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Celtics Recap; Late Night, Low Light 5-16-2017

May 16, 2017|

Christian closes out the show with a final breakdown of the Celtics’ game 7 win against the Wizards. Another edition of Late Night, Low Light.

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These these late night with Christian art can Sports Radio. Would that tee winds down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock its kitty goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get we're here. It. Final hour here's Sports Radio WEEI final hour late night Archie and here eleven are Braden studios overlooking the plague as they have you this year tonight Matty the marine. Specter and the wheels are still taking your phone calls. For the rest of the hour here it's 6177797937. You can text me at 379837. You can tweet me at Christian are cans. We have a very fun the late night low light for you later on. Which I can't wait to get to its hilarious but in the meantime we're talking Celtics here for the rest of the hour. Until until we get to about a quarter of them all too late night low light by an hour talking Cali Olympic we're talking. Isiah Thomas. We are talking Jalen brown were talking LeBron James whatever you want to hear all Celtics are all night and it's the only show you can do the signs were staying up late 617779. Seven and 937. Let's go to Joseph in the car with a thought on the Celtics hello Joseph. Acre site or Jill it's up. Book and a lot of phone called an own brought up though points in the paint down you know we tried Jordan. The 56 orders. So yes it was very surprising too considering how badly they got out rebound and I thought that was very unusual statistic but one that certainly helped them out big time here. Would that that's old TV I mean we you don't destroy him in the paint we. Doing that. It allowed to get open and at second half early kudos breed I mean yeah it goes hide Big Three in the third quarter session goes Perino last like minute and a half wanna thank. Why then not know Ron I mean I was really gains in your right there would those garrido in the third quarter. Yeah at the end there on a thirteen to three era and that was big they had a couple of big shots there and then down the stretch in the last you know three minutes down to the last ninety seconds they were still. They were still getting good looks and and knocking him down some about playing at home I don't know what it is it really brings the it really brings the stars out of these role players that turns him into some much better than they are on the road I don't know exactly what it is but it it exists and it really works for this team. In this series I mean. Yes sir it's crazy to think that I think the only safe in like a rookie who you don't want to show you these big gains Alex. John Brown I'd probably didn't realize tomorrow what he's meant yeah it comes and he played really good defense diver drop for a loose ball eagerly. The year broil well I mean it's like at this he would change the pace and at Chicago series yeah because he got bangs it you're what you're playing defense and it. Yeah and I are absolutely right John thank you for checking and in the last two playoff series. In not in the last two years they should stay in at the last two series at the last two years. When the Celtics played Cleveland in 2015 when they played Atlanta last year got bounced in the first round both times. I was really hoping that someone anyone. Whether it was Jared sullen juror whether it was mark is Smart whether it was Avery Bradley whether it was. I was really hoping. They EC one of those guys just go off. And have one of those transcending games where they score like forty points or something in the ages. Unstoppable and they everything they do seems to work and get rebounds in addition often. You know hitting threes in just doing everything in the talk about a month's sports center and it's this whole bailout is this was this today that mark is Smart finally. Became a superstar whatever you know I was just hoping that there are BA game and they're never wise it just never happened. And you waited in the hope did you prayed and I just did it wasn't there. And I'm not saying that haven't tonight. And I saying Kelly going to turn himself into a you know valuable trade chip or anything like that. Buy it Avery Bradley over the course of the series certainly might have. Mark is Smart I think it is I don't know if he's turned himself into a big trade chipper not buy it. Everybody is watching these games is aware of his value and also aware of the fact that he is still in his early twenties. And it. Still has a lot of learning to do I think offensively of had a sort of maintain but I mean some of the things that he can do you can't teach people the play like market Smart. You know he can't he can't coach that he just as. In the he was huge tonight. 6177797937. Let's go to nick in Boston in their. In other Christian line area. Pretty good with little horse from from a lot of tourists yelling tonight were you there at the end. I want to that the game I was watching that geez people and not in the south south and I know it's easy it's always very well could be synergies you. It was it was a wonderful amateur it was it was a great place to watch the game mom and a couple questions where you just want to hear your thoughts about their little. Different football related to the topic street bank. Key matchup is gonna be other that I guess you know I and you talk about Crocker earlier on the brawn is there another key matchup and the upcoming series where a Celtic in that matchup just need to. Really played better than they've they've played you know in any other series. Bradley out Irving I think is going to be a big match up I don't know that Bradley needs to play much better than he played against the wall in this series I think that for the most party that'd. Good if not great job on John Wall for most of the most of these games especially in this game tonight I mean John Wall was a puddle in the fourth quarter this game. And I I wouldn't asked Brad I wouldn't say that Bradley has the elevate his game to take on Irving more than its are ready at right now. I'd say maybe. Maybe Horford against Kevin Love in the post or whoever I don't know it's it's hard to really know what these matchups are gonna look like so. I'd say this. If year. If you're concerned about Isaiah I think in and I don't know if there is some people are some people aren't but I mean after that 53 point game. I think people were starting they get used to the idea that Isaiah was just gonna put up you know between thirty or forty or fifty points every night and then. He went three and three games in a row scoring under twenties so. I don't know I think you Isiah is gonna have to be more consistent offensively if that makes any sense I don't think you have any games like he hadn't games three and four. I think did Bradley's gonna have to continue to play that kind of suffocating defense you played on wall when he's up against carrier ring in. Yet Jae Crowder and Jalen brown I think you're gonna probably get the bulk of the minutes trying to. I don't know I mean that's all three of those every every matchup you look at it's going to be a tough one here and they're not going to be any. Real cupcakes for the cavs either I mean LeBron against anyone you give it to LeBron bit. Anybody else on that team I think has a reasonably formidable match up there over on the other side firm from the Celtics on defense. Now apparently going to be it's going to be quite a quite a series the last question knowledge and how much Iran and everyone has been talking about. You know the Celtics should really go after Gordon Hayward hard this offseason is there anyone else out there are that you think they could try to. To learn free agency to open next year even if they don't get over the hump but you know this year but regardless as it was quite quite excessive in my view. Yes I would agree when you look at the list of free agents. I don't know I mean there's not there's not a lot really to choose from thanks for the call me in a staff Curry's are going anywhere. It would dollar. Will be a free agent. I think depending on whether or not terrain might want out of their anyway exit with Dolly complaining more. The plane all they can't. I surge or bark is a free agent. Manager and always a free agent Jeff Green. Around Zach Randolph. Ilyasova who'd hawks made a trade for it to the deadline. JJ Redick spot shooter Kyle Korver another one. These are guys I think that they're gonna have to. You know bold birdie to get on the Boston. Depending on who else is sort of in the in the market for guys like that. But I think he had a nom looking I'm looking for spot up shooters and I'm looking for re down Anders. And there's the there's some of those I mean is Serge Ibaka made about twelve million dollars this year I don't want her to Viagra for twelve million then again that's a much Amir Johnson was making. So. And he hits it's it's tough to really say one way or another. The market even for players like that. Probably higher than you think it is. Just his MBA aid salary cap going up in all these teams are ever more money to spend in these agency. Dollar signs in their eyes and that's what's gonna happen. Charge Gibson is also freeagent. Com George kills a free agent but there are also armed guards. News if you're race ever Otto Porter. Chris Humphries the harmful to get the hump in here. Round two. I don't know if I'm looking at it. The types of players that you really want to train and sign away. There's not really anybody I think fits all that well. You know the best players that are free agents here like Kyle Lowry. George Hill. Ibaka. You know nobody there really leaps off the Fed stepped curry bid Curry's not gonna be free agents are. Mean technical management is not really. Derrick Rose you're. I'd say if they're gonna go really make a hard push for someone. It would probably be somebody like me. Maybe like a Redeker in a bucket to someone our role player. Earl player they baking get not on the cheap but not for anything approaching a Max deal and I think that a lot of these guys are gonna get overrated by by the market and that could be an issue 61777979837. As your phone number 37937. Asian number on tech's quick break we'll be right back. Piece is Christian art can. On Sports Radio WEEI. Speed. Feeling yes buildings blew right through your and is in Dubai. We knew on that there's you would be there was an epidural torn and play hard and everybody else. Jae Crowder Jae Crowder after the game. Not great outside shooting but it was a big factor there underneath. Really played some tough physical basketball against the wizards' bigs and the guards do we made me made some guys pay when they came into the paint. Mark Smart get a good job of that soup. I was impressed with the effort from these guys. Really in every every one of these games except for game four game four was a horrible effort but they packed it in you could tell. And when you go there and victim of 26 over on I can see other temptation might be there to say area which is get him in game five which they did by the way. They've bounced back from game five and they almost close it out in game six. You know they had a dead game in their hands and then John Wall just went Superman on him for that last that last ninety seconds. Played some great defense had a huge three pointer. And that was all he had and that was it John while you could tell I was all you got. He came out he was effective in the first half but in the fourth quarter I mean he was she was nothing. It was like you didn't exist. In the final nineteen minutes in this game John Wallace oh for eleven. He was outscored when he they're sorry. In the fourth quarter he was outscored fourteen to nothing by Kelly Rowland and John Wall. Chew on that percent. I Kelley oil and make himself outscored the wizards' bench by 21 points. Kelly oh Linux 26 points was tied his season high. Which happened back in January. The most amount of points he scored in a in a game this season. And that's the second time this happened. Actually no that's wrong it's almost the second time that's happened. Calais only did it. Avery Bradley season I was 31 points and he scored 29 points in game five. So that's two guys. Who while in some stretches this year were. Big lift to the offense. Their biggest complaints is that there are inconsistent. Intel rail link and Avery Bradley over the course of the series. Ended up coming up huge for the state. Absolutely huge. Bradley even more so that'll I think as a when it was great in this game tonight but Bradley really sort of rescued this team. When it looked like things were starting to fall apart. Game five Avery Bradley that was a heroic performance from him. And I think I'm gonna remember that about the series maybe even more than they say is 53 point game. And I know that's not really fair kids Jesus he had 53 point 24 in the fourth quarter and overtime combined. That was game to. This is game five. In the Celtics had just come off of probably one of their most embarrassing losses of the entire season forget the playoffs. That 26 or run third quarter in in game four. And Avery Bradley came out in game five and was. Tremendous. I would put that performance slightly above Kelly oh Linux here tonight but only slightly. And I say it goes Bradley in game at five polling tonight and is saying game two as the three stars for me. Any aides say that's unfair to Isaiah but I have a feeling we're gonna be saying a lot about as is performance here in the Eastern Conference finals whether or not the Celtics win a game or two games three games are four games. Whether or not they win any of these games I think you know we're still gonna see Isaiah go off. It's. It's a different type of team. We will in this. And in the games against Cleveland this year Isaiah averaged about thirty points. So I don't suddenly see that changing. On the questions going to be is can they can they contain Cleveland's offense to the point where Isaiah and Al Horford and whoever that third guy happens to be whether it's a blank whether it's. Jae Crowder whether it's the root Bradley whoever they need that third person to to join the party. And if they can do that. I think this can be an entertaining series. During the subways can win it now but I think they can certainly make it as series worth watching. Affect your phone calls here. David is in Springfield hello David. Yeah. You guys do what you guys who don't you guys being given her children no credit you did go to realize look on his bullish ads. Did you know you should play good bowl. And wounded. When you chipped it on oh hole. I mean do guys like the other night what mark about that got you know grabbed me. World world world. Upon a good old days they'll always be cold it is Gordon Cochran you can go to trial that. Is LeBron jeans and a solemn. Yeah actually told you had to wait a soldier is full and the old guys DR. Nightmare. You know what happens more often than LeBron James fouling out of a playoff game haley's comet. Escalate lots of things David that never had he never fouls out it was a. But it is still think it's layered glass bowl they aren't you. It would welcome. You don't get it occurred around you know. Clinton chipping. David Wei and what show do you believe it was an end this show all night. Is that is now what I've been saying about this team. Yeah yeah well I mean I've Dexter X because. Bill why I didn't go in there should be a he wore. Chrome new idea comets and troops there records and they you'll pay day. They have got to gain from it being. These days get together it's good that we got when you're in the neutral you idea and India you attempted. We do it and including live with this clearly didn't know what you're dead we'll look at Cleveland like. Of cu chi. Okay David David. Thank you for the call. I was gonna ask you if you're really believes it so it can be clue but I know who's gonna say yes. I didn't need to ask in this that was the only thing had left the hear from David is if you really believes in he's a by the end of the series are gonna look at Cleveland like a school team. Which is that the scripture I have now don't think I've ever heard that particular engines it. They used to describe it to a school team. I accumulated different things. The league school like Kentucky yours school like you know. Saint mark's pick which would score target about your. Inner. School like Belmont knoller school like. He ordered a Latin think you know there's a lot of different schools you know be more specific data definitely believes Celtics will be I think so many things here and sweep of you know LeBron be lucky and not foul out of negate the how often LeBron James fouls that began. It really. You better year if you've got to like playing the lottery. You're more likely to get struck by lightning than LeBron James is the foul out of a playoff game that never happened. Marcus Martin stand in the paint and train take all the charges he wants. Well bronze either not gonna fall for it or he's gonna get the couple. One idea is not fouled out any playoff games from a eight times and scorers. Coming down eight. Eight times in his whole career not just in the playoffs and his whole career okay. The last went in April 9 2017. And that's fewer than one time per season at some independently what fourteen seasons. And he's fouled out of eight games. That's slightly over one half. Per season that that happens. The point six. They'll browser Fallon out of any games if he fouls out of a game. You can consider that. You can consider that like an act of god. And I think an act of god is what it's gonna take for the sell these to beat the cavaliers. So I guess a threw for that that. But I wouldn't I wouldn't I wouldn't place any money on. There are probably it's a pretty good odds but I I wouldn't. He's filed out or Cleveland indeed with Miami is that so. Union to break down a web site three games in Miami and five and Cleveland Erica. I was telling me churn rate or any of them playoff games the center. Be stunned if there was. I remember there was actually I think there's one to them ever after the game he goes I don't Fella. I don't remember what year that was asleep maybe twenty pens won eleven fell out of a game after the game is dale brown fell out of the game I don't throw out games. What you do is you just did that you know whatever doesn't happen very much. I think is the point we're trying to make. The first Amy file that was against the Celtics in 2004. There right. And on the merit the second year in only. Texas says Eric Kim what about Paul George and Roy wants to go to the lakers but how about him for free. Agency he's not he he's player options not till next offseason. So yes there wait another year. Not this off season the 2018 corny nineteen offseason I think is broader deal. Yet he won't be US financial when he nineteen yahweh and always with them. If he wants opt out if he can do it next year. No I'm sorry if you want stop doubting do with a year after this. Your afternoon. He signed in Indiana for Torre seventeenth when he eighteen and an 1819 years of player option Gordon Hayward player option is this off season. Term he signed but he cannot that if you want to have any fighting units are so wide alloy and you know oh why why would he stay in Utah. Why would anyone if you could voluntarily get out. I think the Celtics probably have a better shot at Hayward. Because of what they're doing right now and also because the coach connection. Paul George gesture of love to have them but and I just don't see that working out. Maybe the new guy in Indiana would be more into it than Larry it was. But I wouldn't know and wagering money and then either 61777979837. As your phone number 379837. That your number untaxed I was thinking during the break about. If the Celtics end up with the number one overall pick. And how it's almost as it 21 years. Sense since 86 when they do win with lying bias. When they had a two overall. Sort of funny how these things come in waves in honor mean like not not to say it. Something tragic will happen when you Blake and 86 Lincoln and that whole thing but it it is sort of strange you know Hillary are two decades later. Celtics are number one seed in the east. And it. And coming up on potentially the number one overall pick. And how that wouldn't even be the first time. In the last five years that are really good team got the first overall pick Pamela Cleveland though. Cleveland had a couple would number one overall pick they just kept. His kept falling into it. Then made great picks each time. But. You know and it did happen. And now here we are again. Number one seed. Potentially getting the number one or number two overall pick which suggest. You know something you don't most teams don't ever see in a lifetime. Ever. Celtics if you're a certain age this is the second time you've seen us. And it's the un you know third or fourth time that it's happened in the NBA recently. So. I don't know. Cleveland and horny thirteen and 2014 and the number one over OPEC. And 2011111. They picked Irving. When he thirteen to take anti Bennett. Who I think probably just got cut from the team he was playing on in China or somewhere again. And Tony fourteen aid would endanger ways but they traded the pick for Kevin Love so. You know that's three out of four years that one of the best team is well I guess there are divesting when he penned it wants LeBron came back. In his can get number one overall effect. And that. Whether the salvaged at the one of the two I think a final of the because as. I'd be fine with either fall to ball. Finally Dorian a lot of people think they're gonna trade that pick by eight. I don't know his ball or faults either one of them gone up in value that much in the last couple months. Do you think that. I don't think they have I'm Alonso balls guys probably gunned down. In Marco faults I don't think his stock has moved at all. Any complaint determinant the play in the ninety. Maybe get out and I don't watch the unity but you know there's not really anything to go on here. Some guys who play in the tournament stock went up the kid didn't. You know scorched lawns ol' ball in the the kid from Kentucky's Derek fox yeah Berry go on Perry maybe be want to sell the stripping him. All he's really known for his lighten up Alonzo ball on the losing in the next round so its lake and married her own them are worrying. Horry really stoked on right now. Who were team's gonna wanna trade one other superstars for that they weren't willing to trade for the deadline when. You know you had a good feeling the cell which we're gonna have the first or second over a big daddy know it's gonna be the first or second overall. Does that really change anything I don't think about. And so would you make that pick whoever it is let's go to Brenda from Boston here before the break Aybar in the. Adelman we have big winter and then you know an immensely happens pressed the way. I want to take a loser mentality and say you know I don't care who and a healer to use a cat and I'll take the wind but honestly at this point pedigree here think you do. Pretty much what on the call between you really wanted to do this heat in almost exceed ten lap expectations. As far as tornadoes and I think there's a way he cannot get a good piece. Killed themselves. Her lights the future. And I think if you accept a really big on that track is the water to pitch is not only get to pick for their ball. Who either one of them I think and contribute to a degree if he had this upcoming year and he does speak to execute as well. You don't what that logic that toilet seat take fault because any advice is Smart negotiator Bradley fault and you should not force the guy's record guys you guys act. I think put your right yet do you and added I which I don't actually Sudanese you can become a smarter Bradley there and last year that contract yeah you package them up with Kroger. Packaged in next year's net thinking who says he'll go out and Jimmy Butler. Because what she real meat and all that like the next pick satellite that is tracked in the right now let with a three pick last year in the but that's give them. One that once fought right now the next. Better anytime soon. Epic active one in doubt big loopy that dumped of course I wanna choke artists say luck or we'll take Crowder and Smart young peace and does the missile development I mean. In our customers Smart at least. And he's still must have probably yankees' number topped street hit yeah yeah yeah Celtics all all the wild. I doubt it sort of ball hooted at equation that backcourt so you have a nice day oh grab the air you know fought so wherever there. Yeah baldor that's Fareed then. You know such call Horford and he cited the big men did you kind of take man. And then he could still have all the young guys in the arrangement. Yes you know friendly style and establish per second if you trade Jimmy Butler I assume you wanna extend the range. Yep the whole thing you have to work by extending it until 2019 dollar contract. What you re for two more years but I am the reason why I'm even asking is because you got Jalen brown plays the same position and if you signed Jimmy Butler long term then you're gonna have to find some else to do would Jalen brown what did you. Yet you partly in the long roberts' case things don't work out over the next few years maybe at fall to ball I like guys this. Thought Andy beach ball that goes back in the queue or start a career. Brown until later Corey made me you know it's not bad hadn't any out is possible you know I mean. I think committee you know though it's not ever at terrible things get too many egg bet. Ya mean so I think you can maybe try to. You know still hold stock in the future and started trying to make a running it so it'll see your via ping ball balls you know rattled outsmart and then I know all right. And thanks so much thanks for stand up thanks for checking in 61777979837. I can't believe this I can't believe that is one game seven. In about an hour around. Nineteen hours are going to be seen who'd. The the first overall pick in the draft and then. In another 24 hours from that in and open up the Eastern Conference finals at home. Against LeBron in the cash. And I mean I I had expectations about this team going into the year but I didn't think we'd be here. I really didn't think we'd ever be here. And here we are 61777979837. Quick break come back with our late night low light. Sports you're talking with Christian art can watch Sports Radio WEEI. And no. It's time for number eight. The night. Low light low. I don't know sports really WEEI. Anyone who disagrees is wrong that's right. I tell appear laid low played here we did about well that all four hours and Celtics whom I kidding human we were talking about the Celtics were talking. Celtics tonight solid lighten things up a little bit before we get on adding here. Case you missed the celtics' 115105. But tonight I wanna tell you story. About a about a man named Eric he's a mere bella Vila Arriaga. Of Pasco Washington. Eric Xavier is now working the other day and back on I think may eleventh five days ago. And this was posted on the Pasco Washington police FaceBook page. Thursday morning about 2 AM. Officer Joshua glass stop the black Honda Accord belonging to Eric you Xavier Bela Arriaga. Near our roads 68 for minor equipment violation. As officer glass approached the car. He saw small baggy of white powder in the center console which the driver quickly set a cellphone on top of that's very. That is very sort the last say fair is and it. You're driving around with him. Bagged up ready to sell cocaine in your car you get pulled over by the god do you think god just put that phone overeat and they'll never know. He's not going to be he's not going to be watching for that. And put the phone over have a secret compartment or some never to watch the wire. In the wire there a secret compartment in the SUV for the gun that was like 1997. Or was supposed to be anyway. Get with the times man. When the drivers sole occupant was questioned about the powder operas or glass reports he described that his cocaine residue. And offered officer glass a hook up on Taco Bell in the future. If officer glass would ignore the cocaine. Officer glass thanked him for the offer but declined. Arriaga was booked into Franklin county jail on an investigative hold for possession of cocaine the accord was impounded her search warrant. Thursday evening the accord were surged more bags of cocaine were located the PA's office is now being asked to review the case free potential charge of possession of cocaine cocaine with intent to deliver. And may be attempted bribery. Listen. I understand the and jeez wow is this all from him. My god they found a lot of stuff in his car I'm counting about. Let's see 123456. That's about a dozen bags ago. Big jars or we'd. The scale with Coke on it you need to see that. And Mir with some straws yup. The principles of detection healthy. That perhaps mister Arriaga here was out selling cocaine. It is hard. And not really care that much of anyone's side meteor strike maybe this is like cry for help you know. And liked it did the last ditch effort was c'mon man got Taco Bell. Got the taco Belle hook up man. Come on you can ignore these dozens of bags of cocaine in my car. For a cheesy gritty occur clinched it yet. You see in the they're tacos slash burritos they call it the garrido. Whatever that thing is. Have you had it one of there have you had won their breakfast they alleges that on you must not have otherwise you'd be probably look at the other way your letter and how would you invite him later this guy at work at Taco -- You're selling that much Coke why have another job but he and a scrub all that money with your Taco Bell salary I don't think so bloody. I think what is use as much work it Taco Bell that could be that could very well being. Sounds that you get a connected yet is due largely the Taco Bell they just shower him with you know did it with Cory got just try to coax and and buddy. You want unlimited refills and Minnesota are yours foul. Mean you're Ambac like usual by the dumpster with the lets do some business. And they go so I guess and I guess out and Pasco Washington. They're really tough you know they don't just go for any bribe. This a noted Taco Bell probably say no to anything and that's my time. Wanna say thanks to may the marine thanks to Patrick go right and thanks to your Boston Celtics because I was not ready for it to just be Red Sox season. And now we get at least another week two weeks of Celtics basketball here hopefully more. That's my time I am back tomorrow and do in the Red Sox game it's a little bit of a late start 735. So I'll talk to you then have a great night everybody I'm Matty here later.

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