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Late Night with Christian Arcand Hour 2 5-17-2017

May 17, 2017|

Arcand continues with the Celtics talk and tries to figure out what they will do with their first overall selection in the 2017 NBA draft and then we get to an unforgettable Late Night Low Light

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Your final hour here Sports Radio WEEI it's late night I'm your host Christian are can live and our breaking studios overlooked in the pike nice to have you this year tonight Kirsch I'm back there and the ones and -- taking your phone calls it 6177797937. You text messages at 37937. In your tweets is always verified at Christian are canned. Not be if you try to get through key Tryon now trying get through these calls as fast as I can I know a lot of people want a react tonight Celtics with the number one overall pick. And now we're about. In nineteen hours away. For game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals it doesn't seem real I said this yesterday but I mean. There is I had expectations for this team this year you know I really did. I expected them to win around in the playoffs I expected them to challenge Cleveland I expected them to be one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference top five. I did not expected they would be. Winning the NBA lottery that day before starting. The Eastern Conference finals which they're hosting because they finish with a better record in the Cleveland Cavaliers. No no way not even with the longest divide today laid any money on that possible outcome. This is this is pretty great this is a pretty great stretch here for south experience. And enjoy it as you never know what the ninety's were the ninety's were a long decade my friends now and enjoy this. No matter what happens is enjoy this moment 6177797937. Major phone number let's go to Jimmy is in new report hello Jim. I damaging to the reduction. In our sometimes it's easier to make your inquiry when their all hole. And just hope football bumped or elections even made the balls bounce because. I was in the second time he's taken a mediocre team. And put them on the brink of great match you know he did. Didn't Ray Allen and Garnett and I. You know and what you said just a little while ago you. Either that's it. This team is better than mediocre Jim this is an Eastern Conference finalist in other than I don't see that I'm mediocre. Yeah now immune you know I mean they're not there now I don't think did the best team in the conference is that we mean the the mediocre team users here you know Chicago bulls and Indiana Pacers and you know those kind of the usual. Spot a year ago or five years ago sure yeah well maybe Marley three or four years ago. You you bank will be guys they're trade you don't date you're mediocre to their team. And he's brought them to this point and maybe higher and it may be higher for a long time now you like your car a little while ago and my friends set that he. He doesn't want outnumber Warner Joseph and I I I heard the same market and on the radio and TV earlier reeling and int yeah missed that wanted it was stupid. They're saying. Perhaps that changed a walk polls or all he wants someone else by. It was lucky he couldn't handle pressure that it's he cut the power on one of those to get the guys. Are you want it. That it would be easier to collapse I have yet freer more than that there and a couple ball under him. How OK I don't you know life and yet I sort of get that. I get that making the argument I don't think that that's gonna necessarily applied the any Ainge I don't think he's gonna look at it that way. But I understand the argument a little bit better now thanks for explaining that your. That that's a loser mentality and I mean I'm playing out like that you know. If you want somebody help pick somebody I think you united in in this thing is you know this is a two man draft for a reason those are the two guys that are the most blue chip prospects even even faulted thanks for the call Jimmy was false didn't play that much you know I mean I won nine games for getter. And everyone knows he's a great player isn't always a great player. Wasn't that long ago they're taking guys that high school you know. Well Brian James went first overall Carmelo went second are now waiting for a second what's his name when second and Carmelo and their. Milicic Darko. Get a hold Darko. The Sam Bowie of our generation. But Carmelo Anthony he won the NCAA championship by himself. While LeBron as a senior in high school. People still who grows going to be better. Denied I don't know a lot about Marco faults all admitted. But I know a lot of people who watched them a lot more than I did think he's gonna be is in. They've compared to the guys like Russell Westbrook gonna take that seriously. Let's go to Kelly and Amherst vocally. And let on bailout. Well the draft I was very handy and then. Who repeatedly topics. Relevant but yeah well you know everybody record rate they recital and and everybody in Amber's. It's scary. While zipper up props it's rate. Or potentially. Destroying that occurs. The curse of the lottery. Popular curses. A curtain and it could be a match that here in whatever that latter act in a letter. Some sort of carmaker Boston. Thing about about curses and now they don't work anymore. Well I don't think I think about the stupid but when updated or somebody to think about that right now it's stupid act so. If you believe in the curse a minute ago because that's justice to. Now I don't think there is ever really Kirsch I don't think Hershiser real. How low major Colonia and a cry Havoc and Duncan I'm like dude this is this is the 21 century let's move on with Carlyle. Well shirt that was you know I'd that was her bully me. When that happened Kelly that was very upsetting. That was a really upsetting day to be Celtics fan when they when they got ball and on the Duncan thing I mean that was that was really rough is. You know there was there is a real sense there that something special was about to happen and then. That turn and around Mercer this is in its I ad that was I mean I understand level on who was upset about their Peter rain I mean it's. If you get out on a day it was occurs I think it's a lottery you loot. I for everybody wanna lottery all the time you wouldn't call the lottery calls amounts. Exactly exactly and you know I think they ended up pretty good at it all the came out Jalen brown in the this all runs a little bit of a disappointment that he couldn't be really really geared its fall but the real well on itself. All of inadequate proposition really register numbers what you know. So of the blanks. We trade the number one K and I don't know like Jae Crowder something to the Los Angeles Lakers bird Julius were. Own. Julius Randall and acts teased that they even have anything else you want. And De'Angelo Russell and I gonna trade him. Now for that now for the first picking Crowder and Randall now why it's. Who is the guy it was Dayton Kendall Jenner and you left the club with like three chicks it was I don't play and that guy. Ascetic gambling TM ZAM Idec has cooled with that in no I couldn't remember his name though he has like a very basic game. Nick Young now is Nick Young. Nick Young was with what's your face with. I'm so Nancy if he's you think you've seen her lately. No don't. Com now I'm talking about the guy who is dating Kendall Jenner and then I guess Kendall Jenner showed up to clubby was that and offered everyone Pepsi's. And they asked Jordan Clark a journey Clarkson that's his name thank you Jordan Clarkson. There it is it came to me as I was retelling the story is gonna talk about you know and the talking out during Clarkson I knew it was some simple namely that. Com. Not on him muted at dropped can't ice the only other Laker to think of I also don't really want to these Randall. Yeah you know I didn't Randall why. TV is TV answer. Go to us gotten the cars got. Area Coachella. So a lot of banks and a couple of days drag it certainly hasn't it's not over yet to we got tonight. Yeah I know it so. So my question is and an eighty about a certain that I do so. Is it. Two and you re bill on the fly and still remain competitive. Obviously BC coverage broke camp which sent the what the Celtics. Well. It depends on a variety of different things it depends on what their future intentions are with Isiah Thomas it depends on what they do with this draft being here I think that if they. Wordy keep Thomas around and go after maybe a Hayward this offseason or somebody else or. You know make this pick in in trying to hold on for next year's pick as well. Just think about it. You're you're in a playoff situation right now with potentially three lottery picks coming into a playoff situation usually quite a lottery picks come into a Philadelphia 76 or situation or something awful like that. The clippers in the ninety's you know this is. This is uniquely I don't think that's something you just wanna blow off I think that some you should really try and and and make is as strong as you can I mean it may not be enough to be LeBron right now. But it certainly is is isn't a new way doing team building that I've never seen before. Well so are you shall so clearly we're going to start out. And Isaiah right yeah you have to after what's just gone on there absolutely not designer two Arctic ice should be complete defense. I sure I hope they do Scott it is not easy to find a guy who can do what he does out there and can give you thirty points a game I mean that's what you look for that's. When you say got to build the team what are you builder to builder at a guy can score thirty points again. Anything short. Have the right especially when it's a guy that is essentially surrounded by larger bench players right I mean it it it's your team it if you're building your team. Your start did the rest of your starting or there on your back. Sure yeah I agree that I mean a lot of those guys are second round picks mid first round pick you know winning Bradley. Smart loses it was as being on top ten minute you know a lot of these guys they just were what they worry you know they've played their way in the big roles on this team. Yeah because up because catcher right yet so. By twice as would the number one pick and I'm not a guy that you don't want to draft a bunch of nineteen year old right because by the time they're ready to take the next step. That you're able. So. The point being is that I would trade. That and a one trick or a couple of you don't establish people all patriots went right like get a guy. That you don't know it about Albert young and we can do respect. Because your mind I'd get that guy either for very long you know I mean it's it's the urine of the same problems cut. Well like ad right but I can bite during years and I'm not sure what the numbers are not sure what this civics are virtual contracts are but. You know I would look like Bjork is is present a solid all around because they're not bought any. Seems that way I think the whole team soured on them Scott thank you for the call it's a it's a pretty. But I'm not sure you wanna start picking the corpse of the New York Knicks trainer. You know I got to get a good thing going here. And I like hey listen I've Odyssey forging is an assault which uniform wouldn't bruising is an awesome. Com Carmelo Anthony. Got real cheap chair. Parsing is when he won. Growing at these 33 so obviously you know we're looking at different generations here in different positions. But part of me just wants to stay away from the knicks altogether. Lake is apparently a virus united stunned don't even get involved. Let them be them and to deal with themselves don't don't get involved with the next. Madison Cambridge limit. They item could guard dog he's quick what that I think I think the cricket ball like oh. Like that I've enjoyed it bow on it give you a TV three fund trade scenarios. A little what all this or outbreak like. Like looking at a big guy I would bit. So you tell me who says no first uneasy period Alex go if you think any of. A lot of rules here mapping OK let's it's let's move both lets hear what's up. We'll we'll be out there are under the last on but let's say number one overall pick. And you go down to pick up the knicks' lottery character. Becker but he was a dancer media. Yeah eight yeah it you know late. Seed trade them the first overall just the first overall enforcing this in the eighty affect. Yeah we don't know the next inning of that. And Arctic are pilot though it and losing is 21 years only enhance the drop the morning get him. Well I mean you know he's 41 years old but he not happy with and exceed you know it really dominant. Over the next don't care about that the next you know he held they'll make them happy he's not that's it that's not their concern right now he's it's their decision whether wanna do them are gonna trade him because he's unhappy they're gonna. See if they can work it out with his 21 year old freaky good athlete you can also shoot threes and his seventh of a war what are Maria's I think he if he trying to work out with a guy like they don't just treat them. And that's parent. You know any edits the knicks and is the New York Knicks you never know anything's possible with them their really stupid. At a wanna go to you know more. A guard corps they would move. The next one one or the other call it broke the younger or thought that was interesting particularly if the clippers blow up a complete all lead. You know you know Doc Rivers and analysts they're on the right now rebuilt pick. So he said you know help them like the number one pick guard Jordan in the at a protected pick in next year's draft. The number one pick for Jordan and he protected take in next year's draft. Seat at the given this year is one in the next year's it's not in the top five or some like that. Just for the Andrei journey know that he's as a player option for Tony 181990. All I am a collaborative open via other such allocate gravity of the Celtics have picked. So they said the Celtics just Cuba the first. Yellow one year probably of the Andre Jordan and unprotected pick back that. Yeah and I pick next year plus one year Jordan or you can and the corporate get reap all the little quicker maybe take all. LA I don't have Jordan cap state especially if they're not competing next if it be that the court. Maybe I don't know I think I can maybe see both teams turning that down but maybe because Agassi Agassi and both accepting it there was some in ever known that when I liked Allen better in the first on what's the third one. I'd turn up and then the third one I like to leave though it goes but you know you look at Philadelphia you don't know of MB or one of the other college action yeah. What that you know if they it ain't like the guy at three or four like out Jackson. The flip with Philadelphia gold won the three north Alfie gets the one you pick up and he'd and you probably got a gift something now so yeah I'll state. Jae Crowder Brooke somebody in there that can play. There window for MB they might do it for what's his face for the other guy indicators always control room. Okafor. Maybe. Evidence. Yes if you give me some attempt. Yen may be I don't know about that thanks for the comment I don't know there's some intriguing possibilities and there. I don't think any of those would really. Get Danny Ainge the Jumbo but their break dance in the in any of those calls he's not gonna be I I yep finally as Chicago waiting for and you know Danny's probably not gonna trade this pick unless he gets the call is waiting for. You know Greg whatever whatever that might be none of those the read it did men came just listed sound like that. I think a note one night when I hear it hit I think we'll all know weird assuming edited even happened. But part of me really think she's gonna make this draft pick because the history you know. It always makes his cryptic that again you know soda Bill Belichick all those years and this year trader MO also who the hell knows. Tony seventeen maybe these guys all know something. You know maybe this just the time to go forward. Six on 77797937. As the phone number we got one open phone line go ahead and grab it will get right back to your phone calls next you're only night. Back here on late night 61777979837. Major phone number we have precious little time left together here just about another half hour. We got a late night low light they cannot be ignored surrogate your phone calls and now once again it's 61777979837. We have one phone line open. Right now I'm looking up the TV and washing one's a ball. Shoot take jump shots and sports science. And they're talking about a quick his release is or whatever. God that juncture. How did coach boulevard never teach maybe you know just shoot a normal Joseph what is this across the face thing you do. I mean it works obviously. But my word. Shawn Marion had a better looking jump Shaq and Shawn Marion had the worst jump shot I've ever seen in my life worse than bill current. But it Alonso bought and he's the best shooter out all gathered as mentioned by a substantial amount but man. Just that hideous looking jumper. But at least I can recognize it but. I don't know what Martell faults is jumper looks like per say but I know it I know Alonso balls looks like. I'll tell you why I'd be fine with the self extracting on the ball really worried. I think he'd probably be a better fit on the Celtics DiMarco fault would be especially if they're not trying to really restructure this team all that much. Is he a front court forced now he is anyways like forty pounds. But he is a guy who can you know at least defensively here on certain a Simon's play if if the team goes small he can be here for. Honestly. You know if you're going small if you have a small line about there. One's a ball 66 you know that's. You know it's it's not the worst thing in the world have another. Offensive minded guy of of that size I would see Alonzo balls roll being less of day. Analysts have been Isiah Thomas type and more of an Evan Turner type and I think this team could really use that especially in the second unit they don't have that are now. They be fine with you know oh a bit Isiah Thomas or block lawns Obama though he wouldn't. Once overall plan a second unit would Jalen brown of Marcus Smart. And Kelly a wedding maybe. The only spread the Arab PA Grey's. He's probably not gonna get a vigorous. But. Some when she get that guy big burrito. 6177797937. Major phone number let's go to Stephen Miami. A white night the great night Boston's. Victory by the that are cut open one I would really hope in the public would come up and look for because then they'd have to. Trade dump. They could be more cost. And traded do it anyway Celtics wanna play that game with them as Steve really they could say they were planning on draft the ball what you want Foreman just she would magic does. Right yes paid sick and I saw that. Big smile on NBA dot com. They had a photo of him he's under. Compliment. And that's. I'm a little de S yes he was very amused by the outings tonight first. Very amused. I've always. But I want to bring up a possibility I don't. Bill Belichick. Surprises at all you know let's midseason trades no. Good linebackers only you'd think you'd be god and and giving. It on and and. Yes this is the very unusual offseason Steve yes I. Okay I would love me any thoughts on that nobody's expecting not mind. Didn't want downhill we have a the tea. Assent to me Whiteside. Sunlight side yes good young player good young big men. Yes exactly about what he saw blocking talked problems. For the Celtics rebounding defensive rebounding and I would think that not in the interest in. You history it would become a ball to number one pick. Maybe erosion. I Crowder. And the two don't vote I don't know do you think what would you think of something like that. That's not a crazy idea Whiteside a little older than I thought it was his 27 I thought it was younger than that for some reason by day yankees she signed her. Two more years add just about Max money point three and and 25 and then and when he 192020s. Got a player option. I don't know if the he would be open to discussing that I don't think you be the worst idea in the world isn't Whiteside kind of and kind of a knuckle head up. Let me get in trouble or something I think somebody else he get a budget technical fouls maybe. Maybe I'm totally wrong. But I'd sort of remember him being days is character guy you know I mean I cannot grade character guy but I could be wrong about that. I'm willing to accept the media wise I'm just learning now about his contract which is reasonable I mean that's you know offer. Prime time big man in the NBA in more traditional number five. Sure you know that's that's total cost. And I think to be a good fit here and he be a good fit most places. And the cell which really is a guy like him that again Danny Ainge said that you know rebounder stone throw off the whole team concept so. Maybe that's not what they're looking for. But white sides athletic he's fast he can do a lot of things easy he's a good big man in the MBA and a name that I sort of feel like who's not really. Brought up all that much during the trade deadline just because. And I didn't seem like he wherever they are serious about moving on from. You know in any is still sign for a few more years Miami's not in the in great shape right now with. They are in better shape than they would be without him and I think that there. You know they're they're still Miami they still have the today the same record as the bulls this year and there are still Miami there's still technically a destination it. Players enjoy for obvious reasons so I don't know. I don't think you move on from Whiteside but if the you be willing to talk about it I would then that's a that's a name I would certainly. Be into discussing sure. She was shakes out from my not 6177797937. Let's go to Mike in north Providence in my. I Christians yeah I'm I don't think at any rate district. You know. Fault is basically like is perfect player like bridge to guy he dreamed about at night. Yeah today about six or shooting guard you know kind of combo guard athletic. You know excellent skills the works I mean you look at it strapped histories basically. They got a draft pick on the edges for a player like there's no him on the has up to eat yet the real thing. And shouldn't you shouldn't trade immediate. Yeah because I think it's a slight ripple effect nobody's called like all your country Jordan or Shun White try to meet. This is like thinking back in the 1990s just not or that. Into days and mediate those guys and values is not like there were. But you don't trade a guy like that. That could be in this new guard oriented equal Goodyear apps superstar like MVP caliber player down the road. You know in the game like basketball. Where that superstar. In in large part dictates the fortunes of a franchise. For a guy is a decent player. Yeah Melissa my guy I'm with the averages the Whiteside wasn't an aim I really thought of and I I was saying before I think it. You know dean means is gonna trade this pick unless he gets the call he's really been waiting for and I'm not sure has some white sides that call. Now I don't know what it is but on it's probably not a silence that. It has been like an Anthony gave the call and it turned down a guy like like faults and Nicky and you know I'm I'm big into the Garza trade people packed into and the guy. It might happen. If any might have to do like I got three Nichols for our country. In Hillary YouTube debate on consolidating power I want to know where you know it's time to start like you know. Put that good Dugan did you get more more guys. Euros reap a couple hours. Easy you have to sell oil those guys you're exactly and we have to draft picks next year I mean I'm dark quality. And sending them out. Or otherwise. You know what I like Perrier is here we might end up avenues you know trade for future draft pick you might spurs are in use some young and you and now you lose a draft capital budgets aren't at sixteen record to forty. You know six I mean it says hey it and and it is keeping it may be deacons find like a good role player sort of like big. You know can cult like a guy who could chew and can rebound a little bit below it. Never in my head like a marquee Morse time maybe my dad is I was thinking that during that last series. But in rounding up player role players on this team that's our problem and l.'s the kind of have that tank Helio when he. Rebounds a little bit can shoot in our stretch the defense subtle little. When only explain you know his best game he's pretty good. He's playing decently is our right I got some bad news though the sun Whiteside can't have it can't have him here. And this is why. This is why. Nevermind. Back into any fifteen and so I knew I remember some about lights that do we have it okay this is way. White Sox. Then my nose. The other guys they've stolen. Right here on the baseline drive and quite fast walks over Akon want to look at it okay. Goes no way that markets markets fifty. They gonna look at it. He did get rejected it and. Absolutely clear to mallet I'll man it was brutal. Whiteside Nolan a period alleges he really pisses people off into. Right before this play happen there's like a screen up at the top always got his arm Whiteside might say it slaps away you know sums about that than. This is 2015 just the regular season game against the some I don't know on Miami someone drives in goes the bad just as when Lois thank. And oh when it goes down the train and box out and whites I just comes up behind me just act some almighty guide. It was bad at all when it didn't flop on now when he yet he went down to he had an. So sorry no on Whiteside to intrigue gantry or boy Kelly that way. Now after he dropped 26 on the Washington's face the imminent. Let's go to Jane Connecticut Georgia. What. You know Jane area. And abetted them. Called up a credible well. Total. It actually quit okay. You can you can sneaking your camera that the Emily got on the Celtics. Are hopeful day I don't what long Wall Street and what Strom. Dwight is plot out about it today in somewhat I don't have colts also. Deal with wow what's his father gonna do you think is father's going to be do you know and caller Brad Stevens Don immortal play Brad Stevens and we care about Lavar ball. Then again it they'll be triggered entertainment but I don't I wielded more drama can also. If he can play I don't care and if he can play now on I'm on the team because Lavar bombing my job easier sound that old it's very selfish for me. I don't think it imploding Eton pats so that you great shot. He's got an ugly shot but it goes in. I don't know used to what stalking and you overrated. As dad's hi out even though it what his voice sounds like I heard him freestyle over Drake B ones and I think that's the only time ever heard speaking he was even be who's ratting so. I don't know I mean it today you're right date. There is some drama associated with the player jail give you that I'll I hung up on Jay before he could do was Kimbrel what. Now while sergeant. Now I really Craig Kimbrel kind of images that Craig Kimbrel is on Greg your role is on fire and another strikeout tonight. ETH inning you know. Yeah those those quick it was quick and easy the creek timber away. I go when mother at Saxton and by the way just while we're on the subject here. Nice win over good team in Saint Louis. They got to their starter Jackie Bradley hit a home run McKee bets another leadoff home run he's red hot right now. Eduardo Rodriguez is hotter now five straight quality start for him. It's just a shame that Hector Velasquez is going to be starting on Thursday. Because yen down when this team has their good starters going. And I hope to include reports fellow but I. Really like to see him if I really like to see him give you lose a vintage four solo performance. Nine I should say. Nominally to include him and all that but when sale and Rodriguez are out there you feel pretty good. When Purcell is out there you feel not quite as good and when anyone else is out there you don't wanna watch the game past the fourth inning mostly it. And maybe Hector Velasquez is gonna change all that may be maybe ish. By the way tell the Henry Owens collars yet this is why Henry Owens doesn't come up right not good yet he's not. It's too bad. As he looks like he should be a good pitcher. He's like eleven feet tall and he's a lefty. But he's just record it remember Christian never judge a book by its copyright you can't. You know you just can't. But man it's too bad and are big tall freaky tall lefty. It's not often that one of those guys comes up and pages and socks there where it's usually. Even if they're not great they don't often like to suck like that. Really tall gangly guys who look like that you just fire in their long half and I just looks like a good pitcher and he does the work. As the most frustrating thing like Kelly oil and it looks like a bad basketball player he's actually pretty yet. Henry owns looks like he should be awesome and he's just there just isn't. And there's a time where he was an untouchable prospect in this system wasn't that long ago. And now they won't remember him for spots are. Anyway osu and Hector Velasquez says on Thursday 61777979837. Is the phone number coming up next. We have a late night low light for the ages. We may even have a hero among us don't go anywhere that's next. I ladies and gentlemen I don't always do this examines how and awhile. But I'd tonight here on late night. Instead of your normally that low light instead we have a hero among us and I do mean among us. Probably saw the story but if you didn't well. You know like this one. Police and fun on mass straight here not re hear here Rick you know here. David big account of Monday afternoon DUI arrest that featured paying concealed lizard. A fake gun and a man who couldn't remember his own name. Well it's just the beginning folks. Amy revel McCarthy age 39 of Newton was charged with. Operating under the influence of liquor driving to endanger in a Mark Lane violation. Per passenger Marvin. Hi while young gun aged 22 was placed in protective custody police there revel McCarthy drove off the road while speeding. Knocked over six mailboxes. And damage the homeowners well. They also said one of the mailboxes went airborne smashed the window living nearby parked car. Round 123 Monday talking police there respond to a crash in the front your home on staples street. They found revel McCarthy who is a witness said have been driving at the time of the crash standing next to her 1999 Mercedes is Kyle Lang yeah. Tried to drive the car back to the road. Though the car was stuck between trees missing both bumpers and sitting on four flat tires with a airbags deploy it. Tom police said she was laughing. And felt the crash wasn't very wasn't that serious. That stuck between through trees no bumpers for flat tires with the air bad eggs out in she's laughing next to the car. Offers officers said rebel McCarthy was slurring and drooling and asked them to call her a tow truck. Sorry Amy we can't move the car in Canton police wrote a FaceBook post about the arrest if we do. What will you use to hold yourself up. In the pictures she's clearly intoxicated. It then spoke to the acquaintance. Kiley younger who was smoking a cigarette near the car which was leaking gasoline. Two heroes among us here it's an officer said he was slurring of speech you couldn't remember his name. But then things escalated when they saw the handle of a gun in his pants. He was tackled and handcuffed but the weapon was an air soft replica gun. And that wasn't all. Hidden from the officers. Before being taken to the police station rebel McCarthy told police that she had a bearded dragon lizard. Hit in on her person. Where does want to hold a bearded dragon lizard while driving US. On police wrote in the face proposed in their brassiere. Is where. She was driving around. Hammered. With the dude in the car who added fake gun on him. And she had a giant lizard. Crawl around that are movies. When she crashed the car the lizard was okay. They removed the lizard took read it and see if they remove the lizard by force or what exactly they did there but they remove the lizard. And took both revel McCarthy thank you very much there by the and Cali anger back to the police station where officers said rebel McCarthy was found to have twice the legal blood alcohol level. Blizzard were turned over to ton animal control police added that unlike it's previous owner if faces no charges at this time. And the lizard ladies and gentlemen. Not Abuja thought I was gonna call the drums the the heroes among us tonight I wouldn't do that so they could kill somebody. And her friend smoking a cigarette next to the car leaking gasoline is just the perfect. Act through of this of this but there is the real hero here. Is the lizard. Who had the wherewithal to hide in a very protective plate there is airbags are coming from the car. And he got himself frighten the in the humid air bags. Make sure the impact wouldn't be too much Foreman has little lizard body you know. And any got out. Probably got put noise issue boxer belief senator something. And now instead of being the head of this crazy lady from Newton. Now he can go live a normal whatever bearded dragon lizards though. The only time I've ever seen him do any thing les either be in the pet store. Are over my friend's house in college in acting just sat there are never and never actually moved. The lame as pat had ever seen in my life. You know on a touching his gross. And it's not like it ever does anything. Some a set odds fund defeat him yes and don't care and care about them. Anyway here's to you bearded dragon lizard. You're tonight's hero among Russians or you Danny Ainge. Sorry you Chris good job tonight. That's my time I'm back tomorrow after the Red Sox game. For another thrilling edition of WEEI late night will be reacting to game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. What do we cannot unbelievable Madigan had everybody. Watch video of humility that we. Oh on a plane like three bites the harm that video. He like on hinges Jala a boa constrictor anxious and stuff the thing in their. Per passenger margin. Hi while young gun aged 22 was placed in protective custody police there revel McCarthy drove off the road while speeding. Knocked over six mailboxes. And damaged the homeowners well. Hidden from the officers. Before being taken the police station rebel McCarthy told police that she had a bearded dragon lizard. Hit in on her person. I myrtle watching a video of Helio thank you like a burrito on a plane like three bites you remember that video. He like unhinged is Jala a boa constrictor anxious it's tough the thing in their.

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