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Mut at Night with Rich Keefe - How can the Celtics guard LeBron?; Should Celtic's trade the #1 pick? 5-18-2017

May 18, 2017|

Keefe has the first hour of Mut at Night and he is talking Celtics. The Celtics had a rough time guarding LeBron in the first game of the series against Cleveland. Keefe shares his thoughts on the Celtics and how they can guard LeBron. The discussion switches to the recent NBA draft lottery pick in which the Celtics won the #1 pick. Keefe talks on trading the pick.

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He's much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. But a lot at night and for the a man fifteenth sixteenth straight night no but it is just for its key fear for the next hour and it's a solo. Addition. Ever Keefe. Solo additions are gonna need your phone calls at 61777979837. Without a Celtics. NBA here for the the next hour or so you can jump aboard Red Sox don't play until late tonight as they open up a series with the Oakland days. A couple wins here in Saint Louis for the Red Sox originally talked about or cared about because. You've had the Celtics on this high and then kind of smack down to reality. You know they beat the wizards game seven and they win the lottery. Watch him mark helpful to highlight videos. Trying to figure out you know big trade the pick are how old faults fitted with a team all of this stuff. And it became more of the Eastern Conference finals last night. And it was just an absolute beat down. Just such a let down too because you knew that the cavs had this long layoff like ten days. Since the Cleveland Cavaliers have played a game it up the Celtics the display a couple nights before yours yet it may be an opportunity for that had to jump on the cavs. Maybe they could steal game one a and the noodles was gonna happen from there but no. And right a way to really help it Cleveland's. Cook if there's Ross I don't route Ross vs rest there's there's very little. Being can Ross as Cleveland came out swing in and in there up over twenty at the half and you don't get 17104. Doesn't nearly tell the story of the game. LeBron James is great he's been great this entire post season and they decree that he's had has obviously been off the charts but this post season run. Has really been staggering. They're nine you know. In the playoffs this year. He has scored. 25 points is as low every other game has been thirties or more. 38 last night wood nine rebounds and seven assists and they're just an absolute wagon. And third year in Cleveland he's already made two trips to the finals of course overcame a 31 deficit last year the gold say warriors at a loss since census being down 31. They have not lost in the playoffs. And then last NC youth enough other guys on the team mark he's great he's always going to be great. It doesn't have to be you know carrier ring for example eleven points four of eleven shooting which Britain non factor in the game. But it is not a not a huge deal whereas when the Celtics when they have guys you know of Bradley or Horford. Are those guys have a bad game outside of Isiah Thomas the Celtics really struggled there. But the cavs have enough other guys to step up. And to make plays and Kevin Love was right there at the center of it. 32 points twelve rebounds six of nine from three had that stretch three knocked overall plunged down in a row. You know that he's gonna be a force on the glass and that's one spot where if the Celtics ripple off this upset. I don't know how many do you truly believe that they would MI dispute wishful thinking but the Celtics Ted. Make a long series out of this or even pull off a crazy ups that I I I doubt I I think they get swept now. But one way that the Celtics would it. And at this point in the playoffs it the first two rounds. What love did really didn't do against the pacers and the raptors here's pretty underwhelming. Yeah a couple of real dogs in the game. And he was still able to go out there and in the team didn't break LeBron was just carrying the team where is Al Horford was great. He was bad and what team to the bulls series for the most part. He has been terrific in the eighties outperform rated in the regular season so going in the last tiger stand in the way things are trending. Horford is the better player than Kevin Love. But now that just is not the case Horford still a better defensive player he is. But Kevin Love was a more powerful player there and then you throw some Reno Tristan Thompson who is. As is aggravating a player as there is that to go up against. I don't think he's very good. I really don't but he's he's a great rebounder. If you ever two years ago when the Celtics drew cavs in the first round and he was just get offensive rebound and profits a rebound and it was maddening. And then last night they are goes seven for seven from the feeling as to when he points. Is it nine rebounds six offensive rebounds so it's here we go again and that's Frontline. Of Thompson loves in James. Dominant on the glass and they scored practically all their points and what scares me about the chances are that's one where they can be. No one else that they have ball carrier ring did nothing their bench was terrible their bench looked like the wizards bench. They had tout court were missing knowledge shots they'd Darren Williams who has amassed. Journalism is good. Ron we're Darrent Williams it was real like Chris Paul or Deron Williams. Illegitimate argument to have Ed now old man. It was at all started when he was it apparently with a pierce Garnett that Steve where they send Derrick Favors and whatever else from. From the nets out of the jazz and they get their Williams and he is not. He is an absolute shell of itself. All their offensively their pensions soccer in this that I think they're really let them down against Golden State it's not gonna matter against Boston. But that's one of the things that her Bartlett Richard Jefferson as a hundred years old. Chizik next teams. Did or we give. Darrent Williams. How quarters are pretty old Channing Frye is I think he's been out at a long time. So that is that Dante Jones coming off the bench for Taylor does. As an older team now they're starting lineup is. Is very good on some yeah LeBron you can you can overcome some things it doesn't matter. My point is the bench I don't think will be that bad again that useless. Was like twelve points a river was off the bench or fourteen points there wasn't much as even counting the garbage time. You know they can they can throw some of the scrubs and in in the fourth quarter. In Alaska Franken that got to. It's what about a ten point game after wanna Gerald greens threes. Tuesday to. Another stop it come down here and had another three here they got to put the starters back and but then it was Derrick Williams knocked down three again Africa. But. I got a JR Smith who only had two points took two shots. Which is so unlike JR Smith it's crazy but he only had. Two shots in the game but he's one of these guys is capable of 44 point game if he could knock down seven of ten threes. He he's he's like that. You try to look for bright spots from the Celtics. You have any mag baby Jalen brown probably jail and placed twenty minutes off the bench. He didn't look lost the we've seen in the in this in the playoffs this year he's had a couple of games remotely really belongs deserves a ton of minutes. And days at a couple of stretches reflect. Deck I hear testimony against Moyer the oldest is this is first post season run. But last that he was good and now we get back feel questioned every time the Celtics have lost the game in the post season. You say our duty to start the next game who do you start the next night you make any changes. And you get one or Brad Stevens is thinking and will Amir Johnson. He plays them for five minutes last night. So is there any reason to even start on an if you don't forget about that I think we probably myself included made too big a deal. Adam Amir Johnson starting or not starting. Over the last couple weeks but it's more about rotations. And thought that Chris Webber and Reggie Miller we're talking about. Is he really can't go all the broadcast last night a lot of you probably too Doug don't blame him but he was later in the game. They were saying that you really can't play two big guys at the same time against the cats. Which on the one do you look at signal that you're really gonna get toast and on the boards of you to play two big guys that once Thompson and law in the broader dominate. But the overall point is if you have. Horford with the Olympic or with Amir Johnson. Zeller I guess if you have those guys out there. And they're all running off screens and then you're switching and iron your collar up on the broad and and some of the other guys are Irvin or whoever. It's just gonna be a nightmare nightmare defensively. So they were talking about it is Miller and in particular saying that maybe Marcus Smart. He's only 64. You know he's basically your your backup point guard. What he's not afraid to to guard bigger guys not afraid to him but I don't get into old Tristan Thompson there. Although he did he did react. There or down vote when he three music smack in the Florida won not slick spot marked yes. I try to defend markets marked the best I can but Dow's of those times where. Are. I don't know there's there's there's a better time to get super excited and slap the floor and and everything else. But maybe it's gonna happy more markets Smart or maybe it's gonna be more Jalen brown. And you can go small tonight your line of smaller your little bit better offensively. And even deep offensively in a weird way because no one guy's gonna build a guard LeBron James and no it's an applaud your calls all afternoon trying to figure out. You know who can guard the broader. Doesn't matter he would he would try to look at the rest of the guys speech yeah. It's probably going to be some combination of Jae Crowder Jalen brown Marcus mar. That if you see anybody else guarding him that's because it's you know on a switch or something like does not what you look in to deal. But the bright spots it probably was. Jalen brown. There's not a whole lot else may be you say well they can't shoot that bad of me in there and then the next and tomorrow night. They went 1238. From three they get what you're talking mattered upset you're talking about a team that shoots a lot of threes in the regular season. They're gonna need to make more and at a much higher percentage. And then now be the way that maybe you can you can beat the casts. But the problem really is playing on another level and we were talking and the afternoon show Stephen A Smith joined us. And he was saying that you remember a stretch like this were LeBron has been this dominant. It really it is pretty remarkably on a 32. All a great run these guys are won three titles. He's already been to the finals was at seven times. This will be his seventh straight trip to the finals. So it and you know every time he's won these in the finals MVP so. There's a lot of other great runs no doubt about it in his post season career but what he's doing right now. Is pretty remarkable what key ease legitimately. Unstoppable. Another few articles written today about. You know comparing him to Shaquille O'Neal. And he did Shaquille O'Neal doing it differently but I I agree that they go back to the the lakers three peat in the way he would just. Get the ball scores thirty points and fifteen rebounds every single night. That's kind of wondered is with the brawl at what's off and I look like for LeBron right now. Any idea. And Isiah Thomas. You know and and again it's not fair to compare LeBron ties them not to and that bought. Isiah Thomas all NBA second team today great honor so he's a top ten the player in the league. One of the four best guards corps and to be the hundred people that voted. After the season and it's true he was huge great. We've seen him have off nights always other guys have off nights their cable off nights. That though Washington series there's three straight games where he withheld under twenty points. Who's held 120 points last night. Now we had tennis this that's great but still for a guy who averaged close to thirty points a game in the regular season you're hoping for closer than that. In the post season against LeBron and in the tabs. And he's not. Again that's a huge knock Isaiah that's just more to point out how insanely good to LeBron James. Who profit from them about where in the world. Excellent I attack habits those sixteen. I kits I can't stand of oh what a player but what an unbelievable player and this is some of the however old you war. You're going to you know 1020. Years from now you're going to be talking about wants some LeBron James. And maybe you can throw in some of those ridiculous. Quote that he has everything else. Out there ago the guy. And tied. I thought. At least thousands of their rights are you promising eight titles. Those days of his ability not to do that had to openness that Miami. But he did promise eight and we should never forget that. You promised eight titles he wasn't even on the team for eight years. These other for four years it's hard to win eight titles in four years. That's another hole that's another whole thing with him or compliment them where in the world that we know it is like EA he absolutely is the reality is they let. Not to spark and McKnight. It was for revenue. It doesn't it doesn't because he's he's the best player and he has that war. Probably a decade now are close here or there. He's not win the MVP award but he's. He's a guy that could win every single year if you want every year you've done it yet and accepts. I think might be James Harden I was I've gone back and forth I think James Harden. Well for a while he was my pick that it is really hard to argue with today. Thirty point triple double. That Russell Westbrook was but if you look at the voting today. The all NBA voting. A hundred people vote in you get to vote for you put more first second or third team you get two guards two forwards and sooner. And James Harden was the only player to get a hundred at all NBA first team votes. That means some idiot out there said LeBron James wasn't an all NBA first team player. Or that Russell Westbrook even and they Westbrook and LeBron each got 991. Team votes. The somebody out there's like you know that I don't think what LeBron -- the two best forwards. Another week so the voting is terrible and every sport we will always complain about in baseball. But it's it's sucks at all. 'cause you don't know what the Libyan. I'd love to hear that person explained in all though you know quite Leonard I guess is finally got a ton of first place votes. So he entering at you think had a better season than LeBron. Or are you know what to guard you would put ahead of had a Russell Westbrook. I mean the size Hartnell it's a 11 guard put of Westbrook payments and that's on the whole thing. Philip altered out 61777979837. Luke is in Springfield we will lead off this hour a sports herded WEEI with the bloke. It would no pressure leave not trade none. Analysts about the same as Europe and Asia and Asia. Want Syria question your patient who brought ice. You know I really good everything sensibly talked please wait quite a low weight Sox seat are mark yeah exactly yup I'm. In that race. Soldering and last night Mac and greet earlier budget number. Yeah he did he had some good minutes out there. No here I'm gonna compartment. On the way to stop LeBron is sort of playing poker school. Yup yeah I think I'd be so you've forced him to shoot a Blanche from the outside. And also last night notwithstanding he's great free throw shooter so I wouldn't it if he's close to the basket and he's gonna score. I would try to put him on the line and that's easier said than done because he's so strong but foursome to shoot threes and free throws and it is only way to to Diller. Record record record that we sent in there like. Just lastly in. The next. Yeah just despite yeah. In all night. And it is Rico. What it meant that extra percent three and last. Where sport outside. Yup I loved ones want. Think electric is there. It's basic theory Harriet the Mets and the league in my opinion on you know I like quickness he could slow down but not happen there. I'm just force LaMont three went to jail and play him in foul trouble whatever that at a rate. Actually in the series and still want it's great it will run it upon not a slow college brown recently up at work. Yeah regular god that that's what I would do output Jalen brown again you are gonna ask you reduce the whole game you know in the Bronson played forty something minutes again Jalen brown. Trying to ready to go that much but. He had given the challenge because again I you know I don't you happen when the series. But if you could take something away like oh your year rookie the guy was the third overall pick in the draft just had. You know is moments like he's gonna he's gonna give up plays to a but he could make a few plays against the bronze stop a couple of times gained some confidence. I could be huge for him going forward. Our look at the more your phone calls coming up also morally you know this hour's proxy by AT&T it is Mott at night's sons mark rich keep year. Until 7 o'clock solos on the back that. More their phone calls here on the Celtics also. Adrienne bush aroused you had an article talking about what the Celtics. In lakers may or may not do with the number one and number two picks. In next month's draft shall get to that as well here in Sports Radio W media at Turkey. He's much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. We will also. It was old when there's vegetable just trying to come up there are. Reserved and almost doing inspired us alone loses his or where where's my emotional. He's coming up when those alternatives are far. So those that's what. Celtics rookie Jalen brown following the c.'s game one loss for the cavaliers. In the Eastern Conference finals now. He's talking about a plane gay are also going up against LeBron James. But a career playoff high courses he has a rookie ten points for Jalen brown nine rebounds. In some of that in garbage time whatever but it's prime minister's 57 from the field and you look at how many say. Maybe just maybe you can promo on the brawn James for certain stretches and see how he does maybe doesn't provide a spark. I wouldn't be opposed to throwing him in the starting lineup tomorrow. Shake it happily take Amir Johnson up until brown in eagle but small it would Jalen brown on the brawn to start to put Jae Crowder. On a Tristan Thompson. Potentially many might get in make it torch there on the boards united torts there regardless. There are the last caller I agree with the pilot put me Al Horford on on love and CO does there. 6177797937. Is the number to join them here until 7 o'clock and then for Sharkey and an avid relic will take over from their lead up to Red Sox baseball Red Sox and AE's first of four. Out in Oakland the nine time when he. Pregame show now I mentioned major motion Rouse you had an article. Are talking about the first and second pick of course the Celtics with a number one pick the lakers with the number two pick. And what that means for them and would they be involved in trades and essentially boils down to. Would be unlikely. For the Celtics to make a trade for Jay Butler or Paul George. This summer and is the same thing about the lakers and you care much less about the lakers that you do the Celtics bought. The point is some thought that maybe Paul George get traded to LA maybe the Celtics would trade for one of the two. Now we've Paul George you'd only do it if you would agree to. You know so how long term DeLia is one year left it off doubt Jiaka DF one year for the number one pick. It's cynical or I wouldn't do that regardless they're born there I think he's a good player. Yet to see him up close for six games in the first round there is a very good player he was all NBA third team today. But I still wouldn't trade him for the for the number one pick plus the bulls probably all the more than that. Now I hope. Mark tell faults who seems like really the V guy at number one would be would play out to be maybe you have a better career. A lot of number Olympics right you get yet at least take that that hope for that. So those guys unlikely to trade do you think it's interesting that LA wouldn't do it. But maybe they feel like law Paul George is gonna opt out after next year you waiting year. They in this way you get the number two pick and added another year you get Paul George and announced leader. It seasonal buckled Ford it would branding room would Juli is Randall live with whoever else. But also a major motion announced he's article. On the vertical he talks about. The Celtics really wanna go in on Gordon Hayward is his quote Boston really focus and try to according Hayward from Utah in free agency and he's a guy who. Eat you not get the mega Mac steelers' super Max Philly putter heard this today that this is stupid thing but basically. If you is all NBA today fuse on one of the three all NBA teams he could sign a five year 207. Million dollar deal. With the Janice. He can't do that. It's about it's a big difference he can still make more money depleted you saw that he could in Boston but it's not as drastic as seventy million dollars. Which it would have done. Against another one of these things. To try to make guys day. Stay on the of their teams but that seems like the most sense go out for Gordon Hayward and I are talking about Gordon Hayward and mark health Fultz compared to one just Paul George. Or just Jimmy Butler. That it now makes the most sense now Sunday and we got into at the end of the show. Are aware that team look like next year what does that Celtics team look like next year going up against the same cavs team. Which we try to make their fourth consecutive brawn to the NBA finals in all likelihood. They now you doubt yourself Thomas and Bradley now Ada Gordon Hayward. You have Al Horford they have to look for another starter whoever that might be. Maybe it's on these usage I don't know maybe it's him big Fella or baby you go you know small and object Crowder and then coming up ventured up mark health faults. You have Marcus Smart. And you would have Jalen brown. How do you feel about that team award they look like going up against the cavs next year. And it's one of those things where the sell it to be in a similar position as they were this year where they're playing both in the now and for the future because you're not giving up. The next year's nets peck now you're sitting on the number one pick in the 2017 draft teamed up with the number three pick from the sixteen draft. And oh by the way you still love Isiah Thomas Horford Bradley's here competing right now. It's a rare very unique spot at the Celtics. Were in already in and will continue to be and at least through the next year with these nets decks because they are good they are the second best team in the Eastern Conference. That's open to sneeze at that's pretty good but of course is short of the ultimate goal. And you can see how both both conferences. Are really looking at that way. Really miss is everybody else is the cavs is the warriors. Both teams could sweep their way to the finals. Which is silly. Like OK if you one of those teams you've won just dominant force they sweep their way to the finals that's one thing. The 96 polls if there were in the finals I want to say yes. Make that up when I go if yes is taking in my word and they lost two games of the Sonics that year. But I let's just say they did but that the fact to have two teams do that. Like you're getting the great payoff in the finals. But the playoffs prior to that are I've I've been predictable. Guinea at the number one seed vs number two seed in both conferences. And there's been just so many blowouts along the way just waiting for this mega match up in the finals once again. You look at the bulls. I did they won the they swept the Eastern Conference finals against the magic. What about though all the east playoffs do you see that the of that we we can get that letter but it is. To see these two teams just how dominant they are again I like the eighties with the Celtics and the lakers these kind of waiting for London to meet the finals. They lost one game to the knicks in the semifinals us of the knicks got almost they've won loss going into. The NBA finals and how that 96 bulls which many people feel like is the greatest team. Of all time. So dire talk now about the cavs and the warriors could both do it's should require a watered down. Edit the warriors are probably ended up they're down big go in game one than they absolutely smashed them. In game two in the celtics'. I don't feel feel great about. At all in any these games this series. Until the horn here we go about Ralph in Cranston he joins us that's it's a Ralph. These guys you know I angle that the so late last night Liggett group and Oprah if you play the you're just happy to meet. Now that it that's cool you know they went. I think we're pretty far this year now at this championships in the article that took the title game it at a beat Cleveland and everybody that output. It's so much they get to that next level where they spend a lot of mediocre change. But the slope after issue I able actions of the strata around 55% Nestle the field when they do to keep each. When they don't if such a will be. Watched it and not a good transition team as we shall. Washington now but I have to get. Extremely. Extremely physical or would LeBron if they don't do that it won't buy them. Just gonna keep could only gain ducks are 100 damn I should be picked at school get some big cult physical guys. Which can stick in there so maybe he can get it Charlie or situation credit that will go to get physical that's the problem with this and I think what they built. Did not a very physical team they're not really basic get a in the report tech played a team that's talked. And option down and let's start to to the party cannot. I was into it less like that was Paris. I feel like Robin. DA and I feel like you know. The enforcer like I think just it doesn't really exist in the NBA like who we gonna bring out there with Frank Murkowski a I don't think he's gonna be the difference. To what Neil LeBron on the on the way up articles on him on the way up. I'd I'd I'd I really don't know what the way to stop LeBron James is the best way to do it is probably healthy quite Leonard outside of that attic all these teams are basing it. The same challenges. Now he does bring evidentiary point about. You know should they have added at the deadline we get an act coming up next they are you upset at all that they didn't add at the deadline that they've gotten this far but they just stood pat. Could they have been better could they even giving Cleveland. More Ron aura for Watson that you say hey I'm happy to take the number one pick. 61777979837. Rich keep your until seven on Sports Radio WEI. Much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. I've always been so impressed with his mental. On my understanding of the game in the way that he communicates and is. Insights and the way the Reid's defense and offense and everything else he's always pick in the match up that he wants. And you know I said in the coach's meeting right before we left and it's hard to believe but he's better. And when I got into the lead a lot better. Just finish get older you gain more experience is you see more things. Yeah I think he's getting better after that but he is as good player great player. Us a scary thought. And it's true that's Brad Steve decide about LeBron. And to the league for years ago and the draws is on a roll and again is not lost in the post season. Yet as they have a 10 series lead game two tomorrow night we'll see if now Brad Stevens makes any. Lineup changes or different things to attack LeBron James which again I don't really know what else you can do. We had a handful calls this afternoon sand. You know closed on them or take amount and I think that's growth it's come to think you yet the guys got to get hurt if you limit to hurt them. Content to beat the cavs at this point. 61777. At 793 sevens to the phones are now we have nick in Springfield he joins us next subject. Okay how regard I would just call him based on what your record commercial break. I was pretty at this point at the Celtics didn't make you know small motor to our miners remember. Same thing about just PJ Tucker rebounder or something like that they could approach that's coming into the playoffs. Yeah you know what nick I feel like I would have been more upset had they not added a rebounder tells the appetite but they should've added. But they've won two rounds and I didn't think I guess they added PJ Tucker or Serge Ibaka or any these guys. I do you do you think they would of been able to beat Cleveland. Now when I just drink it is procure another step in the right direction where you see that you can compete with Cleveland made it because you know if you have. Someone that can actually grab boards over Thompson and stop them from getting me sick often the readout or. You can just get you know have a big body down there I think or and the this series verses that whether it is easier you have a better rebounder and I think you. Put yourself in a better situation to maybe steal game two against Cleveland. I don't think that it changes really the outcome of the series but it it just gives south expand a little more hope and another step in the right direction or not epic rights. Yes and it closes the gap that day and thanks for the call Mecca site yet that's true chilly you know what would they have had to give up. You know but what are the rumors was notes here rosier. And you know a non nets' first round pick for Serge Ibaka. Aimed at the Thomas like shore Delores you need get a good rebounder. But maybe get something better for rosier. You know he had a he had a big game earlier in the in this post season. And then you can always use. I usually the fact that they won two playoff series I'm not as upset had they gotten bounced a one of those rounds and audio not add to this team. Because I honestly don't think you're gonna be Cleveland no matter wat this year as I sad reality of the of the week. You know and I love the NBA bought what to the Celtics have done even liked best case scenario best trade scenario say that happens what they do they find a way to. Agonies of the Cleveland I'd I doubt it. Osgood James and East Boston with the James. Added a guy that actually weren't they that they're and in and I. Honestly it's. I'm not gonna here in that you know oh he's you know he's not he's the top to operate at all. But I think Sheen can't actually live there on the map humanitarian aid to hire him and I remember he did you know some clotting in the ninety's and it scared and you. Yeah and and that sent the whole thing what was threatening not about. Honestly attitude man in Bob's been. Everybody's like well pollute the air and get I mean they're unbelievable Cleveland on legal you know where there is no packet. Fox there's no crying the Celtics right down a bit like it is gonna lose why is being realistic. This is the realistic and it. Well onion it took to be realistic I think any team that cable they're all NBA player are all great player. You know the best people in the world play this game they have they are capable when the series. Just like any other team in the NBA has that Arctic. You know and a and that's fine I will. I will disagree I just feel like. Again if it was a one off if this was single and this is March Madness and if you wanted to pick the Celtics to win your bracket I'm all for that good they can knock down threes of the best moment. Pick on but. To win a series. Against LeBron James right now. I do think it's realistic I don't think it's a big negative spin. By any means. Our that's all time I have I do want they very shameless plot from a podcast hash tag dork you can check it out WEEI dot com slash dork or on iTunes talking TV. Movies video games we have a guardians of the galaxy volume to review from a couple of weeks ago Christopher Guest movies most recently. And gut a new one every week you can check it out on iTunes. Hash tag torque are that are good for love me I'll be back in wood dale and Holley tomorrow we had David Ortiz on the program at 330. Tomorrow afternoon but stay tune Christian arc and Evans relic. Coming up next here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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