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OMF - David Ortiz doesn't think Boston should blamed for "a couple knuckleheads" at Fenway, 5-17-17

May 17, 2017|

HOUR 3 - In the noon hour, the guys reacted to David Ortiz' appearance on ESPN's "First Take," in which David spoke about the Adam Jones situation from last month, as well as CC Sabathia's comments about Fenway. Later in the hour, we react to LaVar Ball being downright disrespectful to FS1's Kristine Leahy.

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These forward Wayne and moaning and forty guys you know it's not the most like let's say an aggressive sport my football like he had a concussion last year. And I know you're all shot after I got up. I'll Donny I don't think it's a healthy thing for anybody to go to like yeah. And with glee and Lou and Christian that means that the number one pick in the 2000 NBA draft goes to. The Boston Celtics. I've got through the play but I. We don't have the brave and I hit doing right now on Sports Radio WEEI. It's because the team you cover. Is that a good moment when the show tickling each other felons and the like the bodies and stuff that was a little too much don't you think the economy and at ground and pound. I handed him a moment kind of situation way you can really pleased that it is under four Soledad no. They are developing breast health. Good how good. This is the one appointed in his it is when it what you hear in the sadly never had a number one overall pick it. I mean that's what a right to all the added the assistant and I know they had an attitude to have an idea that we remember that it seems like a 100003030s. I would get it. But still. Works for the Celtics. Wu can. My guys. It happened and we gave up didn't they give up to them they don't. So I can unpack wash but you know and yes I think it's just annoyed her and they don't the Dan roach worked there and seek camera which would do it on gas wrote for the Red Sox in France is that it's. She Lou would do that that's the difference of blue and grouchy if this were read such thing and they you know hit the jackpot with the within the draft order a lottery. Lewis sit there and not said cigarette even when they Ameren Illinois when they that it gives. I then even remotely street now. The Hillary and yeah man. Or. I found. After two things you don't forget about it even when they an artist died when they sign Chris Sale. I was excited I guess he was happy. Dave price was quick or hold down the media is still wound equivalent of the most secret sale. It was pretty used to go Biden's idea about bush so excited only about being happy is another boost being pitched that. Wow. Some guy is soft condition quote the quote of the day from. Democratic senator and as the discount discount to me is almost the assistant coach and these and other related joke. A player he says wasteful if he says we don't talk about what worries on his team that's fine. And it always careful what he's seen certain things like he's had difficulty with this Horford stuff for people of debated it. And he's been debating what Horford brings to the table. And now people are sickness and we'll explain I don't know do an argument you you debate with. Well with him added he treated him like he wouldn't let him get a word in edge wise which is our program you need a senator from watching you. If you got to probably learned while. So. Back to phone calls we don't talk about the Celtics David Ortiz. Had the an interest in conversation the first take guys. But the Adam Jones incident at Fenway Park and get to that a few minutes when he giveaway. A pair of tickets to tonight's. Celtics editor calling under the confident. Texas yeah I don't find out. Syndrome and went on to get these tickets to go abuse there was sort of sit courtside they got. Here it's a good date they fear it dug in Rhode Island Lesotho. A guard tower or. It won't yeah I sultry and I reverse think it is written a recount battle and turnover battle. And there are. Just don't help please. It happened when the rebound that. I don't believe you stay stay stay somewhat easier just keep it respectable respectable. Yet you can do that and they get corporate go early. You know maybe the high pick and roll. In and then letting go underground who are traded him at all. Ergo BLU sure it'll share. Yeah you a chance to do. You estimates most of our dignity and I'll structure. Make it very simply have to make your threes. Cleveland is he really quick three point shooting team and it doesn't come off the bench. That's your main function when LeBron gonna sit down and take a rest and they struggled when he has done that in the postseason. They make threes they throw up three that's their offense US to make an awful lot of treasure three point shooting team that's what you do. Markets weren't included you've got to take threes you gotta make trees. Yeah they're that Smart card in the near their. We'll take a reasonable you guys are automatically. Yeah they're not they're not a real good if not a real good defensive team. They're not keys they won't come out spent a lot of time challenging the perimeter though they will late in the game if you're down to a you know one plate situation. This day they will there's not a real good defense team and Kevin Love is a god that you can really export. Defensive. Are your trees Clara I actually addressed it gunshots during wind make more shots than they do here's Pete and at and cabinet and Peter and that's good and that's like that's home with us gained five then yeah for us or after five years street originally went to any in no particular order went to. But it's not meant. Bet against. I just want to count on the court and tank is because it doesn't really matter in the NBA. Why would any edge art. Recruit Bret Stephens an income of six you do at any gains since two or. Forty think what's that it would Ted the custody glug and and recruit bring in here. A golf show he wanted to fit a teacher. He wanted to get it was gonna work with young players and tried to develop assets commodities and players that's pretty good. That I don't based mission that may make him and coached or make a coach. An important position. Hosting these and all over guys Omar and him we're not saying it's not important going look at this. Campus this and this series. To which coach is more important to their team. Well maybe maybe we more development of our players throughout the year so Rebecca better able to play against it. Let me ask you this Gregg Popovich Gregg Popovich may be the biscuit recently. What else happened was to these two games they get blown a us that it wasn't even close organic or are now well now the best player the best player and that it was. Can't thank the point is that this team was in a certain spot or would you agree where they're gonna be Dodik who drafted young players. You liked Brad Stevens but if the any change lost his coach and had the roster of Golden State's. Are you got a glut recruit somebody a lot like they went for a big name was proven NBA coach in this league about a kid out of college right Ted. I have ever heard of a six year deal to approach. Who is that a request an MBA or. Sure there are secure deals out there I'm sure there are. You're gonna trying to get a coach you can try to trying get a young guy OK it's that he's a Butler and he's got a final four multiple years. And he's he's got a good thing going there. You try to convince him become to the pros were moats most college coaches don't succeed and by the way can be in Boston. And look at history here you know you're gonna have to give them some incentive. And time to rebuild and it will give goal through the ups and downs of rebuilding process. But and here's what Peter Peter and sent. Hold elected are actually running mate while one point here okay. This six year contract doesn't mean squat. He's a young guy so you don't say two years into it he wasn't the right guy you both agrees not the right guy he's gonna go to college she's gonna go somewhere else. You're not seeing him that money it paid about awaits us at least make it three point six low sevens okay Luke Walton got a five year five million dollar per. The plot ball and LA he won his first time nine games the saints and been gunned he's got seven Rick Carlisle I can have enough of the theaters making five good luck to all and a five year deal Tom Thibodeau is making ten I mean. You actually make it zero point acumen and got the kid in college who's a very good coach we all light in three point six he really didn't. Invest big money that position. Yes yes yes yes yes sound we just comparing the two coaches Tyrone Lue. Vs LeBron James and then it's just overall as far as professional sports go. The NBA coaches are the least important to their team if you're gonna start rank it meant I was going into the game tonight would you rather have LeBron on your team. Or rather have Brad Stevens I'll take god I love that Steven guy he's a fighter. Now Avis and you look at the coaches it depends the way you want what type of team new law absent because I don't think Tyrone who gets the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals the U. No because I don't think he's going to you know school up young players like this much or weakened I don't. I don't know enough about our remotely Bret Stephens is more of an impact on this Celtics team entitlement Tyrone Lou would okay. Night and Brad Stevens on the Cleveland Cavaliers. I published or better are d'etat slightly and he Beaton does it matter I don't think so no matter I don't think it matters and that big of the fact that he is a such a good coach. I think everybody would admit though they tyra Lou gets the Celtics team in the spot. It's players it's players linked to the real and it's so different in football when he tries to bring a bill Belichick's name. The difference is a football coach in the NFL has far more influence on the success or failure of that team impact on that team. Then an NBA coach does or of a baseball manager would you agree to that but what's he yet how this game plan you think they're they've done to be lost 31 on Monday. You know one day. The candidates pretty much rest but don't do enough of a Christian but you know what happens if you're game planning a certain way. And then that's why I give the check mark to the coaching staff of Cleveland because the bronze relief to coach. And LeBron suddenly says that god this is what did bill and go over the I guess you don't have time I'll I'll I'll I'll tell you drop out I would still to give the check mark to sell the team coaching. It's still stuck in a manner. That's all CI not against Cleveland article entitled state of the best coach in the world gets Golden State. And a supplement Woodward at the coach of goals they take my round Baghdad held out of his own that we have pentium. We sort through the back story is the conclusion is Ladell we'll let him play related wallet we'll play whoever he get he he got a problem getting into. His own building last night into the parking lot because the police officers at his home arena did not recognize him but he recognized. Greg Popovich and they were the only source right they recognize this and it's a miserable and there's Mike in Connecticut what's up Mike. Hey Doug I. Excited and have a couple things on the side of the Celtics. I think that it calculated on again you're great at game. I think if you are not anomalous period and you know you're absolutely absolutely demolished present at bank and the fact I integrate. So I think it's getting him going it's up to Kelly a wanted to feed off of what he did in his confidence from the last game would you say. They want and sure. Are definitely and I think the effect of third on an element that is a moderate candidates would goodbye to another topic I think they're gonna Garnett came in particular they're not gonna and the Syrians. That's crazy that they I think I got you game in a. I'm Wilson I I think people are. Start to feel a little bit more I'm not you know we have a little bit more out when it when it comes the Celtics always to win tonight as they would pull off results in five they win tonight when you win it when it comes when it comes of the Celtics got to go back you're just the Shaw shank redemption about that movie. And just got into about hope. It think about it that's what's gonna get them over the top. It takes. Oh something yeah hope Oprah Arantxa it certainly hope so. But there's. If duty of the development of in prison if they're dangerous thing you know little known media or I'm never sides great harmonica player. Terrible price of David Ortiz is making the a book tour here he's got a book out what Michael Holland. And he's making the tour and today. First take was he is spot on ESPN. And so he reacted to the situation with Adam Jones here couple weeks ago. So the artist. There's an incident I'm sure you heard about it Fenway. With the Orioles outfielder Adam Jones getting racial slurs yelled at him what your reaction to that. Reality is that this is this the source did that is this hard to describe the situation that you do cat into I mean this this goal. Way beyond American history go over what we went for the pass in today's day I don't think that's what Boston groups that. You know like I typed in Boston for so long. I had never faced any racial. A situation over there are people who support nice over there you sometime got a couple of knucklehead out there that get thrown it fifty and then Kamal we. Back analyst. Okay. Pretty much orchestra you rent a knucklehead or archived and yet. The rest of the country including back show first kind of put it like it all over Boston and took. You know went on elements of different joke you know and I know we'll CC sabathia if you remember came out said that. He's only heard it in one ball park. And that would be Fenway Park. The place that David Ortiz played for most of his career. Pick probably I want to know what your responses to what CC sabathia for the New York Yankees had to say the reality is that this situation. Where you don't just let it go by. This is not do those something that you pay Allison Joseph. This is the real deal like. Do you think of anyone that life you know do you do you pay attention to the that I heard the commissioner common good day. And hopefully tomorrow bee we're more security out there at him and make sure they start paying attention to the situation. IE basically you know. For command every Wal-Mart broke the CC. It mean Afro American let them play they're going blamed Boston. I hardly see the situation happen again. It's hard he hardly sees it hardly sees it happening again. In the game in the game always out is that he's. Here. The UQ can you to play and play on this visit would have probably you're around it should you can understand for some of this is being David did add up that you should dissect every word because the language but such as well he's never experienced it he's not calling people liars he just never experienced that himself. Answer yes much and they did ask him about the difference because it hasn't happened to him. The difference between Caribbean players and African American callers this. Not a joke more reality is me personally I don't I don't I don't think it's something that. We should get first heard about it because this is always some people lose their control and they think you know the baseball game for Bloomberg oil whatever you know an eight. These people are singling out your Brothers as you referred him or singling out Boston as saying this seemed to be more knuckle heads in Boston you've been up at. African American or CC did. CC sabathia did and I suppose what Afro Caribbean right do you think there's a difference in the way of those players are treated do you notice a difference in treatment. In Boston of Afro Caribbean I suppose you would say play. The others during this webinar for a long time people have been so nice to me I mean I'm part of the house. You know get a lot of their you know again my video game and donate them by reality is that I don't think it's fair to judge everyone. That way just because one person screwed up you know. I think but. And all the hand this is series you know senate my boy's airway area cannot come aboard before talking about it demo we should somebody. I never heard that term before. It's next Afro Caribbean Caribbean I think I'm gonna start identifying is that Republicans argue the sixteenth and I I think that kind of encompasses everything right having a month falling off a cliff you ever hear that expression before Oregon and admiral for review he came up electorate Corrigan that's not I don't I don't put other in some melting pot you're half broke through what is Africa really not. I don't put a gradual improvement though I don't want to put other I would put it. I don't like this where there isn't a sort of got if you have about one of those guys if you don't of those like in 99 dollar a DNA test Lincoln and I have. You have been in Manama policies that point during the got a I haven't I don't once you have an on line you do and it's scheduled 116 of all of these. This baseball's what we think don't you about it I don't believe that I suppose I was an American fabric I don't see them and I don't. I don't blog as well my choice to decide what slightest of this and I. I can honestly when OTs is saying here he's not gonna question. Another player who's coming into this town because you know especially when you're playing in different quandary. The fans here can be sessions he certainly not going to in any way. Dismiss the fact that somebody might have dropped. The you know the lowest form that they could get that player that they can't stand. But any him when and we hear there's a lot when people outside of Boston talk about why would anybody wanna play there. He's talking about the time that he was here he was here for a long period of time he does blow loft. In this town he never heard or your loved beloved but put Arizona is not an opponent. But that's why is on the Yankees need to be beloved and in Boston College said that you might get that kind of trick about it just shut. That's that's when I mean but that's why I wish we had heard more. About the Red Sox players who sat down in that meeting with the Red Sox. And said that they heard it will have they heard it directed to a demy would have liked to refer him a few more DT we have the means examples of big. David Price Jackie Bradley. I mean those guys have come out and and over the winter dress the other part of before she week Carol players we've got to get to the individuals who were actually doing this because. That becomes more real but I think on the whole most players who played in this. It certainly in the in the recent past I'm not gonna take you fifteen even 1015 years back because it was a different. Planet here. Certainly when you go back twenty or thirty years but most players that play here so just the opposite right now. And yet. Isn't the perception outside of Boston on the got if you're on Africa and American or an Afro Caribbean whenever you read. Then you shouldn't say why would anybody want a minority like that wanna play in Boston family tree like crap. Not only probably do what two opposing players but here they treat players pretty nicely. And in the it the way he said it was like yeah diagnosis of what to knuckle heads yes. Yes there was what one knucklehead or looking at what all 33 wasn't at 34 I'm sure sixty. Maybe wasn't drunk with elbows and it maybe doesn't matter late just as a drug doesn't excuse it away. But he was he added and I'm from the beginning he decide to use it a case by overcoming it doesn't mean that some knuckle head isn't doing the same vein in Phoenix. Art San Diego on LA San Francisco doesn't matter. But the reason was brought up in the show is once again into Boston and that's the that's where. Is it pisses me off that he keeps on coming to the Boston I'm not saying that we don't have racist elements and but but how old we'd much different if different at all. For other cities in America. You can pretty accurate but here's the hard part about. Me now identifying with for Korea and I need do I need to figure out what is gonna offend me. OK so what that's like it you to repeat a lot of my gonna be pissed off beat duke why did you give people lot. Come from the Caribbean I would Edison an honorary doctorate I'm out on and trying to all right Newsom recently apple Leo. Jerked. It donated char. It's a consulting might. Compared to I don't know what I just won't Ortiz went to Canada. And other outlets that are right. Figured out I don't make my own lists OK. And here's the deal. Al Caribbean. We're gonna look at. The jacket. We're gonna check it was seem to understand all president of the Red Sox get his reaction to what David or what is it I'll probably Africa and discount Augusta and we're gonna giveaway it a pair of tickets here in just a few minutes. To tonight's team won between the Celtics and the Cleveland didn't get Tony Bennett at a winery wanna go to game that. And then there has cam and just it's back to Mora. To jocks I like working with jocks for you can you can play with a little bit and bingo on Sports Radio WEEI. But really golf it is a text. That offers tips counts if you Smartphone. I don't know if you call this morning. I via stretch these text the code word below moron. LE BR ON had a spell for some people text code word LeBron to 37937. Within the next ten minutes to be entered wearing a pair of tickets to. Celtics for tonight's game one against the Cleveland Cavaliers general counts as rules apply message and data rates may apply. Text LeBron LE BR old and 237937. Right now to answer. And they will contact a winner by 2 PM today of tickets need to protect them. Re here to exploit it as good luck to every person you enter I just did this edited Tuesday right now some people misspelling LeBron it's one. Two I just got my alert has got mylan has got to get the sense that you're entered to win two and Celtics tickets for game one tonight hold rate target at the end. And in either recanted his commitment time out when you say about you were on LeBron is now well on average contest added two words different concept. Work today and and this is how he feels digital Ottawa has gone and oh by the way. You could be sitting next to degree and all that's the secret that's that's the special surprise and Eric what you have to. Well lately here and your pigment yelling. At you. Not a it has been easy for the value was awesome and you're short you can now. And people listen and united are really high you to shorten their bigger people around the city you talk about that you'll love you can't. You can spend four quarters of Oakland. And during a heat during the odd quarters or tell you how the dream scenario. Is trading close at all Paul George please and then during the even quotas should tell you other dream scenario is as false and senator Hayward. He's similar the baseball shall go to really big verbal evidence of that before going to show. So usually I don't personally I thought it was a perfectly clear that if your article it won't get federal marble sound ready so I told that Lavar ball lobbed the ball. Will not be working out with the Celtics he won't work out with any team. He won't work out with with a sellout for the sixers where the Celtics Sulzer one lakers are two and the sixers are three. He's not gonna do it as if you just curious you know outside the artist is from a KT LA or some like that and LA area good player he's on the. Contest went on to and contest them is the result of dogs I've calls hang up what is strategies. Place Seneca. Don't go to the lakers. It has its own and looked at that market hopefuls is exactly what happened. Bull. If it's 11 person that is is that bullet I'm almost you're seeing is the plan is where. Number it's always been number two and we just wouldn't and number two but. Has. Additional fifty. All of us from Houston essentially are going to be that's OK I got it again. Please. Hello. Percentage in effect call to talk discouraged and right now instantly oh over six was an accident and Bob you are. Kids get no chance until you were he alive I'm just going to be he's be in even of that interview news. There where he was like and obviously big Boller brand act Q&A in the colors of the leaker who Hugh. Whoa what will rise as a but we want got a lot. They'll victim OP falsely 345. Political analyst and gold star lion though. Well wait is something though that really old and the ego here of the old man. If on draft day Magic Johnson passed. Any drop down to three or four in the draft or better yet. He worked out a deal with Indiana he got Paul George and he dealt this kid to it. Indianapolis. Wow and I take it doesn't matter yeah. Packing it into existence at all you have to do to speak to me ask you to do exist that you think it's a lot of sneakers for 500 bucks an Indianapolis manner and you know. Por Los Angeles. The Biggest Loser this in the city of loss and he's got his one son's going to be in high school. You guys going to be at UCLA. And long the ball is gonna be in Frick in a later. Can you imagine those now. But cynic to evade their draft the unit to. And in the month later treated proposed to a so I want to add a whole line on the lease line out all the Laker color and deeper side he had a month Connecticut all the big pre order and everything out there marketing and then all of a sudden it's. Illegally and. Some of our couldn't help himself where was he Porsche was younger and herd with Colin Cowherd. Knew this more do you believe your feelers out there and Boston would take him number balsa stock on Turkey. Want on the fact that they have Isiah. Seat if applauds the goals of bosses he turns into two they tried to use usually when Darren how'd you come to the game you know you can't take it to. He has to put it one of the small. To see how the game and yes that's the same thing that would happen models always going to be a point guard he can play any position but his true position is point guard. In Boston has so many cards I mean you don't need it. He's in that respect he says he's okay fine he's gonna though it and I'll nobody is a terrible a definite racist city. Efforts to hear all the races of the sudden I won't say that you put words not my point is he gonna say everything you don't write about and did to make the mayor to be that. They listen just old by the way without actually calling Danny Angel opponents saying don't draft my son he's not gonna go there no matter what if you do or make life miserable. You he's right about he's right about the fact that he is not a good fit for Boston if you're holding onto Isiah Thomas he's not a good fit. And by the way if you unloading Eisen writes and says that Isiah. As a camper as always palpable all the time now. Yes but this kid can't shoot and so you know it's in markets markets shoot. No full. Can shoot the soccer ball right now all the right now see why he's art at all Marcus martens and employs the point a lot when Isaiah is off point. Yes that's what that's a lot of relatives it. I don't think he fits your I think false it's much better. Why I don't agree it'll be they get plenty of guards because of gaining trios lawns noble is the best player in the draft. You draft that's where he's gonna do not want I think its faults so be it doesn't matter people laud him. You clean up the logjam. The gate you trade away what you have it be trade away depth. Any trade away guys in front of him to improve your team and other areas so. The plot we says job that they don't need to make up any guards now under these clear cut number one you make wrong. For him no but I believe he's right when he talks about. Putting faults vs Tucson. In into the Boston lineup now he obviously has got its own agenda he just wants to play for the lakers and in 1000 to do football at the skill set to be reversed on his son. And mark hill faults and say the exact same sex I'm just saying that I think he's right when you look at skill set. That Fultz is skill set fits in better could you can now you've got. You know backcourt if it if that's the backcourt of future with a Isiah. They can both play either position they can play off guard that can play point guard that can play both. I think that what you've got with wants a ball at least with the skill set now he is a pass first. Point cork. That's never act again but it's a story forget about dissecting his his demon near where you would fits. The story the biggest always going to be pol Lavar ball manipulates the draft how he is controls the other teams as early. Just one really got to worry about maybe it then the lakers also based on convincing and that this is a good idea for you because you sit there and look at the other players like a fox kids. That outplayed them during the tournament only dropped thirty some okay reads like a male looks silly rant right around and you're slow. You you can't do it if a guard's job is to create and did make shots in the fourth quarter like any changes talking about. Okay why would you want model ball who is debts it is a winner. What is more a true guard. She got a wicked and weird Frick in shock that takes forever from the get off to make the shot surer uncontested sure I'll give it to him. Knight has and it that you probably make him a shot or go. With the number one pick those shifted disputes its offense. And the defense is there and I get a complete player when it's used the most explosive offensive player president and today's game yeah Pawlenty also. Ice it was a ball and honestly don't know nothing bunnies cats boo me just talk about who they are. Mark health faults score get a shot off take you to the best he can do these sort of things. Blonde so ball unbelievable transition great better passer. Well. Mean that's who we're talking money not the number one pick. Right and he's just it's not number one pick is an offensive weapon. That's pushing interest rates especially in game today good game today the point guard has been scorched got a portable appoints a main. What is Westbrook and wide in Houston had great success this year will be took James Harden. And they moved and deport cart now he's got to pass first point guard he is they score exactly what you're describing. He hits the three he takes the ball to all you can also distribute. He does all those that I just would love it hey I would love it it this guy's dream of forestry is to have him play for the lakers and when will win Magic Johnson steps up. And in the they go to the podium and Magic Johnson turns in the card. That they pass on him. And take somebody else with Tatum or Jackson really try to move down a. They were to deal with Sacramento and and swear I just don't Californians aren't crappy part of California but he keeps going on this from the hurt so this time has come along and doesn't own company gets it with Christine Leahy via district holds that we look of the show that you used to work here at the station. Have you sold in the shoes yet. So good amount to me. Considers different amounts how many. Still you know the oil and yeah. Well so yeah. Low. On a world without backing out of great polish off homo were the sexes police close. A part of the barrel last year to do it again Wednesday night isn't worth the snow. Obama is well. So good enough to be. Because it is different amounts how many. Staying home when he went yeah. I'm and it took me more about or would it every time she isn't the kind of answers Tuesday as she stood mom's old novels did to me she's got a bottle and looked. I don't look over the because these kids need yeah all right now I'm just leave me alone I'll tell you for 500 pairs. So yeah she's a reporter for job is to show you report to whoever she won't behind. When I saw him do talent Pulitzer what is your problem with me and my problem is you are a picture why I would never there could pick polish her. Don't even talked to Bob heard your serial number well I I said that I wouldn't Wear something Astros callers at same thing I can all do and respect your grip report just not report. I have a right to say when had I let him. Oh welcome to big ball zone and I think I actually doing what they had like a point there are any minute now and yeah and net. Offensive to you I just said you know if you wanna you know work with Nike ideas and under armour. To maybe it's something that appeals to women I don't know the legit I mean I don't have an agreed another with a prominent blogger and I thought it was a good. They point to know that if I'm not prisoner Ottawa. Sure I don't see it's I wasn't saying it is like I I would ever witnessed what to show you a little mushroom Donald. Who like your brand yeah I've loved ones come but anyways I hope I thought marketing consultant bobbled ball. OK so let me let me go into this vacuum. Well I'm not I don't think before and I have to think this is all there yet this. A town of birth or there maybe I magic magic. It's good. Every Kid Rock we have answered. Good thing drinking locked three rethink its good he's going well like god repeated every agency and answer them he did everything. But tell her to go make him a Turkey can't exactly go make it Turkey sandwich act it to me it makes economic data plan is coat or go make you some mail all on c'mon at all. That's the route I got to give her credit she stood on right up to that was good. Issues pretty quiet when Jews around here cheaters and stuff of the Celtics and she worked here in the station put boy I don't get a human to. She strap on the big bowlers there today elevations point you gotta created don't want don't want to live by your clone a legitimate question unisex something. But this guy can handle he's going to say all of the wrong things and unfortunately. There's the argument we had before these kids gonna have to live with the old millions. Baggage you if you didn't see how whose how we try to sneak in so they're off reduced errors. Did you models get a YouTube on I taught you Colin a shock opera. I mean each loss I started playing the sexes for all on the you realize you if you bring out. Yeah he's Smart and you realize all I pulled the sixes shall sit down now let me make her the all popular smallest Smart I guess that's on scared you brought us mattered dog. So with the main which. Was it just. Does the best unadulterated Colin Cowherd on the long time. We'll leave confident. And actually go to LA on all of our. Was yeah yeah I already depleted after dogs are this guy is an out of control train it this is a problem. Down around I know what I heard it again last night because now everybody keep since in his dad's going to be Brooke is there's not going to be a problem. It was it's gonna force the kid to be all of a lot better. That he has to be because there's so much more pressure on this kid because he'll have to answer. And other in his T it's gonna have to answer to stupid idiotic things. That this guy says it like match. In the end yeah every bit of the the excitement. So they had cameras in his house. And lot these radical right and it worked out for because it's going to be does that add too much it's. Big institution might remains vulnerable to political. Its existence. Of it looked at that market multiples of that play happened. With Boston. You can't find anywhere from six point one person that it is this that polyp I know almost had seized apparently is where. Number it's always been number two we just wouldn't go number two but that's because but it would help. To be reported for the lingers. And automated ordering an implant probably settle a vacation rod wanted to get a big event well they always pick who got to for the for the for the cavs. Brian went grudgingly yeah case and the brunt of these can run you guys schools of our case Jamie on you wanna let alone one of the ball rose who's going to be maybe it's a high school coach Meyer lemon jello maybe they are merely a hired hand the majority. God and a guy that is unbelievable that you sold an issue yet. So good amount to me. Considers different amounts how many. Stating this put her. Though it out of it and it. Went off the bat. Yes. Vegas today and you'll. Editor and calling like I I would ever witnessed what to show me a little mustard I'll make sure that many Jews right I think it an honor to have a successful company you're gonna have to have women. Who like your brand yeah that one's good but anyways I'm. She was about shoes. So Powell Colin Cowherd made you know it's always made sure we stay with his company in his lines no balls shoes right so twos whatever it is. I know you visit. You have to market the women. You know and basketball shoes I mean is. Don that's OJ need to step Curry's marketing towards women always of the shoe Jordan's. You know medium. Market towards women sitting don't know I don't have to pull apparently must have said something be it basketball she must of said something in the previous days that you're that you would now where the big ball. Shirt when an adaptable you know. That's but let's say that marketing wise but his reaction to her question first of if that's the case as a way that you take the gender out of. And he's decided Saturday's all right it just argue the whereas bush until they can't help himself where's that every guy doing that you're scared me I need that partly that's because you know I'm scared he tried to see so that's right let's get off the sexes ledge right now yeah almost all. I urge her to too soon to be with your good looks at your intelligence and a half. Stay annual and when I. We will auto when it sees it as a kind of answers is she's Alonso puzzles me Cisco. And looked. I don't look overly Kaczynski is in the all right now I'm just flew home immediately saw it in the egregious that the movie saw the Medina. That's in the movie song and it's scared scared of what did you. So lukewarm egregious that the lines of security checkpoint he Chile's son is northern Vermont so scared of him. Along those scared of the ball are and the bartender tough guy and the Barbie could be tough guy. Is afraid of an attractive intelligent woman that you lock clock that's like that's alienated us Oliver didn't do. Do you think there's a pattern you think this is all gonna have a happy ending with Alonso playing as the Los Angeles Laker. You think this guy I have an issue he's going he's going to be calling out Luke Walton left in the left and right Kennedy and magic. It's gonna end up making a deal with the dental. This kid that'd be the greatest player in the history of mankind how many did. That's a legitimate question because there are companies up to her if that's all homeless the sale of shoes and they're claiming he's lying. About a number of shoes and they have a processor which they do what they actually purchase something they know what they've with the invoice numbers. Following up a little bit later on by another one and if and then buying shoes to be able to run the process to figure out how many issues you so. It's a legitimate question. While other way you know with the Celtics are done with the ESPN this of probability rating needed to win people again and to win the game. Other their their Clinton. Three and a half point under fourth and one half in that range for half on average the probability 48%. 48% when you say juniors still ran hundred. I salvaged a limited that I off at least 68 per set to lose ESPN analyst and even god. 60%. Chance the Celtics win game won't we'll talk more about more view phone calls that come up at 61777. On seven on threesome.

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