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Tom Brady's wife says he's had multiple concussions in his career

May 18, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe discuss the news broken by Gisele Bundchen that Tom Brady has had multiple concussions in his career, including one last season.

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Violence and let's play that. Phone call you guys. 6177797937. So Gisele Bundchen is on CBS talking with Charlie Rose this morning. If the purpose of her interview was certainly not an. The NFL or Tom Brady or sports or anything else it was yelled the other things that she has a lot of interest in climate change and things like that but. Charlie Rose thinks it's a great point this morning. I didn't yet you did while I don't went when I don't I don't remember what I have done for the way people are talking to Tom Brady don't feel compelled ask him Gisele Bundchen is questions are. And yet Gisele Bundchen is there to do an interview and Charlie Rose feels like I got asked about Tom Brady. It it doesn't get reversed in our area often when states because most people interviewing Tom Brady are. In the sports field and at worst results is sort of more a catch all average or demolished you know and a possible and bring down to Brazil every person's vote is now that could be. Yes I here's the other thing the questions. And not to make. Most male interviewers sound like creeps in and I don't it's a male thing or is itself editors think. The questions that you wanna ask Tom Brady about Gisele. Maybe you don't feel comfortable asking what are those question I just about her you know what it's like beings married to a celebrity off like that and well. You'll want our beautiful water there were killed in a kind of got to feel weird. I don't yeah to a guy. You know I can't play hockey I just say yes and their wives have won the most beautiful book lovers name and a candidate but did you guys meet and where to first gift certificate eclectic I have that fact that he's got. There's there's a arm's length. I und there's an unspoken thing we're most. Interviewers and mr. most male interviewers most football reporters don't go there with them. It's him on that's fair ball out lethally Dwyane Wade and take out real union talk about her it right because I have an interview okay you're about three are going well outside there was an accident that look like why you've done I. Yeah I seriously and I so. So this is Gisele Bundchen. She's on CBS this morning she gets asked about you know Tom Brady saying he wants to play for a long time because he said that a lot here in this offseason. And here's how she responded your husband's. The other day that you want him to retire. He said that not to eat you know this Kenya's and that he was gonna play as long as he felt as good as he does yeah trying to get him to retire. You know I just have to say as a life. I'm a little bit you know it's as you know is not the most like let's say an aggressive sport rice football like he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty mansion and the unpopular that he does have concussions in these. I don't you think it's a healthy thing for anybody to go to like half. Long. I. Did it take you how hot. I have this she stops herself from saying out and every year well and and then should be we don't talk about it tell yet she suddenly went all all know. Don't tell goes out there be dragons yes sizzle says. We don't talk about it but I'll talk about a would you chart earlier. I got home out. Why not on CBS but that does make even more sense to we're talking about you know Gisele. Do it this is the first time that she's mentioned how if she wants and retire and hey this your last year and you wanted to look at what said that he's passionate she Knight has said that and so it's not just paced you know stay home with the kids and me it's. Think what your health well let's think about your public there's there's some unknown injuries to the public here that I wanna protect you from. If you had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much it and me and talk about what he does have concussions in his I don't think it's a healthy thing for anybody to go to like half. And believe me believe me unless I started to say he has concussions pretty much every yes deficit and end and then and then she senate on an. You know I end up about trying to divert attention from the patriots. What that would not be surprised at all if they if they get you know doctor draft pick or that defines had well on this I mean I would not be surprised at all. All of these rights it is not because all they're picking on the patriots are not going all directors brings another to do you do lose a guy for this that and say no because other teams other teams what other teams do. For any kind of violation of U gonna mess from the injury report or. It and if you'd better wife. The player's wife says something you're just gonna take that and yet very well Blaine Hibbert hey buddy Marie Smith was asked about it this afternoon. Head of the NFL PA he was he was asked about it about what what was said this morning by Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady. He said quote our union has taken proactive steps to address the issue of player health and safety. Concussions in particular during the past several years reunited with players and their families to raise greater awareness improved medical care protocols and above all to offer them support. Of course we will proceed with a our process as we normally would for any player. But we are equally proud of our leadership in this area for our members and for athletes at every level of sport. I got it in and that's in my point was. I understand if if there at the league it investigates and they say we don't like we saw here and not gonna give you a warning in at 300 gotten a 500000 dollar fine wouldn't be surprised. But that's on a point business. We're kidding ourselves it's all BS is no contempt for good at what cost conscious the whole concussion protocol our safety. There's no such thing. Really as players' safety in the national hopefully. It is a brutal. Warriors sport or everybody gets can cost. And even people who work in concussion protocol I would say every game Tony guys walk out of that game with concussion. And maybe five maybe maybe three album get pulled aside there is no way. You have 7580. Snaps. For an offense you've got offensive lineman knocking heads with the offensive line. Throughout the game or even if you don't wanna say well they are close range that's not gonna happen I think that's naive to. Soledad if you had to edit but you have a running back carrying a ball three times and yet when he 25 times a game and you're happy linebacker. Who's also who's equally faster at running right now that's sometimes a faster short. You know don't you think Khalil Backus faster than your way let your blood. They've got a good on paper is right now I don't breakfast and you do big Vince Wilfork did these don't need these high impact collisions. You don't think concussions are happening. Funny on a weekly basis in the NFL single all they want about players' safety what they really mean is. What is obvious we're gonna do something about it but a lot of times it's not obvious and Tom Brady. Is probably the poster boy now for getting concussions and not making an obvious. Let's get to the calls that you guys Johnson Boston Tayshaun I don't. Good afternoon guys I'd like to get to compensate in just a bit on the concussion protocol. Now that Tom Brady we know concussion is there any way of you guys they'd go back in Haiti doing a quick review of the season at cheap. When he actually. I know we took a lot of hits and it used to be there really come. If elected. Down there on the other guy there were a couple of instances during the season where he was missing practices in the middle of the week remember they put up is. His press availability. It was supposed to be on Wednesday and I croft till Friday. And we thought on I thought it was because he's getting treatment on me you know whatever lower body injury. That that he may have suffered maybe that's not what they were doing. Maybe. The date he didn't wanna go out there and stand in front of those folks and and answer questions on Wednesday in another day or two. But I but as much as. And as much as you know Tom Brady is is probably sitting there right now saying. They. Honey. We get from ecosystems. My concussion a battle I don't know if I don't get on the record for enterprise market. As much as he's doing that. I understand where she's coming from again it. I this year husband. And you don't mess around with those in US Olympic touched a concussion. A brain injury. It's equipment at the same multiple to say that it did brain injury. It's a brain bruise yeah. Endured in your doing that every year yeah I want him to retire especially after the fifth Super Bowl. Please. They bought at target the greatest now. Joseph Montana's wanted to know he's not coming out of retirement he's got four you're on the go edition we've got four god sakes that's it. Can we play in the beginning of the matter if I. All is part of that hadn't thought about admiral linked the two together. Probably glad that it opened a cliff on that might be record breaking speed have the Madden curse kick yet right after about four mini camp. The gum bubble boy let's make fun of this pay a walking under a latter is nothing happened I smashed him or nothing happened to Hellman and I'm not not my wife's doing a better view. All the sixth by the way and and I seen this elsewhere today one of the texture says when did you sell become a neurosurgeon. Okay. You go ahead and say it if you want I'm gonna guess that the white has a pretty good idea. What's wrong with a husband Jaco what I'll go with her insight over the team doctor. Yeah when he's like hey don't turn the lights on the house I have a concussion I bet she can hear that and understand and the other in the I think she's got. More insight than anybody else in this life six want to get on an article that BI and 26177797937. Is telephone number. It's Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB. Online. And a hotel room has gone to bed and I stuck to my wife that's the game just before she just a bit shaky and these. People were following me and I just said some big guys and it's the fifth event. I don't care really what she said let them go to bed sleep woke up the next morning. My temperament shoulder. Why did you see that. Like he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much in the unpopular that he does have concussions in his. Sitting. All I gotta feeling out a similar question was asked at some point today. The Brady household. Look I I I I think at times she just sort of says what she what she means and I think this was one of those instances where she said which means. And out of whatever the right amounts of Michael saint students are tomorrow's special. Play forever and if he tacked concussions every year Levine for about just wanted to be home with a with her the kids about you know you wanna be. Healthy you had your time I should mention that there's like I'm upward to a fun stuff together were a hundred you know also does she understands. How in -- well editors can be and ironically I I tweeted battling to this yesterday we had a lot of other stuff going on. Marc Savard former Bruin Marc Savard wrote made a gripping piece that ran in the players Tribune yesterday. About the end of his career because of concussions and talked about the Matt Cooke hit the manhunt with captain and what his life was like. And and I am not suggesting that Gisele Bundchen red Marc Savard speech I don't think that's the case. But she's an intelligent human being who understands concussions are serious. And she's saying I don't want my husband to be like like Marc Savard says he has right now in Akron I don't want him to be like that confront things you. You know took off cliffs yet water slides you hit your head at the bottom. Maybe I got there more than that. More you're more likely to get a concussion. Across from Von Miller UD Daniel are. Jumping into water. Yeah RB more for it Yvonne. I think back at that I would yak a Lucci on as a little village Yana. I got doing everything Luciano what's going on. I'll watch. It would and I think she meant to say conclusion not concussion. Have your contusion. And okay. Leon good. The end I'm would've been you know I I know I know what she meant. I think she meant concussion I think she meant can cut other she's a very intelligent woman. And she. What had a contusion that did we have last year with the. On me I know like because late you've got all big guy he can only get Al bulls you know he ought the last. I'm really worried about his elbow contusion. Had a contusion matter is that what every year ago we don't talk about the regardless go to our sense of Allah I mean I understand Lucci on of that that there is this is her second language or third or fourth or fifth or whatever number it is for a and she is remarkably. Adapted at. English as a second or third language. Certainly not as adept as she would be if she were speaking native language which he knew exactly those who say what you would set and feisty stop herself from saying of them every year. She's very intelligent woman she's a better business a person that all of us in this room combined. She's made more money than in than any model. In in the 21 century may be in the last 25 or thirty years. She does multiple interviews. I'm in English. She's very funny when she wants to be. There's a good signs are she's struggling with the language of I'm gonna try to get through this interview and hope they understand me now she knows what you're talking about. No I don't think she misspoke at all. Doubt what she did was she spoke too soon. Yes and too much which he had altered post career he'd live let it let fly. But if you want to play another six years of a thing. And said hey look at. Instinct to triple threat you can only bring them. You want to do as. I don't know what you're saying but I frankly. Think. I gotta say I'm a single press. Now and he's he's honing her choice she's really hot which makes everything else it does seem even better than actually she's a singer and she's a with the ukulele there. It was like this are by the strength. Of the deal. Mike's in Medford in my Qaeda. A mock Carter all Marc LaMont was saddened those guys before I get to my question hundred. Basically a lie not a lucky to look at look at her great result I know that despite being a woman week as it is albeit. OK let's stop them so. That's at all the premise. If he doesn't have to stop being a man if he's not a football player. It's like that and I don't know that's the Iraqi two times I thought that their rocket tube that's pretty. One win. They wait yet you'd think you'd think that wrecks on Donna Brady and Caitlin. The presented Bill Belichick was on the other hand they are looking at the wife Vicki for mulch. I don't but it would have been put quite that way if there was a phone call made to your questions at the Brady household I don't think that the wording would have been the same. On look at that I know that the patriots have been asked by several media outlets if they don't panic a some sort of statement they wanted to make and they have declined the invitation so far. Shocking I know that Bill Belichick has declined the invitation got statement about it. Surprised Washington player for us. Under the guidance Qaeda and I think. It affected our. I'm more than happy to talk about guys in the that you're not happy to talk about there are united. Way have you noticed. Noticed. All the new patriots. Sound like. All the old Pete to death for children. They don't at the same what they are you know it's been great I think the surgical procedure very ugly when they signed their contract it may insert something in their brains take Tony easily integrates with so little fifty you were unbelievable two tackles for the causes that are centered. And I don't talk about that moment about the past distraught to better. Huh. Come on what else I'm. Why now all of it's that I asked you about who's helped you everybody's been so. We're about Bill Belichick his attention to details. I thought yeah I used here. I I'd get to get labeled after that and let you have that card to play in your deck you don't get signed here let's bring you altogether. Bring in you Lee bring in books. Yeah that raptor X everybody. Let's bring you all and group interview in about when answer hey operated you take this one and what you gonna say but. You take this one. Did it take the whole team and all the new guys meet him at the clock work orange treatment they get eyeballs stocked open and watching all this this propaganda the nation that they fall in line it's like there's several guys who can step away. And some due to bare legged out there I mean the minute like he was. Yet but he was not like the Stafford children are out there. Yeah but he also compared to what he could've done it let's see wooded and there's a but he makes you have ones this year. Just you know same way every feels like about certain things even Brady can say things now he doesn't general legal very far when it. Vince could say things that other guys in the team couldn't say when he was here every now. Rodney could face all right so let FedEx package showed up Rodney did an any stopped then as soon as that package showed up. I changed that was it. Was it ever I was that you're you're lucky. It'd knock you out. So this hotel bill our bill played as we exit this day out are so Rodney use he was on patriots Monday and I have an analog caddie wasn't. Well actually four games for weeks about patriots Monday it is an interesting guests and always had things to say anybody and so they'd announce a package relates Yates thing it was right there was countertop and argue with what happened. He gave his real name and Israel address. As the commissioner said okay this an easy you're suspended yeah okay no appeal. So comes back dale says. The can write them a rod had to tell you how disappointed in the today. Think maybe I. I don't think. Out. Are not bad Rodney I'm disappointed. That it is that you did that. What's your comment he was too old pop. Few Bob. Apparently attacked six definitely you're saying this to me. You're on the list now and do you think any any rumor that this. Wanna add video to your list and 617779790. Tyson you know he has been and in his superiors. Mean I don't I don't I have been on the L still on the list way back when he's no reason that's all I was on the left for a while I've been you know recently unless you're there anyway what their. We get right back to the calls coming up next Sports Radio W media. And 40. It I. They. Hello. I'm a little let them back to elevate Obama Shaw homo were the sexes police did everything but tell her to go make him a turkeys and exactly Fort Wayne Loney and 48. Tended to make days fox Sports Radio W. We EI and WEEI dot com. Journalist gotomeeting RT connected a little too well. Looks like our distributors Democrats can't keep up with demand the teams are literally into Asia. When you connect better everything comes together go to meeting try it very. 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No I don't think she meant contusion either. I think she's had concussions and team meant concussions. More on that his second technical word book. To 37937. Within the next ten minutes to be enter to win a signed copy of popping my story out now wherever books are sold general contest rules apply message and data rates may apply. Text book. To 37937. Right now and it went by the way David Ortiz and it will join us later in the. Yes I think so an opportunity to do books on tomorrow to potential among other places but credential at noon. Tomorrow and I am guessing Sports Radio WEE. He has move on once said that. Yeah on Friday by the way I think we have a playbook already we know exactly how the patriots. Will handle the situation when asked about it is only our party and ask it jail split their press that if if Bill Belichick gives an appearance. And someone says hey how about the you know Gisele Bundchen saying that Tom Brady had concussions how do you respond well. Couple years go on probably five years ago. Remember ground at high and high ankle sprain and his dad. Gordy. Had some things to say about ground in his availability for the Super Bowl this is just before the Super Bowl loss is the second when they lost for the giants so. Bill Belichick was on the big show with Jordan when Michael Holley all right. And this is how it went. Patriots players usually don't talk about their own injuries. And don't talk about their teammates injuries I think most guys that got them that there. What's good about care. What do you do when their parents. Talk about injuries and rap and house Baghdad. Went on went on Sports Radio when he what do you do about that yes drugs. Is that comes out that day equals. That from doctors and it is. It in our our parents always say things you know sometimes say things they think about it that we don't really want shared. Publicly weather's. We were we were five years older. Check it seems he has a tender cap and just put it that Hillary do you address that in your north of England what what kind of approach do you think we're back on that. You know we're we're just really focused on what we do and then there are a lot of things that gets outside of our team by it. Lots of people and but we can't worry or control those what we're most concerned about what we do. And what we're we're trying to be how we're gonna get there were gonna do we get there so we we worry about Wii controller nobody else the chances of our hands. And doctor Gradkowski probably was right it was a high and I was a high ankle sprain. And it severely limited what he played in the Super Bowl but it wasn't the same ground no and it didn't get a joint statement of later on later on him and he had even after the Super Bowl and was asked about the high ankle sprain. It'd affect you in the game no it did not know there's nothing that nothing going on how and then he had surgery. Well doctors can check helicopter gun koskie. Got it out doctor bunched in the National Football League has laid him. They have released a statement after Gisele Bundchen comment on CBS. Quote we have reviewed all reports relating to Tom Brady from the unaffiliated neuro trauma consultants. And certified athletic trainer spotters who worked at patriots home and away 2016. Season games. As well as club injury reports that were sent to the league office. There are no records that indicate that mr. Brady suffered a hit it head injury or concussion. Or exhibited or complained of concussion symptoms. Today we have been in contact with the NFL PA. And will work together to gather more information from the club's medical staff more and mr. Brady. That health and safety of our players is our foremost priority. And we wanna ensure that all our players happy and continue to receive the best care costs are on. Let me ask you if if if you say what do you think will happen in the NFL let this let's just say just for example the commissioner calls you. And you say after UN hang up you can you find a suspended for them. And guess and I got you got it all happened at a techie to visit picked for the because. I just I'm just trying to imagine the commissioner or somebody or Troy Vincent. Calling Tom Brady is that they wanted to talk to you I don't think that would go well. Tom Brady wants to talk to the NFL at all. And at this stage of his career up. The man is is is a couple months away from being forty years old and he's won five championships. I think he would say something like that to them now what they do. If he's just disrespectful. Wee bit I don't wanna talk to you guys anymore I talked. He offered to bully us Julia irons predictor of court. I I got suspended. For four games you pick up when I talk to you. About what my wife said on Charlie Rose. Kenny refused to talk to them I don't know. I I yet to play sixteen games destroyed fence and say first thing we need to do this your phone. Well we're already message and well what that would eliminate part of the dots on today is that they will work with the NFL PA to. Quote gather more information from the club's medical staff. And mr. Brady here we go again. Here we go Terrell. Wherever they terrible do that we have raised the NFL is gonna well look at it as yes we said that an hour ago that's a phrase you don't wanna hear. More information. Will we're we're seeking more information from mr. Brady act outsider you go to read more stuff than June anymore and none of those here's what I think will happen the brits just just the guests are reverend Dave Chappelle's at any time you're your wife or girlfriend says you know cause of wonderful name weaker without David a home here we. How hard dolls. He the club's medical staff my guess is will not have any information about concussion. Because. He would have been on the injury report of the club's medical staff had any information about concussion. When they ask Tom Brady did you have a confessions and say no. Related in ocean misunderstood she sees it she sees the game but you know she thinks every time I get hit I get a concussion. No I'm numb find everything was fine. It was a guy. Was it reasoner one of the attorneys. From. Paul Rees a law firm that was grilling him during the an appeal hearing. So say hey. I can imagine how it goes here's the here's a line of questioning so Tom that you have a concussion. In 2016 season though I didn't know sword saying your wife's a liar. Tom article you wipe a liar because you're so what what what is it. He had a concussion or not she misunderstood. On sort of like doesn't understand that's cracked. They pointed out that I had to fight because I got to if I spend all there as congress we will get a concussion and a yeah this is Erica that this is this as interest in but if they want to admit it she said it was gonna take on this sort of life of its own excited to a close to count as she is about to say even more but it you can spin it back you could. Kind of play make NFL looks silly. Say a lot of things are set. My wife I'm white says a lot of things. My wife probably says a lot of things Roger. Is everything you're right thing. Is that as it is that true was that I think but not her first language even though honestly she speaks great English and not your first language thing might also be brought up that could help. My football like he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much have and me and talk about what he does have concussions in his. I don't you think it's a healthy teens invited to go to like half. He's not sheets song she knew halfway through that sentence yet. All known this is the deep water now he and at this place you can't under out belt which she was try to take those words back in Yahoo! in the middle of it and and as as I suggested earlier my guess is. If Tom Watson weather when the interview was being on the with a quick phone call made immediately thereafter. Pull it out of there about the conference and now. The days I don't batter I forget you have that concerns. And now he's gonna have to answer questions from the national football now doubted it I have a feeling the conversation will be short. No I didn't have a concussion use you talked with trainers you talk to the doctors. You've talked to the concussion spotter is you've talked to that the neurosurgeons who are out on the edge tucked everybody nobody saw thing no I didn't have anything. All these same huge characters these characters going to be involved there's one thing to have Roger Goodell but now here we go with Troy Benson and and maybe the David the lawyers will come back and it's of MLB your opening night it within the curve ball and get this going out front. The reforms they're being more media leaks. As here there are other issues that are at the patriot Syria has divorce ever Bennett byproduct of the Madden curse. And all of that out there on welfare that Barry Sanders was on his he hit it. Here's what am I ever loves. We just got over Zell cars through the hold his and you never want right. It until we fourteen and I want without our Horowitz and start with the 2006. AFC championship and in the now to a lot throughout the last three does that turn now Maria. Well neither going to be questions I've I don't think much will come of this one but there will be in a lot. I would have thought anything was come and it was gonna come of deflated foot right so you can't throw it out so I got net you know Jimmy GB eight. First four you're up another reason a couple of here where the go. 6177797937. Right back to the calls are you coming up next old by the way. Special keeper madness about an hour from now Sports Radio WEE gosh I'd Deans at Rhode Island eighty night on. They guys about them or not. In my area is that they're gonna Kamal they're gonna say that Gisele was in choosing the word. Conclusions were cautions. Area collar rear Greta collar earlier senator beach into nature and sound that way N and when you listen to the cut dull I mean she sounds like she knows exactly what she Mina. And she sounds like somebody who about halfway through the sentence what are off and talk socket two versions and football is that a big thing in football he's in contention. In all of that in the sense you know you had to call off of the game we could go dissolving of our they can together. Say it's so kind of secretive like he had he had Soviet able you know we don't talk about eighty ruin your had a contusion lasted even at a funeral. Rice football like he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much it can meet and talk about what he does have concussions in his. I don't think it's a healthy thing for anybody to go to like half. Dad daddy brain contusion that can cost Sheen I hate to say it but I think she said exactly what she meant and yes and she knew exactly what she was saying. Thought she was sorry she said and I think she yell obsolete because she refused to sit there and you wish you mentioned it and she was about to give even more if they don't much much more but she's she's sort of stopped short as much as much as a vault already buzzing and Iraq. Well hello through laden. As I can do it constant is that not a good night and I had. You're not even on the draft. I would figure out how to sleep and accounts. On that now not a requirement overreacted he can act as Jeff Goodman to like this that Sports Radio WE knew that he. As.

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