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OMF - Chris Mannix says Celtics have clear plan to draft Markelle Fultz and sign Gordon Hayward, 5-17-17

May 17, 2017|

The Vertical's, Chris Mannix, joined the show to discuss what the Celtics plans are now that they have the #1 pick in the draft. He also discusses some of the players on the Celtics roster that might have to be traded to make it all work.

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On youth movement he. These forward Wayne alimony and forty as you know is not the most like let's say an aggressive sport like football like he had a concussion last year. And I know you're all shot after I got up. I'll Donny I don't think it's a healthy things they invited to go to like. And with the gland Lou and Christian that believes that the number one pick in the 2000 NBA draft goes to. The Boston Celtics. I got through the mood sleep and that we've and I hit doing right now. On Sports Radio WEEI. Do you believe your feelers out there that Boston would take him number balsa stock concert. One on the fact that they have Isiah. See if the law also go some balls he turns into two they tried to reduce yearly Darren how'd you come to the game you know you can't wait to. Guess to put one small. But to see how the game and that's necessary and at what happened Parcells always will be important to play any position that is true position is point guard. In Boston has so many doors I mean you only. For once actually agree we'll powerful but unfortunately it's all about his agenda the only thing that really counts. It let's bring in that Chris managed from the vertically he was down their last night in New York for all of us. It probably shocked to hear that Lamar ball is is talking away and all the TV shows today immigrant. Eric. It's incredibly surprising. That the reserve. Once again it culprit that he had been out. Lamar ball has no idea ought not only is he he's pretty try to be a bit longer knock on the Celtics but. You know look bark not a insider by any stretch he's completely yet seeing is. It higher crime it is ridiculous because. Isaiah is a point guards but only kind of nominally. Glory like Archuleta after next to him. Wouldn't be the worst night in the world moreover. There's got to be into or Russell's still in the Los Angeles. Who also quite dark I mean eat eat duck. And he really sort of burst on the scene. Very little what he says it has ever made that slot just. Elected not to pay attention any of that. They curse. Is it mark helpful to submit the Celtics to take number one they'll trade a pick whatever it is. Is he the clear cut number one guy. Yeah a little I think Paul who's he gonna go number one I don't pick traded. I think he'd be neat to dot com going into this process you know in talking to a lot of people. In the organization they felt that there would be clear distinction. At number one between. You know bolts and everybody else would want the ball just checked and she paid him they doubt that full. What the guys. So unless something radically changing over the next work bye week. I can't envision a scenario where Boston doesn't ache in my I don't think they deal him. Any Jimmy Butler trade I don't pick Paul George Strait materialize. At any point time I think this is this is the guy in there throughout. Yes so you don't always had about fifteen different dream scenarios and if so we can't really attractive and a lover but it in my courses is curious is as far as so they keep them on pay peaked they draft bolts. But they still need other pieces. Financially ten may. Afford to grab all these other Max players are these free agents and that are high value guys good players but I've mall on the same team with the risk of going over the election how big a deal that forty. Well I mean now they they they can't just go out there and spend all of these offers to every one but it's a pretty huge market competitive and would mean they've got. Pretty clear idea. Of what they wanted to do this summer meet Gordon Hayward. Back to who they're gonna roll out the red carpet war and the if they can lure him away from Utah they know financial. Our situation Eric Gordon could make a lot more money out staying with it yet but they believe that the lower Brad Stevens. And the appeal of playing in the eastern copper hitting four or wait the Golden State Warriors. He's going to be a lower court. And look at with perhaps eight. You shouldn't get too caught up in in looking at the situation that exists right now in it would seem really want the player. They can find a way to clear the caps I mean we saw fit to disperse. A couple years ago they hate. Habitats they more Aldrich they want is giving away yacht goes litter out to block the Atlanta Hawks and and that Al and that worked out that you couldn't find a way to clear cap space really EQ. And I'd be blocked in at Courtney critically space they'll be. Portable and is on top of that the units they use your requiring Gordon Hayward you know you know situation with the Isiah. Now use this first victim won't trade for a guy like Paul George and and he got to extend and that's the Max player you send it. You could still make all that war with Al Horford. Well yeah you can make that work in the past could be lieu certain order to its. You know you. If you work to do all of those things Hayward got to come perk created knock out. Has got to come first but it depends on on some of the flexibility preserved well. I don't think. I don't think it's a priority for Boston to extend Isiah Thomas this summer I really don't you want the money. You want to be paid net when he 25 billion dollar per year range he. It position at justifiable. That he's done enough to earn it eat eat right but. I don't think I don't eat botany not a real priority I think their priority is to make the splash in free agency I think they're gonna sit down and and try to sell this to light that gonna tell him. Don't we want okay we're not afraid to pay we believe were recorded by a million dollar year whatever is. That they think you work we just can't do it right now mean you have to have. The I expected gonna be when you're captive in that block what it would it would try to awhile and great rickety what their future that he more available. But what the deadline. I think giving I extension. It pretty far back on block with the aren't. What would you have to give up for Jimmy Butler and is the price kind of changed the this clarity now in what that picky as. There wasn't back the trade deadline. Well it's a little more fluid now Glen because I'm a couple long that you if the pick land it in two career or. It would probably get it straight I felt like bought in they'd like. It lump oracle all. If they get they like it love Jack in Needham. I think it would be like them all those guys it couples got serious about what the tree. Given they have double wanna complicate the lexicon or settle for some combination of young players that they. Our next Arctic that against a little bit less the oh likelihood. At that point it and with a guy like Paul George duke he's putting out some pretty clear signals that he won't play the lakers and you know it it would take a lot got 14 o'clock there in trait something. It into acquired him knowing what they know about his is potential future. Will be something enough to lakers senator treating all big track ball betrayed him to Indiana way of getting back Obama. And evidently there I mean magic. Matt he's pretty he's got a pretty clear plan in Iraq like are pretty. Bit they're pretty solid what they're going to due respect to track while alt rock. Well all right then kind of this cartoon character for the last month but. You know if you look back I'm UCLA. During the season you really important is that massive distraction. Practice while calling the coach he wasn't making as many headlines and he's right now. That this season is over at that don't doubt that. At some point that Johnson. At the doubt that our conversation with the bar because the Arctic all the papers every cut yet Russell played 35 minutes at point guard and they did it in there. You've got to let this whole thing play out of the back. Extract that you got though lucrative that wire connect it not that you have it you know that it's your teammate that question. Mr. Coke at the question like that Carmelo situation. In New York so they're without competition but. From what I get the lakers there's really not a concerned are all you've got to come in pill that could make one go not where they. Secrecy beaded dress faults as you said maybe just too much without the pass up although she got a clear some space here are a match right easily look at. Marcus mark 83 Bradley and we think of those two players at Seoul's got to go correct. Yeah I mean look he's as much as balked then. During that kind of place where everybody out and look now at a rocker. And I live payroll and meet at some point you guys got to go and markets Smart and dangled a lot of Alaska you're. I think the Celtics at their book yet at a course called expendable all the guys are dirtier but yet as a player they might want to trade. Mark because of the contract coming up the extension. Terrorist here at one last year on that contract he altered the sort term if they can whip Smart and turnout. Some kind of put that to like Google or backed up at a different position I think that that that's gonna be on our radar what. Everything is not the 88 radio Christmas Indian land. Right out. Apple like or dislike that you're all going with all possible scenarios like that aren't gonna be out there. Running a multiple phone bills in the next couple months get beat if portrait scenario it. Anyone that they don't want you over the next six week day to day week they're just not doctors. Aren't so big game tonight. I I got to win in two games in the series I think that's be generous but I believe that bill will go win this biggest game tonight and maybe one more. But as adults too far fats based on all the rest that Cleveland has gotten. Now honestly if it's what the records in the pocket and putting it I. In the series. And look we all kind of reflects the fact that last game they played pretty decent beat duke. Obliteration that bought and gone well let. The last two years block. Played pretty well at least they want and in Cleveland book war and if you listen to guide their electric and her older competent I think they have. The cavaliers back screen late. Reporting this series but it's a matchup with tiger it can happen in Kyra you're gonna have a curtain call eight regret prepared by but it. At that it's gonna be wherever they're mark mark wrote the way up all the audit on the article like anybody but if you're balked and they Crowder. Might be able to match up physically with him and at 84 and a couple of option that I can. I would balk at being you know that the water that at that Indiana what a crock no beat in the first couple rounds there or not. While Indiana was a mess and you know once they'd lost a lot reopened Toronto they became a mess so. Did this seem so you. But yeah phew glad what it means what could put it you're in a quick look at it. Now bought mainly like that to run first two games they're gonna but it might win or I don't think it Boston. It's going to be that all the terrible but in the raptors. I bet you're going seven games out of Iraq a plan and LeBron that number it's otherworldly I would like right. Well did they get PJ Tucker didn't defend a militant works alone in there were blocked it right capital. And didn't do so well not so it's our Chris always Greg Garcia thanks but. Sealant it Chris managed.

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