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OMF - So we may have underestimated the Cavaliers 5-18-17

May 18, 2017|

Many Celtics fans would have been happy if the C's could just steal one game from Cleveland. That isn't looking too likely as Lebron and the Cavs waxed Isaiah and the Celtics. It's back to the drawing board for Brad Stevens.

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On you maybe. These Fort Wayne we're moaning and 48 car but. At all. Specifically can be done here go fast and you did do you chores you expect a gimme five switches and it looked everybody on Boston I don't know what this was watching the Boston Celtics that they allowed everything to happen with Ku and mu and Christian. Regularly and eat every time that I wanna but do you regret not about it just considered different amounts how many stating only the oil. Well yeah there alone oh now on Sports Radio WEEI. Changed my prediction I'll take pensions read. Thank I'm into I'm sorry I grant the biggest question if you won all the games don't. You descend or relay a message during the middle during the game because to escape from the game yeah. And you ask me if these kids have already asked to go home. Before that before you know back when Abbott and Ali whenever the Super Bowl and we'll Sam for the evacuees leads. It's Sox wasted this one out right to the end and edited out I was dead that want it to leak what was the O'Reilly. I didn't think I really think this went through no we didn't because they're emotional not say why because it was it's it's unique. You know it used to be the underdog the team that equity you know you'd say has no chance when you say maybe it'll five is a steeler game. When you still starting in their home court. It normally you sit there basically became because. It will quickly to get loose to Gainesville he come home he can steal games that maybe can still looking for their game five it is a clean your home. So you'd steal game one game to. That's I mean I thought last night it probably their best chance illegal homes that come back here acting out of watching that last game at the garden here in front or do capsule as you know it usually is that there. Remember when. When the Celtics beat the wizards in game seven. I was watching Kyle Draper after the game and Comcast and at what point he said to us to Abby get ready pack your bags. I don't think even he forgot the with a nimble and all. That bad I don't know it's not. Inexplicable that that's right we open up here too subjective and once in opened up here. And to think they're gonna steal a game. Manipulative and let it fall unloaded on board yeah I'm not gonna fall into the trap today because I agree with you I thought game one was the one game and he had an opportunity to win. That was the game you gonna win it is Friday it now it sometime and get it okay he had an active now and I'll tell you ready for us. It's it's the cavaliers went on Friday night they will own the longest playoff winning streak in NBA history dating back to what last year. Yes do you think you think LeBron James knows that the statistic Robin. They're not gonna lose this game on Friday night I would love to hear and I think the Celtics will play better they can't play any worse would. I was one worst house I'd seen them play it the eight the only thing they did well. In the first half of that game was when the tip. Was when the old leadership at it's eight minutes that only the tip in the Baltimore and the other night and I don't alternate Mel the first pass and so knew they were opening tip. And the first past you see guys and they're talking back and or Al Horford politics going on here to start. He wrote scored at the communication. Until the ball doesn't want bound to get the ball back and right of way I think it is caught in the corner. Don't team no way to go but not rare but like I know August that. They figured that out pretty quickly. Is it student did they rebound when I was yeah you could rebound well and did they turn the ball over a lot. Yes I did on eight hitting any shots it yet time and probably why I'm tempted to me that bond. The different offensive combinations. Different combinations of players. That Bret Stephens throughout there. From Tyler Zeller did Jalen brown through your arm is market Jerrold you undid it I don't know what it knew it. Okay that's our new way I'd ask our new way you know the only way. You've got a chance against them if you're the Celtics is you have to hit lights on line point out because they won't end the game to be and again to begin again because they want to be indicators I don't want to lose yes. Because they're not gonna come out and aggressively. Attack you on the perimeter but they're gonna shut down that gambling you are not scoring in the paint against that team. And that's where there are a little bit deceiving. You look good defensively teams can light it up from three point territory now maybe Golden State does that they've got the three point shooters maybe they light it up from three point territory and it caused the cavs. You know haven't. But this team the Celtics are not gonna screw and affect his young and I know gonna get into this. It it'll it'll start building through the finals or whatever with no Bob Bryan wrote the other day about LeBron. Vs Michael Jordan well you know we talked about this yesterday about him being Coachella before. So right from the get go. He is well aware that they're gonna single cover him during his day for some reason I I don't get that I don't understand what the purpose of it was. They got to get in single coverage. And what does he do. Six stinger in designs to pick overall he's talked it out and say you come over here he's coaching or get angry matchup you want that's exact. I mean it was it was a clinic was covered some and that's the thing they made it so easy on him. In that you know. The he would just they were switching so easily on the ice packs these high screens. But it wasn't even like you you were forced to do with the that they were choosing to do what he wanted that that's where he was just in the Celtics defensively. In us that he'd look at and say oh Linux coverage you'd come up Beers at the screen to negate this which are athletic and get the hell out. Welcome up all you got Rudy got over there but didn't matter who they put on him. And I'll say this Jim Brown. Right he was the one guy that I felt like early on this game so at Avery Bradley Jalen brown and the meat markets Smart the only guys that looked tight overwhelmed. Didn't look nervous. Jalen brown thought his own self. Pretty well I tell he was the best player for them and they're so easy for Isaiah me for for for LeBron in part because every matchup you wanna get everything he wanted. One on one topic they think it would stop up 101 with these guys now and that's what he would do he would set a high pick and roll. And he would move people around and a couple times they did the couple that the couple pick and rolls because you can get a guy like the biggest alike. He turns his back on almost the public life I feel locked again is that the statistic you've got to be kidding me. They set me up with a limit and then you're right Lou he just took them to school and once she was able to establish the pain was at nine of the first ten shots in the way. Then all he had to do was say. OK now we go to Kevin leveled out strike courtroom it was it he's been doing this team. The entire playoffs from Indiana Toronto he's he's toying with people everybody's point is when you're holding the ball one hand. You just you know you got into it it to 242 clock got like 26 that you're just like it. Hang out here and screw around a little bit and when I decide to go home to go ST it's it's that easy to this game felt like to me. Like an all star game. Elegant all star game especially in the second half there's like they had a nice decent run in the third core the Celtics did. But that. It was like three ball here three ball there really now there's so not a lot of great breakaway so I'm not by the Celtics. The cavs had a couple you know Alley oops and a couple dogs went with an open lane road and that's. If I mean you're there. How just you know that little later it was it was the crowd and president crowd the line at the embezzled school Cleveland I mean that that yes things old school NBA. The first quarter yet they're all for five from three isolation what like there which is draining threes in moving the ball everything else and stick around the perimeter. It was attacked the basket got it all for five from three point it was a decent isolation. Just nobody can cover me. You know all I got I don't Crowder non touch on the crazy about that matchup all golfers covered you come on up here with the quips with how well it will offer a political blow up. And Smart in a battle bubble over him yeah I mean it. I have it in spent a lot right I mean few years since you really when the LeBron and I've seen him. Just intimidate. And dominate an entire roster he did last night Mickey did it in that game. You don't know what they don't have a player knowing that a lot mr. nobody the closest guy and I heard those guys aren't talking about last night and is that you. There equity and on James Ingram like 11 he backs them up Jim Brown's quicken quicker that's he's quick and escorted him up but it. Physically sought. And basically kids or not he's a mature enough to know I know he's he's got his first 81 first play he came into the game Jim Brown get burned by interest. And Thompson turned his. Her instead one direction and Jim Brown is going the wrong. The other direction the thing I look at all the ball yet for the night dubbed Tristan Thompson's gonna kick out or he's in only and it doesn't love the budget brown last night is young kids. Rookie you figure out all. This kid's going to be this is in his head now he's going to be a mass he came back and played into Richard Kahne was just focus on Jim Brown is one we ended up. It'll be just if I just ended just him because it was it was the bright spot an open guy yesterday. The call we hand. Just take it to LeBron you know offensively I think if the. Right there that she and I think he's the authority and is it a lot Al outlet so how did you do that yes they're kind of self pass and then I think I forget who wells went Attica. Bunch of people that it worked right to the basket. And you see the swat them I mean defensively he was outstanding. Agent standing in front of the celtics' bench and it's literally you have no. It can stop me and you know they can take me at all. Nobody. And you know it. And a big day and he he gets colonizing it comes to seek his help but giggle giggle even Tristan Thompson ended up on a switch on Isiah Thomas that's when you know. When your way yet Tristan Thompson alone singled on. Isiah Thomas and his job taking him and he reported eight did people do all that great job as craziness patient offensively really ugly guy who's not working missed layups bad passes. It's August that did it sort of look like that the bronzed and knowing you depleted series yes and yes America back again it was I am wrong let's. Why do you know what I'll kill him all they know they are out of players are. Habit of series played his charges that his or disagree with I think he's the most engaged in any player on the floor by form a solid he talked about the ground. A crabs filed finalist and was almost like every hear about it we're in the Eastern Conference finals were not supposed to win we're fine we're OK we're down by 26 that's OK we're good let's just dance on the Jumbotron that. It done one thing they got this is they get pissed to win. I'll LeBron started pitching about a call and got a lot of calls is way early on mainly because he was the aggressive they're going to give them. The calls to the aggressive more aggressive play but there was a call that he really got pissed off and I can't remember exactly what was. To meet the show me everything. He wrote wrote this team of 71 of the league game when Isaiah chuck is now want out there aren't that though I think that was it that was it any newspapers. And cynical gone. This is a blowout of Indian challenge he's put in Washington generals tonight I feel and he's engaged so much that he is in the face of the official. Tells me a lot. I don't know you're right about it I was gonna look that way I'm not you're positive you would think that a guy who has everything you already had the physical tools and he graded it what he does. But at the plate. He's so intelligent he's so Smart what the rules are what they'd be even though he tries taking heat takes advantage of the rules. But he also has to do that because he knows the rules. To call the rest how apps about what everything. He was complaining that rats nonstop and there's a right. Since it you hate is a right to have enough. Enough advantages it'll take a look at doesn't have but that's that doesn't that tell you that he is really involved and I asking why I disagree with all that done and I've ever. Cities and not gates he's obviously engaged but he's annoyed guess the plea this team to get to the finals because he's. I'm just saying he knows that it's not it's nothing you're nothing. I mean honestly just dropped his pants and crap on your last night and he knows that and it's just like your speed bump how soon can I get the hell out of here. OK I want to play 42 ministers have played basketball you know in ten days. And they put a lot and a fourth quarter he played eight and half minutes and they can afford a 42 minutes people as commodities it's like a pickup game music and I'm annoyed him gonna show you how annoying and that even after late this series to that need to get the finals. So ridiculous quickest possible not to mess around always engaged. But it's just. Point with a jealous or finals and I. But the you know what when we knew we talk about coaching matchup apple whatever and I still don't understand this Bret Stephens Amir Johnson. Amir Johnson is he is this a favor and why it is Amir Johnson opted for the first four or five minutes of the game. And I heard still talk about this after the game unopposed in talking about maybe they need to go bigger with the Amir Johnson and play him a lot more. The other way I thought their small lineup had more success. And I know you know taking the fact that Jalen brown had a terrific game last night but I think that's your best shot because he's the most athletic guy if you look at for a good. Hillary gets him or are you gonna defend at the same way which and I hope they don't. But I think putting more guys that could switch to LeBron could you say take Amir out. Right and now you've got Jalen brown in the game. So eager crowd or on and Jalen brown a crowd is on love jailed browser now it's. The rough looks around he's like okay made it to try to get Horford on the net especially tells us which is you know some more guys that can cover him but I'd sure as hell hole that they don't. Just leader one on one isolation all mean something. About that try to get the ball out of his hands something right. And president Kevin love's gonna drain threes what do you eighteen in the third quarter. Yes he somewhat rickety and nobody out there's still that would tick tick router over their lovers at me. And I acknowledged I think. I think you've got a few people probably would go along but it's insane and need to go to places this off you this but he's got he's got a slim that he's got a limited it was you wanna get the ball out of out of it. Out of his hands obviously to be drains threes forced in the shoot threes W threes you'd done. He's also got Kevin Love that he get the ball too was a carrier being get the ball to me it's African nightmare to doing this you gotta be something different than just giving a lay up 101 against Kelly away. Al Horford and an and he said at the beginning of the show. If they it'll make their shots they don't don't have a prayer. And a prayer. And the way they'd held a Delhi everyday I have a community to trust Thompson was beaten about just like. Lopez blood just like gore taught was he actually played better than both those guys actually Lopez the first two games. And the bulls series played unbelievable. He's just at what point time Patricia Dawson was was had a wide open lane and the only person standing his way with Jalen brown. Dealer brown Beilein did away. His way out of the pay interest and hostages. Slammed it home until the biggest thing the Tristan Thompson did and he set the tempo early on in the game. He has a wood nine rebounds in the game in 34 minutes six of them were often at the boards in the beginning especially in the writing of the show you tell me if you really feed. LeBron James if you sentence or you screw you missed on this one read feed it and set up LeBron again do you think you're gonna score a lot of polling don't forget about it but. Cat lover carrier urban for the match yes yeah but I don't. Us out of the carrier ring had had a real good game design he hasn't my point is instantly Wilma in a playoff eventually enable it or would you bet on that he's got bigger batteries and keeps on the I think eventually he'll start he's got to go about the reliability of your game comes got a big angle and you don't want. Because LeBron or settlement LeBron will be during an easy don't exactly. They're not like we know there are 22 after two phonetic from three think it's a breeze coming up yeah so there. But you know what LeBron is everything you talk about we laugh we talk about positions were talking yesterday faults wanted to be able plainly at 123 or whatever LeBron. Is their point guard is also a two doctors could shoot outside he's a three aliases of or he's five he's around he's coach and he's represented rim protect price well. And that's that's part of it and indeed they did an outstanding job on on Isiah not giving any space at all. Whether it was LeBron coming off the screen Tristan Thompson was great against them but there in his face forcing indicate that a basket. And then they've got guys down there whether it's Kristen or LeBron or love they got size and they were following when he is going to you know take it to the hole as well. There were challenging Isaiah and they know he had no space whatsoever. And he kicked it out of it and hit shots. And there's and I feel like if they if they go lights out the watched it last night shooting threes. That's human winning can stand it cannot stay in taking down emotionally from went that's on sale because Adobe get a close she came in Adobe in a close game with a minute two minutes ago and we'll Ronald tackle thank you feeling good night thanks for replied I don't know what's incredible impact that they do they have an -- that's not good I ever decided I'm good with this I have no problems Madonna he blames him for I'm good with us. But you know Jake routers use in baseball terminology such short. He gets the most out of it does look abilities Trot Nixon gives you everything again but there's a limit there's a ceiling to his game he's playing against better players. I actually get auto baton that he played. He played hard days is good as he could get for him for him. He won a one point that there's a bunch of passes what you singled up on LeBron LeBron almost guarding him I thought like he contributed based on the situation he was an okay. Now they need some help but it just all look at it is the first half numbers look at the first half numbers. Up until the medical percentage was a trusses atrocious travelers 56%. The celtics' 36% free throws which are usually good. Five out of eleven. The tab fifteen of 173. Point field goal to a sixteen. It took sixteen shots you need to log into me the first half rebounds forget about it but they were doubled up and rebounds. Bret Stephens and product and he. Using crowd was better than he wants to try and offensively and he could handle because that gave that game was the first half game round yes it's Joseph Greene going off the fourth or. Or Crowder going off in the third avenue down 22 points I'd look at the first half. And Agassi anybody under the Jalen brown Avery Bradley and his moments markets Smart was markets month right plays hard. But it is Jalen brown to me. Is that the first half I don't. Because it would Gerald Green had a great fourth let's start him. It was all of closure put single coverage right now Jim Brown may be your best option because there was said the athletic system. You know LeBron is an athletic freak. And do what Jalen brown brings to the table right now although he still was in the short its entire package of the game. He is an athletic freak but to get cheerful minutes a mile that's nearly forty minutes and also Jamie Johnson out of it and you know. And interest to Johnson's Amir. Crowd is gonna love in jails Cutler Broncos get a. Religious base you know it was. Obvious. From the very beginning. Well. This is the I heartily I thought I thought the exact opposite happened. The Celtics had no injury and obviously into the engine comes from success they had no success. So we nobody missed layups turnovers left and right just sloppy basketball. And the opposite for the cavs make an all their shots doing exactly what they want it just he's just continuing to build their lead built their lead. Nobody got the fourteen point leave than it was at thirteen and then it was back to sixteen. And hit one year like I. This is over. Position if they did go on Iran which they did brutality product yet ten points in the third quarter. They do what a little bit of a run in the third quarter but it was it was quickly extinguished like. At Seoul's Brett Stephens thinking going into the game and does he change it up for game two in that he sat there and said. We're gonna have single coverage. On the greatest player in the planet now I know he's an unselfish player I don't show an unselfish player and if you double him OK he's going to feed other people. But only to take my chances based on the numbers of scene of cutlery Irving so far shooting in the post season he's not been real good. JR Smith is in and out right Korver has been in and out. Same thing would love. I think the taken my chances with those guys shooting and getting the ball Arnold LeBron James as opposed to sit sit their gore and we got guys who can cover more on the. That was amazing amazing the back and forth of the Atlantic and others you Horford. And you see LeBron he's just blows everybody away isolation. And and dribbling he backs up like three steps. As you want to get the running stock that's exactly what a true. If it's totally Richard. I'm about to get run over yelling obscenities sitting there aren't any attempt to draw backs of three steps while dribbling so we can get a running start your Kelly. And if you of anyone you city got a call. Chaos so because any business. It's about you but you don't want to judge it on I think this was a perfect situation this is. This goes to show you know literally how did and if you are now we ended up regardless because LeBron focused on him Brohm looks at the last game he studies this stuff he watches the film we said oh my god they went to Kelly Olympic this kid's playing with great confidence he shooting. I'm gonna show possessed down I'll get into his head right away and you could see. They were running that high pick and roll he was purposely doing it. Taking time being patient so we can get all want it defended him and then he just to go to school got intuition and Kelly a Lycos and 26 point civilized game in the Euro. Too true last night one of six and he got. Spying by LeBron you and duty and there would be some of it is going to be more physical LeBron he's bigger than anyone on your team is huge. She's bigger than anyone I think it's been though than he was like I don't hear it remind have a couple inches on him yeah. You know but really mean. You can't be physical with him Horford made him what he's bigger than ever yeah Horford might have a couple inches but he's there and jumping fences duties and when. LeBron and it's an and it is it too easy for me to get on Al's game last night he was awful. Everybody's awful Isaiah when good uniting to carve out greater earlier largest nobody in the timid in looked scared. Alford was off. It awful she Hughes won games that's been done formidable for so I'm just saying it's allocated sit there a final thought Al's done in the post season he's been outstanding. I'll go with the Al Horford but it's OK to say is awful last night. Just is that okay but you're gonna come at me with your liquid Lester is a noted in last year's great here's awful last night he was scared intimidated into any. He's I think he's never beaten LeBron James he's only too well. Against LeBron James anyplace awful games when he hit maybe he gets intimidated with LeBron and maybe LeBron James gets in his hand but he did atlas that definitely abroad that he got and everybody said last night except for one care and that kid kept on coming back from. No I didn't get a lead and open an accredited I don't know I'm not saying. I want to battle I'm not saying he wanted to but you gotta get my eight for effortless candidates got asked me when I took about the first one house you don't. Why's he coming out. The first quarter he brought about a back it was in the first they took about whatever it wasn't like you coming on again would you backing quits this morning and turn memorable we brought in at that time and I'd listen I would play him a lot right now is two things I would say that you know this is not gonna go well. I'm not saying that you approach it that way but in the back to your mind you got to understand. Second of all you want change some stuff up in game two but I think you wanna get Jim Brown. A lot more playing time you want him to get that experience what are you gonna gain here it's a series that let's decent experience. For our players that's gonna benefit us next year and the year after that right. That's what you. What does that is this a electric quarterback who got drafted in the first round and another season is over because they're not commit the playoffs now you start first round pick just to get a Reggie their unity smokes. I guess this yet we're doing yeah. I have nothing but it also added but it but it's not like you'd thrown into the wolves. I mean that's not bad I mean I don't think there's a point in time winning right now I have nothing to lose sight of but he did you based on solace against this team against that specific player LeBron he gives you the best shot. Japanese digital version. I let's get to the phone calls we'll get your reaction to what you saw last night and he still have faith and people win the game in the series. Six months of savage 797937. To load them up we document. May oh and that's part of your daily routine whenever you're used to clean news batting practice ground balls which time you go stretch how you put your African soccer sons wanna call it superstition. I call it routine blood Sports Radio WEE. But I think this is exactly the position that they wanna beat. And it would not be surprised at all if they stole a couple of games Cleveland's and a lot of time off. Cleveland relies far more now on the three point I could see them struggling be a little rusty with three quarter. And the Celtics who are in pretty good rhythm right now feeling good about themselves Kelly alike feel pretty good about itself from a fire up and really have a good three point shooting. Yes it's the only game in game one. In the game to game that's why. Unity Ali there and in that first game the calf haven't played against me so yeah there's going to be some rust pitchers. May I was often day and just have a off a game Illinois it's the sixth game who I was actually talk. Let out you're right all in detail about shooting threes while no I didn't need it. Didn't need them all for five in the first quarter thirty thanked you know as old school does not. Physical state chucking up threes that was taking it to the basket. Offensive rebounds. Two point shots and that's what they Picchu. To get the feeling they were little tight going into the design effort yesterday I've heard people said. Maybe they were exhausted I'm not binding exhausted thing I didn't get that little hangover right they've got shots off early look at they were very first possession. Talk a tortilla with the there for a position perhaps lose trial date they had there was there was no orders at them figuring. This team out figuring Isiah Thomas out there were switching in reacting. And they were ahead of the double team before it even happened they just go out there it in the trap of I mean and then to compound it. But he missed layups easy shots shots that I think ultimate shot that Al Horford would make all the shopping make him in the past two series of unforced turnovers and I came Bradley won in the middle. On the floor it's stuff that you say it clearly you don't want to. 26 two. Yes 26 points 78. Man but was never do that bad appetite after he had let him yeah I think. How badly you know when you when you're hot it got there yet he checked them down not far from half court is you hot seat he would let the due date each yet. Because he's his very first shock kind of dribbled left in the lane and just throughout this like one yet that you don't. No one waited off balance a little old ladies sort of runner it until I take you report your head out your field are now nights ago but you know. The united sort of started it. The right well athletics so. Awkward so just like I might head but it actually could make that looks will best he'd say desperate he he proved all of us that he is not an athlete after the ball one of those streaks everything will go ahead I took a phone calls we go to Jeff is driving around what's up Jeff. You are glad are. I wanted to see whether or use our that this Celtics team audience is actually to concede. Offensive rebounds. It seems like especially on the reported at camps. That they used to the three or four. People cab. Cleveland. In the paint in the Celtics are party. Going the other way during colonial era they are and they do that's part of Bret Stephens. You know theory that's what they do they start going the other one. And there were numerous time Brad Stevens that was Doc Rivers as well it wants as it's called the Bryant changed in transition yup. So you fall for offensive rebounds to lack there in a fast break and and don't get eight points up to 178 fast break I mean that's one thing get. They would donate it and all three series. That's what they don't. And I know people get pissed off because they are a terrible rebounding team but part of that is the way they play not because they're more interest in transition. I know we always say that but it's it's one side of the ball offensive rebounds they don't happen defensive rebounds should. That are offensive rebounds yet they don't greatly Larry I don't but that they might concede offensive rebounds against LeBron James because the transition John Wall Washington. I don't remember so much you know in Chicago. But especially with those two players wall in transition brought a transitional offensive rebounds and it happens you know I try to get back finally figured that we've been doing this what are the Celtics need to put him over the clutter Michael Jordan of. It that would while maybe not now it'll tool LeBron James shot let's trade every single way. This year's pick next year's down everything else for LeBron did you know you don't even know they'll give the Cleveland Browns quarterback will give them. Tom Brady because looked at what what are the cornerback he's that's all you need if you keep the cast you have right now where you can get rid of that the bigger backlog you have. At the guard position and you add LeBron James on this team. This team's done with that contain this thing done as just one. Tell you Andy Brock thought anything would always take our time trying to figure out got to get this guard getting in this sport can get a rim protector alignment and skip over. Alex is in Providence. Or backwards. And again last night and only got everybody back to reality that machine that we have right now I mean it really not that good. It is it's outlived its pretty good. All right all right now it's pretty good what's all right. If you think thirty teams in the league would you rank it got there on Rondo in that regard are. It would be here for us and I still think they ones that are settled in we don't know. That it. I Alex this is what we don't we watch. A reality check like last night. And suddenly what you gonna do we you're gonna drop them down on the list so when you're power chart they suddenly you're down of the fifteen to sixteen team in the NBA that's all right. They're not. They're fifth or sixth team overall lead your problem is this a huge difference between. 56 right now in that league and number one and number two. Sure. And. Quick question America don't quite go our. In week he's the first pick rate and B get all we get all its right. Is it worth it to keep Isaiah Thomas because in Judea go to resist that little that it was a step isn't gonna do. And I don't know but the whole lose the stepping I don't think he's at that stage and start worrying about and six years from now in that's now would the debate over Isaiah Thomas is over. It's done where the reason they struggled so much in this game one that they couldn't hit any shots and that's kind of the issue like if you. What's your second option if you can't hit your three pointers which you rely so heavily on. Okay listen let's change gears on rested they listen let's let's let's at least try that. You know you know stop the bleeding. To go inside somebody go outside did you meet dredged up right now you say doesn't happen again edit. But you what's your other option if everybody's cold and Isiah Thomas is still going to the road and dishing to those guys who were opened their pushing the ball around the perimeter. And don't make a shot what's your what's the alternative how many players cannot get back on track. So so I get the Isiah Thomas argument is that you watch a game like last night I guarantee Adobe people probably some on the radio. Also can't say seeing get a game like that Isiah can't make it shot. Well in game becomes extremely physical they overplay Isiah Thomas because there's no threat of another score. For the Boston Celtics so it Isiah do. He drove any kicked out on the premise. He ended up with ten assists hot shots that they miss event for assess if guys were hitting last night I had 1670. Yeah. And he would've been fine. That would not have been an issue Isiah Thomas is not the issue if you trade Isiah Thomas and take them out of the equation. And expected more kill faults is gonna give you 29 points per game. It is going to be able to make heat shots in the fourth quarter you're kidding yourself. Eighteen years old. I think Isiah. It would just look at him as a as a scoreboard he's there is a point guard. You know and and win these they're shutting him down. It was fine in game seven in in Nubian sex with Avery Bradley hit shots against five and six of Bradley game seven with Kelly Olympic. So we should distributor. If you leave alone a Bernie for thirty. So I don't look at that game it's tea amount think Isiah played well at all but he noted a nice job defending him but as you pointed out ten assists. If guys who hit the wide open shots muted. 1618 easily and took pictures from him last that he had no rhythm and that three point game is three point it was also faced now. White space in threes some one dog threes volatility. He just was off in threes but he's gonna have nights like that everybody is OK so all right isn't sure what is your second option. Collateral table or all the what was the last game that they run they closed down. The Carolina. Yes but that would what he likes what I really don't I would it surprise you got thirty left it is that personally out of Hala it's it's it's it's not legal clinic now. It's more about its lessons to those it's more to say this Bret I want say no icy out thinking different system. New philosophy. For that game to Utah reduce outside and just elaborate and Thomas not happy and everybody you have lots and everything he says. Everybody they have should be auctioned threes and enforcement returning to option two's. In other words is that say you have Hayward or George or whoever it might be Isaiah enjoyed option one option to. And and and night when Avery Bradley goes off for Al Horford goes off or Kelly Olympic goes off. That's when you unbeatable that's a Cleveland option won the bronze to need a tirade but you know what kept a level Bernie for 32 or to be just be LeBron Connery so it's. They they're a third option scorers. On other teams are the second option scores and his team and it's just. You'd think it says its personnel that with the relatives some. System thing Christian or else personnel they just I don't read much do they have a bunch of threes and fours they don't have fine but my point is OKC notre Rosser is so unique. Can you be you're the you're the all knowing great young coach Bret Stephens casually you know you work your your chalkboard keeps apparent right from played them do not on the not when you devise something. And LeBron James destroys it mutilate him within four minutes of the game now and then you skirt. He got out coached last night by the bra she needs because LeBron can affect the game more. As a player slash coach out there and for the Brad Stevens. A chauffeur tough talk enough with the excuses already a bunch of there's a bunch of mentally weak and he's now back award winning Wimbledon in 48 Sports Radio guy. That you coming up against senate and is now Washington anymore as cleat. In this LeBron and so no matter how high stone Harlow grooves to reduce itself well. They're gonna hit see differently they're gonna cut differently you know army of planning is the best player in the world and so. You can't have a hangover you know you acid via a high sense of urgency they Elena it's hard though man. Who was an example. Aaron Davis. In for Charles music shop. So there. So Kelly Olympic was Helio. You think that you would maybe thought Charles Barkley was in the building it was and his men bond ripped copper cut not me that's why he was so skittish and op with a shop but mark was even there. Lanier and he was skittish because that's what Kelly don't like it he can go I'd give you 246 on one given night. And the next night he gives you two. That's what are here. They lose these games you can't count on anybody now you really I think I did I hit I think you can count on I Narnia. And actually Al Horford has on through the playoffs I would say with the exception of last night's game. You can do that depend on Horford Horford agrees worries me in a series against Cleveland. Because there's a history here he does not play well against the cavaliers and against LeBron it. Or to look at these numbers and I can understand why people are gonna do this campus ESPN's all of this today. After last night's game and it's been a great run in the post season here for LeBron threw what nine games now. People are gonna now invoked the name of it is he got there went to art. But this is amazing when you think about it is usually guys numbers from the regular season the post season good count because you're playing against better competition. The regular season field goal percentage for for LeBron. Is 54%. He's up in in the postseason 56%. Oh yeah he's taken three more shots per game. Three point field goal percentage 36 during the regular season 43. During the postseason now and all ya he mattered because of optical for the game and he did everything. And once he was able to control the paint and you now suddenly had to put your attention toward him just let everybody on the power. And they started light and open it got some three point shooters. I we're back to your phone calls talking about last night's game at 6177797937.

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