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Across The Board - Preakness 2017 Preview with Mut

May 18, 2017|

Mut breaks down the 142nd running of the Preakness Stakes with Matt Bernier of the Daily Racing Form, Simon Bray of TVG and Dick Jerardi courtesy of Xpressbet.com

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Crab cakes and gambling that's what preakness does. 142 running of the preakness this weekend at Kimball cull in Baltimore this of course the second. Installment of a four podcast for now the appeals of horse racing here on WE EIW week DI dot com across the board thank you so much for. Downloading or listening as we get separate the second jewel. All of the Triple Crown at and we get support should be a hell of a race a couple of days at Kimball coal try to bounce back. Off a Kentucky Derby where yes we didn't have the winner we liked always dreaming third. Go back to listen to podcasts but was talked off. I'll always streaming by. A couple of different things we got it wrong we picked Irish war cry he ran up the track. It's due and horse racing you handicap your pick when you lose you flip the page to the next race. And I was bitten the next one of them will go on the next one of Belmont that's what you do. When you handicap these races those who play. Even on semi. And normal basis you know that a short memory is good whether you're a quarterback and defensive back. Or a handicap or always streaming got it done. I he got it done at that as the favorite just over 41 to shy of 521 backed a time the race went off there. And he's got a chance to win on Saturday he's got a chance with a Triple Crown he's fast he's good at. I'm not in a city it's been a lot of time banging on the favorite nine holes or shall be three to five for a final on Saturday. But three of five or four to five on Saturday. He is an awful that you've got to make decisions in this game and decide when and where you wanna spend your money. For me to come on here and pick a big time favorite. On whose coming off what I think was a biased aided win in the Kentucky Derby would be inside was very very good. And is coming operates three got a perfect trip to back you can make the argument. He's gotten not two back to back perfect trips and they really slow placed two races back to be slow pace in that race. He's a really good warts he's not gonna beat me in any Maltese pick fourth and pick fives I'm gonna use and in fact will be in my top three. I cannot pick the source on top as a handicap or he is a terrible bet on top of three to five or fortify not talking off the horse. But hopefully the next hour or so would you be some other opportunities in other options and some folks who do and back like always streaming in this race map Bernie will join as the wrath India rep dot com of course formula later. You guys know by now that's where I do my handicapping. Extensively. On a new addition to the podcast circuit this time Simon bray of TBG. Andy racing fans in Boston Massachusetts the watch TB geno siren. Assistant trainer for build lot. He was a guy spent some time here in Boston with cigar. Came in dominated a couple years and are goes one of the biggest story may be in the history of Boston racing with cigar getting his run started. Our with a mask caps Simon Brey will join its TV chief he likes always streaming you'll explain why. And of course Dick Girardi be anchored to these podcasts have expressed and expressed that dot com and the free expressed that expressed that wagering guide word backed up barbed wire once again make news picks. In the air he liked always streaming. You like looking at Lee he crushed the derby. And it backed bonds mixer in the air again expressed that dot com it's a free guide no sign up they're used to pop things on about this derby and I know he likes always stream let's see who likes. Are underneath this is a race where look at the favorite to win this race you go back and look thirteen the last sixteen pre mrs. Has been won by the betting favorite. On the source of the come out of the derby comeback and win effect it'll last thirteen Triple Crown races have been won by favorites. We can't make some money in the second spot in this race last four years the place odds horses that ran second. Seventeen to want a 29 to one at ten to one and 91. The average exact the last fifteen years 119 bucks for a balk. The average try the last fifteen years almost 700 dollars you can get prices. You get twice underneath even if you like always streaming. There are twice the B Saturday discuss fine. And the thing usually pays very rarely he had the first choice in second choice in fact it's happened once since 1983. We got to favor over the second choice of not normally a chalky exact. At least for stores over second choice so there are. No there is money be made here in this preakness if you were able to find a worse. In that second spot mimic body or serve two in that second spot you're not supposed to like courses that didn't run the derby. Yup the winners of the preakness normally come out of the derby where they won the derby or not. I'm going with a new face I'm in the derby horse that is an opera six weeks of course that does lightly raced in or strain. By Chad Brown in cloud computing. I was 12:1 on the morning line I'll explain of the course next hour or so Olympian podcasters and make my picks we'll go more detail on why I like. On cloud computing on Saturday in the preakness a ridiculous spending cart Friday Pimlico. A great betting card on Saturday pick five zobel Friday and Saturday had the I'm great black eyed Susan which is the filly version of the preakness that runs on Friday into the preakness Saturday at the daily double back you can make CB like always streaming. He greets him value their with that pick in the weather. If I had to catch a break on preakness day this has been a very very wet race last couple years at least as of Thursday morning. On the weather looks fast and firm could see some wet weather on Friday but Saturday looks fast and firm interested. Not under making up a picture a black eyed Susan's this weekend black eyed Susan the official drink of course. Our of the Preakness Stakes what is the black eyed Susan. Maker's mark. Peachtree. Vodka. OJ Sauerbeck never made. To make it's we economics and crab cakes. Make some black eyed Susan's. Mix in a cold beer to hopefully some winners opry it's weakened MP gamble co eight race that I would not be any looking to go to big race if it's not Saratoga. You're from Boston go to the preakness it's a great weekend Baltimore's a great city. And we'll talk about that over the course of the next hour. Of course the key is finding some winners for you tweak able goat the big pick five races. With our guys we get to set for preakness 142. In Baltimore. Preakness 142. This weekend in Baltimore Matt burning your daily racing form a fixture here. On the podcast Purdue in the Triple Crown and the Breeders' Cup metal be involved all weekend long EP RF and DO rev dot com I just print it out like final addition. And finalize edition of the four regulator PPs and trying to do better than we did it. A couple weeks ago at Churchill Downs and bull will start their map because people. Asked me what church Q she picked Irish war or cry he ran up the track you like them too on that day would have been telling people as the excuse for the horse that we like in the derby. I didn't have no excuse no use whatsoever on me in Ridley you what you can be bought. They're the moments during her homework before always dreaming big clue allergic to lighten the field. Everybody look under his arm like you've been on you know the dynamite you ready to go. And the horse just completely came was that basically the same thing he did start back down Florida and now you've got a disturbing pattern of sports where. You go until Byron good Jeff Burton and welcome back the bill really really for one welcome back with a bit wanted to or one. I'm meat may be that there of course there. I have I have I'd love you know maybe they're a big old thing with the sort or. Independent implementation didn't work out and everyone part of it marked the source that. You know on what date it begat big eight beat all of it quite well the news or be placed throughout so. And maybe he's not a good it is I thought it was but it. Boy it's one of those things eat it you eat pork and what not rate that you can tell a good horse and the one you could tell about Orton he won. That's what Duncan a good thing. Immediate they've been to the bombing Iran I don't have any U of today and okay with a terrible effect you know the good thing is we've got thirteen more or Timor Saturday at them. And a Friday cart is good to what what I thought just a quick follow up and people here's toggle losers all they won't winners but. I thought may be may be wide and maybe the track condition will get out affect other horses but it he's a horse to immediately and terms of talent. If he shows up having worked out well even if he has no prep for the Haskell. I am Mac gonna be interested again because there Haskell connections to the owner is and I feel like he he's gonna fire the has one more good shot and has his three year old campaign. It's going to be at Monmouth a couple of months. Are they what you the kind of course already for me that at a short right I've no interest than it but it belt but your element that emanate from one. Then maybe I'm gonna be incurred. So going into the derby I I I taught myself ball always streaming based on a I a couple of things and and and one being that that the work of the horse going into that race and he certainly ran well. Matt how much do you think he is winning the derby had to deal with eight the track condition that day ended the inside being good for the derby. And be just the though the rail and that the wet conditions how much that aid always streaming in that are. I don't could it hurt him but what about. I'm a little bit reluctant the bite into the the narrative that he inside the the derby they'll wait you know the plate he wanted to be just because of the curtain back and buy it or to brand their. And I think that vacated. There there are two hours between main track rate on derby day between the Kentucky Derby belt and no prior main track regular two hour window. Not a thing that can have no respect to our. And also factory we got Walgreen over the course that Laura Dern and it art meeting to immediately throw blanket we morally me anyway to look at it they. They know what the inside where you wanted to be elected in Mary yourself. There's that idea that you could be setting yourself up for a little bit of well for well. It in my opinion he was the deserving winner. You read every step of the way you look at early fractions he's got a great riot dot blast it down inside early angled about earn on the back side. He went on and really put the boot the the field. You look at some of these other courses I understand some people wanna they follow me at the age old gun battle of midway around. Battled their way ran a really good race he basically bring it and Anita derby all over again you look at my buyer's standpoint. And what can lead it of course that in continued to try and awkward it slowly but surely you'd be putting it altogether. I don't think I don't wanna look at the derby in what track inside XY and the always regret what you want. I he ran that they had been deserving favorite for this great and urban derby. He's he's going to be the big time ever on Saturday the second choice of the did the second place run in the derby you mentioned looking at Lee. I thought got a brilliant ride by Corey Landry he is ten to one here for the preakness said they'd always Jimmy will be four to five or something like that and I can make the case for always dreaming the derby runnerup mad as an absolute toss for me peace somewhere in the top three. Look and Lee I'm gonna have dead tickets across the board. It's for me debt that a little unkind. I understand your your logic I think of or the big important surrogate or comport here in the preakness. Operative or rape and no I don't begin at eight in the preakness that you're really gonna need an a that I I go back inspect the horse they eat in his entire career and very. They're not regret one I mean he did yet all the best in the derby. Yeah but he sad that you would admit though Matt fast pace after fast pace and the trip on derby day being. Outside may practical joke got a great ride by Jewelers Dario no horse got a better trip the look in a league couple Saturdays ago. Look at it we got the best perk in my opinion is irate when he needed it it hit you yet I'm not arguing that circumstance didn't help them. But but there's just immediately hostile or that it thinking like we're talking about it for the one child thought about it and it into one shot. At the meat you're playing dot but the very very dangerous dangerous uproar that you know will be running. He's run late before Woolsey would be gets a set up here you've got to fourth and your picks we'll get your top three. Are coming up the horse that ran fourth classic empire talk about reports as these 31 here in the preakness and deservedly so on the heat. Of all the horses that had him if I am looking at Lee had a bad indeed a good trip. Classic empire had a bad trip bumped early coming out of that auxiliary gate there in that spot and instill. One of the few horses running on late why that day he is a legit second choice here at three to one and I will not be surprised if he's able to upset the preakness on Saturday Matt. Agreed completely you know you look at the way that Eric Bruntlett the the break didn't know they've been absolutely side swiped by. Well or are reading you are all in art or right part of that whole thing. And then he went in amongst or who's gonna kinda jacked up a little bit uncomfortable with put it that way and then. Are all we didn't put a little bit of a bit and going back what we talked about we're sort of the track they're eight if you're someone that believed. Inside the bowl well up empire no respect these side you have hung wide throughout so this sort of very clearly. They're expecting choice and that's great. I won't be surprised if he comes out we'll read along I won't be surprise that 215 you range. He had every right the win. You get in need. I don't know why I did it looked at age I know yet up for the derby if you strip about that Breeders' Cup juvenile. Where is really fast rate but for the nick and such a war did back in Troy I'm not suggesting you can't run. And he's just the kind of or the need to eat a little uninteresting. Are there are two other group the horse is now don't wanna talk about it's only ten horse field triple to talk about hobby sources in depth let's talk about the other two derby refugees. You have pants and you have gone there are got a gun to your head here on Saturday where you're more. We are more competent and will run their race because got a parent hands did not Ron really a lick connect Kentucky Derby. You know it would probably get now what can distract opt out of the adjournment they're gonna Berra just because I know what Blackberry eight below. And I still don't know why I don't believe this or hit one great age they're good the rest of them may end but wait a track in right but the rate itself. I elite now they're gonna Berra it that they set with the bat or that. I don't know that about. As for the fresh face in the race there are for you multiply your senior investment. I have cloud computing you're gonna have a term of Barton fact final sorry. I terror mart entered here late EF conquests mall money on the outside of those five Matt giving any of those Kenneth. Have an impact. In the running of the preakness on Saturday. I think two in particular one I prefer a little bit more at our media up that candidate but did. In my opinion the one horse that big entire Q did a great. It can't let Mo money because from the far outside. If for some reason they allow all wait to get a run relatively easily. Always bring you can be really typical rundown if they are intent on but the money to clear that the wife and they may always bringing a little bit. Then all of a sudden you know. Maybe it at the for a classic empire or or that I'm more acres that then. And surprise you people around orbit that's where cloud computing and Al Micah you're a little bit spin that well but. Mean you want talk about eight let the race or owner Rick I'm not buyers and point you already it contender here is not or off. On the big whoop you will you know always remain I don't fire her. And if I can go through any faster rate the only rate the great big company. And make it it nimble and then the run in the got some news quote the not too hot eight. Indeed the first run any ill fate on gay boy that had a beautiful setup that they eat monumental belt. A major major Ed we're going up the back side or this or they ran into. And then the wood memorial it basically VV counter argument in the armed war cry situation. If you bought speed and inside that bank AG on wood Memorial Day I computing got neither one of the he would need act and you would report at all the rail the entire way no pride at the end we will be but you look and I don't even Erik Bedard is there like I'm start. I think it could very but it blew jet copier they amount. I think it worked out of pocket strip down on the inside and behind always remain what Mo money. I'm hopeful that those in kind of duke it out one another all week in with our football money away and then about computing putt and Arctic there. Yeah the number ten horse the congress shall money that you mentioned he is. Elise from the some the pace figures that I look at east faster early and always dreaming he draws outside of always dreaming. As one way to go I mean he's got a jockey on I never heard of Correia you know. He's got a trainer I've never heard of Miguel Hernandez but my guess is these guys are Smart enough that they've supplemented. And paid a modern 50000 dollars to get this horse here. He has one way of winning and that's on the front end so to meet you called the Q the race. Absolutely because if he goes early. That could affect the pace I don't classic empire once it orally when he's been in leagues and fresh before. He's a horse is more of Albany was in the Kentucky Derby she could have a scenario my my where you have. Always streaming classic empire. And conquest more money lease for the place you know 2345. A 46 and change setting a pretty decent clip here on Saturday. I agree totally include really critical that all our empire thing is that great debate what the Breeders' Cup juvenile. And get what you based it prepping a rollout into law that he had just. Barely held on it yet it's unfortunately. Or but I think what about a major maker three year old not a I'm couldn't quite get there but. Yeah you're right I've got fired not or that it's a mid act or you know for the back. My only concern seat at the rate and on the derby yet certain at this Arkansas derby. Much farther up the pace than any had been a note that the rate and it wonder. You know it's hard to get out or just continued change they're running style he showed beg literally speeded through your old. And who break the book or one year old middle of the hour out of I wonder. You can early is second that a little bit too much of that kick on the lane which you know what in the corporate world where you laid it out I would but that are right but you're. I took it sounds like we're on the same Warsaw give my my. You always streaming. And fire. Now that's a pretty good de force in there he's got the afresh base over awesome horses they're coming out of the derby and Dudley this in those horses do you really really well. We are born against the grain it sounds like by trying to pick out one of these new horses. Coming not from the derby but still waiting. Ala Bernard. 910 years ago now. Coming to win the pre deals go backwards Matt worked through some of these races it'll get its into opry is it's it's funny in in talking about. The race card on Saturday it's a great card Friday great cards Saturday the PP's a rout the raft dot com form later. On make sure you get those for the weekend is not a better way to get yourself handicapped are for these races then daily racing form. I guess some come out to me again this happen a couple times now at Mohegan Sun. And reference a couple years ago you and I pushing people towards ironic is in the Dixie being their key Orson look. He gave so 11 at that price they remember for a long time. I know ironic kiss in the Dixie elbow showed does have a horse in a price are in the twelfth race on a satirist the race before. The preakness itself. Your thoughts on why is a very competitive but turf effort heading into the preakness on Saturday. Yeah it really is and you know I think shook horse really think security written down on the inside an advocate. District meet and down eight I don't think they're on and I'm dying here which concerned me a little bit security writ would be sort of on the need to go longshot their. I'm really interest in and horse coming out of a rate that I I ate at the rate at all I don't think the rate that good but this course at every excuse in the world. Maker forty mile this year I think is dumpster fire and an all American patriot I don't think very I'd ever and we don't want that right now. Black iPad bureau opportunity to run any state in the game we've jacked up in a month or the broken Mort a little bit. It bitten an interest in or I think you look at just. There could buckle not gotten very very but they can it last year you didn't win a moderate views very very consistent. Maybe you're not of this being quality is them a bit the true great one animal like wolf approval what do you major player were arguably been rejected. But it's it there's a little bit of hate. In black son Kim or got a bit of a cleaner trip I know one bet that he can kick on at the end. I don't know what he uses are quite certain I do all my work or more in line about. I in black that very thing in the earth. I've I tell you that he's 41 he still interest. It wouldn't really know it all the 00 project dirt again. Buried it went 7% to seven into seven to two and three to one respectively and and you mention projected amenities captain obvious force but. He beat to visit Darrow implement last time bull forces came back to win to visit Darryl was awesome on derby day. It in the the turf classic leading into the derby. I'm I'm I think I'm on the chalk in this one but I'm with yet again heels top three could wind. I really think depict the way you laid dead now I think world who rejected they're gonna come out that are we think there in the sort of co chair favorite sport to the 1895219552. And that already that I don't think lack a help but it did gripped up there in the Arctic on race. And three year old the work enough to get into the preakness or run in the sir Barton comes up as the eleventh race it's via first leg of a fifty cent pick three that'll get you into the preakness in there is a heavy morning line favorite. I'm Todd Pletcher hedge fund who set the pace odd to Bakken rain on the someone derby. He was a heartbreak looser on the Illinois derby were greeted all the running early rundown by multiplier is gonna run. Ought in the preakness. After hedge fund is lot of prices here Matt words you land in the sir Barton. Yeah hedge fund and or if you like multiplier and all read it and you I'm a light hedge fund collapse really would have. From the fire and point it looked like these ball in the right way I don't know oval wall would fall he would let you know. I migrant quite well there I wonder you can be neat he directed at Belmont which would be a very at any situation because that always dreaming when preakness then. You know the situation. I'll Todd tire I've always dreaming wins Todd. I think Todd might reroute hedge funds somewhere else I've always dreaming points. If you infer an interest important air the fix is bought me whipped. Dale Romans the floor is broken it made you we go to you don't detonate the mile. You're wide every step of the way any you'll drop that one for on it look at the pedigree distant they're gonna be any sort of the cheapest source. And I and I need a good thing about this rate at all. The exception of a horse like hedge fund. And honored the week in interest among them inside but if you don't have killer right they don't have any absolute you know sort of it serving even money shot and and under that we know I'm dumping bank. Up watney wit if you take any sort of that forward I would about an additional bit wanted to be beneficial. I think you're very very been called the 1 on the morning line Romney I. Yeah two other ones on mentioned in this race one Isaiah is shorter price and was in that twelve to one range you talked about. I thought time to travel ran sneaky well not in that Lexington he was up Bonnie really fast pace he still hung on for four pin was able to. Still hang around there. He gets lay 61 time. He gets Michael Nazis gonna get to a good set up in this race and I bought it seven at 241 somewhere and their time to travel would Johnny B jumping aboard. Was interesting and at a price I'll mention was curious your thoughts. Well on society Bo who of this group panic as the best closing number on there is a lot of speed signed up here. I twelve the one I thought you're looking for more stead to get into the the exact as an in trifecta is and if the pace really heats up may be get there. Your thoughts on society bow with battled senior investment. I he's battered some of these up big time horse is not this time he ran second to late last year. At twelve why putts yep up pretty good opportunity to spice up the exotics aboard the favorites ones first map. I think it doable you laid it out by a neat guy they got the perfect way to look at it and you don't really have to go much farther than they look at rare spot in the upper right corner. Seven prime suspect Eric Burke and like I'm start. That unfortunately would happen very off would be late closers that you know what they've got a little bit what to do but the commodity and you could either cut or you keep impacting their report. You can make your deck and try to. On let's turn the page back to Friday its eleventh race the black eyed Susan's commuted three year old fillies the filly version of on the preakness itself and as far as betting races go. I think you make the argument this is the best batting race these I've looked through at the card. And when the favorites for one in a deep field you know it's a good betting race Matt what are you land in a skull buster. On the black eyed Susan on Friday dislodge reportedly black eyed Susan preakness ideally doubled he can play it really anywhere. I might be good betting opportunity initial like the favor in the preakness. Did at a rate that there's eleven or 99 I would argue with anyone pick any wanted to let it is because it is that wide open. Divorce I ended up landing on number eight or for run ball yet he got older they were ease the board on paper Q well right now it is really no arguing now. What about their red I'll I'll stop there are slow nobody's. You run more than an 8889 buyer in this race. Not even close at 8282. Eyes flat out for a couple or in your shimmering happen as well it yet and or actress by the way I act or nobody. You're right in fairness issue not that all or off but. The big premiere I have an and it all went down 01. She is very very green you know a little rain early on see that the DeWitt cheaper than about a couple different rate than. It can't be a ball would be good enough effort shoot a little bit rank early on up M and at wideout mark turns eight on you don't know that the top rate. But when you take a look at it in the of the courses that weren't that great. We saw better island two weeks ago she came back when he expelled. If you bet they should she ran third in the band he should come back in her any better next start which happened to be yolks. I'm I don't think there's an inch in England near the end and to keep in mind during the scenario in which. I understand it looked like there may be a lot of eight and here. Is that the case I don't think there are or should show on the chicken that a little bit but they dug developed for one reason or another. Keeping people at the plate is well so I think older he has the ability to get her into the running regardless of what scenario with. We get cheated big number on the morning line I need to think about 81 shot or. Yeah the eight to one shop and I'll be interest in and his top lectures lights of Medina who they started. On a turf race got a terrible trip that day they got the horseback on dirt. Beginning of this year is one answer is five to two wins in three races and a second. Running second is relish Spanish Harlem back in January. And it is this source is a horse that is back as fast any courses in New Guinea to one again Todd Pletcher and I get a lightly raced horses will be just the fifth race of like to Medina the five force 8:1 on the morning line and and Amare cast in the outside. Look interesting as well in a hell of a race many talk about. Even if like always streaming as the favorite to win the pregnant this is where you make your money. Optics and horses place in daily doubles into the preakness weakened creates some value with a horse and always trees and before five. By post time on Saturday. Pick a spotter to map out horses or races you're excited about Duff Friday and Saturday their Pimco. Raped nine on Friday it is eat great remit preakness that spur long. Brent it's one of the rate the debt for some reason or another always comes up. With a full field only come up with a lightening up a signed up early there of course in the strait that I'd I genuinely do not like. But guess what in one of the bank was circle at. I'm elite few in our direction the city get or never been a better effort she still very very goofy she did a lot of you've been banged on the racetrack. The guess what on Friday at church about a week ago the inside wasn't backed gold. She was nowhere near Indian side he was on why did a lot track I'm not intentionally comfortable at any point eight belt. You look at this rate on paper did not see I'm not only be beneficial. I think you take them back I think what route realizes that this thing could be a barbecue out front you let them all not kid early to come down with a run late. Again I've never been a huge fan. More people that if I we have heard and I but I think certain it can't help but meet meet. Tore a pretty city bit retreat but the 1 in the morning I'm this rate part of a wide open to think I don't even know ever going to be Angela Wright will be. But I mean you could make it eight that anywhere in that by the want it wondering that the spores that acceptable pretty adept. I'm Matt I'm Matt I'm with you and the first time direct cannot police how much paces in comes up when you look at the on the time former US pace figures which you get now in the daily racing form of an early in late pace number for every single horse I love that addition. At the former split that the PP's I can't Whittle gets to form a later. It's a hundred after a hundred after a hundred it is a lightning quick pace and it's a horse that is one for one at six furlongs. And if you think OK that's been running or too long they thought too much cover and she wants to sprint. This this is this is a a a great piece of that late pick five. Fifty cent pick five on Friday I'm completely with you I never liked her and I will be betting her. I just base in the pace scenario on Friday ending a standout team as you ready for the second jewel of the Triple Crown. The one thing else I would add the race acquired it is great number eight that built up with a three year old Billy. And that this sort of thing going to be any sort of the price you can be favorable victory to victory. I don't the audit ability and victory to victory and I I really at this point I don't know what the healing is just yet but this Billy. She shot to keep and went on leave she's shown that you can pick it off I think hitting get up and going to be critical in the strait because again kind of a common in the pick for the pick five. At them on Friday that a lot det news break is a lot or that elite as the ability to it I don't need to be you know I don't wanna be married on a what are we gonna have options. That every turn up making a big yielding ground and I know me you've been repealed it looked like a month are out there and that was a three year old date you shoot a grade one winners at year old. But yet she's not going to be any sort of now she might be one. But inserting a kick off Leggett picked for the effect Leggett the pick five. I think victory to victory or not looking but you know what you don't loan it like it make her dislike it meant to single quick. Matt or to be able find your breakdown of these races you guys two great job with the video section it's been re done and revamp for 2017. And it is a great tool for guys like me who want to accent to breakdown of these races workable go to find this weekend. Video dot ER a dot com we'll have all these. They previewed in depth what export them Friday and Saturday will have at a gate which kind of a week and handicapping preview show. It also on many video on YouTube go to the Hillary and want channel. And they're not all have my shell Friday at noon newly earned on life got your back on the lights bring back problem go over couple you break it. Get you ready for the preakness you always bring in bill to appropriate for. Bernie here underscore Matt on Twitter he's a Boston guy a local guys you guys know by now. Ten seconds or less the Celtics gonna use the number one pick or they gonna trade in a more pick rapper. You know I wanted to spend your way it there's an area will be Coca but got all the raw for all of Borland they you can take any thing. Think rapidly David. The number one. Brooklyn's number one next year markets Smart and Jae Crowder is that enough yet enough. I I don't know if enough and surely gonna at the Galen well but I would be reluctant to give up on camera now when I that would be my corporate world. And it all must give members. I would drive fumbles players to the airport if it meant to you and Davis and back on Matt enjoy the preakness we gang great job we'll talk to apart Obama. There. Well here in Boston here in Massachusetts there are so many TVG fanned you meet him at Mohegan Sun Avian it's up and downs. It's been a masters for a long time lot of players on TV chi and thrilled to have. Odd to me their best analysts their best handicap or Simon re a nice of the join us for a couple of Bob minutes to break down preakness 142. Simon good morning how are you. Great thanks for yet. Well you I I saw I came across a picture of you. Last night in looking at your work with bill Mott you were assistant when he came over to this country for bill Mott and there is a young. As head a beautiful head of hair on you by the way. Simon break in the winner's circle at Celtic downs with cigar you were here. I don't boys both ears for the cigar wins just one year but I was curious. What you remember about those times those some great times just up and downs and what a horse cigar who captured. The hearts and minds are racing family near Boston and across the country. Yeah I really want I mean look I I came over the state 1993. And cigar kinda. Jumped on the scene in 95 are member you know when he came in the on to another or California air and then. They'll put him on the dirt there were apparent between the rest is history but yet our. I mean that was one of the best look we cigar travel all around the world meaning that you know ignore global Dubai walk a way to but it just. Going to Massachusetts. And as you know and and Bill White it was water rate message he's sort of been a lot in go back there. And running in the match after that I'm meant it certainly I mean that the walk was just unbelievable truth passionate or stretching and then. It was one of the one of the best memories of the whole O rob we at cigar yet it. Yeah and the Boston fans to remember there is a a great book on Suffolk downs. On the details that day and what it meant to have cigar come here. And Ron and Boston and and certainly so many racing fans are excited for the second leg of the Triple Crown this weekend. You handicap a lot of races Simon you're on TVG 456 days a week I'm not even sure be your goal of the races day after day. What is your approach what is your process as a handicap or someone looking at these races when you look at the preakness or any other race your handicapping on TGG. Yeah I I I can I try to keep fairly simple because you know I should mention we we have all he looked. I mean I you know. And handicapped her as a former trade iCombi like playing every right so when I'm on act. When he might check mark on there or think like that arena you know why I expect those will it will strong and I do safety. Mediate certain tracks I am the departed as we were covering all our tracked back at a weight that you know I wake IQ one track 89 semi but the yellow or. I can do much explain that to the year earlier stand by some of my handicap in the well I'm I'd love her break and I was. You know when I was training a lot in trade a lot of good Turk forces and our. While I am I'm big on pedigree for turf horses for a run on the Durham that haven't shown that. There are doing well but that Baston and equip the pedigree to jump over make that switch on the grass and had a lot of success. Doing so I think you look to deter agree that comes with experience. And knowing. Sometimes important that we didn't Turk pedigree I have that we're very good on the may contract and so they're never ran on the dirt but it turned out beat. To be very deterred by more than ready would be a very critics are. Exposed everyone wrote you could terps are a early on you know take advantage off with prices job on the dirt. And another note I think I'll Wear it very very recently just class what does that competed in our our. That it dropping in Clapton and the respect say that it. I think a lot of novice players just look at the most recent to a three rate is they sometimes get wrapped up and went and epic. I think it and you speak a little deeper. And CE you know you might see horses go to war that's good performances. Yet. Well we packed in his career and now he's come back we'll cycle level which competitor. I think if you hate to dig a little deeper in the past performances and just look at maybe a lot Horry. You make your trading background I was Diana talked about this two week turnaround you'll see this and all really racing anymore added. Forget in that this is this may be only time some of these horses ever. Have a two week turnaround anymore they're so spaced out great trainers like Chad brown and Todd Pletcher. They have their plans and it's 456 weeks they raise two weeks ago at Churchill a lot of sources back at the preakness. What does that two week turnaround mean how does it affect horses in your mind Simon. Well I think you're exactly right lacking now at a community got a lot yet. I think now thanks for them to I think. You know. It's an unknown for the trainer and the war I mean the two guys you mentioned chat and talk act Eric you later we'll losses. Rent a two week rest on a regular you know the rest of the year eight with a loud I will overweight yep in the it's unknown a man. I don't worry about it because the bat but neither statistics bear out I mean you'd get all down with that but. You know the lot of people pretenses the derby went up as won the race 47 out of if people aren't that 87 and I don't think. It really had an impact yet I think it because we don't see it we're not used to it over on a daily basis we had our jump into it. We don't know how old too direct maybe I'm part. If he's got their shot reeling or back into auto when it Belmont off two weeks where they might get more you know better result. I don't I don't I think too much records that because of the six stared out at me. Not only to the derby when Israel while on the derby Roberts rumble in the unbelievable yeah we expect that we'll have. Had coming into the derby went back in the preakness. I was on Irish war crime the derby I believe he is still running at some point we'll seed comes back in the Haskell. In the summer they point towards that race Simon where were you heading into the derby in it are your thoughts on the winner always streaming coming out of the derby heading to Saturday. I am I could really I mean I would sort of matter mark I would you always reading and are in the Florida derby I was down. Florida public the Pegasus woke up in generally about weak job the last I talked that. Jenny haven't you writing there went Vietnam I'm going to be up and not. Very very cute Dayton. For the pot and it was always treated sought kind of followed that old you know eat. Whether competition like that or someplace where you heroes are cut up all of this mop in the orbit there a lot in order very. And I am gonna select them. Rock covered or you VT who dissent in Maryland and that the global economic change that the allotment. I don't wrapped up in the post position you know he's been very aggressive pitcher Julia didn't screen like Florida. We all know that taught me he just spoke with the soaring in the exercise right. And then when the post position came out. I just got contracts that were Eagles beat you outside and in the media outside than inside of them and the way to track with small insistently. You can be part of a full five course speed dual. And and just get cooked on the front then that I was wrong ultimately what would not all cry. He didn't run very well and you know it's important that app Scott who yes but host a sudden they need to put a detriment poetry and began imposed by our. Yeah I I allotment with regret. I've I've done that hundreds if not all the time you go you forget it go with your gut you talk yourself bought a horse in the workouts leading into it certainly. I talk we often he ran very well. Od. I think he is now elect Monday Morning Quarterback from jumping back on I think year I think. You just the best course period and some will say well aware that sloppy racetrack if there are Vietnam. I'm the first person to sail and handler you have to really put an asterisk next horses don't win. On a wet track because I I'm a believer that it doesn't move one off like it slows everybody else out one or and what are the and the rest don't that's what you have as exaggerated when barking that elevated speak to get elevated fire they did little sloppy track I don't think it. That the the winner is just exploding off the screen tactic to stopping some of the other horses. And it looks a little better and actually it. He's got in the Florida derby was tremendous it was the bot to Florida derby 1978. All the courses that are run or go street fought through that. On route to the Kentucky Derby and I just I really think he is the best horse in the race and looking through the entries I mean they're not much speed and now I mean the only Elvis called quest Mo money the outside. I think always streaming news could be that perfect spike and for the second get everybody else is going to be I didn't get urged dump on every. Well you mentioned that I wanna talk about a couple the California horses as TB geez is based out there or California some insight from you on a first the injury to royal Mo he's not gonna race again and I thought thing and that pace scenario if he could go on here. There was a much better shot my mind that always Jimmy might get caught up in some sort of pace to what conquests when money in royal mall. Him not being your does change the pace quite a bit. It expected it expects the pace here I don't think you had a legitimate and the outcome I'm just not. Strong believer on the west crust group of three year old this year although outlook big plate. You run exceptionally well at finishing third. In the Kentucky Derby but yeah I mean I think you would about an impact on the pay. But then again I'd I don't think that he had felt would have an impact on the result not only streaming you've got to meet the league I. Conquest more money Romo was it if they will vote in the right and Roma was in the right. I think only prudent to let those who go to the second or third that there retractable what he doesn't need the lead. But he's not coming off back he can sit back perpich took 23 like up late with him now I don't think either but it always prudent reforms a chance to be on the. This'll happen and as you said Wednesday at Belmont of the preakness their horses entered in races I scratch my head and say what is that worst doing here can you help me out with. With term of art I'll I'll look through term marked past performances and to be the best thing gold form is the trainer Doug O'Neill Leo is that success in the Triple Crown races I. Ole policy showing up peer to the bleaker zombie anything if you in this race on. I don't think our I mean he's atom bomb before he had a mole when he won our rate they'll market that was not deter prevent. Law or in oh week groups are. I don't beat you can have any impact on the straight and order one of these situations where. Where may be known just what an entrant in this race but at least thirty to 1 on the morning line each and every part of that artfully. How about the other contenders if you buy jump back on the always Jimmy bandwagon and many have rightfully so were the other contenders you see as. Horses that can either 54. On the opportunity to win a horse is to fill out exact isn't trifecta is in public for try to create some value under a very heavy favorite to Pimlico. Yeah what I think you can I think elliptical course Mo money I mean he's got to act host Hoechst and that upset before. Looked at his immediate left he got looking to leave comes from. Europe and like out of it seen investment. Constant an elaborate out of and they got a term of art economic growth will slow when it out of their leaking gulf war by six courses we inside. That they get a beat. So far behind him in the first come back you have a chance to post and crossing Clinton in the playground. That burst her eight that the post is not a detriment to him. As it would appear on paper congresswoman I think. You get threat I mean what he ran well in yacht and sort their preacher. Are classic and I don't eat a lot of and you let beat you up front Coke classic and I had it up trip. And got up and our state the concourse Mo money could be that war. But it all on the lead for buying the legal victory on a piece in a way but he'll be hanging around for you bet they. In the other interest in what the made about a post one that multiplied the Illinois derby this little that. Some connection Prada I know pretty well I've been very shrewd a private purchases that Gary barber and Edward walk out they've a five horses. Offer sheet they do a lot and a quarter corporate and our graphics you know we're actually went. Talk to Gary the other day that you ran the fact sheet about any three year old in the country this year when winning me a little dirt luckily there was the second the Illinois derby it yeah eight years so that's a horse that shouldn't be should be dismissed for that says. You know I got better statistics in Irving in the lot and used the exact spot. 21 of the parties back to attract pick a spot in the last thirty years the preakness. Has been healed up like hockey derby runner so fresh I would always looking left or right it's starkly. He doesn't perform that well then you get the practice on the eight. I'm like magic Whitner who I won several years ago hello earth cherry wine at seventeen what but for the most part it's what is coming out. A derby. That that's to perform well around outburst first spot in the creek that struck back. And you mention a couple fresh faces there of those horses out of the derby classic empire I think is going to be. Our pick of a lot of handicap for Simon base in the trip in the derby and his juvenile record last year. Pence was well thought of coming out maybe the wise guy horse he did not want to stab gonna Verity and Ron well of a the other derby refugees could mention a couple fresh faces forty out the most competence in running well on Saturday of the other horses that are Ron. In the derby besides always streaming. I think it's going to be classic impart you know he came from so far back in the is typical rhetoric stopping it and back twenty ports Billy although they have got it back and are you ran extremely well. On networks are racetrack and you put those woes on or it. Went through South Florida are likely artful marks its crew did a tremendous job getting it back on track. Optimists are not only pool were easy to train calling inaudible descendants were on an a Alex when he's been traded on the spotlight in the triple ground. You bet and then sit in Arkansas will be back on track. And I he's the most out of the derby that always streaming should be a question. As far as that the net a couple of days their Friday's card Saturday card bigger cars there's a real lack of a West Coast presence here you're usually dapper warship and a horse or two we'll get I guess Doug O'Neill has set his horses we talked about the one race that. Does have some California speed they're both prices awkward marine. For. I'm not a lot of California flavor to this year's up preakness weekend. Not quite surprising really a look at what had three year old grow crop this year outside of maps street who unfortunately in the Ivorian. The trainer Bob back that was I think a little weak we had a good run the West Coast group this year the long week and played up that way. And then wait you know. But the horse population now is net deep. As far as Europe compared you know cause was your contract patrol from a I think a lot of these guys is it. We spent Shipp who walks from west each election of a legitimate chance to get the job. Now it when you're on the Triple Crown throughout. They responsible is that at Churchill. You know take them out of the public company didn't have those courses this year. You know the will announce the winner back in the black eyed Susan on two weeks' rest so yeah we're a little like this year sparse. All the Abu Dhabi in the chick lying McKee and Mike was he ran behind aristocratic aristocratic. And back to ran he's in Europe was third in the stakes last week here out Eric Anthony to fit into one of the line public should the but that part of three year old crop partner on the West Coast not to turn. Crop of the sprint division and so I he needs to improve I think the actor and that your client that of course about Anna Marie. Now the auto white look mr. Wright started out here on the West Coast with what you wanna get all the Utley Dublin. He was behind him on Iliad and more I think that it that he is rob well. In the sense that in every fiber to battle a big way was in that but there. Out of those two horses if I'm looking for one I'd probably go with pot yeah to the vote should be long courses southern. I wanna talk about the big war Sergei in the second but I ask you Simon you've looked at the cards up Friday and Saturday what. Besides the preakness gimme erase in your mind you're excited that the sit down your side to talk about on TV gee you're excited about. Or she might like got to give to listeners will be going out are played on TVG gold a Celtic audible begin on Saturday. You gotta pick while I like the gallery I think that would be the expert for the week net well that worked for I'm experiment I mentioned that corporate bank. For the Dixie to me Italy is a solid brick stretched well. Condit you know beer that not yet the interpret to church and then they get to the Manhattan. In New York sir I think that the good write up the bottom are like award and the project is not a big part three to 1 of the morning lineup that you could have a major stake. In the turf division that we're looking this new place is. Chad a double fault at Fletcher in the division lost yet eaten up there retired the standard but I think projected in the hole that you going to be airing a lot on the yeah because. You mentioned the Pegasus and an air gate was looking up to be in Saratoga last year for the travelers to to watch him. On just destroy that field who is in jaw dropping fashion and went on to win the classic and went on to win the pay he's just been. To me and I've believed ball racy for little over ten years he's the best horse have ever seen and I I know that's probably. Hyperbole because there's a lot of good horses out there. We are seeing a lot more than I have Simon rank airy gate his cell last four races and what he's done and it was like four years old but. Does he cracked your top five your top three of horses that run here in North America. But there's no question about that like I am I'm 48 this year but it does it fit for our own thinking is all not in a lot of we'll vote at your work throughout. And walk around very good horses and I order. With a lot out with a lot for great balloon. Karma thing on you know and highly regarded. EE Norma got loose in the post Brady ran off with more being Garcia. Are bad but. Who will score who are like that restrict or do what he didn't that you. I don't get beat duke and at the time. That you eat seeing what he's done since I would standing three feet from Bob are due by when he wondered why woke up and let. Opt out of it and about a lot or is that but for the single Wall Street I don't what in my life performance and enable you to buy woke up when he broke slow. You can have a handler in the gate summary notice communication error and started could handle in the day it broke that blood got back and look at the replay of the nation's most. What you got absolutely. Heart it was by one of the Japanese woman to smack on that back. And Bob look Munich air it over with done when he was over deadlock and do what he did. Not like how we around the world was that the single most impressive performer but so. And he gets a race in the West Coast gonna come back Pacific classic Breeders' Cup and racing fans. Can't wait toll comes back they can't wait said check you out this weekend sigh what's the schedule for you on TV you might be able catch you on during which should be a fun couple days a race. Yeah I'm gonna be it equity arm on the west Christiane mom I'll be written trip to the bubble but we all grew. Coverage is that calm mama sent me every day well thirty yet. But at the end of the art and their. Will be our conference earning a race isn't that sporadically but not all of what in the probe goes well some. Tribute great weekend so many key BG fans here that Bullock check out the coverage time we thank you so much for your time and will we get that picture you in the winner's circle there was cigar its upper decks of the hair the hair was a point that Daimler for a. I've been told no matter how far back I mean I'm very few people about oh what eagle. That said at the burger way to end it Simon good luck this weekend thank you so much. All right thanks. The anchor of the across the board podcast every single Triple Crown season is our guide chick Dick Girardi joining us once again of course the award winning writer. Courtesy today of express spec motor express that dot com for a free preakness wagering got a got mine and my hot little hands right here. I can take it wager on the races when he can't get to the track it expressed that dot com. Of course our guy Bob knew Meyer absolutely crush the derby with a always streaming and look and Lee. I'm Bob do Myers a breakdown once again is in there with always streaming. I his horse he likes in the preakness stick his going to be break now the preakness was with us again in in your base there in Philadelphia Dick you've been to. I'll warning guess how many up preakness is. What preakness races stand out I'm at Bloomberg on their for shackle forward. I'm 2011. And looking at the monstrosity that was the infield it is a great time. And a great weekend a happy preakness in what previous to stand on your mind. Yeah if there if the first pilot mark that the air I was really real or street art or fall or will it. 3032. Years but I Roth there are burst forward in real in law. Worst there are errors. Be worried that letting go back for five years I was there went for one. An interpreter sense and respect fortieth or war while. At the rate is at what they are now. Market smear secretary Palestinian election law or worse your. Next here and what are the offense in the air feel like they all are. An hour or order ought affirmed our Pakistan remember their that was spectacular bit the next here was also. Haven't fully understand now. Marty joke just because it was it was our story at Philly and street art they want by. Biggest art and history the great there's so. And Obama were not real world or meadow farm we ballots where it almost felt a pop stretch. I'll scratch and magazine is still hear the call right now scrappy T who the third yeah. I was for Harrisburg in here and there are almost a law of course we are murdered. And water course that was the Phillies story there with an athlete out of one and number it was announced that went. That great are borrowers are they opening ordered arts and following that story of the worst of the without following. That yet as to what. But now. Well it's a great weekend for those who have not been not to become that the Baltimore chamber of commerce here but the city. And again it's it's it's probably in better shape now than it was when I went 2011 but appearing here your twenties or early thirties and not made the trip that. The preakness and out the door the infield and get a ticket package down in the infield and kind of peak around like guide and it's okay. Little too much I'm gonna go back to what our seats but the city itself the inner harbor. Ot it is a sneaky good weekend for this weekend. No question and and and it's very different in the European or not the biggest thing areas. Local economists all out all the more than eight north east city it in Angel elect Rick is then and there is a lot of all right. In the race. And oh yeah Parker. It's going to be part or other Saturday early. I. It was evident that are. They'll they'll order wipe out or are out there. What abaco is all there is in golf or want them they're not as the afflicted Churchill. It's an enabler of strings are reading yours ought. Yeah I hear people all want the Maryland talk politics all remote for this. And as you said its arms. Yeah you know. It's not quite as wild they've because. About ten years ago it literally. Orders of the year exit the year at all and it won't real wanna. It got a little scoop out recently changed our. Others though alcohol they'll all I'm at but it appears what were up for. If your driver twice by their locker for a week and on all. L let's civil that they handicapping a second night books are talking about it we talked about it last couple years at least the idea that we are reaching the end Dick. Of the preakness at animal co it's been there for ever. If I set the the overall under at four and a half more preakness is at Pimlico before they move this thing to laurel Clark. Which dig the over or under four and a half. There are probably thank you over all it because I think there's a big political or ignore it because obviously Baltimore's big city state. Very helpful politically. Huge and that for the city they don't wanna lose hotels the restaurants that what you want is. But yeah girls are well on both tracks or political order a law which there is a mile away. Oh really isn't right now people all electric as the typical late in her infield there's no infielder. Of the better for retrofit their air it I don't think after. Serb part of matters most noted that while I'm on the belly. I certainly know that the people like that this probably closed that. But at. I don't I don't know what happened in orbit. Appears. Yeah I'm Judy get to one more be next year the second leg of the Triple Crown this year you know a major favorite. Pot it always streaming a horse and a sort talked myself off leading into. On the derby ended up on Irish war cry will see him again and Haskell later this summer. Hot as for the derby result Dick gaining surprise doable we saw given the track condition given the the inside of that racetrack which I thought especially in the derby having washing a couple times. The inside is where he wanted to be on Saturday. There's no question. Surprised Beers. All the chaos out from the old are where our our work part of what are the student at the very. Are there but they're not Jessica are how to race reactions are about at all surprised. That's that. Why is that always raining about the trip here that I thought there of course without a lot of that are now. But I averaged that all straight hours while we were at Celtic bridge that these are there. What surprised you or that we are. What if we're forces and then what quite an what we in the way it. More all the horses that this totally compromised by a attract investment analysts are from. Well fortunately was to read about those are the yachts go out there for well it would outfield. Now he's a toss for me I'd I'd be. In that the Maltese are bigs and up the bottom wrong though by the exact of the trial I'm going to lose a horse and I'm not gonna let be me. Is your pick on sides classic empire of all the horses that had a tough Rhonda. In the race he got. Art and it always it is probably apparently a little better or or mean he obviously had a much better one step in the work at r.s. As Urquhart a our. Several issues that we're racers. I don't think that that are currently looking at work or art verses were a warrant probably that it is our that of the morning line. Let the air aren't always openers are are asking. Ought and I agree with and on norms that they ought to be it in the first are in that they were or. And or are very much a creature of habit when they're welcome all they run well whether they don't. And that's where we're very dark art or Europe in the war that is war. My analogy on image is yours the first ever wanted one and a real oral prep. Unlocked or that I was looking at what they're right back when we're. I think classic arch that it irked but first our policy bird this and right in the race. With endorse. On in current RV. And right outside all streaming and in the Arctic elaborate what authorities got. He's he's gonna LL. And a possible spot but all of it personally it's like if that'll. By and I was curious whether or not in your mind Dickey was more about classic empire. Do you like Tim or more about the like always streaming because I'd be Britain about the as the Todd Pletcher program. Two weeks a quick turnaround super saver is the only other portion go on the other derby winner for Todd he won on the sloppy came back and regret spring time. I in the preakness is the two weeks were Todd especially given his. Certain program he has of horses is that a factor in it up picking classic empire always all over always dream. Apps or but I having step back and watch all the Al re. Oh very much pretty good a lot like that we are rich or operate a ought not knowing what a on. I think I think are much better or worse. The preakness but he brought that in your though the paper. I respect what. Final for well. Why are part of a one occupier when it what Breeders' Cup. And Arctic grip at all street when or where. Where we are as bad number. From the funeral for your old job as they are out there is no. Are straight it's got it out that or Arkansas or not quite often are a lot of are relying on the back straight. A lot look at that chart as for. I don't wanna still without a vote of its annual new sport bankers were. Let's it's funny you bring up that the buyer opera Jack to because that the porcelain up picking on Saturday cloud computing. I'm doing the exact same thing a look in a court it's very lightly raced for Chad Brown is at three races underneath them. I.'s second raissi was on a hot Kasey jumped into it early got run down by. Is next time out there. At aqueduct and I see in 96 to back SE a little aggression and now. With six weeks and Chad brown and that nine B six. At 1012. To one at this a horse that if he makes that step for three year old making their third or fourth rate rate ticked I think the cloud computing is. Right at this thing at the end. I think our prayer and I think all of them that we are out. The most likely winner all the pre. Learned a jet gonna start wearing grammar or land. As were not quite erratic from all. Where the talent and the is that chat room where urban art or is that out if we. So whatever well yeah and you respect our original let it go. Expressed that original part. Or change our partners both what I mean or at our owner on the post and our of Britain but got out so well in a while. I you're you're with me I'm looking at least so this sort of of the three or four top choice we talked about of the bigger price or whether it's multiplier senior investment. I Hanson got a Vera come back from the derby is there are price or to Dick do you think has an opportunity or you think in this is a pretty formed full race. But there's going to be or fall. Hurt us that are in the perfect as the Arctic running past the it and battle epic as the went. Burger or a parent where there nurtured what we felt like I don't like normal or at all. But what is our panel. It went out there. Don't don't like guilt or are you where are all that are that was found is not a race. And not apparel at a the act and it was at its the racetrack. Or. No I like yours as. If you go back and watch them for art and exactly why aren't ultimately you'll know where they'll. And I think they are no worse than current or former or group got off the rail into the area and or help her battle for our. At the source like effect right well better a lot like. UB mentioned that the pace in this race we'll see how it plays conquest more monies clue the key from the outside the known name jocular and owning trainer got the decide they want to go. On they could speed this thing up. People are gonna have if they're gonna I want cheated put this notion arrest the tight turns at Campbell coach Dick you're gonna hear it and read it there's no such thing correct. Were there for other. Yours ago. It was great though that the raced there are other which is what attracts all I want and I'll show are you are such that respect it. Dirk so out of public super grocery. Cart IR. Been on the inside but I corporate Marco and Fort Pierce it was like that. The that would walk out. About you wanna read about the real bias back in the day Pimlico go Rihanna buyer you know his books talk about make an absolute killing on those races before people recognize. Other biases of you go to expressed that wagering guide urged to do it three chalk full of great information. I classic empire always streaming cloud computing and conquest more money before hosted forest is Dick Dick will go with the year. At the top but of his previous tickled to got a cup all the races here Dicks a wanna go through all. Eventually the pick five race on Saturday it's only about 15% take out it's a great opportunity. Even if you like always streaming in the preakness I wanna start with the Gallo rep I think one of the more competitive races. It least on paper big full turf field there on Saturday who do you like in the gallery it. There at all affect players and our respect Graham motion with the great panel well. Children carry with so excellently check for around seven collegiate world are linked to a separate. All about all this the word that this dispelling all. What is art race but I figure out where is the alpha rays in the one. There's a lot of important that spectacle of offers somebody's clothes or. Dot when police while I respect for their. Really are or strict Allah their respective. What. Ned Dickinson beat you all winter long and certainly you mentioned Doug Graham motion I think that the three horse there. Dale Loeb has a big opportunity and came over one right away. And it's certainly backed maybe the best race and it's six to one of the local jockey Trevor McCarthy. Albeit to sit in the three that's going to be in the pick for the mile a sixty Turk that comes up is race ten race number and I's gonna start the pick five again fifty cents to gain and it. I wanna lower take outset at Pimlico which does have some pretty high take out rates and you look at they're different that's that they offer. On the Maryland sprint grade 36 furlong speed speed speed race nine here in a couple of our big time favorites and AP Indian and Whitmore to. Yeah I try to itself or is there but I almost a product this year. I audit in an awful awful lay off went really well at the commonwealth faculty stretch look like horse and an average of what is the papal at a bank here. But this horse at 107 fire horse out. In attic at what are you decide. And Whitmore has a lot of non political or roll which rocket rather turbulent here on the trail. Finish my book both wanted. And they are great job I wrote a outlaw oil off our backs spreading on being that we're not a real loss couples say. And our efforts I'll pay it it'll be up for the 38 or from our. But it's or fire fire or you and how they're absolutely not saying we will be alive for expired whatever. Al's gonna say it's actually not a bad spot here if you think that you wanted to if you wanna go naral early. I'm running goes the team you have to use the only other one IV Miley interested in will seat. Come Saturday with the prices by not classy class for for Kieran. Coming off that last race where he beat like in shambles and and ran a hundred buyer speed figure. Attend a one I could find I wasted more I wasted our money on more sources than ten to one in classic last. That question and at some out here of course our home and in at all. Well respected these votes are there and you're a real spot or are you work for a search a. I mention this to Matt burning your earlier I think the best betting race at least on paper is the black eyed Susan Dick on Friday a bag this these horses all one about the same speed that the shortest price in the board it's four to one I I will still be handicapping this race at some point on Friday. I give me a Porsche two and not raise your interest in the. I I have a friend a market order or sharpest players I know who doesn't vote but there's much merit. No pay respects that very. It says it takes a while I haven't thought watchers though is the best horse in their. There are either sharp drop on a number. But that tells me that and the like are there are some debate special. If that be great to. Actually it felt self signed that triggered a we're not at. You what I'll read it five or first part of Tampa and a short you know oh or is that air but are they not stop that. It won the next round wins are just that in art but it's not that they're out hello ladies gonna win as far side. Like Iraq there's a lot it's been or sister or has the outlook or. Killing of a law Altman and by that margin. For our mistakes for the first are not so much as other women here in the art. Like. As their rank order in Iraq by. Most or all right for a while Almonte waiter at about it sure what else are west are not at a rate setting race. We're all fall off the older. Or is that a yeah prominent pro all of a. Well you could get the Todd Todd double again that say they begin play this double do you like always streaming if you like classic empire they're shorter prices. Played the black eyed Susan preakness double ending to play when he can play those two. Crates indicted for yourself in the preakness no matter where you're playing this week and expressed that dot com. Three wagering guide all the pics get Dick's sub breakdown there you got dubbed Bob knew Meyer Steve Vick. I plenty of others as well. And at some point on Saturday we'll see at some posts on social media Dick that picture view NJ prevent. And the entire crew eaten crab cakes and drinking cold beer after the preakness. Everywhere LP actually. Or shell crab hole or a Arctic our first rep Eric Al or earlier had won every they're bent in all or we. Oh crap I guess somewhat. For president. There during that era whether or not fire and Rory goes to grab. There's a parity currently many in the air on our inspectors out for pre out Randy Moss were bombs are a lot. Either way no matter what happens on Saturday we'll talk to in three weeks part of the Belmont we will see if always streaming goes for. Eight Triple Crown that will certainly be a big talker around the country. If Todd gets it done on Saturday Dick greatly guys' job is always good luck expressed that dot com wagering guide is locked in is always a talked in three weeks. Or are. So there you go a hourlong breakdown a preakness 140 through the second jewel of the Triple Crown Matt Bernie here. Daily racing form we thank him Simon brave TBG and of course Dick Girardi and expressed that wagering guide and express that dot com those guys TV picks on. Their preakness races they gave you picks on. On the other races on the day any questions certainly find me on Twitter at mutt and UT WEEI. On a follow up on any of these things and tackle try to put. And the paper get something out there for some other picks up for the course of Saturn may be relevant guys picks down. And get those out to you on Twitter at Mott and UT WEE as for me look I respect. Always streaming. He's the most likely winner on Saturday. He's the fastest horse. Probably on Saturdays gonna get a pretty good trip. But to me fortified I have to bet against there to some scenarios where I you have to as a handicap or bad against and copy dream trip in the derby. Off the wet track in the derby. Off those two reasons on Gannett against always Jimmy at least on top on Saturday in the preakness the horse that I wanna be on. I its cloud computing and cloud computing this is a little bit of or to projection. He Zoller running his fourth career race. He's a lightly raced horse. He runs for trainer Chad Brown who is excellent. Capital Lee excellent when it comes to turf racing he's probably in not to blow on the dirt. And so you're getting a morning line of twelve the one. You probably get again somewhere around that price bullet time post time comes around that are now be less interest and be 7821. But it will be if feast ten. 111213. To one it'll flatly he gets ignored. As a fresh face in this group. But you can look back at his races. Brokers may in February and did so in a six furlong expert race he's not bred to be a sprint three bred to be router he came back in the Gotham. And was able to be involvement pace early that fell apart. And ran 96 only second start that's an honest expire speed figure and the war he regressed. He also broke slow it was in the worst part of the track. He sat for work out since two of those of the bull variety of Belmont park. You get the water changed from I rhetoric he's who's really good the best writer in the country Javier Castellano. He and Chad Brown hook up about 30%. If declare rich guys who want to win Triple Crown races and he's a good price and the pace scenario. Suits him very well in my mind conquests won the ten. Is out there on the pace with always streaming in classic empire. And cloud computing is right there is the key to my day. On a pick to win adults say if he runs second or third I'm still gonna have a winning Dixon not gonna get beat by the other contenders in this race but I will take the number two wars pod computing at twelve the one. I will chicken on top to get the right trip he's got the right jockey. And he's gonna get the right set up in this race. The other horse like behind him I will take classic empire second. Coming off his trip in the Kentucky Derby that's been DTL pretty thoroughly here today is got a shot to win this race as does always streaming to me. There are three horses that can win. On but it victim in order of their best odds cloud computing classic empire. Always streaming not those will be a surprise. The only horse like gable to that may be could get the win alleys have been the exotics as well and Yzerman. Multi race Betts is conquest will miners scenario in my mind. Were conquest of a money goes to lead never looked back. It always dreaming I gives in the lead up front that he wires the field. I think it's unlikely all uses offensive play. But he's got the speed he's fresh off that race. In Arkansas ran a bang up race stellar class empire beat in the heap argument ran the best race that day. Ayman Al conquest a money in the mix somewhere. So those are my top four cloud computing. Classic empire. Always dream in the derby winner. Any of those three can win. I'm gonna go pot computing is best price. And I'm gonna go with conquest of money in that fourth spot on the horse I'm most excited I bet on the day in fact comes the race prior in the Dixie. I think Chad Brown's Schwartz projected. Ott is going to be a monster and he's not a break right got a great price in that race Simon mentioned 3:1 on the morning line. But he supports that you can use as an anchor I think. A wall of world approval. Getting through to the preakness and any sort of pick threes pick fours are picked by if you want a single line out all single on my eight tickets. Op projected in that race for the DC a serious resource he's done nothing wrong in these last two races and has a shot to dominate. And maybe somewhere around three to one or 52 but Dominic. Yeah I've been locked in a heavily on world approval and projected. In that Dixie comes up as a race twelve there on Saturday. On no matter where you are it's my hope and look no it's the preakness it's crab cakes in black eyed Susan's. Thank you for tuning in once again a lot more on Saturday on Twitter at mutt and UTW week yeah I enjoy preakness weekend. We'll talk in three weeks we'll see you always streaming Coastr Triple Crown as we had about.

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