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K&C - Nobody has seen Markelle Fultz; Leahy vs. LaVar Ball 5-18-17

May 18, 2017|

Hour 2: Kirk, Reimer and Tomase talk about how nobody as actually seen Markelle Fultz play.

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He's current. And Callahan. Through waves of bodies LeBron in the gonna Wear him down with it's hard to believe it he's better. A lot better here. They can win the series it's the only junior. Thought Boston chairs they can win this series her with Kirk made ahead I am all in on on mark tell full speed he's my guy now there are. Her they've never seen historically ever not once they have they have to have a few imply hate though I don't want so these highlight the great. News. The district you might call the Internet you go watch YouTube videos there's half hour YouTube video that a clipper I've been going like crazy watching these things and Gerry Callahan. Man does seem to be more knuckle heads in Boston the Boston beat. If you've been up at. Hey you yeah. African American and I suppose what Afro Caribbean if you notice a difference in treatment in Boston of Afro Caribbean I suppose you would they play they need cup for America and let them let them go broom ball and I hardly see the situation is it your all racists. Homophobic. Mean a vote on Sports Radio W we. I've always that you respect Afro Caribbean Community board anybody I've ever worked yeah that's happening yes I model my hair. Military got a little ankle external. If you are a society Eric tell her what's. We don't align its record say. Afro Craig you're trying too hard. You're trying to wait I mean he's it's it's relaxed in the and Latino it's okay you're looking at trouble I don't know it's all mine field but take a deep breath. So that's going to be okay. Quick couple quick things I had a couple of subsites as it is now has its. But a couple of things number one did you guys in what are you guys have a problem with did you see it on the job are treated. The Comcast like filmed celebration during the first African address Sochi easy bat what does it cost a little bit off the or what is going on here that whole show makes me uncomfortable and I want Boston sports night so cheesy late if holly and Mike the news room like it's it's very very strange very odd man so we take them. Watching the water being done right and he played on the air and. Okay. I don't Comcast you know like the younger guys are kind of into it you talk with the guys on death decisions and only going to be fans and tennis there. But like what is like do you think hallways that actually not excite these high five and that's totally their patriotic. Who but my question is like. And our show's done well I think sort of being anti and having other shows have as well obviously. But. I understand the wounds are trying to appeal to and they do what is the what is the prospering steamers. OK but I did a diehard Celtics fan will watch. But that's so weight which one you're talking about 'cause I saw like. Sure a sure I'd lose his mind also that too is gonna that's what I that's the way that I was goes by that. We have that it's okay hold on nuts but no problem I didn't give enough time you can go to other people yell at you because a potted plants do potted plant. Ronnie and your right my right Erica because of the Ares. Studying chaos or I didn't so I didn't hit the identity and a Kurdish that sort of has now Watson and real thing that's different points she missed. We never know announce us and a million times of Beantown right. Nobody it's it's very cheesy and can't hang in there. Cut shrub likely never on the Carson who was it troubling and talk about this campaign and we care about is do you like ten years straight HI Blakely yes never a good you don't wonderment. Ice had general Romeo and I. Did all desperate Chris medics but it. That's what Sony was like that's there's that's like the intellectual crowd the smashed her in the Indian and Tomas he had those guys named on the sports talk radio like a man a great appearance on here in the infancy it casting couch I like me. So who's it again in excess to it's great that. But it right now. We haven't. Would you. Sharaud just Iran and crowds or gal that's in one round that's that's in Somalia I DelHomme when they all lost her mind well like I I try it. Wouldn't really translate to radio unnecessarily that I mean Erica and five and everybody in places like terrorism conference typically these response. This court. We're giving us it's three. Sweated and Giambi about it. The shrub likely vote in the first pick in the draft he's so falls mark held the bad I mean I heard Lucy this yesterday maybe maybe there's little. He's Writely can you imagine pic the beat writer bowl for the patriots some other dive from some other team and Michael so. It baseball's quite a plaque made big trade that democracy can. Celebrate its. Now I mean I'll what is he doing what I understand its ports supposed to be funny sports are having fun here are. It's yes though on Mars diligently I'll have to be buyers still feels like a responsive directive does all the guys like I don't know it felt pretty from the real easy for. The Detroit I think is great and I thought he thinks he sees Draper and Stover injury he says that he's got to match Stanley. Homer mu which is a bad bad but is that genuine now communicate each of you mean no adult male can outside explore and play that's fine whatever he's trying to do that but it's tonight's. Draper was a little more subdued used to keep you watch him during his name c.'s use that big of a big trip. You are these record I don't again. I think some people like that's that's that I like Camelot isn't that nice damage to human. It Comcast but I think with their doings about. Anyway not a big deal but that was a little uncomfortable. We battled and get with the current view that the whole the whole situation and comfortable lots of each of you watched a lot of BST Boston sports tonight at the late show at turn nine on Sunday night yet yes yeah totally like. It would really replies I'm totally inoffensive and forgettable title but it's even historically bad I just think it's I want to thank them block. When nothing they have a moment of pause yet on the show but it's also not but the girl case was actually pretty good like Casey Smith she's not that they did agree profiler Casey said. They are it has to be an objective about it right it's hard when he's been does write a story Horford story. Out eleven in Hartford tail and a quietly why is people there anyway so and and you really saw. They can't try to sell me they don't know what they're talking about they don't watch the games like we deal on an unofficially you know offered. And I I definitely exports record your church and your Brothers are great players plus he did an interview with SI NS and now I'll text or Microsoft on this written off yet but not much that I posted an aggregate. Dollar and myself step up from aggregating it took some initiative that signal problem that you care but and Horford. I think her fifteen minutes predicament we don't he had shut down a Twitter account after she told elder. Rafter and number whatever was that would have been perfect within and I have to say last and they talk to or when would be no show from her brother now what it was it was she tomato when he missed that layup. Sorry did you like his defense on the ground and announced parable it's terrible. The only bad awful awful awful. Joe Brown played well anybody else as Smart had a couple marked at least play aggressive Darrell green garbage time racked up those points. I saw Stevens after the game I guess yes the same. That takes them some pauses are chipping in that lead the cavaliers. Off after it completes cruise control. Drive victory whenever needed basket they got past offensive rebound off that write about it got sent a semi late this could get interesting like at seventy whatever. Love the three of the Brahma the basket there was no. There's a saudis have been realizes that's the most points in the paint LeBron James ever scored in less than this yet now. A shocking I scientists shots in the first half seven layups basically. He is go to you picking go to open champion since you even get there don't nobody and nobody is adultery tackle get a new listeners undertakes that we listeners 600. It. I who has a hot yeah an unidentified man content corporate handsome guy. Track or now to talk I'm not being attacked by a source advocate hammered down like six to. Really who raise my Kelly who break from the wizards that's your world you know like that at odds that's that's your thing on race in the rough. I like. What's Ottawa player tracking it for Brad it's an ugly team it's a really ugly team is under these Celtics that was remember it was in Sydney on a very great Stanford team about a hundred so that they were out if it wasn't for Danny -- they would get a map Mikhail bird Alton only Janice MacKay is the first is that even answered I mean no not at all Scott. Any everybody's OK but little little -- looking for Isiah Thomas no no no too short. I thought that we need more like its face message out of his teeth that Armenians it has now facing surgery that he is isn't a money for the best looking so I think Thomas is a huge act. Asked you guys notice that huge I have not iPods and we now he has that you areas hat's hat it's really not yes Boggs and down night in game two tomorrow it's tomorrow night watch you'll see he departs and now advisedly it's just the exiled editors Alex on. Soldier like who's the best the consulting cards out there on the talk that now he's not he's back now and again what about two repko. Okay a little too tall for me to form than doing 40 yes I mean we like dom and we've we've covered how to develop a little domino like LeBron James you know. Physical guy. He kept a low. Looks okay calorie or Gordon Gordon Hayward. Great JJ has really blossomed nicely he's gone he's gone to the dark side now that's what I like to theoretically does not want to know with duke noted that taps and and now this whole attitude in the course of from the gloves he's one of those podcaster yes he's got the temperament tiller will each so if you go back again so I guess it says is to get their own podcasts these days injury that story I did I liked it and then like that elections said there's nothing new it's just like anatomy and conference as a bishop and as a podcast and better it would have been. Yes this was my Curtis wrote this law. Brian praise and his instincts is good media stuff has got to make a meteor is that we mine as we deport the first time I was on yet ammonia. Morton Cincinnati add. The poll. Simply releases it hurts nobody took care that amount we history. At my thing is if you get ten death threats Ian. Right here at the threat. You you have to Mossad I am technically and did I call the cops interview like I don't know if it's related. Screw it now set the dial three numbers that's a lot of work. I and there at opposite ends of the dial suit and it's a 901 this is taxing. And you guys with me those in my iPhone about this for a couple of days and registered Keith stock in the open. Nobody around here knows this player now I. Only saw a fair amount Alonso ball because you ceiling it was RT or unlock and halfway through the year it was like iron to watch his cell lines of Bob. I tried to watch Marco Fultz and lots and lots at UCLA game he missed like the last ten games in the years to watch it if you wanted to rest we've all watched YouTube highlight videos guess what. Nobody ever misses a shot and Utah mine did. Rate Utah EDT violate any player in the MBA yeah you want in any college player in America I think. My guess is these guys Goodman Chad for an all these guys are probably right in your really good pro but nobody has any idea I don't think in Celtic fan. Cares about this particular player they like the pick but don't care what the player he cared about Duncan Amitabh George don't complain. Allot fifty times are adamant that whole thing for years to get in direct. I mean you know you know months thinking but you watch those guys all the time. Yeah procedure received like now I did now he cost if freaking Yale I bus to Yale not even a good Yale team that mattered he went to a sixteen in his conference yes it does to me to. Did a great basketball player. Who was not. Good college are arguable article Diana Ben Simmons last year wood was the same thing right we don't know yet it was six years fourteen. East of me it's not great but still. The great players in history have all won in college the guys went to the ball. He went to a sixteen conference I was hurt. With 211 news healthy or something yes to all of it was not having won like nine games to an alleged and they lost a real team that lost mine I told you you know as an added Yale team was brutal. Probably your number you've been to jail teams not one and a vintage you don't know Pete Correll backdoor at Princeton style. I I've what I just think this is one of these stories are people protect the Comcast people and we finally bouncer he could hold on in mark in these guys they get all worked up because for some reason they want they their hold this was who worked out about this. People are excited picking first the care they love the idea how right number one. And all fantasy thing it went wants to beaded GM but we're in this world now everything has to be the biggest thing ever at the moment right so it's okay to say they got the first pick in the year right don't think you're getting LeBron James or Kevin Durant who was picked first. Or whatever pick you guys picked number one overall it was it was a generational player even if he gave us. It's is not that kind of player I don't think they got the first pick. In a year or two good draft but not an all time required to pay it happens we don't act like it's got some grace there ever when you don't know who we is that frustrates me. I don't like yeah I mean honestly as a Celtics fan grown up and everything I would have preferred there could be a clear cut can't miss number one gag. And they're not even closer and I know this guy immunity John law. I had no idea how how would I know had no idea I read the ring your straps break down the city's James Harden. James Harden yes mark helped faults and again I've seen clips of the got some play one game had no idea of effort Westbrook to who knows it no clue. Let's play you'll swear this is what we have here. Willie wood to a shot this gal and H Iran right after the does translate. I think it's an audio perspective OK good answer. Figured they felt they could go. Should yeah Craig who's sitting there I don't know the other guys who have been sentenced I'm reminded him. The Celtics. All you can see you have to see the video got me. Let me. Games out right this. You really believable mean they were most likely venue teams get the first great yet I mean three to one against what's that unbelievable. 25% chance. Now and it and it's that and more to the point is it unbelievable that Celtics eons ago crazy when they kind of number on it they really going back crazy like a consumer to the craziest people there are worse Galbraith. And that's a Sharaud H Iraq. What is quality athletes investigations in the mind shrug Blakely what's going to see okay. What to do I think is a guy who's desperate again that he feels like he wants to be seen dad he does he does that he's in the comparable personality from south move up to god for giving us a nods at least some of these baby was of Italy's not from here zone yet here he is and I tell them how sorry what. Being town and was that is in normal guy like me to guarantee under the top snipers on its on the all time I see those guys. 6177797937. So we get backward and Travis have not had a videos do headlines have been here in a long time and I'm nervous that's ever happened and I think Curtis right. Not true right could have a Tino when you know why now why did they were looking. At the time they're looking for in vehicle to promote the curtain and brand IC are bright headlines back woman brand personality so there you ER. So you do headlines I think so yeah I understand you can do whatever story 10 boy. This is the CEO Jerry and you know trying to and the way I trust 200% thank you can he do a good job this number beating out the Tomas I'm ready to go good headlines with Alex Roemer is next. WEEI. Yeah. Look Markoff has every right to disagree without any pain that I saying anything that any of last thing I really enjoy debates. I just like it to be respectful you and I debate we debate all the time. It's what we do here but we do it terrorist act the way we don't threaten each other we don't dismiss each other we look each other in the night we don't make personal attacks. Damn right that's my. And above board conversation. We had big focus of recently I contacts contact exactly right that's my old WEEI dot com. Coworker Christine. Back from the yeah. Would have expected the infants you are fine website. Which both you guys. Right there and we do right now we're following in her footsteps she's a reporter that's true yes sir Alex taxes these hammer reporter much or she didn't. That's okay. When you do an American ninja warrior you're. There I'm saying again. And the blonde. Television personality human person. And get criticized no work out program net flew beginner jobs no matter if you were 300 who tend to do with that and well I don't predicted. On radio right. Yes she was on yesterday that's what the potion or something that was the that was to speak for yourself the one episode opens with market with Takenaka OK so. I'm. Boulevard ball was on yesterday with the with a hurt with a hurt. And I was Alonso ball horrible absolutely dominant power ball is now like I project decided them only and referred Alonso volatile hardball on my story that's a good group that's actually started doing you have to move. He resolved without Colin Powell yesterday I know is on the radio. Was a just a TV shows it's a fox sports show in some markets on fox forgery. Okay I'm never gonna call a coward than any decent total crucial keys one and he's a month and is at all. They had to rubble yesterday. In Iowa no problem with that fantastic so he Christine started going at it over the shoes guys that was. Yeah how issues were sold in the album the footballer brand is too I'm getting dumber having this conversation how much these shoes cost. 500 dollars a hundred dollars a case this guy and we're talking about retirement of shilling shillings sort of getting to the end of relevant authorities has are losing his is tough for reality. I don't mr. ball's not far away from from. The fifteen minutes or her ticket would you say yes and at least it's a chilling twenty years taken ball only two months like showing that much brighter than balls that you. Not a doubt that hurt you say. And the touch is now I'd like I opinions. OK we'll be. So ball yesterday without calling Karadzic shall snippy with RR for increasingly. Have you sold in the shoes yet. So good amount to be considered different amounts how many stinging only when he went I. Imus and more about her when it every time she is the kind of answers Tuesday as she stood moms who novels did you see this guy because while and looked. I don't look over the Kaczynski a new yeah. All right now I'm just leave me alone a I'll tell you. 45. Compared. So yeah she's a reporter for job is to shoot your reports we're listening won't bother. No matter what I saw you kind of pull your what is your problem let me know much problem here is you are they hate her why I would never there could pick Paul assure. They don't even talked to Bob heard your serial number well I I said that I would or something just quick haulers the same period of all due respect your great report just not report. I don't agree right or could say when we had to let him and. All welcome to big bulk of the home. The single dobbs how much I or my life that with elevated. I just flew in that's only conversation hurt like that day what what what. You only report good ball in the women relate to where you're succeed big ball a's on them. Sure like I think it was that even that this is I don't use disrespect for because she's a woman who. And all I. Very very tired airline is that English summary and Elaine is basically stay in the cute it was Darius rice you lose guys and show that you treat the same way I think there's a respect that he monster in the also voicing how it big by brand I had many said something about like you're gonna again it RRE is no better idea yeah. At one point he says you better be careful it is going to be so coming your way she's you threatening me to Steve naked editor at number for the kill the company's. It's a good move you don't want to make an enemy enemy. Will you be filling in for Stephen mayor whoever powers soon enough. I'll look our Lavar balls I mean the Harbaugh Anthony's get beyond around the corner he's gonna be you know I mean it's gonna play for the lakers he's he's going to be let's just. Get through it now he's going to be part of our allies who play these double cuts and wants the one he's not go anywhere this the most posits it was every generate for years on the air of totally weird just sirens and TV shows I don't know I don't know I didn't news Kurtz I I absolutely delegate abusers and I want one ball on the Celtics and sober coach at notre which not now zero I don't know. But. People like outraged about it was it was like that who's like harassing from. I thought it was kind of ending balance agree on a day. It actually I thought the most offensive part of it is Calvert like loudly way to stand up for your girl there odds are good movements that let me that's great segment mossy like that no way to yet but eat okay fine let them have been out as bad as it has to just send us your. Like he needs he needs that the needs that stand up for me needs to Sandefur is part. And it should release part utility and she is she's like mr. right she's a Philadelphia sits in his attitude and I almost wish that she. I don't know if he's causes like a mural that updates and I'll check exits and those like allergies that she's a part of that show. If if if we are all slate of our ball we're here he's going it hurts like that packet for its yet no let him finish now and not let him finish but say something while he still there and today on over line. And they would disrespect yes so don't sale that crap afterwards he goes on afterward and I loved by the way over the line him in whitlock in her and whoever the other person was. And it's all about her and agency just asked to sit there while everybody else acts and then finally they get to her. Dick Pole this year. The conference and not supposed to impression of a of a woman's talk into what was supposed to do what he's supposed to do have a deep voice. He's building in her speech. Now and not wrong I am not an remotely konduz and I'll I can't think he's just like you condescending arguments. There. What is supposed to put I think it could care it is the best thing it's never our intent Christine Leahy's careers I mean it was she gets the Twitter. Over 2000 retreat to seed right now she pledged video out. She's great report. Great remorse since I bet that something. That is warrior yes who's the woman in just died who broke the start of World War II. Or like a hundred year old dad exactly she likes her well she doesn't I'm sure should I I I can criticized their I don't watch that show she she terrible. She sponsors. Her role as not very big on the program just a couple you know. John pins about news imprison anybody watching she's a reporter now very well know 50000 it was great in that breaking news tech news sources I think caller before we. And I were to damage amount ills that go with two to John in east each on your next up. So this guy Lavar ball make the Williams sisters father look like absolute genius which frankly he might have been but your critics. In five year it will our laws and act absolutely destroyed. All the earnings decided beat out rookie contract he's going into the worst investment humanly possible which retail clothing Q where he can be panhandle and in the sense that. But in the Sunset Strip. That's my take on as we are honestly. Four years away from the long SI profile about the relation fracture relation between Alonso and the marble and that long might be a huge story. The picture public local bar on the cover it by himself SL price yes yes it was yes exactly away with an awful long piece. I is he gets older. The kid wants a ball gets older and older mature makes a decisions it's marries and say. Why why thank you and that's easy he's already the anti love ball is look at the way he plays with the way he conducts himself like nothing like his dad at all is that the best case she can make from the marble. He beat me just be showed affected his kids seems like a good kid plays hard. Then I mean I gals yeah I mean you can make that case but I'm not given him any awards not accurate. Isn't dating ones bylaws and the biggest state in the world given query came from. It's a lot I mean it's much smaller scale be every team and that that the parent who's decked out. And just softens up the Cuba's big Katie almost compensated forty W and that's why the best kid in the world right now as parents. He's indicated that she did a nice yeah I hate us in institutions. If you could off. I'm Tiffany my charge company can't you can't criticize Perry trump I mean what it was not Barron trump. I didn't know should I hate hate all the time dollars subsidizing Barron trump Tiffany. Tiffany going to Georgetown law by the way. We don't that's sure. Looks okay yes you know hour three coming up 60 yes figures 617779. Sam and I viewed through seventh. Our three coming up we'll get back delegate backed this Brady Gisele things well. And the Celtics last night dreamers here. After a failed at a failed was and I guidelines that is the kind of thing that puts him possibly to wonder if it's even use we hear all this thing when you sat back and keep him around see that's why are we didn't really ought to Susie broker that must use critically we have MySpace that was not get headlines at a better headlines you know it. I'm gonna on the scene a bite you back here tomorrow doing again I am not okay Howard three's next.

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