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1987 NASCAR All Star Race

May 18, 2017|

The 1987 NASCAR All-Star race from Charlotte Motor Speedway.

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This is MR ends throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire ride on our strength this is Ken Squier. Time now for MRN dot coms to roll back Thursday. Classic NASCAR races from the motor racing network actual race archives. The motor racing network presents NASCAR today. Sponsored by A goodies headache powders and extra strength tablets. The official pain reliever of NASCAR. Good afternoon everyone today the Charlotte motor speedway will host the Winston and the Winston opens both. Have a special appeal of the race fan and both put an awful lot of money on the line for the drivers here today first off the line will be the Winston open 34 drivers who run that race here shortly. Most of the drivers that have never won a Winston cup race to a victory would be. Especially sweet for almost everyone in the field Mike joy. That's true Barney we've already had a lot of surprises here at Charlotte motor speedway this weekend and one of the biggest as the fellow who'll start on the pole for the Winston open. Ned Jarrett is with them and my joy he has officially only started one Winston cup race that was the world 600 a year ago here at the Charlotte motor speedway. Last week he was named a drought the halls Ellington car he responded by sitting on the pole Brandt then had to be quite a send off for your health Ellington. It really was Ned you know I always felt team had a lot of potential and that's why I came loss enough. I guess we got to show ourselves a little bit yesterday and hopefully today we put that bullseye barbecue sauce car up front feet but they're all day what is the strategy well you always. I haven't had a chance to test the car drive a car and address why doesn't feel now to do heroin erase. And mailing get things out a little bit and the line Winger again. Even though there's nineteen drivers that are in these grants them a little bit later on today this is still a tough field there really is you know very competitive field enough. I think he does the expiration Winston open OK good luck thank you net. My reminder also that. The winner of the western open moves into the ones that a little bit later this afternoon that's quite an added incentive right there to win this thing have a shot to win 200000 dollars. The field is pretty well loaded with talent in the western open and Brett but I might have hit the nail on the head when he says this will be a tremendous show let's check in with Dick Brooks the ice cream specialist downs. It wrote a while we look rivers of my scream down here they brought the summit melded. The well is get my scream as hot melded. But as part of any straighter and and Kenny drive and four for pizza birds were red baron pizza and always good ice cream to Kenny do. Yeah I want a grand national race or Winston cup race but you have won now won the qualifiers at Daytona and I left eligible food to run this race. This is very important new and step up from here into the into the Winston and it's got to be a good shot or. Well early is that you know I think excellent opportunity at Winston provides parts here first off the the opportunity just run for the 30000 dollars to win. And then a chance going aren't into the Winston that's a pretty select group of cars and we're gonna do our best to try to get him a race. But I think the track changed a little bit yesterday from a time you practiced in T actually got to qualify. If your car working all right or did you qualified right up front your fourth and that's that's a good starting position. Well we're out not to this point where we're start we get we did practice quite a bit better but then I think everybody did but there. You know we feel it got a good set up for the race so we think will be in good shape come race time that we did we were a little bit off for qualifying. A Varney I think. That everybody's kind anticipate what's gonna happen to the racetrack we go to new surface in no way it was may do just that and corners and that. And they say that detract or what's cool is feels one way. And then when he gets hot it feels considerably different so. Think they're all of the forward this third I don't the people and a westerner gonna learn a lot these guys today so I'm the guy that wins this race is gonna have a little bit of an advantage because he's gonna know what attracts gonna do. Italy have quite an advantage you get 30000 dollars for winning a race and he will get a starting spot in the west that a little bit later this afternoon let's go back out of the starting grid and burst through the crux. While talking to senator relates speed. Like. We got a third third starting position here you. One hasn't won a race in last year's on it I know this is going to be a good shot. Were you looking forward to going to the Winston from here. Dick we really are everybody on the things we're working real hard. The cars run real well you know as wins Kmart car run fast and every race we've been in this year we just had little annoying problem that kept us from having a real good finishes or possibly can win the application. And we just feel like this is an opportunity for us if we keep if we can put our act begins today in really ruin a good strong race than any problems. We are they'll make the wind to really be able to get an air gets the guys the top of this field and do our business they were we want to. I liked the new service on the track where you think about. Quebec it's been great who has been coup that is the pictures got it yesterday after name. I know personally we really had our problems but our car cart been working very well prior to that. We just yesterday is they were moving. All right good luck if I just right in front of body victors here they're trying to get him strapped in and he's won it certainly has gotten more time. And more mileage on a racetrack than probably anybody else. But they've done little resurface and on the track and made other changes at some people say it's a little bit tight at the and the beginning in any gets slick when he gets hot. Well look like thanks I'm really plays Havoc with food the surfaces though yesterday were real time no morning and son come out there by his ballistic and how they drive their cars. You know if we hit the setup right. I feel like we've got a good chance but if somebody just happened on their little tighter or. Car and just a bit better innovative. He won races here quite a few times and you run more probably been left here as anybody has this has got to be something that. You know Steffi gonna have to win this thing to get up and a Winston. That's got to be a lot of pressure. That terrorists that out then went and you know and didn't have grown in their thing to. This is stepping stone to have to go for when you got a good sorry guys really did put together this you're good luck to you today. What he's been getting around racetracks recently baker certainly one of the co favorites in the western open here this afternoon. Well last Dick do work his way back down pit road maybe talk with some of the drivers a little bit further back in the feel I think if the fans have a choice this afternoon particularly in the western open they would like to see a JD make Duffy or Jimmy means or buddy airing her some of that independent drivers. Who come week after week can just do not have the equipment to run up front. Pull this thing off this afternoon and there is always that possibility that they couldn't. By the wrist and I think it's a good chance for some of these drivers to put on a real good showing there are. There are rookies in this race Jesse samples are fellows like Jerry economic Duffy who have been around the circuit for years and here's a good opportunity for them to get up and run up at the front of the pack. The fans get a good chance to see what they can do in in an event such as this 150 mile Winston open. But the field as a symbol on pit road there's going to be good turnout for the Winston in the western open here this afternoon the weather is going to be almost picture perfect except that we will be just a little bit warm that is a big concern the driver because this racetrack has a tendency to change. As it really gets hot and backed the hotter yet if you missed the setup here you can really be out of the ballpark so to speak. So it says it's going to be quite an interesting day because it it was overcast this morning was overcast a little bit yesterday afternoon most of the teams just kind of dial the cars in according to what the weather was predicted the today. So let's hope they've all hit the right setup if they haven't really heard. Quite interesting stories in the fielder many drivers in this race that run the Winston cup circuit only occasionally one of them is a father of eleven from the seed Wisconsin he's made his mark on the midwestern tracks. An occasional with a cup competitor Jim sauter Dick Brooks is what I'm. Jimmy got a big family to feed you got a lot of plus they a lot of stake at this thing you don't run too many of these races with these guys but this is an important one today if you win this race you going to and you have a possibility of a Lotta Lotta money. Does that put extra pressure on you. No addict I learned through the years ago lot of years in racing Delano Winston cup but I've learned you take it as it comes in and you do the best Kennedy junior instrumental in his. What is at stake. You've Brian you Greenwich Rhode that the they got a brand new surface new terms or you think about that. It's beautiful or Charlotte this time around we've always had to drive awful awful hard I guess that's not gonna change with the. The cars are going to be a little more stable. That's what Jim thought and think about distract. 34 drivers are in line here to start the Winston one driver Dave Marcus. After qualifying yesterday wrecked his car and a bad crash at turn number two really bad the chassis and since that car could not be repaired and he said there's. A little behind they don't have a spare we'll Salem debuted back to the shop and Avery street working on the car to get ready for the world 600. This coming week and for the races down the road. The big disappointment for him too because he had a shot to win this thing let's run it through the starting lineup back in row seventeen and 34 position driver Bobby while lack of Villa park Illinois the wall like racing Chevrolet 33. Australian driver from Sydney Tony Sparano some Hilton racing Chevrolet 32 is Mike potter from Johnson City, Tennessee. In the step racing Ford 31 Eddie Beers wall San Antonio Texas the TRW south lake racing Ford thirtieth JD McDuff the feel from Sanford North Carolina the rubble furniture company racing Pontiac. What night is young Kirk Bryant out of Thomasville North Carolina the Bryant racing Chevrolet to create. Chalk him there Jonathan Lee Edwards of Lake Wylie South Carolina in the Edwards racing Chevrolet 27 Charlie Baker of new Oxford Pennsylvania in the Acxiom research Chevrolet according six Randy maker from Charlotte, North Carolina Sony magnetic product Chevrolet. Starting 25 California driver from San Diego Marc Staal in the auto belt car wash board. 44 filled bar golf Phoenix Arizona the Helen ray Chevrolet 43 but he Arrington Martinsville Virginia and a panel knitting or. 22 this driver Rick nuked from Laguna Niguel California. It was Sandoz program metro mobile Chevrolet and starting 21 the congressman from Fort Wayne, Indiana the AC spark plug Pontiac. Trevor boys of Calgary Ontario goes in or Calgary Canada note that in Alberta the Broadway motors' Chevrolet has his right. Nineteenth slick Johnson of Florence, South Carolina in the Roger him be Oldsmobile. HP Bailey Houston Texas the army auto parts national motors body X starts a team. Seventeenth you've heard from Jim sauter from the seed Wisconsin he's in the Evan rude Pontiac Michael Alter of Owensboro Kentucky in the Sadler fair racing Chevrolet is sixty. Fifty this veteran Jimmy means of Huntsville Alabama the boils auto salvage Pontiac. Fourteenth rookie Jesse samples junior Fort Mill South Carolina the Allen's last Chevrolet. Thirteen to be Rodney Combs have lost request Virginia in the Saudi king sport twelfth Jeff Phillips San Angelo Texas the wall are valves Ford. And eleventh bill Parsons out of Farmington hills Michigan the faster or cope and make an Oldsmobile to. Fifth spot is Dale Jarrett Hickory, North Carolina the Friedlander Chevrolet Sterling Marlin start tonight position the Piedmont airlines under all Oldsmobile. Starting in eighth position as Derrick cope dismantling Washington reality guard racing Ford seventh has done Paula Berrian springs Michigan. In the cycle automotive product Chevrolet six is Rick Wilson Bartow Florida the Kodak film Oldsmobile fifth. Buddy Baker or Phil North Carolina crystal Oldsmobile in the second row with Kenny schrader a Fenton Missouri in the red baron frozen pizza port. And starting third as lake speed of Jackson Mississippi in the winds Kmart Oldsmobile. Alan go what you on the outside pole spot for the Winston open from Greenfield Wisconsin the Cyrix and a free sport of 168 point nine miles per hour. And on the pole this first drive for also examine the bullseye barbecue Chevrolet brand photo lineups among New York. Just heading down to turns one and two that's where Eli gold cut of the action for us this afternoon. We're here right off the corners around but I forgot my about 100 members of the North Carolina Highway Patrol are also taking in the action. The field beginning a bunch up the light is already out atop the safety cars they had George turns three important. Can't. Down here Davis made steady quite cover the accident they going to turn three Brett codeine as hustled up into his ball position that car very slow start but he is now back on the point as they head off into that new pavement that has changed the banking here from 44 to now 46 degrees a little steeper a whole lot faster we're ready for a quick 150 mile. Yeah also built tar out of safety car at the head and the pit road makes a sharp left turn in the field addresses itself to the starting line on the Winston open 150. Miles. It's set to get underway with. Down the line in the green flag yet these blade now it comes out with a look at your thoughts and we'll die we'll get a good jump on the start as he pulls away from our collective what happened calling him back students and parliament as they get turn one most. Everybody coming up the bull racing song and heart rate as they work single file the only man caught out of mind for the moment being forced to live side this Derrick Pope who started sexy outfit well. And the first six cars breakaway it is thought I'd taken the advantage holik is second like speak up to the third spot that dobbs getting straighter poured into the fifth position goes Buddy Baker six. Rick Wilson. Gonna be an assault her return number three and caution is coming out on this the first lap for the Winston open to the line coal Wiki wins the battle of the caution flag by Carling the regretful I'd like speed runs third but he baker is fourth. At one car lips onto pit road from up near term or short race today for Trevor boys at the end down pit road. And a car appears not to be running you're going to look at the feeling of getting back underway let's go to the pits and that Jared. But there was a problem on the track Kodak car when he first practice Carter Albrecht it was something wrong with the fact they got it fixed though and of course were back out there and everything appears to be okay now forever more roll into the garage area. Whatever the problem was a motorized car he got up there that gearbox and hurry and took off at a turn number one and pulled away by car like this so the finale to what he expressed an awful lot of strength in the back straightaway and up through three and four. And came back around the lead at first laps under green here this afternoon. Single file their working around the racetrack didn't take long to get a yellow flag here. And a little bit later this afternoon of course the Winston is coming up and we have an awful lot of information to pass along to you during the day before that race comes up and quite a bit of pre race activities for them on you also called Wiki as the leader bovine rise in the number two position. As they work around here other caution working back in a turnover warm lakes beat us up there in third just about six or eight cars on the break Mike they got away real clean. It looked like they were threatening to pull away early but the way this racetrack changes profusely that way very long. And part of it quickly jumped in a single file order the front six cars had broken that double file start ranks of every single file before we got to turn number one. You might wonder is the set up for this race for a 150 miles and different that it would be for 500 or for the 600 they'll run here next Sunday clicks beat sesno. I would like Mike it's going to be different playing based on the way to track back and it can't secure outside today and the Pentagon had the third car after a 150 miles finally would 500 because of course 150 mountains playtime for the car is settled around the track to get on a hot play in you have to have a 500 mile car on the it 150 knowledge bubbly. And Eddie thinks everything is muddy got caught. Well I say with a cloud cover this morning it seems to be pretty well burning off now and it should change attract quite a bit it'll definitely change the racetrack my quick thought here yesterday in qualifying it changed it dramatically this track gets quicker when the sun comes out. And of course where require different cancers that up it will be interesting to see if they get. Under green flag for an extended period of time I think that we might see a few loose Jesse's Mike her voice and in his car went to get out Trevor what have. How weird must crash after posting here just now start vibrating and didn't make sure glad I was gonna get me in the next you know that lap and they broke down next thing. Action. News. Trevor laws the first when I hear this afternoon with the so the first yellow of today. JD McAfee buddy Harrington making stops on a pit road during this caution period and also Michael potter. It affords a speedy drive truck continues its work around a speedway and hurt Bryant comes off. His stop on the pit lane. Well apparently ran over something on the ground say that came out of Trevor boys art Soviet. Coming in that Jack lift about the car trying to figure anything wrong underneath there. This is the Winston open which showed at least two races are kind of special. They were designed obviously to give quite a show to the race fans and has kind of a flavor to the with a cup drivers for all they do for the sport. There's a big payoff here today 200000 dollars to the winner a little bit later this afternoon in the Winston 30000 dollars will go to the winner of the western open this afternoon he will advance. To twentieth position in the west with twenty drivers starting that later today. We're still working single file here look like it'll be a lap or so before we'll go back to green my. And bring you spent up to date on a couple of recent driver changes as you know Brett quote line is now driving the cost selling and car he says the timing. Was pretty good kostelic and have decided that Ron Rashard would be replaced him Brett who was one of the drivers originally considered. To fill that seat at the start of the season was called he says the timing of the move is a good one for him thought. Basic good movement and it came at a good time I'm. I can he'll run my Busch grand national car tolerate this thing if he buried under the super speedway did I've been lacking in no with a cup cars and they'll just dumping those a deal that night he couldn't they started down. Plus Brett won't be able. Iran for rookie of the year in 1988. However that wasn't a big factor in his decision. Really whether they consideration at all hide you know I'll repeat years you know what critique the women that he didn't have point Mike Weir fell after I ran. Okay outdoor cocktail they get that thing I realize they need the experience and now. No wait another year very shattered rookie of the year didn't mean that much to me then I felt that that hole I need the experience track time. Rather than holding off and try to win rookie of the year 1988. We chart says he will run some Busch grand national races otherwise his plans are rather indefinitely and in the other chains announced since we are at Talladega but he Arrington. Now driving me paneled living number 67 his own car he will replace Eddie Pearce well for the rest of the season Beers well what's here and it's here. And in relief of the injured candle Reagan in the more us Reagan racing thunderbird for 77. We'll have some thoughts about buddy Arrington and getting back in a race car full time a little bit later for this afternoon. Field is heading over to turn number three in the indication was given at the start finish line my flag man Harold candor that we will get the green this time around apparently there will be a single file restart there have been turned poured out in front they've just. Playing enjoyed Atlanta Alan Ball when he threw it away as back into a situation that. Via I was gonna think enjoyed it really enjoy it much last series doing most of his own work on his car. Obviously the work that's most important putting its foot down and you certainly get back on lap one note that the field recovery green flag single. While restart they won't stay that way for very long so hopefully he gets a good start jumped up and coming weeks ahead we are trying to move up right now as Sterling Marlin that's for about six position now and turn one. An early morning Leon I'm Rick Wilson on the Kodak Carlos in space download further back excuse honor quickly picking up 67 possessions on the fact. But we'll let people away quality got a great jump and has pulled out a fifty yard advantage over the second place medal holes that are codeine. In the third spot goes like speak any trader on the outside of Buddy Baker side by side report the benefits that come off turn form. Baker had a thought about on the low side of the racetrack the crystal olds wouldn't hold the bottom through our number for sure rader is on the move. He 600 like speed in the tribal police make get the third spot in turn one. Traders fix the nose of the thunderbird inside Lake Mead told mobile still accelerating the most out of racetrack played an hour and a half Carly could manage the leaders the Wiki. Thought I was second freeway but the maker make the move audience why they stack of three date and it idiots like Buddy Baker hasn't been cars moved to the bottom you'll go inside by sided third spot. Lake state moved up the racetrack now tried to come back around the outside of baker. Talk about being pumped up Buddy Baker is in front of his hometown fans this afternoon he stuck on three wide going down the back straightaway and carried him into turn three that way he is still toward a goal late speak for third spot troubling one. There's tribalism Rick Wilson shows smoke the cards banners. Happening outside retaining wall three other cars are collected as they try to spin and avoid everyone else now hard on the binders. Front cars have gotten by but from position five on back and come back to number of automobiles including John Paul including Sterling Marlin. Benny Parsons he's back in the opening in car but it is part of the problem Rick will. That we Phil Parsons in that car here this afternoon. Quite a pileup in turn one and Rick Wilson Oldsmobile is heavily damaged as we look down on the apron of the racetrack up there and see quite a bit of sheet metal attitude it appears that he lost an engine just going into the corner right in the middle of that packet traffic for an update let's go back to Eli gold. The cars come to a stop within extensive damages his safe mining it is now pointed towards the end field their nose in a few will. And the safety Richard quickly on Hussein. He was running in that battle between himself and make speech writer and a couple of others in the third spot on Iraq. But the front too it got five and a host of other times came along so quickly got a finder's somewhere able to avoid others were not the other cars we didn't mention at all now unable to pull away from the scene of the accident. Including the margins are four homes have done it Rick Wilson who seems to have the end of an afternoon right now. Kelly had trouble here the other day they had an engine expire on the car here in the north into the speedway and got a piece of the wall up there and almost total loss to Carly had to go to a backup car here for this weekend and again he's had trouble in the Kodak this backup car down in turns one and two. Let's go to pit road. Auto parts of great worth waiting for him becoming a barn already want to try to catch up to that the only way I don't find the Copenhagen as mobile the left rear power plant in the lakers' about the sheet metal damage but he wants to try to catch up. Wait for the college of hard to get out there and slowed although the field afloat now before you got the editorial stay in the lead right. He's Redick on Denny's got some damage all have run it doesn't seem to be too bad it's fighting back against the tired just pushed down a little bit. Ron Paul evidently got the worst of the he came around pretty bad shape on the right hand side the left fronts gave them a little bit they're working on that. What what Paul was the cue ball on this break in fact straighter pulled the leaders move as. Rick Wilson's car was sideways trader nudged him up toward the wall and bounced off and he was free of the incident. Paul came streaming through and first hit Rick Wilson then bounced off Phil Parsons sending Parsons up into the wall and managed to collect one other car. Before it finally limped down the back straightaway it was like cue ball on the break in the game and I'm ball. Took pit road. And it may not airlines goes mobile Sterling Marlin I really am. They left rear quarter panel in the arena eventually and against the brand they have are all now they've already came arrived about an hour let me Aaron. Random collection level and living in the left rear power back on and send it back now helping you coming relief glamour look like nuclear come remanded back deck down. Court for built built parts of this is due in a row at Talladega he was trying to oval for the Bobby Allison incident on laboratory to. A collision between Alan Cole Wiki and Richard Petty also try to avoid the incident showed. Fill in two Bobby Allison stalled race car and then here. In the Winston open wheel mark join the same thing net. They damage on the Copenhagen global village somewhere to that home Sterling Marlin starts after a little bit worse on Phil Parker nor the left rear quarter panel with. If pretty well you've done Baghdad a lot of different they have things those hard. Bill Bolling keep them away and now the go to the right side McCain arrived about her but I believe that he'll go after him. And I hear in turn number two let's update you that Rick Wilson has walk from the car into the ambulance that Davidson county rescue squad taking him around toward the infield care center for the checkup. So Rick seemingly OK but they've just brought the car Ryan there's not a whole heck of a lot remaining to the front and an automobile. Never had a lot to smile about this year the car has run extremely well a lot of races but they've had all kinds of problems that sidelined them and they haven't finished all the committees. Cars now the record their ticket to the garage let's go to the pit road. But the Piedmont airlines as mobile and the Copenhagen as mobile course. Sterling Marlin Godfrey my car and Phil Parsons and pick up and take Sharapova and in and out of the fifth barn if they make repairs on the card both have been damaged in the left rear quarter panel. Their rear bumpers don't from sterling moment carpet looks like both album will be able to continue and I should have run okay. The only two cars that are out of the event thus far will be Trevor boys and looks like Rick Wilson for sure I'm Wilson turned down the trip to the hospital he walked back to his bit to talk with the Kodak film's crew under Brooks who have worked with a in a moment. We remain under caution here for it looks like just one or two more laps fourteen have been completed here Charlie in the Winston open it will be followed by three Winston. NASCAR's all star event in a unique. A trifecta format three different segments of the race 75 laps at a time and break fifty laps and ten minute break and then at ten lap shootout. But it 200000 dollar first prize that's coming up later today on motor racing network. After this preliminary the Winston open which has 30000 dollars at the front spot plus the twentieth starting spot in that they Winston later on this afternoon and as both phonetic and nick pointed out earlier the driver who wins this will certainly have the best idea what the track set up and everything is like. To get into the Winston and could be a sleeper coming from that point a starting spot. Let's check with Dick Brooks. Well I was headed to the hospital got almost there found that he was and is pits which was where I left from I'll pick this of the sect. It is the exercise anyway. Carol candor is giving the feeling indication one lap and we will go back to green and it will be a single file race. Are all right well authentic finally caught up with a request of are you okay allocating are pretty bad shape and went out and marijuana and go to motorboat about a man out of it. You know we've gotten all sorts of my O'Donnell with the car running good if you have to around but that's one implying there. That's a bad thing what happens early in her race right up front like it just got to get beat around like a ping pong ball that three guys later by up there and you know I had to get in no way. I really looked bigger hit elected again. Rick Wilson out of it this afternoon along with Trevor boys everyone else looks like they will be able to continue even though there are few cars that do have a little sheet metal damage. There in the middle of the back straight away getting ready to go green this time by Alan Michael Wiki is the leader Brett Bo Ryan sits right behind him in the number two position minutes Charlotte's own Buddy Baker. Like speed and Derrick cope with it worked single file to turn three. And right behind them comes the man on the move today Jim sauter started this race eight to eight. It's up to seventh spot on the restart so he is definitely. The man headed for the front but what dog hall behind the wall for the moment there back there working on the car he was involved in the Wilson incident that looks like they'll try to get him fixed and back out on the racetrack that car will miss the restart if they come off turn four to remain still sits on pit road he'll go a lap down JD Mike Duffy joins tail into the field and we are holding under the caution for at least one more lap. As the pace car brings them back around. A safety crew have another look out on the speedway there is a piece of debris. Now is that mortars they're saying that they didn't get all the debris on the racetrack. Started away from the. When you have a collision that involves as many cars as we did down in turn one just a moment ago. It is awfully easy to overlook just even a tiny piece of metal and they won't take no chances whatsoever if the safety observers in the corner report seeing something as they wisely did here will go at least another lap under caution. Getting it very very warm here at the Charlotte motor speedway and that is gonna affect the way the cars will be working most of the afternoon no question about that because Dick you've competed here on this surface is kinda like a few of the speed ways that we go to heat seems to think Charlotte as far as the handling capabilities the car maybe a little bit quicker. Then half a dozen other tracks that we do race on. Charlotte has spent a unique racetrack ever since it was built. It had a bad bump going in the first turner was the bad bumpers where you cross over the just piled up to Muster complete goal and unit in the cart have tend to get relied on his side of that. How late they fixed that I understand when they re paved it. But going down the backstretch about two thirds of the way down the benefactors to cart kind of starts walking from side to side on either some ripples over there it's. It's something that the engineers use to fight with for years a tried and tried to affixed to cars to drive straight across that. Now they've gotten to a brand new service. And and I understand from what the talking to the drivers that when they come off the old servers. Under the new and it's like driving from you know from from light spot into the shadow. It did you don't know exactly what's gonna do it it's. Records letters a day goes on that's what I'm doing well financed bailout of the guys. Phonetic Carson couldn't tie it really felt good about it maximum maybe just the minor adjustments for a enough movement. Why not tracked what time they were all loose they wanna find about that so. I was something that they had to get used to yesterday they're gonna learn some more today and I think my next week. There's an awful lot of interested observers standing atop the NASCAR trucks in the garage area most of those of the nineteen drivers who are set to go a little bit later in the with the this afternoon the kind of see what the cars are doing out there. Feel this in front of the like old. Another youngster I'm watching is Jesse samples junior started fifteenth he's now running up the number twelve position. A veteran of the Charlotte Daytona dash series he's made some on braves on the Busch grand national racing. And his Allen's flash cards and distinct color green with a yellow trim. He's moving up fairly consistently and confidently he's going to be youngster going to be here a lot of father figure's gone. Very talented young driver and the fact a lot of the drivers have been watching this youngster. Single file they work over to turn over three and Allen to lick he has been very strong in the early going they've displayed as he's been through your into the racetrack he's been able pull everyone off a corner by 45 car links. I'm really see that big right out of a turn and I don't know what the secretive because what he seems to have found that came up through the box real quick on the last restart but about fifty yards on a what if we could do it again. Out of the start finish line Harold candor waves the green and collect he pulls off the corner trying to garlic bread line runs second lakers thirsty discourse. Dale Jarrett comes up on the outside and Derrick cope to challenge for them Derrick cope trying to work on the inside of the racetrack but he's gonna get passed by both Dale Jarrett. And potentially Jim's daughter as well the front four put away money maker wants. At baker died down the inside that's where he went three wide right before the last yellow flag it makes quick work Capote guy to take over that number two spot. Lake speed moves up the telephone died for third collective pulling away. Money maker is so strong in the back straightaway it's frightening heat knocked off about three cars going down there and take some three wide in the corner almost anytime he wants to do. Has his sights set the leader right now he's really mantown at turn one. Running anywhere like nothing better available on the good you'll hear a little further concerns I'm. Jim shot or make to vote for the most out of Dale Jarrett and here comes Michael Waltrip as well those are my often rocky. Home now working their way to the point that is a tremendous battle going on back there were 75 meanwhile baker continues to real and the plane collected at a race for third has bowed out of lake stayed pretty well in games don't make Buddy Baker manager Davey Allison and directly did just that at Talladega when Allison won the Winston 500. It knock baker out of the starting lineup relieve wins that he has to win this race to get back again Buddy Baker driven primarily on the ringleader now whoa wait subpoenas mourning mourning the army and Marines on the contract but I'm. Jesse samples of off the racetrack. These fans toward the apron. We're tired because right Shakespeare in Love that feeling right he'd activity inside retaining wall and just example finally fans on the back straightaway. Looks like we might stay green he is out of harm's way just lightly brush that inside wall Jesse samples is not a caution is coming up the racetrack as they crossed the start finish line so the car will be stranded out there. And NASCAR will drop the third caution flag of the afternoon as Jesse samples have problems going off turnovers. To try to laps completed the Winston open at Charlotte motor speedway Allen co what you leading Buddy Baker. Brett bovine lake speed in Jericho road the caution for the third time today from Charlotte motor speedway this is MR I on the motor racing network. If it's time to replace your vehicle's battery stop by O'Reilly auto parts and take advantage of our exclusive do it right rebate for a limited time purchase a superstar premium extreme more platinum battery and get up to a fifteen dollar O Reilly gift card by mail hole Riley auto parts better parts better prices every day. Limits apply see store for details. Ultimate. Mubarak's. Vijay NASCAR fan is scary clean. So Kerry what do they call you queen of cakes out. Whenever Toyota went to NASCAR race I make a life sized Camry kick really yeah delicious and made America just like the dang car and with alternatives wins last year it was life sized Camry take cities who even lost a kid at one point tried to drive one of the cakes had to ease his way under the trying to train plus heart that's gone NASCAR fan. We go to let's go places to learn more visit we auto racing dot com NASCAR's a registered trademark of the national association for stock car racing Toyota vehicles and components of releasing US equal resource. Back at the Charlotte motor speedway in an indication given the field built green next time bye and before we get the green flag. The new sponsor to come in it was a cup racing occurred a couple of weeks ago at Talladega and it was an unusual product in Mali Hughes who has whipped the under all folks is with us here in the Booth this afternoon have a little come about what. We noticed that a lot of companies from becoming interested in Winston cup racing. After we watched some film from Daytona and saw what PNG was doing with the falter scar the Crisco car the type car and recognize that maybe this is a place that a product. Designed for women not to be so we checked into it and found out that. There are a lot of math there. Quickly is that the sponsorship has gone on the Sterling Marlin car what was the team's reaction having thunder rolls on their car the team has been very wonderful about that. We recognize that it is an unusual product that. Piedmont employs a lot of women and Pete mine carries a lot of women on their planes and they were really willing for us to go along with that obviously you did little checking and found out there's an awful lot of female race fans yes sir the numbers tell us that there are over 40% of the people that are interested in this whenever women and we're out there to get a volume drivers it'll probably early going let me get back downstairs and watch his progress like fish she appreciate right. Green flag at lap 45 and collect he once again takes off from the field of battle will be the third spot behind Buddy Baker lake speed comes up the outside of rep full time for the rhino and centering pass late. I mean love is fine. Derrick cope trying to work its way to the outside in front foot nine as well Brett coming battling back to being shot at a racetrack. But he can't hold off its honor will be next to want to continue his charge toward the front these epithets. Working on the tail end of the pole sitter Brad thought I was brought back into fifth spot. Up front but always keep baker battle against the heat up once again throttle for their testimony cars right up there in the lead graphical what you bring support back to the start finish line and maker is closing in inner hurried chopped it down the list and calling back into turn 100 maker rose has been relaxing Sterling Marlin also think it's great panther racing wrapping. It was coming time I've got to go in this event. He's got some time off turn two relief and just finally there's baker diving down to the inside takes a look. And he seems to be real strong at the exit the Greek poet he dives download takes the spot away baker will be content to follow him for the moment. They put about wild card like on the third place man makes me get a call the Bobby while Lackey worked this car up from 34 starting spot to fourteenth and then got jostled by the car coming out of turn over to. Let's call the tail end of the real leaders are back in line and still no change of an affront to some but the change is that third point event now beginning to realize in the lead times. Third as late Steve Derrick Pope could spoil my foot and a half Bobby ware line. Job we'll send him on the pit road as we have to pull out of reacted for the moment and up front they have split up into two groups believe do all collect Ian Baker and hot battle. Speed appears to be breaking out of the third place Warren closing up the. Little bit to drivers who got shuffled back in the pack after the accident a little bit early this afternoon are coming back toward the front right now that would be Sterling Marlin and cities later there about four and a half seconds. Run two cars and how black can turn to. Running in the sixth hottest goaltenders sonics haven't been Dale Jarrett Payton plane ticket I'm driving home to new driver for homeowners finally. Coaches talk turned to the same kind of Mike Walters and Mike Walker holds that spot they moved down the backstretch pulled that out now by about a car like. Up front speed has definitely broken away from the fourth place fan base trying to leave the Derrick cope car behind to block the later. Call Wiki and Buddy Baker to tight draft trying to run off from the field they've opened up a tenth of the second on lake Stevens Derek called redlining in them. Jim sauter back in six Dale Jarrett and seventh like Walter does a holding down the ninth spot is Rodney homes in time now is getting straighter but I don't like getting bigger ones coming up to challenge down the backstretch as maker continued to try to look for that insight group this time we've got a fender inside Elway people. It got close to spell when he came back across the front of maker but that buddy you're not gonna get it away from me that way they. You're strong suit is in the backstretch he's been able to go a whole lot deeper into turn number three than anyone else but he just couldn't make the move that time he goes right back after the Wiki down and turn over one. Good battle back there for third spot very shortly about to develop post. Tires particularly baker the left side tires is low on the racetrack up against that white line inside of running room you can go play again want to leave Friday comfortable on the racetrack showing lots of love you can't make her intelligence collected this time remembering what happened last time buddy let's go lucky in that Maria was very close there all laugh when nobody wisely letting him this time that's tough place take him to live with coming out of four Brett bovine jumps underneath the fourth place car. Alongside Derrick coach value card machine and hit him off down towards turn 14 spot change hands there and changes in the front load times favor resumes point. Red sauce that make speed was beginning to put away in late now within shouting distance of running an ongoing battle for the lead stated very strong running by himself he is able to maintain that interval will be different things like stars and perhaps cause a little bit he has left codeine and felt well behind at baker continues to try to find a way around calling him. Published factor here this afternoon is beginning to come and play very quickly and then it looks like if you get the chassis setup here you're able to run like the front to our and get away and if you're a little bit off you can start dropping back in the field is beginning to spread out very fast. You will or you know back all the loose race car I think they're running out there right now it's tough to put up with Ohio racetrack. Tony Sparano thing available smoke coming from the tank killed after car number 45 they have a good up Jonathan Edwards okay. Back coming back from. And gone home back out and have fun bit of time in the garage area. Jesse samples has been able to continue with a lot of sheet metal damage to the right rear of the car here comes the battle for the lead again still out front as Allen who Wiki. And he has been strong all last year and all this year Buddy Baker still went to college behind him there over into. After problems early Sterling Marlin going around any fears wall that was for fourteenth spot there's no challenge now for collective. Call it pretty well in hand here with a lot of free trial like advantage over baker who seems to be content now for the obamas to try to grind can always keep down rather than to make those daring moves on the backstretch baker may have in mind that he wants to run another race later this afternoon. Alan collect erotic in the same horse that he's run for the last two years sir on the Carre calls after last year's sponsored Quincy steak houses and use that car. Virtually everywhere but Daytona and Talladega. You know this is still that same car that we race here last year when we did finish Portland and we just keep running the famed car in Rotterdam runner. Probably have like when he races this is this the car really bury my NASCAR career and in the fall of 85. This whole what does this say about the state of the sport when some teams have six or seven race cars in your during the whole circuit basically were one. You know it is just sort as shows that you don't have they have eight or nine cars and you don't have they have twelve quarters he'll get the great. One car one inning at a time so I'm not every year. Or lack of more equipment as an excuse we really could use some time to go after rolling pretty much of anything. We're getting some good test time out here today right in front of hard charging snarling Buddy Baker up in turn three app makers are pretty good title learned from the going to be tested who better to write the examine Buddy Baker the hometown hero series about a car like behind if they come off turn four acre killing an awful lot of patients right now he put a couple of super moves on to get the lead down the middle of the back straightaway and into turn three it didn't work and I think yes. Our turn announcers reported up from only just content to cool that you like bill would describe Maria's for a while the. But the moment cooling it is the answer closing in on race traffic going like hot at the quickest car the racetrack and going north stop watches Kenny raider. Who has now moved around. And Dale Jarrett and Gibbs not a moving up the 6 o'clock I'm trying to chase down the leader. Remember the trainer got into trouble earlier that incident that has had a couple a long way back but I'll watch this to me like he's the quickest car out there and. Source trader is on the move try to come back up to the broad river he was involved in the second caution today. But what it took Rick Wilson out of the race at lap tap no change among the front. TM as they worked back in return of one right now the leader continues to be Allen who Wiki in the sport right behind me his Buddy Baker McChrystal Oldsmobile. And the field is beginning to get pretty well strong now the battle going on right now go back and package for the recycle. It's any trader trying to work its way around again as he posted on the Derrick Coke machine also on Brett but neither on the backstretch. Trader was kicking off of our click it off we sit there about a half a second lap on the leaders and filly ran into that traffic is now running eighth on the racetrack. And I hit the interval has stabilized at about eight half second back into the could get through that back he's. Working hard to the back bumper of Derrick cope when they put a new contoured Coke gets around the front straightaway tax mark stall and goes spinning off into the infield. That'll bring out the caution flag is colts car slides all the way to turn over water if he gets straightened out and Amanda to the big Joey Chitwood proud the fans come to their feet. As golf goes on down the front straightaway I don't know if there was any contact between he and Kenny straighter because that's what they had to bumping and banging the last lap and a half or so. I don't have noticed terrible car better that chance if all we lose respect them through the quad oval here at the Charlotte motor speedway and upward arc gets. Close to yield to outside it can culture that's been out I never catch you and vacuums Boehner almost not fun when. Jamie freighter failed Jarrett went my hero but he's back home and lost several positions there really were just bad polluters that can't happen here on the front straightaway. And now let's add to that factors that Derrick cope had indeed been experiencing some handling problems we had noticed that the last couple laps during the commercial what I was getting very loose coming off floor. The horse trader got through it once getting caught up where they've got racing side by side it appears that turbulent air may have been what set him loose they would lose anyway. One of the cars it's not a racist Rodney comes Rodney what have you gone motor broke Dick. They Armstead you got a new car owner and what your plans for the rescue gonna drive this car what time. The L word a car crash near 88 season boat again cast around now Lang is joined forces there for the first time now I'm not gonna have done. Partner is gonna help him along financial Linux drivers not standing Barbara allows well. Elmo makes the car alarm please run out throughout the night with them and their aides and everybody else later bush your listings that vote dying and dying. And not bill at Lindbergh field last night and have learned their fourth position. I've got like the guys are resting here and us going to be a good join up between it going to do again thanks Dick just about everybody is on pit road let's go to bit. Yes they are Ramadan in the end they don't dare to win them all I don't morn yards in his right to loosen up your nose like Marlon back down and I'm still fit road. We have big argument every afternoon in India that killed mark at all early on going now. Car and they find a tremendous amount of minutes right. OK real real mark knowing that in -- way home pit road and get them. OK okay. I'm almost back out and do they okay and others are now blowing out my. You can run. Head is that happened built mark doll was way over on the right hand lane as. If he was a little confused words that's all might beat out there wasn't much room for him to get into that Dolly made a sharp cut to the left. Marlin was already accelerating out into traffic and sterling has the right front tire down as his cargoes to turn number one. It's going to be a long Olympic run for him back around the pit lane and Steve Steve Steve from Leland group. To get that thing straightened away but Marlon. He has not had a lot of luck here today. Then had a lot of luck this season just about everything that could happen to the Piedmont airlines and under all star has certainly happened all year long and continues today here in the Winston open we're working caution for the fourth time this afternoon when Derrick cope spun coming down the front straightaway. And we can't emphasize enough what a great job he did. In working with a car and keeping it from coming back on the racetrack and out in the traffic can possibly taking more machines out within 45 laps are complete. In the Winston open. Popular joints in the worth the promoter Charlotte motor speedway and you folks certainly to be congratulated you know it's been several years since motor racing network is spent here to do an event. We're talking down of the pits earlier that the little covered grandstand out out toward turn one used to be the biggest building in the place and now. It's dwarfed by the speedway club the condominiums in the VIP suites here along the front straightaway you folks have. Really done so much to make Charlotte really the showplace of us. More of IQ markets glad be back here with you Barney we been working like that they can for the past eight months get me. To a million dollar speedway club finished in time for the west and then what is what's an open taken off with all this action. It's. Told us one other thing and that is the fact that with the new paving that we did we get a second groove back into Charlotte. But it seems that. For a Winston cup race promoter could just about locking doors sit around and wait till race weekend it opened a place up and Philip but really you folks who really. Bet not a big town to take such a unique event as the Winston. And to promote it and pull in such a huge crowd as we have here today well I think the concept of the Winston is good morning and I think that the job that we've all done including a Moran in promoting this event has brought the people loud in there already. Getting their money's worth now and I think the what's been itself will be great event. You're quoted the other day in the Charlotte paper records like Tom Higgins is saying that twenty or twenty years ago you envision the sport to be where it is today did you really. Well I'd say depth and a bit I just. Thought that courtside as you know I was promoting dirt track races back there and my gosh I was throwing dust on top of people's hands and terrible bathrooms and everything else they kept coming back and answered my god what would happen if we. Clean the place or is it that this quite a few years to get the point where we had enough money to do it in so. And I think his of the tip the iceberg right now this tracked by Jane is building in. Australia is a real great reflection on Winston cup racing in NASCAR and not so great things are at and as you guys note that you followed every week week in and week out. I don't think the sport has scratched the surface. The people in the in the business who have kind of a vision of what's coming down the road. Even in your wildest imagination ten years from now we think that we've come a long way now but I don't think we really even move forward comport to what this court probably will do you. No I don't think so in of course right to get ready to start here but. Let you guys take you know American those folks morneau what's happening. Poppy thanks for stopping by and I would check would later today poppy Wheeler got a tremendous job here at Charlotte motor speedway. And getting the facility to where it is today good battle up front as they hauled off and turn over 100 dream. There's a different players now are funny papers at a point late speed is pounding away behind him traders talk. What he's trying to work out shine Alan go away he really got box in the fifth and as a result comes back and forth spots over the first time that it's gonna have to scramble through traffic to get there he also has a couple of lapped cars to deal with including help boost confidence back in the action plan against Sterling Marlin your point it's the way in sterling. You've had some bad bad luck we hear what happens then. Well it's not bail out start right where wells clothing line announces I'm all in. CNN has a nice and they may remain in our power now with Kamal life back up front being in Harvard and Wharton did in coming out of me it's an they did it fail Bart Collins say. Coming out and around the when he isn't final. Why did my bit damaged the right front haven't nano after a little bit so they're going to be out for awhile. We'll through whatever gets as good as it has been glad that we have to deal with his body cars up early draft lakers in front behind him lake speed and lap car Phil Parsons rides there in the third position now is Kelly Slater bit back in morning. I'm right behind straighter closing in me is now on coal Wiki who both of those cars later in Kuwait you've gotten around Jericho then Dale Jarrett machinist. Good morning and I Jim slaughters progress he would come through a lot of traffic and just now tangled with Phil Clark gulf marked all bought up to speed after that incident on pit road. And what he really got clipped the back by sauter but he manages to gathered things back up and continue. Baker the rights leaders they complete. Looks like fifty laps this time by lake speed riding a second here comes can't straighter up around the outside of the laughed Phil Parsons that a talent collect given Derek Cole a lap down we've got to make it now the front four are quickly trying to make it together. Further back wrecked boat I'm working a bit Iraq iron good scientific paper traffic. Mark dog has pulled off the racetrack got to turn for an bullet for the fifth meanwhile the battle is for third escalate he tries to get inside getting straighter. Been a lot of talk about what would happen here do thunderbirds got hooked up that you'll find out now. Well fans have had time to sit down the battle for third place is a bandy it has been door to door for the last five laps around the speedway and that's exactly the way it's going back into turn three and we got both before took up party quicker hook up north coast the door post they've been side by side now for about six straight laps. Always the other bottom elusive now trader comes around the outside and finally take that third spot. Collect his car would stay on the bottom and run just so long trader now third is three seconds behind the front twosome. Baker at lake speed let's go to the crux. I'm Bill Maher don't just come in a garage he's just getting out there and happening now these products are well. Think like. This even on bad bad luck what happened is that. Ally I couldn't find my pit sign tonight I was down I stayed out the dog fighting I pulled him. I wouldn't blame attorney Martin even more respect been involved it was my fault yet hopefully going to. It's just a bad thing you have I've really I don't know start from I felt like it was hard for him just you know I took him out of re thankful. I just feel sorry for it was fairly Marlon. Well I think it takes a lot of guesses my stuff like that what what took you out here. I guided me Dick that it takes a lot of guys to say something like that. Not a lot of drivers don't click kind of stuff but what took you out of the race there. It Delhi might call it like I say I just feel sorry for him that I know we had a good Carnoy you know you're running good man I just thought if I could feel awful driver fairly volatile. I've wanted to not many people thought got away but that's the kind of were pressing thing to hear. We've heard the few times and driver but part gul says it is definitely his fault here this afternoon that. That is not gonna help Sterling Marlin because it has put him out of the race the car is still with Roger let's go to med care what Jonathan Edwards has had his car parked behind the wall here for several laps down what's wrong. Well. I just the crowds last. Great drive for the rookie maiden. There are supposed to put it back together. Somehow. Girls they get tight balance thing loosened. Up and how much damage is done now we're RT. Jonathan Edwards is. Another retiree filled barked Alter Bryant Jimmy means Sterling Marlin Rodney Holmes Rick Wilson and Trevor boys and the other drivers who have gone to the garage area. Not much change up front party B two ports are not running down the halls reveals is one might think 2.5 seconds is the difference between second place flakes being in third place straighter up in turn three. Like speed is given Buddy Baker all he wants to sit there too like top makers respected bankers not get away. Baker brings the crystals mobile whack to the start finish line right behind him does dry lake speed at the moment he may be content just to hold what he has. That battle for third spot is settled down for a moment it's down in front of the like old. But there's a lot of traders would collect in point late mean last time I made a great utility go inside of Buddy Baker put my daughter. I've covered but late look the point might have been able to make a quick cut off the corner we thought something might happen and that's greater collective battle once I got single file again because. All Wiki doesn't seem to be able to work as well down on the bottom he was kind of pinned down they're like any threat of another single file fans put through Carlin took part. Take you back through the top ten at least the leader is Buddy Baker at sixty laps like speed is second can traders third Allen who Wiki. His fourth fifth as Brett bovine six is Jim sauter seventh as Dale Jarrett eight is Michael Waltrip. Unofficially by at this Eddie Pearce will attempt would be Steve Crist on HB Bailey would run in the eleventh position. And back in twelfth for the tail end of that lead lap that would be Jeff Phillips automobile thirteenth through BJ be picked up the fourteenth. Marks to all those cars drama lead laps it was fifteenth place slick Johnson. And a buddy Eric did back in sixty position ahead of Rick knew. 62 laps are completed the 100 that would make up the Winston open this afternoon buddy Arrington is still out there pretty well getting around the racetrack in Arrington told us the other day that he is just happy to beat in the western open. Went and you know I'm confident probably and I'm like I'm going now we have found a ligament damage but I don't want to know him. And we have an iMac and up there going wow I don't have a nine Intel and no law. I'm good at night my out lap and then he'd done what they've done. Who played a for a lot of the drivers here this afternoon in the with the opening of super Rick we're a little bit later today when the Winston comes up. Here's kitty straighter back across the start finish line and Allen who Wiki just tucked in in the draft a little further back in the field it's a pretty good battling going on back there with young Dale Jarrett. And Jim sauter and rental pioneer in front of the Michael. There's a good battle vote wrecked boat diamond dale okay. Tim's father for the moment but off by some five highway from Dale Jarrett right trying to work back to the front. That's a good battle for the position in Jarrett for the moment seems to be closing up. Very very slowly trying to make a three car race not a bad that is go to the polls that are sitting at that spot now Jim sauter sick and it just about more Carla expected Derek he's definitely coming. Meanwhile back toward the front of the field affords beaten up port that's the second of the Oldsmobile sleeve that's baker back to lake speed that's the difference. Speed is dropped about six or seven carloads behind baker that is two point six seconds at a little lap traffic before you find straighter. And Allen called Wiki drafting him right off the rear end of the red Barron pizza Ford Thunderbird. That place is about to change hands midpoint of the back straight away their captor charged down the inside Jim sauter on the move ideas around vote on an easily I mean it looks like he could than at any time he wanted he pulled the trigger and I start the stayed up high coming out of orbit final drive back. Hello are really got loose their first second they almost lost it does a good job keeping it a straight line and you'll hang on to positions it as a beautiful day at the Charlotte motor speedway were watching the western open right now with the Winston to follow a little bit later this afternoon 67 laps are now complete in the 100 that make up with an open. No change among the top ten at this juncture the race Charlotte's own Buddy Baker looking to get into Victory Lane here this afternoon move into a spot in the west and a little bit later today. Right now leads lake speed by perhaps seven or eight colleagues across the start finish line and hit back and turn on the one. Trying to chase them down his skinny straighter and I believe trader shortening up the envelope a little bit on the front tooth in front of the cycle. It is recheck them on the stopwatch to Vienna boys drinking but so few of them voted him first and second lake speeds and hiring. They seemed to be able. Make a run at baker when he wants to he's not been able to cut their. Actually put a passing move on banker but theater all ships they'll drop back and garlic too close to back up to as now to lights coming out of four. The difference from baker back to straighter it's constant it's about two point eight seconds with speed as the differential. Lake speed that is he's now closed right up to the back bumper of the Chris colts have won there working their way into the corner and have the Braves traffic to contend went. There's Kevin Phillips fifteen is make me look inside of Buddy Baker but merely a car. I had maneuvered not so much the Phillies past if you got to try to pass Buddy Baker going into turn green I guarantee you got your hands full speed will not drive this time with a laugh automobile open the way. Baker diving down low light at the end of the greed and letting the car draft up by with a good line out of form. Baker used to own the Charlotte motor speedway in the mid sixties and up in the early seventies he won as many races here as anyone. But he told me yesterday in recent years that has not been the case. Wow that deadlock here I don't know what happened. But here than if they log back had a perfect panel all right back out of that you may have heard about it and it dropped out bad non. I can't plant here way back around her real good Darren RA at the bottom of the voter O'Grady would. As a general rule I really loved solid you know let them run a mile down here and and great jacket now there's a very good took they blood I'm looking forward to. Police have a good run here right now and then I don't think they would have to make another pit stop in this hundred miles hundred lap segment what they know they can go the rest of the white barn they all filled up with gas tank sports cars. But let him go left right. Better talk about it I come here hardback is an award for finding me. Their favorite thing very thankful we are running about what thirty consecutive 3375. Along and that I think second what you want about them. Under. I I don't 760 so it's good speeds one thing the crowd with a blonde with the new pavement here that can do we'll talk runs live great. After their award I think it's. A little right and all the way through any rights we finger he'll understand right. Heard nothing but praise all week long from the with a cup drivers about the paving job open three and four you can sit out in the infield here in the stands and watch the cars come through their wares they used to bubble around and bounce up toward the outside wall. It's almost like running a piece of glass that is so smooth through there right now and they really like him. 72 laps come up on the border the western open here this afternoon here's Buddy Baker backed out of the start finish line like speed as Claire just one car length back and he may just be playing the waiting game they're back. One it's tough to tell every time leagues means seems to want to make a move. He's getting caught up my race traffic on many occasions. Buddy Baker been taking a bit of higher crude coming off turn two actually speak they're tied together and faith got a clear racetrack in front of him that's not what they feel like the dive down and it turned emigrate now baker holds the advantage of a movie about it. Speak up battle level are on the racetrack he appears to have a good line down there on the bottom he may make is through better. Behind them can straighter and Alan collect you run third and fourth they're now two point nine seconds behind them the lead do low seventies or 100 laps complete. Like speed trails Buddy Baker as he has done for most of the last thirty laps or so and he knew this would be no cakewalk a lot of the drivers in this event have some good strong motivation to try and win this personal. And there's a bunch of drivers that there is a blanket or dislike. They've come oil heartland a lot of right and if you stop and look at the hard enough hopefully very very overlap had to have been right in front. For the right here. Had Riddick game blows it way right and just you know Bob battle Kirk Barton spent whatever just had maiden victory circle yet. One of those is challenging for third spot and turn three and moved the inside my Allen can always he is under Kenny freighter and a three taken that spot. Know what you do ram so strong at the start of the event then fell back on the pit stop after the last round of Dallas back to the third. He works his way across the start finish line with a 44 laps remaining in the western open here this afternoon Buddy Baker out front behind him like speed as we said he might just be playing a waiting game meanwhile the two sports back there need to get appetite draft and put some. I should say close up some of that daylight between the front too if they have any shot of winning this thing this afternoon the interval remains about the same Buddy Baker towing likes to beat around the racetrack it's almost three seconds back to Al uncle Wiki and he is leaving Ken trader behind the fourth place car. Block gap back to fifth that's for Jim sauter leads Brett chloride and Dale Jarrett. Michael it's all about lake speed. Being able to drop back a little bit and seemed to catch back down. Talk about Darryl Bryant Turkey pared their all plus it has likes anything about any keep up our economy any pushing or is he doing everything he can do. Love I would get around right letting Brian Elliott Johnson annihilate them started out I am coming out about inaudible left that pool of a. If you pretty comfortable at the racetrack related Yang says that I run a bug right now like Israeli just Jonathan are battered and. Bogart and so they could just go to payload making those split up. IE seven beginning Aziz added that if I was going to be debt can't read at the end of their eyes so I will say icon that. Tony's status comes to pit road and with empirical and value Gard cart panel XP has lost ground to leader Buddy Baker a great deal and over in turn three and the losses coming in traffic he's just not getting through the proudest moments Buddy Baker. Meanwhile Alec collect itself with the cap all the way he's going after. Kuwait he's in or her he was three seconds behind baker after he made the pass on. Ken Schrader he's now two seconds back of a leader in just one and a half seconds behind like speed as they go to turn one Buddy Baker worked in the outside of racetrack right around any fears wall around testing samples came here. Everyone else might be cooling in the fourth place runners later joined the as they've moved down the backstretch the interval brought. First and second it's now got at least 18 Arlington we're gonna start venturing out with a stopwatch before law maker appears to be headed for home speed is just continually getting caught him. Travis and Michael Waltrip makes an unscheduled pit stop hurricane don't have satire don't his partner coach at full value of our car behind him well here's what's wrong. I looked our land down heavily on this and it's no it's not there ought to blown tiger bring an opponent Barack Obama. And back on pit road as Mike Walker for another unscheduled pit stop and he had been running very well here this afternoon the fact after the top ten. And that's gonna cost you look at finish today 84 laps to complete sixteen to go in the western open this afternoon. Buddy Baker takes it up in the tournament. Three could be a pretty good challenge for that second spot know what he may well that's lake speed. And meanwhile may fifth sixth seventh place battle is not going to be all that's after you've got sauter codeine and Dale Jarrett still scrambling pretty good they're just going into turn over. Homemakers and opposition do yet count the money like speed is now midpoint between he. And third place collect equally keep 2.3 seconds behind the leader now turn to polygamy filled trying to cut it down and not wait I mean they've taken basically the same line. The quarter. Kenny trader was a factor at all that early on but just appeared to drop off the face wants to always keep him around it. Announced raiders dropped before a couple of seconds behind in his fourth spot. Traders car has. Not been working in either in the racetrack like he would like it too meaning that he can't keep it down in the low groove the card ripping up quite a bit and that's costing a lot of time here this afternoon they were indicating just a few laps ago that nine cars were still on the lead lap as we wind down this afternoon with fourteen remaining. In the western open. Funny resist talking and I like to be spent. Buddy Baker Pitts is right next right next door stood. Talk to Doug rich we dug nobody don't talk too much on the radio these races like this but it's the same thing about it the hard work and writing got a mental. Well I am like he's saying he hasn't said not so it must be pretty close he did say it can't get work. I just hope for a nice green green flag racing and. It ended at least in many. That's got to be a big part haven't my hometown and then you're there also so. And you guys look at our. Matter right now. Well I vividly when this race right here right now it's no lack of attention and his team can go out and do afterwards. Both elected and if if you make an ability after awhile. At the front of the pack Bakker now has about one point four seconds on Blake's speed and speed as Alan always keep filling up his rearview mirror for second spot 88 laps complete. Twelve to go in the Winston opened in fourth this can't traitor fifth is Jim sauter six's Brett 457 does Dale Jarrett they're all on the lead lap. Any beer small Phil Parsons the rest of the field water or laps behind with now eleven and a half ago Kobe gets scrambled back in the pack as they've displayed pointed out among Jim sauter Britain finally Dale Jarrett they're locked up together very close down to turn one. Has it worked the corners daughters leave over Brett codeine and five Thailand. Dale Jarrett right on the rear deck for rent on time maybe happening higher on the racetrack proper due expected Jeremy Dale Jarrett a long time to scramble up and that position to challenge put on he was a couple of seconds back but it just gradually reeled it in and now I think to be pushing boat died closer to slaughter but could be a good scramble for fifth sixth and seventh. Well just what it looked like Buddy Baker had this thing in the sack it's changed complexion of a hurry here's baker out of turn number four in back to the line at lake speed is less than three car lengths behind him and Alan Cole Wiki is working on speed for that second spot at turn one. Everybody sees the scoreboard just a handful of laps remaining near the Winston open. Speed consistently with a much lower line they're turned number two with a Buddy Baker it's narrowing down five my mind first and third as fast that they've been running we would not have imagined that everybody had a whole lot left for the end of the race. Certainly lakes bays and Allen know what you save a little pour it now that they are charging at baker says the move on the bottom I call what you try to take second get out your story book it's going to be that kind of finished collecting almost gets in the grass coming through the dog like you're at the start that I strive. Five laps to go that give Specter a two car length advantage into one of the way they've been running here the last couple of laps at two car lanes in the breather from. From my Buddy Baker got the deal went up there and number two again Kuwait he wanted to be but secondly could make a move while they may get two Buddy Baker get around Buddy Baker four laps is going to be a real challenge here at Charlotte that he'll offer the three bankers sticks weighed down on the bottom of the racetrack a little higher at light speed the guy working on a bottom is definitely call Wiki. Catching lakers one thing passing and has always been another but he brings it back down the line to comics ahead of lake speed Kuwait he looks over like if they hit back to turn over one and like he's the man with a with a handful he tries to go for the lead in Mississippi to lose second spot. Lake speed is clearly superior. Vision for the speedway turned number two. But it's not weary have to really make capacity tries to go for the win at baker has been strong now on the backstretch all day long that car just jumps off the corner and really winds up. Always you've got to make a move now he's gonna get a shot maker he's got to get around like speed relapse to go baker speed and co Wiki at the point straighter is all alone in fourth spot sauter is fifth rebel minus six Dale Jarrett is seventh. Relapse to run on the leaders have for turn one they've got to race traffic ahead of that which could be a factor here. Remember with Steve Preston mark stalled ahead of the leaders baker has been working race traffic ever really do. There's still five highlights first the third you can that the body is gonna try to use those two lap cars did. Deal with challenger's right off his rare that parents know what he'd drive a lot of there's traffic down their Christmas area to move back up and get a life it is still lakers beat him collect the money they. Or can use up a lot of racetrack when he needs to any may need to hear very shortly across the start finish line to left to go as he takes it back into turn up more on the it'll a couple of colleagues among the front three. They have this post race traffic for the moment they have Mike myers' car again few approaches they work out there in the pursuit. Putting fake beer too planning practice we need three more practical way. I think that the lap on lap which go let's go with his golden opportunity at the traffic really banking is about five like behind speed. Made closing and I want to make earned their right into another traffic jam this time to think of off court. Stable try to make a sandwich out of it come inside maker one lap car stays way up high now cuts to the low side that's Randy bankers that take the white flag but he goes around speeders with a live law school Wiki by about three car lights. Makes me to be half a chance to Apatow and hiring people then you probably Prager runs a bit higher return number two now lake speed goes up the banking tires smoke profit Kmart old. Lake state definitely let that hang out here on the final lap maker that's not a good story at four all day he gets it down to the bottom almost to the white line status right gather with you but about three airport garlic back he's not gonna have an epic yet. Buddy Baker here come the front three alternative for down a lot of Buddy Baker is gonna win it he'll win it by five garlic flakes people finished second a couple of colleagues further back. Allen Blakey will run home in the third position Lott say there's a half acres go through either. They needed this awful awful bad and I think Doug was right when he says Nenad tell I want to do that team. Here's the run for fifth spot coming off target before. Jim sauter has two car likes on Red Bull bottle looks like he'll carry that to the checkered flag bowed arrival end up. Six that his first drive for Los Ellington seventh the last car on the lead lap pool only about ten or twelve carlin's behind 055 run for Dale Jarrett this afternoon. Buddy Baker takes an extra victory lap around the Charlotte motor speedway in the hometown crowd is cheering one of their own. Two very popular victory here you remember Talladega he got bounced out of the starting lineup for bewitched and with Davy allison's win. It made Allison the most recent winner on the circuit and baker. Who had not won a race as the firecracker 403 years ago bounced out of the field and now he urged the players starting spot in the Winston they fire them. Tiger got a lead we got mad late spring and summer getaway to mediate just got his helmet off. Right he made an awful good run right at the end it looked like there for awhile if you are strong enough you've got to catch up on him. Well at lap traffic really got me there I was decked out kind of I was trying to decide billow work don't ailment does while one of the tide on us trying to get him a little losers talking just like eight feet past. But then I got separated from in my lap traffic and they got a chance good tires down I just around a collapse of the home. Not day traffic can be a big part of an a lot of times especially in the last at relapse but now they want this Wednesday march gathered coming out strong. I thought there aren't and I Alec collected just. The walking away pockets of eminent. Good run for lake speed today and collecting who finishes third that you are to be a Victory Lane when we come back to Charlotte motor speedway this is that are on the motor racing network. The racetrack to the road home fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust sonoco repeat of fuel that keeps you going second campus America feels going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR's sonoco BS and so races. Do you lied to countryside. Whatever you drive wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value. Selection and industry leading wore Tina gets you there no matter where the road takes you. To learn more of this. He's tired dot com Hercules tires bride and our strength. NASCAR today continues on the motor racing network. There at Charlotte motor speedway Buddy Baker has defeated 33 other drivers to advance to the west of this afternoon after beating 33 only has nineteen to knock off in the second round seven Roosevelt obviously he's in Victory Lane would venture but it just crawl have a Chris goes mobile barn and a very happy Fella and they brightest graduates. When they had just been a long time man. You know as a couple guards that can run me down but when I got wrapped Mohamed like Italy lose a lot of traction get a little sideways. I'm just proud that growth because they limit their guard down tonight obits at the turn four. Not only to write them a little while but. Also for the world that honor. You got to feel good going into that race you've got a 150 miles now under your belt knowing how the car work you know have attractive. Yeah I got to go to work don't have a little bit too loose getting in the race that I got to work on man. I was talking you better outdoor CNN you're so consistent about 32 point six seconds just lap after lap after lap that's a pretty good recipe. We're mad at if ran good had a got to get away with a little bit better inaccurate in Earnhardt now they know gather baseline and I. I got kicked out want them last week come back in and again this way camera brown by the story congratulations. Thank you. I'm kind of glad to see baker and definite thing this afternoon because they really hurting state to get bounced out when Davey Allison won out there although he downplayed it a little bit. He was it really been looking forward to it in the kind of money that's up for grabs in the west a little bit later this afternoon. Blair like a lot of nights thinking you lost the chance to win as much as 300000 dollars. Not only that but when you run your own race team and owner and receive their money. Comes in handy Dick Brooks was trying to track down third place finisher Allen co Wiki well it got him here Alan certainly had one of the quickest cars on a racetrack the last eight to ten laps to duplicate just run out of time. I did we got behind on a pit stop a little bit and I'd Iran's so hard to catch on that I was a little quicker and I really sort of used up my tires catch and by the time I got through my tires were hot now or slip and slide like they were but. Buddy Baker ran a real good race I'd like to congratulate them and am pleased with the way this Eric Ford Thunderbird ran today in you know I've. We didn't win but I think our days come and why make a lot of people think that you just keep getting stronger start he'd run the same car over and over understand well. We really have a car we've got Ryan always short track races with and then Ryan well as the car that we nicknames sir won last year and our cars got about points that 128 races are right now. This is a brand new car here this weekend and for the first Fraser ran well and we're just try to get a dial and a little better for the 600 and I'm a little disappointed that we couldn't get to the Winston you know we're so close tonight it's hard when you can see it right on Friday but you can't quite catch it but. I've got this far by working hard we're just keep working hard and come back from that. Wake up there around a long time I think is going to be a lot more second and third so you have to learn live that I get to know it's hard to do with the U did a good race today and he's been to a lot more. Well I hope I am around here for one time to come this has always been my ultimate goal and NASCAR Winston cup racing is really the price of being in any form of racing today and I'm just really pleased to be a part of it. Well regular field they've run. You miss getting in Lewiston by perhaps 75 feet and that is that the heartbreaker for. Especially where as you say with the money at stake there. Buddy Baker has won the Winston open with a 30000 dollars in the point of starting spot in the Winston coming up your shortly Charlotte motor speedway like speed finishes second this afternoon in the Winston open Allen called Wiki is third. Fourth it's Kenny straighter fifth is Jim sauter six the rebel diamond seventh to Dale Jarrett all on the lead lap. Phil Parsons got banged around a couple times today and finished 81 lap down. Ninth Eddie spiritual to the good job and they card usually driven by Ken Reagan. There's just ahead of us former Carter but he Arrington who was to have Steve Grossman was eleventh HB Bailey was twelfth. Thirteenth position to Chet Philip. Finishing fourteenth Randy baker and fifteenth richt knew sixteenth with JD but Duffy seventeenth Mike waltrip. Eighteenth slick Johnson finishing nineteenth with mark stall in the twentieth position Mike potter. 41 was Charlie Baker 22 Bobby while whacked winding up 23 in the western open Jesse samples junior and 24. Don Paul 25 position was Derek Cole the first of the cars that were not running at the finish we'll have. The rest of that runoff relate Iran today as our continuing coverage of NASCAR's all start date continues here in Charlotte motor speedway. Michael any other cars that run very very strong and I had a little bit of a problem when they had accidentally the first turn was getting straighter. In and red Barron pizza Ford. Kenny who look like you're really really had a good run for a minute and then it kind of got away from me a little bit. Well it we were lucky we just get through a deal with the foreign car there went when it blew up we were right behind Nieminen we took a pretty long slide but you know we get through that thing had a good tailback and a that's pretty long ways back when we got back up there when we dismissed underage drinking yes we were little bit to tag now. Ride the and we get together with a lap cars that slows down but their latest warning convention like with not should be. Well if you think your daytime everybody else think and a little bit loose so if you can get it just a little bit loose he's going to be tough because sometimes they're hard to tighten up. Well we'd much rather try to get early like you say in fact Geithner up so up. We learned a lot and that'll be really helpful cars next week. We elect the next week running they have they have attended people down here although it didn't win the thing that led just you know that it took to get to practice on a racetrack. Quickly we'll recap what happened in the Winston today we have four caution flags Trevor boys brought out the first when he dropped some laundry on the racetrack which will Rick Wilson lost an engine going into turn number one. And collected several other cars that brought out caution number two Atlanta remind them that. Whoever that they Atlanta we want when Jesse samples guns down and turn number one enforcement. I'm lap 42 and Derrick cope spun here in front straightaway cars that did not finish the event this afternoon we're Trevor boys. Rick Wilson brought it home Sterling Marlin Jamie means hurt Bryant Jonathan Edwards filled parked all I am Derrick cope were all out of the race aren't. You I got that record here with what buddies group. Doug you're gonna have to do he got an hour or so here to get ready to try to win 200000 dollars what he planted as well are analogous got to look over the car. Take his condition that he's talent diving. I think has that now are there any and because of the tire change I think I'm correct most of our handling problem that we did have at the end only would stagger and enough. I think we'll have a good shot those 200000 anyone least we got a hundred laps underage drinking and we know what we need. I know everybody's after Denard is there a nobody's really jumping all over so. Nobody's pumped up so it's going to be strong. We got a little bit it found a lot of mind it grabs has so we're after right now I can elect do if Barney and I think he nets got the warning inspectors. They're outstanding guy with Jerry parks truth standing in front of the Crist goes mobile here and there you be looking over what they do what can they do to the car now between now and they were. There we don't let them little Courtney Paris and take the old bleachers at the cars today and we don't run it through back through inspecting its markets. Never had been through today and now so they Acura to king springs and shocks and things of that nature if they weren't. If they want to almost any in wanted and then when they get through we can given about an hour and in. They do it and at the daily online and we Austin we go my cue cards. OK the other nineteen cars have already gone through inspections in the end the Winston so this is the only one remaining under flying and ready to go to work on this Jerry parks the inspectors that he'll be standing here watching what they do. And then of course follow it through the inspection procedures. We gave you most of the finish of the Winston open let's give you the rest of the cars those who were not running at the finish. Derrick cope when mentioned was in 25 position Tony spent a stripper with 26. In the open field barked almost 47 Sterling Marlin 28. Point nine with Kirk Bryant thirtieth Jonathan Lee Edwards 31 went to Rodney Colmes its first drive for the test to Langley team. Thirty seconds Jamie means 33 with Rick Wilson who brought out that second caution of the day in the driver broke the first one Trevor boys. Credit with 34 last of the drivers and as we mentioned Dave Marcus qualified for this event. But did not start after damaging his car heavily on the wall in turn one and two so he's back at the shop preparing for next Sunday's Coca-Cola 600. But what's really coming up a little bit later this afternoon will quickly just. Familiarize your little bit what will happen and that that Winston is 202 miles of racing will be run and three segments of 7550. And ten laps and there will be a ten minute break at the end of 75 laps. And a ten minute break at the end of the second fifty laps of 125 so. They can do quite a bit of stuff on those cars in the the driver is going to be so critical in most imminent breaks in the respect their recruit chief we've talked to said. If they want to make change to the guardian put the driver gives us whether he says we need to change a spring or loosen this sort do that has to be on the money because if we're wrong and he doesn't really know what he's talking about then we're really in deep trouble so it's going to be a. Also interesting and it was you folks are here for the three ratio for the Winston is typical Charlotte motor speedway extravaganza right now being rolled out on the pit lane of what will be sixteen port hi. Head shots at each driver scheduled to participate in the Winston and just part of the huge extravaganza that awaits the fans here along the for a stretch and throughout the tri oval in twenty drivers are qualified for the Winston let's take a look at those drivers and how they became eligible for the Winston. But starting. Field port today's running of the winners benefits comprised of the most recent twenty race winners on the NASCAR Winston cup circuit. Starting twentieth today is Davey Allison. Just two weeks ago all but 26 year old second generation driver earned his way into this elite group by driving Matt Hamill won four and two Victory Lane in the Winston 500 at Talladega. Burn will take the spot there but if you're in the money as he goes red riding the fans all pointing in that direction as he worked his way around race traffic. Burn on leaves us in those who wait for the bratwurst. Her heart out body of a back right away he gets about a dozen of the plane hit the videos that carpet down out of the box to find any outfit again as I brought out the variety called the Alabama David remember definitely getting in the inauguration on home turf here this afternoon everybody on the front right away they're great and are what make one last shot as they come up dirt more productive line highly partisan crowd cheering the young driver who's watching your darker but never Winston cup race Davey Alison brings that have a look forward to the start finish line wins the Winston 500. Fighting tenths of a second over Terry running. And his first full season of Winston cup racing Davey Allison starts twentieth today M wind spends are. Nineteenth starting spot belongs to Richard Petty. These last Winston cup victory in July 4 1984. As most memorable firecracker 400 win at Daytona. Caution is on the speedway this will be the race back to the start finish line and that's could be put all of our little fire under 100 leaders and turn them and record setting in wrapped up its. Best known as the sale of the back straightaway up ahead plus more cars and they've moved return for a birdie got thrown out because they had fun. I think if anybody has. Miami earlier hour hits but I'm really they have turned right to know. It's not the thanking god okay. What. Okay he's okay plus the fact that Texas permanent. OK I'm fine I thought I had read your glances dot com right back they are rewarded with a dog like they want to come into the wild out of it. And hello there is so close if Richard panic I thought that anyway and his 200 career NASCAR victory I think if that he can come out of complete the final two laps assuming there's no damage to his car. From bouncing back according Yarborough the only. And his 200 career NASCAR race went for a career victories at Charlotte motor speedway Richard Petty brings the ftp Pontiac of a lion in the nineteenth position. Today's eighteen starter Greg Sachs. Also qualified by winning the firecracker 400 at Daytona his wind coming in 1985. Sachs was driving a research and development Harvard guy guard racing we've crew chief Gary Nelson and I picked up picked group Zacks dot Graham Bill Elliott under the hot Daytona son white flag and just been put on Greg Sachs disease takes it down into the west into the speedway in golf apparent comfort parents got they're failing hard during the final climb down a vacuum I'm been behind Caroline I looked like his home break we're right back and win number one on the Winston cup there. Magnet on the banking try to go to I don't know my name. Almost got no long now it comes around I'm not a nobody had in my head on his layoff. Parent dragged back to the bottom lines stock are raised from New England was on the appellate court to grab national right thing couldn't make it golf. It comes to the checkered flag and win the path we've firecracker 400. In 1987. Greg Sachs is driving the ball believe cardiac scored big men Brothers racing out of Winter Park Florida he'll start today's running of the Winston in eighteenth. Harry Gant on the school bandit Chevrolet will come from seventeenth starting spot this afternoon. Against last Winston cup win came in September of 1985. And holly farms 400 at north towards Breaux Harry can't look at her victory it will turn. Very Gatwick it off turn a record they keep your third grand national lead of 1985. Get a big way of the bad but he takes the checkered flag from Merrill get there. Gap when it carries women that event was his third of the 1985 season. He's also a former winner here at Charlotte and he start seventeenth today in the Winston. Sixteen from the British kale Yarborough second dog NASCAR's all time win list with 83 victories. Dale drove the hardee's Floyd to the checkers in the 1985. Miller 500 here at Charlotte. To qualify for today's race driving for his own team in 1987. Kale Yarborough starts sixteen. To. Benny Parsons will come from fourteenth starting spot in the Winston. Many qualified by taking the checkers in the Atlantic invitational. Last year's companions through the wind's going to be Atlanta international raceway if. Drawn to a couple of Thailand's nobody's a machine but others following the tire tracks Benny Parsons well off at a perfume on it. Policy makers way Tim Richman has turned it up and he has really loose coming not turn tail down a charger he's trying to make a quick run for Marcus. And Tim Richmond's really got to turn it on going after banning. A list movie. Kind of wasted effort so to speak because there's no way that he's gonna catch Benny Parsons as he comes out of the car herald candor has the checkered flag in hand put Saddam that he parts Thaddeus 75000. Dollars richer Richmond location in the second position in the fast. We had a row with cleaver the second just a shade over two seconds. So far he says Philadelphia this afternoon coming from fifth spot to win the Atlanta in the. They shall now while Benny has been driving the Folgers Coffee Chevrolet in place of Tim Richman at the start of the 1987 season. As part of an earlier agreement he'll return to a cold but Nagin Oldsmobile for the way to spend. Starting fourteenth but. Inside rose seven according Morgan Shepherd driving a Quaker state Buick last march Morgan scored his first super speedway Winston cup win in the motor craft 500 at Atlanta driving for Jack BV race till finals team. Okay underway at the white flag we're on the last lap of the photographs 500 shopper. Bernhard what Bonnie Walter finale of the barrel on wanna show here in Atlanta stellar everybody holding their possession the front due on March someone actually could be really surprised but I'm gonna. You can't get the job loss turn. I'm pretty tired I'm late I'm never coming down the backstretch hi Anderson to turn three Gary is this is the last jet market cap hey guys are part of the trying to get way down on any market average Baylor heart break it like the bottom of the right back can't do anything that car slipped up a little bit and Morgan Shepherd is gonna get a bigger whenever they went devoted fan 500 a couple of calling for ahead of Dale Earnhardt all the. Former winner here at Charlotte and a Busch grand national car Morgan Shepherd starts thirteenth in the Winston. In February 1986. Kyle Petty added his name for the NASCAR winner's roster surviving a now famous late race crash between Darrell Waltrip and Dale Earnhardt. Could take a Miller 400 at Richmond heard. And yeah won't have the inside back cover and come on back any kind of thinking in the coming days. Walk took the wind and brand ranked third behind Earnhardt got him fired into the wall coach Walton pilot. Good night everybody else bet either way I'm excited about that that's absolutely right right on the boat ride our CNN rock been across the racetrack and pack Claudia Erickson all five of the cardinal lead lap except Kyle Petty. Our credit here comes Kyle Petty and the great leader he will come around I think that caution flag. As our mark Waldrop. Hold on that runway and crashes burglaries. Kyle Petty has just taken the checkered flag to win the Miller 400 here this afternoon after a crash going to determine would breathe a little late to front runners. Being in the right place at the right time puts Kyle Petty and the wind then he'll start the wood Brothers to go forward from twelfth. Next is Kerry nobody driving the Junior Johnson Budweiser Chevrolet. The 1983 Winston cup champion ran away from the field last march to record his six NASCAR win in the good wrench 500 at Rockingham again. He is within about seven car lengths in the come across the start finish line back in turn one the last time it might speculate about high kind of comical looking here comes Harry Gant. My body can't make up. Uncle Wiki dance off one out of shape McCain really happening now Madonna played a real big big build coming out of turn airborne he disposes of Kuwait he did what you now they can't quite get ready yet did catch him until it turned and lock them down there again. Perry has one final shot at about 900 feet a racetrack but he will not be able to do it as they come down a blind tell the body will take the checkered flag here we'll finish them five car lengths behind me in second place here this afternoon Richard Petty will run third. As they work back into the corner so it's all over the North Carolina motor speedway and nobody has pulled it out of. Fire and after suffering a broken shoulder blade at Arlington this spring Perry looks to me coming back strong finishing second at Talladega last timeout. Terry love our date starting eleventh and how Budweiser Chevrolet. Bobby Helen junior is what a Ford drivers who earned their first ever NASCAR Winston cup series win in 1986. Where Helen victory came in dramatic fashion at Talladega 500. Why go up as they come down quite like Bobby Nolan. As he heads off to the your little one can hold what he's got we'll find out why he's got a great database that the time to claim he's got a foot flat on the floor of the thousands fins bobbing our bullpen our squad. Do great form five cars spinning right here together boulevard of broken way to go to the checkered flag. Bobby allison's bonded collected 400 cars behind them but they're battling for the lead now it turns break while they don't have about Carly never walk the Pentagon buys a lot of turnover rate they're racing back for the Boston and for the finish. It goes way I have been here for filling up my rod they wanted nothing you can read and rapping on whether they're trailing her Sterling Marlin here comes Bob Taylor junior he's got a pregnant rabbinate. Okay Bobby Hillary goes for the inside Rusty Wallace tried to outside Zimmerman. Okay and smiling and I'm lobbying and junior of men and I'm just. Bringing up this first Winston cup win his first ever win on the wings didn't come search and hit a wild says it's losing Rusty Wallace. And enrichment. Bobby Helen junior starting most of all the Brothers Miller American Buick. Tenth today in the Winston. The road to the web sped away as rather bumpy for me Obama. After two wins in 1985. He'll suffered two bad crashes in 1986. But finally in the 47 race of the 1986 season Neil drove to victory in the nation wise 500 at Rockingham vomit as one of the fastest cars he goes after get here at the start finish. Why haven't been there alongside him for just the second tucked in single file bucket of warm meal looks to be inside he knows candidate taking a higher proven deal was run down low all day it's gonna payoff for the Budweiser Chevrolet upturn everybody takes advantage of the wide sweep by Harry can't deadly inside of the track because he'll pick up the top spot in turn break out as other feed to your volleys to his first victory in 1986 his arms about what little in the Obama will win relation wise it's. Like about ten Bill Walton. Bird every bit report for the good position we'll go to birdie maker. Driving in 1987. Program rock racing he Obama will start the ball bullying Pontiac in mind procession today. We need starter in the winner's been as the winningest NASCAR driver in Charlotte motor speedway history Bobby Allison and veteran Alabama and has taken the checkered flag first on six different occasions here at Charlotte. I'm qualified for the Winston by holding off Dale Earnhardt and I'll last lap heart stopping do all in the Winston 500 at Talladega. One blast it's. Slingshot on the backstretch everybody is still a little while Bobby al-Qaeda leader by Carly go burn marks for America. I think we're the third grade Earnhardt goes I wondered if I finish third in the bottom of the right cracking my top. It's. Wild ride along. Alabama there outside her car running inside outside Madoff could turn around and go back and I'm not out of turn four he's got to believe. You're the start finish line would be at Daytona how awesome would win it when coming out of the trial over Bernhard one last chance. We can't do it slowly and wind noise than 500 and. Bodies last winter here at Charlotte was the 1984. World 600 today he'll start the Miller American Buick in eighth spot. 1980 for a champion spark plug rookie of the year Rusty Wallace broke into Victory Lane not once but twice in 1986. The first of those wins came at Bristol Tennessee in the valley dale. 500 Rusty Wallace has plenty of time is trailing it was at Richmond car to turn up my grave for the last time the young daughter available during the warmer right here they hear the Bruins jumping up and out of that rolled Wallace gets the checkered flag. And win the valley dale 500 person. Winston cup victory for Rusty Wallace. Must be also on the goodies 500 at Martinsville last September today it's the seventh starting spot for the Kodiak Pontiac and Rusty Wallace. Six starting spot belongs to Ricky Rudd. Driving but lawyers mark Kraft board. The Chesapeake Virginia driver visited Victory Lane twice last season first in the sovereign bank 500 Martinsville and then at Dover Downs in the Delaware 500 white black thing for a few Ryder Cup by the start for distraught he's won at least a race in each of the last four years of what was to cups are going to be routes out of our number two looking for his sixth career victory at someone it's a victory here left the team has worked for they've refined the car's performance all day long Rikki rocket with no traffic to contend with now we didn't turn gray looking for the checker. He will not be a typical NASCAR Winston cup finish today because Ricky Rudd is gonna win it last. A big margin as he comes across the line takes the checkered and wins the Delaware 500. We'll chronicle finish in the second position and he would finish at least a straightaway behind Kyle Petty come home third but even. Before the Dave Marcus unofficially will round out the top five and. Ricky well I'd been and the wind's been every year since its inception. Ride starts sixth today. Inside a wrong number three as the defending champion of the Weston Bill Elliott. One year ago I've Atlanta international race right awesome bill from Dawson bill right away from the field to claim one of brain 1986. Winston cup win. Plus I don't know they'll get a white flag they still go way back one more time. As Bill Elliott brings about the before and down the finish line these plans come with a beat LA and win that first race okay. Let's get a result of Phil Elliott who's very happy man here and they're throwing the first I'm resilient this year real congratulations on the server what do you want. The car we ran so far they edit the thing about somebody who plays the farther right and one woman grabbed the wheel solve this thing today. Elliott's other June 1986 victory is Pope came at Michigan International Speedway and he's also a past winner here at Charlotte. Bill Elliott how much coercion smelling thunderbird running back this afternoon and the Winston. The first two erosion was starting lineup for today's running of the Winston contained three Hendrick Motorsports entries. And breast spot Jumbo dying driving the Levi Garrett Chevrolet. A 38 year old made about she among New York he earned his way into the west then with the biggest win of his career. I'm 1986. Daytona 500 here. I'm sport but out of turn of report as the laps wind down for the Daytona 500 herald candor has the white flag in hand. And Jeff bode might just pull what would have to be an upset with the way the cars that are running that bad. But there are a lot of drivers who were favored to win over full body takes the white flag and hit return one. Was second in the bottom line the bill Elliot Zack and have a qualifying race and second in the goodies 300 Buccaneers first here are they going to rely a hundred. Absolutely glory the biggest win of the young man's career Jeff rude I can you believe it. Why can't I if I run out of gas here you live every night and day of crap for the next three laps. Unbelievable. It's a fantastic today neighbor Jeff Conine it'll handle it after his Daytona win Jeff went on to also take the Budweiser 500 victory at Dover Downs Delaware. That's a fourth starting spot where Jeff Conine today. In the Winston. Free time Winston cup champion Darrell Waltrip pulled lineup third driving a Hendrick Motorsports tied Chevrolet. Walton scored three wins in 1986. Driving for Junior Johnson his final win Virginia came last September at junior's home track in north looks world. Here goes wild tipoff turned homered to lead sitting outside of camp but and by the time making sure I walk of fame is outside maybe you can watch however. I want to have the momentum off the high side of the racetrack a lot of laps to go home phone line doesn't get the right off the corner waltrip still leave this lap. Down into one of the duke guard dog just getting into turn one why gives Walter world on the outside to meet a lot of that comes up there remember to put behind them I think inside broke. I'm trying to draw longtime funny man won't just kind of had clearly been here in dark gloves are off Richard many as ten Marlins right in his last short track driver Junior Johnson after six successful years Darrell Waltrip waves to the fans. And takes the checkered flag to win the holly farms 400. Well Jim southern 1986 wins came in the Budweiser 400 at Riverside California and the bush 500 at Bristol Tennessee in addition Dara won the first win especially here at Charlotte two years ago and has visited Charlotte winner's circle 400 times. Now waltrip starting third in my tied Chevrolet. The outside pole belongs to Tim Richmond starting his first race of the 1987 season after suffering a life threatening illness over the winter. 1986 with a banner year for the Ashland Ohio native with seven Winston cup victories. But most of any driver one of those wins was an exciting photo finish on my summer 500 at pocono. Turns out now it's recommend these low. Well look what time does underneath the other side by side on the one on the charts tell them what I think and the way amazing drive by Tim Richman the big contingent at this stage we'll go live on the inside has the advantage of that dream boat ride daily about each other contact is made by the fire up number let's. It's time. You bet they get back the start finish line they're door to door they touch again as they come out of under the clean as a dead heat down bloodier conflict you run rafting down the inside and run we'll go for the win but he'll visit file and read but we'll win the race. At least that's the way we're gonna column from the town redwood for the second. And Jeff Levine looks to be third as they came across the line between life everything. In addition to his summer 500 win with Tim Richmond topped the field at Watkins Glen and the firecracker 400 in Daytona the Miller 500 at pocono the Wrangler 400 at Richmond with those southern 500 at Darlington and the Winston western 500 at Riverside. In his return driving off Folgers Coffee Chevrolet. Tim Richmond start second and vote Winston. Possession horrible way to spend close to the defending NASCAR Winston cup champion Dale Earnhardt. In 1986. Dale drove the Wrangler Chevrolet took five wins and became the first man since KO Yarborough in 1978. He'll walk up the Winston cup championship before the final race of the year Earnhardt did it by winning the Atlanta journal 500 last November like like for Dale Earnhardt the ball on the ground as he hits me like gold turns it. He's still not low groove between turns one and two really don't mind me. Ailing Budweiser Chevrolet sweeping mine field and it just wanted to come and go for victory. Welcome for a championship fight technically you want it on points but this was definitely. Knock out punch for Dale Earnhardt he drew heavy blow here today at the right one football for one hour. Championship warm night in order so the battle and the war here comes Earnhardt off turnover for a all the fans on their feet. Checkered flag and the Winston cup championship. Did Dale Earnhardt let's go to Ned Jarrett in his bed Bob thank you very jubilation now that your mind going a little bit yeah for awhile back everybody. Here they've been gradually Richard Childers at the restaurant where we're gonna. They learned my. One invoking Winston cup races here at Charlotte motor speedway last season. And with a six wins already in 1987. He ranks of a heavy favorite this afternoon. Baylor and I am a Wrangler Chevrolet. On the poll by the 1987. Running and I'll buy when spent. Twenty of the world's greatest stock car drivers that the battle port 600000. Dollars next in the witness them. But I feel a special thanks to mr. Allen best week for producing the special feature for motor racing network at least we confuse you a little bit on the way to start this afternoon. The original format laws to be starting like they were. But of course they did qualify here yesterday to determine the top nineteen starting positions in the twentieth spot was filled by Buddy Baker who won. The Winston open a little bit earlier today. Great race activity is continuing for the ones that are not too far away and the drivers are being brought out right now on introduced to the crowd here we're still waiting for a crowd estimate looks like they've got an excellent turnout for the Winston. And hopefully we'll have an estimate on what they have a little bit later this afternoon. So if you're heading to Dover Delaware for the Budweiser 500 Eli gold leave making an appearance at the Dover mall on Saturday night may thirtieth from 630 until 830. Eli who most NASCAR live every Q tonight will be signing autographs passing out some goodies in conjunction with a AMR and affiliates. WBS the FM will be broadcasting live from the mall with over most of them and walking distance of Dover Downs International Speedway. We're here the fans camping at the track so come on over and say hello Eli gold market he's got any kind of goodies like Hershey bars. I see him giving them away right I will go. The bureau taking food away from me lies like whoo boy. Like to lead away from Buddy Baker. From the Charlotte motor speedway this is Itamar in the motor racing network. 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The drivers being introduced to the crowd here this afternoon Roloson part of the models on the stage you can hear a lot of who's going up and let's see what's going on down there let's check in with Ned Jarrett. But they are introducing the drivers live starting at the rear of the field Barney they're about I guess almost halfway through right now. I don't believe that Darrell Waltrip has about being introduced. You can hear a lot of noise in the background there. You Walter Chevrolet is coming off for the fourth and they have a very dramatic way of introducing the drivers here and we'll get to that in a move but first let's say a word betrayal Yarborough who will be driving the heart of those mobile. He started. And Lance placed well if he qualified plans but it but it will be starting back ever doubted that failed he got a long way to go. Well as you have lived all we've got a lot of problems due to Reagan. Things things haven't gone away that until I did they were watching an old problem down to ignore got a long way to go bill because you're in good form. There's been some different didn't need. On the format for the wins and today it. Well I thought the new rule out. Do you feel good productivity is jawbone suited now you know it women are connected to all over the world understand that this morning the new restaurant. It's. Hard I can't like flag out of a long way to go you know what is. At their best Lackey and Beckett well thank you. That big noise of course was the introduction of Darrell Waltrip. Net it seems the always get the loud as perception of any driver here and Richard Petty gets the most cheers for have to Walter definitely get the allowed us perception and they know he's here. That's accommodation between tears and I don't think the greens are nearly as loud as they were few years ago. Mike joy I think that he's turned that situation around them but certainly there are a lot of noise made when he hasn't produced. The way they're introducing the drivers here is kind of special cup cars hidden on pit road and I say hidden because these huge. As sixteen foot tall and look over almost thirty foot long sign boards are lined up in front of the cars the cars come to the head and pit road. And then down the tri oval each driver climbs out. And then climbs up on the stage but he had there's a lot more to it than just that. We're just live. My argument was preoccupied here with something else and I didn't really particularly again. I'm Chara talked about how these drivers are being introduced in. It is another Charlotte motor speedway at Winston extravaganza here on everything that's being done before the driver even comes up near the stage play Riviera. The course some fireworks go off in front of those huge photos that you were mentioning. And the fans have their covered over with them cloth and defend this vote goes up from the fireworks the ball comes down and went smoke clears they can see a gigantic. Portrait. I'll each of the drivers with their car number probably sat and then the driver himself we'll drop the car. Down pit road towards the fourth turn it in the pit road and come back up its position. Owns the racetracks or we have a very dramatic way of doing them to bring about on stage here where they're being introduced through the fans and then all the drivers of course are sitting home. The exit stage here waiting for the rest felt empathy. Saturdays and we wonder these fellows have on the sunscreen to sort of sitting here in the third and we'll talk to Ricky Rudd who will be starting back. Near kale Yarborough at the back Ricky has been photographed forward looking for the strike. Well they we changed the car around quite a bit Carter on real well course and practice Lleyton in the qualifying and car got loose and we couldn't seem to get the car tighten back up again. That's why we're so far back in the Enron to slow it. We worked on an allotment all the guys have changed the car around hopefully they got the right combination. Are you fellas but more your phone and everybody was watching the Winston open did you learn from. Well it looks like the right place is gonna continue to stay fast we didn't see any thing unusual and race in the collective track. Stayed consistent all day in it it looked like new tires made a real big difference when they came Amphenol born who in turn right to it that they made a great deal of difference. As you make we'll consistent rights and we're glad to see that that nobody's chances went went all the pieces that it looked like. Everybody's car work like it yesterday in practice you like the concept. I it's great idea you know the idea of the west in general. The format and Aaron they wanna do or editor on it these guys being good dunce and a lot of money on alignment. What does that go back and and hopefully take some of the life. Of course when it's as we've got to talk about consequences RJ Reynolds good luck and beckoning. Quite a crowd as they gather up against the fence look at their favorite driver says they come down to the lines to get ready to go here this afternoon in the Winston this is something totally unique this will be the third. Winston race that has been run Darrell Waltrip won the inaugural event here Charlotte motor speedway some two and a half years ago. And then they went to Atlanta last year and Bill Elliott came out victorious there. And to win that you could tell when walker won the first when he was just really beside himself so to speak and even Elliott who's hugely panel laid back into whatever. Felt the same way when he was the second winner of the Winston because. That is a prestigious event no question about that not only that but the money that goes up to 600000 dollar purse for the event they'll run here this afternoon. That's bigger than what at least. I think I'm reasonably to a free tracks that play. Not quite that much. I think you're right burning. Walter went especially because that season for junior Johnson and waltrip had not been a particularly good one I believe that was his first victory all season. Accorsi came back and back it up with a win there in the world 600 us to back down Ned Jarrett mortgage Shepperd we'll start seventieth in the Quaker state Buick. He of course past winner here Charl motor speedway in the quality will sportsman division which now the Busch grand national a lot of miles on this racetrack but his change now Morgan. Yeah and had a racetracks changed considerably just look at life sprays where his welcome cars. There's running consistent. 16465. Mile an arm. Bracket and non used to the racer was slow all you have to 156 mile an hour so the racetrack is really changed with the new surface. And you feel that your chances in the list. What may have world from Lowe bit the car's handling well but it's not run an up to par. I feel like we're gonna run good but Quaker state buicks I'll just a little bit. Richard thank you be starting in the sixty position. In this DP Pontiac sort of sitting here relaxed a while only three ways things are gonna own Richard you've got to win here a lot of miles on this racetrack but there's more incentive is different. Where did you know we've ever reps and fans here we come back. Crowd in this stuff. We're out there who really don't know who you know we've been pretty good this week we've been pretty bad this week so. If we interact nomination will be a pretty good shape them really don't know because we don't have the track's changed. You know a lot of a lot of questions for an arm around about myself OK good luck and thank you. Early newest round of noise is. As for the man who won six of the first state races on the institute tour this season and that is Dale Earnhardt music brings the Wrangler Chevrolet down hill climb out of that car and be introduced. To the roar of the crowd and again it's mostly cheers Barney but it's not all tears I guess when you get to be an over dog. Sometimes fans got to turn on your list just can't naturally do that I guess is literally climbing out of the car and be walking up on stage Tim Richman has just brought his guard down to the start finish line and his climb mountains now going up to the stage let's elect candidates here. Well I think this is Dick. I was hundred mile mile. No this is something very young and new driver I mean you've been a couple of years but to get in Winston like this this kind of fanfare and extra put on party your campus. Yet the big show. You know I think of all races we go to Charlotte its own. Tonight I present them a bit on the base so fluent in and they've got outdone herself this time. You gonna Broussard to me on three runs hard you can but it's gonna be gonna really do not try to win. Yeah it would knock against get a shot as any mail us you know the car's been a real good in practice working real good and not get the facts say his name I guess we are right. Good luck they. Was sitting next to calculating here at Bobby Allison who restarting in fourteenth position in the Miller American you're a past winner here when the world 600 fewer times than. No disrespect very well thought you were listening to look how tenuous thing to do learn things that. Well now. That is gong is that set up pretty good yesterday and that tracks stays the same have been pretty good shape. I think they've done. You know most the guys have really had just a little bit for what they think it's going to be like today night on. Where the same way we we have got to get the car working yesterday afternoon and but it was pretty hot so. If this stays about like that they might not be too bad at all. Bobby your and it's that's been observer. What other people are doing after that you learn from Winston open when compared. Well I watched it very closely and had and I think let it get me a clue as to to what we ought to look for in this race OK good thank you. If we tap there's no question about that the drivers are all now assembled on state of the balloons continue to go up here at the Charlotte motor speedway. And we're not to wait too far away from the start of the Winston I think we're gonna see it then you know like the format itself. I think it'll be five especially the idea that nobody knows what to expect here it's going to be a truly unique event and all of NASCAR Winston cup racing. Today's broadcast of the listed as being brought to you under exclusive radio rights credit by NASCAR to motorists to network solely for the private noncommercial use of our listeners. Any publication reproduction or other use of the description of the cap to this race without the express written consent of NASCAR and the motor racing network. Is prohibited. The drivers and Al all warmed up. On the podium there'll be further introductions. And these big sixteen foot high hit shots of the drivers being rolled off the pit lane. That kind of a fun thing to see in some some beautiful artwork being turned in by the folks at RJ Reynolds and another fancy really enjoy you can just hear by the roar of their support. How much they enjoy this pre race ceremony if it's true or Charlotte what they do here is totally unlike anything else to motorists are. Well I think there's a great deal of credit belongs to throw motor speedway and a great deal that also belongs to RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company for the concept that they put together this particular event here this weekend. And it could turn out. We have told you earlier that we have not yet been given a crowd estimate but it appears they're well over somewhere under the save between 65 and 75000 people possibly even more. As we told you earlier also a lot of the drivers when they first came out the concept stopping ten minutes. At the end of 75 laps and stopping ten minutes at the end of the next fifty left which would be 125. To make any adjustments or whatever it needed to do the car there was a lot of negative thoughts and criticism about that kind of format will never work. The legal thought it was one of the drivers that was in flavor of and he talked about that yesterday. Am I being doubled or organ with the only other driver but I am loving giving negative criticism what I think happened we got bored and start to level and we're going down. The mayor Boller does or right to reflect on about dollar over the but what Bigelow will where the thing got run and about Obama ordered on the web baker. What are their own forget about that are willing to put up that kind of thing nobody here the order we're we're very forever right drag. For appreciate the opportunity to reiterate that kind of money. I think the worst thing had happened in the negative criticism they get treated them back and have a look what. The opportunities that brother John do you hear me how much I appreciate the fact that went for the win and even prevent a setup for your report. The thoughts of Neil plot about that most of the driver share his thoughts about they are very appreciative of what RJ Reynolds has done for the sport and the kind of money they put up into the special event here like we're running this afternoon the winds will be coming up very shortly play let's go trackside and Dick Brooks. Harry Gant. You got a long ways to go where you guys had a long ways to go all year you've had some good good runs. This is a whole new surfers way. Nowhere is as you thereby realize though with the opener look like you're going down pretty good so we'll we'll have a good luck is but it didn't hurt right. But you need some luck that you guys that's bad you know we're working on you got to get good car here today in a group we've been won the winner's circle wanted right. I'm looking forward to watching. Perry can't seem really does need some luck they run well enough to win races this year but just everything it that it could possibly have happened to them has happened and he's not the only one there's a lot of drivers now that it be kind of turn around and it could come in the west of this afternoon. But 200000 dollar smile on your face of liquid carrier we could do it that. We'll certainly would want Feller picked that smile all the way home to the bank is Terry the body Dick Brooks is with them. Carries a lot of money here and a lot of good race driver. I don't know him well is going to be a tough race no question about it out of a lot of good cars lot of good drivers and you know right now you can't pick anybody. I gotta do is be a mall that the money on them these seed and who think the united. That's Terri the body the Junior Johnson card Greg Sachs who has not won a race on the circuit since the firecracker 400. Two years fastest in the battling upon exiting the Brothers line up alongside the body and then come to Bobby hill and it was again one of the new we're winners on the Winston cup circuit. And the youngest driver ever to win on a major super speedway. Nick Brooks is next to Helen Miller Buick. Gotta you gotta be our youngest drivers they were doing anything like this in any kind of sport or any kind of racing circuit anyway. We gotta be exciting for you earlier this disapprove of the here just. Really wanna do this for my crew they've worked real hard movie here in and I wanna run real strong in the first couple segments and be there and be in the hunt to really fight hard at the end and not thank you we can be in that position will be as tough as any car veered. You know I just have to thank my learns the Golan Buick and then don't they are dead there they've been support with a higher percentage. We just keep on plugging week after week and hopefully we can win a lot more down the road. Who get a word back with Greg Sachs and and and brother's car Ned Jarrett is there McGregor is and there are buckle up around ready to go Gregg had to face the race. Looking at the last phrase is going to be a heck override the track was cited its let everybody go really have to hang on and given a good ride in particular strategy. Well you know it is still to qualify and race these first two sections you gotta have some left in Atlanta labs that group planned a big okay good luck thank you. There will be an awful lot of strategy played out on pit road here this afternoon and perhaps before they cut them loose here very shortly. Even interdict might be able to walk over on pit road and get a word with some of the crew chiefs and what all this kind of preparations they did do this afternoon what they have for back upstairs and parks that they might change things right now. And yet as with Darrell Waltrip. Of course they were the winner of the first Winston you're Carol motor speedway two years ago and a different ride now the pat McKee prepared by water oil wealth and I'm a third shift barrel ready to do it again. They are going to look at revered and they had. It's it's an exciting day in it's an exciting time record Thelma. All the hoopla and everything that goes into this deal became you know we get excited about it but. Always a little bit worried about how the court room hasn't had a we've had a lot of good practice time here thank you could go well I just hope they do for the bad read. Okay that last band lamp is going to be something for the frantically. Well that's I guess that's a worry about debt. I'm not whom they weren't doing any farther racist worried about bad enough now night you're gonna go when that deal because that's for all the money and I still believe it's for the lucky enough he did. Well Darrell Waltrip has been awfully lucky in a lot of towns and certainly approve an adult workers. Exactly both here this afternoon there's no question about let. And what that last pit stop or that lasted a minute break can he make the riot just what you got a shot at the money if you don't then you're just gonna have to watch and see who does. Let's say Neil bottom does Dick Brooks is widow. Nail bonnet did just about as many people live in Alabama and races there is in the stands than you guys got a good chance to take it back Alabama. We're gonna try to do our part here with a remote thing hopefully what we'll have a good run within the I sure hope it's a good race for the fans we're trying to work harder Winston make this very successful at Oakland because children a nearly put on pretty good show there this is not quite spectacular thing. Yet there's going to be a part of I'm looking forward to it but CNET get a word with Rusty Wallace for a farm up here he wanted short track racing to get in here but he likes to Charlotte motor speedway Iraq resting yes right back to a net I'm really proud within ten chart -- they lay -- can't am excited about the in this race and ready to get this thing don't. Good luck thank you very much Dick Brooks is what Benny Parsons well one of them one of those is there a long long time is Benny Parsons and Denny's one a lot of important races before worrying about this tomorrow. Well you know I've I was concerned. For the last couple weeks while have been are approximate the racetrack was going to be unlike Charlotte. That is don't we stick into typed in that we could throw away the book. But by looking at the western open the first race. It looks like it's still the same ol' racetrack but back to cars go low bit loosened and I think we're going to same thing here's Jeff with Jeff quote time. What Jeff has been awfully good and strong and early part of many races this year maybe this is the race that'll fit your. Way of doing things Jeff we also we've been strong and early part the Milf are a lot of races. They now have trouble at the end either short races today some. David is still be a little better job the way we've been resting lightly but the cars running good Levi Garrett ecstatic he sparked what are running really good. We just hope we can add to this race a lot of people here watching a lot of people listening on the radio we hope but the good race for everybody that's what dale earnhardt's. They ought to save you just about done everything he could do stock car races so far this year except make almost. Without knowledge. Now we're afterward day stick out thank you can be a real good right worth and know what the real competitive right that they give the same thing others but drier out. I'll winners get very good race car drivers topping your bigotry and alongside dale in the second road Davie Allison got into this race and a very dramatic way winning the rest and a couple of weeks ago Dave you ready for. Our community near. Read it more popular driver in good shape we we practiced hard before while I'm on our race so we feel like were raided after. Well you're gonna have some. Tough gallop to get after here this afternoon because just sitting here. Running through my mind looking at those twenty drivers that represented the cream of Winston cup racing there's no question about that it will find out who. Best is here very shortly let's go back trackside. I'm Tim Richman Tim. Brand new brand new start for you this season this is gonna be exciting for you especially being on the front row. It's exciting me under per row again is that. More time to be back in Baylor to try to do it again then they're allowed into the tiger gonna get a chance to. I'm just glad to be here no matter what that commenced at Georgetown not give her right. Now I haven't made a dime to save them. Live my as the star of with a Big Bang here repentant and the pole sitter he's with Ned Jarrett for Bill Elliott won the Winston a year ago downed Atlanta Georgia rebel with a little bit different here today. Well are a lot of good cars here name without them the best looking into what we got okay good luck like you they had. The field against a roll down toward number juror number one quality of the best drivers in Winston cup racing today. Set to shoot it out for 600000 dollar purse. The fans are about as keyed up as you'll see them for the special event here this afternoon and I think we're gonna see some good racing up totally different type format for the Winston cup drivers. If you've just Joyner broadcaster if you're wondering what we're doing this afternoon in Winston will explain it to you briefly again. The race will go for 75 laps. And then they will make a ten minute stop they have drivers are allowed to do anything to the cars are cruise I should say our drivers for that matter either one during that ten minute break that is within the framework of regular Winston cup racing. They'll race another fifty laps which will take this to 125. Then they will make another ten minute stop. Make more adjustments on the car if they so desire. Come back out and run the final ten laps. And then those final ten laps whoever wins that of course would get 200000 dollars first place money. And you heard some of the drivers expressing the barrel walk a moment ago here look you could hear a little apprehension is forced Mike about what might happen in those final ten laps. It's going to be a wild shoot out Garnett probably unlike anything this circuit has ever seen to race essentially ten laps. For 200000 dollars to win for the drivers qualified yesterday through one lap time trials for the starting lineup that is on the racetrack right now. The second fifty lap segment. The starting lineup will be turned determined not by how many laps were by how many times each driver leaves. During this first 75 lap run and yet I think for 75 laps what they have to make one pits. On this in fact they okay. You. OK. Everything OK I want to. They are required to make an agreement like we can't take on athletes are telling everyone liked it. That would change the whole complexion of the race in itself while they drivers lining up tightly now as they work down toward Eli gold in turn one. And obviously one of the stories today is the fact that number 25 is there on the front row. The Folgers Coffee Chevrolet Tim Richman the wheels for many cars it was for this event on his back in the Goldman Hagan Oldsmobile and number 55 receive these driven in the past the field holder's past that's a thing except for the start of the winners okay. They had down the back straightaway and they'll be in the vicinity of Dave to Spain if it turns three and four on this race format testing out a new track surface here in Korean for the banking here is battery. Name and it's been a real guessing game to try to get ahead. On the track conditions in the Winston open at ran earlier today we saw a lot of loose race cars down here what is very sandy surface it's been an interesting transition from the old neighborhood legal and didn't turn out great Montevideo it's a little bit of an unknown as to what your good deal off and there. With the money that's on the line there's no time to worry when he got to hear what you can do it. Okay. Stopping peeling off the banking up in turn over four they come down the line in the Winston is about to get the green flag here this afternoon. To apply to bill approached the line and we are under green and Winston they come up for the airline ticket and turner wanted to Tim Richmond tries to get the lead with authority down a number one corner he's not going to be able to do it. Bill Elliott coming battling right back up the most out of a race track the sun glistening off these highly prepared automobiles Eliot lean talk turned to. It's. Streamline. Move like Jeff and I know experiencing county under Danielle to bring Rusty Wallace what they've now it's very hard Earnhardt would I go side by side there. Mode on up towards the wall he picked third heartburn art may have script the wall and floor vote on his loose straightened it back out of that shuffles the deck. Waltrip climbs up the six spot bottom now fifth baby gotta support. Everybody's straightened out and heading for won the battle for court. Possession now evaporates going into turn one deal comet hitting pashtuns Huey town named Rick Davey Allison Italian Richmond. Wallace product probably out of. Carol Walter trying to make it's okay. I'm telling you ask me about my name darling advantage you know reborn different. And your family memories the wind and clearly it's. Six drivers grew up in that lead draft the rest of the field about a second behind the leader salient second Tim Richmond starts right now Rusty Wallace the battle this report and it's a hot one in turn one. It's a good one is not the most out of racetrack still working hard as baby out of city could hold off the high banks Canada's mobile content. Deal comes off the water and maybe he could wound up down low and they had never backs. That's the most recent letter I was looking Davey allison's grayling global position finally play a lot of minutes they've moved into turn green alienating many New Orleans neighborhood right now. Now Tim Richmond Rusty Wallace. Bernhard had followed from fourth to tenth he's got one of those spots back he's pastor Benny Parsons he's now might behind bovine Elliott the leader of the Tim Richman in second in turn one working in third spot are still Rusty Wallace for a prolonged the product that this baby Allison. Won't difference except it does look hockey coach kind of. Now OK. Okay. The inside and they did down the backstretch those of the car's tank really our first lap one doctor Arnold left the wallet cards are swearing they battle reminded me and burn them. Debra when has lost the number two position Rusty Wallace has moved up in the second spot dropping written back to third. Back in fourth position real lot of depth right now Davey Allison sixers walker back and turn more. Mean you can then so far left and that Benny Parsons Richard Petty still runs in the twelfth spot thirteen the Bobby Allison fourteen points separate Kyle Petty. So it can bring you run its. OK. Here in the audience can hear me OK okay. Greg thank the tail end of the field and in the download online and you. Bernhard incident earlier in the news okay great story on the mile away revealing. Bernhard had to look under Jeff Levine at the start finish strike we complete five laps this time they're battling back there the body position in the journal wanhatten for the moment they'll go single file everybody twelve and Earnhardt makes a little bit excited Jeff codeine midway between wanna do. Apparently aren't working well hello sorry. Its. Name those two really rattling on the backstretch when it comes back on the outside the entrance the learned really hard drives and reliever. And it's not one thing and then again it's. Great that OK okay. And our heart is gonna lose a couple of positions again dropped back behind Jeff nobody drops back behind Benny Parsons and now Richard Petty is threatening to put it down even another spot that won't materialize they're back in line. As a battle involves Richard Petty go to the turn number one Bobby Allison stays ahead of Richard Petty and markets away from the situation by going high. Okay. Trying to work around an England junior analysts are okay. That no oil in its. Make you miss North Carolina wrote last year you wanna know what's. Bill Elliott comes to the strive he has a lead of 2.0 six seconds and he says no matter the distance the game plan for him is the same. My runs hard thing run battle heating oil really the only. I don't see any different you know the nerve pain greatest segments we got around. That's what he's doing right now he's two point one seconds ahead as Bernhard has picked up a position he's pastor Benny Parsons the jets for three once again are not as good. Hello dining tent where. Then in the battle on the racetrack playing the ninth position and I guess about ten Darlington OK Elliott. Is the leader Bob little less than two seconds Rusty Wallace drives in the number two position in Richmond third fourth and you'll find it Davey Allison sixes Darrell walker. That's scramble going on back to feel right now between Ricky Rudd and Harry can't they'll go door to door after the turn one. They're ranked sixteenth position where Ricky Bryant for the moment wins that battle taking night Ford Thunderbird hiring at turn number one. Cut off whatever you wanna. Okay. The right line there right playmaker now seventeen he started Palin may never win anyway it's an open here this afternoon he's moved up three months. Elliott is cruising as it comes across to complete lap number bodies 2.4 seconds ahead of Rusty Wallace Wallace has a body garlic and Tim Richman and that is about three seconds back. The real bottom. The only right now companies or not they believe Romania minority rule and North Carolina finally have the same time Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt beginning right now I think to a hot right now it's six heartburn. It's hot conditions here they're not gonna work made the difference whenever his OK. Okay well what we need joining. Too early. Okay. Maybe like okay. Okay. It's everything going okay. Are you offended many fans and I he'd just come on the radio and tell me. That tired during Thanksgiving it's not any amount of Palin better. No thank you can move back up. That's one thing that we have seen here with new pavement national on the cars and they'll stay that way and get worse. But with the new pavement there they think they're tying back a little bit so we'll see how that's worked for Richard. We have six and seven spots change hands as Davy allison's cars backing up in the field Darrell Waltrip moves up to fifth behind Neil bottom. Jeff what I've taken the six spot and dale earnhardt's. Battles for and beats Allison into turn 14711. Laps completed Charlotte motor speedway this is MR I on the motor racing network. Easy just next time man. So doctor Tom what's your claim to fame will do to all of Toyota's NASCAR wins last year I wrote thousands of doctors notes for fans for over excitement hypertension a condition that requires dale four to rest sounds like a responsible doctor doctor. Not a real doctor broke into doctor get a guy a Ford for over excitement about the new camera because. I ended the Nextel NASCAR Oreo let's go places to learn more visit we auto racing dot com. NASCAR is a registered trademark of the national association for stock car racing you. Citywide to countryside. What ever you drive wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value. Selection and industry leading wore Tina gets you there no matter where the road takes you. To learn more of this. These tired dot com Hercules tires and ride on our strength. Greg Sachs has brought his guard pit road but a scary moment just a second go up in turns three and four today the strange deal bottom on the outside the racetrack if they were trying to scramble Watergate in the battle going on there with Darrell Waltrip Baylor heart and that. Baby elephant all trying to move through and bonnet. Actually literally lost the race card got all the way to the law he filed the law that story to back out of my speech to drive to save the car they lost three positions in the exchange they'll. As he got up their Jeff bovine built underneath Darrell Waltrip who would bump spot to precipitate the incident and vote I moved all the way up. Into the fourth spot at the time Bill Elliott has now moved ahead by 3.4. Seconds on the rest of the field. The rest of the field right now being Rusty Wallace and camera went riding and second and third. And it's a good four seconds back to Jeff bovine and Darrell Waltrip and dale are hard and that's where the scramble is up in front of the displaying earnhardt's trying to hold off navy Alice. In his car received becoming a problem thinking it was getting Lucy lost about four spots and I think about it a little better but he's getting channels like on the. They'll have to run down or viable I'm starting to heat up the distance on the third place car Tim Richman as they get down into turn one he's got a long way to go ball at the same time but waltrip and Earnhardt posting it on definitely airplane it's not going to be a lot of tire smoke coming here aren't trying to repeat again what's not to read what seems to have come alive and Terry hype that the tires perhaps getting a little better dialed in he's moving up and challenging Rusty Wallace for that second spot as both I pulled out about five points on waltrip for fourth Bhutto. Want him back to make the break back to come in Puerto. I thought I'll admit that you don't pack your. Now we're in Davie Allison fit with your knuckles purchase. Joseph anything they want back what little bit at that point. Well they had days. Complain about Carville is OK. Okay. We'll get a constant and a little bit and we got four tires. But just a little bit away its racetracks. Changed dramatically from last time we ran here yesterday and you know we're still learning. We'll leave it okay. How holding their. Bobby Allison continues to pick his way from about fourteen position up toward the front of the pack and Eli he's having a good run. Is having an awfully good run right now going into turn number one Americans got to carry a body. The leaders nearly fourfold second for a film that it over the rest of the country workers meanwhile challenge down the backstretch now as the Obama comes to life could get that was cited old hunting buddy Dale Earnhardt. They are battling currently for the six spotter hard drives and the real sleeper hold on about spot I'm talking about the tires hook up and dale earnhardt's car probably a few others he's Richard Bennett that a tire smoke in them. He had mentioned coming up more real man. I'm not millions around him over this campaign. That's what they got that ten minute stop part of the thing and the right yeah I would get a break. That is one big advantage for the teams here this afternoon all they need to do is keep it in the lead lap and once they get the ten minute break they can make about any kind of adjustments they want real bonnet and Baylor harder side by side again going into turn three want the. And bought it guys that love and our heart pick in the middle of the racetrack is able to run and it just a little bit paper and whole deal at bay for the moment and back comes out of the corner and what's Monica clearly behind him turn our took the spot and he is scrambling for anything he gets here this afternoon. With a 42 lead Bill Elliott as well coming up on what elapsed in the opening segment of the Winston Rusty Wallace is second. Tim Richmond just a garlic behind Wallace in third Jeff provide its fourth Darrell Waltrip settled in the fifth. Earnhardt's now six Neil bottom of seventh Davey Allison is a Bobby Allison is ninth Ricky Rodham to tap. Eleventh Terry my body back and twelve Benny Parsons back in the thirteenth spot that a B Richard Petty added fourteen would be Harry Gant Morgan Shepherd it's fifteenth sixteenth. He is Buddy Baker seventy this tale and a lap down. Eighteen could be Greg Sachs and ninety for the back of the pack would be Bobby Helen. We'll continues to work around here at the Charlotte motor speedway with 41 laps complete remember now that first stop will come at lap number 75 Bill Elliott continues to pull away at this juncture of the Winston here this afternoon he is now four point six seconds. And they're beginning to really read about a tenth of the second but the way he is getting around this racetrack he seems to have the car that works at both into the speedway down in one or two we can go right down the bottom of the racetrack and they've displayed up and you're in the racetrack if he needs to work traffic there higher load he can do it. They could pick its bottom that's the beauty of any race car on any racetrack we you've got to work it right you can go or you want you can go where you need to you're not fighting the race car and it turns out lap on lap after lap and beautiful away from. Well spot just changed hands Richard Petty says DP Pontiac moved up and around the outside of his sons. That's it go thunderbird that's Kyle Petty Kyle will drop back to thirteenth and Harry get a little pressure on a for that position as they roll off into turn of the lot and we completed 23 laps here this opening 75 lap segment. So as the feel kind of well strings out at this juncture race here in the west and this afternoon will give us a moment to chat with the senior executive vice president of the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company mr. Clive FitzGerald. First off let me be one of the first congratulate you folks on the program we put together here this weekend you've got to be delighted. Thank you going to be there and we're very delighted this has been great. Have an afternoon of racing Winston open was fantastic all these fans that are out here filling the grandstand. To see the greatest in motor sports racing racing in this very special all star event. Of the Winston cup series racing there very delighted but you're telling me yesterday that you'd been a long time race fan although you have not been able to go to that many with a cup races of recent. No I've spent the last six years without our company in Latin America so I haven't been able to see it is the good NASCAR Winston cup races that. I've been involved with our company with our activities in. Winston NASCAR. Series since 1970. And I've been watching racing myself since about 1955. So I've been around racing alone we're wondering down in South America are they aware of the sport down there sure they are. All they are they're aware of it but they see different types of racing in Latin America and nothing like this and they are missing out on a great thing. The fans had a good response for the Winston this afternoon against put on a great three ratio it's something different every time we build up. The inaugural one here Charlotte was a success won in Atlanta last year was a little bit different deal than we come back but the format this year. You had a chance to talk to all the driver to there was a lot of negative criticism about the format in the beginning but I think my race time they're all saying hey this is gonna work. I think they are yes there's been a lot of comment about the format. But you know when you put on the best show in the world for 29 weeks a year which is what the NASCAR Winston cup series is. We wanted to do something special something different something exciting for the race fan. We designed this format for the fans. The drivers. They're certainly here we put up 600000 dollars of their race before this afternoon in the winner of this three. Segment again he's gonna come away with a 200000. Dollars. So this they have an interest. They come in about the format of it with this race is for the fans and looking around here today at the tens of thousands of people that came out this race. Variants to against the unit and what they're getting a chance to see is some real race. Like to see about fifteen drivers out there right now that are gonna thank you and a days over because they could use that ten minute break right now instead of fifty laps from the house. And it looks like they could. It's you know we get Bill Elliott out there. And when Winston puts up money for race Bill Elliott is always in it. He was the winner of the Winston million last year he's defending champion in the Winston and he's been on the lead since this race started. It looks like he's got to stand right in your pocket right now how hot. These Cadillac you'll silver fox used to be David Pearson when they put the money if they would get the job done Elliott's. Pretty much the same cut he's there to race he's one of the greatest. But we understand that's is what about 59000 somewhere upwards of 60000 folks hit the center in 60000 fans here. Those that couldn't get here today amiss in the greater integration and you folks wanna get back downstairs and watch the conclusion this event last two laps from a dollar hair stand on me and it's going to be the greatest in laps in the history of motor sports. Thank you Bonnie appreciate it that's mr. Clyde FitzGerald from the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company Bill Elliott continues to make a shambles of the field right now he's had his lead to about five point five seconds. And continues to get around this racetrack but. Dick Brooks just because you're good at once they do this race doesn't mean you're gonna be all day long. It's like ridiculous that long ago they know it's. Coming along. Very good possibility it's. Going to from the event. They come in and fix that they can handle the race card and everybody else can do the same thing and make those little bit of adjustments and going to be a whole lot closer. Thirty laps are complete here at the Charlotte motor speedway it's 45 away from that first ten minute break. That they'll take a little bit later this afternoon Davey Allison has a problem he is on pit road with the manager. Maybe this is this scheduled pit stop going to got to make a green flag pit stop and thank you know run outside powers and they'll adjust the stagger on in have a little trouble getting Iraq front power all joined apple doing that. Then they know whenever Unocal gasoline would be grill and getting ready to go back out they do it and bam they. You can make. I don't want a moment ago while the other they're having problems and win coming right back green flag stop me. That's what the second place changes hands in front of Eli gold cup but I'm working with the right traffic factor around. How about prior to putting Rusty Wallace at Richmond Rusty Wallace who's running second again Rick Hendrick to tire Chevrolet dealership Jeff who died two of Richmond. And Darrell Waltrip all three of the Hendrick cars surrounding him. Traffic the factor with codeine comes out with accurate but now third Wallace or waltrip felt that's a good race also right there in that state as they worked back in the turn aboard those four cars just about a Carly the parked in front of the like bill. Pat pat would have happened a couple of laps to go home but that time five bobbing up and junior were not a lap down was on the inside lane. That was kind of the path to being paid off turn two they've made it past prime time. But the other into the racetrack about six seconds ahead of all that Phil Elliott has not overlap kale Yarborough. But I'm walking onto the third spot against the advances on enrichment and now it is Rusty Wallace settled into that fourth spot for the woman and he'll try to fend off their walls. Through halfway in this opening 75 lacks segment as Dale Earnhardt works his way past the lapped car of Greg Sachs. And Davis payments and Hendrick cars a moment ago Benny Parsons is driving a Hendrick Folgers car for the season. But not here at the Winston Tim Richmond is behind the wheel that car with Harry Hyde the crew chief. And many of driving for the Jackson Brothers in the Copenhagen car that's for today only thing revert back to. The way they've been all season next week for the Coke 600. You wonder what the situation with. With Dale Earnhardt right now I got caught up in that shuffle early in the race this afternoon lost a lot of ground and now Bill Elliott is about nine seconds just a little better than nine seconds ahead burn. Earnhardt who currently rides in the sixth position. That's travel again for the third spot is pretty good look from third on back from second on back actually is down a quality like old. Now put nine Tim Richmond Rusty Wallace and Darrell Waltrip and Earnhardt coaching I think basically the same lines. A group and a half up off the bottom of the track Tim Richman has obviously lost none of the aggressive style the one in seven races last year he fit right in there Elmo and Devin backs that up with the best of them. Scrambled around second pop lost second and now is that back into the third spot behind his teammate Jeff we're gonna look at your. We'll as far as his ability Tim says he feels like as far as racing ability like you never left. So far I mean I think that trailer that last week that you know they come here this that you really bad. I might be kind of like that left their homeland a little bit. I don't feel like a heading layoff. He's racing like he has had to lay off at all learning. These pitchers right here at the Charlotte we're speedway looks awfully good right now we've seen him a couple of tight traffic situations and he's been able to handle it pretty well here it comes down the line as the leader works often the turn one Jeff pulled and Tim Richman. Get a little bit closer together down at turn one. The interesting thing is that Phil Elliott is not running quite as low on the racetrack here and wanted to do as I mean they're not coming to be driven by about a the other cardinal like most of the white hot but filters belong. Similar situation up here at Freeport and you begin to wonder given the format the fact that this is really Indy race. But Bill Elliott continues to go stomp away he has not practiced Ronald event he has. Extending his lead with every lap and it's really no advantage of that because when it's not as crazy to be right back there. Meanwhile about midfield Dale Earnhardt is living what he called his worst nightmare about what will be the running of the race that he gets stuck back in the middle of the pack. Nickel bag I don't mean can't you leave when you finally won some money not gets car work together in deal. And you and you get to the front the end and then within that segment at stake in the back. I think is good deal for me and how you work like that how loud they don't get there in any stake in her career. You know I don't I don't really go for fans that. I don't think they'll be sent me later and this sort of right. Police right about that there's been holding one and it's Bill Elliott and burn art has had to fend off Jeff quote I can now play catch up. And if he keeps running like he answers only going to be one leader that first 75 laps the way it's looking right now that will be Bill Elliott. A little bit further back in the field three cars that are not getting around this racetrack at all to their liking would be carrying the body Morgan Shepherd and Buddy Baker who won the western open earlier here this afternoon to get a starting spot. In the Winston those larger we have some problems in the corners but as we said once they get back into the pits that can make some adjustments limited. The cream of the crop who knows. I have been here. If you don't but newspaper account manager in the western open and he was running consistently around thirty consecutive birdie and maybe. Records are. I am now over 33 back right around 330 wait the 33 PM which is about fourteen for the second floor. Then he was running report coming down checked with his victory there guessing what the differences. And perhaps Dick Brooks through some of these teams that are running toward the back of the pack never brought up a very interesting point a bit ago. Why haven't they stopped yet this race is more than half hole they have to make the green flag pit stop. Here comes one now with one of the traveling cars peels off the banking deal bonnet will make his appearance on pit road for his green flag stop but. So we'll somebody's cars could have used to stop it looked like party about lap. Down but I think that's pretty good gamble is likely will not be stopped. They're just put on two tires something to be evident chronicling the clean up the grill. In the world rank and again it is anyone's play every night and day out. Now the. Get remembers a lamp then. But the caution comes out now. I feel your broad authority than the racetrack and they knew they were gonna get when we. And it might have been all right but you're gonna write a medal. You come in and day. You know I have them. We didn't help make up. Things like that but I think. In May be running record tenth slower but he doesn't have a whole racetrack to run with the way didn't you sleep while ago is now in the final couple cars. Better only right and it plans. And maybe it's in a position where he can get miles so a lot of cases that happens yeah. Get caught in traffic. Even though nobody around you really except one or two cars in front of him if you can't get my you have to run their thing. Maybe want to defect they want effective. Record for everybody knows everything about fourteen for the second slower than it was influenced an open is very different. But right now the car just a little bit on the high side. We're gonna have to make a green flag stops and done here in this very city that segment so. Let us would stagger elevated. Thomas crown tonight. You've got to wait until you run for the program you'll avoid making the world. My nominee John goes on thinking and it's not far enough. I'm happy. Okay NFL record thirteen. Terry nobody has broken out of that four car drafting of riding along they're Internet and now begins to really end up a little closer to the front of the pack here this afternoon to get an idea how quick Elliott is getting around this racetrack which clocked him for the last 23 laps around. He's averaging about 32 point four seconds. Which is not a whole lot slower than they qualified here they qualify about 3180 something. So he is really setting a blistering pace now the thing that is in his favor. As Smith pointed out in some of the turn people did he is out all by himself he does have a much traffic to work you can pick his own line through the corners run pretty much in clean air so to speak. That would make the big difference at least. A couple of hundred seconds and that's exactly what's happening here this afternoon but. In fairness to his team they have done their homework and they have a car dialed in I think he'd running be running pretty close to that he was right in the middle traffic we're talking about that while ago and baker. Was running behind a Bonnie. The card is a graphic stuff. And he couldn't do anything with the good pass everything they got caught some traffic fell back behind a Bonnie and now is about the running back down. Like everything just get the right thing you'll find them. At fifty laps Elliott has a lead of nearly ten seconds Jeff both died of moved up into the second slot Tim Richman historic. In fourth now is Dale Earnhardt he's passed Rusty Wallace the fifth place car Darrell Waltrip is six. Ricky rod has moved up into the seventh position eight the Bobby Allison might is Benny Parsons took the ferry again eleven this Richard Petty twelve that's Kyle thirteenth. Would be Terry the body back in fourteenth they're posting a Buddy Baker. A lot of the cars are on pit road first let's go to live we'll they'll learn how little different strategy on the right over there and you. Minutes after okay. It's. Important thing and also in about thirteen and three fifths seconds thinking Brian Todd are different here. Bobby Allison who had a problem with that one look great had to go back got to know when he was. And full recovery Chevrolet my good stuff they go to the right kind of backed car became the cars. Well now we're down this road and again. Here again and doing. Think the left side tire chains on his car and made right side on Bill Elliott and has never been pointed out. My irons into them. So yeah. We may see what happens. Apparently Reynard car and I can see the right career and it didn't seem to be no more than the last time wise but it just shows McCain left side tires. We'll see what happens to. Richard Petty pulling off the cranking up the term before we'll bring the FDP Pontiac had a pit road along with kale Yarborough and the party's machine Rusty Wallace is the end. Here comes Buddy Baker on the pit road and that was just about take care of everybody except Bobby alone now he's peeling off the banking Evan Turner before. And we'll drop onto pit road and Jeff Levine will be the last. Cars to make this stuff years he drops in the pit crew to let's. Like this morning there. It's not preparing out of the room looked wonderful thing for them but can. Dot I try to make the government and the and let his spirit going out there and again. We almost thought I. Again. Included a little over fifty degree black service. For the fallout on this segment right. Kyle Petty we'll get a chance to leave the wood Brothers have left him on the speedway he's not made a stop. That would certainly be a bonus for the wood Brothers and Kyle remember starting lineup for the next segment in this race depends on how many times you lead the race. Not how many laps and just by going in thought for one lap it'll put Kyle up near the head of the pack. As he now brings the wood Brothers car to the pit lane. So he has led this race once and Phil Elliott has led the race once also here this afternoon Morgan Shepherd brings his car the quicker state Buick on the pit road course schedule service. I remember there will be another stop coming up that left number 75 summit if they make a mistake right now don't. Put something on the car make you adjust on the car that's a little out of kilter. Probably they'll be able to live within remain on the lead lap until left. 175 debated politically they really do some serious suggested against the champ cars they all report that because he pointed out thermal level needed some adjustments and many other world might. Here I think if they do it in the back of the. Well that are one thing. And goal on the racetrack good pit stop okay. Bernhardt is flying he went past Tim Richman like he was stopped now goes to work on a Rusty Wallace worked inside and Rusty Wallace goes behind him. Darrell Waltrip trying to make that same move it's not a lot of rusty comes down off the bank. Turned to become a response capital to crowd out there for there'll no place for him to go but our heart as quick he drove around those guys like there was no tomorrow. When he brought the car and it was an average like pit stop Richmond made that very quick stop and yet they got back out on the racetrack where I was able to drive right behind and one thing the amount of mail there Earnhardt. And now wolf the. I remember it. After the pit stop Bill Elliott the race leader Jeff Levine writes in the second spot Bernhard has now moved up to third. Going to fourth as Darrell Waltrip he moves around Rusty Wallace Tim Richmond is sixth and Ricky Rudd would be seven that's unofficial way we have it here in the broadcast. Ruth on NASCAR's indicating on the scoreboard that. Elliott is indeed the leader he's taken up right where you left off after that first round picks up does he take some back off and turn one just about a straightaway separated him now. From the rest of the field and then as we similar to the rest of the field being Jeff Levine of the number two spot down in front of the like old. Jeff Conine has managed to pull away from everybody else that we're chasing him. Matter fact this can o'clock and we've got to have a good ten seconds or so at least on the rest of the field Dale Earnhardt won't fit a lot of different than Ricky Wright good advantage. And it continues to be a good battle for the third position but at the full five seconds behind jeopardize. Earnhardt hanging onto that third spot a look here comes Darrell Waltrip up the inside and goes to Atlanta counselor to their days are about to get back out of again pretty good scramble among those two as they come probably develop a little more. Are a little while spending sliding it looks like Greg Sachs who had trouble all they have Richard Petty comes along got smacked him. Both cars sliding down onto the concrete paper that started with sacks getting loose reckoned with and going up. Jack Kennedy is the other 75 cards with up to five car field bonnet and Richard Petty caught if elected both cars are now. Out of the race plot has now stopped on the apron petty makes it to pit road. Richard is limping down pit road on the right side the right front of that car the sheet metal is really ripped away as he's trying to get into misfits. And we'll get a word there just a moment as if he'll be able to continue he may decided to run around the garage and that's exactly what he is going to do. Meanwhile Greg sacks this car. Let's make that deal won a star sits on the apron again for an upgrade let's go back today displaying. It was indeed the field bought a car that was involved let's make it very clear of the safety crews are there with him quickly get to -- police cars made at that data by the 75 if you wanna with the blue and white colors now ruffled up a little bit. It was not right Zach thanks continues on the racetrack. The crews are with the Obama as they came through the corner Bodden got loose and got up into the wall Richard Petty and trying to avoid him what happened crack the concrete good leg. And as they came down off the corner that he was able upon the pit road with a lot of heart is stopped with a heavy damage. And Barney hall if they came back to the start finish line Morgan Shepherd and Bobby Allison. Who have made of foam pit stop and ultimately the right along pit stop order was badly left on the racetrack back at them. They've both passed Bill Elliott and help the poor parents so that could put them back in the. We're gonna see some pit stop coming up right now Benny Parsons has brought his car back to pit road along with Davey Allison and they'll take advantage of this if they miss the adjustment just a moment ago. As were under the first caution flag today in the Winston here Charlotte motor speedway let's go to garage area and Dick Brooks Richard do disappointed something up on whether their wallets that. Now. Basically. When and anyone Alan low and become I would not try to get back and couldn't quite make it right and oldest you know best of the Iranian backed him. Some come through when their own what did it. You are you all right Alomar just who this morning naturally you know good good read and I do and that they had really with a couple adjustments were. We've been able to run with him made him a person we've been produced it it personally talked about the track servers what what do you think went. When I when I started McColl was loose enough famine and the grim. And we're real good for awhile and an accord especially. Since then had a hit in between from battle over ballot got to work pretty good at target or Milton diamond. It is so hard at Charlotte speedway as we've poured out a couple of times today at the heat factor the hotter the sun gets on his racing surface it really changes and it's it's a lot of that is total guesswork and hoping you're hitting the right set up some of them are some of them are not but they've dismay don't feel bad confusing Greg Sachs with Neil Bonham Richard Petty did he had the bird's eye view of the car in front of almost two cars are pin and of course. Just identically they're helping Neil bottomed out of the remark about pulling Pontiac right now safety workers are on the scene we'll have a report for you from Oprah. In that vicinity or rather from the track infield care center but just as soon as we can't 66 laps are complete. Here in this first 75 lap segment of the Winston for quick update let's go back to turn four. Well the speedy dry does that confirm that story Barney we wanna make that clear we have been watching the Obama and his car had been hand like a little badly he was having some of the loose problem that day has been confronting a number of these drivers all day long you seem to be particularly bad. And we didn't want to speculate about the cause of that crash right off the bat because that the car had been loose with Ottawa just got away from it but it Dave. It bit bloody and that is Richardson and as the speedy dry confirms Antonio bottom was really helpful that he took that ride. Driver side first. Into the outside retaining wall behind in the scramble for paddy we know the rest of the story what Dick Brooks has been in contact with the ring my team and they have talked to their driver for the two way radio decked. Well I talked to them and they've got him out he just not going into the into the hospital and then. We'll see if we can get some sort reported a net that's a tough but somebody's leg was hurt and so I don't know I don't know what the problem is look sick. We're still working caution is the feel comes by the start finish line her candor does not give them an indication that they'll go back to green at least it'll be one more lap under caution. As they're circulating around the Charlotte motor speedway he just sort of broadcast were in the final segment of the big weekend here Charlotte motor speedway running the Winston we've lost two of the top competitors and it Neil bonnet and Richard Petty Mike. I'm sorry I idea. Stand here and it in the hospital. And their Clinton a neck brace on him and and his leg but I said you know Katie not it is it gave you be OK so. They're they're tended to him now it looks like it's gonna be all right they're just gonna. But some stretches on stuff for precaution that I. On a dollar to don't. What's good news on on deal products conditional get an up further update and a moment on the track hospital and a from Dick Brooks or any update on the pit activity let's go to bit. Terrible cars came in including Betty Parsons carry the body of Bobby Allison and Morgan Shepherd and 104 character in this post in Borneo with both from the more of them didn't coming out. Since it only changed in Paris on the green flag pit stops but as we pointed out before. The power situation is not a critical here that have been in the past the new cars don't run faster than the powers that are used to they chose to stay out there. Most out of there have been forced the government fuel to go the rest of the way. Field just going out of turn over to down the middle of the back straight away as they continue to adjust on these cars this afternoon with the you have to do a lot of twisting on everything down there to catch up later Elliott's been getting around this racetrack but we could see that happen. They're forming up for restart over intern number three they're five cars that are. I laughed off the pace at this juncture of the Winston this afternoon Buddy Baker will be the first car down on the inside along with leader Bill Elliott. No doubt he will try to get his lap back as they put them back under green here. Bobby hill and junior is a lap down so was kale Yarborough so with Davey Allison and so is Greg Sachs not to turn four plots. Keep in mind out of anybody can get around Bill Elliott and lead a lap here they're gonna be on equal footing with Elliott the number of times Juli is the key there look at for the break if they come off turn four. Kelly it's not to let anybody get back on the lead lap Walter. Gizmo got a little shelf here in the tri oval as the go back to turn over water try to climb up in jets that leap forward everybody's face single file aren't aren't coach Bryant and a career backup Darrell Waltrip the cartoon were laughing now. As they hit the backstretch Elliott's job amounts to a couple of garlic overboard on its three back at Darrell Waltrip rotting in the third spot. Earnhardt will test him on the bottom of the hit turns three and four there's nothing there earnhardt's stated fourth Rusty Wallace and Smith. Does look like really it's going to be able to shake anybody as they put him back to the green here at the Charlotte motor speedway jetliners about a half a college back hanging right in that type craft along with Darrell Waltrip Dale Earnhardt and Rusty Wallace that back in one closing in on this first segments for inclusion in the front. Archives now on the front five rushing water and first. Would you rate traffic. Davey allison's car has not about the state he's limping down at turn number one with an obvious problem with a lap down anyway. Further back of the field we've got six quite belonging to temperate with seventh with Ricky Rudd. Making a talent on an intimate spot it's Eric Cantor gets real loose slips and slides around Kevin tobacco capstar whittled all the overturned before before coming out of the corners straight behind him comes Terry the body Kyle Petty Morgan Shepherd. And then Benny Parsons all on the lead lap leaders are open to Phil and Phil Elliott shows away both times seems to me. I think quick move quickly. That's the case you gotta get around Bill Elliott and leave the race wants to men have let this break Bill Elliott while boggle on one occasion clearly the strongest car out there at that juncture. Kyle Petty let it once by staying out longer on the green flag pit stop it's just inches between LA and vote on. Back to start finish line and they are getting the white flag meaning there will come on the pit road that. Ten minutes mandatory stop here in just a few minutes is a world bank and turn them one I don't think we'll CD changer but Bo Ryan may try and get around Elliott before they get back to the line as a workout turnover to hit up the. The three well we've got ability got to do it right now Bill Elliott peel them off in the turnover rate. About a car like separation vote ninety most of that Eliot stick at the bottom of the racetrack this time most of the race he's run of the battled her out of turn four for the banks now to the wire but what I would try to apply but he'll draft tightly off Elliott back to the live Elliott will win at home by the second waltrip his third fourth as Earnhardt fifth Rusty Wallace. Six with Tim Richmond cemetery can't eight. Will be Ricky Rudd and ninth will be Kyle Petty and it looks like Terry body the tenth place car Morgan Shepherd. Back in the eleventh position and Betty Parsons back about twelve those cars all finishing up this first segment on the lead lap. The three drivers that led during this first 75 like segment again unofficially Bill Elliott led twice from the drop of the green fly in and again after his pit stop. When he pitted Jeff quote I took over the lead for a couple of laps and when bovine that it Kyle Petty assumed the front spot before he. The last car made his pit stop so those three are apt to be up to the head of the class when a drop the green flag on the next. Fifty lap segment when I here comes the whole field on pit road and it's going to be interesting it will sit here the tower along their pit reporters and watch what happens down there. Let's go to an event I think we may see some adjustments on some of these cars but I wouldn't be surprised and I don't think you would either if we don't see a lot on Bill Elliott and a couple of the others that are running that well. Not that we will think that you know he was running so well the reason Davey Allison has flowed there that you haven't received. And out there and and kept it out there right rear tire was going plateau that car course they'll have enough that you can put forty hours I think we will they all important Arizona. Now play the clock didn't start until the last car came by the scores stand by mark Metcalf to keep score for NASCAR Winston cup record. And that the car started their new medicines that don't work on the do what they can handle what they will. And they be elephants are perfectly four tires on it now been parked the car they got within a on this they'll ticked all the water is sure that everything's okay. But I doubt we'll see any real major changes especially on those are running different. Bill LA that such a good job running out in front of for most of the 75 laps Adobe said yesterday he said they may try something completely different. For the first two segments of the stress of course LA it's his own chassis man but he won't be able to crawl out and jump under the car was just ten minutes to work on. Rob I want to avenue available in flat in the morning. You exactly. Which way a little ago in May be. Right about going in each direction it's portal into the race car. The retirement after the cars any time left ultimately make Keith even for the line field. And hopefully find a balance right in the middle for that last and last to Barney if there's a balance I think they had it right from the start most obvious that they are in fact there's not that much activity around this car right now from the Charlotte motor speedway this is MR and the motor racing network. Where will you made when NASCAR comes to Chicago. Four days of racing OK okay music come to Chicago Atlanta speedway September 14 with a seventy. They Chicago land 400 are available now. Camping spots are available and selling fast ball kids tickets like five dollars off of gold price and freed on certain race day. Get your tickets and camps like now. We played dot com Chicago land speedway a monster energy NASCAR cup series playoff start here. Visit financially strapped and I'm Steve goes MO RN movie. Yet again. Alan. Join nationally and I will wipe the flyers dropped winning nation on. He may want some Oakland Sunday may 28 turned the ball boy the memorial race weekend at. Lies behind the front. Training camp from five. Bob widener memorial slide of the street Dallas Luciano Martha blog up more than MRI now. We're back at the Charlotte motor speedway and it's we told you that ten minute break is going on on pit road for a quick update let's first go to major. We're in now rescue all of the Kodiak fifth thirtieth out of the car. And they have a fan running here in the fifth so it's a good break for him as he talks to him in my car is chassis expert at the combat what changes they're gonna make. On the car rescuers delegates do something I'm very. And the stern rested. Are you gonna make some major changes on. On a major changes and tire stagger a little more time you know and just little height adjustment right front noticed with work. It is spinning the tires going into turn one of their character that. No this is an unusual time for a break get out of here get the fan around and get through law gives them a drink or to not be at least ultimately run the target they're ready to head back against torture under right now. Okay good luck in the about Ricky Rudd Ricky. He said you cart find an up morning. Well did we start the first couple laps in the car a little loose and found the boy ran the tighter the car got much. Probably not ever experienced that before write drivers on the ever get a racetrack in a more lecture on the tighter the targets the more comfortable against them. Once they generate we're actually run and Eliot down about into the second lap Bruno the racetrack but part of faster and faster than McCain and things are in the floated back up again. This little that are advances against you probably should do it on the next stop. What does it stop do feel like this or what do you think it's still on YouTube you've got to get down off the high end and as think about getting back up again. Well the way our cars run and it was it was set up to run like him a few in Atlanta with her a few miles straight. Witness in really good shape because our car got better. No these shorts right right that is the only guys that cars went away as they ran is in the chance to get stronger and stronger. That we're gonna have to make some Kathy justice and compensate try to be fans. You know as time went to the coming minutes and let we need to run fast right away. I'm gonna think this there's 23 of said that their cars are getting tighter and tighter now. That was wasn't what baker was saying early citi's market getting looser so I don't know just the chassis the way they can upset respect. See a lot of cars sitting down there with a hood up body heal and has his Miller Buick there with a good opponents so his Darrell Waltrip. Jeff quote Ryan they're looking under the hood of his car along with Tim Richman and so on up through the pit area right there obesity major problem that. It gives them a chance to look out there and make sure maybe do little preventive maintenance so to speak however death. Good and Barney I think that's the case respond we walked away from rusty Wallace's fifth met with me. That Carol Elliott the engine builder is setting the pounding on the card just to be sure that it's back where it wants when they started or maybe they got a technical. We have or something like that info about a minute left him left Mike Reid rejected coming up in the camp the burning a piston if you do that with a view to make the car ran past and I'd probably get by with it for. At least him laugh we also can point out that there is the NASCAR official inspector at every field. And they're looking at what's going on with the driver and were told under Robert really. Yeah they've made a spring change or if they've made an adjustment on the run in the power. Which you know they can. They got reject them every wheel of the car with a they've made adjustments on the front. They were gonna have to go back through. The high gauge and they got to hide gave out hero pit road down a theatrical broad area and they have to get your mind and go through that limping into cars go down there yet so apparently were not the and that kind of just made we're standing bacterial Rabbani who Gaza but Roger Chevrolet Perry. How did you think that first. Think the battle after three plays. But I really near the car with Richard real bad and the limit that last stop. Under the cautionary that there are we really help it so we're we've worked on just a little bit more try to get some of the push into the OK so that's what these new America report card era majestic right. Well some of the cars were up on Jack stand during the break Davey Allison still is but Jeff O'Brien's was Benny Parsons Karzai upon stands and there's also McKenna crawled underneath there Greg Sachs on mobile aesthetic what they'd be prepared to do during the ten minute breaks for. I think we do a great deal I think we'd change dollars frame the shot it automatically you do a great deal but. The thing is we don't know what are going to change until we get into the race. And then you know the conditions going to be totally different because there's going to be a hundred elaborate just proud race. So there's a lot of unknowns right now my again it's it's very difficult to to figure out exactly what we're gonna what's going require. I think we got a better idea now we. Is that there was one car of the work terrific in about her for the were there and a bunch that may well work quite the ballpark Michael Rose Garden work pretty good was Jeff boat and you have found I I haven't stepped around these things deposed marks they got mark so we're all over the ground down here one of the only things made. And Baghdad by the people they think that no I don't know what they're planned we just market where we stopped stick to check the frame might that way to make sure everything with. Okay octane start running good at handling good. The boards tough but we're gonna try to run him hard this segment. Cars then get ready for that last and let this. When avenue I don't know first lap you know got it's not particular to an event. Barack de Gallo an area yeah I got an eight those fouls down the straightaway it felt good and I got the corner I am a handful like get. 747 it just took off the car got sideways. Got up in her heart a quick get away for me you know when you get cue card together it's not that they stick there we just couldn't get on hook. Black cars went viva we straighten out forcefully known wreck. Well as a good good exciting for the fans who elected. There's about fifty seconds showing on the countdown clock here reform they'll push it back up and get ready to go in the second segment of the Winston when they wish to point out party it is a new segment but it's not a new race the cars that lost a lap in the first 75 lap segments they still are a lap down or. Or some are too Buddy Baker lost a lap so to Davey Allison and kale Yarborough Bobby hill and Greg Sachs will be two laps down when they line him up but of course Neil bonnet and Richard Petty scars are back in the garage area and but check back with Dick Brooks for a moment Dick do we get the latest update on the heels condition. Well mailers. They're gonna take it for some X rays to promote the hospital for some X rays on his neck and double his knee so. But it doesn't they debated thing wrong. I had to had to leave out of the hospital but I want my CV he took his kids that he was okay and he was talking finds so I think you just got to get stiff neck and then. And he got a skin on his elbow and I couldn't see is David they said it was hurt and so we're gonna take him over and and do smacked straight down. Let talked all week long here about what kind of strategy. I'm as guilty of is all the meteors talking to different drivers about what was your strategy before race of this type format Kyle Petty says there's only one strategy and that's just to get out there and hold the throttle down and hold your breath and hope everything work. Out of seventy lap right guard them about that right now a bit thin and at the end there's not a bad idea at all you just kind of beg your brain out ground Harden started again and yeah I had very much what everybody glad today that have got to run it started again at bats again not related made lab that you can't. And that's going to be neverland in Latin round win tonight. He's been running pretty well here the 775. Left completely will be another fifty lap segment coming up here in just a moment. And if there's one driver who perhaps has a question mark in his mind it would have to be to emirates and he's had a long layoff he's back in the race car for the first time we'll get his thoughts. In a little bit about how he feels and how he expected to be at the end of the shelf. Davey Allison very late getting off pit road and they're dirty almost one lap down even though that we're under the cost and haven't started the next fifty lap segment. He did they were told in the driver's meeting. Half when the campaign to stuff they roll off the line. And they'll come rather make you have to get the green flag now the next time around they're coming across start any time now on any car. That is not rolling down that road when the last car goes across the start finish line would be a lamb down from all of the cars didn't get off the road. And what remains wherever they work. For the driver who let the most of the first segment of course let the most times that was Bill Elliott he's on the ball right now just boy five also led. And finished up second that first segment so he'll be on the outside pole Kyle Petty finished well back. As they took the checkered flag but he did believe it in the first segment so he lines up third. From there on back nobody let us collapse of the lineup the way they came across the line at 75 laps Darrell Waltrip who sports Dale Earnhardt is fifth sixth is Rusty Wallace seventh. It's going to be Tim Richman eight this Harry Gant might his Ricky Rudd Tampa's Terry the body eleventh Bobby Allison twelve Morgan Shepherd. And thirteenth Benny Parsons toward the back of the pack one lap down Buddy Baker Davey Allison and kale Yarborough to lapsed back our body Helen. And Greg Sachs and they've displayed as they come by you it looks like one out Davey Allison falls in a lot of wondering who's gonna get up to speed and catch the pack I almost. Opted not to Mike because I thought I was gonna stop on the backstretch. A fairly day because the buckle in get itself. Battled fouled up and ready to go here he is back on the tail and he has a lap down if we're correct it and but appears to be in good shape after a lot of work on the car they were the ones who really scrambled to a lot of work Bill Elliott right back up quarries been from the outset he broke track record he's back on the pole. Won't go and went back and agreed after the caution flag Elliott did not run away like he did in the beginning of the race here this afternoon thank Jeff Levine was able hang weather and so was Darrell Waltrip and so was Dale Earnhardt. And our stop any adjustments made a new tires always around. They're ready to go racing here very shortly and it'll be interesting to see if you can take off and get back out there like he did before been a pretty good race back through the pack this afternoon the first 75. Laps out of the way in fifty to go before they'll stop again for talking before they rolled off about Tim Richman about whether or not he has a question about his endurance and whether he can go the distance today. Well actually the only thing. Bet you can't read that that that concern has always been there. From day one people even quietly. The only thing irate that really bothered me I'd rather than a word about. Wars advantage you know. I was always the debate that I might have a great car. Without it being broke without it being bagged it you know I had to get because that would enable myself but they were. The Richmond what I tell us he thinks the format this race is ideal for the type comeback he's experiencing. Three short sprint races so that he doesn't have to run five or 600 miles to the so tired out today when there's no question about that is certainly be a break in his favor this afternoon. That we're sitting here wondering I don't think we you have Iran and any kind of reflect this and then I'm sure you do need to back in the old days that they stop for ten minutes and can do this but it would be a welcome relief in a way wouldn't it. Well it changes your changes here you mentally and I don't know how that would do you know it's like rain we got a lot of rain outs which stopped twice to three times and and go again. And sometimes do I do better afterwards sometimes you don't do as well. But I didn't changes your mental latitude on and I don't know how it's gonna do it when a doctor wrote about it surely it tells them the way things. Tell you one thing it did my. How many times we heard guys say boy if we could go into this and done this for just. Twenty seconds we won that race until lip split all had a chance to do it today we'll see how the cars run differently in the second segment. Now when you're racing and winning your wasting your cup then grand national championships. And a lot of the tracks because these to have a effect I think airlift used to sponsor futile but trophy dashes between the top qualifying drivers this last ten lap segment. How similar will that be used to that type of activity. Well thank you be very similar to do that type of situation because you certainly as far as the way that you can end the car mentioned a moment ago that it might change the timing on them. And they might even make it just mr. where they've set up a little bit looser. As we've heard several Lampe the Qatar cars got patter as they went along. So they can make this kind of but just with just 4 PM lap around so yeah I would be summer with some of those kind of he definitely ran back then which reviews were pretty excited. One thing one thing is definitely different about that. In 1968 L 111 of those. I know eleven trophies kissed eleven girls. And they're gonna get 200000 dollars today some things. That is look a little bit different reason to go infect 200000 reasons to run a little bit harder rather than for trophy pace cars on pit road and we're about ready to began the second segment of the west and here this afternoon fifty more laps coming up before they stopped for a victory as Elliott again takes off for turn one. Jeff point nine body might be able to make the quick jump to the outside but couldn't and while they get single filed third places that contested right now. Kyle Petty on the low side grabs third. They are running side by side for the for the fifth spot Earnhardt and waltrip and a tremendous battle with right on their rear deck Rusty Wallace tucked it behind them is Tim Richmond. Tight scramble as Elliot tries to pull away from vote on an up front. Kyle slips a bit high coming out of turn four Earnhardt is right they are jumps down underneath that he's Citgo Ford covers the spot. For the Wrangler Chevrolet moves up the thirties and tell Rusty Wallace along with a report must be awfully strong going through the waters made a book to get inside Darrell Waltrip. That seemed to be the popular move out if I look. We'll shuffled back there that fifth sixth seventh with the kids. Very nobody had a terrible struggle that first segment think they'll come alive here he's working its way to the inside of Kyle Petty and he's trying to pull Darrell Waltrip along with it in the race for six. Cars that seem to be able to stick to the bottom of the racetrack have a big advantage right now in the event here this afternoon that battle continues for fifth place is a hot one between Terry the body and Kyle Petty as they get back into turn one just inches apart door to door. Nobody gets the job going to the inside groove and allowed pistons I don't midway between one and two. Right behind closed cries wolf it. And added that they break out of that wrapped up that side by side arithmetic the high side and the advantage to carry it comes what they. Morgan Shepherd will go as well and it's Darrell Waltrip stuck on the bottom but backing up through traffic. Walter stars go all the way from wash for the second ring cycle as he drifts way back in the field Tim Richman is not faring much better. Four cars though or at the class of the field up front and for the moment Bill Elliott although still at the point. Can't quite put away the others in the first few laps of the second segment. Elliott both very hard for Wallace aren't pulling away they've opened up a full second over the fifth place car carry the body single file and thick with Kyle Petty seven Brickman. Eighth spot belonged to Harry Gant then another big. Gap back to the night Blake wore everybody else's and that battle. They had uniforms all you can look so good when you hit the combination and you can look so bad when you miss and all of a sudden half the field as wave back to the back of the pack just trying to play catch up if they can't hold on what they have while at the front of the pack Eli the front court just going on. And they are running so very well on the racetrack although for the moment. Most everybody back there about. Same local. But the guy whose car has really gone the piece of apparently during that ten minute stop with Darrell Waltrip. He was up there at third starting spot grammar check out fourth starting spot on the restart he has faded to a full force back upon the leader. And that puts him well toward the back of the pack in fact there's only one car behind him that's still on the lead lap. Elliott qualified and Earnhardt now after running away from Rusty Wallace so what those three cars tied well together at turn one before much longer Rusty Wallace and point we'll have the company if Kerry look Bonnie who has broken away from. How many different to how they can but when. Earnhardt who has had to scramble here today but has been the class of the field throughout the season dominating the early season activities in the Winston cup. Making a real charge your gap what I but I goes iron on Saturday with a come out of four. Her heart if you give him that inside groove let him get along side he is hard to hold off but but I will be able to do it here at the start finish line Earnhardt comes back after an internal one. Bernardo now and they've just been an unbelievable second run. But time goes a bit higher here at turn number two not millionth time the racetrack at the other end of the speedway for the quickly enough Earnhardt coming event. Tremendous battle between the chevys as the case before the Bill Elliott has been the class of the field here today in the career heart dives in while. Quote nine out on the top remember they tangled and food and they both slipped by this time there they were very close together they've laying bare on the first lap of the first segment memorial may bounced around today the middle pencil sharpener between her heart and vote not as they try to track down Eliot. Bill is getting away no doubt indiscernible. On and for the moment Rusty Wallace still works fine. Being able to hold not that I'm coming Shannon took LaMont beat Kerry had been closing now that my agency has stabilized but second place fill up for grabs. And further back in the field we've got the sixth place positions still held down by Kyle Petty pretty good shape. Richmond seventy feet talent like dance that comes Davey Allison though he has a lap down upfront Earnhardt and vote on back at it again. They eat you laps complete give this afternoon in the Winston it is obvious that the fastest car on the speedway continues to be Bill Elliott Bill Elliott. Took up right where you left off after the first ten minute break he is ahead of Dale Earnhardt who rides and number two position by about a almost two seconds this Jeff Orion hanging on the third back and forth. Would be Rusty Wallace fifth position belongs to. Terry the body right now than Kyle Petty and that's the way they're running here in the separation. From about first back to six is almost seven seconds that gives you an idea of just how strong bill Elliott's. We're talking during the break about horsepower heart a point out that Earnhardt doesn't seem that strong off the corner doesn't have quite so much horsepower bovine really was getting off turn four. Randy Jordan I thought would go kind of conservative theories that yesterday really needed to finish this race in the engine category. For the roses his lack of horsepower we'll learn art was hitting him yesterday about events in the Rosen told us this. Hi this is new video that put us than men picked on Ryan you want gas mileage good Toyota. You wanna talk about full body oils and you wanna win races he made. Well six I have. Behind the times this season that's where the event and every Victory Lane so they've been doing something right Elliot the leader Bernhard is second Jeff provide a third rusty Wallace's fourth. And Terry the body is fit. On pit road several changes were made during the ten minute break some worked some didn't let's check first with the lead car Dick Brooks in the Eliot good. Aren't you got guys you guys didn't make any changes everything in that time right it is that he didn't make any changes kind of have to delay a lot. Just things or our dance. I just kind of president. I you know I think that and they didn't they didn't make any changes their descent known fans here just like they've got to be time before now. And I think that's a good really good to watch now. Not having to hang out when you're leading you're not hanging on I can tell you that I mean really they have done their homework and it's paying off for them this afternoon. Earnhardt's right now is about one point two seconds behind and let's see if we get a report from his pit with live we're spending our. Richard Childress who owned the car Richard you told that the car was pushing a little bit earlier looks like you've got that out of you would get added we've got a pretty good nailed field right now he's grown over around. That you got kind of dark and it hit Edwards kind of settled and winning right now about nice nice. So you don't think you'll never again. All right now I may get mad at me and Lance wouldn't match they want fired get real time. Can't we get a good start they snow in the next week I think we got the last round. Okay. I open theater where they start that's going to be keeping her word started that has camera. No question about that 92 laps to go up on the board in the west and here this afternoon the final. Main event of the day at the Charlotte motor speedway next weekend the Coca-Cola world 600 a lot of racing activity left. And one of the nation's finest motor sports facilities. Elliott is the leader a couple of drivers to be just doing their broadcasts have retired they were when out on an accident earlier this afternoon Neal Pollack and Richard Petty. When Monica lost an engine in his car apparently going up and it's reinforce. And Richard having nowhere to go trying to board and got into the wall in left who put both of those drivers out other than that all eighteen of the remainder of the field are still out there running. NASCAR's less richter farmer's field bot has been taken to a local hospital his elbow will be X straight for the possibility of a fracture but otherwise Neil was OK that's good news. If Terry GAAP works on Tim Richman coming out of turn number four that'll be a battle for position back in the pack. Market eighth spot that they are rather seventh spot they're contesting of the good return one. What about going back and can't defend we think the lesson for the speedway taking advantage. Richmond's car's not working it well off her numbers up and coming on the one hand it hasn't gone either. As they continue that battle though they are losing ground with the place man because. Kyle Petty is able to draw away if they get racing side by side right behind them comes Davey Allison who has a lap down but it's been lapping very quickly all the work they get on the car has paid off he get around those guys who might be able to go for good life. Perfect record out a moment ago they had the fastest car on the racetrack and he picked off of that separate cars from the Taylor the field getting his way up to the front but that he ran up a packet traffic there and since that time Eli has been able to make too much ground. If these right now right behind Harry it's. Side by side again and fun updating. And it looks like this time can't make get the better but he draws just a few inches in front of Richmond no doubt they get in the break replicate that hammered out runs and indeed they are close together and side by side at that runs through brave or read another top game with a little advantage on the bottom. More again Richmond nobody is giving him anything in his comeback ride the fans gave the big. Ovation when he was introduced and that's about all he has gotten here today one car slowing up internal report headed for pit road and it looks like it's going to be the end of what has been a long day for Buddy Baker to give slow on the pit road he won the open to get into this the bat but he definitely with off speed as he pulled down by the pit road that does not repeat. Buddy Baker brings his car in the pits let's see if he makes the turn to go to the garage area or if he's gonna go into his hits and maybe get to know he's gonna make it hard left turn and take it to the garage area. And we'll get a word with him in just a moment and find out what his problem is Elliott continues to lead here in the list that we ask. Davey Allison and a couple of the other drivers about the strategy here although they be right now is a lap down what he planned to do in this race. I'll thinking implant a strategy for them that you never done before and nobody ever done this type of the mud or rain so I'm mad at what everybody of those separate car that the black they're gonna run up 500 mile leg that Matalin and up from laughed and laughed. Loosening it up is putting my healthy they'll loosen the whole mile before it's all over that's for sure. Let's check predict Brooks well I got a buddy sent an Atari stock into one of the wanna I wanna. These people they want out of this. Game and transmission of the rear end went out on it and started right now we're. I was blaming it on the tires and then what started an experience and it really was. Plug in coming up our corner and I realize we have more. Quayle. I think now thousand. Good lord man we got water you could bring in water out here so it I don't wanna watch was overheating or something. Outside here and I thank you had a good run this morning that there aren't nearly erased just just didn't happen as well we'll have. You know back right. And whatever. One man you know. It was slowing down near the end of the other race. And I don't think they're too often unhappy and AM they had a pretty good pretty good they already you know we get started so. That part of tangle offensively he can now okay fine. Fidelity has just rolled up 100 laps in the Winston here this afternoon there's 25 more to go before they'll make that final stop for the final ten minute break to make any adjustments they need on the car. And he leads right now by two point six seconds over Dale Earnhardt. And the fake to you right now on the edge here I guess is for the drivers just to be able to stay in the lead lap with Bill Elliott has once they make that stop then they'll have a chance to come right back up almost like a caution flag and have a right anyway. Very true Barney and they will not have to make a pit stop during this. It laughs I think yeah you'll run the full distance they'll always been thought OK. Faster than what he was running in that first. They hope to around thirty to forty. Thank. Thirty really. Cut back car while it's. Now okay. Right now but just for the rest him. Net if you were always talk to the crew chiefs who make the right adjustments in the right boost perhaps we might wanna get to work with Harry hide it. And stick with what L Wilson because their two cars just went slapped backwards after being right up. As toward the front of the pack in the first 75 laps show they have now drifted well back waltrip and Tim Richman have at this 102 lap mark. We'll throw the checkered flag again at 125. And have another ten lap opportunity. To work on these cars and somebody's get an up close but no cigar today and conclusions of today's the western part about this likely to have a tap a close but no cigar award to a driver crew chief for crew member. We'll get 200 dollars from Hav a Tampa cigars. Mike joy put about a moment ago that a couple of cars made adjustments and are still going forward had gone backward one of those was Darrell Waltrip. And let's check in right now and find out what's happening there. I'm standing around watch film room. Okay. You're looking toward the next ten minutes south didn't look like the last one more important. You know early days remain right where everything retired a couple of other. And it didn't respond like we thought he would you know now winning the standard thing happened. Not a real jazz didn't get it right. One run close to home. No they don't make or break we'll. A great deal of adjustment on the north equivalent. Now that's very true that people don't realize how little does David like hey this. Great man you know that is so critical. Well you're going in Atlanta. This. Thing I would history can. That's certainly 11 other car that had a problem there was there was Tim Richmond car. Tom and Harry Hyde area. Gonna get him minister we're gonna thing and admitted he needed yelling juror no way am I think yeah. Thin and get things aren't dying down Britney alone I am my clothes are malignant and they lose and don't even know. I thought you got them. OK don't end right inland then. We get better it's dominating. Sometimes they're up all the time now you got an idea how to do it. Yeah we've got a lot of angling dividend in we're just afraid to get it did diaper pail and then driving my car and now. I did go to Danny held up real good feel real good there weren't picked up and I would say after wild. That put a lot of pressure on the drivers that need to make adjustments in this final ten minute break here because if the driver says let's do this or let's change then. And he is wrong in your really out to lunch and I asked her body about. I'm Brian do you think you are not wild ride news coming embargo and you need to hinder what you're doing what they made me you know good you are getting get a chance to drive then. You know new engine development then you might hurt anybody part of the new world. And I guess that does happen they had in Dick both a lot of times you'll click the car needs something you'll tell your crew chief for the crew members and when you make that pit stop you make adjustments and find out that you were wrong. That's exactly right aren't happy it happened many times. In fact when I was driving race cars some. Forward like it when you when you turn to. Different cars with this won't hold back into the computer time whether picket pocket for curing it shows exactly the opposite ends. Confusing to. A driver a lot of it's. Really good thing you can really back for what it's that sometimes it's hard to determine which. Quiet and you don't like the right decision. That's one thing it's very very true it seems like when it starts then you drive harder trying to keep up. Think that's a while ago about. No stop it changes your frame of mind. You get in your mind at the car's going to be pushing. And you go out there and you pushing harder and harder and harder and it may not be that maybe there's just that you're just preparing it Korean and given the chance to turn. You don't stop it just it's a mental thing. That happens a lot of. Six plays Jane stands a lap or so ago Tim Richman working around an outsider Kyle Petty and he took Kerry can't along with them so move Richmond up to six. Gap to seven Kyle Petty falls to eighth and he's getting the pressure from Bobby Allison and turn one post. They're Kaiser's separated by just about half my life come off turnovers series other tire tracks. Bobby Allison backstretch Kyle Petty lost about a tenth of a second a lap over a period of about three or four Lafayette fit comfortably in front. I'll be ongoing enrichment and dance battle of the death all of a sudden they came driving by now Alison will challenge Kyle Petty on the outside coming out of court Kyle's got a problem. Mobile home. A whole lot of challenges Alison just drives on five there's something wrong and Kyle's car she is dropping back in the pack their ten laps before they'll stop for the final ten minute break 115 or on the board they'll stop at 125. Elliott's lead right now over Dale Earnhardt just to pitch over four seconds as Eliot crosses the start finish line. Then it was just coming off turn of reports about two seconds back to the third place now behind Earnhardt. Not yet bovine that it was a long ways back to Rusty Wallace and the rest of the field as a leader hit back turned to. I think goes and it turned to exiting the corner Greg Jackson county Virginia haven't talked about that was Eric a couple of laps in three years. But down integrating its. It worker turned more. Bill Elliott looked very comfortable in seeing negotiates very important for the rest of the drivers now there's really no percentage of running up they're trying to challenge Kelly they're not enough laps to catch him. They're gonna have to be content you hold on to that. Starting spot that don't have for the ten laps and just keep themselves out of trouble out here right now well. From Charlotte motor speedway this is MR I on the motor racing network. I'm Steve post cold most of them aren't we mission. Jordan Aaron hammer him in the every Tuesday at noon issued none of them aren't dot com payload on the Omar left. And join us was drumming in the on Saturdays at 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM eastern on ma'am he me. We talk to the Biggest Loser for cars and give you the latest move the greatest results for the third drive around the country MR and when they're sure none have armed guards on the the semi of LM LB. Covering 500 music that's. And don't hang. We did it take. Meanwhile there's absolutely no. Yeah. At the Charlotte motor speedway 100 in nineteen laps are complete in the 135 it'll make up the Winston this afternoon. In six more laps around this racetrack the entire field beyond pit road for a ten minute break to make any adjustments they deem necessary on the cars. And the cars that are on the lead lap at this juncture the race of course full lineup. In the way it's going right now behind Bill Elliott. Find him and and proud that he's pits. Talk to do news and word had descended it was a little bit tight last time you listen up a little bit night a little bit loses time when he got to this ten minutes. Bob thank you babe burning both gas and. And I'm confident they didn't I am playing in there about what has a lot of out loud. And I would have probably gone about I know right now in Atlanta inland it's gonna put on new tires letting go home again. We got a bad I'll may get out you know that we run it runs good no hello and undoubtedly the best setup where guys really think about these rest up. Well I can live out there and that is made available and again not that. Rushed around you know I know I'm in the OK thank everybody too. Good battle for fourth position heading off into turn one and our coverage of the corner with the inside story of Bonnie outside of him as Rusty Wallace. And something has the best for the cloning as he gets the right thing when Rusty Wallace going in electronic carry noticeably slowed down Richmond where it meanwhile Gary again has. Pulled off the racetrack on the Pitt walked up pit road he's going behind the wall. And it bit of a tremendous battle and enrichment for sixth spot for the last forty laps he has got behind the wall recruiting is now loaded so it. Soft dirt before Wallace's won that battle with Tim Richman and carry the body after just three laps left to run in this fifty lap segment. Elliott comfortably at properties running up in the lap traffic at turn four. As he worked throughout Bobby television rights act they've been having a great battle you think they were right for the last Atlanta where it's the right here Elliott comes up woods looked about for the moment. Elliot takes it back off indiscernible one he's probably in contact no doubt what Ernie they know it was just a couple more laps before they'll come and make that final stop. Three drivers have now retired from the Winston here this afternoon Neil Monica and Richard Petty got together when. Monica lost an engine up and turns three and four early this afternoon sideline both of those drivers they are out of it and now Harry can't. Becomes the third car to go to the garage area leaving a seventeen to settle. The Winston this afternoon actually in the fourth one body bag when I'm alone there aren't perfect Fort Carson the Rogers. White flag for Bill Elliott is he comes across the strike 124. Total laps completed. And he has a healthy lead half a straightaway on Dale Earnhardt going into turn one. Elliott has already gotten I'm hope Bobby get here Greg Sachs. And it becomes doctor number two he hasn't changed the life pain any has changed anything all day. The obvious that bill ordered that deeper with cruise control these data on from the first green flag here today totally dominating as the man he's able to run down on the bottom of the racetrack. They seem to prefer they're running in the middle with Sandra the little most of the first thing when you're coming off turn four. Talk about some shuffling on let's start for the final ten laps to this afternoon us. As we'll see it coming up here very shortly what adjustments are made on the car and I remember the cars that are on the lead lap when they pull among the pit road here in just a moment we'll start right in behind Bill Elliott. And they'll have to make their move very early because obviously affiliates are keeps working like it has been all afternoon and gets a little bit of a jump on that restart the final ten laps he'll be long gone it's good pit road manager. Well Harris Dan has pulled out with no bandit cardinal Roger Aaron what went wrong. Then it goes run hot and have full head gasket. I knew a southern wrongly a distant Atlanta real good at the changes we've made for the second pitch a leopard. But they had to just didn't have what they had done yesterday and over the course you have to morning so I guess it was a gradual sleep do in the water guessed it. Carry your impressions of the racetrack after you've run that much donut you've won here in the past. Well as much better than it was. You can go around and yes leg no doubt about debit still. This dialogue is to but he got very get a hold Kevin goes so it's much better prepared hard thank you. Well the finish. Bill Elliott of course leading all fifty laps of this segment. Dale Earnhardt finishing second job quote I was third fourth of Rusty Wallace that this Tim Richman secretary the body seventh Bobby Allison eighth was Kyle Petty. Mike was Darrell Waltrip in tenth Ricky Rudd eleventh with Benny Parsons and twelfth Morgan Shepherd they are all on the lead lap. One lap back. Would be. Davey Allison he'd be in the thirteenth position and fourteen kale Yarborough relapse doubt are both Greg Sachs am Bobby don't want. So Dick Brooks once again everybody hits the pit road. Well everybody's in here I'm standing by Davey Allison hardly end there reiterates. It. Jane did tires. Tim Richman started changing tires on it to get the hood up. Nobody doing too much and they just check in shock travel and stuff against Intel a lot about the cars have a handle on what the gonna do with them. Just by checking how much how much traveler get not a shock to know that my Tamiflu the wheels are going up and down so. They cannot tell what's happening there. Dale earnhardt's car they've got the rear bit jacked up not a coming up with a sides are going to do four tires on it just now raised lahood and so. Everybody is checking him over I doubt there's going to be a lot of changes almost as hard just like. Like Leonard wood said. But new tires on ten laps. You know changes not gonna make that much difference. But the biggest difference in the finishing order at this segment the last one Darrell Waltrip was fourth in the first segment he ended up ninth. After this last fifty laps just run Tim Richmond. Who in the first segment had been at six position he ended up. This time in fifty gained a little bit you know almost know almost threw a couple of positions droplets say one position either way but otherwise not much change in the running order. Perhaps waltrip the biggest surprise of dropping back that much as what Joseph Wilson says they changed to spring and we get a chance to see how dramatic a change that what was this how it affected girls race car. As he went straight toward the back most everyone else party. For Elliott qualified and earn heart. And Rusty Wallace. Pretty much finished where they had in the first 75 lap segment within a spotter to. They didn't gain that much didn't lose that much but the key element here right now they get Jimenez who worked on the car to make whatever adjustments they want changed four tires two tires warm tire come up with a right tire stagger do whatever you need to do. And hope that you can heat Bill Elliott from getting to take off when they drop that. Green flag here just minutes away if he gets away like he has earlier this afternoon on the first two segments. It just seems about impossible for anybody running down going to check with him and they what do you think about that there's not much work going on the course Ford and here they changed are gonna build and apparently you're pretty happy with. Well hardworking I'll boil and bite buddies somethings who already math you with the style in the parking and convenient. No one is even trying to force powers you pick your does his job with the power is still. Knew the towers they could be out just a little bit and I felt like I did say it runs like you while you've been able pull away on the restart every time here today. I'm sure that you got that your mind right now. Well cars really working good right now and they and understood completely. OK he just got him more laps to go to collect the effect in 200000 dollars in the west and of course you did last year in Atlanta. Well that's races unique to the NASCAR circuit we get back to appoint chasing and not a long distance racing next Sunday right here at the Charlotte motor speedway. With the Coca-Cola 600 the longest race on the circuit. 600 miles. Must let's talk to the man at the. Go ahead Dick. Let's talk to the man that was trying to keep up for almost keep it up while ago. You've been back in traffic almost never start dale is Tammy going to be starting right close to him. Indicate that. I don't know you know we got starboard because about a guy that led them but no we don't get a rash shot again. And everything and do it can the job I have played the game give Baylor the prior record running that. Yet they're right back down and have to get to him and that might be key to not win you know not beat me. Well a lot of things is gonna gonna count or restart so collective. Just reviewing some of the changes made on the cars during that first and lap segment give you an idea. Probably the Benny Parsons car the most changes they change the front sway bar from seven eighths to one inch bar a bit lower the track bar. I put an air scoop on the car to Denny from because fumes from the Altec for coming in and they kept the same tires on the carpets which the position of the tires get a different stagger and that was probably the most that was done on pit road during that first and lap segments and as we look down on the pit lane right now the Eliot crews spent most of the ten minutes sitting on the pit rail. Just watching bill talking to each other and sharing a laugh for two with Carol candor. But their a couple of cars like the Walter Kerr were a lot of work has been going on. Restarted tell you about what's coming up on the west to cup circuit next week right here at Charlotte motor speedway the Coca-Cola 600 Busch pole qualifying. Picks the week off here on Wednesday afternoon the Busch grand national cars will be in action on Saturday here at Charlotte. May 31 Budweiser 500 comes up at Dover Delaware and we stay with the northern and western swing of the tour for a few weeks. June 14 to pocono Pennsylvania the Budweiser 400. Also it Brooklyn Michigan or rather Riverside California June 21 the Budweiser 400. Brooklyn Michigan plays host to the Miller American 400 on June the 28. The Pepsi firecracker 400 as the mid point in the season and that is the fourth of July at Daytona Beach. The summer 500 at pocono comes up July 19 in the Talladega 500 Talladega. July 26 on the tour will make its one stop the season at Watkins Glen New York on the road course. August 9 with the Budweiser at the land. Want to get all those ticket offices will be open tomorrow you can call up and order your seats with a record crowd we've been having a most of these events. I wouldn't wait to call I'd get on the phone tomorrow morning and make your seat reservations. Just a little over two minutes remaining before they'll stormed back there already starting to push the cars back down toward the first turn the line and up to the land line up right behind leader Bill Elliott will be Jeff Levine and it jerks and his pits brother rolling the Levi Garrett Carl you know lineup down there were standing very Nelson the crew chief on your outstanding you're watching some of the things you did didn't look document in a major changes on the car. No I'm. In a first rate we're pretty close. And in effect you're right we made some adjustments that may become little looser so now we're back out. To make the car a little bit tighter than it was in the workplace I think we're going to be good day. You know the ten minutes or borrowed 152 there's not that we do the same thing. New Orleans your round belly up a lot Iran has been around so lets you know we put on four tires and we natives. Besides that it doesn't let no different and we put it on a regular men on. What are you honestly think about Bill Elliott again catching and passing that boarded up was strong. We went. We see is that. Okay this campus talking through everything goes down on pit road and I think that's the kind of remark there we're gonna hear right Jeff. Told us though we didn't get to talk to him but it's not on the air but you know with that what they call him awesome bill from golf bill that they got him name right. Phillies he'll have a healthy payday here he already has this afternoon in fact there we'll tally up here before these last two laps or so user over and configure up of course if he wins it gets 200000 dollars but he won the first segment of it this afternoon he won the second segment he picked up pretty healthy paycheck for both of those we'll get the figures on itself. He may end up in the neighborhood of 200 to 300000 dollars a year with the luck and skill and everything else he's displayed here today whether they can catch him or not it's anybody's guess they or heart. We'll certainly give it try you know Jeff Levine will and there are a lot of cars permanently left the lineup with Elliott at the front of the pack Jeff Ryan right behind him then Kyle Petty then Baylor heart back and forth then Rusty Wallace. Then Tim Richmond and then Terry Rabbani and Bobby Allison. Marty Bill Elliott has already banked a 100000 dollars today he. One point 5000 dollars by leading at the end of the first 75 lap segment at the end of this fifty lap segment that was worth another fifty grand. Plus he's let this race twice and there's 25000 dollar bonus to the driver who leads the most times during those first 125 laps that Jeff bovine and Kyle Petty. Evita live once so Bill Elliott a 100000 dollars in the bank already this afternoon. We'll tell you they roll off the grid to begin the final Cadillac shoot out. But you can win our Daytona 500 dream vacation of the goodies race for the money sweepstakes on MRI and two tickets to the goodies 300 in Daytona 500 a tour of the NASCAR garage. Lodging for two before I took the Treasure Island in right on Daytona Beach a thousand dollars cash and airfare for two on Piedmont airlines from. The closest city they serve to your home or you could win one or eight racing holiday the month prizes. Point any do Saturday and address phone number call letters of your local MR incision in the front panel from any size package of goodies headache powders or the name goodies put it on plane. Piece of paper the sender entry goodies race for the money box 500. Daytona Beach 32015. Will be announcing what are on MR revenue could be one Obama the winner or win the grand prize but. Check at Piedmont airlines to the ticket offices or were you by goodies headache powders were complete contest rules. Neal brought it won't be around for the final ten laps here this afternoon he lost an engine in his car a bit earlier and parked it in the garage area but I like his comments yesterday about what he predicted. For the final ten lap. Let the man known how much great value whatever level they got that checkered flag and figure back there we'll Victor go after work. Oddly bill like together when did break don't get negative way and they're complaining about the bush did you have an invasion in buying and with a look my net cord blood and I don't like a gentleman gonna win this Wright guy waved his right to go to bed to bed read that. Got a lot of inadvertent double road when I read dart that thing but did they give me that opportunity democratic government do that I think you're there lot of drivers they then. I'm concerned about what they've looked like I've been good about my crew that worked in a dollar and I'm not I'll give Albert here did they why then did Obama do whatever they. That's about him now about what everybody feels Betty Parsons says he got one strategy for this should take the green and you go. When it up degree by your own argument that join us live you can do it. Regulate back at all there in this deal or any part of this day's event. Dale earnhardt's I don't think so I think I'm wrong it's got to be up running go and I want you back in again and in the group earned a tragic the mine man that would make him a night game in my leg no accompanying UV in the draft and now. Thank you it's gonna probably be up front I can't volley in the because again they act. He's close to take this restart in the second row the front row is Elliott and bovine rode over to Kyle Petty and Dale Earnhardt Rusty Wallace and Tim Richmond in the third brawl. That'll be Terry the body of Ricky Rudd back and roll forward Darrell Waltrip. The rest of the field. Lined up behind them as they get set to go racing here for ten final laps they're over in turn three. Kyle Petty lining up in that third spot earned that spot by staying out longer during the first segment during yellow flag on the second segment start. He became a bit of a roadblock he was back and up through the field those guys who wanna get up there and got a get a shot at bill Alley with all due respect to Kyle are gonna have to deal with Kyle's car. Pace car is on pit road the last two laps coming up with a westerly waves the green flag and Elliott comes up through the gearbox but we'll diet is got to get a jump team on the start here and we'll pull away by half a comic heading for turn one. But nine of the lead for the moment but it's Elliott who has the inside group economist at the bit about I'm spends Elliott does Ike and aren't those low. Prize going every which direction what other cars spinning at Scarborough. Played they've thrown the caution all raced back to the black and had her turn three and while we've much of a race for the later Earnhardt got a digit Betty do they peel off that are not require. Elliott has come through the master playing on the second spot he'll have a shot at Earnhardt as they write back of the hour. Our legal back in the caution will go out now collapse will not count under this caution so they'll line up as they come across the start finish line so nobody'll really lose that much other than Bill Elliott who's gonna drop back at least one position let's go back to turn one for quick recap. How is as meal bar that says a couple of guys going for the same spot as Elliott about nine with Elliott on the inside both times I came around. Everybody went flying all alone on the binders in a hurry only kale Yarborough fine and he too has now managed to continue away. Well first contact was headed for turn over one bovine and Eliot appeared to get together and then going in to our number one. Bernhard got in to Bill Elliott in that kind of started things going. Elliott came up he ended Jeff Vogt arrived motorized cart going sideways Bernhardt jump right to the bottom of the racetrack you talk about cool moves and snuck by. On the inside. When I started this race off they introduced the drivers. They had us on the play for each driver for Kayla was Darlington county for Tim Richmond it was life in the fast lane. They should have kept Olivia Newton John's physical and played when they drop the green flag because that's how it got down there in turn one let's go to Rhode. What they're gonna change the all four tires on the Levi Garrett Chevrolet my door there's some damage to the left front. Vendor but that doesn't appear to have been much of a problem for them they're just gonna change the tires and send it back out there and hope that come back after the fact. Like I Cahill are gonna change dedicate writes I apparently of the got to go to left side too but I think he lost the lab during that but I think he was a lap down anyways that making two down with. He's he's definitely out of it now. Well this flap does not count remember these last time lapse must be run under green and although they don't have to be run consecutively. So with the caution flag way of what cars were still in turn over to a this lap doesn't count there are still tend to go and the excitement is building up here in the Winston. Looking for the green flag next time by Charlotte motor speedway this is MR and the motor racing network to. Online and on the air MR is live from the drag on Hillary and dot com and AMR and check out whole MR in the race broadcasts pole qualifying and practices plus exclusive motor sports programming. Why put your computer or mobile device. N dot com to find your local radio stations online street don't miss this second NASCAR racing action. Listen live online at Ameren dot com EM or an app for your local station. Victory junction was generation driver Adam Kennedy's dream and he worked toward building an airport. And now your illness or disease. When he died tragically his family and friends around NASCAR made sure that dream came true. Today victory junction music camp that provides my life changing experiences. Children deal. Disabilities and all I know. Victory junction dot war. Whereas the Charlotte motor speedway to conclude the Winston this afternoon and just what it looked like Bill Elliott might be issue and not the case. Pace car on pit road Dale Earnhardt as a leader they wave the green flag and Earnhardt gets a good jump on the start pulls away from Elliot by about three Carly but they're gonna chasing hard in return one. Bill Elliott now to within a couple of com Atlanta it arrived on Bill Elliott reared back as Tim Richmond right behind Richmond Kerry look on deep. Most front court prior to now having broken away and off turn number two using the middle groove turnpike killing the way they question how much was bill Elliott's car beat up in that altercation. As we got the rays got to go back a challenge Dale Earnhardt as they move through very important. Pace down all the bodies right and earnhardt's career back out of four headed back to the wire Eliot slides up the racetrack doesn't touch your heart but he's locked right onto a missile complete lap two of the ten lap segment NASCAR. Conferred reversed their decision they did count their first laps the word out to down eight to go Elliott is still there right in the tire tracks and apparent I've got to me and I think other cars touched. They hope to maintain the right direction off turnovers to turn lead to that nobody enrichment moment. At the college data Delhi had made its move into Baghdad to earn a high that gave the opening it to Everett but he moved up on the inside a Bill Elliott. Try to get the spot Eliot brought back a brought out Elliot goes after our heart to think about a third floor. Bernhard is using every inch of racetrack and Eliot gets the getaway and our heart goes up for the grass brings the car back up to speed way to keep that in a straight line and holds all the delete unbelievable that back in Washington. A remarkable backing of the car they go Elliott is again they are right behind the Mike again a body trying to peel off number two corner to the inside of him. A third of burnt out and having your side by side. Later gonna draw the outside line down the backstretch editor Brit I don't it's gonna go in on the outside of Earnhardt they touch again tire smoke side by side note that gather. Got to the bottom cubs carry a body and you cut a path of both my body looked like Billy Elliot got muscled out of the way by Earnhardt. Nobody went to the bottom of the racetracks not bird Earnhardt for the lead but Bernhard has more power down the straightaway. They'll be dead even more cars deep internal line unbelievable racing back in a corner like oh my body has to yield the end it's time to iron iron off but what Earnhardt lead to a party second that's been turned. Elliott coming back what they want Elliott could they got shot. A black following a course on because after Zimmerman thank you can't Princeton turn green. This time nobody leaves Earnhardt about a car right now Elliott both brought up another record everybody gets Kevin John Elliott Dodge City inside this is what the Winston it was designed to test the ability of the best drivers in the business and her heart is making it work for any inch of ground they game not really hangs onto the lead back in one. As I work into the corner. Behind the front forge some pretty good battling as well. But that fifth wife travels at least five car laid back Elliott he's sideways off turn over to. Elliott star break it was badly and if they don't like to watch right behind it while many just missed it. Alien drug spending now under the age when he is not a good attention meanwhile are hardly take money off third floor about break garlic veterans benefits in Atlanta. It's. Comes down pit road meanwhile the battle fleet goes back to turn one. There aren't still shows the way the blue and yellow colors just ahead of the red and white of the Budweiser Chevrolet on the money. And Tim Richman watery turn it would be very handed Winston cup racing they're watching Hillary. Well it comes down to attend a shoot out based on everything we've seen this year and in fact the last half dozen years. Dale Earnhardt the good man to put your running on it's going to be tough to get around the body of Richmond are both right there to get a shot won't even really expect. We plan on the first born aren't winning and America. Okay. Neil bottom hit the nail on the had a moment ago when he told us that whoever wins this race would not be a gentleman and that he would get some negative breast there is no question about that meanwhile it is earnhardt's black two car links over Caroline body right behind him Tim Richmond those three have broken away by about a second on the rest of the field they're free. Rich but definitely got a good combination and really get out Harry I get credit tightening carmaker working toward a much better although he's like the little I have time out of school. Two laps to go Earnhardt by a car like the body is there it's the shabby show what Richmond back in the third spot Wallace's body at his fourth and then vote time. Pick in reimbursements still sitting here at the Charlotte motor speedway. That's part time now works today outside of Rusty Wallace and their private battle for fourth and fifth winner heartfelt pleas to the point. Bill Elliott limping on the front straightaway he will not be a factor at all Terry nobody would really resurgent far from the first segment. Coming up to try to make one last gelatin Dale Earnhardt he's about to elect back at Richmond driving on the outside her heart. Brings about a Karen before and down the line white flags final lap for the Burkhardt takes him back into the number one quarter of the funniest to colleagues back Tim Richman who looks like they'll settle it among those front three they're one. It is too highly ranked numbers in this segment coming back from second and third. Ironically the leaders are now closing in on the slowing Kyra that laid off turn to our nightly news. Richmond looks like he wants to make a move on nobody at the net now the backstretch for the final time. Now nobody trying to drive and indeed modern art or art comes down to close the door they're all great glued to the bottom of the racetrack they had for the finish. But it may not catch Elliott before the checkered flag. In 1985 holes waltrip last year Elliott the third running of the way it's done it's our hearts by two car lengths over Terri the body. Tim Richmond finished just third. What our last ten laps Barney it was what they may become to see what NASCAR Winston and everyone here hopes for. And what I should all at the finish Bernardo go to Victory Lane. All. It is over here at Charlotte motor speedway it is over and yet it has just begun the Winston and his history. And the whole week of racing here at Charlotte begins again look who's called qualifying for the Coke 600 on Wednesday afternoon. Particular live here to what's happening everyday just a moment or he'll get in there and we can get to a barn help but yes there was some hot tempers on pit road as Ernie Elliott main of the curse they went over to. The Wrangler team they repeated right side but I just say. There between him and does some very harsh words were said we couldn't hear probably could repeat what. What was saying there but they were very upset the NASCAR officials got in their very quickly and got them separated that your rod and for preparing half. There was a bunch of middle. How they got out this car run over to Bill Owens had something to him. The took off not many my back at the new humanity said nobody knew anyway and they'll get out of carpet walk toward the truck so I'm not having much luck here. I look at episode those guys in just a moment that appeared that there could have been some contact after the checkered flag right in the middle backstretch between Earnhardt and Bill Elliott and Jeff quote what it was intentional we can't say because we just sitting here in the tower could or whatever but you can't really see that closer label that looked like the cars did get together. But we'll try to follow up on that before we leave the air meanwhile Dale Earnhardt has once. The Winston and Neil bonnet as we said a moment though there's no way to emphasized what he said the kind of money they're running for 200000 dollars the best drivers in the world. Nobody's gonna give me anything out there those final laps and it's as we have documented for the last two years Dale Earnhardt is one of the toughest on the speedway he won't give you anything let's go to that Jarrett. We're very happy crew here in a Victory Lane Richard Childress were Dick Dale Earnhardt in a moment Richard Childress the car owner. Richard it did pull it off of oil as well. That's a one man can bring a car out to grant clock media day he deserved to win and you're out but I'm just proud to be associated within our hat what one little look there in the fifth after the checkered flag it was you know as a little heat never bio food and a little bit afterwards but this just way to give. OK let's get over here and talk to the man who. Who has been the dominant horse on the NASCAR Winston cup circuit this year and then take in the Winston here today bill congratulations. Colorado fact that this. And amp. Well. You know I've garnered nine got together and spun out on the restart and not a game lead in the O'Connor when they turn it sideways up to over there. And I didn't bother to bed we turn to didian bills or may not. I could not racetrack down and I was mad about it and veteran wall and then he laid a mainland John Reiman well I think gaga can't let. Well looks like it's Wrangler Chevrolet up close to beat up look like been one of those short tracks around the country. That's they way to go to the ground here. Well don't let him go and then just fueled your testimony. Dale Earnhardt got a telling his side of the story over there let's check in with Dick Brooks is CP caught up and anyone of the garage. Well I think we've been let everybody who lawfully here less rude talk to somebody did everything to do with that the area. If you fists flew here a few minutes ago between Kyle and and Rusty Wallace. NASCAR officials broken up but it hasn't stopped yet I. I've been fighting before but I was always man at this time alignment and then in the gag you heard it here the man. Well that was the kind of finish they predicted here for those. Final ten laps this afternoon that's exactly what happened and it has been awhile and everybody said it would be even the drivers themselves and hey you know I get a chance and do what I need to do to win the race this afternoon so. Obviously they're all going to be mad at Baylor heart because he won and if you didn't women you're gonna be a little bit ill for different reasons and that's just exactly what everyone expected and that's what we saw. Thorn and Emma thought somebody that this reasonably calm pale yellow Palmeiro toward the end when well I had a Ballmer about a Bullock had a problem in law. Then Bob Dylan junior ran into the back a million I'm didn't run into the back to ever come up like. But you know I did have a bad day all day big. We we have a 200 mile. Did think this will amount to learn filled whatever room. And there are being moved we run pretty good so would it make him under the umbrella bedroom but they got some exciting stuff going in the last ten laps there's a lot of hot tempered. Yeah alike have been obeying its UF OK going to get a little bit about it. Already kind of work it. It is the kind of event parties who say when you're gonna shoot about for ten laps and boy it was a shoot out and build didn't have all the ammunition. He got roughed up a bit he gave a little back and looking at some of the video replays it's obvious that it was a lot of give and take what surprised me most was that. After the first two segments they came out of the box took the green flag for this last one and Elliott did not get the jump. And as such he couldn't get out front and pull away this car if it's. By itself seems to run and work a whole lot better we've seen it all year long even last year when Bill O'Reilly gets boxed in traffic he can't do some of the things with the car that he can. When he's running and what we call clean air all out by himself on the drivers knew that they knew on that restart the only shot they had was to box him in a little bit. Try to get him back in traffic can make you have to work and that's exactly what they try to do and that's what everyone anticipated. Barney somebody else that got caught up in a toward the end here and got that got the left side the cartoonist you know it was Jeff Gaudin. Yet he had a good run all day and then and there was a lot of there was a lot of lot of good race no authority in 200000 dollars worth half past the yeah way we did know it gonna happen Novak then laps. You know we knew we're gonna do everything we could to try to get out front and I really got a good jump on bill on the start. And I clearing get in the corner but I guess I had her out he just let up a little bit. Army thyroid that brought hope back in that's Jose how good these guys are they on this name. Thank the lord I didn't hit the wall he confidence Daryn as things did not know I was going. But we came back no one that wreck that we're banged up but. We came in changed tires and bought the car was hooked up with what some real old tires mounted came through the pack like gangbusters and I really feel like if I got held up. Rip or lab bad laps in that traffic. I could've got that his guys that he and indeed a victim like I was just fantastic. Exciting race. I wanna thank RJR Winston Branford putting on a hill. I think it was worth everybody coming here listen and watch him I think they're great shots don't fall doubt I like to be out there and do Denmark. I think everybody's gonna cool down a little bit of a lot of hot tempers here but. I think gone on everybody's gonna go late may CNN a lot of fun and another fans sure did what do you think about this kind of format operation. I think it's great. You know I had never hear it. Yeah I like daddy's not around got hit by Iran enacted a water race that. For 200000 dollars that's what it yet who I think we gave the people their money where we gave RJR Winston their money's worth. I did Vladimir want peace. We're really think rabbits Jennifer were at 600 we're going to be here all next link and I'll everybody goes back to watch it's going to be a good race I think what I'm. So it makes a good point you know. It is tough to be gracious. When you're in the garage it's easy be gracious as a win over when you're in the garage you know the old there's an old saying shall we are gracious loser and I'll show you loser that's not the case here. But certainly in a in a shoot out like this tempers are going to flare if you're not the data goes in gets that 200 dollar 200000 dollar check. I don't think anybody would have left here and felt. Really good about this race if it had not almost ended up like it did that's what everybody had expected that with the format began with a net for the kind of money like he said it's not points race it didn't hurt anybody in the with a cup points deals. And they expected some cheap middle to get that we see it on short tracks we see it everywhere whether or not even running for anywhere near this kind of money what look was not any surprise to emirates and had a good run here today in his return what's a cup racing finishing third in the. Brooks is there. Tim. Timid in all turned up the way they planned for debate of the good fans can labs analyze. Some goes sideways for some elements in my who was driving in other people's doors and whatever else though. But really it was good I think it was a great format I think you'll instantly you'll. I used to be pattern of back I think it was a relief to success in the format the way they ran and I think it was a positive. Munich after it's all over knowledge peppers get cool down everything your body just say well that's a good way to run run a race no points Bob known that the just have a good time. Yeah I think. You know obviously there ought to be some tempers going right now. But I don't think got to be ejected in modern art data go to the I want to write the rule book is they are doing anything about it and that's why he's still hitting people out there. Okay. Let's go to Jarrett. Well Bill Elliott is in the and the Roger Barnett were trying to see if we can. Can get a word recommend that security people are homeless back we're can't really get product they're good spirits. Barbara there you have most of the way and then got a little rough they're being. Well I think what are hardly had one rat you know he claimed doubted the healed but I Paulus who clearly on the bottom of the racetrack and our clearly up on green and he cut channel money. And my yankees play that wish that will run things back and I'll show you. And he clearly let me buy me let the media buying and alibis try to like a lot around in a while and Korean homework and Annie writes in the way Alex it. Bill here. Your rip Richard to come out talking to authorities have been and a great theater where you ran with the playing out the as the car was clearly better hideous and I can abating and it was no problem about it but it the implants got to put you out they keep anyone cholera. Okay that's Bill Elliott found the story. That's the way he feels about it here the center of the matter is everybody is point out it's not surprising that tempers kind of flared like this all over here Charlotte motor speedway and as Mike say they'll be talking about this from for a long time Earnhardt is the winner turtle bunny finishes second Tim Richmond third. Jeff Ryan predicted in fourth position then Rusty Wallace fifth six to Kyle Petty seventh to Morgan Shepherd eight to Bobby Allison finishing ninth Darrell Waltrip who rounding out top TM. Benny Parsons. What I finish here this is quite a bill course now are still gotta hope that the coolest move the race award Mostar where the like old Mike I think the best individual move. What we like the man don't like the man whatever your feelings are was earnhardt's saving the car to cut through the grass they're near the end going towards turn number one cause a masterful piece of driving state to spend. The probably learn a heart that this that the fans seem to have effective involvement of people all the boos that they get. I think in one context. That may be justified its lot of people out there during the course of the season when you're racing for points maybe that's the that's the problem when you take the gloves off in a street fight the only way to judge it is by the guy who gets the pathetic they all knew going in but those were the rules are are one that's the cool to move the the Brooks. Well I've gotta I gotta go along with that I have not seemed a bit and grant sideways. And come back out in front of the traffic and still block everybody now can he straighten it backed up we didn't go off on top of the racetrack. That's pretty cool moves forward on turn nav prominent. Guess my nomination doors and you'll find it back up early in the race when he's he went to the wall. Could have really wiped out a lot of automobiles but through his. Driving ability he brought it back and I thought that was very cool move you and I just all the Palin that'd turned me on a this rabbit so well that doesn't fit the picture of what was happening about those who move won't do new product or. Elected I'll have to go along with Dale Earnhardt because immediately withdraw out of shape the way he did and say that thing here that is who move. Best that's all they were getting straighter and that wrecked up in turn number two in the running of the Winston open know when one car Rick Wilson blew an engine got sideways Kenny tapped him kept it going straight. And then with two laps to go on that same ready to be bailing almost stuck him in the fence just the fact that he was running at the finish I thought was a pretty cool movement. Dale Earnhardt will take on the money from peak antifreeze into what. Today 500 dollars. From the running of the Winston. We got one other little special wardrobe here that have a tap look close but no cigar award and you have to give it to below it because he led the race all three segments here this afternoon had an obvious good shot to win got tangled up down there interminable war and what happened we'll never know because I'm not in the race car you're not either in the plans are either for that matter. What happens on the racetrack is among those that were close but no cigar I'll have to go below. With cigar he had sure exploded in the space in the last ten laps so the way things ended up here today we'll give Bill Elliott the 200 dollars from Hav a Tampa cigars. No results on the battling for the goodies had a record. The people we had to pick and we don't Bill Elliott might take that one home to be sure had everything going his way until that last ten lap segment. And Dale Earnhardt ended up in Victory Lane Earnhardt the winner in the Winston Buddy Baker won the Winston open earlier this afternoon in the Winston turtle bunny finishes second. But recapping again quickly. Third what Tim Richmond fourth Jeff Levine and fifth two Rusty Wallace. Tuesday night's NASCAR live on most of these aren't stations you can calling your questions told freed the folks who make the news and sport of auto racing Tuesday at seven make sure your MRI and station is carrying NASCAR lives. Lot of action here at Charlotte motor speedway Busch pole qualifying is Wednesday the Busch grand national Charlotte Daytona dash series and action this next week. And the Coke 600 is here next study of Charlotte motor speedway. MR I we'll have the weekend off but will return two weeks from today with the running of the Budweiser 500 at Dover Downs Delaware that's Sunday may 31. And in June Saturday night June 6 will be a raceway park in Indianapolis for the Kroger 200. Special thanks from a bar and a healthy Wheeler at Clark of all the folks at Charlotte motor speedway for their cooperation and assistance and our broadcast of the Winston. And the Winston open today mark Oliver and Louise Frazier run scoring loop this afternoon Winston Kelley. I was one of our spotters also had stone assisted us and helping get the broadcast on the air clay stalk and Harry Howard to be commended. For their efforts from the press box the winner wristed good ascetic award. Bill Elliott by nearly unanimous choice to take home the sample goodies that a matter in the cast award that goes whether you're Charlotte motor speedway. The third running of the west in its history Dale Earnhardt and the Wrangler Chevrolet crew are in Victory Lane for Eli gold Dave to Spain Dick Brooks and Ned Jarrett. At regarding all this is Mike joy congratulating our heart on his victory will speak to you into action today from Dover Delaware. The motor racing network coverage of the NASCAR Winston cup series from the Charlotte motor speedway the general manager of the motor racing network is John McMullen engineers Hilary Howard in places all got director of affiliates Allen met with the assistance had him play and show apartment this is Rick Lewis reading this broadcast was a presentation of MR AM a motor racing network. A division of International Speedway corporation. This is an MRI and stroke back Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire right on our strength.

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