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Late Night with Christian Arcand - The Celtics were unable to stop Lebron or Kevin Love. 5-18-17

May 18, 2017|

The Celtics looked over matched against the Cavaliers in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The Late Night Low Light, what type of person do you have to be to sue your date over an 18 dollar movie ticket.

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Good evening how are you well committed late night Sports Radio WEEI. Really our one hour here one power hour as Miami and Brad on Twitter just put it. Sixty minutes. Doorways to AM. Venture off the back there on the ones into your phone calls open him up right now 617779. Seven and 937 were the only game in town you wanna talk about the Celtics Stewart right now we only have precious little time I have thoughts on this game. Lots of them actually they ended up losing by just thirteen points they realize is game by about twenty points or for being totally honest with ourselves here. It was a nice little run in the in the third quarter. And into the fourth Celtics actually outscored the cavaliers in the second half. By eight points which is nice but not nice enough there is you cannot come out and score nineteen points in the first quarter. And missed eleven of your first fourteen shots. You can maybe get away with that sometimes. With the wizards you cannot get away with Ted. When LeBron James and the Cleveland cavs LeBron made them pay he was awesome tonight Al guy he was unstoppable there's nothing anybody can really do. Every defender that the reds did the pirates until the Celtics put on him. He blew past them to the point where he was in an I so with Kelly Oleg I don't know peace as it was reach we have a lot of times after it happened. Well Brian as an on the left wing first half a when he has to switch on mpeg. And the bride basically turns his back to a winning dribbles through his legs. And then goes to the basket. At will now with impunity. Lays on upn and I think I've felt that. And that was pretty much. The way it all night went. 38 points nine rebounds seven assists for LeBron. This shooting percentage is fourteen of 24 that's 58%. And it. He was even better than that. He was honestly even better than that. I'd like to say that the Celtics. Put in a good effort at the end there and it was nice that they went down fighting. But this way is this of the game we all thought maybe they gets the RA. Coming into it. They're gonna steal a game and almost going to be number one is that the those are the terms we have to think about this year using and they steal a game. Period. Forget about a game on can they steal a game. In this series. Can they avoid getting swept like Indiana and Toronto. Or may be as they were saying on the TNT broadcast these meteors are just destined to crash into each other and the Celtics served in the way. That's kind of what it looked like the night tonight a look like the Celtics were largely in the way. And at that their presence was annoying to the Cleveland Cavaliers even when they started playing better in the second half here's what it's gonna take one game in the series. If Ryan's plan like this. And the Celtics wanna come away with a win docket swept they're gonna have to play a perfect game I think. There's a chance that cleaver and I'll come out in game two or three or four. And not have a great game you know be missing shots and turning the ball over plain weak defense I mean Cleveland's up perfect. They've definitely shown some weaknesses over the course of the regular season and so far in the playoffs we've seen cracks in the armor not many but we've seen some. It's gonna take that plus the Celtics playing in damn near perfect game I think. To avoid a sweep here I think to salvage a capable of that I think they're capable playing maybe even more than one perfect. When I say perfect game I don't mean everybody has to make every shot but they have to be for four quarters. Not anything he's on the first court. No long stretches where you go eleven for you miss eleven or your first fourteen shots. None of that crap we saw in most of the games in the Washington series even the ones they want. And I'm just not sure that you know I'm not sure they have enough of those to to really make this competitive. They might have won they might have to. But after after seeing the way the the cavaliers sort of handled the Isiah Thomas and Horford had a rough night do you know he was he was not great tonight. Bradley in in Crowder I was I was impressed with the thought that they would find Isiah and that really. He was OK. I kind of bottled up there shot seven in nineteen. I like what I got from Jalen brown I think everybody sort of enjoyed Jalen brown tonight I think he earned himself some more playing time in the next game. And maybe even Amir Johnson won't won't start you might see you might see browns starting lineup. On Friday Amir Johnson started play aforementioned. Did get a rebound so we got to be in the book which is nice. But yet it's tough to be if it didn't I said last night after they got the first overall pick that tonight is likely to be a really. Called those are reality and that's what we saw. It's not over yet nothing's ever over this game wasn't even over the the Celtics did go on Iran in the second half and it looked like they might get to within striking distance of one point. Biden LeBron in in love we're just too much they were hidden too many shots love was great in this game. He was getting rebounds he was in threes he was doing everything. I'll tell you I wasn't super impressed with was carrier ring. He socked. He really wasn't even that much of a part of the offense it didn't seem like eleven points on four of eleven shooting. I understand that you really need to do much goes LeBron in and love pretty much took over the game. Bite I I don't remembered carrier ring doing anything that was particularly impressive. Couple a couple of drives to the basket that's it. So if they can if they can maybe maybe. Do that sort of job on Kevin Love and I don't know who's gonna do it we know Avery Bradley can do it on Erving he's got a couple times this year. Can anyone do that the Kevin Love can anyone checked Kevin Love down. 'cause along with playing a damn near perfect game I think you're gonna have to be a lot tougher catalog is not tough. Kevin Love his baby soft in everybody knows it. You know this is a team that had a lot of trouble Robin Lopez so it's not like big soft you know big men. Heard a thing that they really had a great time with your so far in the playoffs ct dot not sought these tough Kevin Love is not top. Yet do some yet again his face because the bronze gonna do the bronze gonna do. You take carrier ring out of the game to take Kevin Love and chopping down a peg you know keep them in within twenty points. May be got a shot in game two but that's a that's a big yes there is Kevin Love was open a lot tonight. Defense to collapse on LeBron he would hit the he would hit the cutters he was the hidden Tristan Thompson in the lane some beautiful passes it was just one of those typical frustrating LeBron is not gonna what you wind type against. And and that's who we side and we've seen this with the Cleveland Cavaliers his entire playoffs 61777979237. As your phone number to get your phone calls here early and often. That is the late night promise we'll kick things off of Brandon in Connecticut neighbor in the. Gretchen. And you. At it from there. She. Well. I was going to be cold in Arizona. We'll hear it at 20 era. Actually it. Are yet now it's great it's today it was one of the first nice days read it and I enough about the weather Brent north tournament. Outs it's or asks do you think this should think the Celtics legend Johnny Adams. Or. No I don't. I don't think have a legitimate shot I guess that cap in order to win a game in this series I think they're gonna have to play a damn near. Perfect 48 minutes and they're gonna have to really shut down Kevin Love and I don't know that they can do either of those things I think that maybe they can. In one game I think they can still maybe steal one game that's that's it I'm going with maybe it Cleveland five. If the if the solace and put together real great effort and that's I think being. Generous at this point. We have another question has already in Q2 oh that's ridiculous. So you can answer. I am today yeah I think wine into Max you know that's what it sort of looks like from. Yes they played bad tonight you know than a day had a bad night. He can't just play good half against LeBron James. You have to play a full game. And you gotta give the pacers from credit. In they got swept the habit they played full games against this team. Paul George is that they're given a dorm every night call form the and they they just came up short. Celtics here you see the thirteen points and you think our and now they're close couple three to now they've made it took everything they had just to get there. And then in garbage time in a couple of threes. Although there was one point garbage time whereas like at eleven point game. Like a minute when he left and I'm like wait wait a minute now it is this really. Garbage time in the playoffs here it's eleven points and there's a minute now ahead in our legs and yeah it's not been pretty up until now and clearly to pull abroad bag in and held in a do what he does it. I don't know James Young was out there and Zeller Adamson elegant the score from like. And maybe. May leave. I don't know Isiah Thomas mangan. Or Avery Bradley you're around somebody else. Appear right. But listen there was overview we knew this game wasn't going anywhere. You could tell right away. And in yeah you wanted to see if if this team has fight and they deal. Any side and the second half you saw them fight. And hopefully that's not all see them. I'd like to see them control little bit of the tempo I'd like to see them make some shots they were getting overlooked. Cleveland's defense hasn't been good all year now on the regular season not really even in the playoffs. Celtics missed a lot of open shots. It was the same thing against Washington. The wizards didn't played crippling defense on them for long stretches. Her short bursts may be as John Wall and and that trample over half court would. Would mess with a Isiah sometimes but not to the point where. You know you heard you heard not getting any open looks in your possession. Sub freezing in Washington had a horrible open looks and just missed them in the game to that watch. Any saw that tonight too. They missed a lot of shots that they should remain. Even when Jae Crowder having a good night from 380 with in round is who aus Gerald Green had a couple of threes I mean there was. There were some positive to look at there. But I didn't really feel like Cleveland was controlling the game defensively. I felt like the Celtics were just sort of doing what they'd have. They finished with forty rebounds. Cavs finished with 44 so wasn't some blowout there. You know usually see team coming year in and out rebound the Celtics but this wasn't that I've been to every game. Points in the paint Celtics scored the pain. Cavs outscored by 252 to fifty that's it. One big discrepancy IA I noticed and it was hard not to solid with a ton of free throws in this game then take them any. But they went ten of eighteen from the free throw line. Just think about that a big and there are sixteen of eighteen. Is the single digit loss. He can't he can't blow like that in the first quarter and then missed free throws throughout the game. And expect to be able to compete with with Cleveland. And I'll allow for the fact that this team might be a little tired since they just finished the grueling seven game series against good team in Washington. Two nights ago. OK so I will allow for the fact and I noses very bigamy to do this all out for the fact that teams probably still. Kind of tired. MAB games two on Friday will be a little bit different. Hopefully it will hopefully they don't come out looking like they did in the beginning of this game because they're deep. Most of the game. 6177797. And 937 if your phone number 37937. Asian armor on text. I you can tweet me your Christian are can't. Lot of text here about it that. Lot of text here about how long a Red Sox game was. One game very long game not the longest I've ever seen longer so far the year. Are really four hours and twenty minutes. Delicate game on Sunday it was about that links to rate. That Mother's Day in. Word camp good club all those runs in the ninth inning and seemed like it was right around the same time. Some I don't know. But he got the win this week the colonel's. Things looking up for the Red Sox that's nice. Best for the Celtics. I didn't expect in the win tonight. And if we're being really honest with ourselves here don't expect from the winner off. I don't expect him to any possible. Anything's possible. As the great wise philosopher Kevin Garnett once the oldest. But isn't likely I would say probably not. This was nice dozer reality here and when I say nice obviously him being sarcastic because of the tough toaster reality. And the reality is the Cleveland is just on another level. There was one point NF I hated myself for this but there was one point tonight or I thought oh. Here we go now maybe something good gonna happen and that's when LeBron started limping around. And for a split second. I'm sitting there going yeah goodies hurt. So these have a chance now. He wasn't hurt. It was just wanna your typical bride no look at me a look at how heroic I am. Struggling through this devastating injury. Look at me being Willis Reed over here and by the way all my gobble Brian. They're up 26 points in this game. And he's worse than he's worse than every member of the Washington Wizards. He got called for travel. And you would have thought they'd EU is that he was accused of a federal crime. Any time that he was whistled for Fallon I think early two fouls on him. Mare yet through personal fouls and both of them were the crime of the century. And both of them occurred while the team was well while the cavaliers were winning by a substantial amount of points. It's hard not. Not to wonder even in in is hostile environment where you know and in LeBron was put on a show he's been doing at this whole time he's been sort of like disrespecting his opponents here. He was pretty dismissive of the Toronto Raptors. He was pretty dismissive in this game of Isiah Thomas. Kelly Nolan ink. But don't tell anybody gives them a reason not to be I don't see that you know like that's that's doing is he's the guy he's the Bogeyman. He's the he's the patriots. He's the boy on the block there's the in round if if full Brown's plan like that that was about as good game as I've seen him play embossed and and I put their right up there with game 62012 wasn't as good as he was that that I was actually there that night. Home and I thought that series was over and the Bryan came out and just pour Boston's heart out in game 645 pointed triple bubble. 45 points. Early could add a triple double in this game. But I did take a lot of shots. And win the defense collapsed on him it didn't even seem like he had to take it at that saying who's having a good game even when the defense would collapse on him. It's still seemed like he'd get a shot up he can muscle as way to the best you know he does that even to order for fifteen years. Am just even even with a double team which you didn't see a lot of the ninth you didn't see the Celtics double that much. Lot of one on ones lot of isolation. I don't know if that's you know it is the game plan they worked on earth that's what they're gonna stick with their are wide open. You know the way they started this game the way that that the Celtics looked in in how flat they came out on their home floor in game 1 here Eastern Conference finals. I I don't know I don't even though he switched of it can't double. Too many good shooters out there your core Maria Smith the ally of the uttering normally Amy was not good tonight for it in and Channing Frye and even sharper I think get a three year too I mean it was you know just one of those games. You have to just keep switching you have to keep wooden you know Crowder Browner whoever and hoping you don't get burned too much in the bigger role. Really that's what a lot of planes cavaliers team is hoping. Hoping LeBron goes cold hoping LeBron twist is ankle. Hoping that you know you can contain that pick enroll at their run. And hoping that one guy and your team kin can go off offensively we saw flashes of what we saw flashes from Crowder he got hot for three. Bradley dad's a pretty good offensive game Isaiah struggle. In our aid each struggled in this one. And I start to wonder if you know. Is is he goes the team goes are we gonna get one more. Hand the end game from Isiah Thomas here are those days over. Did you get anyone if you wanna if you wanna really challenge Cleveland 6177797937. Let's go to Mike in Montreal hello Mike. Yeah I I struggle this whether or not it should've included the fact kind of caught my trumpet his boss and fans don't take kindly in the people up north so. How much I don't mind my tell people I'm OK with you guys I went to a bachelor party of Montreal last summer had a blast had the best time I love Montreal. Work lot of that is communication being meaning that that. I don't care what they gonna do armada 2 in the morning Mike what are they gonna do. Yeah you'd be surprised I case on this corner never read the comparisons between what the Celtics are going in with the penguins. My favorite hockey team Mata real real abstract. Are going after I a independents aren't. Dragged inside young kind. Stuck on this I'm content realization that they're probably not going to serious because they've got too many injuries yeah Celtics definitely won't win their series because they're relying way too much on one player. There's one thing they both have in common is that they both have one truly great player playing right now at side its capabilities. And you can shut him down. And shut teams down. So as much as I'd like to see this Celtics and the final and personally I would because it would be it would be summed it be great NBA to see some another month Ron. Wasting another trophy I ain't saying that. Cleveland linebackers Golden State would be something that Adams solar and look at and they got a decent thing with the the way it'd be the playoffs there's had a deacons were gonna get this thing in Europe aren't LeBron decides to hang them up. What of the NFL audience force LeBron to retire Mikey can make you got retired. He's like he's not gonna wait at least 45 late Brady says fuel that's not gonna happen like I really don't take them out. We'll grounds only 32 and he's only 32. Probably got six more years. How many more. Now on an aria a sailor groundless or 56 more years minimum. 37 year old playing NBA basketball I hit level yeah about a lot and also played that same level when he's 37 but also be playing Hampshire well I don't think. They look like he's slowing down via. No it doesn't look like he's slowing down is bought a China shop but I can imagine that some in. As many as they negotiate he's got to be able to move Islam one minute 37 mosquito quite quickly that. And Tom Brady I might Tom Brady's forty years old and he's still moving just fine. Who LeBron jailers and I don't know how much longer LeBron is gonna play but wait what's that what's the league and they'll. We gonna sail bronze to stop playing so well please. Did you maybe go to some other team it's not as good. They then become the best team. And by the way the idea the MBA doesn't like this doesn't like what's going on here is wrong. NBA a lot of this. Know people care about their. People care about the competing dynasties right now and there are competing guys she's the warriors are potential dynasty here they if they do it. And it takes a while to become one but they have all the tools for it. And Cleveland now in their through competing dynasties are now like the Celtics and the lakers where like the bulls in the pistons like you know. Lakers the second time Houston Rockets I mean there's been there's been this versioning you've seen it. And it's better when there's more than one. Up better for every other team in the league but it's better for the league in general I think six on 777979837. Let's go to Chris in plain go lakers. Hey Akerson. Basically. When it comes to. These guys said the revelation gonna pick your poison and I would definitely tests. Try to take. LeBron out of in this situation if at all possible. Because the other guys although obviously. Good shooters and you know probably work not a women racing but. Did so I'd rather just you know go after what you think is gonna definitely tell you which as I am. And if you can double on I don't even know he can do that. Bomb but. Basically that's my take and I don't pick our panel and obviously you. But. And I don't know what you're what you're which it on why are you should deal with the primary indoor defend this team if even camp. To LeBron you have to let him do his thing basically I mean you have to try and limit some of the damage from these other guys Christian act a limit LeBron. There's no one on this team capable of there's no in the league table of the dream on green is the best of fat one of the best defenders of of big men and players like LeBron in the NBA right. And I know that he got suspended one game last year but they still blew a 31 lead. And dream on was there for two of those three games. So you know. He's probably the best defender of LeBron James in the in the league great is there anything somebody else spent quite a letter to Kohl eyeliner OK Leonard so. Com. We'll bronze beating all these people. You know he can be. And you can't double teams so you pretty much have to is the let him do his thing. And hope you can limit the damage from guys like love honor and Avery Bradley was able to play some really crippling defense honor. No one can deal with Kevin Love. And really known in the old Tristan Thompson either. Horford god bless him he was she was trying to out there. At 38 minutes for or offered any did take a lot of shots he took eleven shots which is more than he usually takes. But he only have four of them only 13. We got the line once. Any rebounds. A couple offensive rebounds which I which I liked dished out is normal amount of assists but it. It seemed like him Isaiah and Bradley returning the ball over a decent amount. And you can't do that ED can't let you can't let the Cleveland Cavaliers forced turnovers on you can they're not that they're not good enough defensively to do that number one. And number two they're so good in transition. Army and take the wizards and multiply that by a hundred yet the cavs on the break. Mean it's inevitable soon as you see the Sunnis either rebound land and sometimes there are going back after makes. Which you didn't see a lot of for the Celtics in the first quarter Brit. You know this game was 6139. At the half. They were out of it I mean they came out and fought in the second half and that's that's nice but it. In eat you dig yourself a hole like that against Cleveland he can't get out of these these are the wizards that they're not an immature team like the wizards are. Who were you know struggling with the heat of the moment in the big spotlight of being this far into the playoffs is LeBron and cavs they've seen everything there ready for everything. You're gonna have to play a lot tighter game than that in in game two of you wanna even make this. If you wanna make this something other than a laugher of a series that's on our am with the rain 6177797937. Asian phone number quick rate will be back after this. Doubling is really scary against these guys but it you know may be necessary in the reason it's scary is because score we're not gonna happen shooting night that he had the night very often. They can put Channing Frye in the games and knockdown shooters they have current Irving stand out there you discuss down the list. So that's an issue for everybody that plays against and the you know a conundrum is do you double. Can't risk giving up those easy step in threes and the rebounds. Forty is try to stay at home do the best candidate to make a tough shot. Tall easier said than done but we got to figure out our best. Avenue quickly. Brad Stevens there after the game I didn't agree 100% in town that's that's the conundrum. That is the conundrum the Celtics find themselves in right now. Second half they were trapping there were doubling or getting some turnovers there are getting rebounds and seemed like they were able to attack a little more. But they never quote quite tight close enough that you thought OK if they just do this all came next in the refine. LeBron adjusts he adapts so it is so does that that whole team you know they they're they're ready for you they've seen it before. You can catch him once in awhile on a bad night the regular season but it is hard to do it free for a series where you have to win four games. It's very hard. I think they're gonna have to try something if it's not if it's not straight double teams which I think would be kind of silly. I am okay with maybe experimenting a little more than half court trap or even some sort of full court trip. You know and when they're not expecting. Just press. Certain guy gets the body double on certain guide does an okay and I'm fine JR Smith. He gets a touch. Double make you make a mistake. Tristan Thompson gets it anywhere other than right under the basket make him make a mistake. Other he had a great game. Tristan Thompson's lawsuit. I'm not gonna beat this team with Thompson's gone out there dropping when he in nine onion and not missing a shot. You wanna try to act can be made three term limits on home actually only made 66. Intent there are planned act interest and but I'll take that percentage 60% is better in the what the Celtics shot as a team. Tristan Thompson going six for ten from the line was better than this all these of the team's average. So the shot enemy eighteen and they should've taken more. Couple missed calls they're not enough to mid day haven't matter but it. Man you know win when you can just pretty much attack anybody on the Celtics and get the same results is hack interest in Thompson and now when that either. The obvious reason their losses LaBranche to get. The second most obvious reason is because Kevin Love had 32 points and twelve rebounds. But just under those two things. Is the fact that they missed a lot of free throws almost half of them. And they let Tristan Thompson's or twenty point. I'm amazed that they cut it down to thirteen with all of those factors playing in the way they did. And oh yeah by the way is it Thomas had 120 points. The only way to win a game they say scoring 120 points is if everybody else is on fire and that was not the case that I. Crowder was on fire. That's it Jae Crowder hell of a night hats off to you but he. If other guys stepped up may become a matter. And even Crowder with the great night that he had 21 points on eight of thirteen shooting for six from 38 rebounds five assists. He was still minus 22 because for most of the game he had to guard the brunt. That was like the game a crowd is life. In LeBron still schooled him and everyone in the whole crowd I mean it was just brutal. It was a tough one minute affect your phone calls here Jack is an ever with a thought on Al Horford Ager. There I don't Christian. This paddock area dictionary talking about Kristen talk just twenty in. Kevin Love 32. Or where it was just lost tonight yeah he was absolutely. Lots. He wasn't gotten that Thompson too much it was pretty much trying to deal with law. Love I'm sorry Kevin Love and he just was lost that I mean I'm I'm not knocking it irony get a phenomenal series against Washington. Yes he did he's had a great playoffs so far that he was bad tonight on no doubt about it. Playoff MVP. In I would really. You know everyone bought but I think if it's Smart was inspector little political but now. Tonight I mean I would certainly you know all they've been our seven days did target we're gonna we're gonna run and you know bubble up last. Seven days ten days there all right. You know whatever it may be I wasn't expecting. But I was really disappointed horse Horford. I was doing I'll tell you why Jack. Al Gore for I don't know if Kevin Love as a really good pump fake. Maybe it's say if he does it's like the best of all time because Al Horford fell for it every single time how many times the love have Horford up in the air thinking he was gonna block a three pointer. It's it's not so much of that but how many times. That group altered get caught on the pick and leave love wide open you mean if I mean we've all played ball awful. It you know you get hit one Terry you know what how to say it. I don't know we want a fool me once shame on you fool me twice in afternoon. But it kept. Happening in the kept hitting it didn't predicted it. And that they let you know have to stop but look I think it's a Max contract guy and the capital of a political basketball players don't get me wrong I'm not. You know but geez how they can he keep getting it in league this guy wide open. It happens she announces Jack listen you're in are wrong. Or for struggle tonight. He struggled on the defense abandoned. He struggled offensively to have. He wasn't. He wasn't a waste out there Sally he was killing and defensively maybe a little Hewlett. Kevin Love boy either whatever wanna do it there. Kevin Love is toying with Al Horford promote much of this game when he of the ball. Not there when would that mean. I don't know I don't know if you if you wanna put somebody else on him in in Trier lock. I'm not really sure who else you turned to. Each input or for Donald Bryant. I don't know Crowder maybe. Put Crowder on a lot of have. I don't know Marcus Smart LaBrandon. Horford just fight with Tristan Thompson the whole game and what do what do you do with it I honestly don't know. And when it comes the front court match ups I am dreading them with the Celtics and every single one of these series. And that's to consider the fact that corporate plan really well. Offensively he's been great. And even then I still look at you know which Chicago Lopez and and gore cotton marquee Morrison now. LeBron Thompson in in Kevin Love come on. They got that they got the worst is out there to guard eared point guard and shooting guard. You know they have the horse is to go out there and bother staff curry Klay Thompson they do not have horses to bother LeBron and have a lot of interest in Thompson for that matter not on the I don't know how I can even dress this one up. On paper they can't win. They're gonna have to went on the floor. And if they play the way they play in the second half for an entire 48 minutes. And then we're talking. But we got to see that first year before I can really believe in this series let's go to Brandon in Boston before the break Aybar and. Edelman. Yeah Edelman on the am upset of books tonight man better know what to do loses mentality but I mean this kind of forced seen how common or happen and they can be as bad as it was first half blood. You know it is wouldn't kind of a market to be that upset mark we get upset that about this series. I do wanna feed them I wanna keep dragging it. Around the start tomorrow or whatever into the next game I think that this is the best the best time possible of it. Maybe you adept at. Examples given bronze star forward and it was agent and of course change do you want to walk straight up and actually win and I think with a series you're in right now don't foresee inclusion and at city and lose. Why not give Brown's style why not try to experiment a little let him get his yucky wet. You've been playing pretty well on this should be great it straighter an expression playoff sneeze caucus well and abroad yet and that experience in the future. But more than anything and the country agree. I think they just proved you know this is this why that drastic classless that we won so important yeah. You're still so far away. Team. And I mean even if mean especially if you related to Korea for last night I think Gainey can't would've been pushed toward making a trade per gallon while they're whatnot. To try to compete as to what you really getting out of a period four picks but now and then we have the opportunity drastically indefinite. The future we can wait out this trade as virtual warrior he is sick and the Sox. And and you know we can build on that that's any bit in the yet the first thing that. Is that so and so wouldn't have still won the lottery last night you know. Tauscher I was looking at the picture is the end of wick with that guy and a member of the guys named deputy commissioner whoever that was that guy's name. That guy's deliveries great I love him think he's so funny. He he is as big smile on his base legacy ruins everyone's day except for two teams. In now. At hand with that wealth pay. Hello there and Miami Heat no Alonso mornings like aren't there. And then he just keeps on trucking right throw. Big smile. Alonso is up there you know the sniper rifle. It's just a Brit good to pick then you get aids. Ran away now and no one's happy no one's happy except the last new teams and even in most cases one of them is not going to be happy. This guys act like it's the greatest night that we've ever seeking its fifth place everyone should be X and so happy that they're watching this. Really it's just one team is gonna be really happy everywhere else going to be pissed off. Except for Magic Johnson. Magic was guided laughter no matter what he was gonna smile left no matter what happens even if the lakers didn't even get a draft pick. If there are some sort of scandal and they were doctor draft pick magic Stoller smiled laughed. That's just magic 61777979837. If your phone number 37937. If you're number on text we'll come back with your late night low light after. I couple minutes left in the show here it is time for your late night low light which comes to us from a town called round rock Texas. Wary managed showing a woman went on a date with for the price of the movie ticket. After he says she texted during the film and then left him in the theater. Fellow's name is Brandon vez mark. Filed a claim for seventeen dollars and 31 cents last week. 37 years old. I says he met with the woman online and on bumble and they want to see guardians of the galaxy volume two must've seen in 3-D for seventeen dollars. On May sixth. He says the 35 year old woman refused to stop texting. Vez Maher says he suggested she step outside detect. The woman then left the theater and never returned. Woman tells the newspaper the best mar Astor later for the cost of the ticket and she refused because he took me out of date now a couple of things here. Number one. First date. You go to a movie. That's a terrible idea man Brandon awful you're 37 you should know this by now. First bumble Vader tender date drinks copy bed sick. Secular winding introduced debtor. But defer that is it easy way and if she doesn't drink then. Coffee or something. Go offered donut. A movie what what what could you possibly learn about some wanted to move he can't even see him. The united appraising each outing you sit there in the dark looking at something else. I just go to your house to watch TV. These get a better chances are maybe Kapanen and in your guy on your couch. It's kind of a forward move for the after the first date. Al very anti A movie date. First dates anyway especially for someone outline. You know for someone you work with and you wanna go OK let's go to the movies find it in a summary don't know what all. Total movie that doesn't make any sense. Shrinks easy one if you don't trickle its improper ears on the at least three can face each other anyways I really see where this guy's suing for. She was texting during the movie that's OK I guess that's against the rules of the theater in a supposed to keep your phone your pocket now turn around. But that's for the theater to decide it's not his you know. It's not like they kicked her out in. Then he demanded a refund she left on her own. Maybe Evan argument that way that if she leaves our own. U wants the money back. Why because she wasn't paying enough attention to the movie lake. Doesn't this seem just kind of in legged guy wanna be in the paper. Like this guy's life that not gone away thought it was. Not quite area envisioned everything. Not unlike a certain late night host and producer were tarred with the your right now merit better America. You know what do you think about what to think about are you online dating. I do bumble in that stuff. Your movies I would not go to movie offers on a first date terrible idea right what would you deal late you just can't see are there. If you talk yearning hole. You know I mean to say he can't he can't even look exempt creepy your sit next to each other looking at something else in the dark. So it really does silly move their for Brendan. And then she's texting okay that's obnoxious. Beat you don't notice purging your talent and hey stop texting. Bleep you man if you don't like you can leave. Urged sits somewhere go sit in the other side of the theater feel like you're texting to get the message. Is she had no problem walking out of there and now he's suing for seventeen dollars I'm sure that's gonna really light up the old tender profile now. Everyone knows your name and then on your name what town you're in. The mat. In uses we wanna be known for. Is he able to go to a lawyer you even. But he probably I that probably is a lawyer but there is like a lawyer moved in it is but like seventeen dollars like. It's gonna cost more to hire a lawyer nearly two chewy and what your actually game back great. Our round out of this this girls like family does and large she's like loader some ointment. She's your fight at doing that on. Or are you Jack. Is that followed really dealing legal featuring. The youth. Nice job Brandon your famous. Congratulations and good luck happy swiping. As they say in the net cinder block and personal. As my time I'll be back tomorrow. Before the game. Not quite daytime marking him and not quite late night either. I'll be on tomorrow at seven and taking a rate of two Red Sox pregame same thing on Thursday. As you can expect to hear me then. Ben nice to problematic here Archuleta by.

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