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Mut at Night with Keefe and Bradfo - Are we overacting to the Celtics getting the #1 pick? 5-17-17

May 17, 2017|

Keefe and Bradfo are in to discuss the Celtics winning the draft lottery and how the so called analyst reacted. Lavar Ball's sexiest ways on The Herd, and how these 2 love themselves some podcasts. Chris Villani with his thoughts on the Celtics winning the lottery for the first time.

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He's much better. At night on Sports Radio. We EI. It's mother at night we that are not know much. Facts former and extended first pitch Richie here bright and rob Bradford in Saint Louis. The first pitch proxy by Dover Honda visit them at Dover Honda. Dot com rob how are you sir I'm outstanding shower you pose that midwest life treat me right now so friendly everywhere and so friendly it's amazing I. Actually I just talked to chase turnout you know chased I don't know it's sounds familiar I do not know that he's the guy who is on the Red Sox roster who has played a month. And I asked the prices the longest you've ever gone without playing. In baseball games yes but the guy is always smiling he's he's. He's the smiley is Major League Baseball player I've ever seen. After all have you always been this way that yeah I learned awhile ago that if you smile and you happy to open mean to last year adding to perform better. I think we at W yeah I can learn from this it I think the dope on the smile or philosophy. That has some weight to be yeah yeah. NATO guess although I feel like the people who are really smiling all the time if they can add kind of dark. I don't rest yet there's probably a lot more going on there yeah I think so. The announcement and and I think a lot like LeBron yeah I didn't hear about it there's a lot more. To that pay a lot has happened since we last talked Los spoke Brad 24 hours ago. As the Celtics as you predicted and yes I'm number one pick. I guarantee against these are you walking up victory protecting and guaranteeing you'd lost it up that's a lot in this day in the nation by. Who'd like Dikembe Mutombo you have you were tipped off to those. Yeah kinda can be we we have a lot in common week you didn't. Yes when we will likely pick a basketball Ohio is cute that the camp a finger known known known known you block shots and there. Now I haven't understood anyway I just do it does not have a tried and I've ignored by. Yeah nuts expert I guarantee it I felt good about so you know I went all united on sixteen I guarantee you you you really did. Now at this point have you. God it's up to look at the prospects that he's just started thinking about whether they should trade the ticker at that portable begun a while waiting at U of I read. First off first it's when he with a frequent now we are on the broadcast. And you just broke and now we broke down which is greatest Christian our camp at the news and they came back and we broke it down and immediately. Immediately that you is in the well a third inning fourth inning data remember off the Obama has hurt yeah third inning. I will I said right then and there I gave my Arctic right that in there which is. Yes getting number one was important surely getting number two at the lakers what's almost as important because what you do now. You just say we're gonna take Alonso ball convince everyone of it. Make that trade with the lakers if you're gonna take faults anyway. Get the lakers getting number two rich I don't know how many people being on this bandwagon today yeah but it's if the band wagon that I jumped on along time ago off. This dude you got now wait I will say this you know when you have his dad. Yelling at former W yard dotcom employees as he did today which is inexcusable it certainly he would he did. It is becoming harder and harder for our for the Celtics to say we're gonna beat this guy without getting some sort blow back. Why don't think they I think I couple months ago I thought on the ball as the guy but the more and more I've read is going to be the guy though I don't fault the guy. You've got to make it seem like the guy that's my what do you say yeah but I don't think that here's the question now does did the lakers. Want Alonso ball as much as one VAR ball wants the lakers. I think I think the lakers will be fine taken full so that they're not gonna trade you. Other knock it flipped it to you and then toss in summary of the Jewish Randall would be that idiotic. That does seem a good thing I don't I don't know what you trade trade or you might eat it seems like it's a better fit with the lakers and all the other stuff aside as the basketball player. Men and Celtics would you agree with that mean you have rated Ingraham there. Oh Angela Russell though. Oh yeah. Well audio they used to say that players. You thinks. A point guard though right there and the ball there Randy could you could play embolden a lot of teams play and also there's that that element in I don't know if music through the use the match would want this yeah he's. He's that type of guy he's he's he's a throwback he's the guy who's gonna create the shot and beacon stable the NBA's played anymore but you can think that. So he went on the record last night during the game and your allegation trade that would deckers yes what did Tim think what I wanted to read it right before the that was just it has the firsthand knowledge of one's ball game you see just history with the Colorado program. So you've seen him like I'll I social pac twelve ball in soft Marco false plates and oh so between the scouting report the pact well scouting report. And in my heart ache in terms of understanding now. The GM me NBA war yet you add all that together I thought it was probably the best part the third inning in the history of rat's artwork was neglect and check the ratings on them are going to be a clearly he strongly together or break that down. But doubted the base a big night for the Celtics a big night here. Tonight for them met. As well obviously game 1 of the Eastern Conference final that we forget that has so when you and I I apologize that your team and statistics or hear all the shows I did that Jeff Goodman on our jobs. Actually the point four hits of the game Jeff Goodman was was great he's always he was really good and and he. Likes mark health faults the most and he says there for really really four players he loves. But mark L fault stands out amongst that group but he also thinks it's a good fit for the Celtics does about Jason Tatum would be great fit for the Celtics. I'm but it is pretty high on on mark tell faults he also mentioned that the Celtics are gonna get swept by the caps. Utterly day after that at the end than in the Michael got a little upset without the agreement jacket Michael picked the Celtics she did yeah ever hyping green podcast on the ever hyping green podcasts and on dale Hollywood chief he has his pick this is doubled down I thought his committee picked the cavs one place the Celtics on the placement that way you're you know you're you're guaranteed to be right. But now he's sick and the Celtics went and he like he believes it. I used to now not now I think no the other daily use thing I go so what's your pick these like Celtics and it had big grin on his face and I'm like well I you are your shirt. But he recovered well yeah right like Eric are you are you share this. And he's saying yes and he even admits is like you know LeBron James is gonna while there is gonna have 35 points. Eleven rebounds ten assists and you know you every game that's is what is an average for the series. But he feels like the Celtics can can make up for and other areas in and win I just. I can't talk myself into it it's been a nice Ron and he's been a great season maybe even capped off last night by getting the number one pick but I just. I'd I don't see how they can beat them four times I just I don't do you. So for the dale Polley keep ship weighs one curious about. There's two very very important things happen with the Boston Celtics and we are talking about robberies actions. Or anything else had that for the meg we have a lot of that today yeah a lot of that so so what which that you weren't Celtics what it. A blow this whole lottery to date with the actual Cleveland Cavaliers because I get the sense that people. At least some people feel for yet. By the way you're starting Eastern Conference. I think it has kind of flown under the radar a little bit and hopefully tomorrow allowable morally you know win or lose the will leave more focused on this series but I think in the aftermath. So should the Celtics in their long tradition of losing the lottery and you know missing out on on tremendous you know generational players. To see them win the lottery that there's more attention on that and whether or not to take the pick. You know a couple of the people probably heard you in the bottom of the third inning because we actually heard that two American they trade down debate to be added another player via and and get somebody else or or even still get faults or whatever might be. But yet there's a lot more for more talk about our little holes that. Well let me ask you this would did you also talk and media should talk to us as well. The reaction to the Celtics getting the back every you have the reaction of the eighties shaking what's her name Amanda. Lou matter whatever you see that yes yes yes oh. So yep which Grousbeck there and then you have that horrific Comcast C we played that Austin county. Which was was not to let you know like that there are excited about the the picnic on earth you know I have the games on their all holidays let me ask you this on my rescue short. And I get a like Kyle Draper Brian Scalabrine by. You know with which fraud who I respect tremendously yeah all of its year Porter as you've got to report is your right or not you'd beat the runner. If you beat round. That's what if I get it at the beat writers get ripped all the time ago only to tight with the players and everything else. Have you ever seen anything like that from eight the writer of a sport of AT. I. Try to think. Now everyone's all you hear of a guy that gets removed from a press box for cheering every once in awhile you're definitely not you know that's that's like the you know that's the guy from you know I don't know. Mean. Yeah ray ray yeah it would ever gonna plasma and I think it's it's on it is a great seats it's just he's. And you've obviously we've all seen those guys yes. But it. I saw that video and I understand it's good for Comcast business it'd maybe that's than they did noted this is better for us sales for the world's top that's gets good it was Ross it was it was something like I've never seen growth. So I ever again I like mark hill falls the more more highlight videos that lots of them however. This to mean again it's exciting that they won dog at the bit wrong not to take anything away from that. But like that reaction makes more sense if LeBron James or Tim Duncan. Or Shaq or you don't insert player that we knew right away it was gonna be so great. Tim didn't want anybody like all the agree with the rich as a whole other aspect of it yeah if that was the case it would have been sort of it's our web anyway I understand it and went a little weird. But the and as also I asked Jeff Goodman you know you look at the last three point guards are taken number one overall. And got you know carrier ring you know John Wall he had Derrick Rose. The announced that it you compared those guys going into the draft would mark health faults like how would the four of those guys be picked. And he says falsely before. So Ellie yes I mean is crazy is. He's it's a draft that I think is very good but it's not crazy top heavy legs are good at the suburbs of the number three pick like it did last year. Which it's it's everybody told you of the two player draft a year ago and now this year to four players draft me get the number one pick so it's just that. The little frustrating in that regard but it's a good spot to be for Danny Ainge to be able to either take a player he wants her or even traded yeah we go to. These rafts in every year we try to identify if that's the good drought it was a bad drought this as a craft you really wanna set yourself up for. And you know the 2014 draft the ratings wrote the rigging for Wiggins right. Yes and part time thing yeah that knocks not sorry for Jabari and Linda Miller wanted to. But that was that was all well if you want to forget about 2013. If you want a draft this draft is going to be it. Right you go wait in yep Parker indeed. According they're good players get Smart was born with six yep that did Daunte accident with number. Jewish riddle they're good players in and if you compare them to certainly last year they're better. But I think what it what you're saying before this isn't like Tim Duncan this isn't like we we haven't seen we haven't seen that Dwyane Wade LeBron draft. Crap I'll gather Carmelo. An old glory on time right at. And and that's why we just could mean and he says you know you have that four guys lumped together but it's not going to be what you hope it would be. I believe. And also faults as you does it say it's hypothetically they get faults whether the end of Switzerland the lakers are they Sagan number one overall he's also not a guy. Who's gonna come in here. And ball Isaiah or Avery Bradley out of the starting lineup you know he'd be a guy who plays comes off the bench in all likelihood it is probably. I was it plays more than Jalen brown but I would I would think similar to Jalen brown a guy of the third overall pick another one and done player. Who was on a on a good team didn't play a ton of minutes we went over some of the rookies are last night on the shelves and out view is if he played for the lakers who probably would've played. 45 minutes of my people here on a good team you get a sort of carve out that that role for yourself. And I guess Marco faults authority asked about it. And eat you said all the right things there on the quote part of me but it is basically hey. You know I could play on morrow you know in the Eastern Conference finals or something like that idea out via a dream come true also has not been. He doesn't sound like he's too worried about. Playing time whereas the Alec Lavar ball I think would be it would be very concerned about his songs on them. Yes yes but how much the that leads you to the Lavar ball question and you saw what that reference before you saw that about. On the FS one so yes I think everybody would have thought we have that I actually I never had seen that show it to I was at the hotel in today it was on. And and Christie Leahy used to I used to be your boss you realize that. I do it that's very deck shoes was she here before shares for the Celtics are after guests this was yet before she was with the Celtics. And she did a daily. Daily rundown forest very nice very talented and am very happy for. But if I watched that show and then you you hear what levoir ball that made a lot of news actually think it was great for Christine and this happened. But does that change anything that we knew that what the guy what's it doesn't change anything with a Lavar ball might question he riches doesn't change anything for Alonzo the at this point. And you know we get it Lavar ball is crazy we understand that but should we listen and it shouldn't K here is what I'm saying. You know what the tar balls spin on so much he's been on but everybody's on the loss and now I I actually enjoyed interviewer are the guys nuts but you'll be on again and I where you guys. Our our love them on it and I just think he's insane and it was some of the stuff that he's the he's talking on now and I will play coming up will play the had gone back and forth with Christine glioma powered show but. He's just I don't think it's gonna effective team where they pick lawns though but this is something that's changed at least in me. Is that I am now rooting against Alonso ball yeah I would I loan I want him to be terrible. Just so I can see Lavar ball. Scramble. Have to make excuses defend himself Eddie can't do all this in my son's there and encourage my sons better than to put us on the myth. And that sucks for Alonso like addict he seems like a great guy everybody Jeff Goodman include us and that the nicest kid and also the stuff but. Man I just I I wanna see that whole big ball brand fail a bigger a lot of people probably do too well I think the best thing actually for Alonso would for an get drafted by the Celtics or really anybody but the lakers went and yet the lakers I mean he's all the pressure in the world are now well and also Lavar you just wanna keep levoir away all of America flying here in there. But it's not a fly it is much and that for a guy like lines of the big thing which is exactly opposite of what you normally one for a olds eat one year old Nigerian and yet you you want the parents to be around. Right you don't want this the other guys. Now. It's got the difference oral together are you could join us six on 777979237. We'll get to Tom Brady what his wife Gisele. Had to say earlier today coming up but I do wanna play that if you missed it. Lavar ball out of it adds a different side of Lavar ball note and it always crazy but confusing. What are you saying to former WEEI dot com employee Christine Leahy. Someone who worked under rob Bradford an old school loved playing that audio coming out Robin counterfeit let's risky feared brightened sports rated W yeah. It's my tax. With the rich keep on Sports Radio don't. Red Sox baseball coming your way about an hour from now as they wrap up there. Both two game series against the St. Louis Cardinals rob Bradford will once again be on the call with him divert rob. Joining us here from Saint Louis. We'll get to the Christine Leahy before ball battle and a second but it's important note rods and I see the Bravo show as they are Raphael deeper sedition. Daria gas. Pretty good stuff yeah there was actually really we've got a pretty good week on now. As they called does that show yeah column right without without doubt all the W yeah. Now doctor Michael Michael was great talking about the process. Red Sox. New law Hughes had a huge day in citing rob you. Name it right now how soon can he be up here. Yet yet it appears that. But by also listens and now he's assistant general manager's duties weary. And put. Cold water on. Like yourself once about the rental but the other big news today with the stars people here. That's the big news the three. Our David Ross right you Garcia and and partners while I'd like to show. A couple times and hatteras and it's my blood into the whole thing where they follow the guy around the purse on the week. So he's doing it for if he has the game night so his partner are don't know her name Matisse years well. You know they do Hillary is talking you know read ago. He's lost like seventeen pounds bop its just dancing yet so I am going to go and its stars that that's the plan. That's like I iced it wouldn't forum I tweeted that than that day. After that now I'm in this off some of the cast less than I've seen before I don't think it's that far off brown that. Bradford your honor the crowd our show shows up and here is silly here's the guy that has not T shirts rolled like. Ross the idols like I think I think he's in the finals its outlets like you were higher at like five concussions. It was going to retire before the cubs now is on its stars its cereal named after. Yeah the serial kidnapper that's. And so he's the first I did hear that these the first baseball player ever on the show which makes sense because it is the season and everything. But they usually always they always have a football player. Yet it is it Rossi he's used the best guys nice guys that night about. And so when he's talking down there and use honestly sometimes you go through that whole show. And I know everyone is relieved. How the stars. But he's its test out these non stop. I could never ever ever learn that it did not on offense. Ever and I if you told me that David Ross that if I would never ever order out against areas in the finals Howard sequined jumpsuits and you get a nice teacher who knows who you recruited from now I'll rod you're very critical. Of the Comcast guys for how they celebrated the lottery last night cracked yes OK I was right. I was I had a hard time with their they're beat writers celebrating like you aren't well summer's gonna take you to task in that is Kenny in Plymouth Kenny what do you got. I don't understand how you can criticize those guys when US so far did good he is by late where's your integrity you know you know and integrity means. I've never it. Never ends erratically. All raw we don't know he did in the bedrooms and David Ortiz. It's in the book. Kenny you're gonna have to read the book and how you're really gonna have to read the Demi that I I get it that the beat writers and also L William relationship with this guy or that guy out to stay in us rich that yes it Teddy could chide me duties to the degree yeah okay he's here. OK I would say have you ever seen a guy who covers the need act like that. He's now a caddie. I'm Joshua you read the it that far. Job. No we well. Yeah they are they're pretty fired up about it. It all right thank you can register on what you again. But it's a I think rich you advocate point is is that. Caught the Celtics are very important comment on my idea yet this week we saw how important it is to them. But that reaction in human like in his reaction I was like yeah you get the number one pick by. Is Jeff Goodman pointed out there's about four guys are sort name there's this inducted its bids. Yeah and I now that's the thing if I wanna get really excited about it and I'm really I am all in on on mark tell faults he's he's my guy now bought. You know another that you play. I see implicate the audit on wants all these highlights like crazy there's there's a right to have power YouTube videos at a clipper I've been going like crazy watching these things I did so you don't play Internet access yes. And I see you accessed via download movies so what do you do what you don't go to YouTube and I'd like it at the YouTube now mark helpful finally yet and they're great and they let him integrated he looks like a heck of a player when it was a watch almost except the problem is is that there it's jail like that one again at Long Beach stayed at cal state forward and all those teams are there during the year it doesn't ESPN game it was UCLA vs Washington. And I was so excited is at 9 o'clock the united circled right ago Alonso ball vs mark tell faults. And faults is out and injured implied. I'll have a let down. Out of it like to convert all of this at really look at that but lob the ball. I saw him play a large but Marco faults is team has an internment he missed six games due to injury. And as you know there on the pac twelve network at the 1030 at night now I like stay out but I cited the potency of. I do think I'd I'd bump with the I've lots of all played on with people like. I think on the walls and I think he's going to be a that he is a unique player until all the we should go down the road while the NBA's teams in eagle at these guys anymore. If you can play you can play it looked at Al Horford right yeah Al Horford. It's a great interior pass. And would we want to prioritize that if you got a guy about probably not how important has that been in terms of making us believe that he's useful player yet I coached other. I did logs of all be good on this item and I really liked what full size I think he's going to be a more complete bit player in a more odd guy who better fits what the Celtics need. But that's for Alonso ball his father at it once again today he was on without Colin Cowherd and robs former employee Christine Leahy. And so at first he's talking to the bars talking to Colin Cowherd on that Christine Leahy does have a follow up question in the isn't very. Very awkward. Back and forth a subtle us. Have you sold in the shoes yet. So good amount to be considered different amounts how many stinging only when he went. I'm and it took me more about her over there actually isn't the kind of answers Tuesday as she stood mom's old novels did you see this guy just walk and look. I don't look over the Kaczynski did me well all right now I'm just leave me alone I'll tell you for five compared. So yeah she's a reporter for job is to share your report to whoever she won't behind. When I saw you come at all what your what is your problem with me I marked problem here is you or they hate her why I would never Wear Dick Pole assure. Don't even topped the box urgency on the on the right I said that I wouldn't Wear something there's a callers the same thing all due respect your great report just not report. What does that's. I'm I mean I guess I noted I guess that you know sexism. Yeah but skeletal pain was what's he like saying she steers me what that what was well if one person that doesn't scare you Christie. I think he's Olympic assaults. And what's. Well you know what wise it was because she she's partner with beyond sick or 400 or 500 no way. Yeah his answer is very strange wasn't it or is that every other all different numbers and and it was we saw the mouth you know for me Eric wants its tank. That's exactly what's. No. Not much of the costs how many have you sold. And so yeah about. What's wrong without question insecure hater. That's a very well Russian chief policy obviously probably says something when it shows and he watched Dayton and there it went from there might. It's it was so bizarre assault with Christian lady as a retreat like this it's always an hour ago. Yes it's great as he graduated from that that is that is for sure precede other great job and she didn't answer obvious obviously easy to answer that lets you get alerts of really well they're two I'm not I'm not surprised understated she did because. I could follow ups like forty that would be talking about and what I want want it like yeah I asked that it adds I thought she was great yeah. Offensive to you I just said you know if you wanna you know work with Nike ideas and under armour. To maybe it's something that appeals to women I don't know as a legit I mean I don't have the agreed to another with a prominent blogger on but I thought it was a good. Morning I saw quite a. I don't. That owns and I don't see he's like so dismissive of her though. It's it's and this is that this is the best they become the only good thing about that now whole clip. With that we note that the issues ourselves. Baseball owners are not selling haulers not silent and they're not for women and it and test and it is holding a list. It's they apparently units to bat yet my wife's a big ball teachers for now athlete not a couple extra hundred bucks slide around procedure if so let you get your choice you know he shares the flip flop with a high tops whatever you want I'll look at the flipping floppies for 204 dollars. By here's the other thing about it if if usually you would rookies start there at BA careers they're not very good the first that's right that's they're few and far between that they're at they're good. But I. And so when you want so start playing and he's not that good or he's eating into his MBA career. Well what's gonna happen that then you dedicate three times the amount. On IKEA went for that like you imagine him going now also the lakers. And one minerals become a softer landing formed soup is he goes into that locker room waited branding removes one the you know Julie's ran nosed when he wandered ever Russell got a lot of young guys there. If he ever happen to be on a team. We've veteran players they're looking at him like you know 500 dollar sneaker. Have you that a game yet music that this the worst idea for a rookie sneaker area a rookie having its eastern named after him. Since Herbert Chauncey Phillips stated when he width of the celtics' via commercial bought into sneakers in Boston Harbor. So it's ironic that a volley looked obvious YouTube is a commercial effect demonstrated that and obviously yeah obviously it was a brief window where it would do this but that's how I know yes Carol very early in his career because. Yet the Chauncey Billups Celtics is that before or after you got the Celtics logo tattooed on. I thought. If Jason Terry's right. Yup. Slowly but there was also optimistic about drafts and I know you they missed out on Duncan Richard I was. I remember I remember back in Concord Academy coaching days moment the tally curt telling Kirk that hand. That Ron Mercer was was going to be a like Jordan asked the guy could come off screen things that you really shoot it's really by the that it have that fifteen foot jumper off that doesn't played it it was it was DeMar DeRozan before DeMar DeRozan. Although it never it never really can't tell her of robbers and their 61777979837. Robbed on Saint Louis getting set for the Red Sox and cardinals. I'm back here are bright studios it or your phone calls also a mention what Gisele had to say about Tom Brady we'll do that come popular Sports Radio W media. Well I I think it an honor to have a successful company you're gonna have to have women who like your grandmother. Yeah I've loved ones but anyways I know with mock attack on what we shot and rich fat. 21 now more money cheap. Plus Sports Radio telling you we. Red Sox first pitch extended edition will of the a pregame show coming up at 730 rich people rob Bradford from Saint Louis will be on the call it's an average. Once again yeah nice fraud ya you like doing these games. Yeah I do I do this time you paid their eyes at this before he made that game nobody's business yes. The great game of baseball and and yes they negate it also. Doing these nationally game it's fun especially when you're sixth inning yeah exactly figure things out and I do think that the DH should be everywhere and anywhere. Because I don't think fans come to Steve double switches. But what you're doing this it's warranted playoff I do like it too because you're just more likely get a game under three hours so that Ellis Island and part of an update last night. I asked me you know things under three hours yes you revenue dork podcast I shouldn't they be so much from her bring that up hash tag door to check out on iTunes or on WEEI dot com slash don't work or I talk TV movies video games it's that are out the most recent one is Christopher Guest movies yours yours yours scratching where I did she like those good dad. Badly hit us yet so did you did you rectum. Yes I did I will listen to a I have a coaches let's yet but I well and I do it's quickly can I keep you might might operate now hostile. Idols go is it's spiral out number one up. It might write that number one for you yes OK Justin showed number two yup waiting for got the numbers. That's how I want him right yeah well exactly ally well I. Honestly it's I'm not to say it's right five myself agreeing with you maybe. It's remarkable that we just became best friends there when their desperate need to notes and those three also ours so far ahead of the other theory. A the other three don't watch if you like that kinda comedy like that like them you know fake documentary thing. You'll you'll watch all of them but the other three are nearly instantly Spinal Tap the songs are all actually really good and it's funny. Yes the show especially if your dog person and anyway is hysterical. And then waiting for golf men. Is just the characters matter believable. Yet it aired and didn't you out roll like a few good men which way that was the U should UAE dork modcast. Of actors who are out of nowhere having these rolls out of nowhere not yet not done their usual road so that was certainly I couldn't believe he was the few good men how does that casting ego. For Christopher Gatsby in a few mad. He could be anything though because he's the one character in all of those movies that please somebody completely differently a lot of guys it's like that's Arabs at Fred Willard plays Fred Willard who's in these amazing but he plays basically the same guy and all home. Don't I was settled. That and it does he talks of past in the musical billion jokes in there well did you in the podcast you also in today's house Christopher Guest at Jamie Lee Curtis the merits of thanks again for talk about why. I don't know everything toys 1984. Yes he talks about talking about the sweet spot yeah Punjab the movie perfect. Yeah well. I had no idea why he's very funny gas and maybe she solemn in Spinal Tap vacuum up the same year answers like that he's a rock star and yet elated. This that early you personally he was he was the cast member and a writer on SNL. And then he's due in all these different movie accuse catalog is it is very expensive that you try to get him actually on the podcast now we don't we don't like you know. Not on the podcast that has me much like talking about it right elbow I think you sure I think you have hit on one every once in awhile and laugh all that rejection. I have here's here's quality to so outscored rubber outlaw outscored rework the market you with details right yeah I didn't answer it now she's in the race island reporter. Her first cousin is rock court. Oh yes I have a rock forgeries vote number almost all right now. It was post a couple of my guess it would be forced an Iraq court the year from Massachusetts. While those Red Sox. And now this talk about everything out everything that's where you are podcast on the month. It would be perfect dance judges are put not Steelers let's look at him. It who knows someone who knows somebody who's famous that's or turn the podcasted that they accomplish now like I. I I love that sort podcast thank you ago next I'll take a hit and it really would. Quickly here before I get out a year the you heard Gisele this morning saying that Tom Brady. Had a concussion last year and stop herself from saying he has concussions every year yet we did have a few peoples that suggest issuer name concussions but I'm pretty sure she did and he feels that she's talking about. She can't she can't they speak it cannot be a happy day in the Brady outs now there's a conversation being that yeah. And the people who'll they'll order a tie themselves in the Nazi and say no. She's you know you set he didn't mean that all ours he doesn't know what he's talking about if anyone knows what they're talking about if anyone yeah. Yeah actually it's browse the truth in this situation I would say it would be his wife a moment of honesty which she yelled that it probably didn't want. Herta right yes all obsolete I think she even comment again she kind of knew what I left a little too much out there and how to stop yourself shorts and has it she's like we are evenly talk about it. Solemn. But he had other leagues have no look at this here oh a little bit great probably about to say our knowledge that's that didn't have a thought I got to know how they can really rule that that was the case but. It's another thing to deal with a to the paint it also speaks to it also speaks to the mortality of Tom Brady. I think in some people's minds but of course Tom Brady never had a concussion. Where the reality is that he's a football player he's an NFL quarterback and of course he didn't have concussions. Everybody NFL has concussions on even Tom Brady was when cookbook. If everybody there is sixty dollar a bag of nuts yeah yeah yeah everybody you know what I mean yeah I I think there was there was that. Of vast. Number of people out there that thought Tom Brady has taken care of himself so well with a concussion water. And in the lack of information from the birds and everything else. It he could possibly ever coached well but if nothing is this that he is immortal he is immortal Bryant if white. Proof point and I think also it makes even more central we've heard in the past you know Brady senator Zell wants me to a retired things like that while and it makes even more sense now what if she knows that. You know he's had concussions throughout his career which has not been reported. So we're looking out the way I had a knee injury that a shoulder problem but now he's also it might like every player is that because if if you want to have this cast Tom Brady a little bit to the replied I'm not albeit against anybody do that. Because all of sudden you say it's it's great to be placed a 45. And because it'll give the patriots to enjoy if you have this great quarterback play that long. But it. If he placed a 45. The real he's probably gonna have a few more concussions along the way in which will not be good that for the itself. He's rob Bradford he'll be on the called Red Sox and cardinals tonight with him never yeah yes listen we rate it will be great that'll do it for me I'll be back in with the dale and Holley tomorrow we have Stephen A Smith on the show tomorrow. Rob such reader that is yet you had gas we would have got good guys I thought. I asked not to about our crystal Lonnie is coming in next here on Sports Radio W media. He had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much it and we don't talk about what he does have concussions in his. These these first pitch the initial look at today and Sox game we recap the day in Boston sports and get ready for Red Sox baseball so lets get going on first pitch fund Sports Radio WEEI. That's first pitch but I think a lot of people a basketball on the brain and c'mon. It gets a Red Sox they get the cardinals tonight it's going to be a stellar pregame show I can promise you that. Everything will be enunciated properly. Already all the sponsors in two going to be tremendous interview Chad Jennings of the Boston Herald. The manager's report it's gonna be great pregame show at the best the best pregame show Akers whose house. I'm not sure I'll try to find out that information. Whoever it is he's handsome I tell you that. But the Red Sox and cardinals tonight reports Seles pitching Mike Leake for the cardinals that's year update McKee that's Karen freaking cover up the ball I great Kimball straight year birdie out. Eight pitches last night in saint now back. That said. I I hit it makes you declare the championship which is a ridiculously accurate the last time I was this excited about Celtics. BK is the number one pick last night in jail. This like the B one long suffering. I demon. Other than media reds championship. They needed to be exercised in Boston sports right. And the Bruins have won the Stanley Cup for the first time since seventy to a few years ago the Celtics won a title. For the first time in twenty plus years we all of the Red Sox the patriots have been dominant. But one thing the only thing that was remaining. That you needed to cross off the list of okay Boston get this done too was a winning NBA draft lottery. And even just talking with people being out today. And totally off topic conversations non sequitur is people bringing up winning the draft lottery. And there's even that transcended. Championship immediately makes you a championship contender had a player like LeBron tight outing its mark L bald Lavar ball. But either one of them appears to be back caddick. But just two winning. The lottery. Just having those finally those freaking ping pong ball. Bounce their way in this area where the Celtics against Dick in a bunch of times you go back 2007. When it looked like they might have a chance of the top three pick an outside chance that a number one pick ended up with five. That ended up working out well because that they pick eventually became Ray Allen and that started the whole building the Big Three. But then 9797. The lottery they still take it over what does it ruin my childhood. But the end of sixth grade was not as good as it could have then. When the Celtics didn't get the number one pick and had the second best odds to get that pick. I ended up with a W knotted up Chauncey Billups Ron Mercer Phillips is gone and happy year with the issue deal. And nothing else to show for at least from the Celtics perspective and Tim Duncan transforms the San Antonio Spurs for the next two decades. In two. Did sort of a dynasty ever really strung those titles together but still. Irrelevant every year they went titles every year they still relevant now even though there are gonna make the finals the season by. Then the entire fortunes of a franchise changed in the last night. Finally we got ours and I don't you're not a Boston sports bandage nobody wants to hear this. Because bots and then nothing but win for the past fifteen years. Get that out of pocket. Winning the lottery finally having the number one pick felt fantastic. Now the question is what the Celtics to a packed and it seems as though more and more you look at the tea leaves here what some of the analysts are saying what the the scouts are saying who have been watching tape on these guys in in trying to figure out who might be the best it where. It seems like signs are waiting towards keep the pick. And draft mark L fault. And I was very much on Alonso ball bandwagon for good chunk of the season at. I admit it I pellets of the bias that a lot of people falling too big guy that you see more. Is probably the one nature got a YT get a bigger sample size of the plays well and bald did. Idec tourney team Whitman get outplayed right here at fox notwithstanding. You're going to come away with a good impression back. Not to mention Lavar ball PR nightmare that has been following him in keeping one's a ball. On top of mind in the number times by the way it's only when the rays which the double raising 2008 you can calm the Devil Rays. There were times I call Alonso ball well our ball. Needing to say Alonso but I say Lamar. Is not good. The fact that the dad has made himself they bring you would you could come home page ESPN. An everyday chancellor to the story. But it appears to be stupid but it says low bar now wants three billion issue companies want a deal. Three billion dollars what bothers me the most about that is not that he said something ridiculous. It's that America sports America is on a first name basis with this clown it just says Lavar. Doesn't say Lavar ball. Doesn't say lawns those debt or Alonso ball's father Ernie they like I just low bar now wants three billion if shoe companies want deal. That bothers me the most about that headline. Is there's no question whatsoever like seal just needs one name Madonna. Wynonna. Other one name people. To break he should not be Nellie who is in Saint Louis last night the Red Sox and cardinals and I hope is there again tonight. He should not even be on Nellie is level are right. This guy as is not anywhere near any any frankly any of the saint lunatics none of them. He should not be on Nellie level that bothers me tremendously. And I felt that it to circle back to this I've gotten more comfortable with the idea of the Celtics. Drafting mark helpful even though I've been on the sort of the ball bandwagon ones though not levoir be very clear there. Odd to around just a watch wants the ball in some games including in the tourney game. And he's back guy that makes the play that nobody else on the court can make. Even if you come away from it and you look at box QWERTY say while he plays Walt deer fox complete nearly Islamic tourney game work I didn't play as well as he could have. Miss some shot to shot looks weird you look at all these things but then he'll make two or three or four plays. And usually they're passes. But he'll just make a few plates six appeals makes that ails the country makes that. In college basketball. These these guys ready to meet impact player in the NBA right away. But now seem war highlights on faults. Hearing more about him he played a bad team. And part of me throughout the course of the year spot. How did this kid BP came pull his team and say anything resembling tournament content and a teacher. The CBI the and I ET the what's the other one the CIT. College insider turned and I think that still exists he couldn't get anywhere near any one of these tournaments. But the numbers out were off the charts the offensive numbers were up the charts and beat the again the consensus seems to be the feeling seems to be that he will. I have the opportunity be a good fit. If the Celtics are to sign Isiah Thomas long term can at all. Northwest at all U dub situation there and you hear those Judy gather. Maybe adding Gordon Hayward I know Chris managed talked about that in the mid day show today. You've got Al Horford sign for a few more seasons on that big contract in your rock and running and you got some thing they can at least. May make Cleveland nervous next year make it a little bit more of a battle. Because this all falls in the backdrop on the way the fact that the Celtics and cavaliers are. Not quite ninety minutes let's every five minutes away from tipping off. In game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals and it feels like that is the story bits. Under the radar relative to the Celtics winning the lottery. Because I think there's a general understanding which Celtics fans that this isn't the team. It's supposed to deliver a championship realistically even compete for championship. And it. Maybe there's a few out there that expect the Celtics to win that think the Celtics can win that. It least expect the Celtics to put up a good fight your against the cavaliers make him sweat pushed it to six anything like that. Count me in the camp and I feel like this is the majority. That would today is that everything. That happens from here on out great. They get swept fine. It blown out games are close okay. I'll live with it. Because we've seen. Undocked from the guys that we think they're at least I have the guys that are going to be here for their future first and foremost Brad Stevens. I his ability to make adjustments within the course the series is ability to coach a different game. In the post season. Where you have to make sometimes those knee jerk moves in throw Gerald Green into the starting lineup. He Amir Johnson the starting line up a lot of people myself included think that you shouldn't. You make the ride up high handed in Cali only taken the fourth quarter in game seven. Do the kinds of things attack they had your had fifteen attacked the basket more. When they get into ruts where they're settling too much take too many jump shots too many shots from the outside. Do the types of things you need do to win playoff games in a sport where in the post season it's so dramatically different than it is relative to the regular season. So I think you feel good about Brad Stevens of what he can be as a playoff coach going for. Don't really to say much about Isiah Thomas Dewey. The performances that he's been able put together. We had no consistent other scorer in the back court it's been different guys and stepped up at various points him Bradley a couple of games ago. A big man battle Winnick. And in game seven. In go back to Jae Crowder hitting big shots in game one of the wizards series of different guys have been able to give him a little bit of help. But you'd think about what Thomas you'd be with somebody like ball even if he's. Just a reasonable impact player for a number one overall pick. And a proven star approved an all star heading into his physical prime like Gordon he and Thomas. Deals like the kind of guy that you can build a championship team. And I think you'll learn that during this post season although I think many had that figured out our. Same for Al Horford and said it oblige Al Horford getting gay Christ because of the contract because the sheer dollar values eventually a few years will yet. Sort of the sense of heavy Max contract which is about thirty million dollar a year and a player. Is it what you expected to be and it's not what it was before this last that would during the last collective bargaining agreement now with all the new money in the game. The V Max contract means more than it did before. A twenty million dollar player to 45 a fifteen everything is going to change. Going for will be sort of expect in terms of production from those guys. I'm fine with were offered. I'm OK with that the performance that he is given in the post season at keeping people more help into the same thing about Isiah Thomas. But the guys that you know we're going to be with the Celtics going for it Tiki feel good about. And that's why heading into the series at like this he competitive series I'd like to see the Celtics try to push it too I game six let's see a win tonight. Realistically you wanna win tonight. It's a you have to win tonight's obviously game one but you win tonight he at least make him think a little bit right. You at least put the cavaliers in a position going to game two. Where so important to take this one you wanna go back to the Q having lost to. Where the Celtics did try to steal when they are they need a whole different dynamic of of the series you're down three games to one technically you've got to win this one tonight. If you really really wanna win this one tonight. By. Even if they they look at I think the cavaliers on win in five if they do they who cares it's it's gravy at this point yourself expand. It's good if the number one pick. Gordon Hayward is coming here Marty convinced that point I. Other fifty million bucks disdain for in Salt Lake City remember. Is that there there was a whole thing about the Salt Lake City nightlife. When that jazz or getting waxed by the does the warriors right as an it would dollar who's making fun of the Salt Lake City nightlife. Like garbled Salt Lake City night nightlife. And the first bars on a Thursday night barely. Probably about 103011. O'clock right in the middle you would think that thirsty Thursday situation is closed. First Barney came up you put in solid just Google Salt Lake City night like ours closed wants to stay there. Played for Brad Stevens the past. I just I feel good about him in the celtics' opportunity. The winter and in the off season number one pick and you're going into Eastern Conference finals against fuels feels like gravy. Now it's a lot of ways the Celtics win this year's maybe some disagree. I just look at this and got a few minutes of one squeeze in a collar 26177797937. I text like 37937. I just don't see really answer for attrition Thompson on the boards as he answered all for LeBron which she'd say about everybody in the league. I don't think it sells to have enough firepower. Maybe with a Gordon Hayward in a mark helpful for example they would. I just don't know that they've enough firepower to watch really these guys. Which is it is the big east history. At a strong statement. He thinks treaties and round. I guess but when they have one aim at the one game six and seven during a three day stretch at some point or many points over the course of their. Over the course of your illustrious history. For the Utah Jazz I would say yes. I don't think it's exciting because. At this TO for it turned the lottery how do we see something that we have a seen even people that are relatively young upon the sports you've seen everything. It's all your team's win. You've seen the greatest player in the history of your football franchise. You've seen one of the greatest players in the history of your baseball franchise hall of famers. 99 championships and and a last doesn't 1053. In one and 110. It's championships you have to stop to think about how many there are you've seen everything. And then you finally see. Oh win in day in the draft lottery. Some of the reaction like Comcast closed at a little bit over the top. It seemed like the Celtics Atlanta LeBron and of people saw that with that some of the screening in some of the celebrating it was happening for. People who cover the team seemed to be a little much. But that is talking with people today can't just. Random conversations and I was having with folks and I was out and out about the city and overhearing conversations other people excited. Not a game one tonight but excited about the fact that they're finally seeing. The Celtics win eight draft lottery have an opportunity to number one pick. Are. Job. That we all. Ask odds that's the hate. It's eagle little bit over the top I like the sentiment is also much public for people that covered the team. WE. Yeah hero. Yeah. Yeah. And I get do well. Yeah you know Evelyn against the Celtics lakers are. 05 games younger will blow like air. Once you get hurt you know or at. We have unbelievable fourteen when this year's you know better than on. Site Leo will we got. It kept the ball low lit. Colin when looking at its. That's right so yeah that's gonna happen. Yeah. Yeah I would say that in order went. I can vote equity whose. Extra he. I love the positive that he opera. Raise rates and have you saw the tweet from mom my colleague Harold merited Mormon. Sports video reporter over The Herald. But she tweeted this last night she was covering ashes over Waltham covering the Celtics reaction to getting number one pick. Which was slightly more muted in the reaction Comcast the Celtics getting the number one pick. You can. Exactly. And as she treated just I Jalen brown getting shots up after midnight here in Waltham on the eve of game one in Cleveland. Dedication. And inch between three sets of the eyeball Moody's because that where the eight player technology make every tweet that I make every tweet it like a thousand times or something H at its. It's a race point. I think the fans. Are settling in to this okay this is gravy let's see what happens stealing players aren't. I think they still believe they they still buy and a lot of that goes back to Brad Stevens. I don't tell the guys don't quit the NBA. We saw what happened in game six routines hardened that's a guy who. In terms of getting here is sort of legacy back on track and they take a ring. In a legacy might be the wrong word just beat the overall impression of him to get at least. That that he's out of everybody's miles the last thing they saw Jane's argument to whip freaking championship on but that's happening. What seed he goes to a by the way to Cleveland Golden State to. The possible they could that's fine. But these guys and I really do think they they've body and and in that's a testament again to Brad Stevens who is shone a light show a lot of the past few seasons but I'd be sure a lot of these past few weeks in the post season tea. Fill in the car next on the Celtics say they'll. A guy I'd just quickly I wanna remind everybody about that the physical beating it out to be lit last year. Well at least now we didn't win the point but I which frankly went away pretty pretty you know messed up so all beat up right sticking their head a little back. Yeah and I do think in and face the call Phil I think in terms of the Celtics being and somebody says I or something to the idea they're in LeBron had. I think for LeBron James I made this comparison lie to me. It it was somewhat akin to Michael Jordan finally getting past the pistons and then he went on that run and won six titles in six tries over the years been. It was getting the young superstar getting past the victory in team. And what LeBron did that. That was a huge moment for him and in just in terms of his career is really bad until finals before that it wanted to get swept early on. Eating the Celtics needing to beat the Celtics has but he in part. All the bronze career it matters to him and I began to look any further that regular season game this year where. The night before he gets a question about you know is this a huge game or something along those lines of it the exact question any gives an answer of I've been to six straight finals. It is a regular season game at a six straight finals. But then what does he do. Comes out the next night in Boston there's an up. And plays that game like easy finals game. And I think again I think that's it is the Celtics are. Something that is constantly on the model Brian James beating the Celtics needing to beat the Celtics. I think this has got the potential does a five game series I'd like to see it be competitive like every Grady. What I like to see yet obviously I'd like to see it be competitive like the sea and give the you know give the cavaliers have been of a fight here. And I think if they deal it could make all the more likely they'd just Cleveland gets waxed by Golden State and actually get the finals real quick as a rock against it here injure go ahead on the Celtics. Gladiator. Well. Hey yeah yeah well first that actually earning now in the south exits and I moved here from Chicago. Not play allotment of the Baltimore in the Eastern Conference final. We'd be in at dawn get the cabinet group Roberts bank on you know a lot of people are you know lane down. And it goes to show you know people now around here are you know may be all about championships so it appeared given the chance and I say. You know what Malcolm. All right appreciate the phone call I injured gap like. I'd like anticompetitive series. May be able fat happy championships do but I do fall into the category of this is all Grady will see out plays out though that number one pick though that the high. I like CD game tonight Alan come down not that I too much aren't I gotta gotta wait for me. Red Sox baseball comes your way next. Stick around Sox cardinals on WB yeah. At its best games of the number one big its bounds in the NBA draft drew. But both been so. I've been. Good up by not telling us what.

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