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OMF - Red Sox President, Sam Kennedy, gives an update on fan behavior at Fenway Park, 5-17-17

May 17, 2017|

Red Sox President, Sam Kennedy, joined the show to react to David Ortiz' comments about racism at Fenway Park. He also spoke about the ongoing fight to stop such occurrences, and why the team is so transparent with player injuries and timetables.

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Talk Sox right now with one way or lonely and boring on Sports Radio telling you. EI and. There was an incident I'm sure you've heard about at Fenway. With the Orioles outfielder Adam Jones getting racial slurs yelled at him floats your reaction to that. Reality is that this is this this or did that is this hard to describe the situation. That you do cat into I mean this this goal. Way beyond American history go over what we went for the pass in today's day I don't think that's what Boston groups that. You know like I've I've been bought them for so long. I had never faced any racial. Situation over their people to super nice over there you sometimes got a couple of knucklehead out there that get thrown it fifty and then Kamal we get. Back analyst at. That's not all most of it. David Ortiz on first came here just moments ago back here and all announced. Let's bring in CM Kennedy the president of the Boston Red Sox because I want to get his two cents. Sam great to talk to you again think about this David Ortiz is said this illustrious hall of fame career. He writes a book to document all of the stuff that he's done through his career he goes on ES PM with the interview today in the first question they ask him. Is his reaction. To Adam Jones here at Fenway Park two weeks ago people wonder why we get a little bit sensitive back here in Boston. When the subject comes up or was your reaction. As usual David Ortiz. It is a great job of that person any losses at that present in the it's. He didn't very well naturally the issue is is that. Racism exists and exists all over the country over the world fortunately it's reality. And one on one people. Activities levels whether it's certainly Parker anywhere else we have a responsibility. To react. And react forcefully but we also. Wanna be very clear that this is not an indictment. On all Boston sports fans and in fact just the opposite is some meetings with our players and other folks throughout sports. Fortunately. This element exists all over the country in and so I think that it very very well. Certainly it's there happening guys talk about your own internal investigation I'm just curious is is that the case closed or did in in the time period now. Since it happened to be had anybody kind of come full order witnesses things like that. We haven't had anyone comes and visits specifically very poorly and general incidents. And again and so Luis. We covered but this is sort reiterating you know we we can find out about incident so. Evenings so it was it was hard call back without someone comics are murdered Byrd acknowledged direct tie someone. The following night obviously you know we gave evidence and understand. It was expected to did a great job swarming rcn service reps we drew temple Britain. Identified the person and in. Hard copy guy so. It's you know we get to keep its company after all in order a lot to is it when it does and one time and Manny and we're totally. Entirely committed John Henry Tom Warner all the way to the bottom of our organization to do everything we can't amateur at Fenway Park conspiracies to warm hospitable place assembly sent people from all splice. Different races and religions. It is surely baseball certainly are just really really important to us and there were gonna continue to do our best to make sure yeah we've seen that coal. Since you guys it obviously you don't Ortiz has taken the tool right now because got a book coming out you guys get a chance to pick one out read it and ate it in and if you did anything stand out to you. No I haven't had a chance possibly two to Rio I can't wait. It is considering that day in day out short to be quite entertaining. Just being around so long men and all the stories that he there you have it will be. Possibly walk down memory lane this is my sixteen year with the club we've moved to a lot here in yawkey way that we had that's really high highs and low. But it's been an amazing era Red Sox world no one was more important terms that are David Ortiz. It's tough to read books when you get these four and a half hour a marathon games out there salmon had one the other day and obviously it's Mother's Day and people are drifting. In and out of the the ballpark whatever. People talked about the shortening the game whatever. Is it a problem right now from a marketing standpoint for you guys. In that you're playing these games that get extended specially when you're playing. Extra inning games right now and have been a couple of you know. People who have come up with a couple of ideas on how to shorten it may be. Put a guy on second base to open up the tenth or eleventh eleventh inning do you believe that Major League Baseball must do something about this like the begins. I I do yeah you get no argument here at your assessment. The the mother station and especially it was a lot of ground conditions are bad period starting pitcher to download injury. It just was supposed to act conditions in the hate to have games like but actually not all that far. He's always working on it it's not much. You know putting a runner on second base and attempt I think there's sort of shorten an extra inning game I really believe that would rob Manfred and he's he or working on this issue collaboration with the unit it had a look at. Did time during the games does that down time with what got it and they became crisper law that are paid. The lights came still. Maybe I continue with extra innings would have URL to people by fanatics take it. They get time to turn the key changes to one reviewing replays we've we've just got to continue to work at a time increased the pace of play him. Absolutely baseball is committed to open its collaboration. With players. And actually based on world order a search and I think we hit could sell out there is. Oh yeah and I'm here we. Quickly interestingly. I remember having a conversation with. I tell pharaoh we're a little Dave Dombrowski and I last year about this very topic. And there hey everyone agreed that it really starts and it's captured the interest at all Lou the prize grew. And that's really where we can make progress is getting the security to the ball most. Yes a soul who what's the worst most push back coming from music art from the players' union. I think there's a lot of push back guy I just think it's it's it's a hard issue to tackle when you have you know so many years of tradition. And history you also have. Remember what we're all caught is. Literally baseball players or athletes channel. It is slowed patient time concentration. Grind out long won't bad straights so it's is an insult principal players are taught how they perform at a high level. Sometimes conflict with this goal of moving two games along at a faster pace so. It's tricky and these girls work through it and and Mexico don't stay on it will go see if we get down around three hours surrendered three hours of you can rate balance. Sammy that it does the medical staff at the Red Sox is saying medical staff is as the Bruins and patriots correct. Some loyal group simple we have a little different stuff but our keyboard and keep it step ducked he gas in this have to Bruins in the patriot and we've got to. A dream team to a local folks had a different different medical issues don't just talk some of the doctors or is it. I'm just curious because there every obviously teams we all Bill Belichick and the patriots deal with the injuries deal with information and a baseball John's updated from the media each and every day how much. Is discussed about Hulk will know how we're gonna give all the information like John Ferrell be giving up that information or. But timetables. Injuries when they expect to be coming back as it does it seem that there's a lot of information people. Get excitable players coming back into sort of sets up if they don't then you're questioning the athlete's if they gave her opinion questioning a medical staff. How much of his discussed above the information how it's given out to media. Great question that's discussed a lot and we immediately sort of decision when we came in here 2002. Which which comment letters it. We're gonna try is that and new I'm new management team. In years but we still sort of ourselves into ownership. Two to be as transparent. As possible as long as it doesn't. Cost is competitive advantage these these baseball operations so. We try through to Corvallis and from process to be as accessible as possible to the media this year. As much information as we possibly can't. And I can't eat won't talk about medical it's really really difficult and got addresses on the show floor. It seems like anytime a timetable. On any injury. If you are resolved whether it's on the on the front side or the backside so job barrel as a really really challenging job as it relates to sit toward stage out is particularly with the media. Two to make sure that they know what's going on with the help. All of our players is really tough an option play every daily media availability every day we've got players coming and going. And so it's it's hard but we try to beat. As accessible and transparent as possible and that strategy over the last fifty years is as workflow but I know what they can create frustrations. We're fans and so media members of with a special players that we need on the field aren't bill would come back quickly addictive creates several frustration understandable frustration. I symbol talking down the road thanks. It's their regular Sam Kennedy president of the Red Sox are brought to you by Cumberland farms in 99 cent. Form house went ice company in by any arrests were restoration specialist. We get back to the shots in the cavs game one tonight at the TD garden has tickets to monitor their tickets for the game tonight's tickets tickets tickets are given away at their coming up next.

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