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Patrick Gilroy joins the show to recap Celtics win; Kelly Olynyk had a great game 5-16-2017

May 16, 2017|

Hour 3. Patrick Gilroy, WEEI.com, joins the show to break down Celtics game 7 win over the Wizards. Christian also talks on the play of Kelly Olynyk, who had a surprising performance.

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So he's late night with Christian art can Sports Radio. Would that tee winds down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock its kitty goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get we're here. Happy Tuesday everybody is they have every Tuesday indeed this is late night Sports Radio WEEI. Heroes Christian are can't live and our Brighton studio's high atop the Mass Turnpike the end a lot of happy fans coming out of the city tonight. You're leaving the game on a wide chime in about it the phone lines are open here at 617779. 7937. They've been largely full most of the night if you wanna call and might take a second but I'll get to as many as we can hear Patrick your will join us. In just the moment as I don't know what he's up through now I know they Dorian these late games he gets he is when they when he gets all fired up and has to go to the gym. He he's one of those dudes you Greg might you know the he can he has all this energy does know what to do that so he just goes and hours and up over the gym I've editorializing rate to convert these errors at the gym. Are we getting him alive from off from work out world or something let's find out sounded out of breath category joins us now live on the AT&T hotline mister gore and I are doing and I Fella. It not work out any it. A. I knew it but I know you come from the locker room now or that weird guy on the phone in the locker room that no one wants that known wants to get too close to Patrick DURECT. What can you say about this team here tonight they're going to the Eastern Conference finals and what can you say about Kelli a link in his contributions. Off the bench here in the second half and really in that fourth quarter what I knew what can you say where's this guy meant. I like minuet talked about it for months now Britain and that is where that cold courted and it's really mattered but you don't know that I don't be going to be elite you know I'd go to Toronto didn't get up the better. It's an attic that have been killed it could've been a guy like hero peer to debate any wanna be sorted bit player but when you're. Home those guys are real opportunity to make a difference and contribute you've seen it. Throughout the playoffs are multiple team in the NBA at their home court advantage really matters that tell you Olympic the world and in Delhi kept up the debate way to pick. Don't win the game without all extra L. Yeah and they're really down Isiah had a good night 29 and twelve. And that really firfer Washington there was no there was no offensive consistency for them. Outside a Bradley deal I mean he was the only one who really showed up for them offensively. Judge John Wald disappeared at the end of this game zero points. In the last nineteen minutes on I think I saw all of eleven shooting like all my goodness they they took him right out of this game at the end. Well they'll be clearly you know watched that tape and things like Brad even a lot of credit for. Look it. It hasn't been perfect layup equitable theory or brat but he. As clearly learned how to make it just meant. That indeed been most heralded or are they need judgment and out of bounds late struck the regular speed and lap or year. And now doing the same thing in the playoff be just but the public in May offensively from game to game. I've been the difference between winning losing and it really did a great job adjusting and early multiple book. At John Wall you would be part of the game it was Smart other part of the game it was Bradley paid very reluctantly at and beat. Double and they rarely double team him it would completely different look defensively. What they gave all in in there. Yeah out there was a lot different there and it's certainly ended up working out form especially down the stretch. I wanna talk about the coaching matchup Scotty Brooks is a good coach and we can all agree that he is a good NBA coach. But he is bench rotations in this game. Bogdanovich was the only bench player and that team to score any points and he had five. And tell you ray didn't play that guy making me was nothing out there just mostly just screaming for calls that he wasn't getting. And Brandon Jennings with a non factor I I don't know I mean. Part of me thinks that if the wizards had anybody step up off the bench here this game might have been a lot closer down the stretch. Well would've been but again a great repute naked and be a Christian but you go back in it duke beat news articles illicit replayed from what would these played over Sports Radio in 08. The same problem met late Gotti rook at coach bill locate beat wake him and I bowl game. Really didn't have much on the bench though it's hard to blame him for not adding up bench to go to and again that cold courted edit the bench guys but he does out. Step up and played well and beat the it just the matter adding an additional game. In Boston where you're bench guys that one more opportunity to shine. It is bench guys that I don't think it's really much gel that got Brooke good about about the lack of Al player coming up that. Yeah I really I think that's a big part of it after the way game six ended Patrick after after the Celtics got that close and then ended up blowing it down the stretch blown a five point lead there in the last ninety seconds. How are you feeling going into this game did you did you feel confident even though. You know it was a home game for the Celtics they want every home game against Washington since when he fourteen now. And I think on some level everybody felt good about that but the way game six and were you confident going into this one or not so much. Not not the much human life and it's held seven and I did it in equipment seven with that sort of marquee right back yet who app and game six. I was telling people the weak and died doing the media up that eat it up a lot. State beat you twenty point but it was similar to our game three game or where they were really meant. Indeed the I would have felt better going into the tonight's game then what happened because of the puppet victory would there it was done the fury was older and I was the quote B game want to get Cleveland. It's really difficult to regroup and come back from that and I'm grateful. Ethnic Celtic fan I am grateful that they were able all but not an. Tonight because imagine a monkey. On this team back to carrying the way they lock him stick that they would it stun deeper per year that would have gone gone away you know when they open seat in. Nick late. Next October that they would have been on their back in Kobe broke through in reached the eastern Robert final again whenever that day it. Yeah whenever the hell that QB Patrick Yury joining me here on late night. Patrick we've we've talked after a lot of self these games this year during a lot of sports teams this year. And one thing he usually happens is when the Celtics get out rebounded by double digits like they did tonight. They don't win and what I thought really struck me here was they got out rebounded pretty badly. But in doing so they also outscored Washington in the paint. By about the same amount they got out rebounded by which is something I doubt they ever received from the steam before how are they able to how are they able to secure this wind and and and push away in the fourth quarter. Despite getting out rebounded as badly as they did. Well rebound but I think you. You mentioned that there are Christian point in the eighth that meant something that they'll beat but struggled with all these Milan probably nobody called you take it from October 31 on people up that it. Al Horford making Mac money yet at eight and it's very simple old employer or agent be at Al Horford and then a beat yet. It's the three point field goal very well but went up 50% clip but when. An opportunity to go in the paint and take court and get an April 12 put a shot he's done at the Olympic tonight what the difference maker in the paint. Meaning that I'm call back. Kevin L was eight rock moves that we. The thing that ain't the generally don't eat from the team it's gonna be Icrc in Oak Ridge and I mean. The equipment on. Eight you know that to Shaquille O'Neal rain beat but Vietnam but he that brought the pay very well the difference maker in the paint. Great to see what version of chilly Atlantic it what urged an Al Horford you get when you're up against the Gallic incompetent at it. Yeah really I mean we've seen we've seen the Celtics struggle against Robin Lopez and Omar seeing were tied. In in in the you know front court area and now you got Thompson and of course. He got that guy LeBron James let's sell it shipped overnight the Eastern Conference finals number 11 and foremost what's gonna be the biggest difference rotation wise here in the in the match ups now that we're gonna see against Kevin Love LeBron James Tristan Thompson all those guys you just mentioned what's the main difference in in Brad Stevens. Defensive strategy against that team. A bit but I don't read the amount they're gonna try to fit in double team they're gonna try to go straight up with a team. They're gonna try to find a way where you put Avery Bradley. As badly in the backcourt for the late 4240 reported wanted to grab the become probably most important player because you can make it you we hoax beat. Being twenty points tonight. OT dot. You're being seen you before he had the ability to really lock her up and you don't have the double team Harrier and that everything it'll get easier as Celtic Corey Locke it's a lot a look see that the trade Jae Crowder because typically seen Matt keep up. Secretly at well you. And with the LeBron James Brad May trying to that we were not doubling LeBron especially quarters one through three here so the doctor able to go straight up quickly and not out broad double team. It's going to be a big difference in the way they approached the beer. Will we see more of Jalen brown do you think. I do. Think the more brown we are in the last couple games although ostensibly the impact wasn't there he darted make an impact. Act defensively. As the year went along make it different rebounded about while it's technologically doubt they're the book pogo stick cycle leg. At any ego thing that other Celtic. I'd do it all came together a warrant an ID add that one doctorate Dumpty. Add that Jordan had sort value or would be able to recreate dealt report self in the air. You know three but he spent at least you would block city played very well I think. Much like we with Gerald Green coming up the old theory. You've got to get admitted in game one against it what he does though admitted it is going to determine its impact long term and they're. Are we gonna see end Patrick I know that we were there we've sort of talked about various teams and matchups in the way the you have to. Substitute and our aim in this series the wizards clearly there their strength is in their guard play. And because of that you saw a lot of wait and see a lot of him tonight be solitary rosier Merck Smart played a ton I think smarts gonna have to keep playing. But is rosier guy was maybe gonna see some of his. Minutes diminished a little bit sensed a lot of the substitutions are gonna have to take place against these front court guys in the Celtics are a lot thinner there than they are at the guard position where they've been able to sort of go deeper in on mean. I the right now in the year so played well out of the rotation. And I don't think it all that it don't panic you go to four point that they quit you'll be root beer in the neck the year it will it will cup point whether it's game one game to game three they're going to the point where the Celtics cannot throw the ball in the ocean we are in the old theory. We are in the eerie it brought the regular beef and go through the beat for the quarter beat out the entire game where they jut can't score the basketball. And that there are you gonna get it shocked at what he did an apple theory any in any advantage that so that that went. But we do we really count on root beer you get it being eight in twenty minutes tonight the purported being hit a game for. He's going to have an opportunity to put his mark on the theory and again and like we talked about Jalen brown nothing's really guaranteed pretty guide it. How well the ticket manager minute that they get. The Celtics have a puncher chance in this series. Now they've got to tip the win I gamer Q and I think that alone is sort of a victory for the team if they can be the first team could be. Cleveland in the playoffs. At the peak the Celtic beat sixteen win two NBA championship they're out with their statement about that they would nighter and at and political spike. If big game that they lose her clothes if not a better thing they show leave on it maybe there isn't that much separation between the two that all their deport this point. In the near Christian they're not gonna win this thing. I don't think parity in I think they'll look to put the good quite a national TV and maybe show everybody that they mentioned. If not so far behind. We're talking with Patrick dory here on WEEI. Late night Patrick an incredible 72 hours of this team's starting today you have game seven tonight you have the NBA draft lottery tomorrow which they didn't pick in or for Debian which are still upset about and then you have game seven on on Wednesday I mean this is just boom boom boom it's not it's about as exciting of -- three days is there's ever going to be in Celtics history I'd say. And here we are experiencing it right now let's talk about tomorrow. A lot of people over the weekend made his hypothetical if you could. Trade a loss or win this game for the number one or number two overall pick tomorrow or falling out of that if they if they win the thing yet to take the five pick what would you do. Obviously we're not gonna have to come to that there are going to the Eastern Conference finals. Is there a big difference tomorrow between whether they get the number one of the number two pick in your mind. I don't think it on I do I think they're equally valuable out there because they still think that any disperse. Inclination is betrayed the help they didn't mind that it changed. He tried to trade the year ago he tried desperately to trade at the year that they'll have not come out on the right back lighter year starting with the market Smart victory year that number stick. They haven't had. One or two bit so coveted in this year in this strapped. Where the one in two or so coveted. Derek teams up there that I think are willing to be somewhat Lucy would be collectible stupid where they're at. In order yeah one of the few potentially franchise changing Bart though Britain where at any age really get a chance to shine in the edit that. Indeed he acquired that put the Celtics on the level of the Cleveland but again. You know Christian Alec say that idiot that everything right rebuilt the Celtics seem. Five years removed from black and they were eat in the eastern cup final at Miami bureau they are again you've done everything right and they'll come down the luck in the think golf ball. Yeah it certainly does assuming that they get the first overall do you want faltered you want ball. At a lot of I want I want betrayed the net. Add to pick 1 I am op I want nothing to do the ball at people somebody. Becoming here he could be your point guard in you don't get there early you take a bite bit on the because again. I think that I'd add two valuable. I think that he give valuable Brad sit them I don't know scored thirty point game for every coach in the NBA I don't think that every team in the league will be willing to build up around. I'm the reds beat the Celtics out but they've got the figure it and you must make it it. At that point you've got. The right got out duke and eighty let that your point guard out eager to. He point guard it he did it change it where I'll look ridiculous or something you've seen it yet. Kurt angle but this all star ballot altogether but they are an area. The world in which which have a ball. And I admit I'm in the backcourt together on a winning. Why are you on a new ball. I think pretty much any you'd rent to bring the situation he is Bob. I think the ball at that are not going anywhere spot going to be distracted. Going to be part acted. And it will. Keep up the Japanese eat that rate in belt publicly bother I think it NBA general managers need to be wary that guy. In elk and ray burst. And the Celtics team met at their players not that put themselves. And their grant burst going back for consideration of the victory with Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett rail that let money to all come near you a shot that. Eat that a court a lot to be would seem. An equal ownership in any gains aren't there and leave but it still or a lot that week and you've got all to itself that it. Is court blocked the beat it branding himself or at a concert it'll come to a situation where it to earn a bit. This situation where I'd argue the ground it be played port terrible that would lottery it would have got thirty minute the night it. In point David didn't lead him. We'll repeat those people that work and that they'll be welcome all law really make an impact but at the end of the day it was worked on. He bagging on that a little bit DC Chad for forge report about. What does some of these agents haven't on Celtics. Yet for those ads on our real quick start tragic sort of introduce that at Chad Ford put out. A report today that said that down some of these. Some of these agents have told the have told the Celtics that they may consider holding their top prospects out of work out with the Celtics. Because the Celtics are so loaded at the positions that these. You know and the lottery potential lottery players are in any sort of sites Jalen brown is one of them there's a guy's going to be blocking up you know we hope anyway the three spot swing man spot. For years to come there's as they obviously there's market Smart there's all these guys. The so this is still draft any of these guys but if there Asians hold them out of of these work out the thing that could be an obstacle for Danny assuming that he makes these picks. I don't think we would optical Danny is any debt that comes with multiple land and multiple marry a guy he is not a had a heart that. On one player who's going to make stupid mood. And straight up and down wrapped in your future at that locked in rap that one guy that he set on not that I receive proven that over the year. Let's not forget it. This and I run that the team has gone on this year this that the team that boat and nearly we're aware that they've. They've got a feeling any is that where they've got a feeling I still believe that Danny is dropping an app that. More than he's got that player. All right Patrick all right thank you so much for staying up tonight we appreciated and give back and go pump some iron or a all right category they're joining me here on late night quick break 6177797937. As your phone number guys on hold icu there we have one guy just drop off so there's a couple open phone lines right now and they're going to be at a premium here for the rest of the nineties were the only game in town folks were the only show that still on still talking you here as the Celtics advanced to the Eastern Conference finals quick break. This is Sports Radio WEEI. That's a more with the Christian art can. Oh on Sports Radio WEEI. It was a means that survived a series seven games these guys earned it. Yeah I mean something that we we worked for feel like every single game we got better. Made adjustments and it was nice to see how hard we we came out fighting through adversity. Bradley goes to go player Manny Mason great plays in the eye and and we just responded every single time and the great player Isiah Thomas. Marcus Smart making plays for cameo innings and he was able to knock out shots for our team. Like I said I'm just happy form and I'm telling us and a lot of working. For him have a game like this or somehow really got people. That was Avery Bradley and man speaks the truth Bradley Bil went off he was the only consistent offensive outlook for the wizards tonight he was great 38 points for him not enough though. Celtics win by double digits 115105. We're talking about it here with you on Sports Radio WEEI late night let's get back to your phone calls here early and often. All through until 2 in the morning that Sallie we're going here tonight we're the only game in town folks slow start with Chris and was there acres. So they have darker liquors are you. Good bad that game I can tell you that it electric. Topic back packing at four all time at that all our legal opt. And I never. In your other Egypt Kelly. I doubt that target fatalities party like atmosphere where a lot tactics ought to pay a lot yeah. Org or. Australia should think it can hurt the belt or or you think you can get. All not at game it jump shot. And now the attic. Or toilet. Now I don't think so I mean I'd. There's not really much to judge this off of I mean I'm trying to think you're great games a when he had this year I'm I'm gonna go over his. His better games this season I don't know that he had a better one in this there was more efficient means. It 26 points in 28 minutes that's that's pretty impressive. And I don't know I don't remember him I don't remember of ever really like overly feel it himself plague in the in the course of the season where he was in a taking following jumpers and stepped bags and and you know trying to dribble in the double teams and stuff like that out on I don't think I don't think yet the worry about that was him. I think also my other question is not at all but it. Carter's cat it Eddie plank it GDP data off routes that are due at worst start starting. Or we put. Jalen that it edit stick. I think. He has to keep keep them out there he's your best he's your best matchup against LeBron. Which isn't saying much but it's the truth I mean if if he wasn't there I'd be I'd I'd feel a lot worse about this team going into this series. And I don't feel great about him going into the series how can you it's the Cleveland Cavaliers and never lost the game yet. But. Jake crackers gotta be a part of that he's got to be a part of the of of what they do to train and stop that team is Dora pointed out I think he's absolutely right you know I can see a lot of double teams in accuracy and go zone. You know they're going to be playing guys wanna unwind in the cavs are not exactly it is the wizards when it comes the in a screen and rolls and giving god all that sort of thing there they like to isolate daily to go online when they have the opportunity to and it's going to be very hard. For carrier ring go one on one with the Erie Bradley we've seen that over the course of the year are for anyone to go wanna won't Avery Bradley John Wall couldn't do it. Carrier arranged and stuff before. LeBron now. Well Brian gets it on the wing Jay crowd has got to be there to meet him he's got to be he's got to be respectable on defense. Can't let. LeBron just walk all over. And I trust him to do that job better than I trust Jim Brown. Offensively. Tough that's in lean towards brown in that regard it's damn near impossible not to. Offensively brown you know on part of this is we don't seem nearly as much room mate when we do were impressed. His is. Leaping ability is unbelievable that value that he got it's streaking down the left wing. When he got that value for mom markets Smart and he you know went up on one side of the basket came up on the other with the reverse layup nasty. You know edgy crowd is not at their doing that Crowder missed almost three. Than IP actually breed apart played a pretty decent game. I'm not gonna kill. He was over four from three to seven of twelve from the field that means he was seven and eight inside the three point line. And I'll take effort and also take the five rebounds. I love how tough he was in the paint in this series. I got him Horford did a pretty good job. Maintaining against the much bigger and stronger front court. 617779. Excuse me 7937. Is your phone number let's get back to your phone calls here and talk to Jake in New Hampshire AJ. Oh darn good. And I just got back from the game it was intense barrier. I believe. So global Charlie lynch agreed game. And that triggered a lot taller you are used up a game changer for us. All around I think there was a lot of good passing and more importantly agreed to transplanted. Yelled I'm with you I think the defensive effort here is a huge part of it and I'm just looking over cal aortic game log. 26 points tied for his season high. That's the most the points you score in the season either one other time. And that is done January 13 against the Atlanta Hawks he had 26 points and eight rebounds. And that was his best game of the year he just does is best the best game we've seen. Of Calais only makes I don't wanna say his career but certainly of this season absolutely. You have a declaration Tom Kelly and our horses were talking to gore it's senator good. They have their depleted and recurrence. Yeah I'm that was that was a big part of this when the Celtics dig get out rebounded pretty substantially they got a rebound a by twelve. By some power able to outscored them in the paint which is not usually what happens when you get our rebound like that. Our thanks to the college execs on 77797937. Steve is a Miami hasty. I agent today the area. Few good and that. I don't think. A lot. Our own without a doubt. Just flat patent suit your little. Comments and everybody's a little. Towel from football on George. I've got and you can look at it that no one pixel at the center and actually seems to be on hopes the yup. And they need me about losing this. You know I got to see him get him he's where he's one mile by six. And yes I think he's younger than that actually these are 2324. Of the contract. I don't know I think it would take more than that tested to pry him away from New York I he's actually 21 he's it's Christopher thing is anyone at all. Yeah he turns 21 August. Yeah well they would I'm getting the couple mention him because he's younger he's. We know that they took it easy Bobby add. George especially. That's true but Corzine says in the big rebounder Steve that's not really his thing he averages about seven rebounds a game. And he's big and stroke but he's also you know a stretch five late he plays out around the perimeter he takes a lot of threes he's he's one of those kind of players. Right now seventy. Celtics and now it is but I mean it's that's right up there with Horford might Avery Bradley it's about what they average this year so its value would be some big brewery in order to. Yeah and I pray that people down here. They hate it felt. But thinking when he looked wrong wars. And it won't because they've and you don't get it right eventually. He Hitler and don't get it. Couldn't promise land once twice. The only news media. Yeah. And then I know you've. Got a seat to the goal practically got hit. At eight. Currently we saw in in which is closer. But advocates say that it didn't appreciate what he can do any China still right. I only happens that he just felt that as being part of war and so funny because. That is going to be an agony no matter what happens here that's nice eye injury and I just I'm very good Steve thank you for the call 617779793. Cents. Miami fans being mad that LeBron went practically when I thought was pretty funny. There was like John Wall being mad at the Celtics were all blacks they get where you think he got the idea from jackass. I can't believe LeBron James would leave Miami to go to Cleveland. The exact same way he left Cleveland to come to Miami that's preposterous. I can't I can't believe a team would Wear all black before an important game. My work who would ever debt could you imagine. Ali had a straight we did that before regular season game. Markey Moore saying all they wish they were so bad no they don't because they're still playing you're going home and the reason why is because they worry you they didn't show down the stretch in every big road game they had. And end up being in the four seed instead of the three or even at two. They had a chance the cavaliers did not play well at the end of this season. Not just the Celtics are gonna pass them. Wizards had chances to move up from foreign couldn't. Is it show on the road over and over again because of that. They end up being the road team in this series. And the Celtics are erred the home court advantage until until the NBA finals. Assuming they make it which are they'd not assuming that by the I'm assuming they probably won't. Another stat. Celtics bench 48 points and one turnover. The wizards' bench. Five points to turn over. So not only did they have 43 fewer points there one more turnover. That's a pretty good night from your bank 6177797937. Let's go to John and when did you. Bankers scenario. Be better John. And I thereof or talk about Kelly. I think he's bank com or erupting today. And I thought he played their order on that aired on a fly commercial about all of but I also think that it comes to alert and a bond doesn't like get them pumped up. Noted in the gum like Larry. Tonight too I think decal oil and he's gonna turn in the Larry Bird John though I don't. Know I do not. Do I think this was a great performance yes if I would to compare it to another. Boston sports performance of this magnitude I would say how about oh here's a good one about J. D. Drew. J. D. Drew and Ed series where he hit the Grand Slam in 07. On their way to the World Series. An aide who was that against Cleveland autism. Could bureau I forget who J. D. Drew the Grand Slam against god etc. God. Care remember basic. Basic information. I put it up there with GD Giroux in I think that the must've been a seven or eight yankees went on a winning here when they beat Iraqis. And I'm pretty sure they played Cleveland and on the way. In the ALCS. In in the AL DS they play aid. Tampa now making progress. I don't know whatever J. D. Drew that's why that's that's the performance I would I would compare this thing. She's my memories going on here. It's not supposed to happen until a module then it's within debt should read out the door let's go to Jack in every major. Kaye Derek. Hey listen don't worry much remembered regrets having to play out teams in the last fifty years and you know it by the skip over to our sort of make little comment on out Bret Stephens. In the Chicago series when we went to Chicago up two nothing. A couple of games that we lost if state if you've noticed Brad Stevens on the sidelight to kind of look like. A little bit lost. And I just want see which you'd think a vote. What I think his progression he's baton. Towards tonight as a coach I think he's done a lot better and a. When did you think he looked lost jealous or did you when you think your thoughts. Actor in the fourth game in Chicago. He's yeah I mean they showed in my TV and stuff but he just looked like I don't know what would call a deer in headlights are. There's a couple of moments where you thought wow is he really get an out coached by Fred Weber hearing guy guy died got that sense a couple of times but it. It didn't it didn't seem like it was lasting or anything like that Stevens I'd I'd have a lot of trust that a lot of faith in Steven's now I think the team does and I think most Celtics fans. So the life that sort of talk about his progression even at a couple blocks we had at Washington. It was like he tried a couple of things it didn't work and he was like OK this is a bad night he wasn't like panic you're right I think but. What I want to say what those Chicago games he looked lost. And I'm just means I'm happy about it progression into. This way. Yeah down happy about it too I think that you know Steve Ellis and Stephens of The Hague did bad go to the east in the all star game Jack. I don't think I don't think he made some great leap this year. In terms of his reputation of these reputation was always pretty get on yet those zoos from rocky moments in the first series rocky moments in this series there. But you have to credit Stevens she never looked like he was panic in. He may have looked a little low okay what's going on here but it never got the sense that he was freaking out on the sidelines or anything like that he got angry some time. Abby never got the sense that he was losing his grip on the on the gamer in his rotations are on the roster anything else. By the way it was game six of the 07 ALCS. Were J. D. Drew Decker insolent. I'd liken that to what do when it did tonight. And it wasn't the raised in the first round it was the angels. And the Red Sox swept them that's what happened. And then to be Iraqis in the World Series and I know is I was there it's for eight I was there. And I almost got ejected from the game before the game even started because these guys from Wyoming tried to pick a fight with my friend who I was sitting as a true story. My friend who lives in California at the time. Had gotten through when they did did is when they released the tickets for the games in Colorado when I was in Colorado at the time I live there. I had I was about a year at a college. And out work an artery of stationed there and I was trying like hell to get on but it was just really hard to it and if you were in Denver by. For some reason my friend in California got right through got taken to came stay with me with the game. And that while we're sitting there he'd just driven all the way across the country. He had just driven from California to Colorado. And not all the way across the country was long drive. And he was telling me just how boring Wyoming was when you drive through at night as he can't see anything he's just. Long stretches a road there's really late you know towns are few and far between you just say yeah I am in Wyoming kind of sucks in its troops as sitting next to her and put us up. Would you say about Wyoming. Are like nothing manly than in sung the National Anthem Jerry really we're just we just sat down. It doesn't do a good relax and he's like. I don't appreciate you Boston boy is coming in your talking about Wyoming what are you date who you think DR Doug about why and we're just like guy like relax there at the game hasn't even started. And then all of a sudden one of those that a guy sitting next to me stood up. So I stood up and now a sudden I felt my friend who just you're from California is and grabbed the back of my body and just yank you back down into the chair and he was like you're not getting this thread this game I just drove. Fifteen hours to be here and were watching there were at least sitting through the National Anthem okay were at least in his he had the Mosley fine. And the guys we end and the fight with a birdie think it was game four we actually got to see the Red Sox win that was pretty eager 07 Goodyear. Good sports here except for the patriots a six point 77797937. Let's go to Curtis in Connecticut anchored. Paying thinkers and how he had to do Welker Sarah. Like I wanna say paper I call a great show love. I'll call him unless they great game by output off line Kennedy. On the court which. I don't lacking on most series. You know some pretty gladly accept victory in the Portugal. Will be. Next week with the Cleveland. Let them make it all and I'm I'm gonna. Ted. Obsolete and exceeded that of acquisition. What he's saying. Saying that we need a couple of my aunt my opinion tree Al Horford. Maybe you what the heck are suited try to get Ron Burkle. They're. Do you live. And the listen I I love Rudy go bear love the item on this team it. I don't think Utah would do that I think you guys gonna trained and called on him as long as they can do is they never did they can never keep people. You know they and then. If they're gonna make trades they're gonna trader draft picks trying to load up mate I don't think they'd trade one of there. One of their centerpiece Unita Celtics have a hard time getting free agents multiply that by a million in yet Utah Jazz in our. I'm Adam I mean you know look at that'd mean give a complete we have the first we have that open pick next Eden. I arm. Well after much detail just wondered. Yeah listen turn aside I'd like what you think and I'd love to get Rudy go buried here I think he's a great player and one of the better young rim protectors in the league. Bite you die I don't think you have that much of a chance to pry and Amanda you to. Even if he even if you throwing this pick in next thing I just think they'd say no we're gonna we're gonna roll the dice for their guy not a lot of guys like him in the leaguer and there are gonna stick with this. You know we trade him for Alonso Boller Marco faults or whatever they got a pretty good guard out there and that they accept you know a comply. And I don't know it's an apple Hayward. You know bird rights and everything so maybe he'll come back but probably not. That's a problem you know utes they may the class every year for like twenty straight years. They have a real history ever won anything the man they were always there there were always right in the thick commitments from great teams over the years. And they couldn't you know they couldn't attract the freeagent if it was the two team league in the other team as North Dakota. Seriously the didn't freeagent also out while north Dakota's pretty quick if they are gonna go join the earning noted town with a capital in North Dakota. Should know that's. Should know a lot of things the night. Is it here is that South Dakota. That's South Dakota. Bismarck that's sort of and they'll stay with the old Bismarck on the gears. This are you digest the insists this march really nicest I'm here. Six or 777979837. Mike is in north Providence in my. I Cristian yeah I'm I'm I was really happy with Algerian played in the Syrians and in particular I'm happy that Brad Serb farmers cannot turn little more. It's his. Link and that blesses them on the oil on the sentence and that played so much and what they're able to do community taking the agency Asia able to see in this game when US forces switch on to their big seat literally your job. Yeah and and and and pretty much. You know kind of extinguished where he was guarding at the time. We insist these are additional work and that's as important goal and an X series because he's the best physical match that we had against Slovak. Crowder that they don't think routers at Selena no way crowd is too short Lamar just shoots right over there about the same tired I think brown and are about the same night. Not that I know they're now not I'm not sure about that I'm positive outlook it's they had their racial and Jalen. Seven Jake routers 66. Yet while he's listed at 66 maybe that's 66 with the braids and hit her baby's sake. You know like flights of 62 with the Afro six have in the one of those deals. Before the gains on 995. They Alton less there heights and he let's himself a six. Think he yet he absolutely does and Jae Crowder six war. Rounds also got that high topped us or you. I can I five point may whatever so days so Brown's little tight he's gonna start. Well I don't know about starting but the thing is coming off the bench and just getting quality manner LeBron this is so important sure don't wanna have to help too much on the Ron. Because we nobody stops nobody stops it but the thing is is that you know if you can keep until like you know okay efficiency and he's not being able assistant teammate all over the place. You were you actually won the match up yet on what he wants to do that say what you want you to do it collapse all the current and then be good people why don't. All right inning to get out the love and core over in you know Irving in the got shooters on the team they got they had pretty good secondary. Players there and just play one role really mean Kevin Love. For all you know for all the talk of the Celtics getting them way back when they mean he's sort of he surges to one trick pony out there but he does that your very well and in and he's going to be is a tough match or for the Celtics I think the matter who's on whether Johnson or her whoever. You know he's gonna stretch them out there and that's we saw they had trouble with that against Maurice in this series and Kevin love's a lot better you know version of that kind of player in the marquee Morris. And Anthony's it's like it's like one of these things where. Everything is about like limiting their efficiency and also kind of like. Making them play in a way that they don't wanna play such you can get jail and out there. Plain against LeBron like twenty minutes each game really given it might make it a war cart that might help that it and it might. Mike for the Celtics in a way that nobody else and that he's able to do just simply because they don't have the atlantis' right. To make LeBron kind of work and that. Yeah I'm a might thank you for the column up against the break here those good stuff call back any time 617. 77979237. As your phone number quick break we're back after this you're only in it. These these Christian art can. On Sports Radio WEEI. Marks and describe yourself so many. Somebody is never seen you play before. Jack geragos. My nickname growing up I don't know. Just because you know. Some some also some wins are going to be true you can be had to look at previous computer we've got a few mistakes in those men. OK anybody who didn't ask me you know willing to sacrifice my mom buys it for Martin. Mark is Smart after the game Celtics head to the Eastern Conference finals that begins on Wednesday. Since it's now technically Tuesday later on tonight. The draft lottery. Pretty awesome 72 hours here for the Celtics. Course I say that now it now or rape I say that here now at 12:52 AM. In this time tomorrow we you're looking at the fourth overall pick in this time Wednesday we can be looking at you know being down 01 in the series. But still just the fact that all that's on the table. Pretty great. Pretty great season. And what a series my god what a series that was. Doesn't Isiah Thomas is 53 point game seem like it was a really long time ago it wise it was exactly two weeks ago. Two weeks ago tonight. Isaiah dropped 53 that overtime game by the way as is twelve assists tonight. A playoff career high. Kelly oh Linux 26 points tied his season nine. And that was his career clarify as well. And that we keep getting calls about Jalen brown but I feel like Kelly O when it calls not I don't know where there are. Where my own Linux freaks tonight. I guess is that really that's not really a thing in our. Is there really an actual group of people well. I remember back in the day go to when did TD garden it wasn't eager and it was Fleetcenter first. When you go to the foot actually before that it was the Shawmut center. Shawmut bank remember with the Indian and then shot like up up by fleets than it was the Fleetcenter I think it's at that end. Hit. When that first stab remember acie Earl. They for the sell these uses big stiff center. He was terrible I'll got was he bad. Number 55 east here and there these group of people that send these seats and had a little signs that the east hero fan club. I think go to every kick in. In the in the relay they were just funny late. In when it when there is Fleetcenter first became a thing there is the ace hero fan club and there is this guy who sold crunch munch. Who would like screaming yell all the way up and down the aisles. Legend. You know I'd throw the boxes up in the air dance around and stuff and you're just this weird guy and those of the two main things I remember about the early Fleetcenter days. Was the eight year old fan club and the crunch much yet. And when I think of like the Kelly O any fans I think you VA's hero fan club I don't know noises that I eat. It did not much to norm you know he's amid a round pick. He doesn't really ever blow you away he can sometimes show up in NB. A real asset to the teams sometimes he's not really there sometimes it turns the ball over a lot of dribbles office footer. In round goes in for a layup and gets blocked or something by a more athletic forward against in orbit tonight. Tonight he was terrific. Tonight he was confident he was hit shots he was stepping back he was. Strong in the paint against marquis Morse immersing worked out I mean you is he was everything you could ever wanted to be tonight Kelly Nolan. And I I feel like we don't get to say that very Arkansas say an early and often here this evening six run seventh. 77 and 7937. Mike is an average. Anybody wants to talk about Jalen brown tellem might area. Acres and they don't buy it was gonna. Ideology component without talking about. Him close up. Well he's locked down on those who complained last game and it attrition by the Kazmir. The Don iso and and he took an attorney postmark and don't let the children not to go to stop on. But he hit a mark on and start quote an assault on dark and try to round them but it also will stick so it's going to be looked at cultural chronicle down polish on them. And you really wanted to go to net kinky sense but you want a bunch of over so we get the pain he's kicking out people I mean it's game. You know these shooter Merck Merck. Garbage can umbrage talking about you know outside the paint charge Ers starting right down the paint. I mean the space achievements or twenty years old and he can even legally drink beer yet and you're in the market locked down to twenty minutes. Now I don't think anyone I don't think any Mike no one really expects chamber on the lockdown LeBron James Toby L spells Jae Crowder I think that's going to be as main role is giving Jae Crowder break here and there. When Democrat is getting really muscle around pushed around they're gonna need that they're gonna need to rotate and put different guys on LeBron because that's just sort of the nature of playing against them it's like. You know played against Shaq you always see the backup center going in there and you know waste and a few fouls on Shaq to some of the free throw line coach Cantu with LeBron to the it is free throw B you know what I mean like. It's exhausting guarding LeBron James you have to you have to keep whoever's doing that relatively fresh. Until then and then I mean you have a rotation into street guys aren't and that's going to be can be sensed it when you start this it's rams match your mama I know you include. CU boulder. Let's dreaded dead and I don't even know why aid agencies should I should announce tradition and on right away. Talking about locking down and I don't care I was never big into the Colorado Colorado statement. When I was Colorado the rams had this cornerback named Bradlee Van Pelt. Who is this like a peak order wrecked with like long in luxurious beautiful hair. And so everyone it was funny either one of boulders economy if you knowing cares about this it was just ironic that people on boulder were making fun of somebody else for being a hippie. That's like. Well that's like a lot of things against. Let's go to Paul in the car before the break if off. Thanks I don't I'm Greg that Jeremy on. I'm so what's sort of the opposite in just worn out an app the company op. Arm there's lots and his team proper moment first at Bret Stephens developed in the what they are now our widgets which team doctors are in the semi final the better team won I'm you know a lot of stuff nationally about. Washington Washington Washington oil waste but result sir our our dependence. And the source illegal and it goes you whiners thought about him when a player that has sometimes plays five minutes and or one point. Can come to a game on any given night in which you and I if his teammates know that you can do. Is is just awesome watch. Arm. I've got to Margaret raises I just I'm too I'm so when I'm really happy that this team has made it this far. And I'm also here and I don't know what your opinion on mrs. I'm here and people I was around at work today and and people on on national stopped. They're gonna get swept we're gonna get swept I'd say I'd say that it it was a. Six games I think six games is is reasonable I think that's about where you know optimistic Celtics managers are hoping they can go. Love to see him in one of the first do. And I think we'll know pretty soon after those first two games if they're they're gonna you swept they're not my you know after game one no matter pretty good idea. Real quick Carolina 26 points and nine. Total the amount a points he had the last three games combined. He had four points in game 68 points in game five and fourteen points in game four. Which if you add it all up equals 26. Not bad. Alec you wanna go here at one point in in game three. So he can stay in nine games seven he had 26 points in games 654. And 327 point. Combined. What I really like though is the shooting percentage. Ten of fourteen. The Celtics very quietly turn into a very efficient team here at the end of this at the end of the series. These last three games. Not everybody. We guys like only make Al Horford I don't know what got in the in this playoff. Al Horford has been so good shooting the ball in the when he missed a couple of shots it was like weird tonight. He had a couple of misses early on when it seemed like both teams were Canas you know edgy little little jumpy little jittery. Guys are just chuck and shut shots up and missing wide open shots to start the game. Smart Crowder Bradley Bradley never really picked it back up Crowder did to a lesser extent Horford you know. After mr. to get right back into his rhythm and he was. This whole playoff I mean. Part of me wonders who what are fish are really running the offense around him in in in him getting shots in him you know important up. Putting up shots what would that mean how would that look. I'm not saying that he's the focal point of the offense over Isaiah Thomas anymore. Invited. Sometimes you wonder they keys. Isn't missed a shot a while Heath Horford really hot. You know he should he should maybe get a few more election. I've been thinking that for awhile now. Fifteen points for him tonight when he points in game six. Nineteen points in game four. Game five I should say exude. 192015. 26 rebounds and all three games. Between three and seven assists and all those games in pretty good plan underneath. You know pretty good rim protection. Battled down there with a guy in Marcin Gortat who I consider to be much more over traditional big man. We all do. And now or for Jenin afternoon. To a lot of different things here in the series but some of the things will be the same. They'll be stretching he'll be stretching out that lane in in bringing Tristan Thompson are Kevin lover whoever is guarding him out of the paint. If they decide to collapse on Isiah Thomas the way the wizards didn't they leave Al open he's gonna keep hitting these shots I think I don't see any reason why. That's gonna stop. He's been on fire this entire time. To the tune of I mean the numbers your durst staggering. In this post season. Al Horford. From the floor. Is shooting 64%. And 56%. For three. That is a real serious weapon for this team going into a series against the team like likely won't. And I just hope that he continues to princes would contribute at this level because so far it's been. Really fun to watch and it's been fun to watch her murder is marking mean that's that's the other thing haven't heard a lot of the old lie Campbell we were paying so much money for the sky lately. Not when he's shooting 65%. From the field in the playoffs. Six on 777979837. As your phone number quick break final hour late night coming up.

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