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K&C - Mut is having a hard time with his Celtics pick; Shayanna Jenkins had another rough appearance on Dr. Phil 5-17-17

May 17, 2017|

Hour 3: Mut continued to make his case for the Celtics and we heard from Shayanna Jenkins again.

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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Oh really a 34 years after this one today right Cecil money. Is that the optimists do I tell you why guys don't give believe that contract. The cardinals might be thinking treatment. Miguel also galore which will give the credit. Electorate like guys Bradford kiss chemistry who was it was in the updates us after the game. The blog on the game yet. The want to get fired by the. I know I'm confused them. I thought he talked a year now penalties I don't think that icy not I think Harold. No I believe that was I think it was involved in something everybody tweeting so you really don't you know so you but I think I've I've not I've talked to what you know about tweeting. What what did we don't think you like being like protect I foul I I don't know the story a 100% sought a what I believed to be true I finish this for second please. But I only to be true today she said initially meeting between Saudi story. Before telling his bosses that they are correct so late in our nanny is I think they've changed the Twitter policy to herald where you had out to get things approved and so a lot of a Twitter a lot of identity herald beat writers are writers The Herald. Made a Twitter account avatars black English sides consolidated into. Harold suspend him for three days so you tweet something without reporting it is news in The Herald first memory is of that policy for Al. So flooding did that they suspended for three days with Dick move that is. We'll is that just got to do is out of bad tasting frightening if you if date if eventually leads back to your story getting red. I don't what Adam show after orb crystal wanted to break stories they can when it happens real time and I think. Yes he had a section backed off on right yes they have horse if they have to make any sense they get guys who're Andy has in his profile still has his Boston Herald. So still there that's done this press weren't you Crist and we sure maps again he got screwed that one. So walk me through this again. As we get rate for game one tonight whose column against them into an. TNT and guessing Marvin remarks colored eyes and I got Saturn on that. He's the know all these and BT it's not Doug Collins right who is. If you B Braun but suffered honest mark to. Anyway OK it just did romper second and that's not usually this kind of person I was going all the way back to game six that I had a chance to ask you guys erratic. Feeling. That team was really anti Celtics. That that the team out to be brown and knowing what it's like what he Scalabrine no I usually I already he's not like that at all usually in the most. Like I get a national broadcast it just felt. It felt a little cheering really want to. And it just so I think that's I think announcing teams load game seven's so Batman game but I think you've been out early that day. Slid enough yet to win for the wizards got an eight point seven he eight dead heat and do it seven it was TNT so what about my diet I know those rumors at this point after UB is said to go to Miami. On the slippers and walk around it sees it 85 we see the other thing. And eighty theory otherwise based on age or spectacle people should work and should. I passed out victory but yes we should not drive without getting a license checked in a year that doesn't qualify. Correct anyway. Mutt pick the Celtics with a series seven and we've pressured him early on a lot of dollars. To make the case and he simply can't do I think he's doing to be a radio Johnny B sort of the the guy we get together he disagrees picket the Celtics don't believe that in your heart with a gun to your head. It's a pick 71 team when this usually not so it's gun and I had no I would not for the want to pick in the because they haven't they can win the series. They can win this there is typically it would take a lot of it is you who has ideas Celtics are going to. Win this series in seven games in what I believe that I forgot you had musically OK you. I mean of. Knowing and Mattel it's my I got hurt because. And I'm picking the Boston Celtics on seven the company gun you had concluded I wouldn't make him pay with a gun and you know when I'm out here that you said earlier what you would see you pick Cleveland none and I don't know not a Celtics OK at the odds even before George and they give you a minute or two years for shores make the case for the Boston Celtics. Everybody else picked Cleveland. Two ministers for five games I've been a 4000000000005. Everyone else for five games of the UN. All right cracked me up some music here Samir the kinds of LeBron has been slowed down. I invite teams and multiple guys could defend him in series and meet other players try to win that series the Celtics. Have that roster do. Jae Crowder. Market Smart off the bench. Some time we Jalen brown he mocked at earlier reticence on LeBron James they're gonna throw waves of bodies LeBron and the gonna Wear him down the course is seven games. And as scenario for me. JR Smith. Is not the three point shooter he's been Kyle core resonate as threes in those little guys who rely on his second third scores for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Don't show up enough in the series ticket back to a game seven. And game seven in Boston given we saw the home court how important was in the last series probably terrified I think Boston has they're legit home court advantage. One of the better home courts in the NBA they can win a game seven here if they force other players not named LeBron to beat them. And they are are allowed a body LeBron physical with LeBron and that's sort of the best way for me to present I was I'd be very listened to none of that. But not all that and then you're crazy eyed I got a real shot that's why there's 78921. By the UST he's trying to talk yourself. I thought like you're hoping that JR Smith and how Korver just wet and sell I I. I have it at Washington. I don't want that you're right Anderson says it's just suck it losers just a castle so we used to have Tyree Irving and how to miles an apology. Is not as easily. Essentially offset carrier you guys keep public I did appear to novels are minority cancel Walsh yes okay. Openings you couldn't orphaned allele when I mean you're in their own corporate lobby Porsche or for kick out corporate has played better than I think and it's a wash essentially that you really. Also see my best Celtics are gonna and they are modest really mean it tastes I just wish I had a better feeling on dazed or bad idea on how via idea wanted. Out of broadcasting Phishing threat to this series I think I know progress Marv Albert Chris Webber Reggie Miller reporters David Aldridge and Christen not Chris where. I play better Reggie Miller. I'd like Reggie Miller gets out juice ice and it sucks it sucks is terrible today announced are down two guys eagle on nine eagle I really don't like it is really Smart marshals on the gold and a temple I want what patella. Let's get those are the tells us our best but that's our McCallister my accent doesn't mater shot. That's such a case is that. Big yes these guys silly Jalen brown is gonna stop LeBron James all but they're going to I have a fresh body in the brought at all times or not it's writer for the saudis can't stop him we see Brad Stevens goes all against this team we saw that maverick Stewart was 2000 a letter on ten Montreal they have to that team have Kevin Love and Kyle Korver. I JR Smith and had a couple of three point shooters because good is this team right now you're right there's an. The benches is very good for Cleveland right now all leave the peace and it actually won a series for the Celtics and the wizards is that they had in much steeper banks may now scored 48 to five in game seven there's no way to south expense and Mac OS is based on science and nobody. Right but that's not say you're you're you're miserable you hoping. That the key players for Cleveland just suddenly stop making there their three point. Shots which Steve Danner. 43 point 3% I think and have mostly played for seven games on the road you will see him play today here also hoping LeBron James cares about. Thought it says on Jay may everything Kyle Korver right now Avery Bradley IG Crowder group of guys who shoot better at home. Right it would have the presence of big games on the road like last year. Yes they had to get a job that yes we're in this super team LeBron James is a bad idea behind the project in Boston on things over now he's no problem coming your wing winning we know that we've seen. Right I he's done well against itself The Beatles Raza means committee's seven years ago ardent. Odd with the other players Iran India and the guys that people stay JJR Smith Kyle Korver with people they're gonna expect the sides carrier ring LeBron. Got a lot. Kevin Love is essentially you Connell wash cutting corporate playing better he's played all right I agree. All I literally watch souls that did the concerns for me and why am probably one and at the wrong. Start with LeBron and with Tristan Thompson who they had zero answer for and hoping that Amir Johnson I'm hoping that channel it's I know I doubt that that's where I say LC group much 617 episode nine whole months -- -- savage said it's only nine. 7937. Is number if you grew much the Celtics are going to win this yours I want to hear from you because mutt is incapable. Of not making this can I just pathetic I have a hard time coming up with a horse that I let. What does that from the derby and preakness this year yes it's weird and mean. Overtime I have a hard time coming up with a horse that I love my pets at same but I what I thought his time to miss it seemed like that we won't be the Herb Chambers the other her chambers cut. That same kind of you know why studio way is that this is the same studio right chambers can't go on talking again back here in the herbs here under. Hot on the job. So that you've heard I told you what happened there. That's happening you've heard your you hear when you hear a voice back into lay on your headset and that you sort of freaked out I was I held myself back I was I intend. Live on the air during the rights to broadcast with diving back to try to change that. The setting on the that does but I'll I'll I'll I'll back it and that's toughening TV you can just pull year IF BI you're you're you know I think you guys you have the FB IV I heeded I don't. Don't have to reply like your post you've got your own got to mold it. You pride I didn't elect him yes and analyze not like atlas I was hosting I was with Guerrier trade they were there and Wear an a plus it's like. Oh. He was talking your your team has played it net aid is you get used to it it's spent sometimes when you hear someone like it talks slowly MTV years they were drunk it's because we're getting Bo thanks Casey struck and that's. 61777979. Should get to the calls here in the second. So much to him at seven Celtics and San on the record Cleveland is four I think it would sniper like fifteen points is gonna be like a gut punch night so the states are really excited. They wanna last series the first pick in realities and slap in the face that's it thank I think they win this game tonight the hell out of you veteran with Davis and I think tonight their best chance that in a long enough. And biggest agrees three and a half point favorites for Cleveland and not slam dunked witnessed only enough to recede so to win tonight Celtics win it and enjoy his seven games and win game one. They lose game do we get to other up to a Womack in Cleveland tomorrow after the Cleveland they lose both games to two so does ever notice and a Holler all homes washed and an aunt I'm chalking out sang at every home a second series general. Seven games in Rosen woman's home and at the fourteen games that are of the suburbs play big storyline afterward is going to be if Cleveland he cared more about number one seed to a game seven home they would want this here since the big story line posts all my Easter conference where there's a list if it is it's a month or so much Rob Blake like 617779797. Of a wide open right up one way and we see some people actually have much back. The money's supported because he's knocked people making his case you hurt adjusted talking about Amir Johnson but the Celtics pride is much drinking again he's Celtics are going to win what sounds trump can you know try to. She tells slurred. Where do you look at a lot of little they let us all morning on homework or to soar and I would correct. And Jerry Kelly. Plus Sports Radio W. The number one pick in the 2000 NBA draft goes to the Boston Celtics. Above Gaza were giving us that not sick he's a victim being. How would you describe. The state of the franchise right now this is pretty good it's good time to be Celtics and Kevin I love your article on minds Obama but also all the different balls that they use ESPN insider Jeff Goodman. Is busy. This time. That was not a time when I was last night I was Comcast friends and his home already but I was excited. I was excited. You're tweeting about it I didn't need about it it's good for Comcast yeah it's it's a good things against seagate have built. The draft itself there's a buzz of who will take it number one at this point wielding traits of people so open trade with people wrong and doesn't I there's more sports I I love. I just I loved the story line of the embarrassment of riches I love that this team. He's in Eastern Conference finals and now they have the number one overall pick people people outside of Boston I treat Dallas and a scale of one to ten. How much do you think people outside of Boston hate Boston for just another win in this is just another wing right. And gore like 1822. Infinity it. You know somebody was at whatever is lying is LeBron and ether never gonna win anyway I mean it's just I love and hate and love and hate it for its followers from the patriots and everything else it is perky Callahan mutt and trading here in one of the rare. Moments Kirk so upset that he could not come up with a reason for cats and four days left he stormed out and so will be better and I was worried that I just sort of stormed out so much maturity. Would you talking Celtics which I thought I X I still I'm going Celtics in seven there was some people who have agreed. Even though. Kirk's been in you've been trashing my operate on the issue of caps in five and Kircus cavs in fort Payne. I just don't know how you reasonable human being can look at this again yep I think and Celtics are gonna beat the Galilee yours its people said that on the page to beat the rams hats and another one of these will be in that mold of upset that happens Mikey Connecticut. On the Celtics and cavs semite. Say good morning guys what's up a support our guys you know because. These thoughts in which is to Kelly and Stanley and Kirk in the for the lots of their parents are all try to see here. So listen here's what some books are gonna win people talk about the matchup in ya ya individually we don't have the matchup with LeBron will you guys he would talk about was we do have multiple bodies sort attack. But it's not in the production is going to be I gave Thomas vs LeBron James I think I'd be ounces production connect LeBron James at least offensively because. They don't have anybody to complete defense he has earned it on the people for whatever reason and I think it is because we live in a staggered deciding right now. People love to forget defense and right now consult with defensively are exponentially better than a cat. We have you know at least three guys they can be considered the all India be sent a team. So we can't aren't you have a cakewalk welcome to look at it can they got to play in the first round didn't have anybody can actually towns and you know and the slightest. So what you're gonna see you could get their content production. Offensively matching the brunt reduction in the kind of come down to the other and we have the better other. There's what's gonna happen we can you know I think this is where having Brett even as the biggest advantage that we have. He's gonna put one aside that you might see a lot of Kelly Atlantic you might see a lot to mr. Rezko you're not gonna see much mayor Don and I don't think just for this and back it. Although ala Mike Alec you and I agree on needed the series here but if that's the case. How how are they an acute Tristan Thompson off the boards like that that's the one guy can they do not have any extra foreign side. Gonna put that in of one of the Irish got picked out there they're gonna poultry and constant away from the basket. The Gunner completely neutralize his regarding mayor and then you're gonna see them gang rebound on the defensive back was. And having a problem is I mean I like that that's great theory that. They couldn't keep Washington off the boards they couldn't keep the gallery about about what fifteen and it sounds like everybody that's I mean I can't in theory that's him that's a that's a great way to beat the cavaliers. But you haven't executed that in any point you've been out rebounded I think it every single game except. I think every single game. This why go back to Danny Ainge the deadline and in it at this point the seasons the success they could lose in four games for God's sakes think it can get swept out and say. Goodyear for the Celtics this is now icing on their championship game is so when I can't I can't go nuts here. But I feel a lot better about my Celtics in seven Tony if they went on got. Serge Ibaka or went out and got. New Orleans don't well one of the rebounder that was available in trade one of these future picture I mean. PJ Tucker went for a second round pick they three of them this year and use all three artists bash all of these players in Europe these great players have liked eggs is sick and and got with Sally. You penetrated one of these picks for rebounder and have somebody to body a Tristan Thompson and I you're relying on Amir Johnson or the caller said. Stretching Kelly Atlantic out and trying to keep personally from the basket. He's not Paris and Paris just afraid of violent anti competed turning point series. Has takes them. Help me after we saw on game seven from Kelly Olympic maybe this scared about that iPods and a car Todd and WE young Kirk in Callahan. Let's start. Kirk was very sad that Celtic segment stormed out on I got this was Turco and I can't agree more. Mixed picture right. Lately become part of the Celtics in my body and objective report on exports. School girl jumping out and out at number one. Well he's he works for a and I am a TV station and website to carry the Celtics and there are some excitement and shorted the gain happening and be giving us that not these. Eight for the Celtics own 1% comp that's you yes they sort of what I Tina. It is small and night it is mama. The bad luck it was a really bad apple can and at Boston sports and I chose a train without Kirk they're meeting. But right now return must to separate I'm Jabari Clarke replace the lakers. Have been placed on it did you. Let's go I go and I am I get it. I'd exit defend a little bit the source of that hand down much of the local you know reporter it. It's changed a little bit I did a much bigger issue with people and their objectivity. When they have personal look very close personal relationships with players and managers and coaches these I think backing cloud your objectivity more than being. I think fantasy game. I think sometimes being a fan of the team makes you harder Hannity. South but I I don't think that's that indicate to us today and it's due in each of your soup if you are a true news reporter. You should try to keep those emotions in check in pop. You see this line has become so blurred into town I haven't seen I think that that I don't know how that you I know how to respond. 'cause I I get it. Likes of summer that's for TV think Holly's yellen an answer to play the clip lasts and a Boston sports are put up on the web site. So it's an X it's trying to right peace to your fans the Celtics fans of the exact same thing you were home were yelled we're excited so it's like okay. Let's make our tell nicer make our our show look more label like get them. But the colors right like ace struck Blakely is currently just Celtics so when something bad happens it blown up by 45 points tonight. Any I don't I think that's all I still think it's in our Shonn but Don saying you have to admit it. You take it less seriously when bad things happen when you see somebody. Celebrating a win or somebody who's never willing to be critical of these teams. It is not hearsay I. A lot and if it sure ride with someone who's not willing to be critical of the Celtics ever I would say yeah you know why but I mean. He hits a pill called amount I don't think he's taking it the you know I don't think he's taking the Celtics to beat the caps and a seven game series you'd Scalabrine. Yost said weeks months and weeks ago you know there's no no one's beating plea yet I mean beat the Celtics in and he is a Greek true greens he plays for the Celtics. I just think like I think of me sitting at home watching game seven. And he's really into it I was I was leaned forward on my legs of screaming I was clapping it was into the game and you know. Not on television I was at home on my couch Laguna would be no good for you. But does it make that does it mean now when I come into work today I'm Mike aha. And so and this Celtics team I think they're gonna win not NBA title I think there I mean I they're also not uniting. Yeah. Well I thought I'd. I don't mind being excited. Our individual victories. Makes you a less objective report cheering like that Cheri I saw her in light that is they don't love you sure I like that might need to be toned down on talent when you were ignored me at Fenway Park the last couple years I. If you were there and see you at let's say you and I their new knowledge my existence and Red Sox having a big play a big walk off home run. You what I looked around. And we saw you had never seen any ban on jump up and out of app for example might he's not there anymore so I can use as it he would what can never I never Sunday despite my good friend Gary Strieker ski. I saw Jerry's right ski jump around and hi five people and celebrate you'd go. Pelosi doing he works is a work for the Red Sox he's he's a reporter covering the Red Sox in you and I would both pat and I rolled like Darrell you have right now. And we have always rats or go to. Hosni Libyan it what does he digs at and it's not a good look the optics that opted out optics. So I am sick of it so feet. Through the callers point yet if your reporter color covering them and you're jumping around celebrating at. I'm not gonna admit you know obviously committed to defend my colleague to a point but it's not it's not really it's hard to defend act. Act like you that there understood and it and it happens with happens on NASA happens it happens when you quit covering eighteen footer on television. I feel like now the thing these two you'll be fan of that team. And to try to just not our job it's not our obvious that he you know we're supposed to objectively look at things expressed our opinion on what we think is happening while we think is really going to happen again. Again had it sure rod had a history of being a total homer and never being critical of the team I'd probably be like our business like that total tipping point thirteen 888. I I just know I know they you know nine times out of ten. She rod is going to look very critically at the team and gave you his true opinion he's not he's not an account things. 61777979837. The phone number Kirk in Cali and mutton trainee I would ask this though a Celtic fancy yourselves if caps and five. I've Celtics in seven. That we both agree. That rep point now we're this is on you figured out I on the cake it's gravy it's dessert. Is there a scenario. Where something they do here does like Kirk hasn't getting swept I think it they get swept. And it's a an embarrassing swept which I guess is as well I played theoretically could happen. Celtic fans will be disappointment that even though it is the that it's the icing on the cake. I think people are expecting their expertise that's so at least at competitive there expect this to be competitive series yourself within a watch Justine play all year. And he seldom get to game seven win all against Washington. Until expecting competitive five or six game series and that's sort of what the bare minimum should be for this thing. I would think that your your your hope. Is even if he gets whacked that in those games snack every single one is an absolute ass we'll pay gaps. And I don't think it should be I think if that happens you're much further back obviously a much further behind and maybe Celtics fan it's real it's. But I wouldn't be surprised if they lose in five and two or three of those are applauds the two of them their competitive and I mean. Can't see him go man. Date as they fought for the number one seed they fought for the home court these two games at home. Should not be blogs especially this one tonight you got clear what all since last weekend. I you just played you feel confident about yourself what are your role players Caroline Nick Price feels more confident than ever reason a contract you're getting a paid all this money. They should not be a blog tonight this could be a huge surprise to me it would again disappointing the word. If they get blown out mostly on easy I'm uneasy apply I have to I I think this is their best shot at getting game. This is that I did tonight game one if you if I'm gonna be right about Celtics in seven they take this one tonight 617779. 79837. The phone number more on Celtics and cavs in this series your expectations will be a lot of people agree knee. On Celtics will win in seven games I'm right there with she Iran right there with holly and celebrate their of the Comcast from will be cheering tonight. I crank it up camp at this sets us out yeah. Out every Celtics in seven or get your calls on that and we have to get back to part two of two. On two hours and Dr. Phil we can never get back. From our lives or do you sat down and watch I do I listen to the clips first wanna watch it live sec like going to a half hour like that it wheeled back to because it was rough here from not Shay died from was the Dr. Phil. On all things Kyle Kennedy an error and and as well keep it here. Back to more of Kurt can Callahan was. Sports Radio telling you. Where we're. In some viewed as this respectful salute him there was a radio show that reported. There was you wouldn't know about for. We don't know much and thank you Kathy Lee from the media I don't watch TV family. How Hawaii known very well. If they show these. Clips of these prisoners these convicted murderers and Jeffrey Dahmer velvet. Evil things he did and I don't know ice sheets. Completely pushed the rest were family away. To get the money that he. Earned her daughter and her words deserve from the east in America and I see an evil person a year in her I think the evil person is. Far away Aaron Hernandez. What I see is someone. Who is so desperate. For love and desperate for some sort of connection with someone that they will look past like I guess sort of like it. Chan Jenkins and C. And again I'm not suggesting in any way shape or form and it aired Hernandez who has an abusive spouse or her but he sees in her. Sort of the same. Line of excuses and a lot of women Steen abusive relationships it's right may. They think that they're for that their spouse is gonna get better they think they're not gonna do something again they see where you don't see what he's really like when he's not doing something bad like. You're so in love with someone you sell one to believe that you wouldn't choose a person who could be that evil. That you try to. Rationalize away bear terrible behavior. It's like us that these are is terribly it's it's it's all personnel I don't work I know it's like. Part of Parti giving I think your your your on. I would agree due to an extent if it was just about evil behavior and defending him on that and having answers to that and hiding murder weapons okay. But she's asked the question yesterday was he gave her her next year when Dr. Phil goes into it till we have a day we have backhand from doctor doctor until we have. Dr. Phil after his death did was reported. He was if there and you were his fiancee. Was he secretly doing. Aaron that I know now I have no indication or any feeling pain. He was such he was very much for me and to me and aids don't know where that came from if embarrassing and a sense that it's hurtful regardless if they're sure not pitches just not something that I stopped. It's not something that I believe me it's just aren't him. Hostess of flack to nine. Whether it's true or not. We can admit to backtrack for just the second did you add that music or is that part of the broadcast axle wants Dr. Phil if you want a doctor as I know I. Notices like you can a surprise people but you know I have to go to work and staff. I thought might be topic last night on our relieved now we we did all Celtics yesterday and no we and we are we are Hernandez added to doubts he had the same eyebrow raiser I did when she says whether it's true or not I mean doors left open yeah. I read that it's not that in no way she she could have easily flat out denied policy it gets worse because it lets say for example. Missile and accuse us let's say your wife. She likes women. I would have a deep line a question for a life we talk about it for a lot especially Jews in prison outlet a factor in prison you know honey Europe's. A lot of people approaching you guys might have some things going on apparently. Wish Sherri on the just felt like one question was enough for air laws and prison. Prosecutors did not tell you this who did tell you that's the prosecutors. Can. Pleaded not tell you this you know well I mean it was back to my attention and I thank the prosecutors. Who brought to your attention. Defense team they told you that this was being floated around there just never came to your attention until after his steps. We're before it's Perez these filtering might be at least before. Did you ever ask you about that we have and connotation yet. Stop what stop stop. Did you ever ask him about it she can't just sit so I did like any normal person would there was a rumor my cousin Mikey gates asked we had a conversation about it. Think you're right there is the beginning it gets worse from here but just give me an idea. This is not this is not sound like truth and uses lie lie lie keep it don't. The entire conversation yes what did you say to him who can associate a sure. There and will release. But it wasn't. He should flow no he and other items less than when you ask him did you ask him in passing or did you press it gives you. Who accused him did you ask him did you. Mullah besides thank you ask them passing. Hi how is how the meals then imprison and Agassi they set up a BT does IU day. And passing seven he not what I having Harry yeah. I'm sorry I. That's so it is ridiculous continue I asked him did you confront him how did you ask him and he never coached any situation by accusing so I asked he told me. And that was that I don't press any situation. I asked he told me I didn't press no follow up. I want play and it is an elephant in the spy cam but. I your husband in pro your fiance imprisoned that he'd be gagged she's is now. Prosecutors hope to do this revelation might cause you to slip on you know and lined up against him and someone. Staffing to let. There and gotten wind that this was going public didn't give in to the general knowledge base including inside the prison. And I don't know. We'll be concerned about did he say. I mean who wouldn't be concerned. With rumors that such but I IE I don't know if he can't win back at me. BP needs. When she's home are agonizing as being picky though and she's like and such I didn't ever remember miss teen whenever and zoos like. And like the Barack and sat some the South Carolina after a great answer. Did it come up the fact that you know your husband are behind a fiancee is gay in prison like you might get out and that's it if the injury gang which he said he wasn't. We know that you can't be gates one of the rules they have and gain Internet as part. And so you would think that that might come up honey you concerned that this rumor that was on a radio show might get around a general population. That never came up. Lie lie now you have to just okay you to understand something it's not that I don't think it did not I I just again I look at her as a person. Who is in his relationship with someone so deeply and so deeply probably financially tied to him. That she's now of course I'm asking questions this is I want the answers not so I don't think. I think no offense I don't know her personally but my guess is that she is not to. Astute enough to think wow big game he was involved in the did your research on and figure out that you can't be gay I'd under she can understand like a general population like I don't think that she thinks like that. So I don't think she's I would ominous thing you would ask the right like for you and I wants for you what I how. Is this rumor gonna affect you honey behind bars if if she's so committed to getting him out of prisons had yesterday in orchid traditional part one. He's gonna come home he's going to be without the daughter we're gonna play if she were concerned about that when should be concerned about a safety imprisoned if the word got out the Mikey get eight. I again I wonder. I wonder if she in Haiti is the worse part but I mean yeah it I wonder she's Smart enough to think that far ahead into think enact broader context. Or she's just thinking. About oh crap with this gets out. How is this gonna make you look houses can make me. I don't I don't know her personally. But to need this seems like someone who is living in deep. Deep. He did not. The net you MySpace I'll I think geez is it a sheep from the day she took the stand and says she didn't know was in that pocket to copper trashed that we should look are you urged her. Graphic and it. One guy you'd go glide gliding to the gun and a box took it outside does not get up plausible than idol. Not big don't go to jail they can't get home it's like. I just evil you see you here or deny I hear evil in that that she knows what she's saying and she's manipulating her way. To getting this Hernandez mice and care than a sister who was dating a avoid the time as the watch this crap on TV just wants the money. Instead KGB I teach you literally are self she wants the money and that the discussion last week with Jerry about if the patient and I don't have money should not -- she wants to run her daughter's trust absolutely think she should be in charge of the money apple is also limit the Dr. Phil they straight acting based yesterday. Dies off this again this is able and who does not live in re probably. This isn't always very to gang banging murderer and things he's a really good I general population and if this gets out because. She's thinking well if he is data is public lots of people in jail hurry gay. And she's a belief that he's in again and she doesn't believe that it's against the gang rules that he's I mean it's just it's like why. It's like. After all why I think when you lie to yourself over and over and over and you start to start truly believe the lies that's letting off would that same sort out well. I think she's crazy I don't think she's crazy and Mike I'm gonna feel bad for her kind of way I think that you you've put yourself in this situation right like. And at some points. You should see the lights out like a body start piling up. I'd like. Day and the money that's us is it like well that is that I have her days. That that part of her where she can look past everything I think it does the united mine that part of her is he OK we have more for Shea we come back she is Kyle Kennedy just believed that up here. Was part of Aaron Hernandez is like and mrs. Tom Brady cell Bundchen on TV today. Talking concussions. Gisele is well I everybody climate change sounds always on charges this morning talk about a climate change book but apparently concussions came so we'll hear what mrs. Tom Brady thinks about. Concussions and the NFL and of course Celtics and cavs game one tonight. Mutt and training Kirk and Callahan WE yeah.

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