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Celts get the #1 overall pick... now what do they do with it?

May 18, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe spend most of the day talking Celtics... the #1 overall pick mostly, and some Eastern Conference Finals talk too.

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I feel bad arguably he your beauty and love I believe half let me I took a bath and everything but every. Everything figured I'd take that and I take it as a measuring just respect. You know the finely honed. Well rehearsed segment. That is trending now that somebody to sort of blustery as an editor of the all over it I think it's obviously the big story of the game and all the things that. Things that happened in Boston sports last 44 hours yup Lotto for hours on your rise in the lead off with out into the barrel important story of the day viewed stories all people are talking about this leaflet Garrett Bloch left the British guys record holder I'd been pulled over and over again by a couple of yeah. Any doubt that they weren't qualified for. I don't jump to age you know I'd. You know Bill Belichick has really done it now I think that I'm glad that a sixth round compensatory thing my man the man Larry showed trade was one thing yeah but then lawyer Malloy Adam Vinatieri. The Vrabel trading now that. Couple people are that people should have sent our people a lot so much you don't struck in billiards trust lacked. We'll Vickers is probably about halfway through the year leader global quit on the Eagles and that will be the acting out of loosened and decider back here tournaments here. Big story of the day until it somehow got in with them Howard economic front we don't act and we don't have to trust in bill because we contrasting Danny. Yeah this has been at the NBA trade deadline of reports it. Hi. You get up the Brooklyn pay you gotta get this he got to get that you gotta help somebody somebody in newsrooms that now I think a lot of things all in a minute wait that netspective Brooklyn trick or yes you did the idea that you did you would do for boogie constantly cousins. That's right. I haven't had a relapse and yeah I felt like there is a nice player at the likeable lot work the number one pick. He's 25 and twelve of the they could use out of his team but. But that's fine but now now you want that picked you what the endowment on the tech now that I watched about an hour worth of all mark helpful highlights last night's between last nights at a much of the mark Dell holds a couple highlights. He hasn't missed a shot I went back. Got a hot about it now all you can't make anybody look pretty good pilot. That's exactly guy is that the guy that yeah I think it is all right I believe me I don't want anything to do with lawns noble no none at all. I was even going there and we can talk about bonds evolved how entertaining would that be that would be no remaining maybe mark helpful is that is the better player yeah be yeah. But some of the most entertaining package is Alonso when family of Marsalis Labarca. A halt the whole program on out here big Boller rain coming to Boston see it last oil or the shirts of course they have the camera on them as they're watching the draft lottery live. Lavar get the hat on logs those got the shirt on the BBB shirt they're all there that probably up sneakers or or the sliders. They did this look at I don't under 200 I don't know I didn't I didn't do her daughter's what you thought it can't afford both their rocket those apparently. And then they're they're celebrating. They're celebrating when the lakers get the number two pick which I think is great because they're admitting hey our thought is the second. That's where the draft days the second order and I think the government and when I'm going to Boston nobody apparently they are there. If they wanted to go to LA and that's it now I see this this says bad things about me and I apologize in advance. I desperately now one Magic Johnson to trade the second overall pick. To the Indiana Pacers for Paul George and I wanna see Lavar bald headed for Indianapolis under current have a nice time love are out there there hasn't even more joy anybody else why this even were watched hoosiers think and right. This proves that I did the worst person of the dale because I don't just wander the Indian I didn't feel this way until recently. I'm actually rooting against lawns and now. I wanted to win bad player only because it again law I don't think lawns always done anything wrong. But Lavar I wanna see the bar have to make excuses for his son and when he's averaging four points a game and coming off the bench on a bad team I wanna see replica of treatment DP yeah I mean all all. Right jungle demanding a trade all that's all the that's wanna see I'm sorry the below the lottery last night the average us craters that haven't there. But you know. I think about this you know try this on for size. Tim Welsh was on last night and Comcast and and former Providence coach. Tim Welsh and he's big coliseum at all not swearing. Don't know who don't know me Tom eat up OK Tom Ebenezer current. Eric what he feels that well let's cable right there with a hell I want to go bars now so that wells says. That this draft is it about ten to twelve guys and guys who are here at this he's got ten to twelve hit this guy's. In this time this end. Being more specific than the top four you really can't go wrong all of these guys will be stars whose Oregon guy who say guys made out. So he's got Alonso. Go go in order he's got mark helpful. He's god Alonso ball he said for Danny is it don't sleep on Josh Jackson and Danny might see a guy like that he might want get a killer. Forward combination. Would Jalen brown keeping Jalen brown is going to be used to argue bring in Josh Jackson. Bring it to those guys you played together he said don't don't sleep on that and then Jason Day. So. I don't know I echo most people think that Marco Fultz is the unanimous number one he's the guy he's a and a slight cut above everybody else but. Would Danny Ainge it's a great thing about it dale usage and Dana you trust trader any. We'll Trace got an ad really trust the draft got planning and actually I did let our other options. He's got. Odds you can sit there you're not saying. On man it's a two person draft and we got the third pick or you know you really want to you really want. Jolie and beating and Jabari Parker and and an end to Reagan's that you want to with the sixth pick in get market Smart nice player but yeah I'm three slots away from. The sweet spot of the draft you're sitting there. In this week as Far East and you can pick it. If you want you know war. You can call everybody in the NBA inflated and New Orleans to New Orleans would you like to trade Anthony Davis in New Orleans they should say no they should say now but what if they don't. And usually. And correct an alternative and protect every couple years remember how the all the Kevin Love rumors right Kevin Love coming Boston U that Fenway withdrawn though there's an all all this smoke grow Kevin Love. We'll have they gotten the first pick a couple of years ago maybe they make a deal but they could they did have another and have a Cleveland had a lot since and so now they get an idea of the number one pick. In what every state is a good draft this hour or it's a great draft maybe it's not again the Tim Duncan LeBron James that top heavy guy. But there's a lot of really good players according to most of these. Draft expert all I want is one. All I was lucky I don't are a lot of island Walt one also this baby makes Jalen brown more tradable so just because are not getting the best player in this draft so. Adrian pretends that two guys under the age of twenty or no one got 91 guides when he. Maybe you made you grow all the meridia flip one of the more order reggae just sort of more off. This is why wouldn't straight Jalen brown not because he's untreatable and he some un you know which is unbelievable otherworldly talent and he's going to be good because. I his trade value right now. It doesn't match what you think is potentially. Save what would you appear in the eighteen. And I say I'm to give you Jalen brown what do you give me a return. While your only argument as the trading team as well this guy's a third pick in the draft. So we gotta get sub forum. Show some of the game seven he showed some of these yeah team highlights Dick Dick dale Barbara don't do it I felt I was. I finish out this guy we got a birdie and an attitude that's held its annual DB and this. Email you something right now that's ever I think. Given you something. On on the following a solid player but it made it. Couple young guys in green and Telfair as in Ari they're going to be something someday wrong but those sort of hope. It made its ideal brown straight up the about a saying you know. I just gives him so many more options when it comes to the draft night you know trades and a lot of the stuff now what did what you should. And basically immediately afterwards said you know we're Edwards keep that. Or who we're gonna we're gonna take players there. And and that's fine and I don't care what he says you know build it up do what you want convince magic you want Alonso ball do all those things all those games that you claim. You know Danny's gonna be able to pull off. I am now at the point though where with the first overall pick I want them to take it I don't want them to trade. All right so and deserves protests are a little bit so of Anthony Davis scenario you'd you'd trade. Yes okay. Paul George. Is suiting you I was gonna say and got it assuming he sang I don't have to do that. On how you do it for a year of him L I don't know noticing you've got to do we get him to resign or did get him to portray the number one overall pick for Paul George I'm saying if he says if its territories or else I'll longterm deal that I would do if I where he says well though it nimble see what happens the capsule and I like Paul Stewart. Paul George Lott did Markel faults will be a top ten and Hitler. That's when it earlier I said yeah I mean he's like I mentioned some kids on kids after I saw graphic last night around. And had the last ten and I think it was the last ten number one picks. And eight album were eight of a war dollars. Eight of ten. Of elastic so it's like. You can stay down the list say well hey Arnold Porter was the third overall pick court this guy was a fifth overall pick you never know some guys are good some guys are. And number one the last ten years and I think that's what it was. You back to 07 so 07 Greg Oden Greg Oden. That was one of the miss on Derrick Rose ball Laker football you don't really like now I don't like about it in football at all and often Persia Boller on John Wall. Yes but not second that's flared it yeah. If you don't. Like jumped all that much tricky out nobody out and I mean note our aggregate what the white carpet. Got better not how long America to go out and extra carrier ring. Isiah Thomas like player better player in this type until it's and he Davis. Love there's love involved if any better. But that's not that's your only other bus worst number one applicable time. Go to the doctor yeah both got. No yes yes Greg Oden Bennett is he could play better don't even have a way excuse yeah owns his brittle when the American. When he played you know who was brittle when you're drafted him out and created or was that brutal micro fracture analysis does the course because we've got picked right after two. Where's the epic after after bad. Are graduated. I think terrific I think yeah I think he's going to be in Carla in town blew themselves or maybe juniors or fire now while we'll trade this pick back. And then last year of course you missed the entire season but Benson. And you know to be determined but I think you can be pretty bright so they is that goes Rondo and number one pick should be great should be so. Those guys other than you know Bennett and open up their own it before O'Neal that are Andrea Bargnani and Andrew Bogut. So those forget him now rate. You know it's it's interesting you mention to go back that far yet the problem with the number one pick and here's a here's a red flag. I guess if there's any red flag for faults this is it. Injury because Bogut he if he had injury problems in his career I don't think he was injured coming out of college I don't remember. Bennett was injured when he was drafted. It was tracking income and so injury yeah you're right Oden was injured so yeah if you're at number one and only thing that should sink you. Is if you're drafting a guy with injury problems and I know mark L fault got hurt that he had injury problems. I don't think so but that's only thing that gives you some hesitation. Well I put this thing where I heard a lot over the last few days about you know night in 22. How good a player is the question only went nine and 22 this year. And it showed it would be nice for yet somebody in the program later today who knows a lot about college basketball. And can give you some analysis and. Is he leaving. That's going to be here later out there got off there everybody I'm Michael talking about the so that kept. Even today at 5 o'clock 5 o'clock hour Jeff Goodman good who's all over our college basketball pros. And can give us some insight into who mark helpful says what the problem was with the nine in 22. They lost their last thirteen games on that song well but he missed six of those to be fair. He may request he missed six games this year they lost all six that he missed their loss others that he didn't lost several that he plated a I lost a Yale this year on the team right now. And and bulldogs it and I'm I'm kind of partially Yale now I don't know you are they may turn out status nationally. About negative parts suppliers of parts of Brazil but has nothing to do with the athletic program. Not not even all the other hockey team's pretty and other won atonement and there were not married and I team now than I could speak to that. The third me I'd be this year. Yet cells can beat Washington. That's why we're number two what he's available I looked it up last night. Really it's not retire or Ray Allen surrogate. You sir Douglas Shia are now and nobody's wearing it this year. Sell good. Mark helpful he's got to look at number twenty Washington can slide right in the best wants some of the highlights last night to and it's humid all the shots right he made all the shots he's going up against long beach state. Lester Kentucky cal state boarded you know like. Got a ridiculous greatly on expanding health. Danny said last night he's watched. He's watched him about six or seven times this year he swats lawns of balls same amount of time you know he. That the scouting mission I've been I guess there are many things that you're looking for a by. I'd do anything about the criticism and the size of being able to see these guys are need to elect feels like he's got a pretty good handle. On who they are and how the game. How the game will translate to the pros. Obviously ease the minute to look at it Isiah Thomas we all agree won't we want him long term yes yeah school. Makes the most sense playing with a Isiah Thomas faults or ball I think it's clearly full faults. Same school right. Yeah I mean things like that that's not really a liar and skills that you are but are they don't each other. Have to say up there with the same thing they don't they went to the same school years apart. Isiah has talked with them many times a text during the season now of so. And and in terms of game. I think Alonzo ball would be great at setting up he could play with Isaiah to fifty it would set up everybody else the team he's a great tables that are. But with a mark helpful he can set the table and he can score in the guy is another score and had I thought it was interesting Danny said last night. He was element he was feeling it last night he was pretty operational. As always said. Little nickel rim knows it and you said the grip giant might go harmony DeDe wasn't as jubilant as I thought he might need a guy who can score at the end of games. Yeah so another guy can score in games in the one guy if you say on the Celtics games and align. Isaiah clearly can score fourth quarter or overtime we've seen it many times. Our who's the second guy we say rats I don't know he can score. They were wrong or not he's across enough because there's not a guy who is he can't give the ball to anybody else. So proud proud that Bradley Smart Horford no problem will be able to just create on the now there looks leading candidate Dornan college but he looks like he can. There are a couple of guys who were willing. It out you say Avery Bradley this place for you he's not gonna back down from is that going to be scared of the shot put is is that his game where. Two minutes left in the game they're going to Avery Bradley yeah and he's on fire on that Kelly a Linux job below it maybe actually. When analytic like like he was the other night an easy answer. A couple of guys who are willing but. There like that that's there every day will will show you don't really willing I don't know. But don't you think those guys. They might be willing to come off a screen and hit a shot but you can't give them they all say it out and I have create you know one on one they're having great isolation players with the exception of Isiah Thomas. And faults feels like he could do them I think he could. Rookie year. He can be almost like Evan Turner was a year ago and that sort of lead the bench and then at times play with the starters and you know share a ball handling responsibilities would would Thomas. You know score a little bit create some offense for others if you could pastor to the justice score wreck but he's got more scoring mentality to want the ball and I try to get the benefit. You guys the I'm sure you have many are running at all night Elias Sports Bureau had and everybody was so repeating the stat the last time a team. Was in a conference finals to have number one row first overall pick like 8486. Fidelity to 1982 the lakers were James Worthy. I'm so this is this is just unusual. To have a big game tonight. The conference finals and you're going into the big game knowing that next month. No matter what happens in your season you know that. You have the number one pick in the draft or. You have the ability to trade the number one pick. Well there may be too and so they go to the commercial break right they get fourteen through for the go to the commercial break and I thought they were playing me just like act out what I voted for a pretty good once admitted to the commercial break yeah about it last year and I was I was the guy has got three guys that I like you don't talk they are all right I got three but you look at those three teams that your point is they are what's the state right now each franchise or the Celtics. Well they're playing tomorrow night. In the Eastern Conference finals the sixers or in this process trust the process started a business and their wheels an idiot the lakers some nice players. Would bet when he wins this year wherever wiley they're they're a long ways away as well also it's pretty amazing when you see the three of mall they're together. 1980s basketball fans if you went into a coma and like 1985 and wake up you what if these three kids for a lot of what you're talking about. 6177797937. This telephone number. I saw first on Twitter almost in the immediate aftermath of the lottery last night. I now see that today Bryant went horse funny yes the end was talking about it. Evidently there are some NFL owners who were complaining about in the draft lottery and in the air that lottery are complaining about it I don't get it and I'm trying to. Figure out what is their bitch here. The Celtics had mathematically the best chance to get the first overall pick in the draft and did. And I'm or is there to. Figure out this isn't a case where you can make an argument for the frozen envelope or anything like that now gets the one complaint would be. And I think it's stupid but. The last year and this year and the Celtics lakers it's every sixers alternate in the top three they use change of the order but by the same thing every team's. But those are three of the four worst teams this year dobbs is and that's not the Celtics but those. But the only teams that the lakers jumped over the suns that's that's not happening and the sixers I think. They're the only thing to complain about is tanking. And that's to which market gently and said we absolutely did as soon as we got eliminated from the playoffs that yes absolutely try to lose this game weaken it and so two out of the three teams. It at the top of the draft. We're tankers the Celtics were that the team that got the number one pick. I have not been adored them right there hoping it as a matter of fact Brooklyn did the opposite. That's the irony. Brooklyn's got tanking they thought when he games on it without a point it got to the point what is that one. In Brooklyn you're winning tomb which you're supposed to be horrible what you would get a snipers they had a stretch. Where at ten game stretch and this is saying a lot from Brooklyn where they were either 73 or eight into this is down the stretch. And where Phoenix was it's hard to get a little uncomfortable if you're assault expand. Where were Phoenix looked like they you're gonna take over being the worst team in the league they have lost twelve or thirteen straight yeah aren't those what are those thirteen straight losses was. The seventy point game. From from Devin Booker against the Celtics got happy and get it continued to lose so. If you have a problem it's with teams like Philadelphia continuing to say trust the process as we get yet another. Our country what as is the Biggest Loser was Phoenix if you're just went as records went they would have the second pick they are now the fourth there. But that's that Chris medics was was embedded in the room. Where the ping pong ball somewhere that all took place and yet we think he wrote an interesting piece about the process and how it's done. And as he said it is it is basically. It it is bulletproof in terms of try to raid things it cannot be done you can't. Screw this up you can't break it you can't you know hey we need the lakers you know we need to lakers to get back at it he can't do it describe the whole process and and and that number combination for the Celtics that came up that allowed them to have the first overall pick it's overly complicated it it's it's unbelievably complicated but it is it is idiot proof. Because they're listening to listen everybody says all this thing is rigged so they're doing everything. Must have been great if I respond this way I actually better than his rate of say they're going out of their way to send them. We gotta we gotta do something that you can't come back in accuse us. Of messing with the process and here's the interesting thing. That other teams should think about it most teams don't do. The Celtics were in a position where they could have continued to hold off. A lot of things on hold on. So they have Paul Pierce at the end they have Kevin Garnett at the end they still have Avery Bradley they have Rondo in the team so they have a pretty good talent. And that they were good enough to make the playoffs which they did there they lost in the first round to the next year. And you can make so yes you don't have that problem too long. And a lot of teams do that why do you say it again. I'm still have some estimate that name value and KG Paul Pierce one of the greatest players in Celtics history don't treat this job. Danny said yeah okay we're gonna trade him we're not going anywhere with them even know where playoff team if he made deals. To make them. To go to go from a playoff team to a lottery team but didn't wanna take. It's a bit complicated place to be where I don't wanna I wanna beat Philadelphia belated tank. Etiquette April a year or one Air France where you're at it again if you for your entertainment Philly and they can't even do a great job up. They weren't a fifteen win tanker. They were putting on Wednesday when it's 45 but in the NBA you wanna take. You've got competition ballad in the third worst record this year is whether you gotta you gotta be. It's got to be at eighteen when nineteen went to you gotta be horrible you really wanna get the number byters and Tony pines that give them what. Diesel point two that he was around and and he knows that even read his greatest red was he may have held on to discuss too long buried her again and cash in. Odd bird McHale parish which we all saw some more than I was and how that ended that you wish you and and they battle the for trades him that what they could have been a number it was like. Dallas round that would stress chuck person and invite all these super guys you could've gotten at the time so Danny did he waited a year too long but he ended up getting the death. Possible. Dollar reward you know what I think though it's just going back comparing that that they did he was a Christmas party with red. And you know maybe there are some drinks involved not predict not I can't read you know low tech not even count on our production spiked eggnog. It's so. You think about that let's say it at that party was in 87 irradiate. Before Danny was traded and take a lead to a red I would you know you got to make these trades. I think red was right 88 I think Danny was right in 2012. Or thirteen never made trade I think was twelve. Because. Did he got draft picks a lot of draft picks from about franchise a franchise that was just so shortsighted they weren't thinking. We call it even DNA didn't think they're going to be got. Yeah probably not but. You've restructured to trim the cover of Sports Illustrated who wants to play these guys hit until the old Brooklyn let it started I've put those those who live it's too late for Brooklyn do that at some. I think he did think they're going to be that bad I I think we all do. That this team is gonna as I think that far ahead and be honest but this team's gonna imploded and keep it just too old you've got. You've got guys you're counting on guys in their mid thirties. So what happens when they leave they're gonna fall apart on way to look at their salary cap here at mass this it was going to be that. So Danny was right to trade for something that was valuable. But in retrospect. Giving debt loads shrimp and Sam Perkins. From Larry Bird back at what's. Those guys are gonna take you to the second round. Then you're done yet but I guess I don't know that he carries after Byrd and all those guys laughs it took awhile to begin again. Eddie wouldn't Manitoba generation went straight left but they are terrible for number you. Are there which are make it but part of being terrible was tragedy. Something you could turn around on tours and make it cannot and Rick cortina. Puzzles a part of it yes but I'm a big night with Reggie Lewis at the transition of the Larry bird's last series now. You know Reggie Lewis was the best player in that series and that's that's tough to say when Larry Bird and UT but Reggie Lewis was an up and coming star. And then when he dies. All right now you're awful put a few of Reggie Lewis and depth of shrimp. Sam Perkins did indeed Roger Obama. You know not you know what that's him now you don't think Eddie Jordan and then you're not going anywhere in this what you have on your conscience you traded Larry Bird. You gotta live with you do you are you traded Paul Pierce effort this generation you know that's I know he's dollar bird and that's that's a big deal it turned him and Garnett in the same deal and it is absolutely. Worked AC Pierce's tweet by the. And like what I do formula that if you want one more championship would pierce appears that they went in 2010 yeah yeah yeah. Then that would have been a much more concert trek was controversial anyway for some Celtics fans hockey trade Paul Pierce. But it won one more title. Yeah that would have been even tougher to sell that. Celtics at the first overall pick that means if they want him lawns a ball is there's. I've said all along I don't want them I've told you why you'll hear why wouldn't come back and just a couple of minutes. Support the idea that there WEEI. Comcast sports net last night stand from I am trying to hide what changed your life. When you're on the team very. What number are you aware abstract. I think we've. We're gonna win tonight. I if I do you know see ya. I think it's scalp. With H around lately closer than that they were just a little ever gone there were a little a little excitement there on location. They were Ned DeVine carried away with the emotion of the crowd. Believe it's time to blow to the first union draft dull job. I'll let John Wallach was accused John Wallach laughing. I got the first pick united won it. In Moses this is the fantasy draft and Tito was on him with when Tito on Hedo was cute it was in the we he was. And you know first I didn't I didn't like the first patent was all a market price shortly age and I'll okay tough year for him. Yeah. And of course the big show that the timing you know all the mid day and that day. Is there room and. All excited at the manager of the Red Sox on like he wanted to waste his time at the fantasy draft you actually did yeah he's really good act that. Big time into it so we've been talking obviously about the Gisele Bundchen interview this morning we talk a little bit about Lavar balls confrontation. With Christine Leahy on Colin Cowherd today we talked a little bit about the Celtics getting the number one pick in the upcoming NBA draft. And oh by the way they open the Eastern Conference finals tonight against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. I guess I'm not a game right now made its it's their best chance a lot of a lot to talk to see earlier. You know stats that stats bird Celtics have a 60% chance of winning tonight's game. Where were to come out of that. I didn't come up with that note we're. They come up probably just going with a that's a wrong thing holding court along with the cavs. Hardy shirt with a ten day lay on the open. They came out there that know how well they announce they wouldn't they're underdogs who wouldn't say the Celtics have a 60% chance it's a week. At that point it's it we'd have a good chance of winning a lot of back we're gonna sleep. A leader four point underdogs I have so I would have to have it all dogs were less than one half even in some places. I don't I don't want their chances I hate that you like or series of competing in this series you think of all of yeah yeah. You think they'll be blown out act like they were in that last game I think it I think that's what's bothering a lot of people the last time you saw the cavaliers won't. It was at home the Celtics were at home. And they did not compete is not a factor look like it was a you know the classic varsity vs JB. Pros vs college. No do you want ours is. I have at least one of those. In the series and Celtics who were on the wrong end of it yes my and I think mr. I think yeah 45 so. I think they lose maybe two close ones you know another one bites were vulnerable won by 25. I think it's fair to say that there will be a blowout or two in the series because that's been the story of the playoffs for every team. That the warriors are blatant last night just enough all the warriors. Blew up the spurs the spurs got blown out by the rockets in the previous theories the rockets got blown out by the spurs. Appreciate dollars in consulting rigors there you go around calling each other out so. They're there will be a blowout in this series and you know bigger picture we can talk about it on the road. I don't MBA is excited about the possibility of the warriors and cavaliers are meeting again for the third straight year is good for business was not good for business. Is the pac. At least I can get here out of the playoffs have really been an afterthought statement that I just that not enough competitive games you get excited when you see. A game like wizards Celtics in game six. Not that that was even a great game and under terms of each poorly but it just thought yeah relief that was close all right thank you close game have been enough for those. I let's get back to the call to the guy's a 6177797937. Mics in New Haven they might. Eight four against myself that when I have some news remember that at WFAN deputy of it has been mentioned a little out of we have a date that. We'll be on the air. Acuity up yet and yet and I might be on with my. I. Don't see how that goes to an invitation the I mean that'll be on college I get out of. You please open up with. What's shake and bake and clean yeah I think. I don't really solid road side when Michael. I had the data on the mistake maybe what kicking chick. That wouldn't. Overwhelm that any time and I like I get here to get yourself to going there. It Tom I was thinking about it you know believe it or not the Eastern Conference finals kind of courtly for the number one pick you guys were talking about what. I think economists you obviously like you around with prefer. One other thing that's gonna be key here selectors running against it after they. They don't have that the transition defense so look they next year you get the number one pick captaincy and is down to a couple choices. I think at the hot into the game and you want someone else to be able to right to be able to run the lord says it. And Lleyton get a shot. You want boggling that you want alt delete. I. Love running out well. All that one scenario probably Baltic overall rather faults his faults can also be the second score potentially hurt you know maybe even right away but if you know a year after that. He has the skill set to be the next best scorer on the team. Yeah I've seen a lot of scouting reports on him and he's just a matter of which report you trust the most but why no one of many. Reports that scene says he can play the Lotto or the team exactly faults and that he is a he's the he'll come into the league as a score as a scoring threat. I didn't think I got a Stewart a complaint with Isaiah 64 and lots of balls even taller but faults is already a little bit stronger early look stronger and he's got a much longer wing spans the game you can. Alec Avery Bradley where he's got even play able to bigger than he's been he's listed. And so if you're out there with a you know a big guy in the backcourt Isiah thomas' have to guard on the indeed Drupal song Chris in Chicopee sacred site. Dressed. Pratt Heidi hey donors who. Hey moron guys. For first time long time. I really. Would look to just talk about the celtics' all night to be honest with you especially in my what's going on port. The whole. I increasing maturity chain has wanted to call in support Ali's point. And he's absolutely right and it comes from somebody who's also had a concussion and also spent a lot of times. A doctor at the same thing you know working mystery cans and all the sort. I don't think men are allowed to talk about it. Dad I think yes I've I think you're right Chris at things one of those things that. Especially I think men can talk about it. I think certain. There there are certain positions in the NFL. Where they either the coaches don't necessarily wanna hear it or the player feels like. I'm letting my team down if I say something in quarterback is position number one. Where would I injury you're telling us just concussions well I'd say with all with any injury but especially with concussions. And I told you guys the story before and you've heard it in the stands out to me. Kurt Warner who had a ton of concussions. During his career a told a story I think he was with the rain I don't know if he was at the rams time or he was with the cardinals. But he was in it was pre concussion protocol. And he had a concussion. And he didn't practice. A couple of a couple of days and he thought it was going to be able to play any couldn't play he's at the ways teammate slipped out of my. Really monolith goal you're. Follow. You're really not a concussion. You're not gonna play in the game. I think part of it is. Just football players now professional football players I've got I've got to live up to a certain standard that's not realistic. That that's one. And then two I think is just ignorance. Just a lack of information. About what happens during a concussion and how dangerous it is. And if you get why and how you're more likely get another one just. Does that domino effect. Of an injury to your brain. But a lot of guys especially guys like Tom Brady who said just the other dating Ian O'Connor and just looked upon that I don't paraphrasing. I don't look I didn't I just don't multiple consumes me. Football consumes me so pure that personality type we just love the game. You might. It's kind of sweep a confession on the road and they come on about this before. You've played football you get hit at the man's sport. It still run and still ahead tonight on all the fun I was Gartner but repeal. 6177797937. Kyle's on the cell phone account. Don't Obama. IPod Touch question the comments and questions about what your thoughts on. First when you're talking about a blood you know don't silly. I don't know literally just as simple as money but I don't understand overall YE Canada no matter what. It just goes. To where you get paid verses. Why not just stay on in the nose gonna win you can win more titles the year he used to. They're really like making it Democrat. Purses just make some words in my. Great eight. A brother also played would you rather also be like you know starter. Yeah and Douglas did that come. But it is still like record as an the next couple games now and be Elton like the other Lucy team poker. I agree yeah there are they play the patriots offer to let Garret blunt was that I remember right one point three million dollars as a less than half and and indeed the Eagles contract being maxis out his bonuses is two point eight. That's old that's a big difference in money yet. Well that's that's your reason you have to look at the depth chart all of a sudden now knowing glance he's not gonna get the same now. Never tell your child I understand your point look you know you want to hear you on a team that. Under Tom Brady and Bill Belichick they won 55 championships you know yeah real good chance of being in the Super Bowl but I think per liter of blood. You look at the market and he thought the market was gonna give more than he gave so the FIE he has eighteen touchdowns leads NFL in touchdowns. At the patriots when the super ball. Okay his profile should be. At its highest point the patriots offered deal download to connect the patriots but they're not offer me that much money maybe somebody also giving more money. And the money. Just never materialized. So. Doctor at this respected by the patriots and and I think you know patriots get the paper at that point now your ego gets involved. Yeah you're your pride outlaw. Say look if he had this one. The caller might have a point out but he is gonna raise got a thought bloodier and he's gonna get a new ring here and in a few weeks and ninth or whatever it is was he on the team and now am I mistaken it was him on the team and for 49 Super Bowl 49. They come back during the year. I was after that he play half the year of Pittsburg than or. Or DD eight it may be maybe. I'm I'm off by year but okay Elise has wondering I don't know if he was on the suitable for ninety minutes Shane Vereen was great game so. Maybe wasn't there but the point is it it was an ad exec until. I felt fine. A couple of rings. And he gets at a point where you think that the patriots are gonna increase in numbers and ever increasing numbers so what you have on the table from the patriots. It's the same. As you have from Philadelphia. Well screw them. And I got to compete with the all these other backs. Well you know they go out there they extend James why they sigh yeah jealously they signed Birkhead argument and I dig come back too early because they don't appreciate me I'll just take the same money in Philadelphia but to the cause what sue if anybody knows that it's not always agree if you know grass is always greener type of thing it's what your blog. Who once a bit in Pittsburgh to almighty and Pittsburgh of the equipment on the grass was pretty crazy how. As a parent I want I feel I'll pizza Westport API you don't. All the guys every day. Com I'm curious and thought they would match in this and or absence radiant it on the concussion protocol and it's not. He used to go on that might spark some kind of investigation into the speaker nothing would surprise me in the NFL all content. And not. Not being noticed or reported operation at the system's audit or something else. Something also. Turkey and and our call last whatever years. He's ever been listed only injure he has never had a concussion. On on the injury report he's never had a head injury he never had a concussion. Do like think that somebody in the NFL office heard this audio this morning on day. That's what it meant yes I cried I absolutely think somebody and I don't think they're doing that just because of the patriots I think that's a category to anybody and I don't. I don't I think it's something C this is the this is the third rail. That allows them to kind of pat themselves on the back and it's all share. Concussion protocol is a sham. Players' safety is a sham I really don't care but it's a talking point and makes them look good so they won't take advantage of an opportunity. To say and we care so much about this that we will go after anybody. Who was gonna was gonna try to dance around this issue. So yeah. Bill this is a great opportunity for is that this is a ribbon cutting baby kissing. Public relations. Photo op opera did they give Alex Smith's wife was on the radio in Kansas City it was like yeah last year out had a concussion. You dude they would approach in the same way no. If they got it what would get publicity if it would be something which we are talking to get the headlines are heading to got a headline they take advantage of yet that one elegant. But I think nothing would count that whereas maybe there's a chance of incomes of us yeah I think all those just like the stuff that I believe this is kind of foolish. But. The NFL doesn't and is this is injuries that does not even head trauma well who wasn't wasn't Pete Carroll. Who said or or maybe it was Richard sir on that's what Pete Carroll said Richard Sherman. Play with some injuries yes last year yes but he wasn't in on the injured I'm pretty significant injury merit any any plan approval then the NFL. We're looking into it whatever happened at all really I don't know but you know possibly I don't each of. Acted to just go away when it involves Brady and yeah that suggest that they use your maybe your right Michael maybe they look at it or at least they say they're gonna look at bill at all. About Smith saying there is why Sam as we're gonna take this very seriously or Renault and investigate. And then nothing whereas the Tom Brady did so well so beautiful investigator on there and wait for a decrease Morton's and sweet here this. Something fresh on that. We'll find out like oh there is this is mortenson and I'm not trying to be funny news Morton since there were yes and yes he was not one of the concerns are more report Eduardo he's on he's on at daughter is gone. Now he's more about a part time. It. Contributor at the moments over just exact working his way back up. You know he's I don't think he's chapters on all the time you know raised his tweet stuff and work in an all attack why do what he's not break in the NBA stories. In committees also are gonna be here. And senator. I was just he's an answer isn't not contain you know is an Adams chapter wanted to do it he can he can take the victory that now. Jimmy ground look I'll be straight drop my simulator block outset that the senate. He has though. There sectors as snappy as the and he is if so it can be could be in Major League Baseball insider who wants him as and that's one leg or some other baseball guys writes that pollinate them I think in the army instructors as ESPN much. I know you got a hockey I just have another guy a hard time about not covering hockey Canada don't worry about it I gotcha I got a I got there it is for yeah. Chris and when prepay aborted Bob McKenzie at. Sacred site on. That's as disrespectful. To get to that is that credit of out there where the Tia. Even though purpose yes. Yeah. A good. I've read and agree that he accepted the defendant accused trying to sail Warner's artists face of that now guys I was part of the act he's complete insult those are fired up nicely I got to sell this thing is a day they might think I'm trying to get back there are trying to get on the line I just went out and of them while. Half where that's that's one of old school old school print articles about. I have to care more greatly aggravate me it's 6177797. ID 37 Stevens in New Hampshire hasty and CNET. OK you know hello what's going on a phone and she said those arrested were and are right my it's okay all right it's okay real strong. On so I'm wondering you know we know the lakers one ball OK. We do that but let's say we. We drafted bought OK and they want is would they be willing to trade Dan bear pick to going to be mark Dell. Port ball and throw someone out there were got a tray you know maybe get Randall or someone could they really really want ball. You know otherwise we could we could get up the ball and they go yet and. Our attitude and yet it's well a couple of things. Do they really want hammered his ball won them GAAP I mean he it felt like he got the ideals like he wants them more than they want him. I had and it just thinking about the lakers and if a magic Johnson and the Celtics did what what color just describe. It's okay fine I'll keep my guy. I'll get mark helpful we're good thanks very much we'll see you later. By and the caller ID he got it wrong I understand is idea. The justices tweak it a little bit instead of distracting ball and trying to hold the lakers want to try to hold the lakers before you make any draft picks. So trying to make the tree make the trade first before you say okay we trapped it'll. Until all were added that's obvious. Yeah tournament but yet they are helpful thank you they have to want him as bad as we know that levoir. Wants him to go to the lakers because. There's followed him one more recently the one of the ones I think of is Roy and Chris Webber was number one pick. Yep and then they traded down they swaps and actually drafted in the Euro and a magic drafted Weber secret that Webber Jack on the same team which can create the but then they traded down just two picks for Penny Hardaway. But then the warriors also gave up. A ton of the three other first round pick your topics that got them just go down to picks that's also at least at the time now those two guys review the B gap there where there isn't that between ball on faults. Hypothetically if the lakers were obsessed with the ball you could swap picks and get something for I think similar to what the bears did this year too risky yeah. Yes and I think the in magic probably made the correct move. The penny penny proper over we're Canada's Ron that burns kind of hot and let them or our program will presence there has great. It just seems to me that if you're gonna press drop little from Dallas at it if you do any change. I mean it and play with don't in plating if Webber is your guy. Whoever it is it's full story gets Walt gets or whoever is whoever is your guide to school picture guy. A mess of this don't try to play the system make sure that. I mean you you pat first overall pick now twice in franchise history the last time was 1950. So whoever it is that you really want okay Adam. What city what city a number one pick to be able to do for. And let's say overeat a papers career let's say amateur. Number one pick so are you draft the guy and he's nineteen I don't know how much mark hopefuls nineteen years old by the time he's when he lets say 24. That at that number one pick in the draft should be able to do what he should at least be an all star. Two and three time also about time and what should be able to do for you tune it out if you. What are your general Myers is gonna lead your team to take your team. Out of the first round of the playoffs wandered through through best players for short budget not a good team and that's why wouldn't trade that pick him Jimmy Butler because Jimmy Butler can't do that I would for Butler hit it can't do. And I heard. Right wrist fellows say today I would rather have Isiah Thomas who would rather have Jimmy Butler and Isiah Thomas yeah that's why. Isiah Thomas has already done more for your team to join his team that Jimmy Butler is down for his. We thought Geneva lets Timmy about in the last series guarded by Avery Bradley. Five inches five inches shorter given up a few pounds and he did just fine. Against Jimmy Butler. I give them the number one pick for him. 6177797937. Is telephone number will give you an opportunity. A text opportunity by the way. To perhaps win at a signed copy of popping in my story. Other brand new book came out yesterday by David Ortiz. Uncle written by guys in my left. Available at bookstores right now that's coming up just few minutes as well. It's Dele Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. Fourth and final hour gale Holland Wiki Sports Radio WEEI. Well we've been. Granted a whole bunch of stuff talk about today and Lavar ball probably got off easy considering. Truck Le died he sounded like earlier today and we just touched on. His confrontation with Christine Leahy on Howard showed today we've obviously talked about the Celtics. Opening the NBA Eastern Conference finals tonight at home against the Cleveland Cavaliers. This on the heels of winning the NBA draft lottery last night and getting the first overall pick in the draft for the first time since 1950. In franchise history. Yeah that was exactly winning lottery either we're there at the lottery or 35 years free lottery. All the weird kind of odd to see that when the lottery if your is expecting a classic Celtics in the in the lottery. To go down right to finish fourth third. Another they were ready to do all right the Magic Johnson is ninth 1950. It's been awhile. That is our team has had a lot of chances on championship so. Shouldn't be surprised well needless to say our rock our information level is is a little lacking. On some of the top prospects available because now everybody's available to be any change. He go after anybody he wants and and what we really wanted was somebody we could talk to who's got some knowledge in this area and who better than Jeff Goodman from ESPN you can follow him on Twitter as I do at Goodman. ESPN he is ESPN basketball insider covers hoops at all levels is he says and he joins us right now hey Jeff I don't. You know I'm not sure I've any real knowledge. But I appreciate it. Trust me it's more than I thought. Okay no more than the three of us combined so you should be all right. Quality iron Ali I'm sports edit this morning not follow up your your. It's a tough area tough real tough act for Apollo. I'm now okay thanks Kerry Kerry every day the real story I don't worry about it and I is guided nobody's talking. If you're out here but Ali if you are not a compliment he cherry at the outer air on the matter. Yeah outer but he entire segment. There aren't I flirts so as as as she had me. And as we sit here today on May seventeenth 2017. If you had to submit a name for the first overall pick in the draft who would abate. Audited floats are that it will be ordered these remarks you'll also meet from. A year ago in L announced its employee. You got a personal assault was probably three Summers ago. At a debate in Charlotte and under armour bad edit it just blew me away chose. He's got a whole game I mean you know we knew try to describe him the people it's not easy because. There's not really easy comparison in the NBA right now he can play to warn you to play off the ball floated to. He keeps scored all levels issued from the he's got a great hate immaturity of the way he plays the game because you don't it's not like he. A war. But he's India or in turn it on in order to another you're Wiki each. Uses angles well computers around the basket to scrawl. Now I know what everybody wants to know and the questions you always be firm ever bought them and now it doesn't researching renewable why do we win it's a lot of right and that's what you got out. Sure that's right and up and decorated at the pace and her partner. The second pick will be made five. The Los Angeles Lakers. And that means that the number one pick in the 2000 NBA draft goes to. The Boston Celtics. I'd Yahoo! News. So he's out it's parents. Ol' yeah yeah and authorities learned that a little expletives in the exact remain. Constant. Iran. Yeah as we work at blue tonight. Do you think that's sort of what's exactly get midnight be there with her earlier as well I think we have for a more of that tonight we expect. So as not to levered always gonna cost now are you one of those that top ten mark yet against us three guys are you one of those that into a street guys because. So the skeletal streak going here video game seven win Monday yes they got the great opportunity on Tuesday and get the first overall in the draft. Now if the streak continues tonight's the night right things coming up Salt Lake so yes. That's nice and by the way I should have said this earlier Jeff Goodman's gonna join us after the top of the has actually see mark helpful to play and can give us an idea of whether he'd be a good fit here. Jack we have to know we are what we are as a professional sports market not huge on college sports at least not talking about it. In the media years and years we always say oh what changes and would have this happen with this happened. You know lots of things can happen BC could be in the final four BC could be the national championship game I think we talked about it at the time and then we move on so. A lot of you are like me she's had a talking now our cal pulled us. Play a lot if at all this year you haven't seen much Josh Jackson hadn't seen a lot of lines a ball and Jason Tatum. But Jeff Goodman had as. And he's a guy who can go out and talking about he's a guy could just. Tell us everything that we wanna know about each of these players for the best it is for the for the Celtics so we'll talk with him top the next hour 5 o'clock. Like I just say. NFL drives me crazy. NFL tries makers with this. Should they not have responded when they arrest. You can respond but I know. I know the real story in Saudi you guys the real story is. They're not trying to protect players. Concussions are not a big deal because NFL is trying to protect players and opposed trying to protect itself. Trying to protect its reputation. They still as as recently as last year wasn't it Jerry Jones and others. Who said oh there's no there's no evidence. That playing football league this ET EU is lodge and Myers there yet. They wouldn't even acknowledged that concussions exists did. Wouldn't even acknowledge it this league does not care about concussions this week compared cares. About the comments here. About it's it's dismissal. Of concussions. So they're not trying to protect tunnel we have to do something to be because we're trying to protect Tom Brady not care about Tom Brady and concussions you don't care about. The 52 guy on the roster and concussions you don't care practice squad players and concussions you care about the lawsuit. The ongoing litigation. It's a you don't wanna give up any more money if you wanna pretend like it's something that matters to you. Unfortunately for Tom Brady. Gisele. Gave them a nice little opportunity. The pat themselves on the back as a daycare which we know they. Don't concussions happen ten times a game fifteen times a game every NFL game. And and that and the key is. To look like. You've got your legs. Don't show on the sea legs. Because vandals say hello concussion protocol come on over here we got a list of questions for it and it goes the easy you can get you know memorize those the best you can Medina. But I seen only see no evil hear no evil speak no evil far. But. Given and I agree everything you just set good diatribe. But the NFL's somebody's sitting at 345 park avenue going in the week there should. Yeah. We got us up and says last started work out too well. Now working on it right but I don't they went out and utterly no they won I I heard it if they've got any opportunity to take a shot at these guys this team. This organization. They'd jump on. I don't think they're gonna have anything because. Evidently Eddie prove it now right idea at this point. And it's gonna be a simple thing for Tom you know my wife thinks every time I get hit I get a concussion. Not her fault is that the dollar privately is that listen and it's on the truth but I need to say that you did know I need to say that please allow me to do that. She's is that you know I don't know. Hey hey hey you know I really want the tires and another another I don't like an ultimatum to play anymore. Ticketed my own hands now. Yeah. So I don't have a great answer for that other and the fact that the Washington key was not good there work discipline dating guard anybody. Now in the park were part of the year you play every Judy one organize games absolute. Absolutely and expect that to be a little bit of warmth to it scares me. It's a list of Washington. It would be Eric W silly or it. A piece could be that they have hurts the towels. The Utah and Colorado as the Arizona State indeed indeed a lot of heat so that that'd scare me a little bit. But I'm not a word about this I think he's got a chance. He hits dubious pop. Twenty player this week and player in the league at some point. Again because they're just start many deficiencies in his game. You said something interesting ways that he is. He's the best the best and it's not even close so. I'd tell me just compare him to Alonso ball compare him to. Josh Jackson because those are two big names that you think. You know maybe the Celtics Barbara you don't go for that guy at number one. I love them both outlook top four players in mr. out and I don't think is huge disparity between. I think or they'll all and it is lots and I knew the answer. But it does it matter. Who you may equal lol well played better long. He said oh and of course you got it got to be superstar. Whether you yankees player out there without trees. You cannot have two years ago without a contract dirt you give ago. If you will pay him what he had a year if you trade I mean who know you don't. Soul. I think the difference is Alonso ball. Is a great player a great talent is not a great scorer okay what he does suit seeking Jerome from 25 courtesy. Uncontested. Week ERG it's not pretty or negate all the way to the basket there's not much else in the it's been scoring. He's in the most gifted passer or. In terms of old court vision. And how he delivers the ball like we're overlook these games are all court as you saw that not only did he see it. Weird he delivers it to players is amazing and he used. It makes people better QB Florida Keys here propaganda or acres and I Mickey makes everybody better immediately. He's not he's not going to be as good defensively as and all's well. And again he can't score he can listen what what an excuse me more than anything another dot needle still. They need another god can do something about the outs besides such an. It's so the reason why they've put all these numbers is because nobody else you can do we really got abouts. You can really take a lot of pressure off him with a guy like ol' smokey yeah. Jeff over the last ten years or so we see a lot of one and Dunn's yeah and some of home are like Kevin Durant or Carmelo Anthony and immediately averaged twenty points a game you can already see what kind of star player they're they're gonna develop into. Others we saw 11 and Jalen brown third overall pick. The only place less than twenty minutes on a good team averages about six points a game where does mark help faults fall under that range. Well it he goes to a different scene he could averaged eighteen Portuguese masters permits Sacramento. Ever speaking for you that would want to Bob gates it becomes the Boston he'd follow anybody in terms of awesome right out in Turkey or. They're not tribute to their. They're not get out get the opportunity to do so without it's there's just not in any Aybar probably. And some of the other and that entered in a way that they're not going to be respected absorb much of their shoulders. You know I I've talked to some because Markel poses a few minutes. And I asked them what you know what's your take on this issue stock in image. And it sounds like he's he's pretty excited about the possibility of playing in Boston because he's thank you a year from now. I could be guarding carrier ring in the game it really matters. Instead of what we did this past year which is playing in virtual irrelevant. You know this year was in college at Washington next year you know could have been. Sacramento or not like that it is the Celtics are you know lakers you'd eat in avatar that your. So I I think. It's it's going to be interest in the city. What I parole he if he does get its year we had what they are out in the old Richard not in this regard. You can rest them a little that you're not gonna sit Ebert probably taught. You're gonna have to move somebody in and out backcourt you keep everybody's so those markets market moved as servers you're yet rubles. We're talking to Jeff Goodman ESPN basketball insider. What do you think the chances are that Danny Ainge deals this first overall pick. And who knows right know knows. What I'll tell you what it is anybody's. Those in yet but you don't lie. About making a trade and not worrying about what the re actually it is it via. It doesn't era but it is connecting seek to put this this organization in a position to paying banner number eighteen. It will do regardless if that means Verizon Thomas even pages you know toward the upper levels. That doesn't matter to him and I think that's the forward. Ballots right now try to figure it out right you've gotten this or are there and it's scheduled your for the Gretzky Entergy. You've got really good players are really guitar trucks. And that's it in their stock bubble oddity got a job now. No you keep this team impacts for the most part in your data Angela Merkel faults in week or next year. You can be in the same spot as you exactly you can be in the same exact spot where your music out. Arnold. Document between what it might have been number one pick again next year I love a orgasm but others wanted a top Michael order group. I'd love well I met look in the bought you like to 68. Smoot. For China alluded to orbit AG. Mold. Or are you not lowered all with you go to different direction as you or. In a year Isaiah in Ebert rabbit you're pretty hard to imagine all those guys there's a campaign. And that is what we're doing he's gonna what Mac and Ebert who wore forty plus. Years itself. Jeff I loved young players and I got my attention with this Michael Porter character count. We're when your time at where where's he going to school. So you can go to walk in with Tracy right is gonna watch. These. Is auger. Is always. Like for like twenty odd years with the rent or Wal-Mart was the echo to watch Wal-Mart got fired. Order losing our family was from Columbia Missouri. And they all sisters they each is in the family life. Two girls Marty played misery basketball. Through boys are all here to play cultures deduct your. So they're back because the new coaches. At Missouri council Marten. Heart attack after romo's wired watching. There's quite a reserve this year. Old school like Larry brown and signing Darren Ed Manning added that the coach to bring Danny in there. And after a quick question you said you loved the top four players in this draft where does love. Go to light is it is forged at 60 where you say I am not crazy about these guys. Note it odd that Matt it's good outlook the air fox article they keep warm up before guys. An accurate audience I think you need to stick to what the Celtics need. More than anybody else you know like it took me I wouldn't have been upset wherever you're drafting if you're an adult now the differences. You're getting out of your control during control not only do you pick to god that you introduce superstar. Of the war but also now. You'll treat opera's you're committed because he ordered deadline. It was pretty difficult for him because a lot of injures themselves you know the bolts. Well are we liked. The pick but we don't what are they are a pin number for immediate acute before we supply. Paul torched. Same thing with Indian Andrew Burton and now Kevin Pritchard now Kevin Pritchard goes OK if I trade Paul George. I love mark helpful. I can build around nude action elders as the future. Now it's a lot each year. To throw a trade on the table that gave you might jump at the end of the. Now the last three point guards drafted number one overall carrier ring John Wall and Derrick Rose let's say hypothetically they all go to the draft at the same time win mark health faults. This whole skit selected higher. Than any of those guys. Not a sport news or within its draft the beauty of this strapped with you in the disparity between one what was notable. Also really good topics you would went ahead of your toes. I think you're you're raking in coming out of college you're probably closed at all. Are you even even know what about seven games. And wallet or two would re taught it at all clearly or a part of the problem is. Especially like around here that nobody knows anything about or hopeful because the play for a team didn't win. Out on the West Coast and nobody watched them. What tonight's CB that mark was hurt didn't play and tackle part of it didn't play against public term. So nobody really knows anything about 58. And that's are not here to tell what the local people and there's it is real I mean he's really really good. So to me again you expect immediate halt start right away nobody doesn't have to be and he's probably not to be given the opportunity would be. Because he's he's he's he's you walk into a situation. Where there's not as much pressure. But he can coexist without Isaiah. Because size they've really H regard. You know in a one in a long guard's body which worked well. Final question before we let you go if you were a general manager in the NBA. Would love far ball scare you off from Alonso. Elbow but I did the first interview. There in the middle. And admitted to mark. This candidate do you Rebecca. I did that cattle. Like to me it's gonna be a perfect situation I thought the magic about a last week it's our. If the lakers yet on. Who better to which product fumbled the Bard out in its seats in election match. Just settled down you're in LA and now this is where you wanna be don't screw it I'll. What will bark melt some of mine here. Is Mittal on. Is go to UCLA is middle but it mega hit it you can average told it's 1 o'clock Portuguese press to be lucky deeply and minutes. The like. We're gonna hear plenty of that you plug goes it'd be just fly and magical figure out is anybody ditching control or. Not. It was a one escort like 8090 points of the game is that the is that the youngest one. That is mellow the other ones yellow yellow metal on any sort of 65 you look like. Victory in body. But he but he it as. I think as a but the young what is is young when he might be the best of all is that directorate or the hardest. Lot of those cute about that all the young want to really suited. Young looking guard anybody yet like let it be young once we executed. Its its got to ought to do wonders got what you can't keep. Which this court agent and the ability a thousand people. I you know Japanese until Carrie champion today. But I guess he says oh there's no marriage after union Taliban cannot go flawlessly a little magic I see a little Jason Day. I. A Blair and I'd like. It would what are the other YouTube at its. I like it I you know like I'm I'm all for that you know I think just. He's got Morgan Jason Kidd body right now. Although it a little leery. I love it didn't really do a really job I love his game and I. You'll love. Him or I don't want people to do. Is walking him what is the abductors. Executed as loud music yet I murmur out it was only get out of this. I ask my question is yet to what director what a lot to Pataki did or. And I said hey your dad's you know he outlandish statement that it yet he could be Jordan and what I want. And he looked amenities like atlas but that's what almost. Sort of like never disrespectful. To anybody that complies. But he not making a mockery of it. Just on the way to do handle himself the right weight to rock all. It's. Jeff we really appreciate the information in the time thank you very much. No problem don't enjoy it they can they wouldn't if these are things. Yeah okay. Hum. He's the forty yards or Yahoo! does not. Ask how I saw it as this week. Yeah I'm in and I hope you know result suitors about OK I guess I'm isn't you did not. Jeff in he did we used to have some great we have some legendary NBA debates and you remember we talked about Rondo all the time. Oh yeah right. It's tough to say thought yeah. I'll Wear out its ace pitcher here. If this if it isn't sweep and we need to catch up anyway are you care if it's as we. Art art party taken these guys to launch dale in daily key because I'm about to win some money from Vegas. But I'll take your lunch if it is a sweep and we can catch. That and and listen if if the Celtics win the series. You're you're saying anybody can name whatever that bad it I will do. Yeah. Yeah. I. Okay mirrored our loan it out that's a very creative listeners know you might have just got yourself ads big trouble. As long as there's no nudity involved OK see you naked down our our little bit taste out of my life and yet we appreciate it now as you have. Yes. That is that Jeff Goodman ESPN basketball insider loves mark helpful served us. I like salt for but he says yes it's clear. The best of the full edit as it was good listening to him because I've felt you know before when they went to the break yesterday when you know going to break got three got a top three pick. I say I'm happy. And I had ordered released today because I had three guys that I really liked but he's got bored and importantly he thinks Tatum that was a better fit. Tea might be the best fit for what they're trying to do so wondered gaining the sentences aren't at number one pick. No maybe I can you know dropped on the forehead and another tracked down the road in another first round pick from time or another round of the rebounder cloud and now. Time and rebounded from somebody. I can get an an an established like 45 here young vet. To help me out. I go from one before and pick up Tatum. Just thankful they say don't don't think it fantastic that the fire and consensus. Is it's a week. Did they win the seat hit it in fact I never thought I heard that you will. Every through that this disrespectful but it makes me. 6177797937. We'll get right back to calls in just couple of minutes and we got a special keeper madness coming up and midweek keeper madness. 545 thereabouts Sports Radio W media. I don't go to the lakers. But we'll take that market closes a bit later. What Boston did mine now are you ready for the point one person that if it is as good boy I know almost BAT's declared this web. Number it's always been number it certainly just wouldn't go numbers to. Because they do it well. Of course couple months ago he sane if anybody gets elected I am and his son there's something wrong with that change is still pretty quick today. He's okay this under the second best player in the draft now. Except these clearly in his mind not the second best player in the dry dog down now he just knows it's it's just the right to better fit. I will say that's when I ask Goodman if he was at GM if Lavar ball would scare off. Is it withheld now. Very impressed him out yeah. Let's Baltimore wasteful a lot more though when scare me either. He was scared me an idea RT annoy you yet a lot yes it is yes IID. Well until he was. In the station every week on the station and add on can he be in studio. I don't know if you're Ritchie are saying if you are there any changes he would annoy you. It's like continue to point out our hypocrisy. But we'll feel afraid border when talking about I got my. But we are hypocritical I'll bet I'll bet is the how annoying is he went free media outlet but to put them on including this one. That's so we're talking money if you heard the cell owner or GM of the team or head coach even that's a lot different I don't and that's why are you talk about 500 no problem have a remote if you're approach. If your coach you say are that's always going to be I'm not gonna be talking anybody's dad or mom on a regular basis just not happening. Now he can handle that maybe you're not gonna get your comp tickets maybe you'll be invited to the family room if if you don't get the message but no. They're not gonna be a practice not going to be chewed around not going to be courtside saying. Should Richards on. I loved it Goodman said the the middle sons go to UCLA he's not very good reluctant to ten minutes today so Utah and Boise Alpert gotta love Lavar call now higher is and that's it was a. And oh yes but I wouldn't be afraid of who wouldn't be afraid of drafting lines of all go to the talented guy and he's the second best player in the draft and third best player don't. In how I would not drop a pass on on the got to pass because levoir. I'll let you back to the calls that you guys up mentally a special midweek keeper madness coming up about a fifteen that I don't know I'm mad when I say special kind of puts the pressure on you know you really don't even hype it up a little bit here maybe two minus you off my back it up as you for the guys that one go back up a hitter Matt and good. Are easy gone. Yeah you don't wanna do. I mean when I came up with this one's own reserves to bad found. You know what that whole orderly line a big build up to different matters that. And often not enough of a I have that seemed a little harsh to me that sounds of summer and summer and between that somewhere between that a flutter at Dale's special to prevent a imitated him Mattson Nady came out I Dylan. Thought our guys let's just. Lot of talk obviously about you know to excel to keep the equity trade and trade it in a lot. Almost dark they get in return botched. I'm actually Michael kind of stolen my thunder that sort of break about. How on. Interviewed their circular Qaeda that's a great show at Celtic and I agree with addicts could you turn the number one tech. It to two players straight down to 34. Get it done and also get another. Really good player and and China that you a 21. I liked that idea although after the interview I kind of got out and follow all too well. You English sound docile. So now after the on all thought that I'd I'm starting at starting guess why don't my own thoughtful want to see you guys sob thought about apple that struck. Well one of the things and and thank you for the call now one of the things Jeff said was that you know the four guys at the top of the draft he likes all four. But he clearly thinks that mark health Fultz is is the leader of that group. So he's the best of the bunch now the question is could the player you get from. Philadelphia. Would that offset the difference between faults and. And the number four pick Richard Wright it's the president player spent a player and how much that other team really values falsely how much more they wanna give up or the others take him. Well that your take on. But but Philadelphia is an interesting. As an interest in choice. Because Philadelphia needs. Up either one of those guards desperately need. Either or ball floats imitate faux tree if it if they are false and ball over just a really do they know so. Here's his that's interesting thing about Philly but the problem with Philly it's made the trade that you would want they traded the guy. Did you want hat knows the law no well what about that that's a good match up there okay we will take no well and we'll take for it here you are with a one. That Big Three in India or threes yeah. It and it's always been better for the Celtics because you idiot yeah so don't you you can take Tatum a three iron to Jackson. But unfortunately they moved on from Maryland's well and they had to because it might have to pay him in half. Have to well I have moved on from Okafor went and gotten penny a different way but I think they had to move up from Noel because they were in position with a had to do something with and the setting up the camera not. And I guess they made the determination not on not prepared as a restricted free agent and they don't want him. Jets into spree agent tight on. It pretty guys. A song and I'm worrying what your thoughts would be about you know solve not wanting to pursue the comment by Gisele and Tom Brady. On deuce suddenly she's gonna say something a little wonder he gets a concussion every year or possibly even every game. And wouldn't chasing disparity in. Getting Tom Brady witnessed he can collections and not reporting it wouldn't that kind of indicative close heading east dale concussion policy. Good point there and it's it's it's great point because and I think Michael's point that he made an hour or so ago was it was a strong one as well. They're probably fifteen to twenty concussions a game. Yeah me varying degrees or so and and and you know they're not reporting fifteen to twenty concussions a game. They probably wouldn't like to have word come out that volume Brady's had lots of them and as they're about the injury report. Doctors have never have never given you know said he had a concussion trainers have never senate. The concussion spotters have never setup but he's had blocked. That would sort of indict the the entire NFL would net. Yeah in there are some guys who will do anything they can anything they can stay on the field. Now there are a lot of guys who who who played football because there's a lot of money involved. And then they have the talent to do it so why not do a Manchester. There are guys like that all sports of course you know and talented I don't want to support them is good enough to play in this millions of dollars and tables while play. I think that's I think those guys are in the minority I think most guys playing professional sports. Just have. An unusual. And help the attraction to the sport so how many times for example you see a guy fall down. And in football. Trainers come out. And they help them off the field a good thing he walks up the field in his own power and you think Imus and what happened there was it is Gil was it is me. What's his head. Senator. But I don't want it to be like yeah like a tango down boxing out copies I have thought about the equation how involved until ultimately got us into locking up in his own powers are yes and no. As is our cars you've got no awareness but also international I'm gonna say can I say something is wrong I am going to concussion protocol also do whatever ready to do to get the sideline a comeback in a few plays later. Like the debate the best example we all know we all know there's no way. I don't Matt Moore know you're human being a New York. I don't blood courses your veins just like anybody else there was blood Dupree wasn't it. It the right in order to create a length of the ultimate and AM. I doubt it painful launched. And he saw Adam case. Dirty game so they had delivered the third string quarterback was in the game wasn't someone in another familiar scrub their bumper but somebody we should it. Guy a look at us guys you know that's a daughter Lucas. Isn't a game atom gates is watching and all the sudden he turned around he season Matt Moore. Over shoulder. They are a good to go no. But it went back and there. Did he need eighteen and pregnant and he finished the game there's no way that guy wasn't can cost. I don't think yet there is is just not possible but he's able to shake it off enough gas and any of them out there. And that's why they lost that playoff game so decisively right. Have had it but if it was wanted to games are fills Phil Simms said of more. If you take away that that three turnovers he's. I think that it had a good few that I know that I don't do well actually played her yeah. Your right. It's our before we get to to the key permit the a special yeah PO I can't let up at five minutes and adequately preventative going up just a couple of minutes. They're asking this question on the jump right now so I'm gonna ask you guys the exact same question as the truth is on the that's an even apart without and one look at predominantly. I can't that I excel so they're asking the question how can the Celtics slow LeBron down tonight they can't can they count on and they can't stop and can they slow and no I don't Plaxo now. I don't think so I don't know whether taken this long answer to strip aren't talking about now that they they they really can't. This is this is where and a cigarette this. Last night and this morning I think about it more than probably the Celtics. Well that this this game this huge thing of the game or the Celtics are at it probably does think it and I'll be here in Sri yeah. Yeah are distributed out of my boy. LeBron James is at the point in his career. Where he's incapable of having a bad theories. The bad series for LeBron Jane don't don't let those days are over so. I don't it was kind of like the cottage industry were for skip Bayless and others. Who are talking about you know the lack of clutch site passes to monitor on take a big job I have the coach geno has so. That was true when it lost for the mavericks in the finals what 2011. Six years ago. Days are coming back it's over he's changed you got all your fun it's all over. So he he is not gonna have a bad series you're not gonna slow him down you know can confuse and none of those things not gonna happen. He's gonna average probably 35 points twelve rebounds and ten assists for the series yet but he's up the charts entered and exit so forget about that. The question is. Is this a real shooting slump for carrier ring or is it an aberration shooting under 40% for the playoffs and they are eight now. But he's not shooting well shooting 28% from three point range is that an aberration. So you can continue that if capital that I have double digit rebound games. OK Mike you are I think that's what you focus. I think Irving is as much they think he's a great player and have a lot of the ball great players but they're capable of a couple of stickers yet registered Avery Bradley is a boosting Avery Bradley game in the playoffs have a stinker Al Horford been amazingly by myself Kelly Nolan can't capitalize on his youth. Have actually that might help. Even Al Horford he's had a great post season but incapable of a stinker so everybody besides LeBron. Can go out there and not have a great game we wouldn't Shockey Isiah Thomas we have a thirteen point game in the and the policies and so. That that could happen if you're gonna if you're upset them your need Irving in love. To have bad games hopefully on the same night's events literally just the brawn vs the Celtics and if they play well that's that I did of the formula and knock them off. No one of the cliches. Fellows that drives me crazy now it is gone too far was nice is that it was a cute phrase in the beginning. The Dow has gone too far. Nancy it's a make or miss league you don't diet is well it's I think it's a make or miss game at a pathetic. I think that's great if that's not the big league is maker Smith and RE CY. I think CYL is eight is a make or miss gave it did you make this shot or not but. It has oversimplify noted this series both teams shoot a ton of threes they really don't have a summits rely on an even though maker miss is gone too far. The Celtics. Here's a good history. You're gonna have a ton of open shots. Avery Bradley and have a ton of open shots Kelly Atlantic off the bench kind of opened hotter all of guy yeah so. What do you do it. Because maybe make you you make those women out got a real series it got to grocers. It's the difference between game four in game five. Of the last series game four ton of open shots. They're sending waves of people at Isiah Thomas he's passing off a routers an open shot miss. They Olympic there's an open shot miss miss Avery Avery Bradley opened shot missed by points and a game game five yeah. Avery comes back he's gone out. All those guys in that very next game you take advantage of the open shots so Cleveland. Is a better defensive team. The Washington. Significantly better. Out there that are everywhere especially the post season that they've expected over under five offensive rebounds for Tristan Thompson. He averages. In the regular season average almost four in the playoffs clothes and applied I think it was fourth in the league. This year up as a rebounds and against the Celtics him. Over over Avalon offensive rebounds that's the over them. I'm I sorority under. Architect I need a wedge. Yeah that I LeBron averaging that triple double. I'm not fifth and Thompson and his offensive rebounds a pocket I picked the Celtics to win again I think it is and how the negativity here. Our final drive with a mediocre keeper Matt is coming up next good taste in our ports you know WEEI.

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