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ESPN's Jeff Goodman breaks down what the C's will do with the number one pick

May 18, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe speak with ESPN's Jeff Goodman the day after the NBA draft lottery.

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Well needless to say our rock our information level is is a little lacking. On some of the top prospects available because now everybody's available to Danny Ainge. He go after anybody he wants and and what we really wanted was somebody we could talk to who's got some knowledge in this area and who better than Jeff Goodman from ESPN you can follow him on Twitter as I do act Goodman. ESPN he is ESPN basketball insider covers hoops at all levels is he says and he joins us right now hey Jeff I don't. You know I'm not sure I've any real knowledge. But I appreciate it. Trust me it's more than I thought OK no more than the three of us combined so you should be all right. Air quality iron volley. Or 2 out of this morning not all of you got your. I. They're tough area tough real tough act would have probably hasn't. Thank Gary Kerry every day real story and a I don't worry about it. But it is guided nobody's talking about. If you're out here and Ollie did it start off each compliment he searched at the utter hair so no matter. And yeah outer for the entire segment. There aren't I flirt so as good as she had me. As we sit here today on May seventeenth 2017. If you had to submit a name for the first overall pick in the draft who would debate. Voting to close our that it will be ordered these are the Marshall also reaped from. A year ago in L announced its employees. Q personal assault close probably three Summers ago. At a debate in Charlotte and under armour bad edit it just blew me away chose. He's got the whole game I mean you know when you try to describe him the people it's not easy because. There's not really easy comparison in the NBA right now he can play to warn you to play off the ball well the two. He keeps scored all reliable secure from the he's got a great seat in the security to the week he plays the game because you don't it's now like he's a war. But he can be a war in herded odd according to another year would eat eats. Uses angles well computers around the basket too strong. Now I know what everybody wants to know him this question can always be remembered bought them and now it does your research in normal why do we when you still watch. Right and that's what you got to go out. Sure that's right a great anticipates an exemplar. So I don't have a great answer for that other than the fact that the Washington she was not good there work discipline sitting guard anybody. Now in humans are part of the year you play every case should you won organize games absolute. Absolutely and expected to be a little bit of warmth it scares me. It's illicit Washington. It in the B Arizona you still there or it. Accretion could be that they have hurts the towels. The Utah and Colorado as the Arizona State indeed indeed a lot of these so that doesn't scare me a little bit. But I'm not a word about this Arctic she's got a chance. He hit it would be a pop. What a player in this week and wirelessly at some point. Again because they're disarm any deficiencies in his game. You said something interesting they said he is is that the best and it's not even close so. I'd tell me just compare him to Alonso ball compare him. Josh Jackson because those are two big names that you think. You know maybe the Celtics arbor you don't go for that guy at number one. I'd love humble outlook top four players in the strap and I don't think it's huge disparity between. I think or else all that ended it last time I knew his answer and it doesn't matter. Who you are equal lol well played better off. And it said oh and of course you got it got it to be superstar. Where the Yankees player we are there without its. You may not have about eight years ago without a contract dirge you didn't go. If you will pay him what he had a year if you trade I mean who know you don't know soul. I think the differences on snowball. Is a great player great talent is not agree swore okay what he does is seeking drove from 25 birdied the uncontested. Week ERG it's not pretty or he gets all the way about it there's not much else in the it's been scoring. He's he's the most gifted passer. In terms of old court vision. And how he delivers the ball like we're overlook these games are all court as you saw that not only did he see it. Well weird he delivers it to players is amazing and he used it makes people better QB Florida Keys your argument or acres. And I Mickey makes everybody better immediately. He's not he's not going to be as good defensively is nuts and bolts well. And again he can't score here. Listen what what do excuse me more than anything another guy and still they need another god can do something I'll put out besides such an. It's so the reason why I think it puts up all these numbers is because nobody else you can do we really are the battles. You can really take a lot restaurant in with a guy like ol' smokey yeah. Jeff over the last ten years or so we see a lot of one and dons in some homes are like Kevin Durant are Carmelo Anthony and immediately averaged twenty points a game you can already see what kind of star player there they're gonna develop into. Others we saw 11 and Jalen brown third overall pick. The only place less than twenty minutes on a good team averages about six points a game where does mark health faults fall under that range. Well it he goes to a different team. He could averaged eighteen Portuguese masters permit Sacramento. And averaged eighteen for you wouldn't want to Bob gates it becomes the Boston he's not alone anybody from so awesome right out in Turkey or. They're not really given it. They're not get out get the opportunity to do so without it's just not in a neighbor probably. And some of the other guys and that entered in a way that they're not going to be respected absorb much of their shoulders. You know I I've talked to some recourse Marshal forces a few minutes. And not act that would you know what you're they've done to keep knocking him. And it sounds like he's he's pretty excited about the possibility of playing in Boston because he's thank you are a year from now. I could be guarding carrier ring in the game that really matters. Instead of what he did this past year which is playing in virtual irrelevance. You know this year was in college watching this year you know could have been. Sacramento or not like that it is the Celtics sir you know lakers you'd eat in avatar pitch here. So I think. It's it's going to be interesting to see. What type a role he it does get this year we did what they already out in the old. If you're not connected Isaiah you can rest them a little that you're not gonna sit Ebert probably taught. You're gonna have to move somebody in and out backcourt you keep everybody so those markets market moved as servers or get rubles. We're talking to Jeff Goodman ESPN basketball insider. What do you think the chances are that Danny Ainge deals this first overall pick. It's banned were no rice no knows. What I'll tell you what if there's anybody. It does mean yet but you don't watch it about making a trade and not worrying about what the re actually it is it's the it doesn't era music is keeping seek to put this this organization in a position to paying banner number eighteen. He will do regardless if that means Isaiah Thomas even pages. You know don't you talk of bottles. That doesn't matter to him about it that's the forward. Ballots right now try to figure it out right you've gotten this or you're ahead of schedule in your quarter Gretzky Entergy. You've got really good players are riveted our trucks. And that's it in their stopped a lot of these guys who are now. No you keep this team impacts for the most part and data Angela Merkel colts in week so next year. You can be in the same spot as you exactly you can be in the same exact spot where your immediately got Arnold. Your doctor between what. It might have been number one pick again next year and I love a orgasm department wanted to stop Michael ordered room. I'd love well I meant look in the boss is sort of 68. Smoot. Or word kind of alluded in orbit AD. Mold. Or you not lowered well with you go to different direction as you or. In the year Isaiah any regret it if you're pretty hard to imagine all those guys there's a campaign. I mean that is what we're doing a lot Max and neighbors who wore forty plus. Figures itself. Jeff I loved young players and I got my attention with this Michael Porter character count. We're when your time at it where where's he going to school. So you can get a lot with Tracy right is that a lot. Because. It is augur. Is warriors. Like for like 45 years we will rent or Wal-Mart what a closer watch Wal-Mart got fired. Order his entire family was from Columbia Missouri. And they all sisters and each is in the family liked. Two girls Marty played misery basketball. Two boys are all cute and play sponsors deduct your. So they're act because the new coaches at Missouri council Marten. Heart attack after romo's are watching. Certain items are this year. Old school like Larry Brown. Signing day and a Ed Manning at the coach to bring Danny in there. And after a quick question you said you loved the top four players in this trap where does love. Go to light is it isn't forage at 60 where you say how am not crazy about these guys. No work of art and art is good outlook we are all artists though they won't stop before guys. And accurate audience I think he he made a bit what the Celtics need. More than anybody else you know like it took me I wouldn't have been upset wherever you're drafting if you're an adult now the differences. You're gaining about Europe control during control not only do you pick to god that you interviewed superstar. Of the war but also now. Real treat operas in your community because he ordered deadline. It was pretty typical for him because a lot of teenagers themselves you know the bolts. Well are you liked. The pick but we don't what are they don't remember for him to get a coupon before we supply. All sorts. Same thing with Indiana Andrew Burton and our Kevin Pritchard now Kevin Pritchard goes OK if I trade Paul George. I'd love mark helpful. I can build around that do actually sell this as the future. Now it's a lot each year to throw it trade on the table that gave the job at the end of the. Now the last three point guards drafted number one overall carrier ring John Wall and Derrick Rose let's say hypothetically they all go to the draft at the same time win mark health faults. Does false get selected higher than any of those guys. Now before you or that's in this draft the beauty of it strapped with you and the disparity between one or was minimal. Also really good but not if you went ahead of those or are they to your ranking in coming out of college probably close at all. Carrier even even though it would play seven games. And wall as to what were you taught it at all clearly or a part of the problem is. It's as you look around here that nobody knows anything about or helpful because you play for a team didn't win. Out on the West Coast and nobody watched them. Was about to be that mark was hurt didn't play and tackle part of it didn't play against public term. So nobody really knows anything about executed. And that's our topic here to tell what the local people there and there's it is for real and he's really really good. So to me again you expect him be at all star right away nobody doesn't have to be Eddie's probably not going to be given the opportunity would be. Because you ease you walk into a situation. Where there's not as much pressure. But he can coexist without Isaiah. Because size they rarely ate through dark. You know in a one in a long guard spot. What works well. Final question before we let you go if you were a general manager in the NBA. Would love our ball scare you off from lawns of. Help though but I did the first unit of war in the middle. And in the did the mark. This candidate do you Rebecca. I get that cattle. Like to me it's gonna be appropriate situation I thought the magic about a last week it's our. If the lakers yet on. Who better search product fumbled Lamar doubted it teach him a lesson that. Just settled down you're in LA now this is where you wanna be don't screwed up what what market but also a lot this year. Is Mittal on. Is go to UCLA is middle but it mega hit it is gonna Albert told it's 1 o'clock which in the rest of the lucky slate and minutes. There. Are little. What. We're gonna hear plenty of that you bloggers here would be just fly and magical figure out is anybody ditching control or. Not. I was a one escort like 8090 points of the game is that the is that the youngest one. That is melody the other ones yellow yellow metal on any sort of 65 he looked like. You Mitch Richmond body. But he but he industry. How can I saw but the young what is is young when he might be the best of all is that directorate or the bad. Why does give it about the all the young want to really huge it. Young looking guard anybody yet like let it be done one time he viewed it is it's not a form to why does got you can't teach. Which is court agent and the ability a thousand people. I you know Japanese until Carrie champion days. But I ask you sit owners Boehner jabbed union Taliban cannot go flawlessly a little magic I see a little. I'll blame our loved one or the other YouTube. I like it I you know like I'm I'm all for that you know I think. He's got mortgages secured body right. Although it a little leery. Unaudited really do a really job I love his game and now at the. You'll love. Him what what I don't want people to do. Is walking him what is sad is the kid is there's lots music yet odd member out it was only get out of this. I ask a question it yet know what our report a lot to keep talking to David or. And I said hey your dad's you know these outlandish statement that they yet he can beat Jordan and what I want. And he looked amenities like atlas that that's what that among them are. Sort of like never disrespectful. To anybody stick and buys that. But it not making a mockery of it just finds a way to do handle himself the right weight to rock all its. Jeff we really appreciate the information in the time thank you very much. No problem doubt enjoyed they case they would end up fifty. Okay. Hum. OK. Before you go before Yahoo! aren't as in not. Ethical. It airs at this week. Yeah I'm in the and I opened up they can get a result of the when the series. About how can I ask about it as an out. Jeff you he did we used to have some great we asked them legendary NBA debates and you remember we talked about Rondo all the time. Oh yeah right. If not to say thought yeah. I'll Wear out its ace pitcher here. If this if there is this week and we need to catch up anyway off the care if it's this week. Art art party ticket these guys to launch dale in daily key because I'm about to win some money from Vegas. But I'll take your lunch if that is a sweep and we catch. And then let them if if the Celtics win the series. You're you're sick anybody can name whatever that is I will do. Yeah. Okay and then I won't do that we got some very creative listeners and all that you might have just got yourself some big trouble. It audited note nudity involved OK see you naked down our our little bit taste on my life. Yes we appreciate it now as you have. They're just. That is that Jeff Goodman ESPN basketball insider loves mark helpful mr. dobbs. I like salt floor but he says yes is clearly. The best of the full and it is it was good listening to him because I've felt you know before when they went to the break yesterday when you know going to the Braves got three got a top three pick. I think I'm happy. And I had to race day because I had three guys that I really liked but he's got bored importantly he thinks Tatum that was a better fit. Tatum might be the best fit for what they're trying to do so wondered gaining acceptance of our number one pick. No maybe I can you know dropped on the forehead and another draft pick on the road in another first round pick them not or another round of the rebounder and now. Time to rebounded from somebody. I can get an an an established like 45 here young vet. To help me out. I go from one before they pick up Tatum. I'm just thankful the say don't don't always think it fantastic things the fire and good incidents. Since the week yeah. Did they win the seat any effect. Whenever I don't want to hurt you we'll. Every through that this disrespectful but it makes mile. 6177797937. We'll get right back to calls in just a couple of minutes and we got a special keeper madness coming up and midweek keeper Matt. 545 thereabouts Sports Radio W media.

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