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K&C - David Ortiz defends Boston; Tomase and Reimer take on Kirk 5-18-17

May 18, 2017|

Hour 4: David Ortiz defended the city of Boston and Kirk took on Reimer and Tomase.

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Security and Callahan. Through waves of bodies a bronze in the gonna Wear him down with it's hard to believe that he's better. A lot better. They can win the series it's the junior. Thought I lost chair as they can win this series her with Kirk commit I am all in on on mark felt full speed he's my guy now. They've never seen instantly ever not once they have Abbot and I feel like hey bill I'd I'd want to leave highlight the ups. It is tricky but on the Internet you go watch YouTube videos there's half hour YouTube video that clip and I've been going like crazy watching these things and Gerry Callahan. It's going to be more knuckle heads in Boston the Boston. You've been up and hey you yeah. African American and I suppose what Afro Caribbean if you notice a difference in treatment in Boston of Afro Caribbean I suppose you would they play. They mean compromise and let them play that gold remorse and I hardly see the situation the game you're all racist homophobic. Mean if both Sports Radio telling you we. That's a 2017. Able bracket would cut Tomas the on the team to hold news 2016 yo what curtain and. Culture review register who knows who Albert and her and I'll call him into a freight train. Who Albert and her island who every time Armani calls and he's like Roemer I got a bone to pick your views on this. Similar I Alex Roemer lookalike tomorrow she went through the the road to health and I'm like god is on which please he gave a believable. China that he competed at its peak. He is right after the heated this was Klan hood to modes yes it's right off the back at shopping yeah I think before the shot that was my acceptance or stressed that there yet this advantage Shaughnessy analysts will be beleaguered right. Yeah and and anarchy you. No album my original issue. How many how many rounds were there is an only three yet probably three or four. You be my Jones I'd be put money Jones in the final also peak. Rate that was 55 movie. For a beats audio that yet. It made it was out there and Austria Shaughnessy was a lifetime lose. Money Jones shouldn't even have been in he's not a bus. Was part of our show. I understates the it's different but I but none are what I'm saying it's usually not having you know he beat out hats on him that is unbelievable. You don't want the mighty Jones when he. And in bust our you know he can be and it but he needs to lose that's that would have heard it at a local boy it probably won't get. But it's nice out there when one day accent 01 day. I guess I'll grant the week to week. And looked like out I didn't touch I don't I don't points. My short he was at the landfill is exactly the I've been flawed but I remember seeing that I think I remembered that the government. So Dave Ortiz make it around saying these guys he's opens all should be thanking these opens booklet crazy Everett W guys should. He got the station any time government NPR this afternoon mated with hustler is he's got Xeon is not this week that he's gonna studio this witnesses reported it. So he resolved with Kellerman in Stephen A yesterday and the and Jones have to get the past history of yes we have. I don't that's why I have to Samie. Right here it's literally right fits right in front. You'll look at I was giving you my. Rent last night. I'll see you memorized. Mavericks tonight and I asked can meet and I'm assuming it was an accident like this it's not the most intelligent person in your interest in class I've noticed that you and what's his name Jeff what target he got a lot of parents really Smart presses you you would never rises with it. Although I'm getting lost in her eyes were some. They are injury where we're worried remember or remember where we work that had that effect on contacts us and take up the by locals to Austin high locally regular glass and it's part you intellectually hip sort of an I don't like the idea put them. And so I've never contact you never try to battle now you would not too lazy eye surgery now. It's now painless theater. Yeah until lines in my 2040 degree that it will be happy about that yet not mean I forget to take the contacts out. I did like a drunken night I mean who could remember that can. They go axle. So Ortiz off without you guys this week Blues Traveler is yet you're. Fresh fruit to your. He never heard before Jack did it matter now Brooke that now all of this writers in fact it. The surge probably had gas I think he did a not to know you consider. Well I mean none of it is being way out of our technical probably all attacking it definitely. But in terms of not being mailed them can still make it very accurate that's the weight that is it is it like the BM nine. About saying. If you got 250 pounds in the I think we just would do it obviously. Personal would you do if he had no I would I would never yet. Hopefully send bussing to DOS I did like is the deputy and here's what I do if I did if I gets an assay gets a 350 yeah. I would be like well this is the path that was chosen for me I was meant abuse as a certain way that you read about these people who get to a certain way where they actually go and he said you actually put on thirty more pounds get. Oh interest yes report conflict in the month allows cut offs that does sound. He's out here actually silent I was shocked and watch a show like super obese people like 4560600. Pounds yeah I actually am in their my idols who want to like their wives to be six shout let's finish out actually Graham. In fact act. It's it is yeah I mean usually guys his and his wife I can't move and thought she can you began at bats and he likes that you'd be an issue after he went to serve the queen of like that taser and he likes the owner yes tests meanwhile we're working with somebody who had the surgery Kurtz I am still. More commits that ever. About how can you believe that probably his story and his stories you walked like two miles a bit. Put him ma'am yes about the you know factors right now Norton you right now if you got there. I mean I know about it is huge but it. Missile joy if you knew him then so yeah Ali steadily skinny and now you are creepy stations as a date now. Right we don't know fifty pounds. Punts yeah. This is that I thought to do apartment. Ortiz signed yesterday though but those guys. And the Adam Jones subject as it always does it's never going to go away ever. Although I Jones to give 20000 dollars to Negro League museum to be like me giving twenty dollars to music is that. Good job it really counts I love it I don't Negro League museum every time I'm in Kansas that I love it enough. Homestead grays aren't they loved it loved every time indicates the environment. That you're sure now. By zero Alleman draft since it's essentially the same as that is that they have movie theater America. But what's the one Austin, Texas hundreds of years you don't like the cardinals. And mental illness and death anyway the program like that commitment to get them as. Our. Bruises yesterday Ortiz. With who Maxwell. Air masks and this question first the great journalist great voice what's your from. There's an incident I'm sure you heard about at Fenway. With the Orioles outfielder Adam Jones getting racial slurs yelled at him what what's your reaction to that. I focus on my boy that come found. Putting on are these basically before. He. Talk to me about some situations they face back there and reality is that this is this a solid did that it's it's hard to describe the situation. That you did caddie until I mean this this goal. Way beyond American history go over what we went for the pass. In today's day I don't think that's what Boston groups that you know like I I've been Boston for so long. I had never faced any racial. Situation or their people to support knife over there you sometime got a couple of knucklehead out there that get thrown it fifty and then Kamal we. That kind of stupidity I'll talk about please don't focus on that that's not what most of us were. OK so he's taken that as. Equals. Adam Jones Obama well we can move will do this again I guess I'm don't view our guys and it's the same thing Jerry would say as well. In 2017. UN and I both knowing you're able to be some video proof of this that the applicant John some between the time round there's no question. If you're not cynical that story. Line. And I don't believe in 2013 there is only one person this is not a victim story lawyers for anyone to notice because. He got on the phone okay it was a big story 2013 was the biggest foreign country don't know notice OK so too does have two new ones yes nobody's talked about it afterward. It is ST it's it's not fishy it's not true you height. But got another he was sitting with a group of people who while felt the same mine and I would Arabia Saudi. Hotter section of the fabric of the same way it could have been badly towards us all pulled the much. So the whole section at Fenway Park all felt. That would April rail is anywhere else in there are some guys moved enough to say. If you sat there were some recent. I have I've been in a game where some say you know what I did nothing meets him if that's I don't know if you're a bad example. Abducted and I was I I would confront the guy I wouldn't call security now. You would wouldn't do a thing you would do that whether you would talk when afterwards I would like it was a great coming in media Koran would talk about this is my job to. Ironically of course one guy in the media than the next day. What's his name was I was at this guy's name. The guy who now push up the guy at the guy who freelance for Google. Oh like Calvin panic cabinet for cal had a couple weeks after that they're gone underground right that what happens what do you what he can get it didn't happen. Believe waning that why the police say at the guy admitted it and the reds president indictment by at least to not say the least that's it. Yes it looks at assuming you have report F as anybody else all right Michelle anybody knows us now we're adding we try I don't ever. I trust Michelle make anybody else last two weeks ago that there are lots of Red Sox said the restaurant has edited the records that are going to pacify crop have to wait season the Red Sox lie about it is that one doesn't fit I don't want nothing to say I don't I don't know is that anything probably the Red Sox said Sam Kennedy was quoted by a box yes luckily right Sam Kennedy said the fan admitted to us yes I think Zelnick feet and they say that kind of thing has admitted Ted Kennedy passed well not this is what I I'll get back to what will it take. To appease you. Video proof summon around do you I'll ask you this year's mark yeah I'm not using the smartest person your eyes. Do you do you know worsen and I'd pop outs. You think it's quits that we could you conceive it's coincidental. But the one person has happened to the next day is somebody who freelance for the globes were stories about his biracial. Now what would that yeah that's right through it all squeezed out of what's the end game I yeah exactly really apply for a strike and apply it tells OK why he thinks he's held the story here potential to make it I'll thank us in the red sock ally and now your gonna buy into it I think shopping cart if it was a big conspiracy yes I agree with the idea that because he's written about this before he'd be more likely to write about it. I do not for a second. Say. It didn't happen I knew I didn't write about a plea that Johnson's which is named him the canard. Calvin panic have a house would act. OK the but as Kate and I I don't I don't believe that story I don't believe the story at least somebody leaned over after nationally at the and use the phrase I'd never heard used in my life which I don't eat. And work out a couple of about what. From since that first he does he's supposed to sit on radio silently told the story what you want yeah believed he keeps on the same if you are you wrote about all of Johnson's ex reason why don't we wait and why does he didn't write about isn't it's its own experience you guys that they all look at this he's just profiting off that you made it obviously to write more stories Kurt you asked for I we want people to come for I know this is a separate incidents. But some were trying to toddler here Luke winners and Luke and I don't know I guess Perry Jamison yes that's. So a guy comes blower right with his personal experience yes which while it does not confirm Adam Jones does at least confirm the idea that these things happen at Fenway. And here's my experience and you doubt about it while I actually don't doubt naturally anyway yeah it's quiet ousted. I am office kept healthy skepticism. All Florida so I don't believe reliably gotten jealous saying that a few items and keep. And it. And I don't want to forget I don't want to keep repeating myself but I'm going to write Michelle McPhee police he admitted it to us Sam Kennedy. The fan a little sympathy reported to police possibly tonight currency Michelle McPhee understood who I trust yourself Boston Police. I spent what she reported to possibly should state I didn't say they died summit be reported that the police said. He admitted just reported that what's his face was legally. The mark. Was completely innocent and on Enron so she's brought about everything helps what helps our story yes OK I am seriously Aaron Hernandez who goes around about it completely I am choosing to believe. I am always asked Wilson is reporting that we have corroborating. Statements from Sam Kennedy. CEO of the Red Sox I don't mean to south executive and you mentioned yet but what you're saying is he would that he lied about it. Maybe hassle like that's all he does it outline he doesn't have to sandy yes he has to he has to he has to say that on the NHL today he is right down to two security but the story building bending over backward Afghan they could it but. You know what he very easily. Could've done all of those things without saying the fan admitted. He could've just pasted on. A fan came to us and told us this that we take these allegations seriously and that. Sam Kennedy yeah waiting to break. The fan who I expect the solar candidates talked to say yes and what I'm saying is why does Sam neat why would Sam lied about that conference because when asked you have to say that. You don't if you use obviously he's okay comment. Now what you say is we take these allegations here as it appeared to note that walls in this PC or your job easier and can't have made that. And Michelle McPhee. Either got out and for me and that happens that crap and Calvin Hanik don't call me Luke and tired yes duke. Small and over and contrived and Adam Jones made it best airline estimated up all right yes. I am I a tin foil hat looks very nicely on your citizens Clifford nice and it's very nice on you the wind again. So on until four O because Adam Jones said this idea that. There's no proof whatsoever no between numbers come ports have been hurt it. So I'm the captain for yes OK does that make sense to anybody that out of mine Adam Jones Tony thirteen it happens to black out it's at an outsider as a player. Athens just happened to Apple's on the outs. Adam Jones four years ago family is in no way relevant that was and it's been that showed that attack attack I Saturn president haven't seen it happen before apparently gripped it Torii Hunter says it happened on the Red Sox players that task is that as an individual partners at the same person. No so this route but it says there's a pattern now I don't know I don't haywire after that surprises Ohio all respected that nothing for me was absent. Out of 2013 so what this says is a pattern of behavior. Substantive sixty years ago a family to us that it once more relevant to take down and ran into agree Kevin Cullen about the other day. It some guy fifty years ago was talked with a racial stuff from a park. I am sure that happened and it's nothing to do with 2000 idiotic. It plays now you don't see the relevance of the when he thirteen thing when it involves the same player I do not be anywhere. At the same person he's but hold on don't none of them you'll now you know I'll answer your question no. Not. That it's John it is relevant because you doubting what Adam Jones heard and we asked proof that he has heard this before. And if he told her if he would tell you I've heard this before you'd say I want proof. Alex and they'd rather not happen to them and you said that was worthless story so keep track when you're looking at a price our team it's not a story Letzing gain enough for it's now the economy has happily in the Adam Jones attractive she is. It done you could get much hotter not even kill I'm joins us. Yes you just say that because he's exactly like it discussions about race yes artsy 6177797937. We've done that's why I've actually done that much missile shields thing. So Tomas Tomas is defenses to skip the straight. Lots of defense is gonna he's committed this will be 100%. Accurate portrayal of an entire section could potentially feel the same way back did you set yet. So we're just into I don't think that is I don't think that's likely but I think it's possibly so I oriented well. Tomorrow she's defenses that is that that section was used that throughout his tireless go to racists and ninety got to sedate feel indifferent towards go to a new new news that somebody's that if you the same way. But in different is it that way. A fire like. That. Yeah inserting words that you racism when scorer got. But it's possible to racial experiences in Boston I don't think their line and take him out there wears me out culpable racism plays have to be put 34 Sprague is to look around and Elliott were hit. Michael yeah and bring us as we passed that if there were funny. I surely regret actually got his Atlanta I want the falcons to win to beat the most racists it and have been to left side laughed. Lap was fine it was an unbalanced line I thought that was funny and an opinion. And you just play. We got it wrong to. Yeah I do that or anywhere else now I guess who's trying to that was supposed to joke that rate in some way or something something like that. It Jones talking to Jeff pass and another pain free agents. We can make us that review arm tonight. Tacklers. They went at it would actually read imagine or the book about you know Tommy John surgery he pitches again you know life's too short. Our judgment call the racial slur Boston yes Jones to me a few others. I hate to single pot I'd be a couple of ground the whole nation here fans got nasty. Office on the you do with other day went Andersen's report people's frustrations after optic have been fired when it can chew them out kids who got sick. But he he blames alcohol he gets tied aggression was sports is Twitter incident socially fantasy a distinct fantasy sports tribunal verse that says. So I don't know I don't believe the guy I believe in proof I think somebody with a stepped up in that section it said this had simply been way too much but it is a story in America for. Yeah I wanna see yourself in the middle of that what's known haven't heard a boy looking neat yeah I didn't other team out that's it appoint somebody to come forward that's a good point out who was. I'm Nico Nico to come forward job by the liar he was a lot it's he didn't happen it's a and they want it to happen but it didn't happen. Probably didn't happen. Yesterday such as the gap right yes. And yeah in tonight and he does utterly correct yes yes of course so that I. Well I'm not backpedaling for a second that's a tricky was fishy at all now. I that a man I later heard the and order fan I know she's sound you heard him words in the game yes where was us and what. 199. Announced when he as I've I told the story of the last am going to reread your guardian or mercenary. Nobody heard racial slurs at the game not the not yet correct nonsense that's kind of spots that nobody what kind of spot assist the states he pavilion usually it's a mossy section where else where else the mail with his people that's in the center field bleachers senator Allen into what looks like Adam Jones right. So that the deal the center field it's like Rolando McClain you know they stadium Manny and David ticket package I'm gonna go on to cover the event ticket I was like happy birthday is the tell the people the regular Red Sox decide you know we're just gonna capitalize. Claimed eight of them. There's a black outfit Jason Heyward committed to enforcement of. She says I want to look what they got to get to the cup lives over 26177797. Nods she said here's a couple calls are already on my site. Paula if you agree with Alex it's a must and they need your help you we'll get to Greg Mike dressy guys here we get back it is perky gal and no talent mossy and Alex wants. Kurt came Callahan on Twitter and Kirk can Callahan. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. Ortiz is talking about the Al. Complaining about the contract is of course if he's still upset about yes it's contracts here you first to Theo Epstein has that numbers crunching Red Sox success. All Theo Epstein numbers crunching. I don't know it'll whiff of a little anti semitism now I think from big popular. But Jewish people like numbers numbers crunching that's a fact is that because this is an anti semitism they like numbers. The bill would numbers keep setting where you keep contract. Reggie White what is it with those watchers member of that the league ma'am you're out of losses minds that speech. Certainly Japanese emperor who watches it watches us. I was reading through the lines. York US in the I think which roads Michael Holmes and this is that it is deeper incident yet. I don't think I think Ortiz wrote that could be wrong it's with Paul I think does a quote right I saw the globex and not red -- the blanket statements with Michael hall Ali's final I'm guessing he wrote a terrific guys gonna slam the Ellen in the unit wrote the on the Nazi got to include this all the numbers crunchers in baseball are considered would be Jews. Why aren't that. Now and Reggie whites and Asians are inventive that can turn television into law that's that's pretty and it's that's pretty and it was. To back that you could say that my melodies and guess what I mean we're watching TV and watch that's good or did somebody. That music's appropriate for the should guys come the judge used. A was the Bulger Yucca write a book never. Maybe some. It sounds in the Circuit Court meaning and story tells the note I can write writes I got it started last year the cart many story the Forbes the Forbes profile. Extradited to a doctor job here in dead yes it. I that Cardwell had not that was that was what I mean this guy's a shrewd operator shall we note that race for the and that was that was the proper point event I set out why Michelle I wanna get on their radar out an idea that I actually got the call was. Two critical for my taste but that's why I mention the area to story yes which had to deal out but yeah you should use what's the phrase the phrase from the men's fitness thing that's where you should. Right dog buyout die by allegations and sexism it didn't happen right. Let's get to these calls this city went takes her skirt and a wide. What was that campsite okay. Let's go to gets entered let's go to Q I'd Vick in Connecticut nick you're on WEEI. When you gotta radler. Like this in between each other. Guys did you really think back in La yet you know all the reading after you got people role that each other that is happening here that's where the first time ever. Getting any sale as the first time matter and that's not the advocates that stat that part of the great defense that's not a team not a group not the greatest news I can have an outside I'm happy. I would say not a great defense nick I would say that. You're lucky you heard what it's about thirteen I mean he's got that they get right now. Biggest soccer and baseball. Get on a regular size of the rivalry to me is not relevant to discussion. And he's in he said that he is said that Red Sox fans are fine you said a few and a few about apples don't speak for the whole bunch in your second say now yes yes and settlements like Spencer racist right yeah I don't think that's that's up at the start that the current or those Red Sox arrive at a move away from that on myself and that's that's when explain its study of that he's in Rhode Island value of that. I. I totally think Adam Scott heard it I mean Adams doubt yeah. And I think that Jerry and and and you are adds maybe even not live in the little ball won't. And I don't I don't know why you don't hear anything but. I'm me I hear them. Do you hear the union the Edward McCain. Odd about wrapped it don't necessarily it went well Willis plus I suppose us and you heard that. Some recent under the breath when the last time I heard someone say that under their breath yes. I have not read it also way and it's so you are so waves. Lola Lola. Well hold on hold on Natalie Cole Don I don't wanna go Lavar ball on the market don't hold on for a second. So you come out saying that we live in this bubble and you hear all the time and I asked. Is that done all along simply for proof and you offer much like mr. Jones much like Kyle Hendrix the Brett sucks and Darryl for the globe. Whatever his name and music Allan did you Allan and Randy and I was ready to Clemens a guide your your fool the continued. And get a pro. Have you found the truck you want to really. What can the find out. The by the prove that it didn't happen I can do that right now here's some space and is about America. That is the only path that. Really want to actually beach where. I know like I done quite the opposite of guys that too mossy now to try and I don't want to be true I don't. I care I I would try care I care about the city and the public the stories and Adam Jones does as it opens up the whole thing so we can use all again. When the race city bosses Michael Che. And for again but mom we know we know Urban Renewal it's I'm looking at trying to just retreated some from W you are tough to not see the job to mosque is of the world these bomb hits and I don't idealist anymore I don't. Like a stone article on yeah Q. If you want the story to go on and actually you could happen. He wants obviously disagreements here yet are happy to have an argument about absolutely it's so she did yeah. Shouldn't you you haven't quite an idol do you never happened either so. You wanted to keep. Didn't it didn't happen desperate to prove something didn't happen that's tough to do. Yeah well it used to. Yeah how we. So kind of biased you called and engage your long history of not hearing the N word which we would love figured it was last and he didn't hear three seconds I'll before the I have heard nothing happens in Miami. Every week I'll try to we yes I've heard people say nasty things to get paid to say nasty. Who caught. And and and racial slur on Italy people make out what can make it there were no class no. Yeah they're rock and worked moment. And that second. Yeah. You've ever heard the word in your life that you believe some of these stood. I'm Mike Hart senate loud enough for that was the year when you're in math. Okay I'll hold you now how do you say OK some 45. Years ago we heard somebody say that I agree. Don't know I've worked pretty much a lie it. My entire life. I apps I ask you. Example I did not furnish me with one do you have an exam. And I will tell you that when I was young I heard. Think that was. For five years ago those last century and the N word a lot growing up and have this college it was a. I'm Michael Rachel Dudley Hart the black person at a white people's program each other arrests yes let's idiots yes of course. Thank you. Thank you had to call it that well appreciate that Sparky it's like you know. The Buick in the ring on its future tried the twenty years. We sort of bastard better you hard to live with I think we wanted to and our thoughts and you have a handful although the Fed never seem and a handful you know so removed from Texas you say they're very very dominant personalities right so you discount that's unfair that's that's sacks as a sex sprays care let's go to Greg in the car Greg allow. Yeah guys only got to call it a follow. His and yours yes. Had people he went on into year 36 and sponsors that that court every year. And Adam Jones supposedly. In all want every couple of years ago but the blue moon coming out. So I think he heard it out. And even if he hit it. But my point is that reaction to the incident is its way overblown at city in the spotlight. Everybody it's really easy for forward and say look awesome race and look what happened I've been assembly probably 35 times and and I'd I'd never heard it but the most you're probably gonna hear out of is some trumped in nineteen year old kid. Who's been funneling out light in Alston all day and that shows but the game wade hit it tried to be funny and and it and it so. I guess my point is I don't that you heard it. I think that you know it does get that randomly. But when you look at the sample size of the number and in the number of games. And and the fact that you know they basically let anybody in the fight the ticket. Of course you're gonna hear some of that in in the stands at some point like it doesn't condemn all city that's certainly a warrant. Overblown. This discussion about how far out as a society in the town it's it's great enemy. Does any city react like this any other scenario but there's a those think it's called politics and it's just it's weird like this reflexive defensiveness. You bots and so whenever they would happen but it's not a sellout it's likely to racist people pick them up it's only answer at least that's how we gather around and stared holders of this is that there's a victim name Adam jokers who heard it who I choose to I don't soak everything happened and you be victim Gregory. Number two if it happened in Baltimore happened in Seattle. You know the deal with ESPN goes crazy about it would be people write about as much no Fossett. It isn't as racial racially true history of always know more or less complicated than many other a totally. Okay fine and artistic LA Chicago New York whatever the summary host city and its opening act like this because they can call it's low hanging after Boston. And British very parochial protected here sure I don't like that but it does I don't believe that the Austin's anymore let's racing anywhere else in the the whole image that you're trying to dispel is not helped one iota by immediately saying when are racist or car what is supposed to do an irate with was adamant in the American close races should say. You know what I guess race to say will try to be better but with nothing happened. What is it that he's posted I think it I don't I don't I just answer until we disagree I don't so much for saying oh OK I guess so pitch. And I'm. They played a scale lake with say it didn't happen what does that prove. Reviewed culture is approved that racism doesn't exist in Boston racism exists in Bosnia again doesn't El Paso. But analysts who and The Beatles though when you're right you. You when you have a number players and I'm I'm gonna preface this by saying Miami knowledge in this is a separate thing from Adam Jones but when you have a number of players. Sabathia. David Price other exiled player rights on to Sam Kennedy. Torii Hunter but on the list of guys who come out since this happened to say. Boston's the only town I've heard this and I was more and gonna my career started watch out for Boston you're gonna hear this stuff in Boston. Doesn't that tell you that maybe there is an actual problem in Boston and that. Our defensiveness is not just that on what happens I give you names of like Ortiz and for far by the against LeBron you said it's not the issue of legs and arms so divers and those guys are event not an issue rates so I'm happy that not every guy we are saying it's an issue but for those guys this year yes I'd say I don't I don't what the truth is there. But I don't believe David Price it's at the time I don't look it has Gifford and listen guys you your bar is that every black players ever come through here asked to have heard something I'll add a bat on the it didn't happen there it's not a problem I don't know what to tell you. Sure racism exists and I bucket bath but I don't believe the jolts don't we the price for an easy individually store by store lavatory on. I know how much of that yeah for sure what happened. Says it's the only place he's been called the and waited as the period went by who we have seen here we go ideally I think I want to wait until the so where's the video explicit promise to accusation on the way. That's unfair to ask. So we're gonna ask that of every so I think that's so we you don't you don't get your believe in the body and evidence you don't believe in what is however it's. Levels and and it was still all these players are flying after witness I don't know that I don't know that what we usually four guys I don't and the price. I don't believe John's complete punter Jon terminal in Macedonia. I believe called proper use called a month I believe that that happened. I happen believe Oca. OK I mean individually stomach listeners say this class action lawsuit against Boston come what happened. Is that by example a look at. And and you want proof and no give you something like. We gave you earlier with Calvin one can ask that as unfair and that there's there's no stomach B and C and Kennedy so there's two corroborating pieces of information. Those are not good enough you know you know we need to do a W he had apple needs to do we need to create. Hi Def upload link for Kirk. Where people can upload their video evidence of video proof people young and I have to be the end. Again our out Adam Jones aged around there in the service so big somebody would have talked you know back Alex knows that he calls were fishing which routes means he doesn't believe it's just. I've yet they had taking his way I believe believing that acting dent in my head I ate it up and you really don't know the source this year I don't need under my head slightly again they might have stories you right. I think it is little idle is odd that nobody's I. Again I found inside they're watching figure and the other sites you wanna prove to be true. On trying to work to maybe see if it's false because I believe in the overwhelming evidence I'd like to run the plumbing of wolves and other players out there was just out there with some guys in the seaside avenue the bigger story say persons have jumped again and what I brought it up it was to say exactly not talking about Adam Jones and I talked about every one. I'm talking about how maybe bus and is actually earned district it's a beginner at 5060 years ago no question. It's earned it last ten years. It's not the status of your players to disagree category ever disagree some players urgency disagree. Nice that guys are all her eyes. Well listen what happened plea deal disagree with Ortiz is less likely to hear it but even David Weiss because he was a superstar if you stand your somebody in their calls that these people we call that we figured individually there's never any of the players to. Well Red Sox players said this yeah yeah I was gonna say as a slam is that that is it and I don't know what you want me. Say to a 617779797. Will be. Kirk made sure. Sports Radio WEEI. Stanislav dammit you as a race. There's some story lines black hole sun has been remade cried more. Like orchestras and whatever aren't any broadside could seek an ambulance itself from. Bryant will be back to my room mourning two big guys are up next thanks to Alex about two months for hanging in for four hours that's what's so when he got to be written next. Wrap up show what's the verdict on the show. We'll slow start like this look like yeah yeah that's the last two hours ago pasteurized. Yet they add new starter it's I see quality and and its massive through two hours ago you know that the nit is going through exactly what is amazing wakes up in the they edit the headlines genes that entity put on hold. That's the take away I think consideration was the headlines this memorable natural gas see that's true joys that once they can suck every. What others like him this my first I don't headlines seem really nervous I was really the keynote address I think we're gonna hear. That's how it's guidelines but let's play tougher and I mean the guys up next for the react to a last night's game a lot more as well with those guys if you stick around for them will be back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock. Keynote address her side Paula then Mino to address. I think tougher.

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