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K&C - Kirk discusses the passing of Gerry's Mom 5-16-17

May 16, 2017|

Kirk discussed the passing of Gerry's mother.

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There is not scheduled to go off today. It's been a tough few weeks we know here for the show obviously between. You know my dad miles. Some analysis last night has been tragedy here throughout hopes. But to every person here on ball can aside and fortunes is terrible news Jerry's mom Irene passed away last night. Hard to believe. Just brutal she had. Been suffering for awhile I think Jerry's dad. That's villagers that little bit you know we got to hang out in Maine and round here in Jersey that was a great guy he really was reminded them just a wonderful guy. I've only heard great things about his mom and get those mom is mom had been battling dimension really suffering for the last couple years. And unfortunately she had a bad fall yesterday in later passed. Last night so Jerry's really struggling right now. Kyle he's lost his dad and his mom. In last year and a half or so it was dad died on November 2015. Guys that your dad died the day he and his mom Irene celebrated the fiftieth wedding anniversary. And they had a great marriage and had great kids and Jerry you know if you listen to show enough you know teachers agree with the if you listen every day you know teachers agree and there are people who don't ocelot who say things and they're wrong I'm telling you I know again. These are my best friends he's like my Big Brother. We joke around about loved very much. And I hate these go through this right now. It's a terrible thing I'm sure I don't know I haven't lost them to illusion long. And I have no parents I just feel terrible for Jerry for the whole cal and stand wagers would Tracy's well you know grandkids and the other in laws. Actually terrible my heart breaks for them it's been a a really tough front. For Jerry's mom and I spoke to yesterday there is obviously I think the word relief is a tough word used but there's something to that when you get. Today Eddie you've struggled with that diseases monster's mom has. So this summer that the idea that she has some peace that was probably a good thing he did say that she was pretty loose in Iraq whose party used. She's pretty lucid yesterday two days ago mother stating have you really good Mother's Day when the best he's had while. An artery of the thinks that maybe she knew that in. It's sort of all tied together and Jerry's mom Irene. Passed away yesterday so. And figure them all the time and we love them here and our Scholl continued to move on Marshall was gone through hell here last few weeks. And blisters on your with us we appreciate you guys as well Gerri we'll get for a lot of feedback and text tweets. And calls because people know with a great ideas and you know it can increase you know he's he's a great guy and I feel absolutely horrible. And have no parents all of a couple of days that mom and dad and it's are really really tough here in Africa for apps off. Certainly to his family. Wish an investor was going to be very tough time right now Jerry's is talking I was it was Friday. He likes to tell stories as you know was telling stories and bring his mom ice cream from the place it's right near sunrise is I don't see you love Sully when it big in. He had a big smile on his face a bubble this year and bring more ice cream and to get that. The news yesterday. He added do you said the show will you guys have gone through. I'm no one deserves it the SE group there's just been through much. With the show so I'd like everyone else I mean. What's it's in his leg back be dramatic and this happens to people in life I understand it's just a tough couple weeks that's all we're gonna. Get through and dig through its gonna sockets can suck for her quote sucks me right now still. Number oh my dad Gerry called home last night I was so upset I felt so bad form is all these emotions but you get through it. You keep working but I just I know you know all you villagers Belichick as opposed him. How much he loves parents how much he loves his wife how much he loves his kids. That's all you need to know about the guys so I know knowing how much he did love his mom and does love his mom how much must be hurting. To date and I now maturity has officially open doesn't care about that companies don't worry about take care. But you absolutely gut wrenching news. For Jerry and his family. Though the same time Marcus said we have way I'm sure there is a sense of peace fort. And and so Jerry's wife features like chief keep winning their first anniversary of troops are great marriage and a great life in great kids and sure they're very proud of Jerry and his Brothers and sisters I've no doubt about that. We think of him here going forward and we'll check in with him he'll be back here before you know when we Pakistan again for the senior regained a lot of meticulously everything else has more stories yes that's that is that is Jerry all the way to shining. He set out on the hard sold a show he says the of the dangers aren't sold show doctors aren't sold station. He's the glue that keeps a station again that we know that and we're not the same without them we hope he's back soon but not too soon take time. And will be here we're gonna be here together men and get through this stuff together it's going to be in the will she do in the situation time and considered my 24 hours on talk and Gerri about you know. Would you do the paradise in his parent is mom as that night. Does this is and he's unbelievable unbelievable. So he's he disagrees so off the air he said can Reimer with the new art sold the station your well your own assassin Jared I need to hear them again. W some of them thirst we elected the first hour or so it goes. I also suggests that illogical texting and already people know Jerry's Twitter account and that Gerry Callahan they want to reach out to Jerry. I'm sure gave that this support at this time from the listeners who've listened to for so long it's. It can be can be helpful. No question about it definitely can tell you definitely assist there's no question I know that you know definitely do that reach out and for true. Tweet about some point next couple days and has some time now is going through the the hell of trying to figure out where executives were you that wears Cisco were is that a Walt the same time trying to process of greed and figure stuff out he knows unfortunately he's done this before. So we figured Jerry ally here and we love them he's not comfortable now and I'm in the count full before I love the whole lot I told last week alone. We are because you like you. Because she told me he loved me because he's safe (%expletive) me off none of he said using you as is it was almost almost obvious homosexual he's using you to get upset no he was looking at the other absolutely if you are looking at the other options it would have been Nazi besides me and looking the other guys over there or girls and said boy love discourage television. State senate and stuck with you there are so weak. You I think you with a listeners can hear a lot of mud in the board this source this week are at 617. 779793. Sevenths that's it's going on the Jerry. Annoyed earlier from your interests and I hope we don't hear your nose and he should definitely low and grieving onto the great life and his mom hiring lived. I'm should be figured his battle to which is tough. So we back our three are coming up 6177797. Nights and I transitioned selfish me and we'll talk against the Celtics. And more we get back till I will say in times of grief and times of tragedy Thursday Twitter work of Tony Mazur Robby to lift us up. This frigid dope when he twitters spree last night I can taste my ball screen that read some of these tweets we'll get to those.

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