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OMF - Ordway's "Paul George" scenario may have a wrench thrown into it 5-18-17

May 18, 2017|

Paul George is getting paid by some team one way or another. But an All NBA Team honor could potentially put PG13 out of reach for Danny Ainge. Mike Brown was stopped by police on his way to coach Game 2 in Oakland. He thought it was hilarious. Other sports pundits disagree.

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On you maybe. These Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 brawl but there at all. Specifically can be done here go fasten you did do you chores you do expect a gimme five switches and it looked everybody on Boston I don't know what this was watching the Boston Celtics that they allowed everything to happen with glue and Lou and Christian. You're young and leave every time I wanna talk to you period I about it just considers different amounts how many stating only the oil. Oh well yeah the low high low now on Sports Radio WEEI. It's time here and call him out but he gets as a failure of some leftovers Maria. Yeah or weight diet so well on I've always done. But there weren't a factor in the durable offseason see you. Lose Getty's you need continually gets asked do you are still getting ski knowledge this is my you get factor in football is all I 21 plus here every year twenty pounds higher easily. How easily this and it's Jana what what does that no that's only the pre season now. The regular season traveling back and forth staying up late about being on the road obviously you're doing is like to add to bad choices said he apple. Boschetti that they you know they're karma of covered with a you know Kelly and sign an idol and one's never good enough and so. After I used to go for more BI is that the only daughter figured they go to the all donated calculus signaled it long. I would want to. Back to the Celtics a little bit if people talk about last night's get I don't know what else we talk about about last Thanksgiving gets banged up LeBron came into your building. And just embarrassed and yelled coach few Yao played you we did all of those things. Now you got to see what you can do Friday night and I don't see how anybody can be optimistic specially when the cavaliers are going for a league record. On Friday night of most consecutive playoff went but looking at on the of this interwebs thing. New contraption we have and there are a lot of people that are doing the what should these teams do. In in regards to offseason trades should the Celtics keep the number one pick or trade for starting to do the same thing with the lakers were number two. It's a big Indian Pia because today's the day that they announced the all in the eighteen. Am curious as you look he's there and get updates itself could affect. Yes what the Celtics do and other teams do as well yes a cultural ball pulled George would be a tart with talked about this as the unit at a target everywhere if all George makes the all and be eighteen. That Paul George is suddenly going to find an extra thirty million dollars into his next contract. So that's the way they do it now they have a built in clause that if you make that all NBA team you suddenly now can sign a five year deal. With your present team your parent team. For 207. Million dollars so alternate in the all NBA yes and and by the way. It is it's to save and Isiah Thomas is probably gonna make the third all NBA team you only the first obviously I doubt you make the second. We should MacArthur he should mayor a third in the unity had weather I think he's a top fifteen. Player in the league but when it comes to cards and Jiri idea. I think he should be there I think he makes that there. So Paul George now goes to 207. Million. But that's what he can get paid if he goes to the Indiana Pacers right. So. You're gonna have to do a sign and trade but if you Paul George and you're looking at this season and and you wanna be with the lakers next year. You sit there or you know when you're a free agent. If you the Indiana Pacers don't you sit down Paul George right now and say. We try to work out something right now he wanted to Tony before did north usually comes up because we like to have the salons of okay. Yeah we're the ideal man you know the only it'll be out in LA will be here in Indianapolis. But with Claudine commitment we ought to start all over it's the reason Larry Bird I believe one of the reasons. The Larry Bird is no longer running the operation in Indiana that the ownership there. Is done with what did your windows come and it's called. And they wanna start all over so there a team that if you the Boston Celtics you can do business with them but I'm buying into the premise now. The Paul George wants to go to Ella. And so Boston is gonna have a very difficult time if Paul George makes this all NBA team today. He suddenly get a much bigger contract from the. Indian Ocean are the only places the Indiana Pacers document not counting as a bridge he's able to link that that's that's an option that people want. Why should you wait while bode well why wouldn't wet and the pacers do it well every week until the end of next year to become a free agent for far less money when Indiana wants to move on from him. They wanna go young. And he wants to go to LA and the the the the pacers say we can facilitated. We can do. A sign and trade with you now and you get all of this moment. Is that is is that any all NBA team. Oysters first team India is not first team albeit. Crippled George yeah there's an effort to get up guys it's a he's got thirteen all NBA that puts a different. Financial class. Thirteen notes Kennedy first team big announcement and look up there what is at least it's part of the new collective bargaining agreement so it's out there with the what the clauses. Yeah it's it's a new extra bonus that you get now. In your feelings and I don't want any sense by the way what is it what it does is it might be just top five players who might be right so what it does is he protects. Teams so let's say all three is by cart area and beat Pete at the player of the year and then for second at their team while he files there was a Isaiah it. It did give some more money. So but it protects the protects teams to holding onto the great players in the game because they say you've got to have a top five player top ten player top fifteen player right. So it protects you so that you don't lose those split but doesn't it give you a different look Boston may not be able to do the steal them maybe they can't do without it maybe Paul George says screw ally. I'll go to Boston nothing in my money given to sign it. I get mine are all that money out I certainly want to 07. That's a lot of cash he's pleased keeping a lot back on the table is down there I believe it's down to 140. If he's if he if he signs a free agent as of 140 with the Williams 130. 130 could give it five years once every 180 and it gets the thirty game on that'd be able to get those thirty NBA team might be. You know. 200 million with Indiana and 130 or so you tell me does it make sense now for Paul George to wait until next season signed as a free agent for 130 million dollars elsewhere. When he can sign with the Indian. Work out facilitating trade within let them facilitating help their franks as he gets to all seven green seeing guys leave thirty in the table but seventy. Sixty. Yet it's. That's insane. Thirty million. Dollar bonus if they want. If I am I found love if I'm Lavar ball today. I am bleeping in my pants as I'm telling you. If you're Indiana and that's why one of the reasons Larry Bird is no longer there he loves Paul George you've built a team wanted to stay with them give Romo a longer window. The owners in patient wants to move on. They're gonna blow it up there they got a good young you're gonna start with on so poll. And if you're the lakers why do you not do this deal Mexicans at their play quarry only once you get Paul George out here next year. And you already have improved you to death dramatically. Jerome mechanically and guess what you are now on attraction was talking about Westbrook and others. You're attraction if Alonso ball and you sound plausible you don't go for Paul George and you keep the cast of characters UN and you suck next year and wants a ball's not only. It does heat struggle in the first year to the old man becomes a pain in the ass guess what do you call George swap anything anybody's going out there. All Narnia the agent it is. Yeah I look at the lakers and I sit there go our rights. Is that is Alonso ball attractions so great it's easy it's so many eyeballs and attention or is it just make more sense to you they have a bunch of good players. It's not ready yet they don't have any they don't have one guy who can who can sit there and take over due to the fourth quarter points give the shot that's gonna win it but just they're just all of. The players this year and he bleach reported the story both though Paul Pierce came out is that the Celtics shoot straight that first pick overall for George Butler I think is George. Paul George apparently liked it. A Twitter. When you go in his tweets and replies or whatever like that he totally that stores on if you like that idea. Or feet but it's just you obviously keep an eye and all this stuff right Paul George like the storm and him being traded to the Celtics for the number one I'll pick self. I can see and beat these guys turned out thirty to how to howdy turned down sixty million dollars. You cannot be turned on 202 goes tomorrow strip off 37. Million bucks you don't ask. I don't know hotly pursued it in laws are either if you if you trading and telling you that if it's only if you're free agent if there that you have right picture yet to be be on could be. All NBA team per second and third or the other criteria he said MGM VP NRC player of the year so you. We do but what it does it the reason they did this. Is a they know that team's players were leaving to start their own teams. So if you informants don't understand and remember those guys left posh. And LeBron left to go to Miami for less money they would get 151000016. Million a year down that they would get less money that they would have gotten. Had he stayed with their their parents came to change the rules so that they don't do so that the players don't. You know have a mic mutiny and then just take off and everybody starts their own their own teams everywhere. So it makes sense the door but if you're Paul George shoes right now I'm sure he wants to play an ally. And I'm sure that would entice them if they could work out a sign and trade deal would you gonna do it if you're India. If you want on the ball he put the number two pick in the draft correct and. What got to get it doesn't necessarily which does this and any amount of oil law made it I didn't even comment on May mean some eight million boxing. It'll be like him and I must say their system I don't wish anything bad on the on the kid. But I just want the moment swarmed out of Tuesday. I'm in no way yes I just I would like to you or I don't think. I hate it but you're right I am I haven law that you just it didn't work. Once again your program that you. And our Arian has donated it it's amazing you know. We don't need really late programming meetings and hello all when you strip all you have to do is attach strings to each one of us. It is operate. Like put in the show to show just as well as for what I'm not wrong. This is certainly give up their sweat for about a month intervals after that just because they draft Alonso ball one. Who knows it inside is the only can wait thirty days now like they Cleveland deal with Kevin Love Wiggins tied it and it could still trade him. You keep him with eat with Lavar ball and I tell you Tomas he had the best way to refer to launch the ball fairly Sox at console ball. Is that it lawsuits that he wasn't going to referred to launch the ball as counsel ball who's been referred as Lamar balls sought to ask. Well and it might think it's unfair to not exactly that point and that's that's just fathered kids and the other issue but it could shut the hell up. They do something about it because he just. Eventually if you decided to play. Play great to make a lot of money be successful I mean really that's what could regret anyone but Mitt is much waste you can't take advantage of the situation. But the data such a knob. That you see is want him just not suffer but to score of them since I. Well I think the father to me ask don't bother the lawsuit says I need to play the lakers are McHale that's the only team I want to play for we'd like it shook his dancers house seems like it. He launched a ball go to Indiana we think it did. OK fine I'm in Indiana wanna I wanna I wanna be a great player but you know I think you go somewhere you would think and what you hear from the Katy seemed pretty humble gays want to go play in the league his father's the one desperately wants him in LA says. Think a lot of people are are lying about this with fuel man including one including Danny Ainge. Wing when they say out Ghana the only and wouldn't have anything to do with a spanking them. Palm I think if there are two candidates and the air of equal talent. The old man will play into that decision you will go with the other guy a kick out his visit Iran. I'd I'd occasionally don't you tell me Lavar calling for the first parent to get all in somebody's business he's the only mom is around there yeah that refuse this is different. This is so different than anything I've ever seen before in sports and I'll tell you why her Tim Walsh talking about this on. Comcast the other day and watch knows these players inside and out he's good former coach you know the stuff. And he was kind of two point the whole idea of the old man as soon and it's not like high school. As Sonny to like a college and I think he referred all Freddy had had some conversation with a Alford and Alford told them. The guy wasn't around in a practice court she's not going to be around pricing going to be around practice in the pros. But because of of of these some not getting proper playing tuck. Or something happening and he doesn't want his son to be the old guy for lost. He's gonna talk to the media is the media is gonna seek him out and he's like a red light he can't help himself. Exact creates. A distraction. That creates an issue if your coach your general manager you're an owner that player better beat. It helps a lot. That ended so far to be a little too far he hasn't done anything nothing it does affect his son is not be affected by anything these don't so far. In with even with because let's yesterday number two on the dress opposing al-Qaeda so three in the right is it because of his dad or I think it will be if he doesn't have a pretty organized this particular cut tombstone and number three groups looking great you're number three. Still pretty commodity all the guys that wanted to be in the NBA and you got drafted number two resorts still. A great story itself uses as his father reflected until you've he dropped to number three you know I pocket you don't want to bet and his father was just looking at is like he's out of the draft. Like he drops the fifties now transit safety cancer located at least two good to drop that far so you're exaggerating the point I'm telling you that. If you if you're general manager and Utley. Is looking at two guys on the board. That of the same play they are going to look at and say I'm going the other. If I guess that point much Russia average assists. I'm seeing only get that 1234. That same player so he always does something better at least you feel when you evaluate the play. He's better this is better days. And if they weren't any complaints delicacy that. After avoiding it would it would be lifted its two part question here we were talking yesterday retired but the options that the Celtics death. We're bringing bringing up Jimmy and I'm not basing this all on one game I'm basing this some what I've seen all season long. Doesn't Jalen brown reminds you a little bit of the early stages of Jimmy Butler and he's doing it at age twenty. Don't shoot look at it say. Jimmy Butler more probably gonna have to give a Jalen brown is part of that package to go to Jimmy Butler. You sit here and you're not gonna beat. LeBron James and this year or next year maybe the year after that on noted depends on what you look at what's your timetable. Because if you think in jail around four years from now three years from now can be which Jimmy bought arisen in his career. And you you're timetables for four years in India. But the timetable right now you don't timeframe to wait for him to turn into mode I think you foolish of timetable is right now because if they Jimmy Butler on to this team. With more kill Fultz next year let's say they were the trait or they add a Gordon Hayward. And they add faults or they had a poll torch and they have no faults in the in the in the deal. Or any of those scenario I just gave you go to ritual bath Cleveland we'll. We wondered you know if this series would change your opinion of change. You know we also now because I think he's pretty realistic about where Christine miss. But it might change the opinions of of fans. Right who sit there and and think that there is a two year window with this team when that team you've played last night is still controlling that window. Right up and say you know trade this trade Disco bit difficult at that I use up all your assets and you know bring in Hayward goal gave Paul George and let's go win. Cannot change your opinion we makes it so you know what. Maybe a better off. Developing brown develop drafting faults developing Fulton maybe as it is not part of this but Jim Lansing trade him. By amount of the year and it showed up hours in jail number continues to do what he did last night plays at a pretty high level he was the best player. Wearing their uniform last door but he plays at a high level. I agree with you I think the faith based out there's gonna look at it and say I am given a Jim Brown is part of a package to go to Paul George or give up a Jimmy about lament the fact. I think more kill folks is the guy you want to get right now because if he can show of this type of maturation here in the next two years and he's up there. And he could show that maturation the next two years along Jalen brown taking it to the next level next two years and then we're ready. Once you know LeBron decides that you know he doesn't wanted to listen. Or his wife tells them. You don't expect to hear you're done with the pocket I'd 6177797937. Will get at some of this stuff plus we've got to get into Beaumont to jump. Because this was shocked me I gotta tell you but he's consist of his position. I respect. Coalition makes you an offer you can throw you so you guys are very were pitchers Monday and Friday NYM Glen is the god father of sports are all right. Salsa don't say that please. Please don't say that back to veto remotely and Fauria. Plus Sports Radio W. The godfather of soul. I think America. I shall we an interesting situation here a couple nights ago as we have done Golden State. Coached by acting Coach Mike Brown right he's. Well integrate this speaker of the greats he was he was coach over Cleveland Cavaliers everybody oxide he was the assistant large cited the he stood on his side on the sideline as. So. He's and is. His own town now he's the acting coach in the Golden State Warriors he's trying to get too big game. And he's gonna give you this situation would you tell us as you listen to me and tell you the story of him trying to get to big game the other night game. You tell me how you thought the media might react to this and then we'll tell you actually how they get out. The spurs were on this news and you know there's. Police escort motorcycles in front. That's OK it's one motorcycles and it's you know that red lights and turn left it up extra pauses there tells anybody get through his own. So my buddies I only got to thank the spotters for their part to Michael maples. Go to the next red light and more cops comes and now we the buses right up on us more cops come and get through witnesses kind of helped us out so help me out as I got double or read Dominic. So then we get to the are we about to turn right into to go through the big gates would last red light. And so you know it. Depends disgrace and stuff raise as much slug loose start to go. Aggregate or left wing right go through where we all go through. And cop I don't know where pool. Cardinals yeah you do stop. Yeah. What is acting coach. I can't pay you stop. Slug out like like myself on the ground. I didn't leap but you Oakwood. Though so let's start to gold but I've got reports that hey you know my parents got. So like OK I'm on motorcycles right. If I months from the locals they can get scared and on good skier from portable such a spokesman for. And then as you really suit and a few ripples that Pete and I him over the loud speaker. Hey you're an outrage over stopped. She right now you heard all of our shortstop so that I got scared of that has had cops are countries that so I just how does it just undated federal. So so that the bus go in eighteen counts. And I'm going around behind us I get the phone call. Gregg Popovich and we'll put out. It's the code but Poppins and I. I didn't know that was Jew. Because I'm sick and her team is likely to her and she always had surrounding the Jakarta and in sport unlike. He's not rested. It. Don't. Know. So what would you. I think. So. So he has liquidate its own. It was Clinton does your bread and never quit so he's laughing his ass off look at them yeah. A chance to subcontract your laughter rights homes and lives left and I like the situation kind of Florida. Talk more whatever. So Beaumont Jones on here. Okay it was started talking about the situation. I don't think but money was left. I don't feel like pop the friend that I would need in an under that circumstance like and maybe maybe me in my brown Allen bit less myself Parsons made in my browser Hosni showed a shot and always want. Is loaded dad eject about a cost like dev outside retarded my job like somebody might be Latham an eagle duel and I'll leave that is 8880 BI and all that laughing in my president's been out here and Astoria and I'm like hey where's where's that where's the funny part. And every time here among Jones when you look at different accents and different. The different sports but like all such you with your impression we give them credit though because we talked about this yes team before showed today it was. How is this thing gonna be perceived as a funny story. Because you know. If that happened down the garden. And that happened and that Mike Brown in Boston it would have been fun to it would not have been fun. Giving soon where everything is right right and rival Deloitte and what it's a serious thing but it would add with bullets possibly expect exactly right. What happens in Oakland. Where it blackening it stopped the people don't possibly but believe he can be at the head coach of of NBA team. And he could stop in the police treatment always treat them out there and it's it's a funny story. Police are money was consistent I just give us any good attitudes no question but you know if that they had at that didn't happen at the garden you know there should be a much. Yeah bigger salary impunity that the mandate it's it's all that's up nearly it's you're talking about going in not every cop knows who the hell. The head coaches there and there doesn't all the players. Doesn't Donald acknowledgment of god it's stepping in as the head coaching without goes like let's say you go there yeah you're the assistant coach all year your take every home game your take in the same route maybe. You know the cost maybe you don't maybe there's a heightened security that day. Maybe one guy it's says stop you don't listen in the on the next cop sees the other cops they stop and he knows that you're not listening. And everybody gets involved. You but the fact is that this happens all the time. Not at all time you have a party pat that allows goat in that area. Why why why this is what it is it's a funny story between two friends that fact you not get your own. But we thought that day. Would react we we didn't think they were to react like this because it's a different area. It's Oakland that whole area Lou you know with a baseball park is is right there that a high African American population in that in that area so. It's not like Boston where you have the you don't you you seem far more white people but in ramadi just above money Jones was consistent and heat again. Invoked race he brought the rationed to. All those people in media rule all found that to be so funny Asia Freddie reminded some of us here at the situations in different ways right like not all of us here with the humor is in nets armor one town at a bunch of friends over to my house that I live in California has need much mobile me and like. Three out of my dues in a while why do I do my best friends and he comes through and at the in laws that door at his DBS satellite for it yet upon death and it. He wasn't a door he explained a dead heat and pulled over. He's registration with expire is any shares was expire his car seat woes inoperable aides explained as it got pulled him over. And all of those things happen. And we're all looking at him like in your year. Right I were a really good and my way and it's all these things happen and you were allowed to drive your car away from the scene and we dissect elimination other lack. I don't understand how this happened. So what's. Every story does. Well he's he's telling users to what I want Andre was special for and that and police were sitting near shouting hey you stopped a Mike Brown gland. You're talking about a stadium right any stadium in America. How many times. This happened to meet with a page avenue Seattle. That meeting Carolina. When they don't know what was happening is up happened Dustin Pedroia won it's hurting like what did you just take it what it is there it's a funny story. And it adds up to me I see it on his opponent with race. He's the coach he's been acting coach know the cops don't know he's. The head coach basically at this team right now during the playoffs. So he's right next to the bus of one of his buddies who actually to head coach that he's playing against on the next few connection and I and their friends. There. Not your own. Are kind of up. And you know you know win win team bus to show law half security of Melbourne on URL. LA priority is this team buses here. We got to get everybody out of the way get the bus in with good as we know that's the teams that that's there at number one job everybody else. You know army seriously if it was police escort and it goes like a player in the 18100. That they study looked at the clock it may be recognized. Right but it could have been a role player and where else. Nondescript kind of got white black no matter what you need to hold on the bosses the team right here it's in our money team. By the way you guys still trying to inch through even Nortel need to stop gap unique to stop. And so this is where the money Jones is showing some consistency like unlike us who kind of laughing the whole thing off laughing it off the laughing at. So he's not pointing it at Oakland the way he would pointed at Boston. Which he probably should do but at least he showing some consistency he does not believe this was fun. You looked at us and it was like the first time in his life equally understood old snap. While it's really apples allowed to do visitor as a rescinded its like what has gone because it that the process that prevailed eight. Was totally different in the process of every receipt dude hit for the cycle and got away with a yes but wait a power outages and he had to say about it and so forth. So I was gonna tease him if they're California Highway Patrol tells you to move over you move won't he didn't do them. It was fun. Nah nah nah I may just be clear but no no no not funny and I got to imagine meet in a situation I'm like okay. So how to like go to my registration. Without anything here. And. What is this is he's bringing race until it. The only thing he's not doing is he's not pointing the finger at Oakland the way he would this work loser if this happened in Boston major story right now beach hello. All ours. And beaten back violently if you like a segment revenue earned a year and you know we do you have Shannon sharp sound to wreck or don't anyway apparently it. We have more guys talking about I'm just I guess a little surprised. Next sites I can't even get separated what are they get rid of it going on when I when I saw this. Mike Brown talk about it I was laughing my soft it was in this kind of funny. Because you think of the same thing they're trying to rush the bus and they know the buses that San Antonio Spurs they're not looking in inside the other cars the other vehicles in these prices and it ought. Colonization happen to finance it and coached with and your coach against in this game has beyond the boss. That the police are trying to get through and you're trying to sneak in Beaumont is consistent in its its ratings given to. We've returned to more affordably Merck moaning and Fauria do it forget it she you have been studied and I am happy. And this put college Sports Radio WEEI. Did he was telling that story last night and think he doesn't get the gravity. But what's going on America does not I'm with he got a ordered an opportunity. This whole meaning many of my race. To not get bored. Because he's fifth on the course of the war with the easy with a black bars that's what I keep track to fail people. Is that. They didn't see you as the war physical. They saw what you ethic black beret that was not following orders this could have carved out very very different. I can't you let me acorn probably just call it usually you're about to get arrested what you gotta benefit of the doubt a benefit of the doubt this vote really does not here. And their family members are battling. You cry. On was just skip Bayless. I'm not sure the way that Mike Brown told the story. That the count actually heard that he was the coach I mean it was kind of like. But not to know who we want that now. Now exactly what I think he ate it they're making. Something out of this that I don't think actually existed which and it showed says he wasn't it was a black and it was not following the rules. Anybody who's not following the rules and that type the situation person iPhone is a person not fallen heroes and that's a problem for law enforcement when you're trying to get. This plus. That they have to protect the players on the San Antonio Spurs because let's. He is all about indeed out of the way and it's so they allowed Mike Brown to keep going through. Because it was it benefited the convoys corrections to the lawyers they keep that but I'll probably traffic anymore so they kept letting them through. Finally they got to point with the bad and bad to make them stop I guess not now. Two buses through and he kept trying to god yes stop. And the dog to keep going on but not well stop your view cool. Can't get all the police legal on you stop the U coal and then he doesn't another guy. From the patent. You expect them to do and now Shannon in those skip ticket them to the next level do you understand what open PD unit that it's that copd. What how and how old the the relationship with black read it in that community does Mike Brown have any ID. Of just how much it just how fortunate EE. If Kiki she is running game because of who but I would. He fit I was out Bible that you believe me. Op pool box truck a little quotes. It's gonna wrap non motorcycle cop with his call. We've seen a situation in Cincinnati would be also fired into the car being killed off topic they are missing that would doubles. My brow you make it a lot of the situation. That could have gone horribly tragic we roll tune don't laugh about it. Well Opel and hello. Here's both not stop there or not it. Hole at a Q what else can you visualize using did you hear the stories he did it page your place you see it I don't operate that way. This is no cars whatsoever there. But see all the time. See so so Mike Rouse as hard honest about it. He uses the word police so that the red flag but just because well but they're trying to do this car there's a week it. Benefit from the convoy. So we can you wanted to stop anymore exploit call over. But what they're doing that you think. I feel like he's blaming Mike Brown right yes he thinks Mike Brown no matter you don't think since it privilege. Mike Brown because he's big a ticket that he public that that's what the narrative. A little bit different is in Boston. Yes the muted much different would it be blaming Mike Brown. Don't be blaming racist Boston area of course security is Mike Brown black coach of the goals they've borders and there's not been there but listen to this this is where he gets into the pros think he's picking Mike Brown who happens to be a black man. The cops may have had no figure it sounds like they had no idea who that tells you what they know the San Antonio Spurs were on this bust they had no idea who we was to all of these cars work on trying to commit to the parking lot. In the Summers and Shannon Sharpe thinks that Mike Brown African American is suddenly privileged. I'm I'm I'm listening in my mouth is open. Become MC he doesn't Wednesday. He had no idea he thinks. That he would be real. From being a black man in America because somehow he with the court to the Golden State ward now. Out of peace that I would assume that he did and now he Mata had ten or whether it's probably not but. Our community and if he corps base in speaker. That I bald lie. It's just unbelievable. Mike Brown Gaby story in which you laughed in which she had the other coach on the other bus and they were making eye contact even had a phone conversation. He never brought up that. The cop treated him differently because of the color of his skin. We had media members now or taking it to their agenda they're taking a fur right on their urgent and that's what they're going to the point. Now we're Mike Brown. It's getting chastised by the African American Media people for dean suddenly religion when he's they're telling you the top know and it's. In a definite do with the color your skin used to know who you work right and it was Steve Kerr. And the San Antonio Spurs buses. With the convoy and the escort with all the cops on the motorcycles and probably suvs you'd Taylor. They would they would yell at him also. But maybe he decided I'm not gonna try to push the issue iMac and trying to sneak my way and I'll let Steve Kerr no the bus go first. The main priority. Is we get the buses through security through all the fans out through the parking lot. Without any inner and interaction than anybody no wind puncturing retires or prohibit change right braking delay on what I have going on us. You who's assistant coach for the Celtics. Which one of the JD. That are there right in there I got him mica of the bunch I'm Cindy think. I went to the Boston Police Department and execute you identified two iron into a Larranaga right now. If you identify and privacy and so if he was the acting head coach for the Celtics end of that Cleveland Cavaliers boss was common through. The Republican and it's able you gotta stop we got players over here come and nick on the caps. Music on the coast are you that it's unknown if he's in a car stuck out his window screen on the culture just in the car like you recognize me now. They'll recognize assistant coaches. Again I'll repeat Bridget if you know it looks like. You people. And a few people get in Hebron but of you fall on to Saint Paul. And send them. Chris Taylor Nagin has buried the I think guys who got married and guys that ended beat out of you made a union label crime you know stopping for different reasons percentage of initially wanted to identify him he's already at a critical but it I would say that's 2 o'clock in the and it's interesting they didn't bring this up. But I would I would bet you anything. Based on the the break out ethnic break out of Oakland and the people to go to games are vs Boston. You're going to have four more black people that are that are driving cars communion to the facility at that god. Your but but they're it's amazing to me we all laughed about the staying with my prime summit a funny story he's late on the idea. I assume Reese in it at all. Mike Brown didn't see race in it at all right certainly Popovich. And Popovich seems to be a guy who is very. I sensitive. About racial issues he picked this press conference two days to go to attack the president again right. He seems to be very engaged in what's going on in this country he is seeing it. As a black issue and yet the media is playing up to nick as I said the only thing that's listen. It didn't happen in Boston a little brother happens it happens in Boston all it's it's definitely. It's just try asks that he would exempt. From being a black man in America because some you the court to the Golden State Ward. Just. I just see a harmless funny lighthearted story. That could happen to anybody at any point in time based on how many times you've been through those situations. I would not have been on a bus and I'd seen the cops go back crappy include re easy. At banned in other cars. Trying to mess with the the escort that the convoy that they back on either going to the airport checkpoint to the stadium going away and listen to lead in the hotel. Mean it happens. All have the time I get through different opinions and experts say you know I think that well money's at least consistent. As we could say we we flippant sales Q if this was it Mike Brown today in Boston among the same thing and a but he did get stopped at. Jenny sharp is the one that I have to question. Does he blame and Mike Brown as a privileged black man this country. And if that happen in Boston I don't think discussion be blaming Mike Brown at all. Don't know him would not we don't. What a way that I've been ample 48 years as black. That's true. Instead so I think and I think Mike Brown who's somewhere in his late forties and what I think he's been black pearl why wait can you just take the story. As that is that's my biggest issue with my black and white out of I kept I kept the race issue I did I understand how. Contentious some of these debates are and how sensitive people are too based on the oral history and everybody's different. But why can't you just take this story. Well what it is. Up funny harmless holy crap my boy my body. Stopped from going into his old stadium especially when the person it's specially when the person who got stopped and couldn't get into the to the parking lot of the arena. Is sitting there telling the story and telling you that it was a joke. Not not in anyway saying I was treated differently. Because of the color I and other police dogs he was what was the bush so what I've no idea. I've no idea let's let's go to break down to look into it but also it's it's less about him well maybe Mike Brown has to do that coming up he's got to answer that which is in particular he's the head coach. OK so any any guy who's who hey coach yeah that's status any players we feel like we can get away with more. White or black because it for the gold they wars so you know it the old rules don't apply because in this game. Mike Brown that rule that applied special and I'll head coach. What are the opt out of power back with that curry. And nobody know you know what but I'm special tonight because this is that Western Conference finals and you need to treat me special and Zaza warning gotten white. In order to. Yeah I don't. So I was you know want to hit there's an assistant coach that we forgot about that people were picked up brought one all the McCarty. I love Walter here they would they would of opened the door for him got on well we regret. I six wants them you recognized right 6177797937. Other hour ago here.

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