I'm not. The perfect joke. As well as that of them and we just high five just it was a Lagarde or was pitiful that made for radio I've it was so thank god it was radio. Chopra so Brad that is grown. A oh. You know when you get a bigger kick out your joke and we do not that good joke out there know easy easy because you've laughed harder than anyone in your own jokes that'd be good sometimes through sometimes I crack myself up talking about premiums on it. Programs. All alive black ball marks in Connecticut game arcade on. Guys. My point is this and likely you might might need to help me out on this 'cause I'm I'm grasping at straws here here the. I I think that Cleveland have to be very very wary of a team that has nothing to loose. Because they control that taken literally picked up the bench and wrote on the orient triple. But they've got nothing to loose and I think that when when you get in the mindset and an Korean kid LeBron is Superman. But it you can double team him. And then world literally put up on the court. I think they have a glimmering hole. I like reminds going Gregory head is right now did they have more to lose last night than they do comics and Margaret Margaret I'm quite a night. Failed failed to fail you ourselves a three game. All bald little pop art everything I mean come on. He is negative most people look at the talent that you are too negative there aren't a lot of not all the time this guy is represented audited troll and everybody. Euro. Adam I was what are you know where you're headed out there that was going to be my problem question. That production got an anti. The so so and. Daddy and a nice job iso dale this where marked as you gonna happen because they used to work for or where who is a beautiful. That's got stuck at. Not anymore used to make this remark as a point. Maybe the Celtics won that game where the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. We won game seven. It we gotta gotta home court advantage. They expect us we're we're expected to come out and beat the cavaliers. Now. No knowledge never act how they can about them now you know it well maybe didn't but he I don't have. Big people picked them to beat the wizards spirited. It's all set up now you're the number one seed. Timmons into the game you knew you lost home court advantage. You're down zip one. Everybody is saying now currently. Given itself as a gay before but now nothing. You're back to the you're back to the they were and they are never knock the oh I know and maybe there are severely underpaid thought they were something else now you're back to the underdog mentality. And Mike and I were to their. It's got to keep feeling Limbaugh every step. Earlier McGrath said earlier I need some of them he was serious he needs some pundits you got out. I'm just trying to help out mark in Connecticut raised it as there's gonna score more points next. Yes I think that's fairly safe assumption that this is not a certainty averages will tell you that you know he'll do better to hit three games in a row 120 as the wizards and cavaliers are better defensively. But on policy riches in Providence. Rich I don't. I don't know I really do great good. You know I really have to be impolite comments. I think they couldn't do it Maxwell up last night and he would have been had it been a dog sort of got a. Maybe per student up before I arrive did you see. Did you see the fire. That Cedric Maxwell we're bringing it into this game aspect. Yeah off about all I would all white that was perfection and handle it like oh my god where's the gators instigated voters don't like it. You know how sweet that was not a. If he'd. I'm seriously at I think if he would suited up last night he he would have been shown if you a number of the guys on the team. I don't think basketball. I don't I don't think you get to keep up right now and I think this through the great lesson in a coma at. But the main points I I wanna get too is I really think that. Jalen brown should be the guy because he's the most athletic on that team he's the fastest that he should be guarding LeBron in the course the guys should. But the rest of the guys should be achieving over ready to help promote. And at a moment's notice and the other is starting instead of starting junior Johnson and I know I'm gonna get why. Is believe it or not because I do I want a big court front court up there with Kelly Atlantic. And and and Al Horford. Are you ready drum roll please bring and Tyler yeah. Aren't aren't I so we were gone we start with Cedric Maxwell and we ended with Tyler Tyler Zeller. Yeah I would say in between it didn't get locked battery either but that he had he wanted to go with Horford politically and Zeller. Prevent you blew put please yeah I guess those that are out and here's an and then nothing to lose category. Would you put if you feel that way if you feel like art. Desperate times. Where down one zip or does that one. To the cavaliers would you go Jalen brown as a starter. Because now you've if you put Jalen brown as a start and I have to do something else I don't know how it's gonna or or maybe just say forget I'm trying to match up at them try to attack them. I want to react to what they're doing wanna be proactive would collect the cavaliers yet on what champ what's the best lineup because when they did that in the bulls' series in booster merely reading Gerald green was Jalen brown so as Jalen brown become that Gerald Green sweep would hate that five swings stardom on there the Jalen brown and then noted prior art Thompson crowd loved. Yeah. And what it what do you do may be crowd or allow them to be that he matchup quickness and love has the ball on your some threes yet so. What what what kind of problems were Jalen brown cause for the cavaliers have been religious academies say odds some rookie. We don't care. Yeah I mean it couldn't hurt your start in you know he's he's got he's got more energy I think he's gonna give view more than Amir Johnson. Most bullet again not to reply Amir Bosnia that is when there was a game five you played well greats you well set the tone. Is tiger award in this are the things that are effective rounds that are right that's what he does. Once I actually got a one thing is to what he has done these aren't all things all the time and I don't want it's okay. You're regulated and set its own that they put the guy out there Peter bring me I don't know why they put them up they're still good player. I know I think those are re actually caused four minutes and 33 seconds 6177797937. It's dale and Holley. We keep with got a copy. By David Ortiz is brand new book are popping in my story that will give you chance to win just a couple of minutes Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. Is telephone number. Dale Wesley and ask questions before the event happens. Don't be surprised some sometimes you know sometimes you have to ask questions. Dynastic question there's no such thing as stupid questions. No you there are. I don't I don't all know there are some stupid I don't know I don't I heard that it got it okay well there are some Ike. I have here if your man and your where your wife's having a baby and you say hey. It doc she pregnant. It's gonna have today that that be effort cannot OK stupid question about that but you know stupid person if they. That still would question asked me by a stupid person out to for. If it. A. Yeah and went that your your club the other at their. That's the code word book to 37937. Within the next ten minutes to be entered to win a signed copy. A popping my story out now wherever books are sold general contest rules apply message and data rates may apply. Text book to 37937. Right now enter to win and we had a book signing today at the pro you were down there. There rises casinos that the I'm Barnes & Noble prudential senator. A lot of people lot of smiles like kids in school. There's a puzzled that ball school. I give props to owed to Ortiz sit courtside last night the Celtics game and oh intact the Bruins that went the Bruins cap I like that good for him. Now on the show tomorrow at 330. So we will talk to David Ortiz tomorrow about poppy my story. And I will see if he can surprise one of the one of us in here about something in the book. Yes if he could surprise you with something I'd be really catching him. But Adam's story is that there watch him last night and the brewers were competitive yet and it's yeah as bad. Opportunities to ask today. You know wanted to ask. That he leave early I don't know up and all I they only showed them the one time for a long time telecast I don't know they thereon and a wild. So I'd probably say there's David Ortiz. Calendar of how the I imagine every. Looking for something as as they just hold the book says his book. Holed up in anti camera I'd Davis on the cellphone native and I don't. Doing great. So I'm glad that you were not for you or one bracket. It almost impossible not a war. I'll open you can try to prepare and on the first place. And that might help a little bit okay back at me and yet I. And now we have actually. If you can't. A few more athletic player captain LeBron for a few minutes and cover him like a blanket in and OK other guys trying to cover him like a blanket. That you want out. Oh and while I'm while obviously I can't remember a ball. And might help. Players. It is okay thank you David it's it's it's a good suggestion the problem is he's a good rebounder. So sometimes he gets all of I'll just passable. Yeah sometimes he hasn't and they're times depending on you put on them I'd so at times that I markets are was segments exported 68. So you know I just throw the ball socket system formidable. I got a 64 guy he need to basically double team him away from the ball if you want from getting it. I Kelly Olympic are compatible and get the ball on the equivalent. He can't he can't stop me to crowding edit OK he can't do. The media and as I do not view by the that I game I just got here I never see me as kind of I don't think of everything and I do that. And two bronze at the time to all this deny him the ball he's also peace seems to be as good a shape as anybody in the game he's relentless he never stops at a 42 minutes last night. Days of justice fresh in the fourth is in the first and Stephen A Smith told us little over an hour ago or thereabouts when we're talking to him. He's never seen LeBron look this good. I haven't either. He just haven't and and now now Brad Stevens said something last night his post game press conference. He said he's a better player now than when I first came into the game. And obviously he wasn't referring to when LeBron came into the game on Stevens was in the Noriega he says he's a better player now than it was then. Yes scary do you think Ari voice that needs 32 now. Ice still on his prime but he should be slowing down yet now yeah he's he should be he's not. So we get to those in sports now. To that we can think two guys there and play forever while two guys who who are better who are better at an older age than they were at a younger age I mean generally speaking. You know as you get older you slow down a little bit you know the training gets a little part of the body breaks down a little bit bronze better than he was three for five years ago and Brady's better than. Was three for five years and it's only three years you know aged 303132. For LeBron. But it. His thirties I don't know if they can be better than his twenties but they're off to better starts you know because the gets an early he's nineteen and it's a little but he's a great way to to be wrong. There's a little slower starts us with the team's success. And Brady we boarded overall numbers do much better in his thirties that he wasn't as Taiwanese. And so yeah that is not the that you. Normally say. And seeing any kind of slippage trying to think of like a slowdown likely there are certain things he can't do moves you can make when he was younger he can't make anymore. There's really no. Play up above the rim then goes to him. The biggest thing and he's never been a great free throw shooter he's never banned. Lights out at the free throw line this was his worst year statistically he shot 67. Point 4%. It usually we think of great scores and average to point six a game he's averaging two point 71 career. All those guys with the exception of what the big as it Shaq and the mood as they all shoot in an 80% clipper better. And not the case for him. Now he was good last night not a malevolent instead but that's sort of weakness he's not a great three point shooter reach out bad either is that Dwyane Wade from theory. Did you guys see. And Arnold people made a big deal about this and probably not but. Before so game one yesterday so practiced Tuesday you'd do note the note is the shirt he had on a practice today. Note Tuesday all I saw the one today I didn't I don't remember twos on must've missed his shirt Notre Dame logo fighting Irish. Leopard con. You know upper zone marathon on his on his he does that nonsense are anonymous so that was you know he's got cellulose ion channels something with a gift though that to be fair that was as high school. Mascot. It's and it's withstand what yeah it was it was at a saint Vincent Saint Mary's shirt. I don't know but it also when you look at it close enough to clear the fighting Irish it does have a number 23 on it so are so maybe was as high school yet is the size of those shot out of his eyes hooting and today he wore a Tyreke Irving Goodyear pictures. It's at Goodyear on the front nine to number two on any of that actually. Hey LeBron I respect that I don't like that our teammates Jersey. Not wearing his own eyes you don't like high school kids getting a lot of attention during the NBA during the conference finals LeBron James. Regular guys closer but we don't want to buy his bluster and all of that was sponsor when a team it's yours it's pretty good yeah. And I'm not the Goodyear the rate that is that next year they start with a caveats and now. They know the Goodyear cavaliers this is where it starts. The other problem with that you guys don't promise that nodded not. I actually saw that they showed what the Cleveland jerseys and looked like. Very understated its you know it's just a small logo. On the upper chest look good and actually look good you know just the Winged Foot there look great that's just on the uniform and it's not one of those I don't cavaliers brought to you by good you know you're here nonstop in your face. Ahead if you have if you think of the spoke being him Goodyear. Right in the middle. I in the middle of the spoke upheld on all other favorite story is seriously I don't mind it on the you know minor on the you know four known as long as it doesn't affect any. When that you haven't. I go and they'd sometimes they were the Celtics will Wear jerseys is Boston. That a broad so it the old right. No no no I don't I don't I don't acknowledge. Now now it. Is is Gillette the Celtics won I think Ed he's our AG. I'm you know now mature which wanted to as part but I seen a mock up of that to just small tastefully done it's it's fine. As long as you don't look like you're you're playing hockey in the Swedish elite league. You know they've got ads all over the place on every single portion of the uniform it's G busy here OK so there's there's there's ago but it's a blunt rodents it's green and why you don't hear them on. I have no issues with the why they don't start covering guys with stuff we're good 6177797937. Dale and Holley with Keefe Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. Is telephone number we get tickets to giveaway. Sometime next hour. For game two Celtics and cavaliers tomorrow night at the TD garden so we're giving away tickets at some point next hour. So you use stay tuned we'll give you an opportunity to win the next hour. I backed the call 6177797937. Ricks in April hey Rick I don't. Hey guys how are you today. A coupon rate credit that's a question about LeBron and torn about what's now our expert some report. All we had H one walk we play out in the 66 the U Evernote when the very next year being implemented. Changed the fabric average in your ethnic. They own and that suited. Added that different to 32 call okay now he removed back in your little did he inject. Now let's remember who is who. The bulls played with two guys on the block. So Jordan he'd be taking and check the court screener will Longley guys coming off on now to bag I down the candidate that the pre technical front. How old LeBron beat. You don't he had to do ABT inject in the you run into guys chat in an actual big men are back there don't they just don't think he'd be perfect. I think he'd be great no matter who we play dance Cooper's strong. I mean Indy. And sit and Iran as he gave that never be the guy as good as Luc Longley that's for sure. Good fit at that I thought I. A. I will only go when it says look you brother economy. And you know when Jordan went around Ike will quietly I you know ordered he would garden luckily there was. Was on Jordan yep. Outlook I am I I I guess he you want me to argue I I guess something that we were discussing a week or two ago haven't discussed that today. About that the the point I made was that I I don't think that the gap between Jordan. And today. Terry from good old days are right now win or go back yeah. Whoever was guarding him a bomb. Yeah starter what we're not a lot not and it maybe it was Greg Ostertag outlook and attack us over all the big yet that he faced in the NBA finals. There were bombs. Lot of Wear bombs. Now they're just compete at all. Mark west he's huge camera right mark lancet Kevin or I mean on an calm collected then that does not sure the ball well iron there. I should learn that gap the discussion we're having a weakened to a go is that I still think Michael Jordan's the greatest player whoever play yes. I don't that the gap is that great anymore. I think the gap is narrowing and it will continue to narrow and oh by the way LeBron not done. And back as we've been saying all day here today he looks like he's getting better which is a little hard for me to fathom but. It looks great. Yeah I mean he does and the fact that he is this dominant right now and he may not lose a game until the finals. Is is remarkable and that one of the things that you know Stephen A Osama is simply we talked about actually a couple of weeks away when this conversation did come up. And he's 60 in the finals and applauds ordinance in the brought obviously is he's lost the cup a couple of times three times in fact in the finals. Look at who he's who's gone up against Randy got that's a different story so yeah even if you wanna make even if you wanna say well. You know this year pacers team in this year's raptors team which again is is a little revisionist history to sit as a team resort better. You can't make that argument about the. Our department's. If he chooses first twice to him for mavericks warriors and the warriors led to a four yeah. Not go to Shreveport 3.3 a former finals as a shuttle launches three in four. But I look at that. You know I was that different because we any I hate defending LeBron but. How many years we will Montana and lost the Sewell general also as a bullet I will predict that half hour but yeah happening that's been passed he's bent their more I'm pretty impressed by every time he's gotten there but I think if you lost last in the conference. Finals but I think once once Brady's is to be fair and Brady example I think when Brady was at three in the Montana was it for even a Brady had been there more than Montana. Montana has the lead then Brady matched them. There are now I gotta god is mentioned in the tire broken parent like now the tie now want ads and now they're not outside yeah okay forget and you afford all in the Super Bowl let. I want five but the odd noise or something what he has to do it's it's it's it's got to pass them or enough to get up to five. It's yeah I five or operated six because and how can you guys I don't look at the lawyers he's unbeaten in the finals. We are it will disguise America after his career or more in the final the finals you know he's there every year. The do you look at the number of championships. Yeah yeah it was great players I think you have to go let's say no lord George F. That guy because there's there's another way of looking you know it goes to the finals this year if they do if I'm very what do you know get themselves together and stay focused during the series that is pretty remarkable I would be be be a big story there but it. And they lose the warriors which they will. Yeah over the word on when it you know a flat five. Finals loss I've files losses and you go again next year unless they lose again I mean. Up there I had last year to them but I added I beat a 73 win team that they're defending champions the documentary they beat the best team to lose in the final then that. Can he keep going to the finals without winning and still get respect for it or at some point you have to mix mix and a win yet it's a little bit differently and yet you can't eat yet he stuck on three I don't think him have that conversation. Be dancers especially with every loss. For how this is is that it's like this for great players but now it's like this for LeBron. If there is a standard from every loss. Brings in enough another story line or dredges up an old story lines she is guides yeah last. Did the first two but it. About that we talked about that years now they lose a finals and the news and Karen resign and I got to work on his game or else we're. Jordan LeBron or similar isn't each trip to the finals they're not only the best player on their own team they're the best player in this series whereas. Kobe Bryant. Was not the best player on the original series spew it on his own team three times and then even Tim Duncan is grace he was the last time they want and you know file letter responsibly be Tony Parker was finals MVP onetime pump probably should've been Duncan but it was it was time Parker whereas it's always LeBron or so is Jordan. It is a preached at Thursday we got Red Sox to just give up just few minutes who. Then we've got Celtics tickets to give up later next hour as well you guys so when abuses that mr. free ticket Thursday by 5 o'clock hour. Yes sometimes the 5 o'clock hour you can get Red Sox and Red Sox coming up just minutes Celtics tickets I felt it and that. I don't think it's into the same guy you don't get to that it's all I'm saying you have an opportunity to win yet out. It if you like the Red Sox you can win number Red Sox tickets are gonna chance it up with regeneron and I've. I think it's a 5 o'clock hour. Or yeah. That we the way to use that for salt. At Villa Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. Fourth and final hour Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI the Celtics got a rash. There's just no other way to put it is if all you looked at this morning with the box score fewer you know traveling from out of the country ending get CD game if if you're working third shift in good watching depict or appear. Your newspaper. I'll explain that to you later on what those are but if you did pick up your newspaper if you went on your computer and looked it's oh wow. So it's only got beat by thirteen. A that was pretty good game they won the second half a double play. They got the they're. Limit and have. Points wise. And they got votes than my dad are right. I'm not going to be stubborn about this thing I'm not going to be stubborn about. Holding onto the field vs the cavaliers and the field is is now I know how the feel we'll we started the beginning of the playoffs have any more options. One of my big options thought had a little secret weapon. And the Toronto Raptors nothing can. Skater here at the top secret weapons secret weapon was thrust of their way to take comic had to leave the pacers what partly today meet the raptors. Out raptors 12 games against them last year don't. Nothing non. So not going to be stubborn and when I see what happens tomorrow night. Tomorrow night at the criminal I have my serve I thought probably last that they would appoint motion that has the tomorrow so I want to see what happens tomorrow night he's got eight or lose tomorrow night you're off the damn way off the bandwagon et Al will have to reenter it. I can read visit my opinion. About what the what the Celtics are capable of doing. Revisit I don't want my opinion out there and that now I don't know that rehab. It muted yeah. Yeah they flip flop on that they read that there's a people open you may have negative spin out of our masala. Parents if they lose ought to revisit. When they lose tomorrow because would you have determined is. That I play console score more points yes and Erica play away there gonna play one makes an effort. When they didn't play with effort they over the elegantly with more yes they should and I war there about on the floor and out on the Europe's yet with a they had. One. That loose ball would go back to watch the tape. I can't tell you exactly when it was but albums is guess it was about you know 45 minutes into the game it was a ball right there. Is right right in front of the woods. Prayer yeah usually it's all over and they just look at it and the the cavaliers retain possession of course and scored of course you can't do that. May you are you're the underdog he got to the got to play that the underdog a book to give way here to do that might I don't know right. Party given only a book my idol but a it's thank you for asking it's free ticket Thursday be the ninth caller right now at 6179310937. Win two tickets for the may 24 game against Texas. And a fifty dollar gift carded Jimmy Johns plus qualified when a fifty dollar gift card to the Red Sox team score as team store excuse me. General contest rules apply pre ticket Thursday as presented by town fair tire also brought you by AFC urgent care and by Jimmy John's. Beat the ninth caller right now 6179310937. Annually and yes that means we still got celtics' playoff tickets to giveaway for tomorrow night's game but that's coming up in a little bit pretty good. Backed the calls we go Johns up in Maine hey John I don't. He Ollie under a rally that it's up. I thought I think an alert that can't act out ecstatic and he can't the morning tomorrow night they need to start Jalen brown may need to unleash the beast at Beijing on our. You may think that team didn't play any effort vote for my like secret that I'm good actor he had this guy. He has the athleticism. Every time he made that pretty looking over the Brad even aren't I want the wind like this and this kid. We need it should let them. UIII. Joseph Rogers started last series and it never ended up happening I don't hate that he played twenty minutes off the bench against some resolute misleading to the guts. We'll look abolished time their in the fourth bought. He looked pretty good I think if you look at active views crowd monster rebounds and Andy knocked down some of the shots. Again nobody can guard LeBron. But who's gonna do who's gonna do the best job possible way and whatever that even means and today be allowed via the other guys defending the other four players to succeed the best that they can it. Jae Crowder Jalen brown are probably in navy Marcus Morris those upon the three guys are gonna rotate in on LeBron anyway. I think it be great experience for Jalen brown to do it up and you can you can you can figure out what he hats. To start to figure out any fear though that he just get totally demoralized. None are demoralized or. You know get nugget did you get tortured or you're twenty years old your rookie in the NBA playing in the conference finals thinking that you know and I I got a little built our vulnerability here OK and then you come out again and got nothing but if he's done modeling but if you demoralized. You know hit it this is why you pick them up easily did that against the project is the best player in basketball you're not. A he's won championships you haven't. And that's results and I have some sort of work toward OK there you don't have that in your mind as you. I try to make that jump from year one year to. Don't highlights of him doing the same thing to view as he did everybody else and a team yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't worry about him being demoralized. And that situation. I Kurtz on the self on a cart. I don't know I heard they like oh I'll. Kind of occurred due. Congress. I Obama surely you're gonna it. All forgotten I'm asking a guy thought you know years ago when seven years ago. I. Really hurt you guys doing. We've had an open line analyze them and yeah you're called seven years ago so Tim does million dollars in 2010 and what happened yeah. The citadel and importantly. Young guys and sort entirely new group argued that. And you got that cool cool we're talking about 2010 they still have gold medal round Ed KG and peers here ahead Ray Allen Darren MB finals against the lakers so who got who are you trying to I didn't game and it was who was that knocking down. And it's going to be really important to get the. You don't remember the guy was that you remember we talked seven years ago and it and I'm in this for so I don't know what was but I'll say this current it is positive thing. Thank goodness thank you for listening for seven years. I'm. I. Thought and we look at itself and Colton city on your. It's gonna meet Ali. Are. In April or about the added to the domestic and seven years from now when you call back I think it's gonna be felt like every seven years. Young guys SE I gotta I gotta can keep bigbie a little bit of credit here you know for for largesse. Usually when people say you know I called you four months ago and you told me I was wrong. Nobody has ever said I called you set out in the years ago now. Doesn't and that's it so you're pretty good at this stuff do you remember the call I don't off. Let upon. The thing is called seven years ago. Their ankles. And mean while that a positive to depositors now it's a positive that. Somebody is listening to you and sticking with you were seven years. You know you can't take that for granted. Well do we know for sure. I'm glad I only as there is an area is better comeback he has been there elegant style movements every year burning grudge and yeah it is. Thank god that at Arizona Liz yeah broader berries I gotcha there although we need more details really did think about it for seven years every day I would have the is that a positive swipe your god God's sakes can you do as Monaco did or you're actually called today he's an IKEA. You know running on the accident. Niners the other. I told a story seven years ago and you remember the details as I've got something and he remembered to thank you. That's pretty yeah you don't know the EU said it. I bet hey well he's got guys that I've throttle you probably didn't. You know I had a telling an off a classroom holly I don't think that's going to bring on the radio. What's a twenty hours a week. In use say hey you know all you've said last week this. Possible that your unit Federer at all. Auto evaluating opinion evaluate reevaluate reevaluate revision really good today and there's documentary as op. The plot no way you're brought up a flop and it's a great example seven years ago he told the Scottish and play young guys igniting his play young guys. Yeah I said that seven years ago I did maybe I was misinformed at the time. Maybe they got the got to play lately of Apollo was a document maybe that young guy didn't deserve time. We may never know I know who's even have a young guys and Rondo. But Rondo is playing on the started there. Other guys baby when a big baby out there and all. And you know there are having a baby your Apollo like what I was talking Tony some Bridgewater a Tony. It still it's going to Tony. And all of a call you'll I don't. But it is go straight talk about about. Are you out we we've we've gone back now go to all the Tonys there's. How many how many years have you been calling his radio sees. Being led that it ought to be Chinese food and chips. While eight personal and close at twenty years. But this pac ten and gave it a it is down and. Go to orbit with the Celtics are read to me it's been a good season so you know and everything else is great but what ought to be watching that game which. Absolutely. No resistance at all I mean. It didn't really get it square off expects to wrapped up James a little bit just make art so we don't have anybody who can rough him up. What you'll have to you have to. Like humans took total tulips. Go any merely want the it. Don't insist it's. Not the and the trite supper. They used to it they would like it could care less what the iPods. That steps over to people victory. Yeah I think they were just. I think they were just surprised by the intensity and I and sounds ridiculous because they say that NATO playoff rounds into the into the year you know they're the toughest competition this is different. Say you know right to playoff rounds. You're playing that they cavaliers are playing LeBron James. And those guys seem John Wall doesn't know what it what the there's another level it is what kinds there's an overlook another playoff level to get Q. And John Wald as noted is Bradley deal doesn't but neither does Isiah Thomas in Avery Bradley. It's corporate. Corporate doesn't know. Most energized to Jae Crowder doesn't know. What that next level is and LeBron doesn't Kevin Love doesn't own another knows now and sodas carrier could be easier just not to make the finals than all that is pretty mean well maybe they just look at the intensity or the seriousness of the cavaliers aluminum problems here that our guys. Think just. Then warm mass you know loan came out from the start that says that this is not just the conference finals not another round of the playoffs. This is intense and the intensity you had in game seven. That's nice around to what you need to take it up you need to take it up another level fur for round three. And that's that's a big challenge for the Celtics. If they haven't experienced it but the gonna have to fake it. They gonna have to just say I'm not doing enough. How I do more. Maybe some guys that can't do more Tyler Zeller says I can't do more. While we are gonna Holler cents a play him a lot more and what they're looking for I am pretty sure that caller before yeah wanted more time playing time for J. R. Giddens. All that JR I'm pretty sure is Gabe Pruitt. Have been April it to get into it and yet I'm and it's just ahead of the under Jordan we just made another all NBA team. Is you like to do that with all the graphics how we don't find it edit their it's okay that the U really like taking Kelly Rowland and over. And had a compile another audio player. Or JaJuan Johnson over Jimmy Butler. Although you play her tough. I think I'll feel that until we are on the leading wooded estate feeling great about ourselves anyway he's sensitive point. Feed listening program it's rich in key for Michael. For those of the public basically it was a thereabouts can't you write court he's on the cell phone recording hey Dylan. I gotta start on ice hockey. I'm not a lot I would oh blind parents. I won't. I would I would pay out or Ottawa and I I wouldn't doubt. Jumping out on carrier ring ought cabinet. And I would I don't know being it's yet be double play at all. At this point predators while at all I sports net which. But yet it double due to Nazi like Larry. Egypt and somebody that stand them in the past 08 it an hour it out I agree though. Kevin. These straight out and there's a warm one brawny. Don't let him get this team mates and all and and feature stupid oh yeah you can't stop them as. Yeah sounds good Gordy I'd I just think I'm wondering if anybody's been able to successfully do that Republican for what I'm looking for is a template. I need somebody who's done that before. I don't know what the best matchup and we actually got a caller either today or yesterday I say go back to the Los on the spurs beat the heat in the finals yet. Now you need it quite honored. Now would help Camelot they don't have that now but you need that but also we were talking about that Miami Heat seems certain fault Arnold yeah. I think that was it I was born anything that wasn't necessarily an approach that was apt criticism. Vs. Declining at by the system. That was. Great ball movement now from the spurs that was a team that didn't have anybody on the roster who averaged thirty minutes during the regular season. You have that little within the cliches you hear this a lot and this team has built for the playoffs that team really was built for the playoffs yeah I think you're gonna give you all the minutes cap. Throughout the year so will be super fresh for the post season and they work. And so I think that that that team in that series was a wake up call not just for. LeBron James. But also for for Pat Riley. Is that right against the story right Thompson's great writer. He's he's he's he's outstanding with the best writers usually long form thing yet so right Thompson did a story on Pat Riley. And Riley was. We just talking about a number of things but one of them was how upset he was with LeBron and LeBron left Diana. You said because it. They had a whole presentation. At all presentation for LeBron and part of it was after that finals loss. Hey these are the guys. We're gonna go after this book we can do these are cap situation these are guys we go out there. But abroad he could just tell all. Off he goes that Osgood is Irving and love just treated like he was another guy in Pat Riley thought the relationship was more substantive than that was deeper than that. But it is clear while the broader more electoral problem what but LeBron wanted new teammates. And Pat Riley wanted to give give give them new teammates so different situation I don't. If the Celtics can Celtics can do anything like that. On the Bronson he just. Don't take a defeated attitude. And say oh there's nothing we can do we're doomed. It's just. That we have certain personnel. Doesn't match up with LeBron James and that's okay because 90% of the league has set the same personality of the match at the bronze to move. Which will we'll deal with Kevin Love would do what carrier having interest in Thompson. And and LeBron does hope the strategy is hope we have an office. If you won't really off which he won't and then you also have to have your you to play your best game on the flip side. The difference in the subways and all the winds have to play their best. And the casket the cavs also a product to play bad words like within a great team the cavs don't even have to weather best the media LeBron in the post games and we didn't. And they'd still win and win easily. So it's up to about this all of those with a team I mean yeah I go back to the eighties Celtics lakers if you weren't the Celtics the lakers this and what those other teams must of felt like. OK we get a pregnancy this year again you do but yet to go face one of those teams in the conference finals venues in Akron and. I might have been when I was watching LeBron last night I was thinking to myself this is what other NFL fans feel like when their when their taking on Brady and the patriots yet. You just feel like. You don't have a chance. And you go into that thing can. Maybe something happens may we always say well Brady turns the ball over three times which he just almost never does well somebody gets hurt. You're watching LeBron mania thinking okay. What to have to do. Even if he has the so called off night his worst night the playoffs this year's 25 points yeah that's low scoring. So it's all right thirty we're start with a baseline of 25 and working up from there. You can live with that in 25 yet live with that when he fired for LeBron that's okay. Tyree will have 49. Because I read. Aides Karen I agree yeah I duke and an eye out there are in these allies there. Hobbits he's a better prospect as a dark awful second team all NBA player or to Jeff Goodman. Who is oh yeah and hurt and the number one overall draft would be all the point guards. Because I get broadside about Marco fault that's great he'd be fourth in that draft be fourth atom all the guys right now. It would look I'm not drafted right out thinking well yeah that after their freshman year to all three of those guys were one and done. Don't let Richey tell they keep on this road hey Jeff Goodman revisit is not a nasty word. Aussie Lou we'll revisit after two or three years after. Whoever that pic is notre. Your legs at the matter at three or four years yeah I think was the best player right now he's saying. What John Wall was going into his draft more carrier ring was a what their rose a little Fuzzy memory is not. Fuzzy is he sounded like his memory was pretty yeah yeah pretty a lot of details. And he knew stuff he's had faulted before. Also that their growth of the one that both Israelis are I mean he's up at best right now he's the he peaked as an MVP then he got hurt everything else but those two guys. Pretty good Josh some cell phone hey Josh I don't. They have to go that once the arts. Yeah I saw the beginning what are not as one point eight. Abroad underscored what he scored 3600 point I think that big the second game bigger Bradley. Regret the ended up with our yet doubled to towards you sort Peggy in the midst. It would be at least 67 shot that burnt out you missed. That sort shot of the matter what brought scores that's that's according twenty. Plot points right there that if you get caught. What you can we get those points. It's it's a hold of the story. Yeah I think hey I think that the missed shots were big part of the game last night you were there are so you side of the crowd had the energy that the team did. So. That's in another part of it but here's here's the one that just blows my mind 52 combined points. From Kevin Love interest in Thompson can not happen. Can't. Now LeBron LeBron get you for forty you live with it. Perfect perfection from Tristan Thompson. Not acceptable. Here's Dobson and you'd expect the six offensive rebounds the a twelve or not where Howard told rebounds expect that but twenty points. And then just seven set is this what I understand is for a guy that for part of the game you were willing to do Hackett Thompson. Army times it was but goes out to stop play foul him he goes the line that you're willing to do that. When he gets the ball down low would offer an officer rebounder govern if you're anywhere near them. Then what how do you not fouled right there are troubling or get yourself without sugar you he's not since fouls for hacker Thomson but he's either a foot away from the basket. And you're not fouling and they. You have time to get the two points or Tyler Zeller user polls to pick Jordan Mickey apples and get him out there use those empty calories. By the way this is how bad shooting night it was for the Celtics. They were at 55 point 6%. From the free three whole hot and last night yeah I mean that's how bad a night of your brown missed the couple. As Edmonton was one for there at the free throw line against this problem. 617779793. Selling game bill. No game two's coming up tomorrow night and we're giving away again slow. In just a couple of minutes tickets for game two coming up just couple of minutes our final drive at 545 or thereabouts. Gala Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Text the cold word east. EA ST 237937. Within the next ten minutes to be enter to win a pair of Celtics tickets for tomorrow's game two against Cleveland. General contest rules applied message in data rates may apply text the code word east. At 37937. Right now and enter to win game two tomorrow night at TD garden. Celtics. Cavs. Spurs and warriors good meal time off you know rest stop and wait for this series to catch. Up to them a little bit. That is really weird though I still think there's three days off because it looked like it was a lot of perfectly or be every other night with the east would the I was games there or quick. Both of them anyway. These guys are so. It is it is junked it just jumped. After one game. Yeah I thought I don't wanna game five to four jump guy acts thanks so I don't see it that way. We hated their chances going in I guess I I I got the winded way that they had the best chance of winning with last night yeah that now that the window first quarter. It's just it doesn't feel like there's any. They take with the wizards and the bulls all those series that you felt literally they can they got something megabytes or reason why they can win there's a real whatever. I just I can't final of the counts. Can't find a reason the Celtics can beat him four times now I can't cannot about one time. Don't guys earlier I want them to let you go right there but it all of tomorrow they you know kick out of it clear they went in Cleveland I doubt it. I don't think so because there when there because when in Washington. I don't think they can win in Cleveland different series Jae Crowder is a guy who got this one's harder to crowd here is terrible. On the road this post season he's been good at home. So that's another guided it to I don't feel like you help you out there on the road. On the to have an interest bailed out there are going to be up soon. 3201. In it and start that and they know they wrap up and get some rest to get Grady go for the gold states series. Eight big they are capable of winning one game just because I'm going to be three point shooting team there. We saw a couple games in the wizard seers were they shot close to 50% from the three they're knocking down like 141516. Threes they won those games. And yeah last night 31 point 6% not some apricot and by candlelight comeback is they started one for fifteen yes from 3M yes like a comet. These data but if they go lights out the immune against this March Madness. It because they get a team to win one game. But four times against the team better than you that's bachelors on upsets in the NBA. The view of some times. Justin's in Westminster hey Justin I don't. Kate pretty Garrett. And I just wondered mentioned I think if I'm not mistaken LeBron and the cats were down 320. Last year in the final mallet a lot since. 3131. And they were down 31 down three wanted to find out why it more if they win tomorrow night they sat they the NBA finals record a playoff record with twelve consecutive which executive play conference I'm gonna say. You even more impressive as a as a Glenn Lewis and also like to duplicate kinda I think by now that Auckland that data for the competitive gotta figure that out. And if they're if there as a template it to you just got to shoot the lights out and trying to get his head but I now I don't think it can be done. The end of the real justice I was gonna say later in the wrath of the crossover with the the mid day show Glenn was making the point that. If there's any count that any chance of a let down for the cavs in game two. Would LeBron one that record but just another thing to shoot four Ambrose got hey we have a chance to do something that nobody's ever done before. Then so now that chemicals that the window but if are there and like I. We already up one yet clearly got High Court that if I don't they get that from them well I think they. Yeah he yes or no I think that opportunity for a let down is always there. For Cleveland there's an has always opportunity for them not to play with. Stellar execution for a very simple reason I'm not saying that it helps the Celtics but just that let down. Possibility is always there throughout the series for Cleveland because you know respect. The Celtics. And that's an added as a rallying cry it's just a fact indeed there's no one and put in italics on it it's not all and that is that all caps. This is a very understated. Factual comment. They don't respect them and part of it is. What they've done to them in the regular season they may be on three out of four times two years ago we swept them in the playoffs that you don't so that's part of any other part of it is this. I LeBron looks around the league and and there are certain guys certain players that he does respect. I'll be he has respect for the India and Indiana Pacers they have respect for Paul George. And it because he. Season but that's a good example I loved dearly as an equal but somebody who knows guitar player you get you don't you can go to the sweet god is what you're not out of place here and with the Celtics Nancy anybody including -- times already identified a kind Eichmann commandments stuff. If you don't Ozal hype things again like about almost anybody Dayton magnetic ride a ride over there. Does he I mean Aaron and don't be respected Kevin Love until maybe last year earlier this heart is hard to tell a direct I think maybe did in any didn't and now it's back. So my point is. Even if Cleveland. Comes out flat in a game or they're they're taken a game lightly. They're good enough to flip the switch in game we sought against Indiana where they were down with a 26. The second half on a road idyllic you know what we actually. We we should win this game was when this game. So even the Celtics get up big on them it doesn't mean that they're gonna just laid down. From AS Celtics perspective. Adrian what you are asking who we all agree pretty tied in and NBA easier I noses god does best is an insider he is definitely isn't an insider to Bob McKenzie of his sport and what we like to put ideas. EE in the vertical he wrote and I'm quoting here. I think with Boston and LA getting number one and number two. I think it makes it highly unlikely. That Jimmy Butler and Paul George or involved in trades would those two teams. Any danger number one now with Jimmy Butler they dealt with this at the trade deadline last spring. He he goes on to say Boston is really focused on trying to get Gordon Hayward from you talked in free agency. So according to Ward's arouse keep their game plan is we get Gordon Hayward who now doesn't qualify for super Max. You know bacon bacon dip into those waters now take their pick with the first with the first overall pick in its take your chances from there. You've got Gordon Hayward. Insert him as your starting small forward. Yes so in his series let's say you got it got Heyward. On wrong. As a guarding LeBron that probably they have through move. I hope hold up a does so now they don't heal you god. And got Johnson Amir Johnson Powell now Horford Ali don't Amir Johnson our next year. Now again we're dumb of them are and got a senator got a stiff. You've got Horford hit it stiff like that as well that started I don't know who that person yard he's been on your money on he's been on your money on Hayward. Your first round pick is going to be a guard. Who's where's his big man coming from. Kids it's kind. Jordan I mean they under pressure that the big man and I've heard Danny talk about this. The game is different now you see the Celtics often go small with their entire lineup out there and it is Thatcher the big man is as big a deal and it prouder yet may be Crowder stays in the starting line up and it's Horford Crowder Hayward. Bradley Thomas. Yeah and then you have Marco faults and he had Jalen brown and Smart and punched her so how do you feel about that team going against Cleveland. Probably not going to be the I do you feel about Gordon Hayward last thing in the corner a lot of open shots are focused on Isiah Thomas and I doubt I got a lot or today or do they have the same approach because they've got you've got two guys you. Now public if you look at you guys use Celtics are you got the F Isiah Thomas and he's only got to really be this so we'll take him out of Dublin and yet. And will force them to get rid of the ball. And I'm I'm not worried but do you worry when Gordon Hayward as the guy the ball's going to. If you recap there should be a little more worries the legitimate scorer in the league hitless in order affects your approach it showed good. And Ohio is another guy in Danny was saying the other night. We need guys who can score at the end of games. That's on a Republican for guys in scored in the games that don't want to do that go here we're good and then faults they wildcard at least in year one might better be really good bet they'll also wild card is Jalen brown. How much how much you improved from year one year to. Some guys think big jumps and guys they wildly man I don't know what does that happened yet so has it worse. Asked her what without woods' visit to be your big man big go visit sure. Yup facility Arnold is definitely one of those guys. It is is it's yep that's gonna cause oh in place of Amir Johnson now would we had a car so I Arlen five minutes and I'll get to the tip and then gather. It that would switcher what's your hypothetical now that would its retooled Celtics. Teamed with Gordon Hayward and all the guys you mentioned looks like a one seed in bounce in the Eastern Conference. How many Darren and have. More than four. It's more. A seven game series now I'm not having crazy at the sixth art is getting closer. We definitely closer hand in any scenario you have retrospect you're not sacrificing the future make it that you're still doing Bo you might yeah. Our final drive is coming up next Sports Radio WEEI.

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