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Part 2 of the Shayana Jenkins Hernandez interview with Dr. Phil... just more denials

May 17, 2017|

Trashy TV at it's finest once again let's us down. Dale, Holley and Keefe discuss it.

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Phil has had a two part special part one ran yesterday part two was running today. Shia led Jenkins Hernandez the fiancee of Aaron Hernandez. They'll remember yesterday we we played you the big Dr. Phil T it's. Certain where today he was gonna ask about whether Aaron Hernandez was in fact get a well today Dr. Phil tried to pay off that tease you were his trio and so. Was he secretly here. Aaron that I now know I had no indication or any feeling that. That he was such he is very much I mean to me I made don't know where that came from if embarrassing an offense that's hurtful regardless if the shore or not it's just not something that I saw. It's not something that I believe me it's just turn him. Prosecutors did not tell you this prudent to use the prosecutors. Can. Pleaded not tell you this now while I mean it was brought to my attention and a I that prosecutors who brought to your attention that. Offense came they told you that this was being floated around the track this never. Came to your attention until after his steps we're before as far as these filtering might be atlas before. Did you ever ask you about that we have and connotation yet would you say to him. Attention Assurant. Dan would reduce. That it wasn't. You should flat out no and other adolescent. When you ask him did you ask him in passing or did you press it gives you. Accuse him did you ask him did you confront him how did you ask him and he never coached any situation by accusing so I asked he told me. And that was that I don't press any situation that the prosecutors hope to two true revelation might cause she's a slip on the you know. And lined up against him and someone. Has nothing to let. There and gotten wind that this was going public and give in to the general knowledge base including inside the prison and I don't know. Was he concerned about these. I mean who would be concerned. With rumors that such but I IE I don't know if he can't win back at me. Heat relief. There was a radio show that reported. That there was security what do you know about. I don't know much kindness they try to stay away from the media. I don't watch TV really showing any you know very little. The man named Kyle Kennedy. His lawyers came forward claiming that Kyle and Aaron were prism lovers. They're that they requested the sheriff cell. You believe you know my account I don't know who this Kara Kennedy as I've ever heard of honestly parent has ever mentioned him. An area like to me in a single cell from my knowledge. Do discover your kitchen before or after he passed tactic and after. Today after. The village suicide. The prison put it how opportunity on suicide watch because they say they knew the depths of their relationship. What's your response. To just. And a half went. According to coach in these longer there and reportedly wrote. Old. Do this. Is that true. I'm waiting for the for the cancer tomorrow. And in morals I think that from all that is I think adding music underneath does help. I can right now and I music yeah you we have a little song next underneath it to drive his client be music that although I'll probably scare anybody ask you about the level attention that I didn't have time is that what you gonna say next could be anything she confronted. How did you ask. Have it and passing alone policy this and I don't know if there was conversation before they tape the programmer now where somebody from Dr. Phil sent for a 100000 dollars he is asked as often as he wants. As he wasn't given up there. He's like whatever differences there now so you. Thank you and mrs. grant that would do it. It makes this thing around all the difference that we're comic caper and if your name's rich he. Is it are you sure know how do you know yet and I think. The track. We were handed this earlier this afternoon where Kyle Kennedy. The person the Dr. Phil was talking about yeah supposedly the the third note was written to through his attorney Larry army junior sent out this release. And he continues to say. That that he believes that the third letter was addressed to him. And his attorney has repeatedly requested a copy of that letter to review then. That. He says the story about who this letter was sent to has changed several times. But based upon the close relationship that I had with a Aaron. It is highly likely that it was in fact intended for me. I again renew my request to have the letter released my attorney so we can put this issue to rest. Com. He also talks about the watch that the 50000 dollar watching wants back to. He he he also says. There has been a lot said about me and my personal life in recent weeks some of it accurate some of that knocked. I remain incarcerated at Susan baron ASCII correctional center and surely but at the appropriate time I want to address these issues. And set the record straight. And Dr. Phil. Well I think she got to a Grand Island or wrong I don't think back to today's go go take at this Susan baron housekeeper of senator at that they get to do that. Some on its way you know thank. If that does she you know I will say this hurt her denial about Aaron Hernandez's sexuality. Was not as blunt as I expected it to be to my knowledge he might dollars and even got it was nothing narrative yet. I mean I was expecting a blanket absolutely not that's of course will homophobic and she definitely was like he champion man. Yeah I say because there's definitely deadly it may be but then she said he was a man to me. It was a man to me Yemen there that line in there that was definitely initiated that I got to get across as long now like it was a gay he was he was all man in a if you know I feel we've advanced. But Medina. But I think yeah by the edited Q what didn't sound as as much issues but just her her relationship with him right. So yesterday. The take away was she did not feel that he had committed suicide. She doesn't know what happened to she wasn't there to point Dr. Phil said he was neither are but she didn't think it was suicide. And today the take away is to her knowledge Aaron Hernandez was not get. Thank you very well. There's stuff I mean you know how would you I don't even know how would you handle that situation where. Know somebody is saying something not that you are. Homophobic the somebody saying something about your spouse. Here. Beyoncé. That you don't bleed to be true they can't defend themselves anymore and now you're trying to. You know you just trying to. Reconcile that they're gone and now you are also due to this other element. That's probably at that slot handle are ushered us I would think it would yeah and she said it's hurtful. Yeah. It went she said it was hurtful she said I should say that that. She considers these allegations to be hurtful to her personally yes. Data in this something they just as a daughter you know daughter who. Is is that the age where. You ask a lot of questions especially since. The father was absent before but alive now the father is apps that it can gone so you'll have. You get a got to answer a lot of questions and I'll think that. The child almost five is that the age where. Yeah Google lenient in your China and you're seeing things hearing things in class that there probably 32 or three years away from that. But you know that that's got to be concerned what will be the story. About her father when she's school age. Went and people are asking why Australia and saying things Santa addresses that concern you abatement basically comes across below her fun it was a two more. Statements. I am I mean technically legally. Abide by the letter of the law she's right they issued no realistically I don't. No anybody besides her who doesn't think he's not a cure anymore she acknowledged that the internet's Jabil read about it. Yeah yeah she will at LA. Here I don't know what the approach is going to be and don't envy her being in that and in that position because. You've got to be. You've got to do something you got to say something before. Everybody else does. Mean you've got to address it was yeah yeah I mean when he's not only do it for the kids for years old. The when he have a conversation with a four year old. I'm not a four that's for sure purely speculation on our part do you feel that she did this simply because she needs the money. Earned her. Don't know wild wild theater I can't act I'm trying to come up with a reason why well just to get her side out I guess is if you wanna do that anywhere right she should be somebody from the global consider living room tomorrow she wanted to do ya know that's true of symington. The the money that that that doesn't hurt. Yet have a national audience for this so. Mean I guess she's not really like so insane marched again is all pretty predictable we said yesterday what she said parents and she says which is that. But she gets to a thousand dollars for pepper. Say it slower. They hit it on the third day I've heard about the speed right. You know it do you think Dr. Phil and and the producers of the program think they've got their money's worth out of this source ball off to check the ratings rate a follow up care about and what do people watch this of people interested enough this sort of feels like Geraldo getting into the safe and not seeing anything there a little bit you know this sort of feels like you all this build up and we're gonna how. After all the questions and they did and still does Dr. Phil does. It is giving answers to have big nationally people really care about the story. Yeah yeah I do. Football player for the patriots. Got a little soap opera field they're football player for the surgery. Was in the Super Bowl catcher touchdown pass in Super Bowl. But away from the field. Different life. That would double life yeah no double life always works double double life he did that that'll fly well anywhere yeah. Anytime you want to run a double life all I got from i.'s attention man well you think he's a nice guy yeah I think he's all buttoned down there and you know kind of quiet but. Wait a minute. The size and others Erez dark side yet that plays well they go we gave you the highlights yesterday we gave the highlights today. They people's behind me if what that was it that was kind of the I mean the payoff of yesterday's tease was the quest as we have we had to pay out the so. Saturday. And Charles 6177797937. Is telephone number tax line. 37937. It's dale and Holley with Keefe. Sports Radio W yeah.

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